the only good thing from twilight

Imagine Emmett trying to teach his newborn mate how to fight

You were surrounded by Emmett. His scent, his voice and definitely his strength as he pinned you down to immobilise you. To be honest, you were fully into the fight till that moment but now you were thinking of some very inappropriate things that made your hands go from trying to choke the shit out of him to wrapping them around his neck to bring him closer. 

“This is not the move I taught you Y/N” His voice was strained from the control he was trying to maintain.

“It’s an original. One of my favourites” His flimsy shirt was no match to your greedy hands as you tore it enough revealing his muscular chest. You peppered a few kisses before he moved away from you as fast as he could. 

You let out a growl collapsing back on the ground. Your instincts were telling you to get your ass moving and to attack him like he was the prey. “Emmett I know what you are trying to do.” 

“Sorry babe I had to distract you. I’m too weak to resist you like the previous times I tried to” You smiled remembering the moments you would both turn up at the house looking like you were caught in an ambush. Nobody needed Edward’s mind reading skill to know what kind of ambush took place. 

Emmett was very adamant on teaching you how to fight, he said he wouldn’t ever let you be defenceless, the Volturi were enough of a threat to warrant immediate training. From the time you learned to control your thirst for blood and ahem.. his body, he would patiently show you tactical moves that suited your build and speed. 

“Why don’t we let Jasper do the teaching. It will be so much easier” You sat up picking few stray leaves out of your hair only to find Emmett looking at you as if you were missing something obvious. 

“You are crazy if you think I’m skipping this experience. Besides I’m not sure I will let Jasper live after that” He removed his ruined shirt and got back in his defensive position. Since he wasn’t changing his mind you gave up and got back to work. You were on him in the next second, your strikes quick and aggressive. Not needing to breathe and infinite energy came in handy during these sessions. But you underestimated your strength because the next sound you heard were of his bones cracking. 

“Oh my God, Emmett!” You were struggling to keep yourself sane with the emotions wrecking havoc through your mind. He was immortal. He wasn’t going to die from this, you had to remind yourself. “This was so stupid. I shouldn’t have agreed to this”

“Y/N calm down I’m fine it’s already healed” He took his hand away from where you had hit him and wrapped his arms around your statue like body. If you were human right now, you would be a crying shivering mess. He rubbed your back soothingly before whispering in your ear, “by the way, in a fight you would have been dead by now” 

Your articulate response to his last statement was shoving a middle finger in his face before stomping away or at least trying to. “You are so hot when you are angry” Emmett had his arm around your waist ignoring your bites. Matching him in physical strength made this so much more interesting than the human days. 

“Is that so? That’s good. It’s the only thing you are getting from me today” There is no holding back in anything and since Emmett doesn’t like any distance between the two of you he gets annoyed when you try and pretend to create one. Pressing each other’s buttons was like your foreplay. 

You were pushed against a tree with a firm set of lips kissing it’s way up from you neck to your cheek and finally your lips. Your act forgotten, you kissed him back with the same passion and craziness that you called love. “I’m so unprepared for this ambushes” 

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Anime Ratings
  • Berserk (the 90's one): Sometimes it's more slideshow than animation, but it's got an amazing ost and a story that stays with you (and makes you cry all the times) 9/10
  • Princess Tutu: Ballet, exploration of emotions, understanding the real meaning of love, Luci Christian says quack like five hundred times 10/10
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: It's not as smart as it thinks it is, but it doesn't have to be. When the characters are acknowledging their own feelings without trying to psychoanalyze themselves, it's great. 8/10
  • The Rose of Versailles: Intrigue! Petals! Sword fights! France! 10/10
  • Rurouni Kenshin: Good stuff. I just realized that it's weirdly like Paranoia Agent in that people get blunt force trauma from a lil' dude and then their lives improve. 10/10
  • Yu Yu Hakusho: 112 episodes and, to my recollection, not one of them was filler 10/10
  • The Vision of Escaflowne: I have never seen any anime try to be so many things at once. I love this hot mess. 8/10
  • Mushishi: What if The Twilight Zone was a bedtime story? Mushishi has an answer 10/10
  • Death Note: Ya know that boy who thinks he's the only one that read the intro to philosophy textbook? What if he was given the power to kill people? 4/10

Robert Pattinson on “Good Time” with Michelle Miller,CBS Sunday Morning

#Honestly, a superficial reporting on Rob’s career but I am not complaining on the amount of Twilight clips, Good Time clips and looking at the video of Rob walking around the set (in jail). There was nothing new he revealed on his perspective about things. The narratives accompanying his Q&A are tabloid trashy level. So here are some Rob quotes:

About playing Edward in Twilight to getting the role in Good Time

  • “It’s not like, ‘Oh, I’ll come down from an ivory tower to be …’ I mean, these movies are hard for me to get. Literally, I’m just as much trying to convince people, like, every single time. And it’s not like I’m, like, Leo [diCaprio] or something!”
  • “The only thing that being famous really helps in is getting financing if your movies make a lot of money… And, like, the movies I do are weird, and they don’t make a lot of money a lot of the time!”
  • On researching and preparing for his role in Good Time  “I tried to get permission to stay overnight (in jail) for a few days. But yeah, the prison’s commissioner was saying it’s too dangerous, even if you’re in protective custody.”
  • “I think so much of life people are trying to put you in a box and define you all the time…And it’s just exciting to have a job where you’re allowed to consistently break the walls of the box around you." 

Josh Safdie: "My initial thought was, 'He’s (Rob) not right for this other project we’re trying to do…I was very aware of what Rob was doing with his career choices… I thought that his conviction, as an actor’s purpose, wasn’t a commercial one, in a weird way.”

Benny Safdie: “He was after a greater purpose.”

  •  "My main thing, which is what I’ve ALWAYS had the fear of since I started acting, is that everyone’s just going to see through it and just see, 'You’re just some kid from London! (laughs) So you always think, people are just going to see though whatever character you make.“

On how he starting on acting

Rob started acting by accident: "One of the plays one year, all the tall people left [the company], and I was the only one tall enough to, like, play this role!  And then [I] ended up getting an agent from that. And it kind of spiraled.”

Miller : “You were lucky,”

Rob : “Very, very, very lucky! And then you have to kind spend the rest of the your life sort of trying to come to terms with why you were lucky! But I still haven’t really figured that out yet!”

Miller : “But you know what luck is – when preparation meets opportunity.”

Rob : “Yeah. I feel like I had it the other way 'round though! I had the opportunity and then kind of built up to, you know, just sort of worked for it AFTER the opportunity.”

Rob : “I’d been living off Harry Potter money for ages…I’d blown all of that! And then I didn’t realize you had to pay taxes at the time. So I was completely broke and then got a big tax bill. I loved my agent in America, and so I came over and tried to get a job.”

On talking about his personal relationship

Rob : “I’m quite an open person…I don’t want to be one of those people who’s just like, 'Oh, no comment,’ 'cause I just think you just look like an idiot if you’re in it. But then the annoying thing happens as well, then you answer in these kind of vague ways which kind of create these weird conspiracy theorists.”

Miller : “You think people put that much thought into it?”

Rob: “The average person would never be aware of it…But it’s, like, literally, if you come into contact with me, you will touch this demon. (laughs) I don’t know how to deal with it. And so I thought in a way to kind of stop feeding it, you just try and say 'I don’t wanna talk about it.’  And also, it kind of makes you feel like that’s the only way you can get some kind of strength.”

About walking down the street without being mobbed

 "You realize what makes you comfortable or uncomfortable, and you just kind of stay out of the places that make you uncomfortable.“

About how he wants to be seen as an actor

  • "And if someone says, like, 'I like you 'cause you did this thing,’ well, then it’s like, 'Well, I wanna do the opposite thing.’  I want to be able to have the freedom to do something else, mainly 'cause I feel like I don’t fully know myself yet.

"And I so I don’t want someone to say, 'Well, this is who you are. Well, if you don’t know yourself, we’ll tell you who you are.’ Like, I want to kind of remain in that chaos a little bit.”

# Another note of how he is still skirting around this question about revealing his relationship. It is still NOTHING. On one hand he said he doesn’t want to be those who say “No comment”, later on he said “….a way to kind of stop feeding it, you just try to say “I don’t wanna talk about it”.

Isn’t No Comment = I don’t wanna talk about it ? LOL

Also what the hell is that “demon” that will get touched literally for a non average person when getting in contact with Rob?

Being Best Friends With Jughead Part 3
  • You were there the day he got arrested
  • “Jughead put those down!”
  • “What do you think’s gonna happen?”
  • You tried talking him out of it
  • Then the cops walked up to you two
  • He gave you his beanie while he was away
  • You visited him every day
  • More than his own father
  • You came with a black eye one day
  • “Y/N are you okay?!”
  • “Yeah I’m fine. You should see Jason though!”
  • He got out and you went to Pop’s with him for milkshakes
  • He made you go investigate crime scenes with him
  • When Sheriff Keller grabbed Jug, you were talking with Archie and Betty
  • He walked by and you immediately called his dad
  • 13 times to be exact
  • You left 7 messages
  • When everyone left and you ran into him you nearly punched him
  • Archie grabbed your arm and stopped you
  • “Y/N you’ll only make things worse”
  • Chillin at the Twilight before it closed
  • “Jug why can’t you just live at my place?”
  • “I’m fine Y/N don’t worry about it”
  • “Potato”
  • “Star Trek”
  • Jellybean used to steal you from Jughead all the time
  • You get really bored in class and draw on his arm sometimes
  • Or your own arm
  • Or he draws on your arm
  • *poke*
  • “FUCK”
  • “WHAT”
  • “Nothing you were just working so much it looked like you were going to pass out wanna go get food?”

-Lizzie (Uh yeah some of these sucked specifically the childhood ones since idk how some of that stuff works bye)

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You’d lived with the Cullen’s for years now and over time you’d become more and more interested in how to mask your true thoughts and emotions, but then living with Jasper and Edward would do that to you. Or at least, that’s what you told yourself. 

Obviously it was pure coincidence that this talent had begun manifesting the same time that your crush on Jasper had begun. Just a really weird and really convenient coincidence. Not something you’d put thought into at all…

The last few months however your feelings for Jasper had increased, knowing that he could never be happy with you, that you just weren’t good enough for him, you’d continued to mask your feelings. Badly, if the questioning looks Jasper had been giving you lately were anything to go by. 

However Jasper was first and foremost a gentleman, so of course he hadn’t asked, he hadn’t done anything about the feelings you gave off that vexed him, or so you’d thought. Until now that is. 

Now, this moment. This moment where Jasper stood in front of you holding a book you recognised very well, a book that held secrets and feelings that made your face flush red even thinking about them. That book. Your diary. 

“Y/N.” Jasper held the book aloft so you could see it clearly. “Is this really how you feel? That you’re not good enough? Really?” 

Not having been prepared to ever actually have this conversation with Jasper you did the only thing you could think of, you redirected your thoughts and feelings to the most obvious solution. Avoidance via anger. 

Avoidance via anger which resulted in you yelling at Jasper at the top of your lungs. Not the smartest of plans, since it was sure to bring up a whole host of questions from Jasper and the rest of the family and yet…


You did it anyway.

Real talk, people who complain that Jashi is a bad ship because Jack is too old, are probably also people who are totally fine with like, thousand year old demon/vampire/fantasy humanoid creatures being with people who age normally. Like, the dudes mental age really doesn’t fucking matter if Ashi is a grown ass woman. Romance also doesn’t have to be sexual. A good relationship is a strong bond of friendship, care and compassion. All things Ashi could benefit from. And on Jacks end, companionship, something he’s been without for almost a century now.

Seriously though people, Jack and Ashi romancing one another isn’t any less weird then like Edward from Twilight and Bella. The only difference here is, Ashi was brought up being more or less brainwashed, where as Jack is extremely versed in the world. By all reasonable logic, he is far more mentally mature than she is, and this would still be the same case even if he were actually mentally 25 as well. Because if you all remember from the first episode of SJ, he literally travelled the world to train. She never left a cave.

This whole father/daughter ordeal comes from that, her lack of understanding of the world due to being taken from it for so long. She could literally be like 80 years old and her brain would still be the exact same way due to her upbringing. The other part is that the last episode, she spent pretty much the entirety of it tied to Jacks back, like some kid.

He also acknowledges her as a woman, not a girl. I don’t think Jack is the sort of person who would think referring to a person as a girl would be demeaning, as if he were insulting her maturity (ex. Implying she’s a child) so that more or less establishes she’s an adult, at least from his point of view.

The ship isn’t pedophilia, it isn’t incestial [?] And it isn’t even sexual. What they both need from one another is companionship, and if that’s all their relationship surmounts to, then fine lol. However, I don’t think anyone should think it’s wrong to think they’d like one another romantically. In time, Ashi will see Jack is the good guy, and Jack… well Jack is already known to like women. For now though, just gonna wait and see what happens!

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What are all the weird/ embarrasing/ cute things that even saw isak doing in the two months before the bathroom scene?

okay this shit is actually my jam. even thirsting after isak from afar is good shit:

  • isak makes the weirdest faces when he’s trying to open his locker like a mix between “i want this locker to burn in a fiery pit” and “this is karmic revenge for not reading that one biology chapter isn’t it.” like that boy has a harder time trying to get his locker to open up than bella did with edward at the beginning of the twilight series (ok, even’s only seen the first two, and he was trying to tap into a teenage phenomenon - you can’t blame him). even almost goes over there at least ten times to offer his big muscles to help. seriously, the time when he just taps on isak’s locker and it swings open is just pure luck, and he pats himself on the back about it for at least an hour afterwards.
  • “have you heard the rumors about my rapping??” oh boy even’s totally seen it on instagram, but it’s nothing compared to hearing him rap in person. he’s just casually passing behind isak’s table in the cafeteria (trying to get this boy to look at him but he’s oblivious), when jonas is like “dude u rap like a white boy” and isak’s like WATCH ME and tries to do fuck tha police and even….will never listen to that song without cracking up again
  • actually isak seems to be purely motivated by people telling him he can’t do things?? even sometimes sees one of isak’s friends make a comment only for isak to get this really offended look in his eye and do the thing anyway. so far, even’s seen him try to climb the walls of nissen spider-man style, plank on the bike rack (he falls within 3 seconds), and pouring at least half a bottle of hot sauce on his cheese sandwich (he runs to the bathroom pretty quickly after that).  
  • one day isak comes to school still drunk from the night before that he accidentally knocks over his orange juice onto his biology notebook, and even hears him mutter “huh….capillary action”
  • speaking of studying, this guy who acts too cool for school with his snapbacks and hip friends (except for like magnus but he’s hip by osmosis) actually studies quite a bit. the first time even sees isak cracking open a schoolbook at lunch, he assumes that isak’s cramming for a test, but he has no idea that isak actually genuinely likes learning until he sees a book about multiverse theory poking out of his backpack. even had been intrigued before, but this is when it starts becoming an actual crush. because there’s more to him than the cute boy who can’t rap?? and even wants to learn so much more about him, wants isak to tell even every detail about his life and his interests with those wide eyes that even is already having a hard time looking away from.

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Hmm, well since you were already asked about him how about Roxas?

Oh darling yes let’s sit down and talk about Roxas.

My bae in Kingdom hearts

My reason for even giving KH a chance to be the awesome shit that it is~

put a character in my ask

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

I love Roxy so much you have no idea. He’s suffered so much and it hurts my heart whenever I think of what DiZ did to him like fuck you asshole I’m glad you’re dead I hope you never come back. I don’t care if he’s sorry…I’m just sorry Roxas didn’t send y0 ass to the shadow realms that’s the place where he and Aqua are I like calling it that lmao

ship with: Oh oh oh I ship him with Sora!!! SoRoku all the way! I also ship him with Naminé because awwww that ship is sooo adorable -sniffs- and I ship him with Riku too! I’m not sure when that started but one day I thought to myself “Dang Riku and Roxas sure had a weirdly yaoi moment oh NO I NEED FANFIC” and that ship was born lol. I don’t ship him with Axel tho’–idk that ship rubs me wrong maybe because, to me at least, I didn’t see Roxas return those feelings Axel obviously had for him? Meh idk I brotp it tho’ so there’s that.

general opinions: Roxas deserves better. He deserves the world after everything he’s been through. Out of all the KH characters I swear Roxas is the one that suffered the most–got the short end of the stick. And I’m not talking about returning to Sora I swear him doing that saved him from more misery and disappointment. I…I don’t know…his entire existence had been a lie–fabricated by the Organization and he was manipulated again and again by nearly everyone he made contact with. Whether it was from OrgXIII to Riku and DiZ to his virtual Twilight Town–everything he’s ever known was a lie. The only thing that was good, for a moment, was Xion and Axel and their little ice cream breaks up on the tower–but even that ended tragically and when Axel tried to save him it just…it just pushed Roxas away. I swear the only thing that wasn’t a lie to him–that he felt was right–was Sora and trying to find him. He wanted answers hence why he left and it’s for that reason he found Sora and it became okay again. Ugh and my heart hurts because KH3D had Sora telling him what no one had ever told him before.

And I can never ever forgive DiZ or anyone that hurt this precious bae–hurt him so much that Sora could feel the pain and had to make it right again.

Because you know Sora is the only right thing in Roxas’ lonely world.

Oh gods Imma cry now wtf

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i hope you don't mind me asking but do you have any recs for like genuinely good vampire series? or anything vampire related

uhhh this is a difficult question to answer because I don’t know your vampire #biases like vampire stories go from horror n gore to like soapy ya and I, being a connoisseur and a scholar, will consume pretty much the entire spectrum of vampire related media lmao. But I will do my best.

(oh, and also - i’ve taken under assumption when you say vampires you mean series where they’re like actual characters and not just zombie fill in villains ie. the 30 days of night series and i am legend. but you should watch both of those things anyway cause they’re pretty good.)


  • let the right one in - the original, not the remake though the remake is passable in a david fincher’s girl with the dragon tattoo kind of way. The original is weird and spine chilling and atmospheric and haunting and you should absolutely check it out.
  • a girl walks home alone at night - The summary for this movie is: ‘ Residents of a worn-down Iranian city encounter a skateboarding vampire who preys on men who disrespect women.’. WATCH IT
  • from dusk to dawn - the series, the movie is alright (just youtube selma hayek’s dance scene honestly) but the series is sooooo good, it’s actually one of my favourite currently airing series in general. 
  • being human - the uk series, though the american one is also very watchable. really really good and explores a lot of the morality and consequences of being a supernatural creature/vampire especially. also aidan turner is so much hotter when he’s playing quasi evil dudes


  • look everyone hates this movie but i loved byzantium. gemma arterton as a misandrist vicious vampire mother furiously trying to protect herself and her fragile waif daughter saoirse ronan and garotting people in the process? Blood fountains? that dude who’s playing darcy in pride and prejudice and zombies as an enforcer of the vampire dude mafia come to kill gemma arterton but is actually totally in love with her and can’t look at her without melting into a puddle of goo? SIGN ME UP! THAT’S SOME GOOD SHIT
  • look you’re probably not going to believe me but the originals is actually REALLY, REALLY GOOD. like, if you absolutely hate soapy/cw esque shows it’s clearly not going to be for you, but i live for the trash and this is my favourite trash. you don’t have to watch the vampire diaries to understand it (though watching a few eps with the originals probs wouldn’t hurt) and like, it is such a bounty of the creme de la creme of vampire fiction tropes. weird victorian esque no touchey sexual tension, sophisticated lookin suit wearin definitely sociopathic tribal minded loyal to the end murderers, it’s set in new orleans, everyone’s good looking, honestly give it a go you will not be disappointed 
  • hellsing. hellsing is this anime/manga series i used to LIVE FOR when i was like, 13 lmao. it’s pretty bloody/lots of gore and there’s like undead nazis? and stuff but the core story is about alucard (it’s dracula……….. BACKWARDS) this super powerful vampire who is enslaved to the hellsing (as in abraham van) corporation which is led by this super cold super efficent lady called integra and alucard is absolutely batshit crazy in love with her and she basically treats him like this savage animal that’s under her control lmao it’s so great also there’s warrior catholic priests
  • true blood, the first two seasons of this show were LEGIT. this was my shit in high school. don’t even say ‘godric/eric roof scene’ to me unless you want me to start crying blood and pleading in swedish. however, it goes to complete shit after season two and you’re going to be invested and feel like you have to keep watching for your faves. don’t do it. don’t doooo itttt
  • buffy and angel, though i was always more of a buffy girl. honestly on rewatch i don’t love this series as much, but it was absolutely formative for me as a yung supernatural lovin’ kid. THE SEASON TWO ENDING REMAINS THE MOST FUCKED UP GREAT SHIT
  • vampire academy. lmao i read this series when i was in high school in the midst of the post twilight vampire boom phase and that probably definitely influenced my opinion here, but it’s probably my favourite ya vampire series.
  • underworld. i’m pretty sure this is where the fucking werewolves vs vampires thing came about? which like, thanks for NOTHING kate beckinsale, but other than that these movies are good trashy 00′s goth n leather suits fun. 
  • the vampire chronicles series by anne rice, it’s actually this whole book saga that incorporates like three different series and witches and there’s like 25 books or whatever but i used to love them a lot as teen. the movies are good too - interview with the vampire obviously a classic, and queen of the damned is a 00′s hot mess but worth it for AALIYAH AS AKASHA AFOREMENTIONED QUEEN OF THE DAMNED
  • hotel transylvania? HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA
  • moonlight. this was a funny little show that only lasted a season (rip) with the dude from hawaii 5-0 as a moody vampire and sophia myles as the object of his maudlin affections with bonus logan from veronica mars as an i don’t give a fuck rich dick vampire and shannon sossaman as the protagonist’s evil femme fatale ex/vampire sire. it was legit. 
  • the carmilla youtube series
  • when i was reallly young i watched this anime called karin? and it was about this girl born into a vampire family but she was like, the world’s shittiest vampire and instead of craving blood she like produced too much blood and would get these massive nosebleeds and she was in love with this completely normal useless dude and kept on trying to hide the fact her family were these creepy ass vampires from him lmao. it was dope 
  • the blade series


  • vampire diaries. don’t do it. also they only wrote in diaries for like half a season #falseadvertising
  • anita blake vampire hunter. nooooooooooooo
  • this fucking weird ya series called like evernight? the only good thing about it was that the vampire reveal was a fakeout and you thought the dude was the vampire but it was actually the girl. more flipped trope vampire girl/human love interest stories @ world
  • house of night. house of nooooooo
  • honestly like 80% of the entire post twilight vampire boom. it takes some serious diggin to find gold in that hot mess


  • the 1992 dracula movie, solid aesthetics but like is it brilliant? not very. 6/10
  • the dracula tv series with jonathan rhys meyers, it only lasted a season and he was creepy weird but the reincarnated lovers trope is always great and lucy was absolutely butt crazy in love with mina, and it ruled. 6/10
  • the dracula untold movie. charles dance was a vampire living in a cave and apparently he was also meant to be caligula???????? ??????????? 5/10 for luke evans and his cute wife and also again, reincarnated lovers trope
  • van helsing, i love this stupid movie but it is a stuuuupid movie. 5/10 for the ball scene and kate beckinsale’s dope 00′s corset/curls combo
  • the league of extraordinary gentleman - HAHAHAHA I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH. SOOOOOO MUCH PLEASE WATCH IT, IT’S SO BADGOOD. 8/10 BECAUSE MY BAROMETER IS TOTALLY SKEWED also the graphic novels it’s based on are actually brilliant and deserving of a true 8/10
  • the outkast song ‘dracula’s wedding’, 9/10
  • the count from sesame st, 10/10 please watch this
  • aforementioned hellsing, 7/10
  • dracula 2000, this movie sucked and it was PERSONALLY offensive to me because dracula was JUDAS ISCARIOT. 3/10
  • all the b movie old school draculas, collective 7/10
  • bram stoker’s actual book dracula, the reason this entire post exists, 7/10 i took off three points for bram playing like he didn’t totally rip the shit out of like fifteen different vampire myths from eastern europe

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Yay! oh my gosh thank you!! 

who’s the cuddler: They both get pretty cuddly but Twilight would usually be the first to start the cuddles X3

who makes the bed: Twilight. She’s the more organised out of the two.

who wakes up first: Twilight again. It takes a little convincing to get Sunset to wake up early.

who has the weird taste in music: They both have weird tastes in music to each other.

who is more protective: Sunset for sure. She hates it when Twi is upset and when someone is the one to make her upset lets just say Sunset is not gonna be a very happy camper.

who sings in the shower: They both do occasionally.

who cries during movies: Twilight. Although depending on the film Sunset might tear up a little bit.

who spends the most while out shopping: The two of them are both pretty good with their money and only spend it on necessities. But on special occasions like Birthdays or Christmas/Hearths Warming they will splurge a little bit on gifts for each other.

who kisses more roughly: Sunset definitely 

who is more dominate: Sunset again although Twilight would try to be but it just ends up being a bit awkward. Sunset just thinks it’s adorable :P

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 11! I love these two :D <3

There is a twilight zone in our hearts that we ourselves cannot see. Even when we know quite a lot about ourselves-our gifts and weaknesses, our ambitions and aspirations, our motives and our drives-large parts of ourselves remain in the shadow of consciousness. This is a very good thing. We will always remain partially hidden to ourselves. Other people, especially those who love us, can often see our twilight zones better than we ourselves can. The way we are seen and understood by others is different from the way we see and understand ourselves. We will never fully know the significance of our presence in the lives of our friends. That’s a grace, a grace that calls us not only to humility, but to a deep trust in those who love us. It is the twilight zones of our hearts where true friendships are born.

                            | Henri J.M Nouwen 

Two of Us Chapter 8:  Misery Loves Company

Story Summary:  After over a half decade at Shibusen, Soul is finally returning home to attend his brother’s wedding, bringing his meister with him for moral support. When a misunderstanding forces Soul and Maka to pretend they are in a different sort of partnership, will it lead to fate or folly?

So, after a good long wait, here, for your viewing pleasure, is Chapter 8. It’s the longest chapter yet by a good bit, over twice the length of chapter 1–I figure you all deserve it for waiting so long, though I wish I had a better offering than what follows. 

Thanks go to rebornfromash, ilarual, and fabulousanima for the eyes, sound advice, and for listening to me whine. A lot.  Inadequate as it might be, this chapter would be far worse without their feedback, and I thank them for it.

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Walkingacross the room on the arm of her weapon, Maka began feeling more and more selfconscious at how out of place her sweater was among silk blouses and breezy dresses, so when they finally approached a table in the far corner where Wes Evans sat speaking animatedly with an elderly woman, she felt an odd mix of trepidation and relief.  

The woman had the same mahogany eyes as Sophia and Wes, with grey hair that was worn in a practical cut above the shoulder.  Like Maka, she wore a sweater, but not a turtleneck, and though her gaze was turned fondly on her grandson, there was a piercing quality that bespoke both frankness and intelligence.

So this must be Gran.

When they reached the table, the woman’s eyes moved up to light on Maka, and she seemed to take her in for a moment before shifting her gaze towards her partner.

“Soul,” she said, and how she managed to sound both elated and disappointed in one breath, Maka would never understand.  Her smile, however, was wide and genuine. “So good of you to stop in to see your Gran before there’s nothing left to see.  And I see you’ve even deigned to bring me my new granddaughter, thank you.”

Soul managed to hold his face together in something like polite neutrality as Maka glanced his way, but his wavelength was flooded with guilt and warmth, an odd, almost nauseating mix.  

“Gran,” he managed to choke out.  “It’s–really good to see you.”  

“Likewise, child, likewise.  Although.” She gave him a quick, clinical head to toe scan.  “I suppose that no longer applies.  You’ve clearly grown.  I daresay you’re even taller than your brother, now.”

As if to emphasize his presence, Wes let out a small cough, and the woman at the table turned back to him.  “That impatient?” she said, shaking her head in mock disapproval, but her smile belied the action. “Well, shoo then.” She waved a hand.  "Go find your fiancé.  I’m surprised you’ve lasted this long without her, seeing as you’re practically joined at the hip.“

Wes laughed as he stood. "Which is why we’re getting married–to continue to puzzle the masses with how much we actually enjoy one other’s company.”  

This got a slight chuckle from his grandmother, and a more vigorous wave as she quipped, “Go on then, you scoundrel.”  It seemed playful, and Maka thought–maybe–that this woman was one reason why the Evans boys were like neither of their parents.  

As Wes left with a light wave, the woman glanced up at Maka for a moment, then turned her eyes back to her grandson, who seemed to be contemplating his own hands with unwarranted attention.

“Soul, dear, perhaps you would be so kind as to introduce us?” the woman said after a moment.

“Uh yeah, of course.  Sorry.” He moved his eyes to his grandmother.  "I’m, uh, Gran–“ he began, but as his grandmother coughed lightly in seeming reminder, he amended ”–Mariana DiFranco, this is Maka Al–Evans, my uh wife.“

"So pleased to finally meet you, Maka.” She stood and held out a hand, and as the meister took it, she noted the other woman’s grip was firm.  "And of course you can call me Gran.  So lovely to be adding another woman to this clan of boys.”

“I–thank you, Gran.  I’m glad to finally meet you, too.”  It was the truth–to meet someone Soul seemed actually fond of was a bright spot in an otherwise ridiculous day.

“Well, don’t be a stranger.”  Her eyes were on Soul again.  "It’s been almost ten years, I’d say you at least owe your Gran a hug, wouldn’t you?“  The last bit was directed at Maka, and the woman’s expression of fond mischief reminded the meister very much of her eldest grandson.  She heard more than saw Soul swallow, before he strode the few steps to envelop the petite woman in a hug.  He towered over his grandmother even more than he towered over most people, and though his meister could not see his face, Maka felt the guilt, fondness, relief, and intense affection thrumming through his soul.  

"My,” the meister heard Mariana’s muffled voice from behind her weapon.  "You really are a giant now.“  She stepped back, and her smile was wide.  "Now sit,” Gran said as she did so herself.  Maka followed suit, moving around to sit on her left while Soul purposefully placed himself in the opposite seat.  Whatever his feelings about his grandmother, he still seemed to want as little to do with his so-called wife as possible.  

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The tale of the spider stalker

Once a upon a time there was this one spider that for some reason liked to follow me around my bed room.

Now this spider is a daddy-longlegged

or a really long annoying scientific name that no one wants to pronounce.

They are not harmful to humans and normally like to hangout in corners of a room. I like to keep them around because they kill flies and mosquitoes.


 My desk is next to my dresser and the spider just came by and crawled around then went back to its web.

Now here is when it gets creepy. I sleep on a bunk bed. One day i woke up and the spider was chilling on the wall next to my bed. I started to move around so the spider went back to its web.

I thought it was weird but it was still a few feet away from me so i was cool.

The next day i wake up and the spider is on the ceiling RIGHT ABOVE MY FACE. I wanted to kill it but that would require me to get out of bed. So I just ignored and watched crawl back to its web.

Now today i was on my floor reading some stucky fanfiction when suddenly there was a 8 legged blur an inch away from my face. I screamed and probably woke up the rest of my family. 

The freaking spider had come from the ceiling and lowed itself down a good 7 feet to do god knows what to my face (which is ugly enough without having a spider bite on it)

So yeah I panicked and I killed it with the bottom of a hair product bottle.

Mabye it was friend. I dont know. But it freaking watched me in my sleep. The only thing that does that is Edward Cullen so no thank you.

The end

Fic: Surface Tension (1/5)

Words: 3000/20,000

Summary: Kurt, a graduated junior from Lima, Ohio, is looking forward to just being part of the crowd at an arts based overnight camp in the Catskills - as far from Lima and as close to New York as he can get himself at age 17. It’s perfect - Everyone dances and sings and comes from places that are distinctly not Lima. He can blend in without being ‘the gay kid’. Sexuality irrelevant. Finally.

And it’s blissful, it is. Until he meets the laughably cocky head of canoe staff, Blaine Anderson. Camp veteran, athlete by day, performer by night, every camper’s crush, every staff’s confidante. He’s only Kurt’s age, but he’s in charge of his section. And also, it seems, is proudly, non-chalantly, and totally, a perfect gold star gay. The out-est boy he has ever met. He is infuriating.

Notes: This fic is complete. I will be publishing one chapter every other day for 10 days.

A huge thank you to my beta, the wonderful buckeyegrrl, for the excellent editing and absolutely gorgeous cover art that captures the setting of this fic so perfectly. Thank you!

Chapter 1

Kurt jumps into the cool lake water. The sun is setting - blues and oranges and pinks, and the icy water startles his body.  He is here, his first night of pre-camp in the Catskills at Camp Daltona Hills  - a traditional summer camp with a creative arts flare. He didn’t make that up. That’s what it says on the sign. It’s when he knew he wasn’t in Lima anymore.  In fact he’s as far from Lima and as close to New York as he can get himself at age 17. It’s perfect - Everyone dances and sings and comes from places that are distinctly not Backwardsville, Ohio.

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ee-ayyy-games  asked:

holy shit that chrysalis figure is so damn weird,she's gonna poke someones eye out with those things

I’m genuinely torn over the edgy mlp figures because I hate the fact that something made for kid girls was taken and exaggeratedly masculinized to appeal to adult men but at the same time I love hilariously garbage toys so like, part of me is like “that horse has fucking knives taped to its legs for no reason, we should buy it” the only thing stopping me is knowing that I should try to be a responsible consumer

the twilight one is cracking my shit up because she looks so angry?? like, they could have made her look determined or whatever, but they specifically decided that they needed her to be pulling a face like something from small soldiers


Theories for Magnus Chase

I’ve grown up with the Norse Myths and have devoted a lot of study to them. I also love PJO, and have been waiting for the Norse Series. So when I heard the Magnus Chase announcement I was super excited and plunged through my books.  What follows is my theories on parents, myths, and plot.

Beware a massive wall of text under the cut.

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anonymous asked:

Who is best pony?

I have gotten this question before, and well, I suppose I just don’t understand. It’s not specified in what context or using which criteria this pony would be best, yet the question keeps coming back, which suggests ponies think there’s some sort of objective, general absolute best. That is of course ridiculous.

Even if narrowing the scope, it can be hard or impossible to choose a “best” pony. Some things cannot be quantified, and one never has all the data. Such an assessment requires a clear methodology; to define what is considered best and which ponies are being compared, in which time frame. In such cases it may be possible to determine. I mean, I am the current best Princess of Friendship in Equestria, but that is because I am the only Princess of Friendship in Equestria.

If there is such a thing is an objective, overall best pony, all I can say for certain is that it’s not me. I am far from perfect. Not that anypony is perfect, but I don’t wish to criticize others; I can only speak for myself, and I’m not that remarkable.

Either way, you really should ask more specific questions, and recognize that there are many facets to being good and that ponies are valuable in their own way. It’s not a contest!

reginalucem  asked:

"It's been far too long..." Zelda muttered, looking out over to the lake and to the woman at her side. It had been almost a month since they had escaped Hyrule Castle, and still they had yet to come face to face with Link. Link... Zelda's face fell and she shivered at the thought of her husband, where once she would feel only happiness and love. How could they take so long to lift his curse? No, something had to be done soon.

“It really has… We’ve come a full circle already. I’m not hearing any thing good about his rein either. He’s only getting more power crazy and anyone who rebels is…. well…” Rosa looked down from the scene. “He’s been chasing us the whole time yet has still managed to use his power on the kingdom…I had hoped it would have halted….”

Looking over at Zelda her frown deepened, “We are acting soon arn’t we.” It wasn’t a question. She knew.