the only hard thing to do was her hair as you can see

A few things I thought would be necessary to discuss.

Just a reminder that Alex goes both straight and curly. She said it once in a previous Pericsope. Her natural hair will make a comeback don’t worry.

And Alex has been eating healthy (Vegan/Vegetarian) for her own benefit and not from DR. DR doesn’t make them go on diets. When she came to Korea, she had a little hair incident that let her hair falling out due to not taking care of it. So she decided to take care of herself with lots of vitamins, eating right, getting the right amount of fluids, and so forth. This not only affects her hair by making it stronger, but it also affects her weight as you can see.

It may appear that Alex is using “invisalign“ if so that is most likely a mutual decision made by both her and the company.

Remember guys that Alex wouldn’t do things to harm herself although she is an extremely hard worker. ALSO Alex is fully involved this comeback, okay guys ^^

I love Alex like a sister, as well as the other fanbases since we are all a family.

If we feel that Alex may be overworking herself or doing anything drastic, we will let her know of ours and your concerns. But always look at the bright side.

~Nani of 7raniagirls