the only dead thing in this ship is me

  • Me: *inhales*
  • Anyone I've communicated to in the past WEEK: YES, we KnOW. You love Alex Fierro, Alex Fierro is your CHilD, Alex Fierro is lIFe, ALEX FIERRO, FIERROCHASE, JUST. SHUT. UP. PLEASE.
  • Me: *backs away slowly*
  • Me: *whispers*
  • Me: a l e x f i e r r o
I’m Tired. Aren’t You Tired?

For @darth-maul-official because FUCK YOU LEON YOU MADE ME SHIP THIS OW OW OW MY HEART

Obi-wan stared down the blade of the lightsaber at his oldest enemy. He looked it. Maul’s patterned skin was worn and weathered, the deep, terrifying blacks and reds muted by age and washed-out by the bright blue light.

He certainly didn’t look the terror he had been on Naboo.

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So to celebrate this awesome milestone, I’ll be doing ships, blog promos & gif drabbles!

For ships: Okay so every fucking time I do this, there is always that one person who complains about their ship taking too long. So I’m only doing 15 ship requests. I’ll let you know when I’ve reached the limit. So send me an ask with some helpful info about you and the fandom (down below) you want the ship from. 

Blog Promos: Send an ask with a blog you think I should blog promo! Pretty easy. 

Gif Drabbles: Submit a gif from one of the fandoms below and I’ll write a little drabble/imagine for it! No nsfw gifs!

Fandoms: SPN (TFW only), Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek, Walking Dead or Vampire Diaries!

Not trying to be a candy ass, but you must be following me if you want any of these things done, except blog promos.

Love you guys!

Also wanted to thank a few people that I love so much!!

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That Stupid Hat - Chapter 1

GIF is not mine

Writers Note: This is my first Walking Dead imagine and only my second imagine overall so please go easy on me but also feedback is great (bad and good). There will be other parts, hopefully, coming out soon.

Ship: Carl Grimes X Reader, Carl Grimes Imagine

Warnings: Angst, panic attack, death, gore? I honestly don’t really know what to put

Words: 950 (the fact thats its a round number makes me so happy)

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Chapter 1

The walls had come down and all hell had broken lose.

Just as you would expect, in an apocalyptic world safety never seemed to be a permanent thing. It was something that everyone craved and yearned for but was almost always short lived. And once it was over there was likely to be casualties. But you never thought one of those casualties would be Carl.

You had been with Rick’s group since the prison and you had seen Carl’s survival skills develop. He had even started teaching you a few things. Carl meant a lot to you. You and him were one of the very few teenagers in the group, so through the months you couldn’t help but grown close. Sneaking around and reading comics together where some of the many things the two of you did and they all still continued when you arrived at Alexandria. If anything being in Alexandria helped the two of you grow even closer; the worry of Walkers wasn’t as big and you had half of the luxuries you never thought you would have ever again, so naturally you felt like you could relax more. But all of that sense of security had been demolished when the wolves had arrived and a horde of Walkers surrounded the town. And when the walls of Alexandria finally fell you had no clue what to do.

You had plenty of experience with killing Walkers but with the immense amount that had gushed through the holes in the walls you couldn’t help but feel the fear that ran through your body. The fear that you had attempted to train yourself not to feel, the fear that had almost killed you numerus times before. Your gut clenched and twisted at the sight of the sunken, clouded eyes and your spine quivered in its place at the almost colourless skin that hung off of chipped and broken bones. You stood in place, the fear stealing all your power to move, but you wouldn’t let it anymore. It was either fight or flight, and for you it was flight. And now you were watching everything unfold from a slit in an old battered curtain in a house filled with people who were just as scared as you.

It had grown dark by the time you saw a group of about 6 people walking through the horde, they were drenched in blood and guts. Suddenly they stopped. Nothing seemed to be happening for a little while until a small group of Walkers noticed one of the people, overcoming them quickly. You could hear a scream, mixed in with the low moans of the horde, seep through the cracks that littered the house, causing small pulses of coldness to overcome your body and settle in your fingertips and chest. You had seen similar things plenty of times before, but the screams always got to you. You quickly saw another person disappear, below a sea of decaying flesh and rotting fingernails, the screams fading with them.

You turned to the other people in the house with you. Some of them pacing up and down the room, others slowly rocking themselves as they sat on the floor or a chair, and a few people ,that were lucky enough to be trapped with someone significant to them, hugging. But all of them silent. This silence was shattered by a deafening gun shot.

Your head whipped back to the window. Your eyes immediately going back to the gap in the curtain, scanning the horde for the group of people. You now only saw 3 people. Two running and one was being carried in another’s arms. You focused on the one being carried.

In that moment your heart stopped and your breath caught in your throat. The hat. That stupid hat. It was Carl’s. That hat was Carl’s. The one he always wore, and now the person - that you presumed to be - dead in another guys arms was wearing it. That stupid hat that was now making droplets of salt water run down your cheeks. It couldn’t be him. It just couldn’t. He wasn’t dumb enough to get hurt. It must be him, but yet it couldn’t be.

You watched as they ran into the infirmary. Finally your breathing was back but quicker than before as you struggled to catch your breath. Your head was pounding and your eyes started to see black spots. You turned your back to the window and slumped down the wall. Bringing your knees to your chest and burying your head in them as the black spots rapidly grew, taking up most of your vision. You closed your eyes struggling to breathe and cope with the banging in your head. You felt isolate. You didn’t look up but you could tell no one was concerned about you. You couldn’t feel anyone’s eyes boring into you. Neither the presence of anyone standing next to you. You felt alone, scared. You swore that if you raised your head and opened your eyes you would find yourself completely alone. You went back to focusing on your breathing, instead of on the thoughts running through your mind. The silent tears rolling down your face, all the while.

You stayed like this for hours on end. Not even moving when you started to hear repeated gun firing and the grunts of the Walkers getting lower and then finally cease. Or even when you heard the door open and the sound of people walking on the hard wood of the room disappear. Now you truly were alone.

As if you were scared of exactly what you needed you felt your body slowly slip into a deep slumber.

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Ok this is gonna sound super angsty at first (it’s not, trust me) but bear with me here. An au where Shiro makes it back to Earth but then dies when his ship crash lands. His ghost sticks around though, and then everything pretty much goes the same except that Shiro is a ghost and only Keith can see and hear him for some reason

  • At first no one believes Shiro’s really there
  • Keith: listen, guys, he was abducted by aliens and now he’s a ghost!
  • Lance: whatever you say, Ghost Whisperer. Guess now we know why you flunked out…
  • *a vase crashes to the floor*
  • Keith: damnit Shiro, that was worth more than Lance’s opinion
  • Shiro still pilots the black lion by basically haunting the inside of the cockpit, but he can’t really lead the team so Keith does it. In theory he passes on Shiro’s orders but generally he takes full advantage of this
  • Keith: so Shiro says we should just attack Zarkon head on
  • Shiro: KEITH NO
  • Keith: yep, that’s definitely the best course of action here, Shiro knows best
  • ‘Exorcism’ becomes a dirty word, do not say it in front of Keith, and don’t crack jokes about Ghostbusters if you don’t want a sword in your face

  • Hunk: uh, tell Shiro that –
  • Keith: tell him yourself, he’s dead not deaf
  • Shiro: Keith, tell Lance he did a good job today
  • Keith: *ignores*
  • Shiro: damnit Keith, I don’t want to go poltergeist on you but I will
  • Keith: I cradled you in my arms!
  • Lance: is that why there was ectoplasm all over my jacket? You better be going to wash that
  • So many Sixth Sense references. The whole team is guilty of this. Lance’s nicknames for Keith now include Ghost Whisperer, Ouija Board, Halloween, and a whole bunch of supernatural nicknames that aren’t even related to ghosts
  • Lance: hey, Frankenstein
  • Keith: that has nothing?? To do?? With anything??
  • Lance: whatever you say, Mothman
  • Hunk: drop dead, Lance. I mean shit oh no, I didn’t mean to be offensive, I’m so sorry
  • Keith: Hunk, chill. It’s ok
  • Hunk: I don’t have to make a human sacrifice to appease him or anything, do I?
  • Keith: for the last time, he’s not evil 
  • Pidge and Keith sometimes get together and insist Shiro demonstrate ghost stuff – for science
  • Shiro: *walks through Pidge so she can see how it feels*
  • Pidge: holy shit, I just got shivers! And there’s ectoplasm in my hair!
  • Shiro: oh my god, I’m so sorr-
  • Pidge: that was so cool
  • Keith: right? 
  • Lance: boy, you’ve already raised my dead

anonymous asked:

do you think all these good haylijah scenes are only leading up to us being heartbroken by one of their deaths or some reason that they can't be together? do you think the haylijah wedding rumors are true? what if the haylijah scene in the clip is misleading and is some sort of false hope or something? I'm so excited for our ship but I'm scared the writers are gonna shatter me

Truthfully, I don’t know. I very much doubt either Hayley or Elijah will die, or…stay dead. They are key players in the story. But things will happen to them as individual characters throughout the course of the season. That is the nature of the story. And this IS a story. Things will change. 

But don’t let that impact your good feelings now! Embrace this! We’ve waited a long time for this. Don’t let the What IFs taint your What ISs. 

Meanwhile…A wedding would be beautiful. Not gonna lie. I don’t care if everyone is covered in blood soon thereafter. I will be ecstatic.  

anonymous asked:

This is probably just me beating a dead horse,but I completely understand why people dislike fictionkin (dangans as well). It's really fucking rude when they reblog your theory/art/relatable quote/etc. only to completely slander it in their tags because they don't like the way you interpreted "them" or their relationship with other chars (shipping fanart). I know not all of them are like that,but this thing alone is the sole reason why I am mostly on the anti side.

So about fanfiction,

I’ve been reading a lot of angsty fics recently and I’ve seen some things that have really been bothering me… 

1. I don’t care how well they can handle their alcohol, no one can have 47 drinks and only be drunk enough to have their words slurred. Look it up, they should be dead. (Really it depends on the amount of alcohol in the drink and how much was consumed in a short period of time, but around 50 is just ridiculous)

2. Subtext is everything before you make a ship cannon. It’s always better to have the people in your otp show signs of their feelings for each instead of just whoever is narrating at that moment think, “And that’s when i knew… I was in love” because that’s pretty cliche. Also, it sounds better to have them show physical reactions instead of plainly stating it, because aren’t meaningful glances and unconscious flirting what we non-cannon shippers live off anyway?

3. Check your work for spelling mistakes, I know it’s really fucking boring but a fic that has correct basic grammer is much more enjoyable to read than a fic were they didn’t use the right form of “there” 


{sorry for that rant but i keep seeing it getting passed off as angst and it really bothers me}

I constantly see people going on and on about how Clarke and Bellamy are basically the be-all and end-all of the hundred/Sky People, how they are the reason any of the hundred has survived, and how they are responsible for getting the hundred through every obstacle they’ve faced, and so on.

And I’m always sitting here like okay, they’re important and great, yes, but um …


jollythunderstorms replied to your post “*whispers* do all of them, fandom(s) of your choice”

Ok mmmmmm doctor who

  • What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?

Hmm. I don’t get any pre-war Doctor and Rose pairing. No thanks. Ones with Eleven or Twelve at least make a little sense but something about them still makes me vastly uncomfortable. 

Also, Nyssa and Adric. Why is that a thing? *helpless confused shrugging*

  • Are there any popular fandom OTPs you only BroTP?

I don’t think so? The two I’ve mentioned are the main ones I can think of. Oh, except maybe like Five/Tegan or Five/Nyssa. Like, I think I’ve read fic for both, and I can roll with most ships, but generally I’m more about that brotp life. (And Nyssa and Tegan are married, fight me.) 

  • Any fandoms that don’t appeal to you?

Supernatural never did, thankfully. I require more substance than dead female characters and white male crying. (I watched like four and a half seasons and was just like “ok”) 

  • Have you ever unfollowed someone? Why?

If I unfollow someone, it’ll be because they’re reblogging untagged C$ (from OUAT). About one more incident away from doing so with a person on my dash but they post Doctor/River stuff too so I don’t want to but like, C$ makes me want to vomit. 

  • Do you have a NoTP in [insert fandom here]?

In Doctor Who? Not really, just anything like Seven and Ace or any other combination where the companion is underage (at least when they meet him) and it’s obviously a paternal or mentor relationship and people are reading it grossly for some reason. 

  • Has fandom ever ruined a pairing for you?

In Doctor Who, not too much. Rose superfans annoy me because they’re usually RTD stans as well, but I still like Doctor/Rose, it is just, like Rose and Ten themselves, overrated if only because of how absurdly highly rated it is and not so much because of any lack of quality on its part. (Unsurprisingly, I prefer Nine/Rose to Ten/Rose. Lol.) 

I used to like Johnlock before I realised their fandom is comprised of literally the most toxic people I’ve ever seen on the internet, and are massively delusional on levels I’ve never encountered before. (They tried to call the gay co-creator an ‘honourary straight’ and queerbaiter for not giving them their fetished pairing. Yikes.) So glad I was never really in the Sherlock fandom and just like watching the show. And now I don’t ship it anyway bc John/Mary and Sherlock/Irene are infinitely better. 

  • Is there anything you used to like, but now can’t stand?

Uh…nothing comes to mind? I’m pretty salty about OUAT and the 100 but I think can’t stand is still too strong? I still love the first season of the former and the first two and a bit seasons of the latter? 

  • Unpopular opinion about [insert fandom here]?

Unpopular opinion about Doctor Who? I mean, anything that makes out that Steven Moffat is a human being or a vaguely accomplished writer and not some kind of devil in a human suit is an unpopular opinion bc people are absurd and wilfully ignorant, so I’ve been living that life for a while, I’m not quiet about my supportive of/love for Moffat. 

  • Have you received anon hate? What about?

Ooh. Uh, I’m not actually sure if this case was anon or not, because I don’t think I answered it, though I think I meant to (but seem to have ended up deleting it, idk), but I’d made some post about not understanding why people didn’t like Missy? and someone came in like “that’s bc she sexually assaulted Twelve and kills people and used a gendered slur” and some other shit idk

now, okay, first two accusations, fair enough. though like, she’s a villain, and that assault was only a kiss (still an assault, but you know). 

it was the gendered slur thing that got me?? I can only assume that they mean the “tell him the Bitch is back” line, but it’s so ridiculous because that’s the most blatant reclaimed slur moment ever? it was funny? and empowering? wtf was their problem? idk 

  • Any fandom you’re ashamed of being in?

Not really. (Maybe vaguely embarrassed to be even remotely associated with the Sherlock fandom even though I only watch and reblog the very very occasional gifset.) I know some people try and make out Doctor Who to be embarrassing but that’s mainly bc of the whole Superwholock fiasco, and like, man, don’t sully Doctor Who with that shit. It was around long before the other two and will continue on long after they’ve been forgotten. I can guarantee a lot of the embarrassing fans are now the ones trying to shit on Moffat all the time. They’re idiots. 

Meanwhile, those of us who just want to enjoy our cute lil increasingly feminist sci-fi show will keep doing so, bc Doctor Who is not some tweeny thing, it has the biggest age range of intense fans out of almost anything. It’s been going for 53 and a half years. it’s not a phase haha

[S] Collide Spoilers

Does she have no hair…?

When did we get two nanasprites?

Earlier in the comic, rose and roxy’s expressions were switched?

Okay, a few things here:
1. Terezi godteired!
3. Tavros is cute

Why is Terezi wearing Dave’s shirt, why are you making me ship it again?

This is the ERIDAN ARMY only the kool kidz hang here





IS SHE DEAD???????????????????????????????

I thought the sword was unbreakable…

for a brief moment a character in homestuck was actually armless

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"I don’t see how either of those things are trolling *tips chin*" Lol don't get me wrong, I hate Stalia too, but Froy who hasn't even been in any episode yet and who just joined TW shouldn't really tweet things like that. Especially because it was a negative tweet about a ship that was just disrespectful (even if the ship only has10). Imagine if he had tweeted "Stydia is dead". And Benjamin trolling the fandom about Hoechlin although he knows exactly that this is a sensitive topic.

Sure Froy can do that. Shelley did and it worked for her. This show clearly doesn’t matter enough for people to actually know about it.

hello! i am a new multifandom account and i’d love for people i could follow. so like and/or reblog if you post any, even just one, of the following things!

  • the 100
    • i ship minty + monty green is the loml
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  • dc tv
    • i am anti k/a/r/a/m/e/l
    • the flash + supergirl are the only shows i am caught up with
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    • also sam wilson
    • also matt murdock, claire temple, karen page
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    • i would die for tara chambler
  • game of thrones
    • i would also die for arya stark
    • sansaery

i hope you all have a good day!

Alright. I’m all caught up now.

First of all, it’s a good thing I multi-ship. This is a useful skill when watching this show.

Second, damn that finale was heavy.

Third, I like how an episode about a clown coming back from the dead had absolutely no one care when the clown actually did come back from the dead and it was the least climactic thing in that whole episode.

Fourth, you guys could have told me that the season only ended like two weeks ago. Now I’m stuck waiting like the rest of you.

Fifth, this is a good show.

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Merder/ Merpe (the ship name says it all)

Ellen Pompeo is the only thing keeping me from throwing a brick at the screen these days. She’s playing this storyline so beautifully and her little vulnerable face makes me want to coddle her. “It’s his stupid blanket” just hit me in a place I didn’t think existed anymore- THE MERDER FEELS! Considering the only time I clean is when I’m drunk or mad, I found tonight all too relatable- I mean, I don’t have a dead husband but you get me!


“Yeah… I understand. So, another time you will get together and you’ll go out! But you won’t, will you? Or you will, and I will cave and go along with it, and I will watch too much, and you will do nothing, and I- I- psh— I don’t know how to do this thing that you do where you make me feel like crap and there are no kisses coming from your mouths so… whatever… you’ll get together, maybe. Or maybe not and maybe I will not care.”


Should have listened to me, you should have stayed simple. Kudos to Maggie for that headband in bed though.


Stop making me like you. I don’t want to like you, I very much want Calzona back together, but if you keep being sweet and smiling like that, I will end up liking you. (A moment to appreciate Arizona saying it how it is and acting pretty mature in that whole situation,,,)


As fabulous as you are in that coat, please don’t hurt April like that. It’s rude, and very out of character. Remember - “Good people raising their babies right”? Also, Richard was humming in happiness about seeing you tonight. Could you be worthy of that love please?!


I actually have a little song that I sing in my head which lists all their names before my head screams “Lady Chief Trifectaaaaa” in an Idina Menzel-styled top note. I love them. All of them. I love them bonding, and being there, and cleaning, and all their hair.

Favourite Moment

Has to go to Stephanie Edwards in the OR with Callie, talking about size. Or rather demonstrating size…


Merder still lives strong in all of us, @shephunt got a good scene at the end there with all that PLAID, MaLuca are as much of a non-issue as they always were,  I’m sticking to fanfiction for any Omelia fix I may need over the coming weeks, and NOTHING HAPPENED. Every character just went back and forth on decisions they made in previous weeks. Also, I like how they got to 12x15 and the writers suddenly remembered Meredith and Calzona had kids- “next week, we’ll include the kids next week”.