the only guy in homestuck i like drawing



so, if your confused about Dave’s shirt, it means he’s bisexual, but is homoromantic (meaning he’s only romantically interested in guys). Like, he doesn’t mind having sex with a woman, but he’s not interested in having a romantic relationship with one.

i also wanted to try a new coloring style, how is it?

please help a guy out by commissioning me!

ok, my life just changed a whole lot. i need to earn money so that i can move out of my parents’ house asap, so i have to raise prices a little bit, but only because i really really need to make some money. if you want more info on my situation, check out my /tagged/updates page. i’m a transgender schizophrenic with DID, and i need to make as much money as i can in the next little while.

here’s how this is all gonna work out:

you private message me with the details for the art piece(s), give me your email address, we’ll negotiate a price with a minimum of $10.00, and then

you pay up front. i will link you to my once we’ve decided everything, and then i’ll get started as soon as possible.

after i’ve completed the commission, i will message you on tumblr letting you know that it’s done, and then i will email you the full-quality image. 

and that’s it! if post-production you want me to change anything i can do that too, no extra charge.

private message me as soon you can!


  • SUGGESTIVE STUFF (like, soft ns/fw stuff, but i won’t draw geni/talia or   hardcore bd/sm) (this will also take me longer than anything else because i have to draw in public and, uh, people don’t take super kindly to people drawing entire asses that are just, out)
  • SHIPPING ARTWORK (no inc/est or ped/o/phil/ia/major age gaps)
  • FURRIES (not my strong suit but i’ll do my best)

if in any case i am unable to complete your commission, you will receive a refund of however much money i owe you! but i’ll most likely be able to complete your commission.

reblogs are appreciated!!!!

Hey my guy I wanted to show you my first sprite! And of course it’s me bc I’m a self centered fuck lmao,,, anyway freckles r hard and I love you Dave

TG: woah did you draw that??? i love it its so cute
TG: yknow what you actually look like my timelines roxy literally the only differences are that she doesnt have freckles and her bangs are blonde
TG: and hey dont worry freckles get easier as time goes on youll master em i believe in you
TG: 10/10 thank you for blessing me 
TG: heart emoji


Homestuck doodle dump!!!!!! NOstalgia hahahaah

Oooomg guys I used to draw almost only Homestuck… Idk if you can tell but Tavros was (is) my bae
Here are some of the doodles/sketches that never saw the light of the internet.

And you’re all super cute telling me that you like my art btw!!!! jasdhjkasd If you like any one of these doodles special much maybe I can upload it seperately just for you maybe even finish it up a little better, bcs i love you <3

Enjoy these old doodles!

That’s right gang! It’s probably been a long time coming, maybe, I missed a bunch of milestones, but I’m going to finally do a giveaway for my great followers!! It's not because of how many wonderful yous there are now watching, but the fact you are watching, you always say nice things to me, you encourage me, that you are wonderful. Thank you always!

This is the niceness giveaway! 

Now is probably a good time for it while I’m working. Being held starting today for one week from Friday the 8th, until Friday the 15th.

There will be 6 Prizes!

First place
will recieve one coloured art request, with up to three characters and probably a simple background.

Second AND Third place will recieve a lineart piece with up to two characters, and one colour for fill if they so choose.

There will be three runner ups, who will recieve one headshot drawing of a character of their choosing with one colour for fill if they so choose.

And the BRONUS Prize, because would this be my tumblr if there wasn’t? 1 Person will recieve a simple lineart request for Bro Strider. Give it up bros.

The rules:

  • You’ll have to be following me to win
  • You’ll have to like or reblog this post to enter.
  • You can enter as many  times as you’d like but please be considerate of your followers
  • No giveaway blogs, please
  • Have your ask box open so I can contact you guys!
  • The giveaway ends in just one short week on May 15th

The goods:

I’ll draw only any Homestuck characters, fancharacters, OCs, and personal or persona portraits. I won’t be drawing any explicit nsfw content, but up to kissing we are good. 

Thank you all so much, for being kind, supportive, encouraging and helpful! I’m hoping you’ll get some fun out of this!


Hai everyone, I’ll be opening commissions again after a long looong break. I’m only accepting PAYPAL, Please send commission forms to my email: (this is also my Paypal). If you have any questions please feel free to message me on tumblr (most active), deviantart or my email!!


-Fan Art,

-Original Characters,

-Girls, Kawaii Girls, Hot Girls, Potato Girls, 

-Couples (Only for Chibi & Head-Shoulder!!)


-Pornography, Intense Fetishes etc etc.

-Hardcore violence or gore

-Guys/Males/Buff Men ogod (I struggle so hard at this)

-Characters WITHOUT given references.

DEADLINES: You can ask for a commission slot and send me the information anytime (as long as commissions are open) YOU MUST PAY BEFORE I START! -Unless you ordered something like a full body painting, you can pay in parts! Anyways, feel free to discuss the deadlines with me via email:

You can only cancel the commission BEFORE YOU’VE PAID. 

***Please check my Art Tag to ensure that you like my drawings before you commission!!!***

And failure on my part has now ironically

Or cosmically, like poetry, come in between our destiny 

And us but now there’s nothing left and nobody to meddle with

To try and make it better, it’s unsettling, to mother nothing.

This is the very first thing I have drawn in a loooong time. And since Phemiec’s songs are so catarthic and help me through so much, I couldn’t help but draw something for her song Mary…  it makes me feel so much better whenever I listen to it.

This part of the song is especially meaningful for me, too, and this is what I imagine when I hear it. I have always wished to be a mother, and it really /is/ unsettling when I wake up from one of those dreams in which I am holding my newborn baby and there’s nothing in my arms… how can one love something so much, when it doesn’t exist? 

This is supposed to be only the sketch, but it looks beautiful the way it is so I had to save this from my clumsy hands and hope I won’t screw it up when I paint it. Hope you guys will like it!

alright. So I said I wasn’t going to draw any RMWT’s stuff but I just really like this au! Annnnnd the RMWT’s team as really only received chibi’s! I want to express my enjoyment for the AU in my regular style. I adore Hemo. Soo have some super comic book styled Hemogoblin. =3 I kinda was like, this could be a poster that the comic book shop sells, and don’t ask why he’s holding Heir’s hammer. But…. he totally is. Anyways. I hope you guys enjoy owo! ~ Kera 

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dude as much as I wish Karezi would be canon again if I’m asked to draw Dave and Karkat it’s not like I can make it Karezi instead

Anon:another homestuck artist i like ranted about how your used davekat for the update and im honestly very upset about the ship hate :((

again I didn’t choose which ship to draw ok, I was /asked to/, it’s ok not to like some ship but yeah it wasn’t my decision

if you guys see somebody complaining about ships and topic of any panels (not only mine) please inform them the content wasn’t left up to the artists involved to decide

also while I’m here, nobody give shit to any of the people involved for some of the pictures looking sorta sketchy and simple because we were also asked to draw them that way!

I can’t believe I actually finished this.

For you it might seem that it took me only 2 weeks to finish this, but for me it’s been more like 8 months XD

The idea for them kinda came to me in December, when I saw ikimaru’s drawing of guys in stockings?, which made me want to draw the girls the same way, which turned out to be fruit themed, which THEN turned in to, EVERYBODY IS GETTING A FRUIT THEMED OUTFIT. NO EXCUSES!


Happy October everybody!

To not only celebrate the Fall season I would also like to thank you guys since I recently hit 200 followers. ( ahh thank you all so much)

So for the October month if you want me to draw a cute spooky icon like the two above just send me and ask saying the character (and if you want a specific costume than put that too :) ) and I will draw it!

You have my permission to use them as long as you give me credit. :DD 

Now ask away friends and thanks again for following me! 

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omg your art is so cute I love the way you COLOR AND AAAAAAAAAA THAT JADE PIC ROLLS DOWN HILL OF YOUR ART *ahem* do you know what your god tier is? can you draw it if you have time? you don't have to hAHAH SWEATS <33

Anon:One day you should post a picture of a drawing of yourself or something

ahh thank youu! ;v; man I get the draw yourself ask almost everyday, I’m not interested in drawing myself guys! I’d rather draw other things!

besides my oc always looks either evil or very sassy whenever I try;;



Anon:Do you ever just kinda go to a theme park and see a homestuck and become their best friend in 5 seconds?

once (and only time) I saw some HS cosplayers at a small convention but I was just leaving sO