the only one i like is the scout one



My brother and I… had to scrounge for food, steal, loot, anything to survive. But everywhere we scavenged was being picked over by other orphans. Then one day, we scouted a military warehouse, just like this one. Taking a little at a time and going one by one, to avoid detection. And that day… it was my turn.


request: Can I ask for a Yoongi(all members if that’s not too much work, but Yoongi will do just fine) evil lock screen? Like the J-hope demon one please??


They are not the most evil ones but I hope they will do. :) I only did for the hyung line since it’s really late here, so I’m pretty tired. If you wanted something else then please ask. :3 I will surely do it!



Tf2 Playlists!

Trouble - Elvis Presley 
Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson
Intoxicated - Martin Solveig
Baby I Need Your Lovin - The Four Tops
Glitter & Gold - Cheap Time
Mamma Said - The Shirelles 
Mmm Yeah - Austin Mahone
Hey Micky! - Toni Basil
Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley
Hound Dog - Elvis Presley
You’re the One that I Want - from Grease

For Scout I wanted to get that Greaser feel, yet one that hit home. A loudmouth, no good, fast running mama’s boy like Scout deserves only the best sort of music; upbeat with a splash of that New York feel, this one I think captures his personality best out of all of these.

Butterfly Kisses - Bob Carlisle
Technologic - Daft Punk
Honey I’m Good - Andy Grammar
Chicken Fried - Zachary Brown Band
All My Ex’s Live in Texas - George Strait
Geekin’ -
Without Thinking - The Streets
Friends In Low Places - Garth Brooks
9 to 5 - Dolly Parton
Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy - Big & Rich
Good Time - Alan Jackson

I wanted to stray away from country as much as I could for Engie, but I couldn’t resist, as some of these are so cute and I thought they would be songs he would listen to.

I’m An Albatroaz - AronChupa
Happy - Pharrell
Heartbreak Hotel - Elvis Presley
That’s Amore - Dean Martin
You Make Me Feel So Young - Frank Sinatra
Death Of a Bachelor - Panic! At the Disco
Stand By Me - Ben E. King
This Magic Moment - The Drifters
La Mer - Charles Trenet
J'attendrai - Tino Rossi
I Just Called To Say I Love You - Stevie Wonder

Being a lovebird (y’know, French and all) I wanted to get that slow dance sort of emotion to this playlist, but still keep that edge because we all know Spy will stab a bitch if needed and not even ruin his manicure.

Angel - Aerosmith
Ghost - Halsey
Here I Go Again - Whitesnake
Me, Myself, and I - G-Eazy
Wanted Dead Or Alive - Bon Jovi
Turn The Page - Bob Seger
Everytime - Britney Spears
Roads - Portishead
Brick - Ben Folds Five
Fade Into Darkness - Avicii
Alone Together - Fall Out Boy

This elusive Aussie was surprisingly easier to make a playlist for than I was worried about. Then again, I had a friend who is a total Sniper nerd there to help me. This one captures his loneliness a lot and really gives me feels.

Little Soldier Boy (Leaves From The Vine) - Mako Iwamatsu
God Bless The USA - Lee Greenwood
Hero - Enrique Iglesias
Cat’s In The Cradle - Harry Chapin
Till I Collapse - Eminem
Remember The Name - Fort Minor
Everybody Loves My Baby - Boswell Sisters
Rock The House - Gorillaz
No One Likes Super Man Anymore - I Fight Dragons
Let’s Dance - David Bowie
Rub Some Bacon On It - Rhett And Link

Soldier doesn’t know when to stop. Nor does he know anything outside of serving for his country, or at least thinking he is. Keeping a somewhat silly yet rough/serious edge to this was the challenge, but in the end I had a lot of fun making this one. Especially the last song.

White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane
Puff The Magic Dragon - Peter Paul & Mary
Wouldn’t It Be Nice - The Beach Boys
Under Pressure - Queen
As The World Falls Down - David Bowie
Three Little Birds - Bob Marley
What’s A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
Skyfall - Adele
Training Wheels - Melanie Martinez
Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Israel “IZ”
On Melancholy Hill - Gorillaz

I wanted to get two sides to this one: Pyro’s wonderland, and the destruction happening outside of their view. I like to imagine them skipping merrily then with maybe a flower crown and unknowingly crunching skulls under their boots as they go along. That’s kinda dark, huh?

Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics
Flying High Again - Ozzy Osbourne
Welcome To The Jungle - Guns N’ Roses
Blood - My Chemical Romance
Born To Die - Lana Del Ray
Take My Breath Away - Berlin
Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem) - Jay Z
The Bad Touch - Bloodhound Gang
99 Luftballoons - Nena
All Shook Up - Elvis Presley
Another One Bites The Dust - Queen

Another playlist for another sadistic maniac *sigh*. I’m not too fond of the serious no bullshit scary German man that most of the fandom seems to portray Medic as, as in the comics and SFM’s, he has his intelligent side then his fun loving (maniacal) side.

Counting Bodies Like Sheep - A Perfect Circle
Cochise - Audioslave
Mosh - Eminem
I’m Comin’ Home - P. Diddy
Spaz Out - Army Of The Pharaohs
Welcome Home - Coheed and Cambria
Work - Kanye West
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
Bad Case Of Lovin You - Robert Palmer
Paint It Black - The Rolling Stones
Viva La Vida - Coldplay

Oh man, this one was intense. I wanted to get that serious big tough guy feel on this one. I added a couple more subdued songs, as he does have his soft side, but this one is definitely for the battlefield.

Red Solo Cup - Toby Kieth
Tubthumping - Chumbawamba
Shots - LMFAO
Wobble - V.I.C.
The Maid Gaed To The Mill - A Scottish Drinking Song
Escape - Rupert Holmes
Hooked On A Feeling - Blue Swede
Fooled Around And Fell In Love - Elvin Bishop
I Want You Back - Jackson 5
O-O-H Child - The Five Stairsteps
September - Earth, Wind, & Fire

I’m not gonna lie, like a lot of these are from the Guardians Of the Galaxy soundtrack oops. I just really like that laid back  no worries sort of feeling those songs have. I think Demoman would be the kind to not dwell on those icky thoughts, and would much rather have a drink and a few laughs.

Ms. Pauling
You Don’t Know - Eminem ft. 50 Cent
Work, Hustle, Kill - Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard
Skinny Love - Bon Iver
Lose Yourself - Eminem
Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
Sweet Child O’ Mine - Guns N’ Roses
Boss Ass Bitch - PTAF
Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani
You Make Me Feel Like Dancing - Leo Sayer
Ain’t It Fun - Paramore

Ah, yes, my queen. Honestly, Miss Pauling is one of my favourite Tf2 characters. She has this badass outline with that sweet awkward creme filling that gives me cavities whenever she appears!

When Fangirling About K-Pop Around Friends Pt 5
  • Me: //has earphones in
  • Friend: omg you're listening to Koreans AGAIN?
  • Me: wtf who said I was listening to K-Pop?
  • Friend: you don't listen to anything else
  • Me: that's not true. I have English music on here.
  • Friend: okay, how many English songs are on your phone
  • Me: well-
  • Friend: -and English versions of Korean songs don't count
  • Me: I-
  • Friend: -neither do covers of English songs
  • Me: ...
  • Friend: well?
  • Me: hold on let me count
  • Friend: ok-
  • Me: done
  • Friend: already?
  • Me: I have a total of 11
  • Friend: 11?
  • Me: yes
  • Friend: and...?
  • Me: They're those U2 songs that iTunes gave out for free
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me: those count, right?
  • ---
  • Friend: //looking through my laptop
  • Friend: omg what
  • Me: what
  • Friend: "Kpop Dance Tutorial"??
  • Me: OMG WAIT
  • Friend: you were looking up-
  • Me: shhhh giVE It bACk
  • -Admin Jinnie

“The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, […] [and] burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars.”

(J. Kerouac)

dedicated to all of you :) be brave friends! stay strong, get excited, face fiercely this new year and all the future ones

blakesdoitnastier  asked:

Bellarke + Grounder!Bellamy au

Well, obviously without her scouts reporting about Sky Person!Bellamy bossing everyone around with a GUN, Anya would make a different decision about what to do with these newly fallen Sky People. Again, I was supposed to do this as 5 headcanons, and I failed. Like, almost 5k words failed. With smut.


They only make it a few kilometers, all ninety-seven of them still left alive, when the breath is stolen from Clarke’s lungs because people are dropping out of the trees in front of them. There are gasps behind her, and she hears one of the younger ones shriek.

Clarke kind of wants to shriek too, because she’d just been worried about not seeing any animals yet, but these are people, real people, dressed in heavy furs with faces hidden behind terrifying masks.

Instead, she holds up an arm and calls out a firm “Stop!” She risks a glance back and sees that all of the kids from the dropship have frozen in their tracks. Even Spacewalker, who got two kids killed when they followed his bad example and refused to listen to her demand that they stay in their seats, is motionless and wide-eyed as he looks at the strangers.

They may hate her for being the so-called princess of the Ark, she thinks grimly, but that doesn’t stop them from responding to her orders.

“You speak for the Sky People?” a low voice asks, and she zeroes in on the tall figure just in front of her.

The Sky People. Such a beautiful name for a bunch of fallen criminals.

“I do,” she says, a heavy weight settling in the pit of her stomach.

Wells reaches out and touches her wrist. “Clarke,” he says urgently, but she shrugs him off with a glare.

“Clarke,” the voice echoes, almost curious, and then he’s tugging off his mask––she sees it’s a man, younger than she expected, probably only a handful of years older than her.

“Clarke of the Sky People,” he says, eyes even darker than the pitch-colored paint smeared around them. “My leader wants to speak with you.”

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The fact that Butch Deloria could feasibly do the “I’m watching you” gesture at Dogmeat once he starts following the LW because he feels his ‘most badass/cool’ status is threatened, amuses me. 
Like the three of them go to do something, the LW tells them to wait while they scout ahead. Butch tells Dogmeat not to mess this up for him, convinced dog will sabotage his street cred.
“Only one of us can be the pretty one here, bub, and everybody knows the Butch-man’s the best. Don’t screw this up.”
“Woof.” A cute head tilt.
“Hey, don’t sass me.”

I just have this mental image.

Riverdale 1x3… what we learned

Chuck: So they took the loyal, fierce chuck clayton an turned him into that jerk every high school has. He is a womanizer and apparently has no conscience. It’s unfortunate since I happen to like the fact that for once one of the star football players could have been the good guy – heaven forbid we go against the grain.

Dilton: So they made our resident nerd the head of the survival scouts? Not only that, they made him one who would be willing to squeal to save his own hide? I am so unsure how I feel about that. The one thing Dilton always did was stick up for people. He was that little guy with a huge heart who was fearless in the face of adversity. I will give you creative leeway but there is something wrong when you can turn the lovable nerd into a snake in the grass.

Ethel: Juggie’s one true love. What did they do? She’s still smart and somewhat of an outsider to the ‘in crowd’ (assuming the in crowd are the jocks and cheerleaders), still strong and stands up for her principles, however, they had to go and make her a victim. I guess it’s okay since Veronica was also a victim and in the end, she had the last laugh.

Mr. Weatherbee: Lovable principal who was always in the dark but always had a heart of gold. The kind of principal you’d be willing to go to when something was wrong. Riverdale’s twist? They make him cold and unfeeling. He is feared and distrusted by the student body. I’m unsure how I feel about this.

Episode 3 didn’t really move much in terms of the main storyline (the murder of Jason), however it definitely gave us more insight into each character and what makes them tick. The whole slut-shaming storyline was just a vessel for us to learn more about that dead guy and how he is definitely not the golden boy people portray him to be.

Slut-shaming or shaming in general is definitely on the rise, so for them to use a story centered around this makes sense, however, in so many cases this is not how this ends. For instance, I applauded B&V’s attempt at getting the truth, because let’s face it we all want to be able to do that to people who wrong us. HOWEVER, I do believe that was borderline attempted murder, it could have been interpreted as assault. Maybe it’s just me (once again, the inner demon in me smiled and relished it) but I don’t think we can threaten people like that in order to gain the truth.

Also, why the hell does Cheryl keep sticking her nose into everything? She calls everyone sluts and then she stands to apologize for what her brother has done, claiming maybe she didn’t know him as well. I’m like “Bitch please, how you gonna call me a slut then stand there and look all teary eyed and apologize like slut is a term of endearment.”

I believe episode 3 to be a filler episode, the kind where you learn to attach yourselves to characters, because once you care for them, you start to follow the story a little better. I think it did it’s job because I for one am a huge B&V fan and even when the story stalls, I wait to see what these two are going to do…

So now we have made it to episode 4…

My version of the DCI themes from tonight

Academy- Mary Poppins can change races throughout the show!

Colts- see phantom regiment isn’t the only corp. that can kill a person.

Troopers-IM A HORSE.

Crossmen- I believe I can fly! See I have a parachute and everything!

Blue Stars- so which one of you wants to swallow the sword?

Boston Cusaders-this is DEFINITELY not game of thrones……

Madison Scouts- no one has done cardboard cut outs yet!

Cavaliers- anything you can do I can do better! I can do anything gayer than you!

Phantom Regiment- I came for the corps. But I stayed for the guard

Blue Stars- why did you choose this theme?
Ok why does the guard look like naked mimes?
Why propeller things?
Ok… Why?

Santa Clara Vanguard-what else can we use to make noise.

Blue Coats- from the people who brought you scalene triangles, the blue coats are proud to present Spheres and Semi Circles.

Carolina Crown- one hell of a show

Cadets- we can count

Blue Devils- my childhood threw up on the field but for some reason I’m ok with it.

Hey guys I have a great idea! Why don’t we have someone sing LIVE on the field! No one has done that yet! It’ll be totally original! Also I think ladders are under appreciated. Let’s use ladders. We can sit on them or something. Idk. Maybe climb from hell on one.

needsmorebirds replied to your post “i have some girl scout cookies (trefoils) and they are good but i need…”

What do those ones look like? I used to be in girl guides but we only had 4 types of biscuits and the second two were just smaller versions of the other ones

trefoils are thick shortbread cookies shaped like the girl scout logo, and thanks a lots are big round shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate with thanks in different languages pressed onto them.

Lifehack, Scout Cosplayers

Contrary to popular belief, you really really need to avoid these muffs to make the headset. 

I know nearly Scout cosplayer thinks these are THE ones to use, but taking off one of the muffs WILL cause pressure to the skull that WILL cause damage. It can cut off blood and cause immense stinging pain in the skull itself. Prolonged usage can lead to serious side effects. If this is your only option in a headset, pad the inside of your hat with thick padding.

They’re also unsafe in places like busy streets. They block out 21 decibels, which doesn’t sound like much but it can pose safety issues if you need to be aware of your surroundings.

So what should you do instead?

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Sailor Mercury for the Character Design Challenge this month.

One thing I always wanted to see from the sailor scout characters is to have more personality with their costumes. It was all a little too uniform for my taste.

For Sailor Mercury, she was one of my favorites. She was grown up, intelligent, and a good friend. She often felt like a support character for the episodes I saw, which was a shame because she had a unique personality. So for her design I wanted to incorporate her intelligence with her element, placed into her costume.

So during her transformation she would not only change outfits but have this mechanical augmentation also come out. Creating water whips, leg bracers for high jumps, Bubble glasses for analysis, and a bubble helmet that would allow her to go underwater for long periods of time.

I wanted to give her something that represented her inner strength. Whereas Sailor Mars would have something more traditional, and Venus would have something more flashy. Sailor Mercury still has a delicate frame, but her expertise with technology is part of her strength. Analysis, contemplation, and strategy her weapons.

This is why water suits her. It is something that is not inherently dangerous, but with the right conditions it can be a true powerhouse.


decided to give rhode a backstory revamp, and decided to give her outfits and stats one too! more under the cut so it doesnt flood anyones dash

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YOU GUYS my decrepit iphone 4 was on its final legs for like 4 weeks, and only half of the touch screen worked, so i had 3 possible phones i could use. and only the one that my gorgeous queen @neven-ebrez worked–one that was close to her butt for a long while, no less

AND IT SUPPORTS FILTERS i’m so pumped u guys

like ain’t no one understands i love these things and have never gotten to mess with them i feel like a pure ethereal being or like, a florence + the machine song