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Here is my first question, many people are comparing Lena to the evolution of Morgana. What are the similarities and differences between the two of them characteristically and plot wise. 😍

Ah, yes. Pull up a chair kids because this is a damn good question.

I think we can all pretty much agree that making Lena evil and killing her off would be some of the most lazy and cliche examples of writing ever to be dragged across our screens. We’ve been suffering enough through S2 of Supergirl and this plot twist (not actually a plot twist) would not only most likely be the last straw for us all, but it would be ridiculous.

I know some people like to hate on Lena for different reasons such as not liking SuperCorp or just assuming that she will be just another evil Luthor. I have some words for those that talk crap about my precious cupcake but let’s keep this friendly shall we? Sure, there are some parallels between Lex and Clark vs. Lena and Kara. You can have those. But they aren’t the only parallels that exist. The real plot twist is already in progress friends. The real plot twist is Lena actually being *gay gasp* GOOD! Whaaaaat? Who saw that coming!?

Some that are familiar with Katie’s work pre-Lena like to compare Lena to Morgana. Which is awesome might I add. However, some of these comparisons are cheaply used to explain exactly why Lena will be evil. Nope. The Katie McGrath Character Analyst™ is here to tell you that is weak.

So lets start this out by talking about Morgana. Most of you are familiar, I’m sure but for those that are not or need some refreshing, let’s do a quick fact list/breakdown.

The Lady Morgana Pendragon

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  • Originally considered to be Camelot’s Favorite Daughter
  • Daughter of Vivienne
  • Raised by Uther Pendragon’s best friend, Gorlois
  • Adopted by Uther following Gorlois’ death
  • Turns out to be Uther’s biological daughter and older half-sister of Arthur Pendragon
  • Has a legitimate claim to the throne
  • Younger half-sister of Morgause
  • Former friend and eventual rival of Merlin
  • Eventual enemy of Camelot
  • Powerful magic wielder rivaled only by Merlin/Emrys
  • The Last High Priestess of the Triple Goddess

Okay, caught up? Cool. Morgana’s story is actually quite tragic (Of course it is! It’s Katie! What do you think this is?) But it is quite powerful as well. It has always been foretold that it was in Morgana’s destiny is to become the evil, all-powerful witch that the grew to be. But she was not always like that, and she didn’t have to be! Morgana started out as a sweet, innocent, yet still fiery young woman that had a huge heart and the love and respect of everyone. She could stand up for herself and had the wits to challenge everyone around her. At that point, the biggest issues in her life were her negative feelings toward Uther’s views of magic and those that had it, and the possibility that she may have magic herself. Let us consider the very important fact that Morgana suffered from several external factors that eventually led to her turn.

Uther Pendragon

Morgana always made it clear that she disliked Uther’s harsh methods when it regarded the treatment of sorcerers in and around Camelot. She didn’t think it was right or fair that an innocent person should be executed simply because of what they are. She was right! There were good people in the world that had magic and did not deserve persecution. However, Uther would hear none of her arguments and often acted aggressively toward Morgana when she spoke against him. At times, Uther went as far as laying hands on Morgana and even locked her in a cell until she apologized for calling him a tyrant and a madman – for speaking the truth. Morgana also learns the truth of how Gorlois (the man she believed to be her father died). He was sent to battle by Uther whom failed to send him the reinforcements he needed. This is something that was very difficult for her to handle. It eventually came to Morgana’s attention that she had been lied to her entire life. She discovered that she was actually Uther’s biological daughter from a time that he was involved with Vivienne (mother of Morgause) and that she was actually the rightful heir to the throne. After hearing the way Uther claimed to feel about her, she tried to give him a chance to come clean. Instead Uther decided to keep his secret saying the people do not need to know, thus denying Morgana and her birthright. After years of his crap, Morgana had enough of him. She hated him. She wanted him dead. Needed him dead. So she turned to our next evil inducing factor, Morgause.


Ah Morgause and Morgana. Umm, MorMor? Was that a thing? People shipped them. Shippers, acknowledge and answer me! Was that name a thing?? Wait no, Morcest! That’s what it was. Okay. Got it. Thanks guys. This troubles me.

Anywho, Morgause obviously played a major role in Morgana’s turn. I’ll skip ahead really quick and say that Morgause was literally the only person that had enough opportunity, that actually tried to help Morgana explore her power. She helped Morgana embrace the magic that she was originally so afraid of. When meeting with Morgause one night, she explained that she hated the man the Uther had become and even had a chance to kill him but decided to save him instead. She regretted that decision. Morgause saw this and the trust Morgana has invested in her as an opportunity to use Morgana’s body as a vessel that hosted an enchantment that proved to be dangerous to Camelot. Morgana was of course, unaware of this and was not intentionally hurting anyone. This led to the final straw and evil inducing factor, Merlin.

Merlin (and Gaius and Kilgharrah)

I will keep this short because again, Merlin was a man that Morgana originally placed great faith and trust in. They went through a lot together and Morgana trusted him to keep her secret of having magic. Where did our “hero” go wrong? He lied to her. Kept the secret of having magic away from her despite knowing how he could help her. He decided to keep it a secret because the old man and the crazy locked up dragon told him so. Bad choice Merlin. Upon discovering Morgana’s alleged involvement in Camelot’s toil, he just up and poisoned her. That’s it. Tricked her. Poisoned her. Sat there and cried while he murdered the woman that was supposed to be his friend. Rude. Morgause was the one that came to her rescue. Case in point: If Merlin had been honest with Morgana from the beginning, she most likely would not have turned to Morgause. She would not have felt so alone. She would not have been taken away by Morgause and shaped into the evil, angry, and vindictive sorceress that she became. Merlin even acknowledged this point later.

The result: Evil!Morgana

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Good job team. Sloooow clap. Look what you did. Now she’s pissed.

So how does this all compare to our lil cupcake Lena Luthor?? Let’s see.

Firstly, this is tough because we had 5 seasons of our beautiful Morgana and only have ohhh about an hour or less of Lena (crime against humanity). Let me see what I can do, Chance.

Lena Luthor

Originally posted by suprcorp

So this is a novel and people hate me already soooo, tune in for Lena’s analysis OR a TL;DR after the break. Stay with me, lovelies!

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True Family

Writer - @harry-hook-me (myself)

Request - @woahtatyana

Disclaimer - I do not own any of the Descendants characters or scenes from the movies, all credits goes to the creators and producers of Disney’s descendants.

Summary - Y/n, Harry, Uma and Gil hate it at Auradon and decide to wreak havoc so they can go back to the Isle, in the process Y/n finds out some big news which stresses her out but helps her realize she truly is evil.

Warnings - swearing, bad behaviour (if that it even a warning)

Originally posted by ouatandtlosfanboy

It’s been five weeks since me, Harry, Uma and Gil left the Isle and arrived at Auradon, and every second I’ve hated. This place is just totally the opposite of us. Pastel, pretty and full of perky princesses and dumb princes. Were pirates for god sake, we belong on the sae, not at some school for the goodies.

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the 100 ways to say 'i love you' teen wolf edition
  • 1. "A key to your house, already?"
  • 2. "I am the one keeping you alive, okay?"
  • 3. "If you die, I will literally go out of my freaking mind."
  • 4. "She is my best friend."
  • 5. "Not all monsters do monstrous things."
  • 6. "You electrified the windows?"
  • 7. "You are the hottest girl."
  • 8. "I would never leave without you."
  • 9. "Dance with me, dumbass."
  • 10. "You can do it."
  • 11. "Am I going to regret this?"
  • 12. "When I kissed you, you held your breath."
  • 13. "You remembered my name."
  • 14. "You are the hot girl."
  • 15. "You were just trying to kiss me."
  • 16. "After everything we've been through, I believe you."
  • 17. "Because I trust you."
  • 18. "I need you."
  • 19. "I knew you liked me."
  • 20. "You are coming back, right?"
  • 21. "I'd like to help you figure it out."
  • 22. "I think you look beautiful."
  • 23. "What do you want me to do?"
  • 24. "You are showing me plenty right now."
  • 25. "It's progress."
  • 26. "I heard you almost got killed."
  • 27. "Why is your heart beating so fast?"
  • 28. "Stay behind me and stay quiet."
  • 29. "Did you find her?"
  • 30. "I don't want you to sleep in the chair."
  • 31. "It didn't matter to me."
  • 32. "I don't want you to be normal, I want you to be alive."
  • 33. "Wait here."
  • 34. "You did not just say that."
  • 35. "Do the right-side brakes on your dad's SUV squeak a little bit?"
  • 36. "She stays."
  • 37. "Stay behind me and stay quiet."
  • 38. "Just tell me how to fix this, alright?"
  • 39. "I will come with you."
  • 40. "Is she okay?"
  • 41. "Just focus on the sound of my voice, alright?"
  • 42. "If you got something else in mind, I am okay with that too."
  • 43. "I am not going anywhere."
  • 44. "Part of you is doing something."
  • 45. "Trust me, I do plenty of sucking just for his benefit."
  • 46. "You're not nervous, are you?"
  • 47. "There's no such thing as fate."
  • 48. "I think you mean..."
  • 49. "Be the Alpha."
  • 50. "Are we still milking that?"
  • 51. "What did you tell her?"
  • 52. "Why do you want to know?"
  • 53. "You wanna play Catwoman, I'll be your Batman."
  • 54. "Can you get me out of here before I drown?"
  • 55. "I won't judge, I promise."
  • 56. "They tip toe."
  • 57. "You know, I put those pants on you."
  • 58. "He can't be dead."
  • 59. "So is that hypothetical situation we talked about getting any less hypothetical?"
  • 60. "Close your eyes."
  • 61. "You want to leave so we can figure it out?"
  • 62. "I'll be your Yoda."
  • 63. "What's this look on your face?"
  • 64. "You're the one who always figures it out."
  • 65. "Can't you trust me just this once?"
  • 66. "You're getting an idea, aren't you?"
  • 67. "What were you thinking going after them?"
  • 68. "I can see it on your face."
  • 69. "I am frustrated."
  • 70. "That's because it doesn't hurt."
  • 71. "Don't be such a sour wolf."
  • 72. "We need help."
  • 73. "I can take care of myself."
  • 74. "Do you still?"
  • 75. "I figured you shouldn't be alone."
  • 76. "I couldn't let that be the last memory you had of her."
  • 77. "Why'd you help me?"
  • 78. "She still is."
  • 79. "Not all of us are."
  • 80. "I wanna paint your body."
  • 81. "I think you could definitely take him."
  • 82. "So what are you gonna do?"
  • 83. "I did ask her out once."
  • 84. "If anything happens, find me."
  • 85. "I am not watching The Notebook again."
  • 86. "We are not leaving without her."
  • 87. "What am I, a nun?"
  • 88. "I am just looking at your eyes."
  • 89. "I really hope you are."
  • 90. "I love your smile."
  • 91. "I only had one friend and she's dead too."
  • 92. "Look at me."
  • 93. "Good thing I had my period last week then."
  • 94. "I hate you."
  • 95. "Who are you?"
  • 96. "I am not leaving, okay?"
  • 97. "You are my brother."
  • 98. "I am here to save my best friend."
  • 99. "Why did you do that?"
  • and...
  • 100. "Because I love you."
  • Abuse survivors: hey, Connor Murphy is actually a very violent character who is not only incredibly emotionally and possibly physically abusive to his sister, but also explicitly both of those things to Evan so maybe you could not stan him and ship him with--
  • Some Dear Evan Hansen fans: wHaT?! My dead gay son?? Abusive?? No that's just his mean sister's point of view :( she doesn't love my sEcReTlY sEnSiTiVe baby. And Evan and Connor would be a great couple!! He *lovingly* shoved him!!1! It's called a hypothetical sweaty,,, this manipulative kid would be great with this abusive kid, they'd CURE each other. Believe me, I have anxiety like my lil precious anxious boy Evan, I know all about this stuff. And Connor didn't commit suicide because his mental illness wasn't treated, it was because he was secretly in love with Evan!! That's why he pushed him like that! Deh is the pinnacle of LGBT representation on Broadway which is amazing wow. Zoë was lying during Requiem obvs, Connor wouldn't do that stuff!! We know that from fan theories, and the Connor that Evan made up in his head. He was probably really nice to Zoë but then he realized that Evan liked her and not him :(((( that's why he threatened to murder her and I don't blame him tbh. Tree bros 5ever! Stop calling him abusive!1!!1!

Me, eating oreos with friends: Good thing their next and final quest isn’t literally on a boat right??? oh wait.

Friend 1: Maybe that’s why it’s called “the Ship of the Dead”

Me and Friend 2:…?

Friend 1: Not only because of Fierrochase but because, you know, Blitzstone is a ship, and apparently boats aren’t their thing and-

Me: Get out.

Friend 1: I mean heck do they even know how to swim if one falls overboard? Blitz grew up underground and who would’ve taught Hearth how to swim is there even an ocean in Alfheim??

Friend 2: Shut up. Please.

Friend 1: They’re so dead.

Me: okay Satan I’m confiscating your oreos until further notice.


♤ pretty ludeer
♤ not even kidding
♤ how does he manage
♤ like with a full face of makeup i’ll never be that pretty
♤ that’s it i accepted my fate i’m so done right now
♤ crying because hOW ARE YOU
♤ natural beauty
♤ please just let me live
♤ when luhan wears makeup the world cries
♤ cough miss universe cough luhan cough 

Originally posted by join-the-kpop-army

♤ luhan + xiaotong = cUTE COUPLE
♤ legit visual couple
♤ hella visual couple
♤ i’m not even gonna say he’s as pretty as her bc comparing isn’t nice
♤ also damn he got a nice girly she’s so nice :)))
♤ bitch i swear he’s finally happy now
♤ this boy like
♤ also he’s a cutie okay

Originally posted by luedeer

♤ and you can call me stupid or young or whatever but
♤ hunhan was one of the biggest blessings the world has been given
♤ like yeah it might not be your thing BUT
♤ it’s cute
♤ and it’s true
♤ fucking cute
♤ they look like avocados on toast which is minseok THREESOME
♤ they’re on minseok and i’m done this part i’m so done

Originally posted by crazykxl

♤ he’s so pretty
♤ why 
♤ how
♤ confusing
♤ why is he so just
♤ H OW
♤ honestly how are
♤ i have no words
♤ he’s so fucking pretty that can’t i properly spell
♤ bitch how let me be as pRETTY AS YOU

Originally posted by forbbh

♤ i think that luhan + tao interactions are the softest
♤ like commenting for birthdays
♤ cute
♤ how cute
♤ tbh luhan looks cute w anyone
♤ esp yixing
♤ he and yixing
♤ don’t you fucking say layhan is dead
♤ it isn’t and you know it okay

Originally posted by laybaekhan

♤ how does he manage to be so cute
♤ i know you’ve heard this 190382094810948109 times but hear me out
♤ dude that’s beautiful
♤ okay also all exo members are beautiful kids but
♤ this kid in particular
♤ w ow
♤ let me be as pretty as him
♤ please
♤ my only wish
♤ in life is to be beautiful as luhan

Originally posted by exo-xiumin-xm

♤ i swear luhan can be shipped w anyone
♤ anyone in exo
♤ anyone in bts
♤ anyone in got7
♤ idc he’s just 
♤ also xiuhan anyone?????
♤ it’s the softest thing ever
♤ crying they’re so cute
♤ cries
♤ i like watching luhan be pervy and m and minseok brings out those qualities

Originally posted by ludeerbaozi799

♤ luhan is everyone’s ot12 biaswrecker
♤ could you fucking not
♤ also luhan was everyone’s first bias
♤ stop it lu
♤ it’s true though
♤ how could you not like this mAN
♤ not even gonna make manly jokes bc i’m not eight anymore
♤ fucking stop it stop stop stop it
♤ sometimes i feel pissed bc sTOP 

Originally posted by xingsdeer

♤ this fucker never ages
♤ i swear
♤ like y’all talking abt sehun growing up too fast
♤ and i’m just here like
♤ nope sorry can’t relate
♤ like bITCH STOP
♤ luhan just makes me angry
♤ all the time
♤ talking about him nope it’ll piss me off bc i can’t make fun of him

Originally posted by itsdoemi

♤ i feel like luhan and ot12 memories triggers a lot of people
♤ so i won’t touch on that for the sake of your sad eye tears
♤ but i’ll just say that luhan in miracles in december made my mum cry
♤ that’s how sad everyone is
♤ also i’m sad bc he derps like a lot ??????
♤ looks like whenever he meets up with yixing it’s like yo u got the drugs man ??
♤ jfc i swear he’ll eventually be like YIXING SOLD ME DRUGS
♤ everyone in exo is on yixing’s drugs okay luhan was the first victim
♤ anyways all in all luhan is perfect end of story
♤ i just wrote about my first biaswrecker uggggggggggggggg

Pretty Tears and Dead Soldiers

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 1883

Pairing: BuckyxSister!Reader (incest)

Summary: You and Bucky have been running around together for what seems like forever. Hiding your relationship from the world and appearing to everyone else as the perfect siblings with the perfect relationship. No one had seen a brother and sister be so close before. You spend your alone time together, making promises and breathing in each other’s skin. But what happens when Bucky enlists in the army? Decades of heartbreak, death, and a super-soldier with amnesia that can’t seem to shake his memory of you.

A/N: This will be a new series, so the summary above is a summary of the entire series, not just this part :) Let me know what you guys think! I can’t wait to go on my next break and play around with this one :)

Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5

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Come Running Back: Chapter 1

John’s brother James is in town. With a tendency toward recklessness, that means his visit starts off with a bang. John and Clarice have to rescue James and his injured girlfriend Alison Blaire, aka Dazzler, after they attack an Atlanta anti-mutant shipping magnate, starting a whole new round of problems for the Underground. Never a dull moment when James is around…

Set roughly a year after the start of the show.

Ao3 |

“Hey, John, Clarice? You might want to come listen to this.”

John glanced up at Sage from where he was adding to the long list of things the HQ needed. He had been sprawled out on the couch, his legs alongside Clarice’s as she read through some news articles and blog posts on a tablet. She was nestled on the other side of the couch, but she kept tapping her foot against his knee.

“What is it?” he asked, reluctant to get up but already moving. Clarice clicked her tablet off and slid off the couch.

“It’s the Sentinel Services radio band,” Sage said, the look on her face guarded, “A couple mutants broke into one of Griffith’s warehouses—”

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Missed Moments - Chapter 2

Hey everyone!

I can’t believe I’m on a roll with this fic, like a runaway train I guess. Still don’t have an AO3 account but no worries, I should be getting it by the end of the month so I can repost all my stories on there since I am keen on supporting the Jonerys family and build our database of epic sagas, ficlets and drabbles. 

As mentioned in my first post, I loved season 7 but felt it could use some additional scenes and I’ll probably do my own versions of other Jonerys scenes down the line (7x06 boat talk and 7x07 boat sex scenes in particular).

So many others have posted such amazing work over what happened pre-boatsex but here’s my own take. I really wanted a scene where Dany talks about home and not finding it when she arrived at Dragonstone, so that’s the idea behind this. And I wanted a scene that was a catalyst to Jon going and knocking on heaven’s door (erm, Dany’s door). So less angsty this time. I wanted it to be sweeter but it ended up being a tease lol hope you like it!

Oh, and for those interested, I did an in-between chapter of Jon’s thoughts before this chap. So if you want to delve into that, see below or go right to this chapter if you wanna skip the monologues.

Missed Moments Chapters: 1 , 1.5A (Jon’s thoughts) , 3


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A question finally answered.

@askubermuffin Very interesting question and it’s not the first time someone has asked me that and I have always been hesitant on answering it because I was afraid of what people would say but here it goes. X) 

I honestly have nothing against the ship itself. Its quite cute in its own way. I often like and sometimes reblog drawings of it because I do find it nice sometimes. 

BUT, what makes me not like it is the way it is shoved in your face all the time. At least that is how I feel. Whenever there is an update I get at least 2-5 messages or asks on here or deviantart telling me that my ship is dead and that the only good ship is heavymedic and I am sick of it.

 I often see posts interpreting things as simple as them looking in each others general direction to be a sign of attraction and I just do not see the appeal. Then there are those who harass people because they have the audacity to like something else. I do like the friendship between them don’t get me wrong, even my ot3 is heavy medic and pyro. 

Another thing is simply diversity. I want to see something different on my dash and see other ships I like (eg: Bushmedicine, Helmet Party, Scout Sniper and even more obscure ones like HeavyPyro as well as many more.) And be able to provide different content to my followers like that mentioned above.

So to summarize,yes it’s true, the community killed the ship for me. It just comes to a point where I feel more” threatened” by it than just not liking it. But THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO ALL SHIPPERS SO PLEASE DONT TAKE THIS THE WRONG WAY! This is addressing a very specific group of people who, in my opinion are making this fandom toxic.

That’s pretty much it I guess…

RWBY Vol. 5 Ep. 2 Thoughts

- Relic?!
- Oh wait nvm, it’s just the evil jellyfish
- Salem
- Watts you freaking nerd.
- Wow Watts, how rude
- Wow, I can’t believe Professor Lionheart is gonna die in the first couple episodes
- “Do not forget everything I can do to you.” GOD DAMN THAT’S POWERFUL
- Is Tyrion gonna get a mecha tail? How many tails does this guy go through?
- Did Cinder get a new voice actress?
- “That I wish to have a word with him” Welp, it was nice knowing Tyrion

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Draco’s Got Issues

Draco: Oh thank Merlin you’re home. I didn’t know if you were coming back. Listen, I need you to stop leaving. Every time you go, I’m terrified. Terrified you’re dead or never coming home, or that you’ve left me. And I miss you, and it’s painful and heartbreaking…and I know it’s my problem, that it’s because I’m broken and I still don’t trust anyone or anything, but the thing is, you signed up for those issues when we got together and I thought you could deal with them so if you can’t tell me right now so we can figure it out and —

Harry: Draco, I only went to the store.

Draco: …

Harry: I’ve been gone fifteen minutes.

Draco: …

Harry: okay I’m sorry no more leaving.

Jean was cute in today’s episode, though admittedly he always is

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Work in progress based on the fic Breaks Me in Two by Belatrix on ao3.

The lines that got me: A memory: coughing up water and blood, a pair of impossibly blue eyes inches away from his face. Coldness clinging like a physical thing. The taste of Rick’s mouth.
Drop Ship Nightmares

Originally posted by grounder4life-blog

Request:  Can I have a oneshot where it set in season one when Murphy tries to hang Bellamy. Everything is the same instead the reader also gets taken. Whether she’s already in the drop ship or runs in at the last moment? The reader and Bellamy are dating and Murphy stares threatening her and doing things to in front of Bellamy to piss him off?

Word count: 2,950

A/N: I LOVED writing this one. If you loved reading it, you can leave feedback here!

The doors opened and Bellamy Blake was thrown into the crowded drop ship with the rest of the 100, including his girlfriend Y/n. She searched his eyes questioningly, but he avoided making eye contact. The guards threw him into a seat and left the ship, when the ship began to take off. Bellamy, not strapped into a chair flew up to the ceiling like the other boys who unbuckled themselves. When they landed, all were dead. Y/n unbuckled her seat belt and went to Bellamy’s lifeless body. She rolled it over, and saw his beaten and bloodied face.

Y/n woke up from the dream with a start. Her breathing was ragged and heavy, and she had sweat rolling down her face. She frantically searched the room but it was too dark to see anything. She could feel sheets beneath her and covers over her bare legs. Next to her lay the love of her life, Bellamy Blake, who had been woken up by Y/n’s sudden movement.

“What’s wrong, my love?” He asked groggily. “Another bad dream?” He wrapped a comforting arm over her shoulders and rubbed gently.  

Y/n nodded, “Except it was you this time.” These types of dreams have been happening more and more as tensions between the 100 rose. Actually, ever since they came to the ground. It was the exact same scenario, except it was usually Y/n lying dead on the floor.

“Maybe it’s a sign you care more about me than yourself.” He whispered, kissing her shoulder. He was attempting to make her feel better, but wasn’t succeeding. Usually, the only thing that calmed her down was the river by the drop ship. “Do you need to walk?”

Y/n glanced down to her watch which read 3 AM. She groaned, “No, it’s fine.” She turned her head so Bellamy could kiss the tip of her nose. “I’m fine. Sorry for waking you.”

“Never apologize. Try to get some sleep, love.”

“I love you.” She kissed him lightly as she lay back down on the pillow.

“Love you too, babe.” He wrapped an arm around her waist and puller her close. She felt protected in his arms and couldn’t help the way her chest ached. After all, she was part of the reason Bellamy tried to get on the drop ship in the first place. If she hadn’t taken those pills for her mom or tried to steal food for Bellamy’s mother when she was pregnant with Octavia, Y/n wouldn’t be here, Octavia wouldn’t be here, and Bellamy wouldn’t be here.

“I’m sorry.” She mumbled. She knew he wouldn’t hear due to his slow heart rate and steady breathing. Slowly, she drifted to a light, dream free sleep.

Y/n woke that morning, Bellamy no longer at her side. She sat up and wiped the sleep from her eyes. She glanced around the room and noted Bellamy’s missing clothes. She deduced that he was on watch already, hours before his actual shift began. Her watch read 10 AM, which meant her shift on watch wouldn’t start of a couple of hours.

She decided to go to the river, to clear her head a bit since she couldn’t get the dream she had out of her head. She changed into the one pair of clothes she had and threw Bellamy’s jacket on too. She stepped outside the tent to an overcast sky and chilly air. There was a sense of foreboding in the air, almost like the world could sense her unease. It felt like some kind of universal foreshadowing.

Bellamy stood against the main entrance, talking to Miller about something Raven was working on. Miller laughed at a joke Bellamy told, and Bellamy smiled in response. Y/n felt her heart flutter slightly; Bellamy’s smile was a rare occurrence, but when it happened, she felt like the sun was breaking through the clouds. His smile helped ease the unsettled feeling in her chest.

“Y/n, you’re up!” Bellamy shouted over to her. She smiled and walked over to him. He gave her a light peck on the lips. He pulled away and searched her eyes. “You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Still can’t shake the feeling that something awful is about to happen, though.”

Miller sarcastically replied, “It’s the ground. Something bad is always about it happen.”

“Not helpful, Miller.” Bellamy said.

“It’s true, just not helpful.” She chuckled, giving Miller’s shoulder a playful punch. She turned back to Bellamy, “I’m gonna go to the river for a bit…clear my head.”

“Want me to come with you?” Bellamy asked. Y/n noted the worry laced in his voice. A smile tugged at her lips at his sincere tone.

Y/n shook her head and gave a light grin. “I’ll be fine. I’ll be back in time for my shift. Just keep an eye out for anything funky, okay?” He nodded and they exchanged another kiss before parting ways.

The river bed looked exactly like the pictures in the textbook they used for her Earth Skills class: beautiful green grass, fully bloomed flowers, rushing blue waters, and an overall feeling of calm. The only difference was the two-headed dear, which got its second head because of the radiation. Y/n was used to the odd creatures at this point, and thought nothing of it as it grazed the field behind her. Y/n sat on the edge of the sandy river bed and put her feet in the shallow water. The water was chilly, much like the air. She pulled Bellamy’s jacket closer and shivered slightly.

In a lot of ways, the water helped remind Y/n that she was grounded, literally. They had water on the Ark, obviously, but it was different feeling solid ground beneath it. It also helped to know she wasn’t on a tiny floating ship in the middle of space.

Y/n closed her eyes and allowed her other senses to take over. The feel of the grass and water, the smell of fresh earth, the sound of tress rustling all helped remind her that this was real and the ground was real. The dream was not real- snap. Y/n opened her eyes and jumped up from her seated position. She eyed the darkness between the trees, searching for movement. She strained her ears to try to hear something, but couldn’t.

“Must have been an animal…” She whispered to herself, trying to make herself feel better. She turned back to the water and took a deep breath in.

A hand covered her mouth before she could breathe out. She screamed into the muffled hand. The person threw a bag over her head, making the beautiful scene before her disappear. The person wrapped an arm around her waist and hoisted her over their shoulder. She kicked and trashed to give the person a hard time when they hissed, “Stop struggling. This’ll be a lot easier if you stop.” Y/n recognized the voice, but couldn’t place the owner. Her blood ran cold when she felt a needle dig into her leg. She tried to cry out, but whatever was in the syringe was making her brain and body go limp.

“If Jasper isn’t a good enough bargaining piece for you, Bellamy, I know someone who will be…” Murphy said. Bellamy’s skin ran cold and a panic rushed over his body. He searched Octavia and Raven’s eyes for a sign of what he was talking about. He never would have thought Murphy was talking about her, “Doll, you wanna say something to Prince Charming?” The walkie-talkie cut out and when it turned back on, Bellamy could hear panicked breathing.

“Oh fuck off Murphy.” Y/n spat. Bellamy could practically hear her eye roll. His mind went into over gear, thinking of all the things that could be going wrong in that moment, thinking of all the things Murphy could have done to her.
“Murphy, I swear to God if you hurt-” Bellamy started.

“Calm down, Blake. Get in here and I won’t have to hurt her.”

They came up with a plan; Bellamy wasn’t entirely sure it was going to work but he had to get in there and make sure Y/n was okay. Raven was going to find a way to open the drop ship door, so everyone could get in and help if needed. Murphy would open the drop ship door long enough for Bellamy to get inside and take Jasper’s place.

Y/n still had a bag over her head, so she had no idea what Murphy was doing to Jasper. She could only hear his grunts and groans and Murphy’s dumb comments. She could feel the cold ground of the drop ship, the ties around her arms and legs, and the blood trickling from her head wound. She heard Murphy bargaining with Bellamy, ordering him to switch places with Jasper.

“Bell, don’t. He’s all talk. He won’t do anything.” Y/n yelled, hoping Murphy still had a hand on the talk button.

Murphy laughed and pulled the bag off her head. “You hear that, Prince Charming? Your girl’s feisty. Too bad she’s wrong.” He dug the knife into Y/n’s stomach. She growled in pain, but refused to scream. “Oh, she’s strong too.”

“Murphy, I’ll come in if you leave her alone and let Jasper go.”

“You’ve got yourself a deal, prince.” Murphy hissed.

“Find some way to open the drop ship from the outside.” Bellamy ordered Raven as he sat the walkie-talkie down and headed to the drop ship.

“Bellamy, don’t! Please! You don’t know what he’ll do to you!” Octavia pleaded, stepping in front of him.

“I can’t stay out here and wait. She’s in there Octavia. It’s my job to protect her.” Bellamy searched his sister’s pleading eyes before pulling her into a hug. “I’ll be careful. Help Raven, okay?” He let her go and finished his walk to the drop ship. His hand clenched and unclenched as he attempted to calm himself down. He pounded on the door and shouted for Murphy to let him in.

Murphy opened the drop ship door, and began closing it before Bellamy was fully inside and Jasper outside. Bellamy’s eyes searched the room and they landed on Y/n’s tear-filled ones. Murphy had removed the bag over her eyes at some point, so Bellamy could see the full extent of the damage done. Her arms were tied around a pole and her legs were tied together. Her forehead was caked with blood and her shirt was stained with fresh blood from where Murphy stabbed her. Bellamy could feel his rage boiling as he turned his attention to Murphy. His eye was bruised and his nose looked broken. If Bellamy weren’t pissed and scared, he’d laugh at how Y/n tried to fight back.

“What do you want to say? You want me to apologize?” Bellamy asked. He kept glancing over at Y/n, who had now let her tears flow freely. Murphy lifted his gun and pointed it at Bellamy. Bellamy jumped and held his hands up, “I’m sorry.”

Murphy chuckled, “You hear that princess? He’s sorry. No Bellamy, you’ve got it all wrong. I don’t want you to say anything. I want you to feel what I felt, and then I want you to die.”

It was then that Bellamy noticed the seatbelt noose hanging from the rafter. Bellamy swallowed the lump in his throat. “Murphy, please don’t do this,” Y/n begged as Bellamy got on top of a stool.

“Put it over your head.” He said, ignoring Y/n’s cries.

“Murphy, if you do this, they will kill you. You’ll have no way of getting out of here.” Bellamy looked past Murphy and at Y/n as she spoke those words. In her eyes was pure fear. Bellamy could feel his heart stop at the sight.

“A risk I’m willing to take. Now, put it over your head or I won’t hesitate to put a bullet in your little girlfriend’s head.” Murphy screamed, causing Bellamy to jump. He looked back at Y/n, at her shaking her head and her terrified expression. He mouthed ‘I’m sorry’ before throwing the makeshift noose over his head.

“You happy now?” Bellamy snapped.

“Not quite…” He pulled the rope, causing Bellamy’s body to lift slightly off the stool. He coughed as the rope pressed into his throat.

“Murphy, you’ve made your point. Please!” Y/n begged. Murphy smiled and bit his lip playfully, cynically.

“See Doll, I can’t do that. Because your little prince here…well, he’s got everyone fooled. They think he’s some kind of leader.” Murphy squatted so he was face to face with Y/n. She shot daggers at him with her eyes, but it didn’t seem to faze Murphy. He cupped her cheek and it took everything in Y/n to not flinch under his touch.

“Don’t touch her Murphy or I swear to God!” Bellamy yelled, thrashing his legs to distract him.

Murphy rolled his eyes and laughed, “That old line again? What are you going to do if I did? You gonna hurt me some more? Punish me? You may have everyone else fooled,” He was back at the rope, ready to pull it more at one wrong word, “but you’re a coward. I learned that the day you kicked out the crate from beneath me.”

“It’s what the people wanted Murphy! You were a bully, you terrorized people!” Y/n spat, hoping he’d loosen his grip on the rope.

“Y/n, stop.” Bellamy pleaded, his eyes shining with unshed tears. “Murphy,” He continued, “I should have stopped them, I know.”

Murphy pulled his lips into a contempt smile, “Yeah well it’s a little late for that.”

As Murphy continued his tyrant, Y/n was searching for a way out. She had been methodically working her hands out of the ties Murphy put on her, and was almost there, but she still needed a way out. She was zoning out of the conversation as she concentrated on what to do next. “…kill your grounder-pounder little sister or maybe your princess.” Y/n’s ears perked at the mention of Octavia. Bellamy kicked again, almost striking Murphy in the chest. Murphy, even more pissed than before, grabbed the rope and pulled it some more so Bellamy was on the tips of his toes.

A shock came from below the ship and all three heard Raven yelp in surprise. Murphy shot at the floor, hoping to hit Raven, when his gun clicked with the familiar sound of an empty chamber. Y/n saw this as her moment. She worked her way completely out of the ropes and quickly untied the ones around her legs. She launched herself at Murphy as he turned around, and knocked him square in the jaw. He stumbled backwards and looked at Y/n with such rage, she felt genuinely scared for her life.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” He hissed as he kicked the stool out from under Bellamy. He was now suspended in the air, managing only to provide himself air by tugging at the material around his neck. Y/n grabbed Murphy’s discarded gun and hit him in the back of the head with the butt of the gun. He stumbled back again.

“You little!” He screamed furiously when the door of the drop ship opened. Jasper and Octavia rushed into the drop ship, their guns and swords at the ready. Murphy panicked and rushed up the ladder to the second floor. Jasper followed after him.

“Bellamy!” Octavia shouted and rushed over to her brother’s hanging body. Y/n snapped out of her confused state and ran over to help the siblings. Octavia used her sword to cut the rope. Bellamy’s body landed on the floor loudly. He coughed and sputtered, rubbing his neck as he tried to calm his breathing. Y/n rushed to his side and pulled the noose off his neck. She threw the noose across the room, almost as if being near it would cause him pain. She wiped tears from her eyes and secretly hated that she was crying, but was so thankful that he was okay. Jasper was okay. They all were okay.

“He got away.” Jasper informed them. His exasperation and anger was practically palatable.

“It’s okay. The grounders can have him.” Octavia replied, leaving Bellamy’s side to tell the others the news.

Bellamy clutched Y/n’s hand in his, thumbing her soft skin. He noted the relief in her eyes, but also the fear. “Hey, I’m okay.” He wiped the tears from her eyes. She leaned into the touch and closed her eyes, simply enjoying the closeness.

“I know.” She sighed, only now realizing the pain in her abdomen.

“You’re hurt.” Bellamy sat up and placed a hand on the space above the cut.

“We both need to go to medical I guess.” She laughed half-heartedly, motioning to his neck. He pulled her up from the ground and wrapped an arm around her waist to help her up. He stared at her.

“What?” She chuckled, blushing at the way he was looking at her.

“You were right about you’re feeling that something was going to happen.”

“Must be psychic or something.” 

“I love you. A lot.” He smiled, his face reddening too.

“I know.” She stood on her tip toes, ignoring the pain in her stomach, and gave him a much needed kiss. He cupped her face in his hand again and leaned into the kiss. The kiss left both of them breathless, but it was a breathless that both of them could get used to.

He leaned his forehead against hers, completely forgetting about the blood. He wiped it off his forehead with his sleeve and laughed, “I guess we should get you to medical.”

ship of the dead spoilers

magnus, after male!alex kisses him: huh. a dude kissed me, thats a thing that happened

also magnus: you know what i dont even care its alex motherfuckin fierro, alex kissed me, thats a thing that happened and i feEL AWE SomE

OK SO I LOVE THIS not only bc of the Good Ship but like

magnus giving one (1) small thought about alex kissing him while male, and him not even giving a shit because that dude was alex and he likes alex for alex, no matter what gender. thank you for this uncle rick. my crops are thriving. my depression is cured

like ive always had the headcanon that magnus doesnt really care about what gender attracts him, if he likes the person then thats all that matters. i just really, really love that. also that magnus is respectful of alexs boundaries and is totally cool with giving alex some space. you dont see enough of that in youth fiction

like yeah, okay, maybe rick isnt the best at handling couples, but the development of fierrochase felt so natural and so good. im so glad

(also i highkey want them to double date with solangelo cus lbr it would be amazing)


Part One

‘We got a major problem.’ Scott said as he sat down at the lunch table.

‘What is it now? Someone back from the dead, or some kind of other supernatural crazy?’ Stiles sighed.

‘Supernatural crazy.’ Scott said as he pulled Allison closer to him.

‘What are we dealing with?’ Lydia asked as she pushed away her salad.

‘She said she was vampire.’

‘Wait a minute, she said? As in she not only told you, but you talked to her?’ Stiles asked.

‘Yeah and “she”?’ Allison asked with an arched eyebrow.

‘OK, is right now the time for that?’ Isaac asked.

‘I caught her scent this morning in the hall, she was baiting me. After first period we talked in the locker room-’

‘Locker room?’ Allison scoffed.

‘She told me what she was and what she wanted, it was like she wasn’t at all worried about me trying to stop her. Said she was counting on it even, guys what are we gonna do?’ Scott continued, ignoring Allison’s comment.

‘I can look ‘em up, see how to fight them, Lydia you wanna help?’ Stiles asked.

‘No need to ask her when I am right here.’ you said as you sat down next to Scott.

Everyone sat up straight and alert.

‘Calm down, I’m not going to start our Battle Royal in a cafeteria. I’m just here so can fight on even grounds.’ you assured.

‘Now obviously sunshine won’t kill me, garlic wont work and don’t do that stupid cross thing. Only a wooden steak from a living mountain ash tree dipped in fresh mistletoe berry juice, straight through the heart otherwise I’ll heal.’ you informed.

‘How do we know you aren’t lying? Isaac questioned.

‘You don’t, and beside why would lie when I know so much.’ you grinned.

‘Like what?’ Stiles asked.

‘Like that mountain ash trees don’t grow in California, since they are native to Australia, oh and if you managed to get one shipped here it would be dead upon arrival. There is also my hundreds and hundreds of years training to be a one woman army against a tiny group of teenagers who have been fighting only werewolves for less than two years.’ you smirked letting your fangs show before you stood up and walked away.

‘Was that as unsettling to everyone else as it was to me?’ Stiles asked.

‘Yeah, her confidence in her ability to beat us almost as unnerving as the fact that she is right. All we have here is mountain ash tree ashes and if she is as trained as she claims to be then getting close enough to actually put a steak in here might be a tad impossible.’ Lydia replied.

‘But can we also all agree she was kind of hot too?’ Isaac asked.

He was met with all judgmental eyes.

‘Seriously, no one else thought so?’

b a i t  |  a thiam fanmix

[part 2/?] part 1 here, listen to the entire playlist here

i’m only helping you as long as it helps me.

something to believe in - young the giant
i’ve got you written / in a black book / by the railroad track / you see i know your fate

stubborn love - the lumineers 
it’s better to feel pain / than nothing at all / the opposite of love’s indifference

half light - banners 
when you’re in the half light / it is not you i see / and you’ll live a half life / you only show half to me
[note: via @lostinmixedsignals – check out their thiam fanmix here!!]

mountain sound - of monsters and men
so i packed my things and ran / far away from all the trouble / i had caused with my two hands

avalanche - walk the moon
one glance and the avalanche drops / one look and my heartbeat stops

favorite liar - the wrecks
and i can almost taste it / the bloody lip you left with me last night / kiss me one last time

holy grail - dead posey
lone wolf roam around / alone in the crowd / savage the fools / gonna shout at the moon 
[note: from this video of a different tw ship, but equally applicable imo]

train - brick and mortar
…everything you hate / your thoughts, your words and everything you say / defines you, defined you 

roll up - fitz and the tantrums
i don’t care, i don’t care, if i’m losing my way / i’ll be waiting for you as the night fades away 

ever after - marianas trench
you say i would make a better liar / and never face the music when it’s dire

trust me, i know.