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One thing I love about Mob is despite only being one year apart, Ritsu really is like a baby brother in Mob’s eyes. 

Mob’s protectiveness stretches far past the incident where he accidentally hurt Ritsu. 

When talking about how much Ritsu wanted to be an esper, he said “When you were little.” instead of “When we were little.” To him it was Ritsu who was the little kid.

And he always loves putting emphasis on how Ritsu is his little brother, using it to emphasize that he is the older one, he is the one who has to look after Ritsu, Ritsu is the one he has to protect against all evils. 

Plus he totally babies him 

And it isn’t any lie. 

Ritsu is naive, he’s still so young and cries to his brother if he sees a bug. 

Ritsu is a good kid, as difficult as he can be he’s still just a kid, especially so in Mob’s eyes. 

I have confidence that facing Ritsu will be Mob’s last straw against ???%


A/N No one touches Ivars Things… NO ONE.

Pairing/ Ivar X Reader

Word Count/ 923

Rated M ( Rape, smut, verbal abuse)

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You didn’t mean for this to happen but it did; before you could form a single curse or protest Sigurd was on top of you.  You couldn’t call it unwanted if you wanted to as you lie there with his filthy hand over your mouth. Sigurd was a son of Ragnar and had every right to wield the blade of his ever changing desires.  There was nothing you could do about it.  Your primary Lover Ivar would be upset but even still in this moment nothing would change it.

“My brother will not be the only one to have you!” He grunted as he pumped himself ruthlessly into you eliciting a slight whimper. His hands tore your dress in several places and you prayed to the gods there would be no marks on your skin afterwards.

It went on for another twenty minutes or so before he finally released his seed and rolled over.

“Leave me you filthy Slave!” He snapped agitated and unsated even after fucking you senseless.

You gathered your dress around yourself as it was in shambles and stumbled out of the tent. You were wracked with fear as you neared the slave tent to clean yourself up. Ivar would come for you in time and you didn’t want to spark any animosity between the two brothers. They had a torn relationship as it was and you knew it wouldn’t take much to set your lovers temper alight. He was hardly known to show mercy after his legs became fully functioning.  You washed up quickly and mended your dress as best as you could. It wasn’t long before you were summoned to Ivar’s bed.

Ivar’s crystal blue eyes captivated you from the moment you walked in, stopping just at the door to wait for his command.

“Y/N Come to me!” He said in a stern and commanding voice.

You stepped forward keeping your head down suddenly feeling tainted and dirty. Stopping just short of his embrace you kept your head low watching the rising and falling of his toned chest.

“Look at me!” He tilted your chin up forcing your eyes to his. Reluctantly you allowed him to capture your gaze  causing a warm hum to build in your chest and flush to your face.  Your lips began to tremble slightly and did not go unnoticed.

You fear me?” He asked. His voice unusually gentle yet possessive. When you didn’t not answer him he grabbed your arm and shook you. “SPEAK!”

“F-Forgive me Ivar..” Your stuttered and then continued. “I am no longer clean nor only yours.” Your eyes desperately bored into his.

“WHO?”  He boomed. The sound of his voice sent shivers down your spine and warmth to your intimate places.  

It was not one important. Let us forget and carry on as we always do” You pleaded hoping to deter the growling pit of anger growing in Ivar’s chest. He gripped your jaw so tight that you were positive blood would soon follow.

“If you do not tell me who touched you I will kill everyone Y/N, until I find the right one. I do not care who will get in my way but they will all die.”  His lip rose in a sneer of warning and you knew that in the event of your silence death would be certain.

“Sigurd..It was Sigurd.” You gasped through the pain. He released his grip and walked calmly out of the tent.  You knew better than to try and stay behind so you followed him out to the dining tent where the rest of Ivar’s brothers sat.

“Brothers!” He announced himself and they all jumped having not heard him enter.  “It seems that one amongst you is having a difficult time understanding what I say. Since you are all too stupid to hear what I mean, I will show it to you now. So that there will be no forgetting!”  He turned and yanked you by the wrist to the edge of the table where Sigurd was seated and shoved his food out of the way.

Ivar turned you around making sure that you faced him and forced you roughly down on the table. His brothers stared on in silence all fearful of what he would do in the next moments. You held your breath as his rough hands slid up your thighs and parted them.  Without realizing it the whole scene painted before you aroused you in ways you could not understand and Ivar had no issue as he forced his throbbing prick into you for everyone to see.  You screamed out at the sudden invasion and knocked an object from the table when he began the fast drag and pull that sent your mind reeling.

“Y/N is mine and no matter how you fuck; her filthy cunt can only be satisfied by me!” He grunted as he fucked you into the table sending shockwaves through everyone in the room.

“Did Sigurd fuck you this way? Did he satisfy you as good as me?” Ivar asked through his grunting. The sweat from his tirade and current situation was glistening down his chest.

“NO Ivar” You moaned. Sigurd looked caught between lust and fear as he watched you and Ivar unable to avert his gaze.

“Look to him and say no.” he demanded increasing the speed of his thrust making your next word sound broken and forced.

“N-N- No.” You moaned again.  Ivar’s devilish grin at your words made sure that no man would ever take you again but himself……


“Holy shit, Alfor, that’s fucking huge!”


“Oh sorry - holy shit, your majesty, that’s fucking huge!”

Because I have this headcanon where Coran and Alfor were actually besties, and Alfor had to remind him all the time to actually call him “your highness” or “your majesty” and treat him properly around others because “Coran you’re my best friend but I’m also supposed to be your king, remember?”

au where bitty comes from a family of, like, eight siblings…and he’s the tallest of them all.

Their’s only 1 Queen in Westeros

Dany: I burn people who won’t bend the knee. 

Cersei: I blow up entire buildings to wipe out my enemies. 

Arya: Those who are disloyal to Jon should be killed 

Sansa: Talks to her subjects about their grievances, makes sure that they’re well equipped with food and armour, stands up for Jon every opportunity she gets, believes her robotic raven brother about his visions.

Their’s only one woman worthy of the Iron throne and her name is Sansa Stark. 

important be more chill hc

michael has really refined music taste. he only listens to bands you’ve never heard of or albums from before the year 1987. there’s only one exception: the jonas brothers. michael is inexplicably obsessed with the jonas brothers. he can’t get enough of Those Boys. nobody knows why. he doesn’t know why. he just loves. the. jonas. brothers.


Guess what happened at our zoo? A litter of pallas cat kittens were born! Pallas cats are endangered, but hard to breed in captivity because they are born with very poor immune systems (Their native range is so cold and arid that disease spread is less of a problem) This zoo has had success, because as luck would have it, our area is similar in climate to much of the cat’s native range.

I am told there is only one female kitten, and she is ruthlessly vicious to her three brothers.

Matthew: Okay, for visiting Paris, do you have a beret?

Alfred: I can get one real quick.

Matthew: No. Al, that’s not where I’m going with this. No one wears them here. Don’t bring- Al. I’m serious. 


Our task is to construct an image of the man. We don’t yet know him. But we will.
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