the only good system is a sound system

So, I’ve been thinking. Naruto goes on and on about how Sasuke is ‘in the darkness’ (at least until he becomes a good little pawn of the system), and the more I think about it, the more I wonder if it wasn’t actually the other way around. Sasuke saw the system for what it was–a corrupt, abusive beast that could only function by being corrupt and abusive and might well fall apart if it ever stopped being those things–and he was the only one who saw it for what it was. He was the only one who saw that the system was intrinsically abusive, and that it needed to go. That doesn’t sound like someone who was ‘in the darkness.’ To me, Sasuke sounds like he was the only one who saw the light. It was everyone else in Konoha who was in darkness, the darkness of accepting a corrupt system of power as right and good and making life hell for anyone who didn’t toe the line. Konoha was in the darkness, and in forcing Sasuke to accept things as they were, they dragged him down into the dark with them.