the only contestant that matters

Please, don’t let your fellow asexuals get away with homophobia

The high tensions between aces and the LGBT+ community do not give you a free pass to spew hatred, by doing so, even as a joke, you only make matters worse.

This isn’t a contest to see who’s more oppressed. in a world where we aren’t accepted for something as simple as sexuality we need to support one another not tear eachother apart

Stay safe folks.

(Reunited USUK AU) Float Like a Butterfly...

Thank you very much! I’m glad you like it! And oooohhhh what’s this?? Promoting my own AU?? No regrets XD)

“Alfred… Please tell me I’m not looking at what I think I’m looking at.” Arthur said slowly, looking at the flyer with a blank expression; his voice was calm and even, but Alfred knew very well that this was more often than not the calm before the storm. Even though Alfred knew better, he couldn’t help but find Arthur’s expression intimidating; the piercings and blue-sectioned hair didn’t help to make the Brit’s prickly appearance any more pleasant, not to mention his… Interesting choice in fashion, but Alfred knew he wasn’t a bad person. Arthur never had been a bad person, after all; not when they were children, and not now. He was just… Hard to approach.
“Uhhh, what d’you mean?” Alfred prodded, a nervous smile playing on his lips as he glanced from the flying he was presenting to Arthur, to the Englishman himself, and back again.
“Please tell me that I am, in fact, not looking at a flyer for the school talent show, and that this is a horrid optical illusion that will leave my field of vision within the next thirty seconds.”

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Wintertime with Calum would include...
  • Always having coordinated outfits at the family gatherings
  • Ringing up your family to get some ideas on what to get you
  • Immediate and giant hugs whenever either of you gets home bc it was cold af outside
  • “I already got the bath and hot chocolate ready, babe”
  • Standing outside and his arms are always wrapped around you, with his hands tucked into your back jean pockets
  • Building a snow man and putting different things on it every day
  • “You cannot use condoms for its eyes, cal”
  • “I couldn’t find any rocks big enough” :—)
  • Decorating the outside of the house for HOURS
  • “Babe, we’re winning the christmas decoration contest no matter what”
  • “You only get like a twenty dollar giftcard”
  • Trying all the different holiday options at starbucks
  • Buying way too many ornaments 
  • Peppering your face with kisses
  • “Because your cheeks are all red and I can’t help it”
  • Buying you knee socks because he loves how they look on you
  • Tickle fights that end in him hauling you up and going outside to pretend to toss you in the snow
  • “Like I’d ever fucking toss my girl into the snow.  You’re crazy”
  • his pretty skin glowing from the flames as he kisses your neck :(((((((
  • Not even bothering to do his hair half the time bc windy
  • Nighttime ice skating dates
  • Hands on your hips the whole time train style as you circle around the rink
  • Going to see the giant pretty Christmas tree downtown in the middle of the night when its empty
  • Asking the Santas outside of the stores to sing some 5sos songs
  • Sliding twenties into the donation bucket whether they do or not

Luke // Michael // Ashton

Really? People is all salty because Sweden won?

Did you even make your research before claiming Mans is an homophobe?

The facts:

  • Mans was drunk where he made the comments.
  • He never spoke against gay people as a fact of personal opinion. He explained that “it wasn’t natural” and that it was “abnormal”. True there, those are homophobic comments.
  • Right after that sentence, he quickly explained he has no issues with homosexuality, and that “the natural course was that men and women make children together”.
  • He has participated in LGBT+ eventes BEFORE and AFTER the incident. He has even appeared naked on a gay gala, imitating Mile Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball”.
  • Several people from the LGBT+ spectrum have told how open-minded and comfortable he is with everyone while interviewing/greeting him.

Sweden was not my winner tonight, but was one of my top countries indeed. I wonder what would’ve happened if Russia had actually won. Both Polina and Mans wouldn’t be more comfortable while talking to Conchita Wurst, and that says a hell lot. Stop swimming through old articles trying to throw shit to a deserved winner. He had the performance that Europe (and Australia) liked the most, that’s the only thing it matters tonight.

This is a SONG CONTEST people. Geez.


anonymous asked:

Hey Lucas, i've always been very self conscious of cosplaying because i tend to either buy the whole outfit or buy something similar from thrift stores and then alter to the best of my ability. People make me feel like its not "real cosplaying" because I dont make everything from scratch on my own. Whats your opinion on this?

To be really blunt, I think this is BULL SHIT.

It’s also elitist, and every time I see someone being made to feel “less than” or invalidated for buying their cosplay or altering thrift store clothes I get angry.

The only place it matters at all is in craftsmanship contests where the point is that people are choosing to compete in their cosplay based on what they have created. In that sense the credit for the costume needs to go to the creator, so there’s a fairness issue in those contests when you enter something that is not yours.

I also think it comes up out of fairness when you post pictures of your cosplay. If someone else made it for you it’s important to credit :)

But for EVERYTHING else it doesn’t matter one lick.

Cosplay is SO MUCH more than contests. Contests are a really cool part of cosplay, but they’re not the only part. 

-Some people cosplay for fun. To just hang out and enjoy portraying a character and doing cool photoshoots and videos. THIS IS VALID COSPLAY AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MAKING YOUR OWN STUFF. 

-Some people are really engaged in creating content around cosplay, such as videos, CMVs, photoshoots etc THIS IS VALID COSPLAY AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MAKING YOUR OWN STUFF.

-Some people complete in cosplay. Entering competitions such as WCS and con cosplay contests. THIS IS VALID COSPLAY AND HAS A LOT TO DO WITH MAKING YOUR OWN STUFF.

-Some people cosplay as a business and sell cosplay prints or materials. THIS IS VALID COSPLAY AND DOESN’T NECESSARILY HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH MAKING YOUR OWN STUFF (unless your selling materials like wigs or props that you’re making… but there are many cosplayers who sell prints of them modelling cosplays that others have made for them). 

And there are tons more ways people cosplay and reasons that people cosplay… and none of it is more or less valid.

Do what you do. There’s no right or correct way to dress up like a cartoon/video game/ etc. character. And ultimately though things like the contest side of cosplay gets a lot of media and attention… it’s not the majority of the community. It’s not the pinnacle or the goal. It’s just one of many ways that people engage in the hobby. 

End rant.

Because I’m so sick and tired of this hobby being made inaccessible to so many people who don’t have the time, money, interest, etc. to create showcase costumes. Cosplay NEEDS to be something that people of all AGES, INCOME LEVELS, GENDERS, RACES, ABILITIES ETC. can participate in. Cause damn is it a welcoming hobby and no sir do I want to see it become exclusive or exclusionary. 


You are valid Anon. Your cosplay is valid and real as anyone else’s.