the only long bone in the human body that lies horizontal

My love to you speaks louder than Human anatomy.

The collarbone is a long bone that serves
as a strut between the scapula and the sternum.
It is the only long bone in the body that lies horizontally.
It makes up part of the shoulder and the pectoral girdle.

That is what they wrote in human anatomy books
about your collarbones. I do not believe them.
All I know is that these tiny shallow triangles,
are where my safety lies.
Where my nose rests perfectly to breathe.
Where I place my fingertips and climb to wrap my legs around your back.

All I know is that my love to you speaks louder than science.
Because science did not tattoo your name on its right rib.
Science did not carve your initials in all of its books.
Science did not and will not ache for you the way I did.