the only evidence that proves it

Hamilton Gym AU

A mess of beautiful tiny headcanons that Sid and I bounced around with each other that somehow spiraled into a gym centered universe. Thanks to this post for bringing @thomasjeffer-sin and I together. 

  • Jefferson wears basketball shorts and tank tops with his arm holes cut all the way down the side.
  • Totally buys them that way, even though they’re somehow more expensive than tank tops with more fabric on them because #fashion
  • Plus it shows off his arms while also giving everyone in the gym a peak at his abs
    • Not like he doesn’t take strategic breaks to wipe his sweaty face with said shirt to reveal his abs but he’s not gonna admit to it.
  • He will admit to being addicted to Instagram and snapchat—but only because there’s photographic evidence of copious gym selfies
  • One photo pre-work out and then another photo post-work out because he enjoys seeing his tanks stained with sweat to prove just how hard he pushed himself
    • also another photo to show a smoothie w/ pre-work out in the mix
  • Sometimes he has those track shorts and everyone is just like *eyes emoji* dem thighs tho
  • He just wants everyone to know that he’s got a hot body under all of his fancy colored suits
  • He’s half there for attention and half there because he’s super strict with himself about his body and staying in shape because maybe he’s insecure about himself otherwise
  • Madison acts like his hype man but DANG. He’s always around Madison and ALWAYS comparing himself to Madison. Like Madison is just like naturally built??? To hold so much muscle??? They went to the gym together once and Jefferson was just floundering trying to keep up.
  • Madison probably has his bad days with his health stuff but when he does go to the gym Jefferson is blown away like can you not?? How can you have this much stamina but also need to have low activity days. But even on days he doesn’t work out Madison sometimes tags along to spot him.
  • Lafayette and Jefferson would start going to the gym together out of convenience. Like one day they show up at the same time and they normally don’t talk outside of the gym but they’re both there so they might as well. And then they’re going to the gym together purposefully, spotting each other, giving each other work out tips. And then they’re joking around outside of the gym. And in whatever gym-centric universe this is that’s how they became buds.
  • Can we talk about Lafayette being a good spotter… Of beautiful guys around like gym like wowie Jefferson did you see that guy’s ASS?
    • And Jefferson is like “Oh my God, no” and then quietly follows said person with his eyes in the gym mirrors because #denial
    • The muscular men they watch together. The muscular men they become together.
  • Also you know Laf gives Jefferson shit about the open-side tanks he wears. Teases him relentlessly about them.
  • They come to an Understanding at the gym and they can be gym rat buddies.
  • Hamilton can’t handle them. Like once they get really buddy-buddy, like so friendly it overlaps into office life, he’s just like ??? When? How?
  • Thomas also probably has a literal forehead sweat band with some dumb text on it but then the next day he offers Lafayette one and he accepts it even though he’s made fun of him for it, too
  • And Lafayette probably encourages him with cheat days. Fucking mac and cheese.
    • (HERE’S WHERE I DIED Sid killed me with that one RIP)
  • He makes ^ that a slogan on a custom take top (ft. deep arm holes) for Jefferson. It’s bright neon yellow.
  • Lafayette gets his own tank top and it probably says Guns & Ships on it to point out all those arm days (and cheesy Hamilton reference…)
  • Hercules probably has a HUNK-ules shirt 
    • He’s also a beast at the gym no one tries to compete with his deadweights 
    • And also I feel like he’s the Originator of the headbands.
  • John is probably just a cardio and light weights guy? Maybe a swimmer?
    • Swimmer John 100% I can get behind swimmer John very much. Much shoulders.
    • Another thing that works: Boxer!John
    • Boxer and Swimmer John Laurens
  • So Alex starts feeling Left Out by his friends like why the fuck do you all go to the gym?? 
  • Alex doesn’t get why everyone is just gyming it up for some reason. He can’t wrap his head around it. He’s much more content to not get involved in that until he’s texting people for plans to hang out and everyone is at the gym and he’s alone in his room like #why
  • John tries to invite him down to the pool to swim with him “Come on! It’s relaxing! You need to learn to unwind!”
    • But Ham probably doesn’t enjoy swimming if its in bodies of water taller than him. He needs to be able to touch the bottom and doesn’t find doing laps in a giant pool and nearly drowning relaxing. Sweating is not relaxing. Sitting and reading is relaxing. How is picking up heavy things relaxing? How does John even hold his breath for that long? (Heh. Well u see…)
    • John is like “there are lots of positives to going to the gym…” and Alex is like “I get the whole health thing, but I’m still not convinced” and John starts telling him about how attractive everyone is at the gym and Alex just says “Can I borrow a sweatband?”  
  • Meanwhile Burr’d be so chill about the gym as opposed to the other guys
    • He slowly works his way up to hard stuff. Lifts way less than he can actually lift just to make sure he doesn’t push too hard too fast. Eventually works his way up to what the other boys are lifting but has far fewer complaints about soreness. Makes sure to do a bunch of stretching before he does anything. And his cool-down routine is like half of his gym visit. Really into yoga and shit.
  • YOGA BURR!!!! (Alex will call him Yogi Burr the little shit)
    • He wears leggings and soft cotton shirts and he’s beautiful. So centered. So handsome.
    • Burr’s tank top would say…. Reppin’ Sexy
    • Uses that upper body strength to do poses like this
    • Also: Burr being a beginner’s yoga instructor to make extra money
  • All the Schuyler sisters probably do yoga along with Burr—at least Eliza
    • Eliza and Burr yoga friendship!!!
    • They have their little yoga mats and they sit by each other in class and they work on their flexibility together.
    • Peggy could be a swimmer too I don’t see her as much of a yoga person for long because she needs to be moving.
  • And then one day the boys finally drag Alexander to the gym and insist he tries yoga 
  • Hamilton probably can’t even touch his toes and either way spends the entire time watching Burr
    • his arms his legs his ass his abs when his shirt rides up…
  • Burr’s face is so calm yet serious, he’s focusing so hard and is in the ZONE it’s like he doesn’t even realize he’s making it impossible for others to focus
  • T A L K LESS M E D I T A T E MORE !!! (aka Burr’s new tank top)
  • Burr probably kicks Ham out because Ham can’t sit still or stay quiet and he will not have his Space ruined
  • also side note: all of the Schuyler sisters’ yoga gear is the color of their respective dresses.
    • They all have WERK shirts
  • After the yoga fiasco, Ham goes into the main gym and he is Intimidated but catches sight of someone lifting their shirt to wipe their face (u know that move) and holy hell those glistening abs and then the guy drops the shirt and it’s Jefferson and Hamilton almost runs out–he CANNOT
  • Imagine: Hamilton agreeing to swim with John to hide an unfortunate boner. (For Burr. For Jefferson. For Both.
    • John totally catches on, too. “Alex, why don’t you try a back stroke? Your face would be out of the water the whole time so it’d be nearly impossible to drown.” “Enough, John.”
  • Bonus:
    • Lafayette probably has one of those at home pull up bars that go on the door
    • Laf leaves it up when he knows Hamilton is coming over just to get at him and Hamilton’s like MAN take a BREAK.
    • He probably lifts Hamilton up just so he can reach it but there’s no way he can actually pull himself up
    • Alex would just hang on it for as long as he could like “I can handle this. I’m getting ready. I’m about to do it.” And Laf is like “I’m not judging you. You can hop down if you want.” And Ham’s arms and hands are burning and he’s like “No I’m gonna do it.” Then John comes up from behind him and pokes his sides and Hamilton is forced to drop because John is a dirty side poker.

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I think for Sasuke action speaks louder for him then words could ever, thats why him and Sakura got together, not from a speech or how he told her how much he cares but from his actions. He is willing to kill for her, his resolve was shaken by her confession the second time and he did the forehead poke, something only Itachi ever did. I agree SP fucked up alot but honestly even in the manga it was always Sasuke action that spoke true to what he really felt for Sakura.


I kinda made a post that touches on this topic a while ago, so let me just reiterate what I said:

People always use Sasuke’s calm and collected demeanour as evidence to suggest he doesn’t care, which just shows how little they understand him. There’s more than enough evidence to prove he cares about his wife.

IN Gaiden when they reached Orochimaru’s hideout, Sasuke certainly seemed to be in a hurry to get the information necessary to go and find Sakura as soon as possible.

He’s shown to be recklessly rushing through the hideout here:

He’s shown to be very agitated and low on tolerance in this scene, further emphasised by the hiding of his eyes:

His patience is once again shown to be running very thin during this scene, he definitely wants to leave as soon as possible:

He actually shouts at Naruto and Sarada here, not just because he was concerned for Sarada’s safety, but also because it was more valuable time being lost:

But despite wanting to save Sakura as soon as possible, that doesn’t mean Sasuke views her as some damsel who can’t take care of herself. He knows more than anyone how capable she is:

But just because he knows that she can take care of herself, doesn’t mean he can’t be concerned about her, as any loving husband would:

So yeah, Sasuke’s actions in those scenes certainly revealed a lot regarding his sentiments towards his wife ^_^

Bite Marks Trap A Killer

When serial killer Ted Bundy broke into a Chi Omega sorority house and brutally assaulted two students, he left behind a damning piece of evidence that would eventually send him to the electric chair.

Bite marks on Lisa Levy’s buttocks were carefully photographed and measured during autopsy, and forensic odontologist Dr Richard Souviron noticed the unusual set of the offenders lower incisors; they were sharply angled out of line with the rest of the teeth, and they left a distinct mark on the dead womans skin. Souviron realised this unique feature could trap the vicious killer, and alerted police departments around the country to the bite pattern, hoping to find a match.

It worked. Officials in Utah matched the teeth impression from the victim to Ted Bundy, who had escaped custody some time before. When Bundy was eventually caught and put on trial, prosecutors successfully proved he could have been the only man who left the bite marks on Lisa Levy. This damning evidence totally demolished Bundy’s assertion he was innocent, and he was sentenced to death.

The Commemorative Photo scene took place before The Banquet scene

I write this as a follow up to my recent meta about Yuuri doing better than we all thought during his Short Programme at the Sochi Grand Prix final. A lot of people had some really interesting feed back so I decided making a new post would be the best way to address a main point.

This takes place before the banquet

It has to. Point of evidence number one:

They’re still in their tracksuits, with rink passes. There’s no other real reason they’d still be wearing them if they’re literally just about to depart for America.

Point of evidence number two:

Viktor is giving Yurio skating advice here. Why would he wait for at least a day afterwards, post banquet, to give him this advice?

Point of evidence number three:

This establishing shot shows not only that they’re at the rink still, but also the time, proving this all went down right after the bathroom scene.

Now, the banquet.

Viktor is looking at Yuuri, and though it may be just because he looks sad, it could also be from recognising the photo incident.

Side note: I know people picked up on it in my last post but in no way am I saying Viktor literally didn’t recognise Yuuri. His words to Yuuri certainly suggest that he’s talking to a fan, but we have Yuuri as a hugely unreliable narrator who probably took Viktor’s words in a ‘he doesn’t recognise me’ way.

With that in mind, let’s reimagine what went down right here:

In my mind, Yuuri is totally going to go confront Viktor about ‘not remembering him’

We see from Viktor’s phone that Yuuri is totally up in his grill I mean just look at him.

And we all know how that confrontation turned out

I hope this post cleared up some things as I can’t reply to you all individually!


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Until recently, I though my ramblings about Ryan Even and Chad Danforth just the crazy fantasies of a 17 year old mad woman. But I have come to the conclusion, that everything I believed was correct. Not only is Ryan and Chad both gay, but they are in love.

Now, I can’t make such an absurd statement with absolutely no evidence, that would be ridiculous. I’m not asking you to believe me when all I had to prove my statement was a gif of Chad VERY OBVIOUSLY checking out Ryan, but I believe that once all my evidence has been accumulated, no one will be able to dispute that Rychad is a romance that rivals that of Romeo and Juliet, Jack and Rose, and Edward and Bella. 

1. Any bright person who’s ever watched HSM will notice that there is no doubt that Ryan is very very gay. But why has he never come out? He seems to have no problem acting very stereotypically homosexual, he is in a community at school that is known to be more open to people of that sexuality, and he is a very self confident person? Is Ryan just shy? No. Ryan is still closeted to protect, not himself, but his lover. Chad. 

2. Chad is a masculine, jock, sporty kind of guy. There is no stereotypical evidence to support that he might not be straight. (Because OBVIOUSLY everyone who is gay HAS to, by law, at gay). But what if his masculinity is his way of hiding his sexuality. He’s in a high school, a very hard time in someone’s life to come out, it is reasonable to believe that his adversary to Troy breaking the traditional straight, cis-gendered, masculine role could be because he himself has not accepted his attraction to men. 

3. Chad plays basketball to see other men nude in the showers? Maybe.

4. If you believe, and are as drawn to, the “opposites attract” trope as I am, you’ll see that Chad and Ryan are a perfect match. Ryan- a flamboyant, singer and dancer and Chad- a traditionally masculine jock is not only that perfect example of opposites uniting to find a balance of their interests (as seen in “I Don’t Dance”, but is the perfect basis for a Disney love story. 

5. After a flirtatious dance number between Chad and Ryan in HSM2 (I Don’t Dance), the two are seen with arms around one another…. IN EACH OTHER’S CLOTHES. (

#Supergirl "Luthors"

There’s just a few things I want to say about the episode.

Kara isn’t mad no one believes In Lena. She is mad no one believes in HER when she says she Lena isn’t evil. That they don’t trust Kara enough to back her no matter what the evidence says. Kara is the only person who hangs out with Lena, yet everyone else thought they knew Lena better, simply because she is a Luthor. James immediately believes she’s evil, even trying to prove it. “See Kara I was right you were wrong” is what James was aiming for. Going as Guardian instead of with backup shows that it was selfish. Thats not what friends do. Maggie took the evidence face value and arrested her. She is a cop so its her job, but telling Kara to stay out of it was still against Kara’s faith in Lena. It took a while because he is a soldier, but J'onn believed the evidence. And Winn barely tried to go over the video for errors. Mon-el didn’t really care because he was too worried about what Kara thought of him to even ask about how Kara felt. You don’t just go around smashing concrete blocks in anger for no reason. Only person who didn’t question Kara, or say nothing negative against Lena, was Alex. Because she knows Kara, and believes in her. Lena is the same. She doesn’t question Kara, and only truly cares about Kara’s opinion. Kara is a TRUE hero. She doesn’t let her personal feelings get involved. She even let Livewire go because she saw good in her. An actual bad guy. Lex tried to kill Clark, and she STILL believes in Lena. Lillian had Kara kidnapped and tortured, and she STILL believes in Lena. She saw a video of Lena with the kryptonite heart, AND SHE STILL BELIEVES IN LENA.

Lena didn’t think anyone was on her side, ready to run away alone from everything, which is why she was so shocked that Supergirl came, and why Supergirl immediately says “Kara Danvers believes in you.” Kara knew Lena needed to hear it. When it comes to Lena, the lines between Kara and Supergirl are becoming blurred.

As for the end scene, I believe that Lena knows Kara is Supergirl. Its in her offhand comments. “I am human after all, some steel in that Texas wheat.” But Katie McGrath is so good at this type of role, that it seems on the surface Lena is mysterious and unfeeling and maybe still on the fence of good/evil, but I believe that she is planning ahead on how to protect Supergirl. She truly loves Kara and will do anything to protect her. Lillian is still out there and she will do what it takes to stop her. “Don’t hurt her!” She was about to jump in front of Supergirl but Hank stopped her. She knows. And she cares. And Its beautiful.

I think what makes Kara and Lena so frustrating is that there is clearly love there, but the writers expect us to read between the lines. Giving us these scenes of “I looked into her eyes,” and “My office is overflowing with flowers.” I love my friends, but that isn’t a friend thing. At all. You can fight me on that. This isn’t fair to the fans at all, especially with such an amazing storyline.

Oh, and dunno if anyone caught it, but when Metallo exploded, he yelled Kara.

Why Steve Rogers is Actually a Big Dork Who Needs to be Squished in a Giant Bear Hug (because he's just that adorable): A Photographic Essay

Evidence #1:

He sings a merry tune while jumping out of a high-rise window, as you do…

Evidence #2:

He pairs boxers with cowboy boots…

Evidence #3:

He totally rocks the cute animal aprons…

Evidence #4:

He gently teaches that to assume makes an ‘ass’ out of 'u’ and 'me’ in the traditional, time-honored way, via mindf*ck…

Evidence #5:

He cracks old man jokes…

A lot…

Evidence #6:

His curiosity about the new century he finds himself in knows no bounds…

Evidence #7:

He likes to preserve his modesty, thank you very much (but as above boxer panel proves, this only extends to when he’s wearing tighty whities)…

Evidence #8:

He’s mastered the art of the facepalm, aka he can’t even…

Evidence #9:

Okay, so he’s a bit of a momma’s boy…

And lastly…

Evidence #10:

He designed the Nomad costume all on his very own (right down to picking out the all-weather fabric in somber tones)…

…The defense rests.

@Trump Fans

You spent 16 months accusing someone of being a war criminal and traitor based on zero evidence and in disregard of numerous investigations proving no culpability.

So don’t even waste your breath asking me for sources.

Your great white hope is a traitorous commie lickspittle, hell-bent on destroying the American way of life, and he only got elected by cheating, breaking the law, and giving Putin a couple of sneaky blowies for the favour.

Lol…your great hero come to save your country is a traitor in bed with the guys who were your goto bad guys before you got Arabs to hate on.

Sucks to be you.

Rape Exceptions are bullshit 100%.

Now that I’ve been pregnant from someone who’s sexually assaulted me, I see even more how rape exceptions for anti-abortion laws are bullshit. 

1. What if they don’t want to report their rape? Will that be mandatory? 

2. What if the trial ends in a draw? Not enough evidence to convict the rapist. Do you not allow her an abortion since “we can’t prove it, and she might be lying.”?

3. What if the trial is taking too long. The baby would be nearly due by the time it’s decided. Do you go on an arrest? Even though only 12% of rapes end in one?

4. What if they had consensual sex at an earlier date, and the fetus could be from that conception?

5. What if they had consensual sex at a much earlier date, but were raped by them later? Would you allow them to abort since carrying a fetus from a rapist, even if the pregnancy was from a consensual act, is traumatic?

It’s scary. If these laws were in place I would likely not be able to get an abortion. 

Lawmakers know this. They know it won’t end up with most rape victims getting the abortion care they need. They can look good to the women who want to make sure they or others have a safety net in that case, but would be content forcing someone through pregnancy in other cases. 

Things I wish someone on Tumblr would make

A guide for what people should do when they’re caught between two people/friends who are each claiming the other is an abusive person, which almost always boils down to an actual abuse victim and their abuser who is lying and trying to make their victim look as bad as they are/even worse than they are to turn people against them.

Like, I’ve only been in the victim’s position, but I can imagine how confusing it must be to be the person caught in the middle. Like, how do you know which person is telling the truth? Is it reasonable or is it insensitive to ask for either side to prove their claim, especially when you don’t know which is which? (I feel like asking the victim for hard evidence of their abuse is cruel and puts doubt before support, and often - especially in cases of emotional abuse - it’s really hard to point to a specific instance when the abuse is more an unhealthy and one-sided drain that develops over time than individual instances of shocking behavior. But then how do you catch the abuser in their lies unless they have no evidence for them? What happens if the abuser fabricates evidence?)

Meanwhile, I continue to believe that maintaining contact with both parties is unhealthy and does damage to the victim while supporting the abuser.

Messages sent to the victim by friends and acquaintances maintaining contact with the abuser:

’No one cares what happened to me; no one believes what happened to me; my suffering means a lot less than their relationship with my abuser does; my abuser is better liked than I am, even after everything they did to me; I can’t help being upset about what happened to me and it’s making me look worse than my abuser does; I’m not really safe with my friend, because my abuser is part of their social circle and I never know where they might be or how they might be poisoning this water hole against me; how am I supposed to feel when my friends are still happily engaging with the person who hurt me?’

Messages sent to the abuser by friends and acquaintances maintaining contact with the abuser:

’People still like me, I can’t have done anything that bad; clearly my so-called victim is overreacting; my side of this break-up (may not be a romantic relationship, but some sort of relationship has broken down here) is as valid as theirs; people like me just as much as they like them; there’s no problems with my behavior; having non-abusive relationships proves that the fault lies with the person I abused, otherwise ALL my relationships would be abusive!; even if I’m wrong, my so-called victim is just as wrong, so they bear as much responsibility for this as I do; it doesn’t matter to these friends how I treat other people, so long as I treat THEM well they’ll continue to support me.’

However…I don’t actually know how people caught in the middle are supposed to be able to tell which side to believe! In the few cases where I’ve known someone who’s been emotionally abused by someone else, I was only friends with the victim or I was a fellow victim of the same person, so I’ve never been caught between mutual friends with different stories and no way to know which side is which. But it’s a situation that’s come up often enough with myself on one side and my abuser on the other that I find myself wondering “well, how is anyone supposed to know which of our stories to believe?”

I feel like there must be some guidelines out there, but hell if I know what they are. It can’t just boil down to blunting your edges of your anger and your pain to try and out-charisma an abuser who’s got charisma enough to pull people into abusive cycles in the first place, can it? Or just trying to be a reasonable, understanding human being in exactly the way abusers have trouble doing? It feels like the onus shouldn’t be on the victim to pretty up themselves and their narrative to be as palatable as possible, when we already know it really happened and had to suffer through it, but it’s the only thing I’ve found so far. Make the truth as appetizing as possible or people will swallow the fancy lies first. I’ve seen so much advice about how to recognize abuse and how to treat survivors and stuff of that nature, but nothing about ‘how to discern victim from abuser when they’re both claiming abuse’, which is odd because a lot of abusers go straight for defamation of character when the victim breaks off the relationship.

You know, something that hase been bothering for a while (and i havent stopped thinking about it until last night when i finally realized what was it) is that the only reason Ladynoir patrols are canon is because Thomas said they were.

And nothing else.

There’s no evidence in the show that they do patrols. There’s nothing that can prove that patrols are something LB and CN do.

In fact, every time that there are akuma battle, Chat is very much happy when those happen because he can see Ladybug, but why would he crave those moments if they have patrols? Unless they dont talk or do patrols alone.

And there’s not like they cant at least mention them in the show. Something as easy as “see you on patrol” or “you said that on patrol” or “you can tell me that on next patrol” can be done without showing the patrol itself

tbh I hope that the patrols are at least mentioned in season 2. Even with the *SPOILERS* new holders, just a 1 second line would not hurt anybody.

I'm tired of people saying that racism doesn't exist in America anymore...

Racism is black men being 50% more likely to die from an encounter w police or 33% more likely to die from gun violence
racism is a president who said “look at my African American” or “I have a great relationship w the blacks” or continuing to say that 3 black men were guilty of murder and rape even though DNA evidence proved other wise
Racism is people voting for him anyway and basically telling people of color that they don’t care about their problems, and are willing to over look it
Racism is Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon being in the cabinet
Racism is David Duke and the KKK endorsing the president and his actions
Oppression is people of color, especially women of color making up only 8 percent of congress
Oppression is legislators actively trying to allow people to discriminate against others
Privilege is being able to read this and deny or ignore it
Representation and awareness isn’t putting one race on a pedestal, it only looks like it because people of color have been oppressed and discriminated against for so long that the pursuit of equality only looks like it.

Ok but just imagine Leo and the Stolls reeking absolute havoc in camp. Like between Leo’s craftiness with inventions and the Stolls ingenious prank ideas, there is not one day where something does not get set on fire. Even though everyone knows it’s them, they can never prove it was those three, the only evidence of them being behind it is there huge, obnoxious grins, at the end of the day.


Vincent van Gogh’s display at Les XX, 1890 in Brussels is an important testament to the recognition he received amongst avant-garde peers during his own lifetime. Participation in the annual exhibition of Les XX was for members and by invitation only. Van Gogh’s choice proves that he was going for more than a simple selection of paintings he considered superior, but that he was willing to provide a well reasoned summary of his years of work in Provence.

Evidently this notion remained neglected, and even more. it was washed away by the scandal his works provoked. Then the same works were again shown at the annual exhibition of the Artistes Indépendants in Paris which offered space for an expansion of the display - this was done by Theo van Gogh, the brother of Vincent, who was suffering from long lasting mental problems.

In November 1889, Van Gogh selected six of his paintings, all size 30 canvases, to be displayed at Les XX, in 1890. On the back of the letter of invitation from Octave Maus, dated November 15, 1889, there is a pencil sketch that gives some hints for the display Van Gogh proposed, and for its artistic background. His reply to Maus, dated November 20, 1889, supplied the titles later printed in the catalogue, but did not point out the arrangement he intended:

1. Tournesols - Sunflowers
2. Tournesols - Sunflowers
3. Le lierre - Ivy
4. Verger en fleurs (Arles) - Flowering Orchard (Arles)
5. Champ de blé; soleil levant (Saint-Remy) - Wheat Field, Sunrise (Saint-Rémy)
6. La Vigne rouge (Mont-Major) - Red Vineyard (Mont-Majour)

Fortunately, the missing information can easily be compiled from other parts of Van Gogh’s correspondence; there is now agreement that Van Gogh’s exhibit can be reconstructed in the order of paintings above.

What I like the most about Kenny Omega is how sincere he makes everything out to be. Obviously he’s an incredible athlete with an insane amount of skill but pro wrestling is all about telling a story right? He tells stories with such conviction, it’s amazing to watch him work or even hear him talk about the business we love so much.

The current hiatus he’s on is further evidence of his brilliance I think. It’s relatable too. We’ve all been in situations where we’ve put a lot of time and effort into something only to fail. To fall flat on our ass and then get bummed out and re-think the future. That’s what he’s portraying right now and it’s caught all of our attention in one way or another and it makes you genuinely feel for the guy.

It’s literally the most believable thing in pro wrestling today in my opinion and just proves, without a shadow of a doubt, why he’s one of the elite.

To those trying to demonize Maggie for arresting Lena Luthor on tonight’s episode. I have a couple of things I would like to point out.

One: Maggie Sawyer is a cop. A detective. She’s doing her job. The evidence is there in front of her to inform her that Lena committed a crime. Even if it’s only one piece of evidence, it’s enough to know that Lena could be extremely dangerous. Arresting her is for the safety of the people/aliens in National City right now. It’s getting her off the streets and then the rest of the investigation can end up proving her innocent or guilty. Plus Kara’s interrupting her doing that job, she can’t just let it slide because it’s the sister of her girlfriend.

Two: Lilian Luthor is the reason so many people died in Maggie’s safe space. If she’s a little tense, a little snappish? Can you really blame her? Lilian Luthor has escaped, the Kryptonite heart has been returned to Metallo and CADMUS is still at large. In the grand scheme of things, as someone who likes Aliens and fights for them as well as protects against them, I think it only fair to cut Maggie Sawyer some slack. Not that anyone seems to be able to do that at all. But, I digress.

Three: It has nothing to do with your OTP. That’s it. That’s all I have to say on that matter. It. Has. Nothing. To. Do. With. Your. OTP.

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Hi, in another ask about why you dislike NS you said: "Naruto was shown to have been steadily moving on from Sakura and that Sakura was shown to have developed her feelings for Sasuke to a “whole other level”. Iv'e seen this claimed a lot by both SS and NH shippers but never have I seen canon evidence that proves either of those statements to be true in the manga, in fact there were some panels that show the opposite is true. so can you show me proof from the manga to those 2 statements?

To be honest, I find it really, really surprising that not only do not think that neither of those statements are true, but you also think that the manga has actually shown the opposite. That’s honestly left me at a loss for words.

Anon, no manga panels illustrate Naruto romantic feelings for Sakura as being stronger towards the end of Part 2 than they were towards the beginning. Similarly, no manga panels depict Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke as being weaker towards the end than they were towards the beginning.

During the Land of Iron arc, Naruto was taken aback by Sakura’s sudden confession for all of one second, and quickly realised that something wasn’t right, and during the whole ordeal, he gave absolutely no indication that he still harboured feelings for her at all:

Previously, when Sakura made it crystal clear how her heart belonged to Sasuke and Sasuke alone, such as just prior to making the Promise of a Lifetime, Naruto would have at least displayed some form of sad smile or expression, because he had feelings for her, so that information was difficult for him to accept:

Now, he didn’t do any of that, and was instead actually angry that Sakura was lying to herself about her feelings. He’d retain some of his crush habits (such as the girlfriend comment during the war), but nothing serious; nothing that was anywhere near as profound as what he displayed during his conversation with Sai towards the beginning of Part 2.

As for the evolution of Sakura’s feelings, I don’t even need to go into Part 2 to illustrate this, because Part 1′s development is all that’s necessary.

She was a clear fangirl towards the beginning , there’s no debating that. She thought Sasuke was cool, and was infatuated with his external persona:

But as she got to know Sasuke on a deeper and a more personal level, she realised that there was a very broken person beneath the the stoic facade that he always put up. She saw his imperfections, his issues, his pain, and rather than cause her to distance herself, all of these things drew Sakura closer to Sasuke instead, and caused her to fall in love with him.

She didn’t love Sasuke for his looks or cool demeanour; that’s not who she fell in love with. Sakura fell in love with the boy who was in desperate need of help. And the change in her affections was clear for all to see. Before in the Forest of Death, Sakura was paralysed in fear when facing overwhelming adversity. Now, she was staring death straight in the face, yet she moved to protect Sasuke with her life without a 2nd thought:

Why? Because her feelings for him were now “on a totally different level”. I could pick out plenty of other instances which explicitly highlight this, but I feel that one example is sufficient.

But just as a last bit of reinforcement, the person I was quoting was Kakashi, because while looking at Sakura during chapter 675, and thinking about how far she’s come, both physically and emotionally since they all introduced themselves back in chapter 3, he himself acknowledged that her feelings for Sasuke had developed. She still loved him, “but on a totally different level”:

If you want me to show more evidence from the manga, then I can Anon, but as I said earlier, I feel that the examples that I listed should be more than enough to demonstrate how Naruto was shown to have been steadily moving on from Sakura, and how Sakura illustrated to have developed her feelings for Sasuke to a “whole other level”.

Why Yutyrannus Should Win And Spinosaurus Should Not
  • Yutyrannus is the largest dinosaur found with evidence of feathers. This has big implications for the occurrence of feathers in dinosauria, proves that large theropods could be feathered, and shows feathering within tyrannosauroidea.
  • Yutyrannus has three near-complete specimens, from various life stages. This allows for not only pretty thorough study and description, but also establishes the species’ ontogeny. Near-complete specimens are a big deal, and it’s always awesome to be able to establish some ideas on how the animal changed as it aged.
  • Apart from the feathers, has some other pretty cool features such as a nasal crest.
  • Isn’t disproportionally popular, didn’t star in a sub-par Jurassic Park movie, is not riding on “awesome” factor. Okay so these ones are a little petty but fuck you I’m allowed to be petty.

In short - vote Yutyrannus or I will be Disappoint

Have a non-binary floofin. Good day.

Seal The Deal (Gibbs)

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-Prompt description: You are dating Gibbs and the only person who can calm him down. Once the team finds out Gibbs is going to propose to you they are excited…

-Authors note: I had to much fun writing this..

Gibb’s POV

I wasn’t one to get angry but after years of holding in your anger you were bound to blow. I was interrogating a man who was the father of a Navy officer that had just been killed. We all knew he had killed her but we didn’t have enough evidence to prove it.

“I know you killed her,” I said my hands rested on the cold metal table as I leaned closer to his face. My voice was gentle but laced with poison.

“I didn’t,” the mans voice spoke as if he was sure. He was hard to break.

“Do you feel no sadness? You are her father after all-,” before Dinozzo continued the man began to laugh.

“Stop saying that! Even if I am her father she deserved to die! I enjoyed killing her,” The mans fist were now clenched and his face was red with anger.

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“Not even one full song into his set, and it was pretty evident that Troye Sivan is well on his way to becoming the next big thing. Back-lit in blue, the ambiance was moody as Sivan’s slinky silhouette was parked behind his microphone stand for “Bite,” with his jagged dance moves and sultry voice the only two forces needed to prove his star quality. “ - LordsOfDogwood