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Man are you LL fans salty! LOL it's so laughable how you cry that she doesn't get anything when she took over the whole season while Digg and Felicity stories were pushed to the side to compensate for Boo Boo Canary. I understand that she's your character and that it must hurt that only the people who mattered went with Oliver to save Thea and the Olicity sex had to burn so I get the frustration but I think the energy should be focused on hoping for Laurel to finally become compelling or likable

LOL, this is a fun one, first time I got some hate mail. Tell me when exactly Laurel took over the whole season, because if you look at the screen time, I’m pretty sure Laurel is still way behind Felicity and also behind Diggle, I know for sure after the first half Laurel had less screen time than both of them and even Roy, because someone here was keeping score.  And in the last two episodes didn’t even get 5 minutes of screen time combined. Oh, by “taking over the season” do you mean gets more than five minutes of screen time, which happened in a handful of episodes? 

If ANYONE is taking over the season, it’s Felicity, who not only has #2 screen time after Oliver (beating Diggle, Roy and Laurel by a mile) but also has substantial screen time on the Flash when she visits. And with all that screen time, you think it’s Laurel that’s taking away time for her story? No, it’s the writers who can shoe-horn her into as many scenes as they can, but for some reason are incapable of giving her a story line that isn’t about being a love interest or superhero guru. Blame the writers for that.

Diggle has been marginalized since S2, way before Laurel joined the team, but I’m sure you weren’t complaining then. Fact is, they took the “Oliver’s conscience” role he had in S1 and gave it to Felicity, they gave Felicity any tech stuff and the writers chose not to have Diggle be part of the action for some reason. He hasn’t been really part of the action since S2 when Roy became Oliver’s sidekick. Is it Roy’s fault Diggle has been sidelined other than Suicide Squad stories? No, it’s once again the writers who can’t write a story line that services all their characters and can’t figure out what to do with Diggle. They could have him in the field, they could have him investigate HIVE, they could give him a story line with Lyla or invent one, but they don’t, because they’re lazy and don’t care about their characters and giving them the development and story lines they deserve.

And ‘Boo Boo Canary’? That’s laughable considering all Felicity has done this season is cry, while Laurel took her grief and anger and channeled it towards getting justice and protecting her city, even when Felicity, Roy and Diggle wanted to quit. 

‘Only people who matter’ or ‘only people you care about’? And I couldn’t care less about the Olicity sex scene, because I don’t care who gets Oliver’s magic dick, in fact I don’t want Laurel to get together with him, because he’s a douche-bag who treats the women in his life appallingly and that includes Felicity. Felicity would have been better off with Ray, but he’s too good for this show and deserves better than the way the show has treated him. 

And Laurel deserves better than Oliver, but right now she’s too busy saving the city to care about a love life and unlike Oliver, she doesn’t need constant reminding for why she should even bother, because Laurel has been a hero since day one- she’s always fought for justice and put her life in danger trying to get it, she didn’t need to be tortured on an island to stop being a selfish asshole and start thinking of other people and even then it took Laurel, Diggle and Felicity to get him to stop just going after the people on his father’s list but also do good and it took Tommy dying for Oliver to stop being a killer and become The Arrow. 

Trust me, enough people find Laurel plenty of likable and compelling and cite her Canary arc as one of the bright spots in this dreary season. I didn’t like her in S1, but I came around in S2 when the writers and fandom did nothing but shit on the character and actress and by defending her I realized what a strong character she is and she’s one of the few characters outside of Oliver that even gets any character development. And you can keep hating her and people like Quentin and Oliver can keep belittling her and calling her an addict or telling her she’s not a hero, but Laurel’s strong and she’s gonna keep going, she’s gonna be a better fighter and become the hero she was always meant to be. 

I’m the one that’s salty? You got everything you probably wanted this episode/this season and you still come to my blog, where I didn’t tag your precious character or ship in order to both gloat and complain. You don’t like what I’m saying, go to your own tags where I’m sure you’ll find like-minded people who worship a plastic plant and probably replay that sex scene a million times. Have fun, enjoy yourself and most importantly- get off my lawn. I don’t come into your tags and your blogs and ridicule you, but then again, I’m an actual adult that respects other people’s opinions and right to enjoy whatever the hell they want to.



Okay! I finally came around to post the hxh sketch requests I got on twitter! Thanks a lot!! That was a lot of fun and I’m glad I had to draw some characters I haven’t drawn yet! ^q^ twitter

yeah ok I tried to keep it in the tags but Imma just say it now I still find a lot of Pesce’s directing choices rather questionable



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