the only girl ive ever loved


Anon request: Fighting with Jungkook + drabble
It’s not the same as Yoongi’s but I thought this fit better. 
I am so sorry it has taken so long, it has been sitting in my drafts for weeeeks (ask you can tell by the date of the text) I am so sorry
I hope you like it! 

Jungkook x Reader
Warnings: Implied Smut
Words: 1250

You knocked once on the bathroom door and waited for a response. After receiving a text from Yoongi, you rushed out of the door and into the nearest taxi. Reading over the texts again and again, you felt your stomach twist as the guilt set in. Fuck, what had you done. The fact Jungkook thought he was a bad boyfriend made your heart squeeze into your throat. He was far from it, in fact he was the best boyfriend you have ever had, going above and beyond anyone ever had. Making you smile when you needed it, telling you that he loved you nearly every day even when he was on tour. He would always make you feel so loved and important and you couldn’t even let him off this one time. You were being selfish and you needed to fix it. You phone beeped with another text, this time from Taehyung.  

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First I fell for a junkie,
Then I fell for his ways.
He introduced me to the needle,
Had me spinning for days and days.

At first the high was amazing,
Until I realized i was on day four.
When paranoia, shakes, and cravings hit,
Bet I was straight laid out on the floor.

So when the junkie left for rehab,
My head instantly spiraled down.
And he told me, “you stay sober now,
You’ve got this, babe, don’t frown.”

I knew Her voice would be louder,
So much louder than any before.
But I told myself I could fight it still,
Even with arms all bruised and sore.

And now this junkie avoids her mirror,
Can’t even look in her own two eyes.
What has her pathetic life come to?
Revolving solely around that fucking high.

First I fell for a junkie,
Then I fell for his ways.
And not to my surprise I gathered,
There’s no escaping this deadly maze.

Because a junkie is a junkie,
And it doesn’t matter if we’re in love.
Because the only true love we’ve ever felt,
Came straight from this devil’s drug.

—  I guess one could say Me and T have a love/hate relationship (ael)
bts as parents

•probably has a little boy and girl
•the one that always! picks! up! their! kids! from! school!
•loves packing their lunches bc he loves helping out his s/o! he also loves cooking but we all know that
•"do well in school today! please don’t fail!“
•tries to be encouraging but its very kinda embarrassing
•like at soccer games or really any sporting event this man is yELLING YOUR CHILDRENS NAMES OUT
•he’s also the type of parent to always wanna tuck their kids in bed even when they’re grown
•overall wonderful parent 10/10 v loving

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i’m kinda pissy bc of people who haven’t even watched skam reduce it to a show about “cute white gays”.

season 3 of skam is literally the most realistic, beautiful and good portrayal of a gay character and a gay relationship i’ve ever seen. it’s the only tv-show i’ve seen that has a canon bipolar character, that’s btw very realistically written and doesn’t romanticize the depressive episodes he has, and makes a big deal out of making sure everyone knows his mentall ilness doesn’t make him crazy and doesn’t define him as a person, and in the end his mentall illness doesn’t stop him from having good healthy relationships. he gets a happy ending. also the only show i’ve ever seen where they mention pansexuality and talk about the differences between pan/bi. 

season 2 is also so very important, especially the whole rape storyline about the importance of reporting the person who raped you. the reports of rapists went up 30% in norway after that season aired, that’s so increadibly important. when eva breaks up with jonas & says this 

that’s the only time ive ever heard a female character say this on a show even tho its so common irl. the storyline about Vilde’s and Noora’s eating disorder and them helping each other out was so realistic and important. Skam is also a female driven show, the first two seasons surround a girl group of friends and listen, these female characters, they’re so good. so so so good, so realistic. they look realistic, they don’t always wear makeup and have their hair done, they make mistakes and they grown and learn. they take care of, help and love each other. they’re SO real, so so so real, and i’m so thankful for that. 

there’s so much more but bascially. skam is a really really really important show and the absolute most realistic portrayal of teens i’ve ever seen in any tv-show and/or movie. i do wish and hope that they will include more non-white characters (there’s only 3 so far and people who tell u that that’s just how it looks in scandinavia are literally lying lol) and tackle subjects like racism (they did very lightly dab into islamophobia tho, but yeah very lightly).

besides the important topics this show deals with, it’s one of the most detailed well written tv-shows i’ve literally EVER seen, it’s almost impossible to find a single plot hole. there’s amazing subtle symbolism. it’s visually stunning, every single shot planned out perfectly to showcase exactly what they want to show case. it has an amazing soundtrack and amazing actors, it’s honestly one of the most well made shows i’ve ever ever seen.  skam is also very uniqe in the way they release their clips/episodes since it all takes place in real time and all characters have their own social media, we get to see texts between the characters between the clips etc. this have never been done before and it’s really cool. but yeah basically, this is why i get pissed and a bit petty. skam is actually such an important well made show, don’t reduce it to some boring attempt to being “gay inclusive”, because that’s not this show at all.


hazy summer nights - for warm nights that seem endless and are full of hazy, tumbling thoughts 

neon baby - cuco; loner - kali uchis; fangs - matt champion; pink + white - frank ocean; degas park - kevin abstract; my kind of woman - mac demarco; lover is a day - cuco; honey - mariah carey; super rich kids - frank ocean; lottery - kali uchis; dreaming of you - selena; lust for life - lana del rey; forrest gump - frank ocean; cupid’s quiver - cuco; only girl - kali uchis

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I'm going to steal your girl

Okay well before you do that there’s something’s you should know…

She’s crazy and jealous and controlling and everything in between but that’s what I love because that’s how you know they care and are seriously terrified of ever losing you, so don’t get mad when she starts to get crazy because she just cares get mad when she stops getting jealous.

Being in love with her isn’t easy and it won’t ever be. I mean come on look at her there’s always gonna be that one slut who thinks she can take her away *cough cough you* and you’re always gonna have people complimenting her and trying to make you mad, and sometimes trust me it does get to you but. when you sit back and realize she’s yours and you get to kiss her and show her off and make love and be with her whenever you want it makes it all worth it.

Another thing, she’s the most easy and difficult to please at the same time.
She’s a cuddling person she LOVES to cuddle but she’s more a home body. I mean don’t get me wrong she loves going out and drinking and being with friends or going to the movies but she would prefer to stay in and watch movies and wrestle and be weird instead of parting which is one of my favorite things. But when she’s mad she’s mad she’ll tell you to “leave her alone” and “stop texting” her but she really means “bother me, bug me” show me you care because if you don’t she’ll think you don’t.

She’s needy af
Not saying that’s bad because it’s not also another thing I love, but she needs to be reminded that you love her, she needs to be reminded you still think she’s the most beautiful person inside and out or she starts to feel alone and unwanted and that’s the last thing that girl should feel.

Likes and dislikes.
She’s not really a chip eater nor is she a candy person but she likes watermelon sour patch and gobstoppers, she loves fruit snacks and the pretzel m & ms. she loves Powerade and green tea, she can literally drink a whole case of green tea by her self, she LOVES milk EW I know gross AF but she loves it, it makes her super sleepy so if she says she’s drinking it before bed be prepared for her to crash out with in seconds. She only likes drinking stuff from a clear cup so she can see, oh she has this baby blanket she CAN NOT sleep with out literally she can’t, she does this weird ass thing with her hands that’s puts her to sleep I know it’s weird but it’s cute when you see her do it. She doesn’t like using paper towels she likes using like rags I know that’s pretty weird too but it’s okay soon you’ll realize all these little weird things are the cutest things in the world, so you have to appreciate them. Her favorite song is runnin out of moon light by Luke Bryan. She loves her hair played with and her back rubbed big shirts and no pants. breakfast is her favorite meal and long hot showers, she loves the rain hates thunder. She’s a little complicated and will literally make her mind up and change it but also something to love.

She’s literally psycho
She’s gonna have temper tantrums and she gonna throw fit when she doesn’t get her way and when she’s mad she’s gonna be mad but she get over stuff so fast literally with in ten minutes, so let her chill and then but cute and kiss her ass but don’t tell her to chill it will make matters worse. I know she looks mean and tough but she’s the most sweetest softest huge hearted person I know she has a heart for anyone and anything and that’s what makes me love her so much more she has insecurities duh who doesn’t but reminding her always helps. She’s the most competitive person IV ever met so just let her win at something’s that’s what I do to keep her happy.

Call her babe or baby, text her randomly to tell her she’s beautiful, show up at her house with a small gift just because, make her feel like she’s the only girl in the world and will ever be. Neck kisses and being grabbed from behind are probably her most favorite things. She loves hickeys because she loves showing people she’s taken. Someone who understand who’s always and will always be there.

I know that was a lot but that’s not even half of what you think you would be getting your self into. she’s everything and nothing at the same time. how does that work? I don’t even know but I’m telling you right now this girl deserves the world and I intend to give her that.

I. We go out for a swim at night and I purposely touch my skin on his. I expect it to burn but I only felt my desire to love fading, fading.

II. We stand together and our shoulders kissed sometimes. He had a girl on his mind but when we separate half of his heart is already mine. But my heart is not his, it’s still mine.

III. I’ve never met eyes as sad as his and it seduced me. But as we talk I let his sadness consume me and I had to leave. I had to leave.

IV. He said he loved me once and ever since I’m trying to make him fall for me again. But he has moved on and I can’t risk loving someone who doesn’t love me.

V. I told him, “Don’t fall in love with me.” But I kinda wish he did. Kinda wish he broke the rules, broke my heart, and save it altogether. He didn’t.

VI. I want to put him on this list but I can’t find flaw. But we screwed up and I wish I was the one who end things but it’s him. Not me. He did.

—  owlandowly // all the boys I’ve tried to love but failed

I would write happy poems if we didnt love being in pain,
I never want to read about a girl who has it all,
who’s never known what its like to lose herself and never find her way back,
who’s held the world in her hands and didnt feel the fear of the people.

I would write happy poems if I didnt feel uneasy when good things happened,
I will forever turn every lovely moment into something dirty,
I deserve everything dead rose I’ve ever received,
and its all ive ever know
I only know those alive as unnatural

I would write happy poems but sadness comes so easily

—  Happy poems//kayla

the captain; a beth cassidy playlist

i. seventeen running from innocence like it’s a lion nipping at my heels ii. doll, you make them feel so small, and they love it iii. it’s a mean world that i’ve known, never got no good doing what i’m told iv. smart ass little girl, always on the run, playin’ with fire and daddy’s gun v. they only want you when you’re seventeen, when you’re twenty-one you’re no fun vi. i used to cry but now i don’t have the time, i used to be so fragile but now i’m so wild vii. life is unfair, kill yourself or get over it viii. all the fires i ever started can’t begin to warm me ix. once i wanted to be the greatest, no wind or waterfall could stall me, and then came the rush of the flood x. who’s gonna stop me when i’m coming through?


Hi everyone, sorry ive not been on here. Been busy and lots of things going on. Well its official, 3 months ago me and my daughter began a sexual relationship. It was her first time with another woman and she told me she had been very curious about girls, and had been fantasizing about me in particular. After we both confessed our feelings for each other we made love. It is the most satisfying sex ive ever had, not only are we lovers, we are in love. We even went on vacation as a couple, what a thrill it was to hold hands, dance, and kiss around people who had no idea we were mother and daughter. It really adds to the excitement. Id love to hear from other moms or daughters who have the same experience

tgd characters + social media:

-shao has all his accounts on private but his snapchat is thirst trap after thirst trap and parkour. his ig is for shoes and the occassional picture of the get down brothers. he always subtweets mylene even tho she blocked him ages ago. hes also flash’s party promoter, and is the first person to tweet about some funny (read: cute) thing zeke did. he also posts music recs once a month (either trap or 90s rap, some a$ap rocky too). hes got the les inferno twitter and ig #blockt

-zeke is looooowwkeey an ankh he follows all the big hotep instagrams and loves the picture of the naked black woman with the earth as her ass (y'all kno the one I’m talking about) but he doesn’t tell anybody. he has a link to his soundcloud on everything. posts black and white pictures of himself, the ny skyline, and flashes of mylene and shao. he tweets lyrics (half the time about mylene) and stories about ra geeking out over something (they interact the most over social media. every tbt post is about some wild shit he and ra got into when they were in middle school). he’s the receiver of all of shaos thirst traps

-mylene has the most followers out of anyone. her snapchat story is watched by dozens and is mostly her doing cute things around manhattan with yolanda and regina. her pictures on ig always look super professional (zeke took em lol) and she does the occasional look book. she has a youtube where she posts videos of her singing, and actually got a couple songs of hers on itunes. shes the biggest beyonce stan and has gotten a few of her tweets favorited by her. she also tweets advice and useful tips, but is always threatening to block people. subtweets about zeke’s buffoonery on a daily basis.

-yolanda is a big youtuber who mostly vlogs and does reviews, but will sometimes post a sketch video or two a month. her snaps are mostly of her brothers doing geeky shit and her cackling in the background. her vlogs are super personal without seeming super personal, and they’re funny as hell. wokest of the crew cause she calls out zeke’s lowkey hotepery. she rarely posts to ig because she feels like all her pictures are trash when they’re not, but when she does post she gets tons of likes.

-regina is p big on twitter. her stories and threads get thousands of retweets a day and she’s constantly getting sponsored. huge meme lord, and exposes uglies on a daily basis. her ig is all pictures of her and yolanda cause They Gay™. her snaps are wild but she actually doesn’t use sc that much compared to the others. she has a tumblr and its mostly new wave memes and aesthetic posts, but she’ll sneak in something really personal but feel guilty about it for some reason.

-ra is the second biggest meme lord. he runs a marvel/dc blog (his fave is probably iron man smh) and writes star wars fic. posted the pics of him dressed as Finn at comic con all over ig. he also posts vintage comic finds, and pictures of him and his brothers around the park. his tweets are always really insightful and deep, but he never realizes it until his notifications blow tf up. a video of him calling out someone who was bullying boo boo went viral and he doesn’t know how to handle it. his snaps are of zeke and him being goofy.

-boo’s name on everything is “booboothefool” and he mostly posts dancing videos on instagram. he’ll sometimes post a singing video, which surprises everyone every single time. he makes youtube poops even tho its 2016, and is mostly subscribed to prank channels. he is the third biggest meme lord, and probably lowkey a troll, but a chaotic good one.

-dizzee is an art hoe and only really uses ig, twitter, and sometimes tumblr but its rare. he mostly just posts pictures of his graffiti and he never shows his face in the pictures that are actually of him. he uses really funky filters too. his tweets are somehow more fake deep than zekes, and he calls everything An Experience™. probably obsessed with kanye west and is always live blogging his trash fashion show. he also posts a lot of music recs, but they’re mostly stuff from the 70s and 80s.

-idk who thor is but! he’s super lowkey about everything and only uses facebook to post his graffiti art and insightful quotes. comments on all of pakoussa’s posts and secretly keeps an eye on dizzee’s ig.

-that rich white punk girl stays in zeke’s dms, runs a black and white blog that’s mostly AHS: murder house gifs, posts gore on every account she has, tweets “#whitegirlsevolving” and snapchats herself twirling a butcher knife around her tiddies

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shipboys and 41?? pretty please

anything for you baby <3

nickelodeon: dude you would not believe the stream i just finished. best content ive ever made. the height of content production. im a mfing genius
sweet baby boy: nicolas you played with an anime girl facerig for an hour and a half. 
nickelodeon: ikr this kinda skill can only come naturally, also i’m beautiful. they love me
nickelodeon: anyway me and my beautiful face are hella bored
nickelodeon: they put you up in the room a couple halls down right
nickelodeon: wanna bang 
nickelodeon: brb 

Griffin just about drops his phone. It’s just autocorrect, he tells himself, it’s just a mistake Nick made typing and is going to come back, and laugh at, and fix. It’s nothing. 

But if it’s nothing, than why is his heart beating so fast, like it’ll fly out of his chest at any moment. Why can he feel a flush creeping up his face.

Why does even the thought of it turn his whole body into a live wire? 

He had put it off as imagined, but now the events of the past few days streamed back. He had thought Nick was acting a little strange this time, letting his gaze linger just a little long when he looked at Griffin, walking with just a little more swing in his hips in front of Griffin, biting at a pink lip when Griffin moaned exaggeratedly at a particularly good headshot in one of the games they had tested. But no. It was just wishful thinking. It couldn’t be - 

Could Nick want him, too? 

A sudden rush of impossible bravery rises up in Griffin, and he picks his phone back up and pulls the chat back up with shaky fingers. 

sweet baby boy: nick baby you know i love you but if we’re gonna do this we gotta get ourselves a safeword ;)

He hits send before he can think better of it and leans back, face in hands. Okay. So he did that. A little joking, a little serious, neutral enough to go either way, solid enough to be a decision if Nick was flexible. Or at least he hoped. 

nickelodeon: back sorry, someone had the wrong hotel room 
nickelodeon: WHOOPS haha *hang
nickelodeon: damn autocorrect amirite
nickelodeon: wait
nickelodeon: what 

Oh shit. Griffin’s stomach drops. He knew this was a bad idea, he knew he shouldn’t have been so playful - he’s fucked up bad now. His mind whirls as he frantically tries to come with a response that’ll fix this somehow, that’ll ease Nick’s mind - 

nickelodeon: griffin are you serious
nickelodeon: holy shit 
nickelodeon: dude i… didnt think it was gonna happen like this but i mean
nickelodeon: any opportunitys a good one yeah? 
nickelodeon: doors unlocked, if you wanna come over whenever

What the fuck. If Griffin was shaken before, he’s floored now, head spinning as his brain tries to wrap itself around the words that appear, impossibly, before him. 

Nick wants him back. 

Nick has left the door unlocked to his hotel room, the room where he sleeps, where his bed is, for him

Oh god. 

sweet baby boy: i’m on my way.



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favorite met gala look?

i have never watched the met gala and my knowledge of it begins and ends with tumblr and taylor swift. so honestly the only met gala outfit ive ever gone “WOAH THAT’S COOL I LOVE THAT” is:

BECAUSE LIKE GODDAMN THAT’S SO FREAKING COOL?!?!? AND IS ACTUALLY CREATIVE ABOUT THE THEME?!?!? like everyone was deadass in like some strange variation of “i look like a 1970s silver robot” but this girl was actually creative about, oh idk, actual technology?????

heartqche  asked:

ive been looking for a five? im sorry i don't really remember it but like blue and lance get really close and lance is only ever around blue? he doesn't really talk to the team either, and blue is the only girl lion? lance can like talk to blue too. the team confronts him and blue gets super protective??? it was on ao3 and i can find it anywhere it's making me so mad i stg!!! please help!!! thank you, i love ur blog 💗

(Pt 2, poorly formatted bc I’m on mobile: gosh i sent my ask yesterday but i also remember lance having a sister who died in a car accident and his dad blamed him? he like disowned him and he had to live with hunk. it was rlly long though?? sorry these are like a lot of spoilers for people who havent read it but i cant find it anywhere i’ve been looking for WEEKS!!)

I could’ve sworn I’d seen something to do with the first part of your ask but I can neither recall that one nor any with the added details :’( I’m sorry,,you gave a whole ton of helpful info too; maybe someone else here knows? [Edit: kyasuu in the replies suggests Finding Your Place by Ninke_A? :O]

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the lack of good depressed messy gays in media is what still attaches me to homestuck if only media creators could give me a gross messy butch with depression who loves girls and has angst relating to her parents maybe i could let terezi and rose go but right now they are all i have that isn't like ten levels of subtext and meta ive projected onto a character but isnt canon

yes. exactly. dont get me wrong i appreciate the Soft Perfect Gay Girls because they are exquisite and im only human but nothing will ever rip me away from terezi “rewrites history for her gf because she’s a fucking mess without her” pyrope, gay icon

SIDE A: Only a Little Bird

If I am ever a queen, I’ll make them love me

i. Never Grow Up, Taylor Swift // ii. Paradise, Audrey Couch // iii. Young God, Halsey // iv. She Does Not Brave the War, My Brightest Diamond // v. Castle, Halsey // vi. Tied Together with a Smile, Taylor Swift // vii. Hotel California, Bely Basarte // viii. Daniel in the Den, Bastille

Side B: You Can’t Frighten Me

I am stronger within the walls of Winterfell

i. Daniel in the Den, Bastille // ii. Cinderella, the Cheetah Girls // iii. Goodbye Alice in Wonderland, Jewel // iv. Dear John, Taylor Swift // v. One Foot in Front of the Other, Emilie Autumn // vi. Fighter, Christina Aguilera // vii. One Girl Revolution, Superchick // viii. I Want My Innocence Back, Emilie Autumn // ix. This Little Girl, Cady Groves // x. Crushed and Created, Caitlyn Smith // xi. Girl, Tori Amos // xii. Seven Nation Army, Melanie Martinez

This just in

I think I’m bi