the only good thing on this show tbh

So, let’s start this off w/…My name’s Hayven, obviously. Eighteen-year-old trans girl from Decatur. I’m really boring, so it’s not that much to tell about myself. But I just came out as trans last year. It was around winter when I did it. The first name I came up w/ was Kylan. I ended up changing it to Hayven, because Kylan sounded too much like Kylie. Hayven’s better anyways…As the day goes by, it’s a lot i’m really starting to dislike about myself. Like the fact that I have really broad shoulders. I also don’t like the fact that i’m a really hairy person. It’s extremely aggy. I don’t like my head…it’s shaped really weird in my opinion and it’s really big. I’ve always been insecure about my weight and how fat my face is. Tbh, the only thing that will make me happy is getting my hrt, which I am currently in the works of getting. At first it was my piercings that made me feel good about myself. My piercing had my confidence at a 100. I was working at a call center and saddly, my piercings had to be taken out. I just deleted all of my social media apps and decided to just make this Tumblr account. I also want to share it to show my transformation as well once I receive my hrt. I hope to gain a lot of followers, supporters and friends while i’m on here. I don’t know how to close out this caption, sooooo yeah…✌🏾😬

Only like able characters alive at this point: 

- Bellamy 

- Abby (her storyline is whatever)

- Kane (his is also whatever rn) 

- Raven (stop giving her pain and give her like a relationship or something Jesus it’s stale)

- Indra 

- Monty

- Murphy (even him lately has been ehh) 

- ???? 

 Characters with wasted potential:

- Roan

- Luna 

- Ilian 

- Jasper 

- Lexa 

- Lincoln 

- Anya 

- Finn 

- Sinclair

Boyfriend Yuta
  • sssuuuppp
  • have you see his teaser pics??? i’M SCREAMING
  • i feel like yuta is going to slay this concept so much?? like i’m so fucking excited
  • but let’s start this rn bc idk what to write here
  • bc i’m a smol awkward being c:
  • okay so!!! 
  • basically, he would be the perfect boyfie that everyone wants
  • first of all, A++ humour sense
  • he never, n e v e r, fails to make you laugh or feel happy again
  • he would do aegyo or would act like an idiot just to get you to laugh a little
  • and if you’re feeling down he would be unbearable, trust me
  • he wouldn’t let you go till you finally told him why you’re feeling like this
  • he just would be extremely worried about you and he just wants to find a solution to your problem as soon as possible
  • “what do you mean you don’t want to tell me? y/n i’m your boyfriend”
  • “you don’t trust enough?”
  • “but why do you want to have so much time alone? i need you, y/n”
  • “please, tell me”
  • fucking u n b e a r a b l e
  • but you would eventually slowly open up to him
  • he would listen to you at the same time as he thinks of possible solutions
  • he probably doesn’t tolerates seeing his loved ones feeling sad at all
  • and would do anything in his power to bring a smile back into their faces
  • and specially if it’s you <33 aw
  • so then you’ll have him doing and saying the silliest things just to make you laugh
  • that and a bunch of cuddles
  • in his world and in mine cuddles can solve any problem
  • and he’s super clingy anyways so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • and when he’s the one feeling sad he wouldn’t doubt about telling you
  • maybe it would be a bit hard for him in the beggining but he undestands that he has a problem and that the first step, always, is talking to someone
  • so he would make warm coffee for both of you and slowly start talking with you
  • and for every minute it passes you would notice how he feels more relaxed and calm
  • y’all probably you have a bunch of lazy dates
  • things like idk anime marathons that are a whole day long
  • or both of you playing nintendo at night while eating pizza at night
  • and honestly that sounds fucking amazing, sign me the fuck up
  • and even if he loves those lazy dates, everyone knows he’s the type who loves doing extreme sports and things like that
  • he probably loves feeling all the adrenalin in his body and he would defenetly want you to experience cool things like that too
  • so also expect crazy dates like idk going to amusement parks with really crazy rides
  • or doing weird things like when he was in idol party and obligated his fake family to do that weird thing
  • hey, a little reminder ;))
  • he would love to cook for you
  • but tbh, he would do it only to show you that he is talented enough to do it
  • also, he would want you to taste some of the japanese gastronomy and that good stuf you know
  • but what he would l o v e is you cooking for him
  • even if it’s just a sandwich, he would still love it
  • that’s basically the only thing i can cook so, perfect
  • he’s super protective and jealous with you
  • but he wouldn’t like to admit that he’s jealous??? sohe would be suffering trough the pain
  • and the complaining with you lmao
  • but he would do little things to make your relationship obvious
  • like grabbing your waist or put a strand of your hair behind your ear
  • also, he would look at you a lot, not only to see your reactions to the other person’s opinions but to make you feel nervous??
  • “stop looking at me so much, yuta!”
  • “but you’re so pretty, y/n”
  • ugh, i h8 fuckbois
  • he would cuddle with you every night before sleep
  • and there was this moment where you were like
  • “yuta, can you sing a little for me?”
  • anD HE WAS LIKE !!!!!!! WHAT
  • “singing?”
  • and after doubting a little hE DOES SDFG
  • and his voice is so soft and sweet, and specially if he’s basically whispering the whole thing in your ear
  • and you fall asleep in his arms aND HE GETS WEAK
  • “i love you so much, y/n”
  • oH MY god dfghjklwHAT¡¿?? 
  • he’s so boyfriend material ugh i love him
  • okay and the end!!
  • i hope y’all enjoyed this even if itwas bad :’) <3
  • lmao, bye 

i don’t think she understands what sexism is

starknjarvis  asked:

Help! What show is your tag "tmk" referring to? I've never heard of it, but everyone looks so beautiful in it.


the show is bbc’s the musketeers, which i would arguably describe as a solid mix of pirates of the caribbean, zorro, and brooklyn nine-nine

dunno if you’ve ever read alexander dumas’ original book, but most people (?) (most people means me) agree that bbc’s adaptation is probably the most accurate to the spirit of the book and the essence of all the characters, who are captured/cast EXCEPTIONALLY well and are all utterly delightful, not just because theyre so pretty but because theyre all good noodles trying their best who also happen to be varying degrees of Semi-Functional Human Disaster

except rochefort, good riddance hes dead now

anyways. bonus features include:

- utterly gorgeous (if a bit historically inaccurate) costuming

- breathtaking cinematography

- tom burke’s line delivery


- soft beardy men holding babies and singing (u would think i am exaggerating but this actually happens quite a lot)

- women with swords


- consistently kicks any semblance of toxic masculinity in the ass (so many hugs and kisses u guys its beautiful)

- arguably the character with the strongest most victorious and well-written character arc is a young woman who achieves everything she was meant for completely deservedly without once compromising her goodness or kindness or softness while simultaneously being powerful, strong, and so very very respected

tbh i recommend this show to everyone!! its obviously a bit ridiculous and melodramatic in places, and the romances, whilst SO PURE AND GOOD AND WELL DONE, are so extra (i thrive on the tropes i really do) – but it never takes itself seriously enough for those things to matter. the cast are obviously having the time of their lives, and the writing is actually really amazing for majority of the show, imo

anyways! its on netflix in several countries i think? yall should check it out tbh, if only so u dont hate me for posting about it so much

“What I’ve wanted all this time… was friends like these.” - Greed

I kept thinking back to this one thing Greed says at the end of the story. It seemed mighty unfair to his chimera gang. I mean Ed and the others are pretty cool and all, but how were his previous friends worse? 

And then I realized: they weren’t.

When we first meet Greed he’s got his outcast gang, and tells Al that what he wants is money, power, women, etc, etc, and to this end immortality. Al, not knowing any better, might buy this. But what do we as the readers know?

A. Greed ditched the Father a century ago.
B. After all this time all he’s got to show for it is a group of henchmen, and, apparently, a bar.

Not much in terms of money and power, tbh. Not for a being as powerful as he is with the additional manpower he also has. If he really wanted all that money, power and so on, shouldn’t he be living in a more fancy location? Tbh the only thing he seems to have successfully hoarded is henchmen. Apparently, that was good enough for Greed, the Avaricious, cause all he was fixated on now was to find immortality. To enjoy the good things in life forever. Which are apparently - the henchmen.

But he IS kind of immortal. He’s pretty confident in his ultimate shield, he doesn’t seem to age. So why look for immortality? 

And here’s the deal, I think he was subconsciously looking for it for his friends. They’re the ones who would age and die. He liked having them, being Greed and all, so he wanted them to last.

The void in Greed’s heart could only be filled with friends. Lots of friends. It was a friends-shaped-hole.

But the idiot didn’t get it of course. Self-denial is strong in that one. And to even begin to understand that, Greed had to first lose what he had in the most painful way possible. Only then does he start observing that he is in fact alone. And once he is presented with free henchmen he just gets right back into the groove, now with a new idiotic and irrelevant big thing to crave - ruling the world. Cause the dumbass just won’t admit to himself that he just wants friends, not until the very end.

What an idiot. I love him. T_T


Dear Journal,

My name is Zelda. My father has been the mayor of New York City ever since I was a little girl. He is kind and generous, if a little foolish. He knows that without the help of his advisers and cabinet he wouldn’t be the man he is today. I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes president soon, with the way everyone’s always talking. He’s a wonderful person you must believe me in this, even as a father. He let’s me sing, dress, and learn whatever I please.

Recently, however, he’s been asking for me to get married. Can you believe that? I know he means well, but all I want to do is sing and explore, I’m barely out of my teenage years!

Ah, but enough about that. I didn’t buy this journal to start talking about my problems. I wanted to keep a record- of what, I’m not entirely sure. Something in me is compelling me to start a dairy of sorts.

You see, there’s a new man that’s in town. He calls himself Ganondorf. He doesn’t look like the loose-belted politicians I’ve seen. He smiles too much, and his laugh is always too deep, as if there’s a bigger joke going on that my father doesn’t see. My father might like him for all the money he’s donated and his pretty words, but I don’t trust him, and neither does Link; the boy my father found him in the slums of town. He took Link in as a handy man; He’s really good with cars and machines. When he worked as a child in factories; I assume.

To be honest I didn’t even know he existed until recently. But he came to my show, bought me flowers, doesn’t pursue me relentlessly like other boys…he doesn’t talk much at all really.

The only thing I know for certain is that I can trust him, and together…maybe we can expose Ganondorf for who he really is.

I’ve just got the most terrible feeling about all of this….

(More zelda from me)

13 years ago Antoine moved countries, left his family and language to follow his dreams, 6 years later he’s playing in first division. Then came Atleti, new obstacles but also opportunities. The rest is history, a really inspiring one.

I’ve seen him grow while facing the sweetest moments but also the most bitter defeats with a smile, turn into a super star that every brand and team wants, being the press of haters and the media but also the savior of every colchonero and french fan. So thanks for showing us that a ‘no, you’re not good enough’ is just a ‘keep trying’, that fame and money are just worth when you’re humble, that humor and self-confidence are the best weapon. 

Grizi, Titi, Anto, huge things are coming because your talent, effort and kindness deserve it. I’m super proud of being part of #TeamGrizi, damn proud of you and this is only the beginning, personally and professionally, just wait boy.

dating marco (actress)


- kissing all the time on set and everywhere you can think of

- rooms, trailers, set, kitchens, bathrooms, battlefields, it doesn’t matter

- marco just really likes kissing you and who are you to deny him and those lips

- carpooling with him and alex

- sometimes jordan tags along

- playing soccer with him in between takes

- sometimes just watching him kick the ball around with the guys

- going to the park with him and swinging on the swings

- pushing each other

- going paintballing with the whole crew

- going to soccer games in dublin with him, alex, jordan, david

- being part of the girl squad on vikings

- pub crawls in dublin

- they were originally date nights to the pub (he’s a classy guy you know) but then alex tagged along

- there’s no breaking up the bromance that is malex, arco, or whatever you choose

- cute lunch dates at the beach

- chilling down on the sand and talking about random things

- cute pics with fans

- marco is the underrated fan favourite

- a cute lil bean that can’t grow a beard jordan is the only one that has legit facial hair

- offers to tie your shoes and he’s too cute to deny

- wild sex

- boy isn’t too kinky but a little bit now and then is all good

- feeding alex when he comes over to play video games

- on the show you wouldn’t be acting as his love interest and that would cause jealousy

- tbh you’d probably be ivar’s love interest and you and alex would make sure he never escaped the merciless teasing that ensued when he got jealous

- reassuring him that you love him and only him

- hickeys

- leaves them on your neck and has been reprimanded by the makeup department more than once

- is an ass man

- but also a boobs man

- just an overall you man

- would worship you

- instagram captions that are so cheesy like “my world” “what would i do without her?”

- people loving them

- taking you home to denmark

- cute fun with his family

- picnics in denmark

- soccer with his fam

- he was training to be a pro soccer player so the matches get pretty competitive when his brother plays

- sightseeing in copenhagen and marco takes lots of cute touristy pics of you

- selfies

- selfies with tongues out

- snuggling together in the morning

- cozy sweaters of his and oversized trackies that are also his

- lots of love and everyone can see it

LOVE your dating Alex imagine!! Can you PLEASE do you for dating Marco? 😍

the new gorillaz songs are great, but the only thing missing in them is more 2D vocals, imo. yeah, i know, everyone has been saying it, but it is true. the songs are still good, and he still is in them for the hooks, but damon albarn’s distinct voice is a big part of gorillaz’s charm, and i just love hearing it as much as i can

You know what, that last anon actually got me thinking about how Yousef leaving (if he does) definitely plays into the idea that Julie doesn’t know how to write a non-physical couple. I mean the last episode has always been quite heavily physical between couples because they’ve almost resolved everything. We had Eva/Jonas have goodbye sex, Noora/William had sex for the first time and Isak/Even started the episode in bed together with Even depressed and then the ending with them having a bit of a make out in the kitchen. How do you avoid having to write that? Have one half of the couple out of the country and only available via phone/internet. You have this epic goodbye scene where perhaps they’ll hug or something and then you don’t have to find a way to top that. You just have them be cute together while in two different countries. And while this season has largely been about how you can’t escape the internet and how the internet can be a bad thing, you end with showing how the internet can also be a good thing because it helps our beloved ‘soulmates’ stay in contact. So it all ties in well tbh. 

wristwatch6minslow  asked:

top five people you ship Bones with, romantically or platonically

  1. spock– romantically, platonically, I don’t care, the dynamic between these two is Good For My Soul
    1. me, reviewing fic about other bones ships: WOW this is FANTASTIC I loved the whole entire thing, you do plot and character so well!!! my absolute favorite part of this 50k+ fic was that two paragraph scene where bones and spock interacted
  2. christine chapel– purely platonically (as I headcanon her as a lesbian), but they’re 100% work husband and work wife. they’re close friends with huge respect for each other, and they’ve gone for people’s throats in defense of each other (with no regrets about doing it, no matter that Disappointed Voice jim uses on his senior staff whenever they force him to write reprimands)
  3. jim kirk– again, romantically or platonically doesn’t matter, but these two are best friends and chosen family and anyone who fails to acknowledge that, just………… Why Do You Do This To Me
    1. this is. why I don’t often read spock/kirk, lmao; bones is just Too Important
  4. hikaru sulu– the rare pair ship of my soul, tbh. there’s like three fics on ao3 and they’re all porn and/or pretty racist, and it hurts me inside. I like to think about sulu giving bones flowers to make him blush and bones agreeing to learn how to fence just to make sulu smile and the arguments about who has to be bad dad and who gets to be good dad whenever one of their many adopted children misbehaves… it’s a kind, beautiful little ship. love these soft boys™
  5. nyota uhura– also platonically. I’ve given a romance between them a Lot Of Thought because ot3s are life and I ship them both with spock, but it’s just not a dynamic that appeals to me; I’d much prefer these two goobers be close friends and gossip buddies, to be the ones exchanging mutually horrified/exasperated looks over spock and jim’s plans. also: the southern dialect is absolutely fascinating linguistically- the number/complexity of the vowel shifts is fuckin’ wild (which is why it’s so hard to mimic if you weren’t born into it, lookin’ @ u hollywood)- so I have this delightful image in my head of nyota purposefully getting bones tipsy and listening with a grin as his accent thickens

So @finnreyhardliner I’m not sure what your problem against me.  I made a post about shippers Finnrey and reylo mainly that neither side should be nasty/rude to the other and you send me that( the first pic) at the top and blocked me right after never saw you again. The second comment was about finnrey shippers saying lies about me. I asked for proof, you instead decided to just call me a house slave, I just wanted answers but I guess you don’t have them. I wasn’t around during the whole “finnrey attack” I just wasn’t, I’m sorry whatever happen to you and other shippers nobody should be called racist slurs. Nobody should be sent pictures of lynched black men. Period. I Don’t care if you a shipper or anti nobody should be sent or told those things. Same thing applies with death treats and suicide baiting 

 I have asked for said names of the reylo shippers calling you and other finnreys racist slurs, calling John racial slurs, Finn coal boy. But  never saw nor got said proof of names. Now I seen reylo shippers called finn a liar and Kylo not which yes is not good but that’s not one calling Finn racial slurs. I ONLY seen anons few really which I think either a troll or another anti said those things. I asked about the lynching incident I only heard about it from anons but yet no proof of it happening ( which I found odd and I checked finnrey tag but nothing just people saying but not showing) TBH i see more of anti Finn/John comments on facebook, instagram but not on tumblr which it seems like you projected onto here.

It’s clear you only talk to people who see things your way ie ONLY like finnrey. Didn’t you say you’ll leave the fandom if KMT x Finn became canon? TBH I wonder which one you cared more about Finn or Rey. Actually I think you treat fictional characters better than real people, black people. For someone who cares about black people, talk about anti-blackness I think you’re the one being anti black.  

 I won’t talk shit about other bloggers- “ These idiots and their pets stay lying. I wouldn’t even bother. We could literally send them stuff of the kkk saying finnrey sucks and they’d be acting out. You try being nice to them and you only get stabbed in the back. None of these idiots or their pets call out a damn thing when it comes to racism aimed against people who hate the pile of wet shit that they call an otp.”

The KKK hates black people yeah KKK is racist so what are you trying to say? Call me house slave, a pet, anti black and self-hating called other black reylo shippers ashy, a friend of yours calling us coons. Why? Cause we like other ships along with finnrey. I find it cowardly  you say those things and block after, but somehow you want to tell me to “come with it” At least I provide proof and sources unlike you, interesting.

Finnrey is lovely ship but you and the rest of the shippers are awful and toxic you can try to play victim or make some excuse  but it’s true and THE SHIPPERS are the  main reason people avoid the ship. If John Boyega saw the stuff you and other finnrey shippers said I’m  pretty sure he be disappointed. I will still ship finnrey along with the other sw ships canon or not, and make content too, yall just won’t see mines  like how I won’t see yours cause I’m blocked.

My advice instead of being bitter over a fictional ship and character how about focusing more on real world stuff  like trump and actual racist people out on the streets attacking black people and lgbtq+ poc? I live in the south stay on campus surrounded by trump supporters, rednecks, who walk around with Confederate flags on, and “Make America Great” on their things. But sure lets call someone racist based off what they ship and that’s it.  I wish you the best I do, and hopefully one day you come to terms about all this or don’t ( whatever happens in the Last Jedi I guess) 

Best of luck to you-Skip

Cancer crew preference- What They Like In A Girl.

Cancer crew preference- What They Like In A Girl.
A/N this is MY opinion, I don’t know them irl so take it with a grain of salt. This is short & sweet xx

•Good sense of humour
•Body type doesn’t matter just As long as she’s loving
•He doesn’t care about weight or stuff like that, just asking as she has a good soul.
•Has to be able to have deep conversations about things like poetry and the world in general.
•Hand holding
•He loves PDA & showing her off in general
•Likes it when a girl plays with his hair.
•"You’re so pretty"
•He loves sex with you and making it good for you only.
•Hes just a hopeless romantic tbh

•Thick girls
•Hes not about that PDA.
•Except holding your hands
•Cute pet names like ‘baby girl’ 'darling’ and so forth
•He will fuck you ANYWHERE, his jeep especially.
•Light touches when no one is watching
•General cuteness
•Petty arguing which often ends up in silence and then some other stuff ;)

•Someone who doesn’t mind him being loud.
•She Must be okay with him sleeping on her
•He likes having his hair played with
•Constant compliments
•More playful insults though
•Willing to help him with his videos
•P D A
•Kind but still has a good sense of humour
•Will take care of him when he’s drunk (if she’s not too)

•Loves thick girls
•Again, has to have a good sense of humour
•"Doll face" “Cunt” “babe”
•His favourite pass time is sex (It felt weird writing that)
•She has to be willing to play WOW/LoL.
• When he isn’t with her, he constantly sends you memes and suggestive text messages.
•Cooks for her
•Low-key romantic

•Cooks meals for her
•Doesn’t go well
•just a fuck tonne of eggs

A/N hope this is okay :)
Requests still open, ill be posting an updated version of the wip with a semi-important announcement :))

get to know me/would you rather tag

i was tagged by @jnghobi @deletaed and @boyscoutstyle to do two different tag games. thank y’all for tagging me!

rules: answer 30 questions then tag 20 blogs you would like to know better

get to know me:

nicknames: rach, raquel, and ray ray
gender: female
star sign: pisces
height: 5′0″ (i’m a whole smol)
time: 7:07 pm
birthday: march 10th
favorite bands: bts, day6, monsta x, the chainsmokers
favorite solo artists: taylor swift, hailee steinfeld, halsey, troye sivan
song stuck in my head: “gotta find you” by joe jonas
last movie watched: moana (this was so good!)
last show watched: bon voyage
when did i create my blog: feb. 4, 2017
what do i post: i only post bts because i’m 110% trash for them tbh
last thing i googled: troye sivan
do you have any other blogs: yes, i have a fic recs blog: @steponmebts , a new network for yoonseok with mia: @goldenduonetwork (fyi keep your eyes open for applications opening soon), and a taylor swift sideblog: @glitterytaylor (tbh i never post on this one)
why did you choose your url: jung hoseok is my one and only love <3
following: 384
followers: 547
favorite colors: pink, purple, and turquoise
average hours of sleep: 5-6 hours lmao i should probably sleep more
lucky number: 7 and 11 (those numbers are kind of basic but oh well)
instruments: i can’t play any instruments but i wish i could learn how to play the piano
what am i wearing: a t-shirt and nike shorts
how many blankets i sleep with: one because it’s summer
dream job: a traveling photographer (i love photography and i want to travel so why not put the two together?)
dream trip: go everywhere at least once
favorite food: i have a lot of fav foods but if i had to pick one, i would choose pasta
nationality: american
favorite song rn: “guys my age” by hey violet, “dna” by lia marie johnson, and “come back home” by bts

bts would you rather:

  • build a snowman with taehyung OR have a snowball fight with hoseok 
  • get coffee with yoongi OR get ice cream with yoongi (this was super hard to decide but both of these were with yoongi, so it’s a win win either way in my book)
  • go to the cinema with jimin OR the amusement park with jungkook (roller coasters all the way)
  • do a dance cover with hoseok OR sing a duet with jin (YES I WANT THIS TO HAPPEN FR)
  • kiss namjoon OR cuddle yoongi (i love cuddling esp snuggling under a blanket in the winter)
  • babysit with jimin OR dogsit with taehyung (kids are hard to babysit)
  • meet hoseok’s family OR have taehyung meet your family (i’d be so nervous meeting hoseok’s family bc they are all perfect and i’m so awkward)
  • film a commercial with hoseok OR film a sketch with taehyung (i can’t act but i know hoseok would help out a lot)
  • hug jimin OR hold hands with jungkook (i love how hugs make you feel safe and like you’re finally home)
  • go to paris with jin OR to london with yoongi (ever since i took french in high school and uni, i’ve always wanted to visit paris) 
  • film a drama with jin OR do a photo shoot with namjoon (i can’t act whatsoever lmao)
  • attend an award show with namjoon OR wear couple t-shirts at the airport with jungkook (i literally can’t with couple t-shirts BYE)
  • spend a lazy day with yoongi OR explore a city with hoseok (TOO HARD TO CHOOSE JUST ONE DONT MAKE ME SUFFER)
  • fall asleep next to jimin OR wake up next to jungkook (bedtime cuddles, amiright???)
  • have a fun picnic with hoseok OR a fancy date with jin (i love being able to wear comfy clothes on a date w/o the pressure of having to find the perfect outfit for a night out)
  • have jungkook serenade you OR have taehyung sing you to sleep (i probably would never wake up if he sang me to sleep)
  • have a dance party with hoseok OR sing karaoke with yoongi (you do not want to hear me sing)
  • go camping with jimin and tae OR go to the beach with namjoon and yoongi (i hate camping bc of bugs)
  • have a sleepover with the hyung line OR a birthday party with the maknae line (hyung line, HANDS DOWN; i’m complete trash for all four of them)
  • celebrate halloween with jungkook, yoongi, tae, and hoseok OR christmas with namjoon, jimin and jin (you know how much fun halloween would be with them??? HECK YEAH)

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reapergraves666  asked:

Headcanons for Momo, Tsuyu, and Toga with an S/O who sings love songs to them...........but on the down low is in a death metal band? And their reactions to both


  • Likes hearing you sing, no matter if you’re good at it or not, but don’t think for a second she’s gonna be joining in. 
  • She’s not really in touch with modern music. She hears things on the radio but it’s the only time she can’t seem to remember which band is which and who sang what. 
  • Sometimes finds herself humming whatever it was you were singing earlier in the day.
  • Puts 100000 hours of research into your band and all the things that inspired it. 
  • Starts chatting about cadences when you’re just tryna show her some of your music.
  • Write something for her and she’s yours.


  • Right down there with you tbh. She has a hard life with a lot of things to do so sometimes she’s just gotta drown out life with a good pair of headphones.
  • Can and will sing along with you.
  • She has the cutest voice???? Have you ever sat down and just listened to her talk??/ So cute??? Imagine that singing. 
  • Makes her own songs but she mainly makes them for her siblings so they’re usually about froggy bath time. 
  • Will go to every place your band plays. Even if it’s just some shitty pub where all the seats are wobbly. This girl supports you.
  • Would love to be featured on a track.


  • Probably carries about a voice recorder so she can always listen to those love songs.
  • Wishes you sang the sweeter songs with your band. As much as she likes all that style of music she still wants to hear you singing about how much you adore her.
  • But is your biggest fan. Has a shirt with the band logo on it even if your band ain’t even got a logo yet. She made one. She’s a part of it now. 
  • Got a great singing voice herself. She ranges from Mariah Carey to creepy Victorian doll singing lullabies. 
  • Dances like a maniac.
  • Will stab anyone that gives a bad review… and any band mates that give you issues. Just anyone being inconvenient to her true loves musical career.

anonymous asked:

It bothers me that people don't recognize what taylor does for her fans, only her fans do. No one remembers the secret sessions or they think its creepy that she invited fans to her house. And the fact that her meet and greets are free. But people say she's only in it for the money 🙄🙄🙄

tbh i get upset that people ignore this too, but at the same time it makes me love taylor even more because she doesn’t go around emphasizing how her m&g are free, and doesn’t publicize her nice acts, and thats how you know her acts are sincere. she hides her good deeds are doesn’t show off. I love her alot and at least us fans are see what she does for us, and i’m sure thats how she wants it

and honestly people who say she does things for money just need to keep their mouths shut they know nothing