the only good scene that ever came out of this show

A thought on why average to just-above-average shows generate such passionate fan interactions

I’ve been thinking about this for some time, well really ever since the Voltron fandom blew up again a week or so ago. With the new Voltron discourse, Klance retaining it’s number 1 spot on the trending ship lists, and a lot of my dashboard being occupied with Voltron art, opinions, disclaimers, and meta over the past few days, it’s left a large proportion of the internet asking themselves:

“How does Voltron: Legendary Defender, which is a show that is just above average, have such a dominating and voracious fanbase? How does something so generic prompt so many people to scream and create content for it?”

And I think I have the answer… or at least… an answer from my own personal experience.

When people ask me “Is Voltron a good show?” I always end up umming and ahhing for a while, because it’s not bad, but I know it’s definitely not good enough for me to have wasted so many hours of my life engaging with it. The worst thing I want to have happen is my friend watches the show, then calls me and goes “THIS? This is the thing you’re so passionate about?”

And I have to dejectedly sigh out “….yeah.”

So when I’m inevitably asked this question, I always defend myself by going “The world and the characters are really charming. Everyone is very likeable. The show has a lot of potential!” 

And I think that’s it. That’s the secret of it all. Potential.

You see… I think it’s actually the lack of perfection that prompts so many people to go “hang on…. I think I can improve on this.”

You see, in between Voltron seasons, I was really engaged with Yuri on Ice! I waited every week for a new episode, reblogged the new gif sets that would come out after every episode, read all the new theories about where the plot might go, watch the previews for the next episode over and over and over….

I was, and am, SUPER into YOI…. but I’ve never generated any content for it. none. I’ll talk about it of course! But when the show finished, I had several people ask me:

“Hey! Are you planning on writing any fan fiction for Yuri on Ice?”

And honestly…. no. I had absolutely no motivation, no drive, to write anything for the show. For the series that I loved so dearly, I have never written NOR READ a single piece of fan fiction. And when people asked me why I would always say:

“The show gave me everything I ever wanted. There’s nothing more I can add to it.”

And I think that’s really it. Whilst Yuri on Ice is definitely not a perfect show, it definitely succeeds in giving its target audience everything they wanted. It’s potential is perfectly fulfilled. Sure you could write like a wedding scene, or a honeymoon scene between Yuuri and Viktor, and that would be lovely…. but I don’t need it. I have my closure.

This scene is the perfect ending to an emotional arc. As a viewer, I am perfectly fulfilled. 

Similarly, I think of other series that I adore, but have never really had the desire to create content for, or play with AUs or anything like that. In my opinion, the closest thing to a perfect series I’ve ever consumed is Fullmetal Alchemist (brotherhood or ‘03. They’re both really good, but for the sake of this post I’m gonna focus more on brotherhood.)

When I finished Brotherhood every question I possibly had was answered. Every emotional arc came to a close. Again, there’s no where further I could take it. That story is over. Personally, the only thing that left me longing a little bit was the potential relationship between Hawkeye and Mustang… but again I don’t need that. They are side characters, the story does not focus on them, so their ending is allowed to be left open. 

What’s up, I’m crying in the club. 

Shows like Gurren lagann, Princess Jellyfish, Deathnote, Kill la Kill, Baccano, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, etc. are all varying degrees of excellent, but what they have in common is there never seems to be any unfulfilled potential. They explore every ounce of their worlds and characters, so that by the end, I just kind of dusted off my hands and said “Yeah… you know what, I’m good.”

Things like Harry Potter and Avatar: The Last Airbender (and Korra) are interesting anomalies to me, because while they absolutely fulfilled the potential of their characters, these series’ created such interesting worlds that fans continued wanting to explore. I don’t see that much fan content created using these series’ characters anymore, but BOY OH BOY do I see both of these used as AUs when generating works for other series. Any fandom worth its salt will have a well established Harry Potter and ATLA au. People adore sorting characters into houses and into bender types. I love it. I live for that shit. 

So with ATLA and Harry Potter we’re starting to see how the potential of the world they are set in can drive fans to actively participate and engage with these series.

But you wanna know what I think really gets people mobilised? What really gets that fan content flowing? 

It’s character and plot potential. Primarily character, but plot also plays a part (again, I’m looking at you Voltron.)

You guys wanna know the first series I ever actively engaged with? the first series I ever followed dedicated blogs and wrote fan fiction for? The series that I still declare my undying love for even though it’s just a silly simple show?

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I had someone ask me via message on where to start in regards to adopting an “unadoptable” dog, and we had a rather pleasant conversation, but I feel like something needs to be said in public on this blog due to my history of having owned such a creature.

Ethical shelters and rescues do not label dogs unadoptable for no reason, in nearly all cases. There is something about the dog that will determine it being an extremely poor fit for 99% of homes that would be interested, and typically that 1% would need to make tremendous amounts of sacrifice in order to successfully own them. As nice as it sounds- wanting to give a dog everyone else has given up on a home- ethical rescues and shelters have a responsibility to take care of ALL of the dogs in their care and to not endanger those they adopt to or the general public with their adoptions. Taking in unadoptable dogs and keeping them until that 1% person shows up takes vast amounts of money away from perfectly adoptable dogs and ends up killing the friendly, healthy, young dogs that are deemed “more likely to be adopted”. Don’t believe me?

Someone I know from dobermantalk stopped fostering for her rescue when they took in 2 heartworm positive senior beagles to foster from a high kill shelter and left the young healthy beagle that had been surrendered with the older pair. The “adoptable” dog never got a foster. He also never got adopted. When his time was up, he was euthanized. The older pair did not survive their heartworm treatment. Three dogs died because of a focus on unadoptable dogs. Who does that help?

About five years ago, a woman took in two seriously dog aggressive presa canarios to foster. What was left of her body was found several days after the fact- she had been torn to pieces. It was hard for the authorities to determine if the presas had done the deed or if her personal dogs, one “pit bull” bbm and one frenchie, had contributed, but they guessed that the presas, two intact males known for engaging in serious fights with other dogs, had begun to fight and redirected on her when she tried to break them up. Due to their size, they would have overwhelmed her quickly, especially if the other two dogs joined in the frenzy. From there it’s hard to tell what bites were inflicted post-mortum, when the dogs ran out of food and turned to the only available source of meat, and what bites caused her death. Reports from those who found her described the scene as a bloodbath. All four dogs were euthanized. Who does that help?

A small breed puppy mill rescue dog I personally knew, deemed unadoptable for her extreme fear issues, was taken in by a well meaning family member. In a very short amount of time, this family member had been bitten multiple times for offenses as minor as walking by the dog while she was sleeping. Eventually, the dog slipped her harness after spooking due to a loud noise, ran into the road, and was killed instantly by a car. Obliterated. In front of her owner. Who does that help?

Skoll was a dog that had been failed by everyone in his short life. He’d come from known abuse and had clear abandonment issues. He had terrible health and his fear of people and his learned behavior of biting to make the scary things go away were ingrained into him long before he came to me. I gave him a chance anyway, I couldn’t sit by and watch a young dog be killed for something that wasn’t his fault. He mauled me without provocation and I euthanized him two months into our time together. He should have been euthanized on take in- he had a long, long list of documented bites well before he ever came to me, though I didn’t know it at the time. Who does that help?

Instead of focusing on these unadoptable dogs, there is a better solution. If you want to feel like you’re making a difference, find an ethical rescue or shelter and foster! Transport! Volunteer your photography skills! Learn their temperament and health testing process and volunteer there too! Make goods to sell at fundraisers and auctions! Organize a community donation pool! There are so many things you can do for dogs in need that aren’t things that, more often than not, end up with the dog dying anyway. But wanting to adopt a dog labeled, for good reason, unadoptable? Especially if you are not experienced in intense or extreme issues, temperament or health wise, in dogs? You are asking for a lot of heartbreak.

Adopt the adoptable dogs. Accept that we cannot save every unwanted dog. Accept that not every unwanted dog SHOULD be saved. It’s not the dogs’ faults, but neither is it the public’s for not being able to deal with these sorts of issues.

BTS Reaction How they take care of you after sex

Author’s Note: I’ve had this in mind almost as long as I have this blog. I wanted to originally do separate reactions for Aftercare and Bath time, but I never came up with seven different scenarios for each, so I included some more bathing scenes in the individual scenarios :) I hope you all like it. <3

genre: fluff, smut

warnings: mentions of rough sex (all consentual & welcomed, though), if you’re sensitive to that topic, please don’t read!


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One last swing if your hip forward to bring Jin to reach his climax and he was completely whipped by you. He came home tired and a little knackered from the day, but you knew exactly how to cheer him up and reenergize your boyfriend. So once he texted you asking if you could please make him hot cocoa for when he got home which you knew exactly was his comfort drink, you decided not only to do that for him, but also to surprise him in another way.

Hence, you dug out the red lingerie you that always made him weak, changed your bedding and set up candles for his arrival.

When you opened the door to him in your tight black dress, falling right into his arms and caressed the ends of hair in his neck, you could feel him immediately realizing that he was home, physically, mentally, emotionally.

“Y/n, my heart, I love you for looking so sexy, putting on my favorite lingerie and setting all of this up.” Jin said exhausted once you two were lying on the bed and you had just undressed him. “And I really want you right now, but don’t expect one of my top performances right now. It was just a long day.”

Your heart melted at his words and the slightly mad note of his voice that revealed how disappointed he was by himself. You locked lips with him, just to release the kiss shortly after, having him going after you longing for more lip collision.

“That’s okay, Jin. I didn’t want you to do anything anyway.”

He didn’t get it at first until you sat up on top of him, straddling him. He wanted to touch your thighs, but you pinned his arms down over his head, so you were in full control the whole time.

And now, you two were lying there, both pleased and exhausted in a much more tempting, sweetly consuming way. The grey circles under his eyes and the lines of stress on his forehead had disappeared and he was even smiling while holding you in his arms.

He kissed you, every spot, every curve, every little detail of you, determined to show you that he loved you in all your entirety.

Then he came back to hug you, to squeeze you firmly so you could never leave his side.

“I love you, Y/n. I love everything of you. I love everything you do and everything you say.” Jin whispered and then you noticed that his lips had even gone a little sore. They were even redder than usual and in this pure, vulnerable state, he was even more beautiful of a man than everyone else but you ever got to see.

“I love you, too, Jin. So much.”

His hand slowly caressed your back, his fingernails seductively grazing along your spine so they left goosebumps on their way.

“I know, but sometimes, you know, when you do something like that for me… I feel like I can’t contain and I can’t fathom how much I love you. I can’t believe that I deserve you. It overwhelms me and I feel like I‘m drowning in that love I feel for you. It’s a good thing, though.”

You loved his dorky side, his funny side, those moments where you couldn’t stop laughing at everything he did, but those rare moments when all joke left Jin‘s face and he’s all serious and loving towards you - those are the ones that you really keep in mind, that you really treasure.

“I just wanted to make your hard day of work better.“

He smiled and cupped your face.

"You did. You would have also done it by just being here with me.“

There was a moment of silence when you just look at each other. Than a loud grumble resounded from your stomach and Jin bursted out into laughter.

"Seems like someone’s hungry.“

You blushed. Yup, you had ruined the moment, but that was okay. To Jin, it was the cutest thing on earth.

"I was busy getting ready for you, I had no time to eat.”

Again he pecked your lips endearingly before smiling lightly.

“My turn to treat you then. I‘ll make some nice dinner for us.“

"Well, who’s the sweet one now, Kim Seokjin?”

He shrugged as he put his T-shirt and boxers back on.

“I‘m not sweet. I‘m just looking out for myself. I don’t want to fall asleep and have you eat me.“

You fired a pillow at him, having you both laugh at each other before he left to return the favor you just granted him.


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Sweaty, exhausted, but also fully satisfied, you fell back onto the ruffled sheets while Yoongi cleaned himself up next to you. He knotted up the condom and threw it into his bin before lying down as well. He caught you in his arms and buried his head in your hair while his one hand traveled down your hips to draw soothing lines along your curves that still made him lose his mind and brought something almost animalistic out of him whenever you (purposely or not) drew his attention to them.

He noticed you were still breathing heavily, still shaking a little from the things you just did.

"Are you okay?” He asked softly, his words tickling your ear.

You managed to collect yourself and to form a coherent answer.

“Yoongi, that was… I don’t even have words, but I want you to do that over and over again.”

A proud smile came to purify his pink mouth, at least for a moment until you continued.

“Although I feel quite sore now.”

You could swear he winced at the word sore, even if you weren’t implying that you hurt the slightest.

“You’re hurt? Fuck, Y/n, why didn’t you tell me? I thought you wanted me to even go harder.“

No doubt he was beating himself up. He was shocked that he was even capable of hurting the fragile you without even noticing, without even considering that he was selfish in any way.

You shook your head determinedly. Whatever he was thinking, that was not what you wanted to say.

"No, Yoongi, listen to me. You didn’t hurt me while we did it. Not at all. Believe me, I enjoyed every second of it. I‘m just saying that you were so incredibly passionate that now I‘m a little sore, but in the best way, if that makes sense.”

He still didn’t look convinced.

“It doesn’t to me. All I see is that you hurt because of me.”

“Yoongi, I love you, but shut up right now. I‘m fine.”

He knew that if you talked to him like that, it was serious and you wouldn’t allow any protest. That didn’t help his bad conscience, though. However, then he had an idea. He took you hand, pleading you to get out of bed and follow him.

“What are you doing?”

“We’re gonna take a bath now.”

He prompted directly. Although you were the one ordering him to stop thinking that he hurt you, he could sound quite strict and give orders as well.

Five minutes later you found yourself dunk into hot water. Yoongi sat behind you, you in between his legs, enjoying the relaxing bath that washed away the post-coital traces and numbing the small burn on your private areas.

With a soft sponge he went over your arms, gently massaged your back with it, covered your body in soap and water. None of you did really say anything. He was too eager on treating you, making your body feel the tenderness after that rough physical action. His soft lips left kisses on every body part the sponge touched and caused the little hairs on your body to erect wherever his breath brushed your skin.

You leaned back eyes closed and enjoyed any second, almost falling asleep while he began to whisper timid words spoken with every trace of affection into your ear.

“I love you so much, Y/n. You’re so beautiful and great of a person that I sometimes can’t control myself.”

Of course that was still about the being sore part. You sighed but smiled at the same time.

“I like you losing control when it comes to sex, Yoongi.”

“I knew you would say that. Do you promise that if I ever really hurt you or do anything you don’t like, you tell and stop me?”

You turned around to kiss him, wanting to wash his worries and accusations away.

“I swear I‘ll punch you in the face when you hurt me.”

You knew he hated when you turned such a serious topic into a joke. He hated and loved it at the same time. Nevertheless, he decided to let go of his worries and splash some water in your face.

“Sometimes I ask myself why I love such a little idiot.”


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“Was that too rough?” Namjoon asked just as he covered both of you with the freshly washed blanket. He had surprised you in the shower, being home early that day. And because you both were naked anyway and none of you was able to withstand the other‘s attraction, you didn’t mind taking your make out session to the bedroom and just stayed where you were. He had lifted you up his hips, had pinned you to the wall and in the end, you thought it was maybe the hottest thing you had done until that day.

“Maybe a little, but I liked that.”


You looked up to him innocently and nodded.

“Yeah, really.”

“Your back doesn’t hurt? And down there everything‘s fine?”

You loved how caring he was, always. It didn’t matter how rough you two liked it in the bedroom, or what dominant tendencies he could put on whenever you slept together, after he always returned to being your sweet, caring boyfriend that would steal the stars from the sky for you if he only could.

“I mean, it burns a little bit but that’s okay.”

It didn’t seem okay for him, though. He knew you didn’t mind and that you just felt sore because time had passed since you last time had really intense sex, but still, he wanted to make it better for you. Plus, although you enjoyed every second of your shared intimacy, you didn’t come to experience your full pleasure yet.

“Namjoon, what are you up to? I think we would stay in bed and cuddle a little longer.” You whined and tried to get hold of his hand before he marched off towards the kitchen.

Without granting you an answer he disappeared just to show up two seconds later with an ice cube in his hand.

You sat up, leaning on your elbows and looked at him with an unexpressed face. Sometimes you just don’t get what‘s going on in this brilliant yet sometimes silly little brain of his.

“And I‘m supposed to eat that now because?”

He huffed a laugh and approached you head shaking as if you were blind to the obvious.

“No you’re not supposed to eat that.”

“Then what are you doing with it?”

“I will make your burn stop.”

Then you finally realized what he meant.

“Kim Namjoon, you’re not going to put that icecube on me. Especially not on my vagina.”

He lied down and pouted, little cold drops of water poured down from the cube to your skin.

“Why not? I promise I‘ll be gentle. And if you don’t like it, I‘m going to stop.“

You hesitated, doubted your former protest. He was usually pretty good at guessing what you enjoyed. Plus, you really wouldn’t mind something to release the slight burn.

"We need to be quick. It’s melting.” You grumbled and put aside the blanket to put your naked body on display for him. Namjoon licked his lips seductively and began to move his fingers holding the cube. He started at your belly button and after the first little shock about its coldness, as he moved further down, slowly and delicately, you started to enjoy it. You even leaned your hips forward when the ice and namjoon‘s cold, soft fingers reached your core.

“And is it that bad?”

You couldn’t speak biting your lip not to let an ecstatic moan slip. So you just nodded and guided his hand even further. The ice had been melted by then, so all that was left were his cold fingers tenderly cruising along up and down your cunt.

No, it wasn’t bad at all. The fact that he just stimulated you and gently and steadily, caressed your sore entrance even felt more than great. His free hand rested on your butt before they made your legs open wider for him, intensifying the climax that announced itself in form of a blissful tingling and sweet cramping in your lower abdomen.

“Allow yourself to let go, baby.” Namjoon whispered sensually onto your neck before sucking and nibbling on it which he knew was your soft spot. You clawed into his strong upper arm and in the next second, you reached your peak whimpering as your whole body stiffened and then fully relaxed, releasing all of the endorphin that he had send through your veins with his chill, skilled fingertips. Namjoon’s hand wandered up to your back to pull you closer so your bodies almost morphed into one.


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Maybe it was the fact that both of you had a busy day, maybe it was something that fluttered through the air that night, or maybe it was just the possibility of being alone in the dorms that made you and Hoseok so horny at each other. You hadn’t even exchanged many words since you entered the apartment before he took your breath with a captivating kiss. Your clothes were falling to the ground in less than two minutes and the next moment when you had the chance to think clearly was when he was standing right between your legs as you sat on the kitchen counter, rolling the condom over his memorable member. When he looked you in the eyes with those slightly opened lips and the desire ecstasizing his features, all you wanted to do was grab him by the hips and make him take you right here right now.

You almost couldn’t bear the gentleness in his touch when he brushed a sweat-wet strand of hair behind your ear and left a timid kiss where it lay before.

„Ready, baby?“

You bit your lip nodding and moved an inch forward, so his tip just slightly brushed your entrance. And then Hobi started his magic. He slid slowly and carefully into you, his body started to sway back and forward gently just to adjust its tempo gradually the more you moaned. You didn’t have to plead him to go faster, he seemed to know just the right pace at the right moment and he certainly knew how to surprise you when he turned you around and continued to make love to you as you leaned over the counter. He managed to make you edge several times but always stopped and changed position when you got too close to an orgasm. Ultimately, you ended up in the original pose, Hobi’s movements reached their peak and he just had to draw one last circle around your core to make your body collapse in his arms.

Your breaths went heavy, your body was still shaking from the overwhelming orgasm, but you felt like you had just run a marathon.

Hobi held you, his fingernails slightly grazed soothing lines in your back.

„Are you okay, Y/n?“

You managed to bring forward a laugh and look at him.

„Hobi, I just love you.“

He smiled satisfied, shook his head for his moist fringe to fall back from his eyes and kissed you softly.

„Are you tired now?“

„Exhausted is the suiting word, I would say.“ you uttered, feeling that your eyes were falling shut and your thoughts were slowly drifting off. It was like that hot and wild love session had drawn all the energy from you meanwhile Hobi seemed more awake and energetic than ever.

You felt him break away from you and taking care to get rid of the condom before coming back to catch you.

„Wanna go to bed?“ he asked and you heard a smile in his voice.

„Hobi, don’t feel bad now, but I don’t think I can last another round.“

„Not like that. I wanna know if you want to go sleep now?“

He giggled, but you were too drowsy to join his sunny laughter.

„Oh… Hm maybe. Just for a little nap.“

„Okay, sweetheart. Let’s go then.“

You’ve probably not even been noticing anymore but he lifted you up his arms and carried you to his, or rather your, bedroom. He’s much stronger than he looks, carried you as if you were light as a feather. He laid you down on the bed and helped you putting on your pajama that was still lying under his pillow.

He then rested next to you, spooning onto your backside and lovingly leaving kisses on the side of your neck and shoulder blade.

„Do you need anything else? Have you eaten? Do you want another pillow?“

You were already half asleep, but the words leave your mouth as if you were still fully aware of his caring presence.

You took his hand and pulled him to come closer to you.

„I only need you here.“

„Okay.“ he whispered fondly in response and decided to leave it at that, although he would have done anything to show you how much he loved you and what you just did.

„Hobi?“ you mumbled quietly, gaining back his full attention.


„Can we repeat that tomorrow?“

His warm laugh breathed beauty into the dreams you would get lost in in a minute.

„You liked that so much?“


„Well then of course, Y/n. I love you.“ That was the last thing you heard until you completely surrendered yourself to the spirits of the night.


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Distance and the endless yearning for each other while he was on tour hadn’t just left your thoughts being continually occupied with missing each other. Your bodies were suffering from the lack of intimacy and closeness, the longing of touching and feeling the beauty and softness of each other‘s whole being that you only got to see on occasionally exchanged pictures and late night skype calls. It was barely surprising that once Jungkook had unlocked the door to your shared apartment and you were greeted with that heart-wrecking relieved smile that also mirrored exhaustion, you two were onto each other.

Your lips would never part, too long had they suffered under all the things that remained unsaid but which lay in hot air between you so crystal clear. And in the night that followed, sleep couldn’t be more far from your minds. Kissing, making love, a little bit of talking just to end up making love again. It was like your blood was replaced with adrenaline and you had no other choice than to destress each other by uniting your trembling bodies.

Only when the clock struck 4am, you found full satisfaction and fell asleep in each other’s arms, legs intertwined as if determined to never let go of each other again.

For people that love sleep, the long-missed sun that tickled your noses through the small window this morning, wasn’t a welcomed guest. You knew Jungkook was awake when you heard a sleep-drunken growl that was followed by an arm slinging around your waist and a kiss on your neck.

“It’s 9 am.” he mumbled and you could feel his lips move on your shoulder. You groaned again and buried your head in the blanket as the complete numbness of your limp muscles kicked in.

“I don’t wanna wake up yet, Jungkook. I‘m tired and thanks to you I can barely move.”

A quick moment of horror crossed Jungkook‘s soft face.

“What do you mean? Did I hurt you last night? Y/n, I had no idea. You should have stopped me” You lifted your fingers to cover his mouth, preventing him from talking.

“You didn’t. Did the noises I made sound painful to you?”

He shook his head, the concern about having done something wrong still visible.

“You didn’t hurt me, but from everything we did last night my limbs became sore and weak. I just wanna sleep and recover from it.”

Now that he realized it wasn’t his fault, his features softened again as he stood up, not before gifting you with a small kiss on the lips. He walked over to his window and closed the curtains so that the room got drowned in comfortable darkness again.

You sighed contentedly while he got back to snuggle up with you and within a few seconds you were back lost in your dreams.

When you woke up again, it was way past lunchtime. You quit your sleep because of a light chink of dishes. You turned around to see Jungkook placing two plates on the nightstand. As he discovered that you were awake, he put on an apologetic face.

“Sorry, I didn’t want to wake you.”

“It’s fine, Kookie. I feel much better. What’s that?” you asked, pointing to the delicious treats on the plates. Jungkook collapsed on the bed and looked at you with a dreamy expression.

“I missed you.”

“I missed you, too, Jungkook, but that doesn’t answer my question.”

“I made us breakfast and lunch, I also have coffee if you want some.”

“Are you trying to be boyfriend of the year?”

He rolled his eyes and grumbled. “I just wanted to make something nice for you because you were feeling so exhausted earlier.”

“You still feel guilty, don’t you?”

He shrugged and avoided to look at you.

“Maybe a little…”

You rolled over to lie on top of him, forcing him to face you.

“Jungkook, that’s nonsense. It’s just as much my fault that we went so rough as it is yours.”

“Is it?”

You lifted your brows seductively while moving your hips on him.

“Hmm I don’t know… Maybe you need to remind me how much I liked it?”

Amusement lightened up his features and before you could intensify your grinding, he jostled you down and gave you one of the plates.

“Maybe, but first breakfast.”


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You woke up as you heard the click of the door when Tae went off to work. You didn’t know why you didn’t woke up earlier. Usually, you‘re wide awake once he jumps under the shower before preparing breakfast for you two.

When you opened your eyes and slowly gained conscience, you began to feel your body and also the limpness of it and the faint burn between your legs. It didn’t really hurt, but it was there to remind you of what happened last night.

Normally, Tae was a gentle lover, good and soft in every motion, every touch, and every kiss you shared. But last night when you were about to get it on, he stopped right in between your foreplay.

“I wanna try something new.” He gasped, binding you attentively with his big, honest eyes. And of course you said yes, without even asking what he meant specifically. You trusted him with all your heart and besides, you were way too horny to say no.

“I wanna take you harder and faster than usual, but if it gets too rough, just tell me okay?”

There was no point that night at which you wanted him to stop. On the contrary, you urged for him to even increase what he was doing, unable to get enough of his intense movements.

This needy yearning came back to haunt you that morning.

You brought yourself to sit up and noted that there was a little piece of paper lying on Tae‘s pillow. You take it and read

Y/n, I needed to leave. I have a short meeting with this morning, will be back in an hour with breakfast and your favorite chocolate. I‘m still paralyzed by last night. I won’t be able to concentrate on anything the others say. My head and heart are full of you. I love you - Taetae

P.S. I know you will most likely wake up when you hear me leaving, so I prepared a little surprise to soothe your sore, pretty body. You’ll find it in our bathroom.

You couldn’t help but feel excited. Whenever Tae surprises you it does something to your heart that you still try to completely understand.

You ignored your weakness and hurry to see what’s in the bathroom. Even before you opened the door, the sweet smell of your favorite bathing oil appeared and as you entered the room, you saw the bubbles covering the tub. Around it, orange juice, tea and waffles with strawberries were draped thoughtfully. He did it again. He overwhelmed you by knowing exactly what you need.

You didn’t waste much time on staring and got undressed quickly, just to slowly glide into the hot, pleasant water. Your muscles immediately relaxed and at the same time refreshed their energy. You shut your eyes and didn’t even notice how you slowly drifted back to sleep.

“Enjoying your surprise?”

You winced as you heard your boyfriend’s deep voice disturbing your me-time. Not that it was an unpleasant distraction, though.

“Sorry Baby, I didn’t want to interrupt, I just got home even earlier and wanted to see you.”

You smiled and blew a little cloud of the bubbly foam over to him.

“You’re not interrupting. Actually, now that you’re here I have an idea how you can make this surprise even more perfect?”

He lifted a brow, although you were sure what you were implying.

“And that is?”

“Take your clothes off and join me.”

He wouldn’t disobey of course. So he fumbled the shirt out of his jeans and unbuckled his belt. You turned on your stomach enjoying the show.

“Slower, please.”

He laughed at your demanding princess-style comment and took more time in stripping for you. And by the time he slid into the bathtub, your soreness from yesterday’s love session was long forgotten.


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“Jeez, Jimin. Where did that came from?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” You boyfriend pretended to be innocent as if he didn’t just put you through the best sex you ever had. And you sex life had never been boring or monotonous to begin with. This time, though, Jimin wasn’t stoppable. He seemed to last forever, took all the time he wanted yet moved fast and deep in and out of you, changed position several times and over all took the lead. He paused, made you cum whenever he wanted to but never lost his meekness, made sure that you loved every single detail he did just as much as he did.

“I researched some things.” he responded smiling as bright and cheerful as his eyes narrowed. You just hummed affirming, assuring him of how much you liked it. You weren’t capable of thinking of a more engaging response because when your adrenaline rush decreased and you calmed down, you finally noticed how tiring all of that physical action had been. If it wasn’t for Jimin who kept you awake with small kisses, his infatuating smell and his soft voice speaking to you, you would have fallen asleep right away.

“Hey Y/n… Are you sleepy?”

“No.” you lied, hid your head on his chest and he giggled.

“Something tells me you’re not telling the truth.” Another kiss landed on the top of your head.

“I’m not sleepy, I just think I’m getting a muscle hangover from all of the acrobatic positions you put me in.”

“Sorry, I won’t do that again then.” The humor in his voice couldn’t be unheard. Still, your head shot up to scold him with a glare.

“Don’t you dare, Park Jimin. You’ve made me become addicted to that, so I expect you to do that to me at least once a week from now on.”

He raised his hands in front of his chest in defense.

“Okay, you little queen.”

“Good.” you uttered pleased which he commented with another cute chuckle as you went back to cuddling into the soft sheets.

“Let me help you with your tension, though. Turn around on your stomach.” he demanded and you obeyed. Jimin gently pulled down the blanket to expose your bare back. He swiped aside your hair and sat straddling you.

His hands were warm and on your cold skin they just felt like soft feathers. You had no idea how tense you were until his thumbs started to press and pull your muscles in circular motions.

“Is that too hard?” he asked unsure when he had just hit a lump beneath your shoulder and you screwed your face.

“No, not at all. I just didn’t realize I was that tense.”

“That’s probably because you work so much, Y/nie.”

He didn’t need to elaborate on that, you really had done too many extra hours this month.

“I know. I should relax more.”

“That’s what I’m here for. To make you relax and destress.” Jimin chattered sweetly and you smiled. People often called him an angel and he really was. Your own, personal angel fairy.

“I might need more than these massages, though.” you mentioned in a suggestive tone and the mischievous smirk in Jimin’s reply was audible.

“And what do you mean by that?”

“As I said before, Jimin. I need a regular dose of your wild and rampant side that you just showed me.”

“I think I can arrange that.” he whispered before leaving a long, silken kiss in between your shoulder blades.

Queer Coding =/= Queerbaiting (A Defence of Good Omens)

So. Good Omens is here, and I’ve seen more than a few people dismissing it as yet another round of the queerbaiting we’re all so used to. I’m not trying to override anyone’s grievances, but I do think that we’re starting to fling the word queerbaiting around a little too freely, and I worry that it’ll make the term lose it’s impact. Queerbaiting is not just any relationship that doesn’t end exactly the way we want it to. There’s a worrying tendency to be very black and white in our judgments, which ignores the nuance present in… well, everything. On top of that, I think we’ve all been burned by shows in the past and have a few trust issues when it comes to this sort of thing.

For the uninitiated, queerbaiting is when a show continually teases and/or hypes up a queer narrative that it has no intention of delivering. Perhaps the most famous example is Supernatural, which has spent the last fifteen years portraying a textbook example of a bisexual character and twelve years crafting an epic m/m love story on a cosmic scale… only for all the cast and writers to continually laugh off and brush aside both these things whilst constantly shoehorning Dean and Castiel into chemistry-less and underwritten heterosexual relationships. The subtext (and any understanding of narrative) is the fish hook in your mouth, tugging and tugging, but the show has no intention of ever reeling you in or releasing you.

Sherlock is another one. Damn near everyone who watches the show sees a love story playing out between Sherlock and John. Meanwhile the writers take every opportunity to have John remind us that he’s not gay, goddamnit, and as soon as the subtext hit a peak that had every meta writer posting theses about holy shit this is happening, season 4 came around and sank it all without trace. Not to mention so many people embraced Sherlock as asexual, only for Moffat to outright deny any chance of that being canon because it’s “boring”. Tug tug, goes the fishhook. The writers sit around asking why everyone’s so worked up about a few breadcrumbs, ignoring the fact that they’ve been building the entire loaf for years.

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Important Quotes from GRRM

“Some people I met thought we have to find the story’s through line. Who’s the important character? Somebody thought that Dany’s the important character – cut away everybody else, tell the story of Dany. Or Jon Snow. Those were the two most popular characters to build everything around, except you’re losing 90 percent of the story. “ - Rollingstone 2014

“[T]hey couldn’t get a handle on the size of the material, the very thing that I set out to do. I had all these meetings saying, “There’s too many characters, it’s too big — Jon Snow is the central character. We’ll eliminate all the other characters and we’ll make it about Jon Snow.” Or “Daenerys is the central character. We’ll eliminate everyone else and make the movie about Daenerys.” And I turned down all those deals.” -Time Magazine 2017

These two quotes are probably the most important quotes from George because he plainly states that the story is not just about Jon/Dæny. George narrows them down to being only 10% of the story. Are they important? Yes. But so are a host of other characters.

“So all that time I thought Gandalf was dead, and now he’s back and now he’s Gandalf the White. And, ehh, he’s more or less the same as always, except he’s more powerful. It always felt a little bit like a cheat to me. And as I got older and considered it more, it also seemed to me that death doesn’t make you more powerful. That’s, in some ways, me talking to Tolkien in the dialogue, saying, “Yeah, if someone comes back from being dead, especially if they suffer a violent, traumatic death, they’re not going to come back as nice as ever.“ That’s what I was trying to do, and am still trying to do, with the Lady Stoneheart character.” - Time Magazine, 2017

Death does not make you stronger or nicer. Applying this to Jon, he is not the same and never will be.

“At some points, when [Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss] and I had discussions about what way we should go in, I would always favor sticking with the books, while they would favor making changes,” he said. “I think one of the biggest ones would probably be when they made the decision not to bring Catelyn Stark back as Lady Stoneheart. That was probably the first major diversion of the show from the books and, you know, I argued against that, and David and Dan made that decision.” - Time Magazine, 2017

Leaving Lady Stoneheart out was something George feels is a big mistake, we can assume that Lady Stoneheart is integral to the storyline in the unreleased books.

"It was the summer of 1991. I was still involved in Hollywood. My agent was trying to get me meetings to pitch my ideas, but I didn’t have anything to do in May and June. It had been years since I wrote a novel. I had an idea for a science-fiction novel called ”Avalon. I started work on it and it was going pretty good, when suddenly it just came to me, this scene, from what would ultimately be the first chapter of A Game of Thrones. It’s from Bran’s viewpoint; they see a man beheaded and they find some direwolf pups in the snow. It just came to me so strongly and vividly that I knew I had to write it. I sat down to write, and in, like, three days it just came right out of me, almost in the form you’ve read.”- Rollingstone, 2014

The Starks sparked the idea, and are at the very root of the story, but not the entire story. This also emphasizes that this book is not just about a bastard and dragon. +Bran is important, though the show fails to portray this.

“You have to remember that I started writing this story in 1991 and I first met David and Dan in 2007. I was living with these characters and this world for 16 years before we even started working on the show. They’re pretty fixed in my mind and I’m not going to change anything because of the show, or reaction to the show, or what fans think. I’m just still writing the story that I set out to write in the early 1990s.- Time Magazine, 2017


I think there are two types of writers, the architects and the gardeners. The architects plan everything ahead of time, like an architect building a house. They know how many rooms are going to be in the house, what kind of roof they’re going to have, where the wires are going to run, what kind of plumbing there’s going to be. They have the whole thing designed and blueprinted out before they even nail the first board up.”

The gardeners dig a hole, drop in a seed and water it,“ he told the Guardian. "They kind of know what seed it is, they know if [they] planted a fantasy seed or mystery seed or whatever. But as the plant comes up and they water it, they don’t know how many branches it’s going to have, they find out as it grows.-2011, The Guardian

“In the case of any of my novels, I know where I’m starting from, I know where I want to end up, more or less,” he said. “I know some of the big turning points along the way, the stuff I’m building for, but you discover an awful lot along the way. Characters rise up and seem more important, and you get to what you’d thought was going to be a big turning point and… the thing you’d thought about two years ago doesn’t really work as well, so you have a better idea! There’s always that process of discovery for me. I know not all writers work that way, but it’s always been the way I work.” -Time Magazine, 2017

Putting these quotes together because they’re implying similar things. 

George has a view of where he’s going but that doesn’t mean things can’t be reimagined. For an example, George’s original outline is almost completely different from the books we have now, but a few parts of the outline are still there, but taking shape in different characters.

I did consider in the very early stages not having the dragons in there. I wanted the Targaryen’s symbol to be the dragons, but I did play with the notion that maybe it was like a psionic power, that it was pyrokinesis — that they could conjure up flames with their minds. I went back and forth. My friend and fellow fantasy writer Phyllis Eisenstein actually was the one who convinced me to put the dragons in, and I dedicated the third book to her. And I think it was the right call.” -2017 Meduza

“In some senses, Theon is struggling all the way through to be a hero. They both come out of the same situation: they’re both raised in Winterfell by Eddard Stark, but they’re not part of the real, core family. Theon is a ward, and Jon Snow is a bastard son. So they’re both a little outside, but Jon handles this successfully, and Theon fails to handle this. He is poisoned by his own envy and his sense of not belonging.” -2017 Meduza

This quote brings the Season 7 scene with Jon and Theon to mind. Theon tells Jon that he always made the right decision, while Theon made the wrong decisions (choosing the Greyjoys over the Stark family that raised him). Jon will make the right decision.

“So many readers were reading the books with so much attention that they were throwing up some theories, and while some of those theories were amusing bulls— and creative, some of the theories are right. At least one or two readers had put together the extremely subtle and obscure clues that I’d planted in the books and came to the right solution." -The Telegraph, 2014

Extremely Subtle and obscure hints; George’s bittersweet ending will not be predictable. Only a few people have figured out the ending. If your predicted ending involves ultimate good (humans) vs ultimate evil (others), you already lost.

I need to highlight one MAJOR thing about this new episode:

And honestly, it’s probably the most important thing to keep in mind throughout the season. And the thing is this: the very beautiful scene between Theon and Sansa that Dany (and some people of Winterfell and The Vale) witnessed. When Dany realized that Theon came to Winterfell for Sansa and the Starks, choosing them instead of going to the islands with his recently rescued sister, choosing them instead of specifically coming to be at Dany’s side as he swore to in 6x09, her face immediately changed. It went from confusion and worry to confusion, worry, surprise, and dare I say it, jealousy.

In 4x03, Sansa escapes King’s Landing. This was a place that she lived in for years (clearly not by choice), where she had to endure Joffrey’s torture and witness how he ruled with the tactic of fear. In 5x10 she escapes from Winterfell, with Theon. This is place that she spent her childhood years, where her decent memories faded and dark, painful memories took over. She married Ramsay, a man who was Joffrey 8.0 and who also ruled by the tactic of fear.

Now we’ll go back a little bit. During the Battle of Blackwater, Cersei said, “The only way to keep the small folk loyal is to make certain they fear you more than they do the enemy. Remember that, if your ever hope to become a queen.”

This is three separate times where people told her that fear was the way to lead, not love. But in A Clash of Kings, she thought about how she always heard that love was the way to the people’s hearts, not fear. “If I am ever a queen, I’ll make them love me.”

Why are these things important? Because Theon came back to Sansa out of love. Love for her, love for her family, love for the home that he knew since he was a boy, but love all the same. He didn’t come back out of fear of what Daenerys would do if she thought that he and Yara were going back on their pledge to her. He came back because he loved Sansa and the Starks so much that he wanted to fight for them. Theon made a lot of bad choices in the very place that he voluntarily came back to, not knowing how he’d be received (but probably thinking that he had a good idea), and the first action that he got was a hug. Another hug, and from Sansa out of all people. He’s really grown to love her and after everything she loves him and accepts him and because of that he will always be grateful to her and want to protect her and the others any way that he can.

Daenerys has realized these past two episodes that love really is more powerful than fear, and watching how Winterfell’s advisors, soldiers of the Vale, townspeople, Tyrion, Theon, and Jon react to Sansa brings her more fear than she’s felt in some time. The parallels between Dany/Sansa and Cersei/Sansa are clear. The differences in the way Sansa and Dany rule are clear. Dany rides into Winterfell and takes pleasure in watching the townspeople cower over her dragons. Sansa’s people show their devotion, and she immediately has tears in her eyes. Like I said, this is going to be a very interesting plot point to watch play out and I for one can’t wait to see all of the doubters really just how powerful, intelligent, and compassionate that Sansa has become.

I want to take a moment to talk about Trini. Yes, everyone has talked about this and I’m sure that whether or not you care about the Power Rangers reboot, you’ve heard about how the Yellow Ranger is a lesbian. I want to talk about why exactly this is significant, and why how it’s handled is so important.

Power Rangers, as a franchise, has had a history with the LGBT community from the very beginning, but not in a good way. David Yost, who played Billy in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, is gay. Not only is he gay, but he ended up leaving the series due to constant harassment and homophobic bullying from the crew of the show. He walked off the set of Power Rangers Zeo and never looked back. The way they wrote his character out of the show? By having Billy fall in love with a woman offscreen. They offered him a part in a later series, but he understandably turned the offer down.

Despite the franchise’s focus on diversity, they’ve never had an explicitly queer ranger, or even supporting character. They’ve certainly hinted at it in a few cases, the most overt case being Vita Rocca in Power Rangers Mystic Force. She was butch, had a two part story about being the slave of a vampire queen, and enthusiastically agreed that said vampire queen is hot at the end of the season, but none of that was actual confirmation. It was just a little bit of winking and nodding when the moral guardians weren’t looking.

But then this movie came out. And we got to see Trini, the first ever Yellow Power Ranger, come out. Contrary to what you may have seen in fanart and fanfiction, Trini isn’t smooth with other girls, she isn’t openly gay, and she isn’t in a canon relationship with the Pink Ranger. I love those pieces of fanwork as much as the next person, but the movie itself provides a different picture of Trini’s relationship with her own sexuality.

Like I said before, for decades Power Rangers has never done more than playfully hint at a queer character. That changed with one scene. All five of the heroes, sitting around a campfire and talking about their personal issues. That scene is the first time the subject of sexuality has ever been openly discussed in Power Rangers.

It’s a scene where Trini, who has been reserved and has tried to isolate herself up until now, admitting that she likes how often her family moves around, because that way her parents never get a chance to ask her about her relationships. Zack, who up until this scene had been relentless in flirting with Trini and hitting on her, no matter how often he was pushed away and rejected, jokingly asks if she has boyfriend troubles. When he picks up the sarcasm in her response, it clicks for him, and for the audience. If you pay attention, Zack never once hits on Trini after that. He understands, and he treats Trini as nothing more than a friend from that point on.

“Girlfriend troubles?” Is the first time I can ever remember the concept of someone being gay being brought up in a superhero movie. Despite gay and bisexual characters being in films before (Iceman, Mystique, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, etc.) their sexualities were ignored and pushed to the side, where viewers wouldn’t see them. But with Power Rangers, Saban finally tried to make up for their past treatment of LGBT people. It’s Billy, now played by RJ Cyler, who tells Trini that her friends will accept her no matter what.

And Trini? She admits that she’s never told anyone about her sexuality before. She’s never openly said that she likes other girls. She tears up when she talks about it, about how terrified she is of coming out to her family. How she doesn’t even know how to tell them what’s going on. And with the overwhelming, sickening trend in film and television of murdering lesbian and bisexual characters, Power Rangers ends with a scene of all the Rangers hanging out in detention. The last shot we see of Trini? Smiling at her friends and playing with a pen. Alive. Happy. Healthy. Knowing that her friends are aware she likes girls, and knowing that they’ll always be there for her.

This movie is the first time that lesbian and bisexual women have been able to see themselves as superheroes on the big screen. It’s the focus of Trini’s character arc, finding acceptance among her new friends. So often, LGBT teens end up in a position where they don’t know how to talk about what they’re feeling. They feel trapped and alone, and this movie went and told them that they won’t be. They’ll find people who love and cherish them. There’s a hero who is like them, and who is struggling with her identity just like they are.

I’m not afraid to admit that I cried when Trini came out. I’m sure I wasn’t the only woman who teared up at finally, finally being able to see herself in a superhero. It feels so powerful, and so wonderful.

It is 100% a Fact That Jon Snow Was Invited to Dragonstone Under False Pretenses!

Y’all I spent some time rewatching some Jon and Sansa scenes and I just want to proudly say that Sansa Stark is the smartest bitch in this game and once again I’m so blown away by her!!!

Now that that’s out of the way let me dive into this meta:

There has been so much debate on weather or not Jon was a prisoner/trapped at Dragonstone and I’m here to tell you that he was. I mean honestly when the debates were going on I was super indifferent about it but I came across dialogue in season 7 that completely went over my head. Before I talk about the scene, one thing I want to make clear is that Tyrion wrote a a letter to Jon Snow under the pretense that they would be ALLIES, NOT TO BEND THE KNEE! Don’t believe me? Here’s what that scroll said:

The Seven Kingdoms bleed as long as Cersei sits on the Iron Throne. Join us! TOGETHER we can end her tyranny!

This letter is completely different from the one Cersei sends in the first episode of season 7. In Cersei’s scroll she clearly says:

BEND THE KNEE or suffer the fate of all traitors!

Her intent is absolutely clear and in Tyrion’s it’s not! The reason why Tyrion wrote the letter under this false pretense is that he knew if he was clear about Dany’s intentions of inviting him to Dragonstone he wouldn’t have come.

Dragon glass or not if Jon knew that Dany would want him to bend the knee he wouldn’t have gone!!!

That might be a bold statement for some but it’s the truth and here’s why:

Jon: It could be, but I DON’T BELIEVE TYRION WOULD DO THAT. You know him he’s a good man!

First and foremost I just want to point out that this is TWO seasons now were Sansa (who is so fucking brilliant) explicitly warns Jon about the political games at play and BOTH TIMES she has been prove right!! So to that I say:

You best believe that in season 8 we are never going to get this moment again:

And Jon’s ass is definitely going to be like “yes dear” and “I’m listening to my sister/cousin/wife!” Because Jon has learned the hard way TWICE!!

Now Back to The Meta.

Jon naively went to Dragonstone solely on the belief that Tyrion is a good man and that he was someone Jon could trust! He truly believed that he could convince them of threat of the white walkers and gain an alliance WITHOUT giving up his kingdom! The dialogue makes the plot clear as day and most people (including me) entirely missed this plot when season 7 aired!

What Tyrion did was fucked up to say the least and I think the show was trying to subtly warn us about how we should be viewing the events in Jon and Dany’s first meeting. First we have the scenes were they strip Jon and his men of their weapons but then they give us this scene:

Jon: She’s starting to let on!


If this wasn’t the biggest Wink Wink pay attention to what happens next to the audience, I don’t know what is! In the next scene Sansa’s warnings come to past and we clearly have an irritated and frustrated Jon Snow who is not only blindsided but clearly pissed off at Tyrion who deceived his ass!! Don’t believe me? Go rewatch that scene!

That’s why Daenerys and Jon’s meeting was filled with so much friction! That was the true plot that we missed in that scene and that’s why we see Jon react like this in his next interaction with Tyrion:

Right off the bat, Jon gets straight to the point and tell us how he really feels about the situation he finds himself in at Dragonstone. To summarize he says “I’m a prisoner on this island” “you took my ship” and “I’m a northern fool” for coming in the first place. Tyrion never really cops to what he did but essentially he tells Jon that she should try harder and get to know Daenerys more. Then he throws Jon a “Dragon-glass” bone to try and make up for what he did. Lol!

I say all of this to say that this was the major plot that I believe went over everyone’s head in season 7! Yes, Jon willingly went to Dragonstone to seek an alliance but he did so because he didn’t think his kingdom would ever be at stake because of his trust in Tyrion. Jon was never at Dragonstone under friendly terms or circumstances and he never had an equal status as King! That’s why in episode 5 Jon hauled ass so fast off of that island like his life depended on it.

The circumstances of this situation to me requires political Jon and makes political Jon fair game! I absolutely believe Jon went to Dragonstone with good intentions but quickly realized that Tyrion and Dany’s intentions weren’t as true as his own. Hence him being metaphorically and physically trapped at Dragonstone!

Always (Cheryl Blossom x Reader)

Anon requested: Your Cheryl fic was sooooo cute! It’s definitely one of my favorite fics now. Can I request another Cheryl fic? Whenever the reader is hanging out at the diner or at the theater or wherever else Cheryl keeps popping up out of nowhere and she always invites herself to join whatever the reader is doing. And reader doesn’t really mind but still they’re all like ???? Cheryl why (probably because she’s lonely 💔 poor bby)

Summary: The 5 times Cheryl found you and the 1 time you found her

Word Count: 5388 (I went a little overboard oops sorry)

Warnings: Canon attempted suicide

Author’s Note: This was my first ever request and it was such a good one! I got really excited and the thought of doing a 5+1 came immediately and I also just really love Cheryl. I hope you enjoy! I’m pretty proud of this lol. Sorry for any mistakes, requests are open!

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Pearlmethyst. I love it.

So amethyst obviously has some deep rooted insecurity problems (I mean, White Diamond even said it), and Pearl struggles with self worth.

But when they’re together.

  • Amethyst is the only character to ever refer to Pearl as perfect
  • In Warp Tour they’re both complimenting each other and blushing (plus the background flowers are hearts??)
  • In On The Run Pearl says “You’re the one good thing that came out of this mess, I always thought you were proud of that.” which she obviously admires Amethyst for since she herself struggles with being proud of who she is despite being seen worthy enough to serve a diamond
  • Look at this screenshot from On The Run
  • In Marble Madness Amethyst kept trying to hug Pearl to cover her in goop (and somehow managed to get it on her face despite being barely shoulder height)
  • In Keeping It Together Amethyst says “I’m gonna bop her!” Whilst Pearl chased after her and says “I’ll help!”
  • In Chille Tid Amethyst calls Pearl “Pierogi” (I googled it and it’s Polish for dumpling)
  • In Back to the Barn Amethyst repeatedly shouts and cheers on Pearl throughout the episode, and cheers the loudest when Pearl punches Peridot to show that she’s proud of being a Pearl. Pearl also uses Amethyst’s phrase “Go kick her in the butt!” when she is about to attack Peridot. At the end, Amethyst hugs Pearl and later asks if they can go wrestling. (I really hope they did)
  • In Steven’s Birthday they’re both dancing together
  • After the Crystal Gems took down Jasper and Lapis fused with her Amethyst gives Pearl a tackle hug
  • In Last One Out Of Beach City, Amethyst was very excited that Pearl was being rebellious and gave her a bunch of compliments like “Lookin good P”
  • That scene in Gem Karaoke Amethyst literally twerks at Pearl
  • Also, Amethyst has a bunch of nicknames for Pearl which is so cute!
  • This screenshot from The Question

Overall, I just love this ship since it’s been somewhat of a thing since the pilot. They’ve always been together and despite their differences, they still clearly care about each other. I know I probably haven’t covered everything, but I got what I could find. They’re literally the definition of opposites attracting!!






Imagine being Misha’s sister and getting married to Jensen.

“Well, we do share a more profound bond!” Misha chuckled as Jensen grinned as well.

“Of course, it’s called the ring I’m currently wearing!” Jensen shook his head as he showed his wedding ring “And it doesn’t matter that it’s his sister I married! No, I’m bound to the entire Collins family now!” he laughed, throwing an arm over his friend’s shoulders.

“Come on, as if you didn’t like it! It took you less than a year to ask her to marry you, and you could barely wait to go to honeymoon!” Misha said into the microphone.

“Yeah, I had a good few reasons but there was one in specific: getting away from my wife’s crazy older brother! As far away as possible at that!” Jensen teased as Misha punched his shoulder.

“Oh please, it’s not like I scared you that much!” Misha scoffed and Jensen bowed his head, laughing to himself.

“Wait- wait!” Jared spoke up “These threats (Y/n) told me about- they were real?!”

“Oh hell yeah!” Misha exclaimed “He was not only dating but about to marry my little sister, what was I supposed to do? Stand by and watch as he kissed the living heaven out her in between takes? Oh hell no.” he shook his head, raising his other hand.

“You’re just jealous she no longer came just for you on set.” Jensen scoffed “And sorry to break it to you buddy, but we do more than just hold hands and kiss in between takes.” he said in a Dean voice, smirking that characteristic smile as Misha laughed but pretended to make a face of disgust.

“Careful there, J!” Jared spoke up, laughing “I won’t be surprised if an accident happens on set anytime soon!” he mumbled, looking at the audience who erupted into laughter.

“Oh yeah, speaking of which!” Jensen piped in “Remember that scene in season 11 where Cas beats up Dean?” he asked the audience as they all shouted yes.

“Well, let me tell you one thing: Misha’s favorite scene ever!”

Season 4, the case of the missing Watson, and why BBC John doesn’t love Sherlock

So yesterday I was reading @silentauroriamthereal‘s Best of Three, again (it’s a really good story!). And I realised that the John in that story is pretty much a total dick. He’s incredibly patronising and self-congratulatory about being such a wonderful friend to Sherlock etc etc etc, all the while being actually unimaginably cruel to Sherlock.

And I left a comment to the effect that I loved the story but hated John, and she very kindly replied that she thought it was pretty in character and I had this absolute oh my god moment because she’s bloody right, isn’t she?

And somewhere between Season 4 and Best of Three and SilentAuror’s comment, I think the scales sort of fell from my eyes with regards to John and the show. It’s not that Season 4 ruined John. Season 4 was the logical continuation of where they had taken the character, arguably from the second episode. Go back and look at the way John talks about and treats Sherlock, all the way back to TBB. Try to reconcile the way John talks to and about Sherlock with the way Watson talks to and about Holmes.

Season 4 John is not out of character. Not for BBC John. It’s extreme, but it’s not actually out of character. We think it is, but I think that we have good reason for that. In my specific case, I knew and loved the canon long before BBC Sherlock came on the scene. I know Watson, and I know how he feels about Holmes. So when John acted the way he did in Season 4, I thought it was awful, and terrible, and it came as a shock to me. Before Season 4, when John acted in ways that Watson would not have, I was like “well, maybe he’s just having a bad day’, but Season 4 made me realise that Watson hasn’t been having bad days, Watson has never been here at all.

We think that John is better and wiser and kinder than he is because we spend more time with the wiser, kinder versions of John Watson that we see in the canon and in fanfiction. We’ve been blinded by those Watsons to the truth of John’s character in the show.

And that leads me to another conclusion. BBC’s John doesn’t love Sherlock. We think he does, because Watson loves Holmes, and whether you think that it’s platonic or romantic or sexual or whatever, you can’t deny that there is love there, but John? He doesn’t love Sherlock.

I think he wants Sherlock. I think he’s addicted to Sherlock. To the cases and the life they lead and the danger and all of it. And I think that, like any addict, he hates Sherlock and everything that comes with him, and hates that he needs him. And that’s why the morgue scene happens. Because John, unlike practically every other Watson in history, does not love Sherlock Holmes. Because John wishes that he had never met him and wishes that he could live without him, and knows that as long as Sherlock is alive, he will never, ever be able to leave him for good.

Which means that yes, they really did do TPLoSH all over again, with a gay Holmes desperately in love with Watson, who doesn’t love him back. Except they dialled it up to 11, because everything has to be bigger and louder and hurt more, and instead of a straight Watson who still loves his Holmes, they have given us a John Watson of ambiguous sexuality who not only does not love Sherlock, but actively despises him.

(I also have some thoughts about how Sherlock has been moving toward becoming Holmes over the course of the series, while John moves further and further away from being Watson, but I’ll save that for another time.)

why kagami as a character is important

it’s so weird, the only talk I ever hear about Kagami is about shipping and whether or not the one line she said to Marinette in Frozer is classified as Mean

BUT! no one ever talks about Kagami’s actual canon character, like no one brings up about the pressure she feels about being the best! or that it’s canon that she grew up in a controlling family environment!! and!! “There’s no such thing as a second chance in my family” BRUH!!! Or that she came from a prestigious family line of fencers!!  Or THAT SCENE IN RIPOSTE WHERE her self esteem is crushed and she almost cries bc she thinks she failed her mother and thought she wasn’t good enough to join the fencing academy!  No one talks about how her family has given her a very detrimental mindset

And, (season 3 sypnosis SPOILERS), there’s even gonna be an episode where her Kagami’s mom is akumatized because she wants to punish her, B R U H

For a show that usually gives 0 deep real canon backstory for most of its side characters, I was genuinely impressed that they gave Kagami one!

Family and academic pressure is something a lot of kids could relate to and would like to see a story of. It would be a very meaningful story for kids who are pressured by their families to be the top at everything or come from backgrounds where they are not allowed to fail.

If I could expect good writing from Miraculous Ladybug (which I don’t), I would expect Kagami will grow and learn that she doesn’t have to impress anyone or be the best, and does things like fencing out of her own enjoyment. She would develop healthy relationships with other people who would like her no matter her achievements, and therefore live a happier and more relaxed life. That would be amazing character growth in a show for kids to see! 

Also, I shit you not, if they gave this exact backstory to Luka, (like if he was pressured to win at some guitar competition and felt upset about not winning) everyone in the fandom would not shut up about “OH MY poor baby 😔😔😔 he is under SO MUCH stress!!!! 😭😭😢 Luka Protection Squad 😤😤✊“

Hell, people still talk about Luka way more than Kagami even though currently, he is given no real character besides “Pretty Boy Love Interest Who Plays Guitar”. We have already been given so much info about the dynamic Kagami has with her controlling mother and her mom hasn’t been on screen but no one has discussed this!!! meanwhile!! we know practically nothing about Luka’s sibling relationship with Juleka!!! 

Anyways please acknowledge that Kagami is a potentially valuable concept for a character, especially for any young kids watching the show, and protect this girl from her family’s high expectations thank you

The UA Traitor

The UA traitor has been a hot topic for debate ever since the possibility was introduced by Present Mic way back when. I have my own thoughts on it, that I’m gonna share with you (pretty much everything on here I’m sure isn’t original but I’m gonna try to word it in the best way I can for those of you who might not have heard it before. This is gonna be a hella long post *warning*). (Inspired by yeastofeden’s post from 2016)

What We Already Know

The traitor has to be someone with enough knowledge to know where Class A’s location in particular (meaning they’re probably in the hero course), it’s probably someone we know & at least care a little bit about (otherwise what would be the point), it has to be a fairly intelligent person to be able to get away with it for this long, and the traitor must have some kind of motive (UA is a hard fucking school to get into. You’d have to be pretty desperate to risk throwing it all away for a couple of villains).

I’m sure you’ve all seen the rampant panic that erupted after a ton of people accuse this person of being the traitor but I’ll go ahead and say it: yeah, I think Uraraka is the traitor.


Uraraka has a pretty clear cut motive. She thinks she’s helping her parents. The villains are probably paying her a fair amount for the info and it’d be so damn easy to just slip ‘em a text every once in awhile, updating them on the current situation. I mean, think about it. Uraraka acts like her family is “flat broke” (her words). How many families that bad off can afford to rent their 15 year old daughter an apartment in a huge city, where rent can get astronomical (even for a shitty, small apartment which tbh her’s didn’t even look that bad). I don’t think she’s necessarily doing it to be cruel, but, well, I definitely don’t think Uraraka is as nice as she seems to be, which I’ll get into later.

Speaking of her room, I’ve always found this scene from the ending pretty interesting. The tone - seen from the dreary, rainy sky, Uraraka’s position, etc- is pretty sad. But… why is she so sad? Or is it something else she’s feeling, like guilt perhaps?

Uraraka and Bakugou

This is one of the most interesting points I’ve seen in regards to this theory. The parallel between Uraraka and Bakugou is pretty apparent from the start.

Firstly, they’re the only two to call Midoriya “Deku”. While Bakugou came up with that name to demean Midoriya, Uraraka showed him that it could be a great hero name and he could make the meaning of the word his own, as seen when Midoriya chooses his hero name.

I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel like Uraraka has a particular dislike for Bakugou, especially in regards to his relationship with Midoriya, which would make sense honestly considering Deku & Uraraka are pals and Bakugou treats Midoriya like shit most of the time, but the thing that makes Uraraka’s reaction to Bakudeku interactions is she tries to paint Bakugou in the light of a bad person, a bully (like I said, understandable, but she’s really the only character that seems to see Bakugou & Deku’s interactions that way). Everyone else in Class A just sees it as “welp that’s just how they interact.” But Uraraka makes it quite clear that she notices something more to Bakugou’s “hatred” for her friend.

It’s almost like she’s trying to talk sense into Midoriya sometimes. “He bullied you, doofus, why do you defend him so damn much?”

Honestly I could write a whole other post about Bakugou and Uraraka and why I think he’ll probably be the one to find out about her being the traitor, giving us Bakugou vs Uraraka 2. But I definitely think Uraraka sold out Bakugou to the villains to get him taken. She even encouraged Kiri and Todoroki to not go get him, for God’s sake.

“Well, so did the other students,” you might say. No. The other members of Class 1A just wanted to leave it to the professionals. They still thought bakugou should be rescued though.

Is It A Crush?

If you ship Izuchako, I’m about to roast their relationship a little lol sorry it’s all in good fun, promise. But I think we can all agree, especially if you’ve read the manga, that Uraraka’s whole “crush” on Deku is now( or always has been?) borne out of her desire to be like him. Exactly like him. This is first brought to the forefront when she fights Bakugou. And emphasized even more when Toga compares Uraraka’s crush to her own (the obsessiveness that makes you want to actually become that person).

Lately, Uraraka’s been getting increasingly obsessive over Deku’s minor interactions with other female characters; Mei Hatsume being a prime example.

I mean this scene was kinda unnecessary, but Horikoshi put it in there for a reason, right??

And whether you ship it or not (I honestly think they’re cute myself) you can’t deny that Uraraka is way more invested in Deku than the other way around. Deep down, Deku’s deepest desire is being a hero and absolutely nothing will stand in the way of that.

Lemme know if you want more on this theory and I’ll do a part 2 all about Aoyama knowing Uraraka is the traitor, her hatred for Bakugou, her parallels with Toga, etc!

Here’s the scene:

You’re in a marketplace. Perhaps you came to run some errands. Perhaps you came to man your own shop. Perhaps you came to take a simple walk, do some window shopping and see some familiar faces.

Either way, you find yourself sitting down on a bench. On the other side of this bench is an instrument shop having an end-of-season sale. The owner, an old man smoking a pipe, sits crosslegged in front of his shop, eyeing the wares he has on display. He does this for good reason; he’s put out many an instrument outside his shop. There are drums, clarinets, flutes and cellos all in pristine condition. The biggest instrument, a large black grand piano sits proudly in the middle of this display, the sign “TRY ME!” hanging off an edge.

Perhaps you see a instrument you can play. Perhaps you move closer, feeling the storekeepers eyes burn into you as you pick one up, play a little tune. Perhaps you stay in your seat, content to watch others come up and try their hand-a little girl, banging the drums loudly with childish glee until her parents come to stop her. An old woman, picking up the cello and playing a song you’ve heard before but can’t put a name to. A teenage boy, looking around furtively before picking up a flute and playing a haunting melody that brings tears to your eyes.

(He doesn’t buy the flute, disappearing into the crowd as fast as he appeared. You look at the store keeper and see him also staring into the crowd, a sense of loss in his demeanor.)

And then there’s the couple.

You do not know that they’re a couple at first. They break from the crowd together, something you’d assumed to have been coincidence. The human man is wearing a pale blue button down shirt with blue jeans and a brown belt. His hair is beginning to thin, small spots of head showing from beneath his curly brown locks. The woman is elven and rocking it, fishnet tights paired with a velvet mini skirt and a pink tank top to match. Her hair is up in a ponytail and it brushes the man’s shoulder as they both go for different objects-the elf picks up a violin and strokes it, running her hands across the rosewood body. The human turns to the piano.

Yes, you do not know that they’re a couple at first, because how could two people so different possibly ever come together?
You are dead wrong. (And also a bit stereotypical. It’s 2018, get with the program.)

The elf moves over to the human, violin and bow in one hand and the other moving toward his shoulder. “Play off?”

He looks at her with a puzzled smile, placing one of his own hands over her own. “We haven’t played in a long time,” he says, and she just smiles wider. “We’ll start slow,” she assures him, a chaste kiss on his forehead. “First person to mess up loses.”

He rolls his shoulders back and cracks his fingers. “Well then,” he says, a wolfish grin breaking over his face. “I’d better get started winning, then.”

When they start to play, they do not attract much attention. The melody is slow and lazy, both musicians playing the same song. It reverberates through the space, and from the corner of your eye you see the shopkeeper uncross his legs and lean towards the music.

The song repeats again and again, a faster tempo each time. The elf is clearly leading the song, the piano always picking up a few notes after the violin. It’s a race as much as it’s a melody and soon they haven’t only attracted attention.

They’ve attracted a crowd.

Shoppers stop in their tracks to watch the duo battle. There are whispers amongst the crowd, mutterings of a story and song. You may have heard the story and song. You may have not. But either way you do not take your eyes off them. They play with fervor, glancing every so often at each other with grins on their faces. The elf isn’t still as she plays, moving in circles around the piano and calling out taunts with vicious glee. Her lover is not as expressive, focusing on the piano keys with determination. They play, they play and they play and-

The woman hits a wrong note.

She stops playing immediately but he does not, speeding up the tempo even as she takes the violin from her chin and the crowd starts to clap. It’s only after he finishes the song by himself that he looks up at her wearing the most shit-eating grin you have ever seen in your short, long life.

“I win,” he says, and the crowd erupts into applause as he stands to take an exaggerated bow. She comes to his side as well, whispering something in his ear that makes him smile and blowing kisses to the masses. The crowd starts to part, then, and  perhaps you stay seated. Perhaps you begin to leave as well, standing up and stretching, ready to get on with your life.

You do not get far enough to miss this.

The man slides back onto the piano bench, setting his fingers on certain keys. The woman looks at him quizzically, unsure of her husband’s actions (they are married, you know; their wedding rings catch the light when they turn and twist.). She does not put down her own instrument, waiting to see what would happen next.

And then he starts to play.

This melody is rough in some places, a few notes grating with the tempo and tune that he sets. It’s a simple song, so different from the show of skill they’d just put up. It’s…weird, and yet at the same time remarkably charming, and you find yourself leaning towards the music, as if it was a story you wanted to hear more of.

And then the violin.

It’s when the elf joins in that the music starts to make sense. She smooths out the edges, perfecting the melody. The song deepens, becoming more and more intricate as their melodies seem to weave around each other, a delicate symbiosis of song that people once again turn toward. Time slows down around the couple, the people around them slowing their pace in an effort to hear them play longer.

And then she stops playing.

The piano continues, first with confidence and then with a stutter. The tune starts to collapse,the right keys being missed and the wrong ones being struck as the man fights to keep it together. There is a sort of fear on his face, you see, but not the the kind you would expect from a lover being left behind.
He isn’t afraid of losing her.
He’s afraid of never finding her again. The song he plays is horribly beautiful, and you find yourself holding your breath, glancing at the elven woman to see if-no, when she would join back in.

And then she does.

The song rights itself immediately, violin and piano both rising to a crescendo that screams of joy and relief before collapsing back into their refrain, love in every measure, longing in every note. They play, they play, and then they stop playing, the last notes from the piano ringing clearly through the market.

She puts down the violin and he takes his hands off the keys. They look up and stare at each other, silent and wide-eyed, as if meeting for the first time.

The shopkeeper starts to clap. A few passerby join in as well, and perhaps you do as well but you’re not sure if they can even hear the applause around them, so caught up in each other’s gaze that the world might as well have fallen away.

She breaks the spell first, walking over and kissing him hard on the lips. He’s startled but he kisses back, a smile growing on both of their faces until they pull apart, foreheads still touching. He whispers something and she laughs, whispering something back that makes him draw her closer for another kiss. They stay like this for a second, hands and lips clasped together for dear life until-

“Excuse me,” the shopkeeper’s gruff voice breaks them both out of their shared trance and they turn to stare at him.

“Are you going to buy those two instruments?” He says, pointing at the piano and violin. The couple look at each other for a second before the human sighs, digging out his wallet.

You leave as the bargaining begins.

anonymous asked:

It says requests are closed but hc are open so if they are can you please do one for newt (tmr) falling in love with female reader who came up in the box with Teresa? Thank you so much!!

A/N: This is long simply because I love this boy (PS I may have changed some plot things to make this work)

  • Ok so you wake up in a dark box that’s moving pretty forking fast and there’s a girl lying next to you, passed out
  • Safe to say you’re pretty freaked out
  • When the box comes to halt and opens, you’re blinded by the sudden prescence of light and when your eyes have adjusted, there’s a crowd of boys all around you and some lanky dude has jumped inside the box
  • He’s awestruck and seems frozen before he says, “It’s a girl.”
  • “Two of them.”
  • Everyone around you is murmuring or silently gawking and about 40 or so pairs of wide eyes are on you
  • If you weren’t before, now you’re Flipping TF Out
  • Your first instinct is to protect the other girl you remember is lying unconscious, so you cautiously back up until you’re shielding her body with yours when you notice a note in her hand
  • The boy who jumped in approaches you with his hands raised to show he means no harm
  • You notice that he’s tall, has strawberry blonde hair, kind eyes, with a slight limp in his step, and you feel like you can trust him, but let’s be honest here, you’re not letting your guard down just yet
  • He’s looking at the piece of paper in your hand and you reluctantly hand it over to him, hoping it might contain some clue or explanation as to wtf is going on
  • He reads it, “They’re the last ones ever”
  • As he’s doing so, she wakes up, just as freaked out as you were like a minute ago and does that thing where she’s panting, looks straight into the eyes of the tall boy with brown hair and says “Thomas” before passing tf out again
  • At this point you don’t trust ANYONE, so you lunge forward and grab the machete you noticed the lanky dude wears on his back when he turns around
  • That’s followed by a chorus of gasps and shouts as you have it held up to defend yourself
  • Things aren’t looking great for you cus you’re standing there, pointing a machete towards the guy who’s calmly introduced himself as Newt and there’s another girl passed out next to you
  • He somehow talks you out of the box but you try to fight them off when you see them carrying the unconscious girl somewhere and they put you in this cage pit thing they call “the slammer”, telling you they’ll let you out when you’re calm
  • Some dude named Gally wanted to have you thrown into the maze at night
  • While you’re in there, Newt sits on the ground outside, talking to you through the bars and eventually once he’s reassured you that the other girl is in good hands, you do calm down and he lets you out to give you the usual tour
  • Meanwhile, when the other girl wakes up, she takes refuge in the lookout tower and throws things  at whoever tries to go near her
  • “Are all girls like this?”
  • That whole scene ensues where everyone’s trying to get her down but she ain’t having none of it so you go up with Thomas to talk her down
  • Her name is Teresa which you immediately think is a pretty name and then you suddenly realize you don’t know who the hell you are
  • She’s the only other girl there and you came up in the box together so the two of you have this unspoken established trust that will eventually grow into friendship
  • Y'all are adjusting to your first day in the glade and begin working as slicers like all new greenies do, but after you nearly throw up after witnessing the butchering demonstration, Newt decides to let you tag along with him in the gardens
  • And definitely not because he already has a soft spot for you
  • As it turns out, you pick up everything he teaches you pretty quick and it may or may not be because you might already have a soft spot for him too
  • That night at the bonfire, you’re still trying to process everything including the fact that you still don’t know your own name, but you try to have fun
  • Newt introduces you to his friends who are still a little wary of you because you did threaten their friend with his own machete in your grand entrance to the Glade
  • But as the night goes on they all warm up to you and you find yourself having loads of fun with all their party games
  • Minho makes you try Gally’s drink and your certain he was trying to kill you
  • You somehow end up playing a drinking game with Thomas and he passes out because his tolerance is that of a child’s
  • In the morning you wake up to a massive headache when Newt wakes you up to go to breakfast
  • His cute smile being the first thing you see isn’t so bad
  • Suddenly you remember your name “Y/N”
  • “Well, good morning Y/N” says a blushy Newt because he decides it’s the best name he’s ever heard
  • Okay so fast forward to you becoming accustomed to life in the Glade
  • There is that big thing with the leader, Alby, who is in no state to lead and because Newt is left with such a huge responsibility as second-in-command, he makes the executive decision to push whatever feelings he has for you over time
  • You’re feelings only grow stronger for him as the two of you continue to be great friends, but you know that you could never tell him that because you know it would be frowned upon, especially since he needs to keep everyone together #theglue
  • It tortures him to no end to have to work side by side with you in the gardens every day because every time the sunlight hits your face at just the right angle, or when you smile, or laugh at something he says, he has to resist the overwhelming urge to just grab your face in his hands and kiss you right there
  • Teresa has become your best friend, and although you’ve kept your feelings to yourself to avoid disrupting the peace in the Glade, she just knows
  • Things in the Glade start changing with the whole Maze/Griever situation and Gally and his dudes tie you, Thomas and Teresa to poles as an offering for the maze to restore balance or whatever his insane crusade is
  • Even though it’s part of the plan Newt fLIPS THe FuCk OUT
  • Fast forward through the whole part through the maze and getting to the WCKD facility
  • Your hella reluctant to be separated from your friends there, especially when Teresa is taken to a separate place from you
  • When you’re finally reunited with your friends in the cafeteria and Newt sees you all clean with fresh clothes and a huge smile on your face as you break out into a sprint to fling yourself into his arms, he knows he can’t contain himself any longer
  • You linger in his arms for little longer than you’d have to, but not as long as you’d want to, because in the past few weeks?/days? you’ve been on one hell of a ride and the only person who’s been your anchor in all this madness is right there with you
  • As soon as you break apart, although there is a moment where he seems to be hesitating about something and you’re staring at him with doe eyes wandering what he’s thinking about, he does make his mind up
  • His hands find their way to either side of your face and he kisses you
  • You’re in shock and feel as though you might float away because there’s no way that in a crazy world like this, something this good can actually be happening
  • You kiss him back, hands snaking around his shoulders
  • There’s a quiet chorus of chuckles coming from behind Newt and you hear Minho quip,
  • “It’s about damn time”


On Set

Originally posted by harrysimpact

Thank you to the person who requested this, as I kept writing it, I got a little carried away. Hope you guys like it! Love you all very much. xx - L

You finally get a leading role in a movie as Harry’s co-star, but there’s more tension than you ever could’ve expected.

Warnings: Angsty and mention of smut

Word Count: 1,662

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Accidental Interests [1]

Pairing: Tom Holland x Actor! Reader

Summary: you meet tom holland on the couch of Graham Norton’s show

Warnings: none ??? yet there are some gifs

A/N: I have transformed from being a slut for Captain America and the winter soldier to being so soft for Tom Hiddleston, Peter Parker and Tom Holland. Expect changes ;) 

You were never more nervous in your life. Sitting backstage, you could faintly hear the audience going completely crazy for Graham Norton as he walked on stage. His friendly voice over the mic calmed your nerves just a bit as your makeup and hair team bustled around you, making sure the final touches and changes were made. You didn’t know who your co-stars were going to be and you hoped to god you wouldn’t make a fool of yourself in front of who could be one of your idols. You were on your first press tour after your movie was a surprise hit in the box office. Critics were referring to you as Hollywood’s big break and you just wish you could pause everything, step out of it and look at you from another person’s eyes. It didn’t even feel like this time, two years ago, you were curled up on the family couch, watching the Oscars, feverishly hoping that you would one day get the chance to go to acting school and land a role. In the background, you could still hear Graham talking, and just as you were about to hear who else was joining you on the couch, a security guard walked into the door and came up to you

“Ms Y/L/N? They’re ready for you now” he says with a smile. Breathing deep a couple times, you hop out the chair, thank your styling team and smooth out your dress as you follow the guard backstage. Graham’s show was maybe the 5th or 6th talk show you’d been on since the release of the movie and while you were new to the acting scene, you got the hang of press touring pretty quickly. The security guard walks you to the curtain backstage and says his goodbyes as you thank him. There was literally one layer of fabric separating you and the whole world again, and the familiar feeling of adrenaline kicking in gave you a buzz. It felt like eons before you could hear Graham announce his final guest - you.

“Ladies and gentleman, our last guest is someone who’s new to the scene, so be nice” The audience laughs and you can’t help a slightly embarrassed smile crawling on your face.

“Her stunning and most recent movie, ‘All About You’ is breaking records all over the globe, please welcome Y/N Y/L/N!”. You take that as a cue to walk onto the stage, climbing up the stairs. You’re completely stunned as the white lights flash at you, but everything comes back into focus as you see Graham with a massive smile on his face, coming in for a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Walking over to the couch, you sit down on it, crossing your legs over and drinking a sip from the glass of water on the table. It’s only then that you notice your co-stars on the sofa with you.

“Ladies and gentleman, our guests for tonight. Nick Jonas, Tom Holland and Y/N Y/L/N!”. Graham says just as the reality kicks in. You were in the same room - no wait, you were on the same couch as Nick Jonas?? One of the hottest guys you thought ever could exist. You felt like you were carrying out every girl’s dream right now. And oh my goodness, THE Spiderman?! You could only dream of meeting your real life superheroes, let alone an ACTUAL superhero! Tonight was a dream come true.

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Why The Beach is the episode with the most interesting take on Azula’s character:

The first reason why I think so is because it’s the episode that finally humanizes her for good. Sounds funny since I just acknowledged she’s probably the instigator of a house-trashing, but I actually mean she was humanized by everything that happens beforehand.

So far, we’ve seen Azula constantly in control of everything. Whatever she wants, she gets. We’ve seen Azula on a mission, with goals in mind, being conniving and clever, but what haven’t we seen? Azula WITHOUT A MISSION. Azula with no goals in mind, no traitors to capture, no city to conquer. And what does Azula do when she has none of those things?

1. Takes her brother and friends on a trip to Ember Island.

2. Kicks down the sand castle of a pair of kids because SHE wants that spot in the beach, HAHA! (does it make me a bad person if I laughed at that scene? Okay don’t answer that…)

3. Sits around waiting for attention that won’t come, gets bored because there’s seemingly nothing to do until she finds a distraction: a Kuai Ball game! Which ends with:

Yep. When she’s bored she likes to find small battles and gain smaller victories than those she’d gained back in Book 2, but victories nonetheless :’D

In short, my point is: Azula doesn’t know how to have what anyone would call NORMAL fun. The mere idea is totally foreign to her. She will tear down castles and seize victories in small ways even in something like a ballgame. That’s Azula for you.

And as you can see, the same doesn’t apply to the others. Ty Lee attracts guys with ease, so she makes new friends quickly, Mai and Zuko are happily together (until he drops ice cream on her leg and tries to give her a seashell she thinks is dumb, oops). Azula, though? She’s at a loss. She’s alone. She came to this beach with her friends and brother, and ends up sitting by herself until she demands they join her for the Kuai Ball game.

That sets up a new theme, and sets up the tone or the entire episode: Azula wants to be able to attract guys and people the way Ty Lee does. She wants to have a relationship like the one Mai and Zuko have. She doesn’t understand why she doesn’t have those things and her friends do.

So this results in her making her way into Chan’s party, but doing so without revealing who she is. Without telling him how disrespectful he and his friend were by treating Zuko and her as they did. She doesn’t want him to know who she is because she’s as good as carrying out an experiment, which she states in the next scene: “But, for once, I just wanted to see how people would treat us if they didn’t know who we were.”

Azula wants to try her luck at making relationships without using her title to get away with it, but there’s also a factor that needs to be taken into account here: she’s not sure if people will like her if they don’t know who she is.

What this directly translates into: she fears that the people around her right now like her (if they do at all) only because she’s the Princess.

Zuko is her brother and he’s constantly antagonistic towards her (Azula is mean enough to him, true, but even then she shows certain signs of kindness to him that he NEVER reciprocates in the show), Ty Lee and Mai must have known her as the Fire Nation Princess first, as Azula later. So this episode marks the start of the doubts, the uncertainty about who she is and what she looks like in other people’s eyes: do these three really care about her for who she is? Or is it just her title that keeps them around her?

The idea that they only ever feared her would have meant her relationships with them are not genuine. And as I pointed out, none of her three companions was spending time with her and left her alone in the sand: from Azula’s point of view, they’re choosing to be by themselves (Mai and Zuko) or meeting new people (Ty Lee) over spending time with the very person who brought them to this trip!

So really, the signs are all over the place, and I seriously doubt Azula didn’t notice them. In fact, I think those signs are the very reason why she starts to wonder if she can make friends or even find a love interest without revealing who she is. This is experiment came both from second-guessing her current relationships and from genuine interest in discovering if she was likeable as she is or not. This also shows how deeply her loneliness was cutting at her in these stages of the show. The idea that she’d try to discover if people can like her for who she is, rather than for her position in the world, is a double-edged sword because of what it could reveal about her current friends.

I don’t like it when people erase this aspect of the episode because it’s basically erasing a part of Azula’s personality and character depth. It takes away her awareness of her imperfections, the realization that she has shortcomings that her father won’t care about, but they’re shortcomings that bother her regardless.

And this works with her breakdown, because she’d think her friends are still her friends, despite she’d suspect they’re mostly with her because of her title and not because they care about her. Because she’s always going to be Princess Azula, so if they’re just with her over that, she still gets to keep her friends nearby anyways. even if their friendship may not be as idealistic and sincere as she might have hoped it was.

When the certainty that they were her friends is pulled away from her, like a rug yanked from underneath her very feet, she loses her center and doesn’t understand what she did wrong. Being a Princess should have guaranteed that she’d keep her friends, right? It didn’t. And being herself certainly didn’t work either. In the end, Azula winds up alone because, as she had dreaded, none of the people she counted as her friends want to be around her for real. In the end, who’s to say they wouldn’t have acted like Chan if they hadn’t known she was the Princess? They probably would have recoiled from her since the very first moment all the same. And I have no doubt that’s one of the scars that cuts the deepest with the betrayal of Mai and Ty Lee: the realization that they would have acted just as Chan did if only her title hadn’t prevented that in the first place.

But back to the topic in question: her flirting with Chan is a genuine attempt of Azula’s to be likeable, nice… at least, that’s what she’s trying to be, the problem is she’s not very good at it :’D this is Azula out of her depth, making efforts to appeal to someone but for reasons unknown to her, it’s not working!

This of course results in her lashing out at Ty Lee, jealous that Ty Lee is successful in what she’s failing at “Come on, Ty Lee. You can’t be this ignorant. Those boys only like you because you make it easy for them. You’re not a challenge. You’re a tease. It’s not like they actually about you.” Azula’s apology here is genuine, but what a lot of people intentionally misplace is the object of her jealousy. Granted I can’t dictate what each person will headcanon, as I already said, but I think if Azula’s jealousy was OVER Ty Lee, she’d storm her way towards the guys around her and chase them away from her without a problem. She was just shown tearing down a sand castle to get the spot in the beach she wanted: would she mind Ty Lee’s feelings, or the feelings of the guys around her, if she wanted Ty Lee for herself? I think the evident answer is “no”, but I know the popular fandom theory says “yes”… can’t say I get along with most of the fandom’s popular theories anyways, tbh.

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In any case, Azula wants help. In fact, she needs it. Ty Lee does what she can, we see more of Azula’s social ineptitude as she laughs crazily and everyone looks at her (poor dear xD). But in the end she does all Ty Lee advised her, despite knowing it sounds shallow and stupid, all for the sake of figuring out if this good-looking guy could be interested in her. Thing is, shallow and stupid is just not Azula, at all. She was happy to try out if that would work, and heck, it got her a kiss, so being shallow and stupid seems to do the trick decently! But that’s not who Azula is. And that’s why, I think, the next part of the scene changes the mood completely: Azula leaves behind the shallow stupidity and tries to be her badass, ruthless, Princess conqueror self before the guy she likes!

… Which results in Chan running away. As we know.

Azula didn’t seem extremely upset by this, but the point is, her experiment has backfired completely. It did not pay off, and in fact, it confirmed what she dreaded: she can’t attract people while being who she really is. If she acts like an idiot, sure, that’s going to pay off! But when she’s herself? Nope.

The scene in the fireplace didn’t come out of nowhere. Azula’s confession that her mother thought she was a monster? Maybe it’s not something that’s crossing her mind 24/7 ever since she first gathered that from her mother’s attitude, or since Ursa said she was a monster (whether Azula inferred it or Ursa really said it, again, is subject of headcanons). But it’s something latent, something that torments her, probably something that keeps her up some nights. Is she really a monster? Despite her constant striving for perfection, is she a monster?

When she sees her brother has a relationship with a girl who loved him since they were children, who remained loyal to him to that day, she thinks she must be one. She has no such love interest, nobody who will sit tight and wait for her for years. When she sees Ty Lee attracts men and friends with ease while she can’t do the same, she thinks she must be one. Ty Lee has to get VIOLENT with guys to send them away, while guys literally run away from Azula upon the smallest glimpse of who she really is. Tbh, all people, pretty much, run away from Azula: Mai and Ty Lee sacrificed their friendship with her in a heartbeat, choosing Zuko and prison over her without a second thought. Zuko leaves to join the Avatar, becomes a genuine enemy of hers with that decision. Her father takes off to the Earth Kingdom and leaves her behind. She banishes everyone who works for her, and every single one of them leaves without a hitch. Her mother left ages ago, too. Her uncle doesn’t seem to give a damn about her, from what we’ve seen even during her childhood.

The thing is, she sees everyone leaves her, but they don’t leave her brother. Mai and Ty Lee remain friends, too, and eventually make new friends and relationships with relative ease. There’s even people in the comics, like Ukano, who are utterly loyal to Ozai. But to her? Is there ANYONE who cares so much about her that they’d face prison for her sake? That they’d start revolts and try to dethrone a king for her? Anyone who cares enough to teach her better ways than those she’s known, so she can finally have real, sincere, lasting relationships?

Canon-wise… the answer is simply no. And that’s heartbreaking, because that’s why Azula thinks she must be a monster.

The Beach can be seen as two things: humorous and funny, since you get to see the Fire Nation group are basically social inepts, or heartbreaking to no end, because throughout the entire episode, Azula tries to see if maybe she’s not the monster she thought she was. But what does she say at the fireplace?

But basically… simplifying The Beach and taking away its importance for Azula’s character arc is something I can’t really understand. As her fan, this episode stands out for me beyond all others because of the insight it gives about how complex she really is. The Beach does a lot of great things for her character, but two of them stand out for me: it establishes that she accepts she’s a monster, but it also establishes she really doesn’t want to be one.

“My own mother thought I was a monster. SHE WAS RIGHT, of course, but it still hurt.”

The Beach is amazing, but at the same time heart-wrenching, because Azula simply decides to embrace that she’s a monster after the events of the episode. She’s done trying to fight what she’s assumed is her true nature: her mother must have thought she was a monster for a reason, and after that day, she probably believes she’s never going to be able to prove her wrong. Because she thinks Ursa must have been right after all.

This episode establishes the internal struggles Azula is going through: her loneliness (which she thinks is what she gets for being a monster), how deeply scarred she is by whatever her mother did or said to imply she thought Azula was a monster, and the realization that she cannot, for the life of her, be like any of her friends. She can’t get guys easily like Ty Lee. She can’t be in a relationship like Mai and Zuko. So she might as well just stop trying and embrace what she is, right? Surely it can’t be that bad to be a monster, since it makes her successful as she is, and it makes Ozai proud of her…

Anyhow, this is my take on this episode, and why I consider it such a key element to Azula’s character. Why do I say it humanizes her, when the conclusion is that she accepts being a monster?

Because the sole fact that she tried to prove her fears wrong, to ascertain that her friendships were deeper than they actually were, was all in hopes to say her mother was wrong. What she really wanted was to prove she wasn’t a monster because, ultimately, she DOESN’T want to be one.

And to tell the truth, this episode proved to me that she isn’t one. She did her own set of wicked things, no doubt… but what I got from it is that she has no idea how to be normal because she’s been submerged in the very toxic environment of the Fire Nation Royal Family since the day she was born. While I consider this to be such an Azula-centric episode, Zuko as well acts out several times in the episode, trying too hard for Mai’s sake when she didn’t need/want him to, and then getting rabidly jealous over the fact that Mai was chatting with another guy. Zuko gets kicked out of a party, ZUKO. Azula didn’t get kicked out, he did. Why? Because Zuko as well has had such a messed up life, such messy upbringing, that he can’t act like a normal person just as much as Azula can’t.

And no, this isn’t supposed to be Zuko meta? But I’d like to point out that his relationship with Mai, while something I think Azula envies, is soooo very distant from perfect. Azula wants to have that closeness with someone, the way Zuko has it with Mai, but think about it: out of the canon Maiko scenes in the show, at least on five Zuko gets blown off by Mai because he’s being too angsty (The Awakening), too shallow (gives her a seashell and she doesn’t like it because she just doesn’t like that kind of junk), too sweet + awkward (brings her ice cream, drops it on her leg), too jealous (snaps because Ruon Jian was talking to Mai), too selfish (he left her a letter and just took off to become a traitor to the Fire Nation), you name it. To them, this relationship is FAR from perfect. The vast majority of their interactions include or end up in arguments.

And why is that? Well… you can blame it on either of them, you can even blame it on both, but I’m trying to focus on Zuko here: Zuko, as good-hearted as he may be presented, has no real idea how to carry out this relationship. Add to this that pleasing Mai is harder than pleasing anyone else… Anyways, my point is that Zuko as well has some social shortcomings that make him act out, react excessively, even act with cruelty (I mean, that spiteful “circus freak” he throws at Ty Lee, which Azula finds hilarious, was spoken with the very obvious intent to hurt her), and I have next to no doubts that it comes from the same thing Azula’s own social ineptitude comes from.

In any case, Zuko had the title of “failure” hanging over his head. His arc, in a sense, manages to prove that he was no failure, and so he becomes the most powerful man of his nation, changing the world with the Avatar’s help. Azula’s? She has “monster” hanging over her head, and the show only drives the nail deeper into the wall until it shatters. Unlike Zuko, who gets to prove everyone that they were wrong about him, Azula gets no such opportunity. Still believing she’s a monster, still believing she can’t grow out of that, Azula needs to be proven wrong about how she’s seen herself all along. She needs to know she’s not a monster. But until she actually grows to believe that, what The Beach brought up won’t go away. Her wounds are still open, and they need healing. Only time will tell if she’ll be healed at all.

Thoughts on 8x01
  • Once again this episode starts off with Dany shooting Jon glances, yet not having them returned. Tragic
  • The Northerners reactions to Dany riding up were gold. She looked so put off at not having people immediately bowing to her and I’m living for it
  • Missandei’s reaction as well was interesting. Wow they hate us
  • Dany’s self righteous smirk at people cowering from the dragons. Lovely, what a benevolent queen!
  • Jon hopping off his horse quick af without even thinking to offer Dany a hand because he’s so happy to be home and see his family. Lmao Aegon, who?
  • Sansa not having it with the empty flattery is my sexuality
  • Yeah, the Night King’s got a dragon now, good goin’ guys!
  • Dany standing off to the side looking super out of place during the meeting while Sansa and Jon sit side by side
  • Little Lord Umber’s introduction made me laugh
  • Sansa literally running this council meeting. Of course. She’s the only sensible one left in this gd series.
  • I’m not sure what you are. MORE PLS
  • I chose the North. Foreshadowing, perhaps?
  • Tyrion, sit your ass down. You’re not wanted in the North anymore than your queen is. Also the fact that he truly believes Cersei’s army is coming? I can’t believe the show has dumbed his character down to this extent. Smh. 
  • Dany’s face while Sansa’s bringing up extremely valid points. Sorry lady, while you’re out joyriding on your dragons, someone has to be an adult and think about the people.
  • Loving that the “apology” to Tyrion was more of a flippant oh, yeah sorry about that than something more heartfelt like the leaks were making it out to be
  • I CACKLED when I saw that Bran was still out in the courtyard. Like someone wheel his ass inside, it’s cold out here! Poor kid
  • I don’t think Jon meant that “Sansa thinks she’s smarter than everyone” line as a jab against her. To me it came off as an offhand joke and as other’s have already pointed out, I think it was more of a reflection of what Jon believes Sansa thinks of him than anything else.
  • Also the fact that he even had to ask Arya if she ever had to use Needle shows how he doesn’t realize that they’ve all changed so much and even after the last two seasons I think this is a major reason why he seems to forget how capable and smart Sansa really is. Jamie and Sansa aren’t the only slow learners, it seems
  • But with that being said, STARK SISTERS STICKING UP FOR EACH OTHER 2K19!!
  • I’m her family too. Poor insecure bb Jon. I think this line gives insight to a lot of his insecurities and why he and Sansa butt heads often. 
  • Don’t forget that. Serving those ‘Jon is a Stark and will always we a Stark’ vibes hard af!!
  • Cersei’s response to hearing the wall fell…honestly? Mood.
  • You want a whore, buy one. You want a queen…earn her. CERSEI!!
  • Tbh I almost feel bad for Cersei, it’s really her against the world at this point and her scenes in King’s Landing feel so lonely
  • Theon saving Yara!! Theon going North!!
  • I love that it’s Dany and Jon’s advisors talking marriage but not them. What a beautiful love story!
  • NOTHING LASTS while literally looking at Jon and Dany. Can’t get more obvious than that lmao
  • I get why people are pissed at Jon in that scene but it’s not like he can really throw down right then and there, he truly believes the dragons are the only way to win but y’ know I guess you could just chalk it up to bad writing
  • Dragons don’t like the North, hm? Well they don’t like you either, so there’s that. But seriously I’m kinda liking that bit. Dragons don’t do well in the North, they don’t belong there…Dany’s a dragon…do you see where I’m going with this?
  • The dragon riding scene wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. It’s definitely setting up the fact that Rhaegal is bonded to Jon now and it’s all happening before the parentage reveal gets out. Interesting.
  • I’ve already posted about this but DANY IS THE ONE THAT SAID THAT SHITTY 1000 YEARS LINE, NOT JON!! Lmao
  • Dany initiating the kiss, while sneaking in a reminder of her status over him. Classy
  • All I could think about during the kiss was how awkward it must have been for Kit and Emilia. Poor bb’s
  • Jon eyeing Drogon during the kiss!! I’M LIVING. It came off so gd menacing like Drogon doesn’t trust him or there’s definitely some animosity there
  • Arya and Gendry banter, cute!!
  • Jon and Sansa arguing? HERE FOR IT. I really liked the way Jon said “I brought home two armies and two dragons.” To me, it came off very much like he was saying I’ve done all of this, what more can I do to earn your approval. He needs to be validated by her so bad and it’s so precious. Also “she’s not her father.” Ten minutes later finds out she burnt a son and father together just like her father. That’s some goooood foreshadowing right there, mhm!
  • I wanted to cry for Sam. I felt so bad for him. And Dany was so cold throughout the whole thing, like she couldn’t spare an ounce of sympathy but let’s be honest, no surprise there. Also, all the antis who said sam’s not gonna care!! can suck my big toe
  • Anyone else get the feeling that Jorah might be torn here? He owe’s Sam, feels grateful towards him but now that Dany and Sam are at odds, Jorah’s gonna be caught in the middle of this. Super interested to see how that plays out
  • Jon being shocked at what Dany did because of course she didn’t tell him, they’ve had a total of like maybe seven conversations throughout the course of the entire show
  • That whole crypt scene was just odd to me. I felt like Jon was trying to rationalize to himself rather than to Sam why Dany wasn’t that bad and why he didn’t make a huge mistake in bringing her to the North because he honestly, truly believes the dragons are their last chance at survival. Doesn’t seem like someone trying to convince himself that his gf is a good person it seems like someone trying to convince himself that he didn’t acquire another threat in his quest to defeat the original threat. Poor guy just can’t catch a break.
  • Anyone else think that “Daenerys is our queen, that’s treason,” line sounded a little halfhearted or was it just me?
  • “You gave up your crown to save your people, would she do the same?” NO SHE WOULDN’T, WE LITERALLY SAW THIS HAPPEN IN SEASON 7!! THIS EXACT FUCKING SCENARIO!! 
  • Love how Jon doesn’t answer that with a resounding of course she would because he fucking knows she wouldn’t since he y’know LIVED IT 
  • The Night King is extra af making wall murals out of body parts, can’t you just send a raven or something? Sweet baby jesus 
  • Did anyone else feel like this episode was just kind of blah? Like it feels like they’re just trying to get the show over at this point, the parentage reveal was way lackluster and everything was just kinda eh. Maybe it’s because of the leaks, I don’t know but I sure hope the rest of the season will turn out better.