the only match at summerslam that i care about

SummerSlam- Orton vs Lesnar

I’m sitting here, nauseous, after watching that main event. I’ve seen gory wrestling matches before, but something about tonight’s match felt utterly wrong. I was expecting a very physical match, but this was brutal to watch. While it may have started the way it was “supposed” to, it sure didn’t seem to end the way WWE planned.
Lesnar was throwing blows on Orton as if this was an MMA match, not a WWE match. Do I know wrestlers often get hurt? Absolutely. But this felt like I was watching a man deliberately trying to hurt another as much as possible. Lesnar is a part timer with no repercussions of his actions. So if he did go over the line and this wasn’t work, why would he even care about hurting Orton? He wouldn’t. He will still get paid.

The only thing I know for sure, is that this main event was not enjoyable to watch.