the only character that matters

EVERYONE GATHER ROUND it’s conspiracy theory time!!!

i thought of this awhile back but it’s time i finally make it a post

so does anyone remember that pic lauren montgomery posted on twitter after the election???

ok so this is a super adorable and sweet drawing, but i realized

could it be kIND OF foreshadowing?????

think about it. look at who’s holding which sign.

pidge is holding the gender sign. pidge’s gender played a huge role in season 1, when we found out she’s a girl DISGUISED as a boy.

keith is holding the race sign. everyone knows about keith’s huge arc in season 2 when it turned out hE’S GALRA AS FU CK

and look who’s holding the lgbt sign


keep in mind that ye we already knew pidge’s gender twist from season 1, but this pic came out in november, BEFORE keith being galra was revealed

not only that, but the two characters who dealt w those matters on the signs they’re holding are holding them with BOTH HANDS, minus allura, but i say that fits even more bc she DIRECTLY TRIED TO GET PIDGE to tell her she’s a girl

hunk, who’s holding the race sign with keith was one of the first paladins that was both accepting of and fascinated by him being part-galra as far as we know, which might be represented by the hand on keith’s shoulder

so given this, will lance canonically be bi/pan?

and if shiro comes back, (PLEASE DREAMWORKS) are we gonna have a bi/pan lance w supportive shiro?

i hope this wasnt looking too deeply and im hoping my theorys rIGHT but it probably wont be since it’s just a kinda dumb overthought conspiracy theory lmfao


Don’t doubt it, don’t doubt it
Victory is in your veins
You know it, you know it
And you will not negotiate
Just fight it, just fight it
And be transformed

This is why I believe we’re getting more footage. They tanked their own episode. We know Golding and the way The Princess Bride is written are big influences to the Sherlock writers. If they want the audience to root for a certain ending, they have to stop the story right before that leaving loose-ends and plot holes. This way, the viewers demand they be fixed. This happens, literally, in The Princess Bride. The narrator stops the story early and the viewer demands the story progress immediately, not being able to handle not knowing what happens to the main characters. Because the story is only about the two main characters – they are ALL that matters. And look what’s happening now? They tanked their episode TOO well. They wait, silently, for the viewers to mourn the ending, which is absolutely what’s happening. If Golding and his “give the people what they want, just not in the way they would expect” philosophy matters, if Gatiss writing the line “I don’t like loose ends, not on my watch” matters, if “There must be something comforting about the number three, people always stop at three” matters, then we will be getting more footage to wrap this all up.

How to Sadden the GM

So, this is the same group as “When Crits Don’t Matter”, only with some different characters due to several deaths as well as one person dropping out due to real life issues. For context, we are at the final boss of the entire campaign, and it happens to be a Young Adult Acid Dragon. Our group, at this point, consists of a Vanaran Druid (me, former Sorceress) with an animal companion of a large Ape (we were jokingly called Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong), a Gnome Bard, a Human Fighter (former Night Blade), an Oread Monk, and a Human Kinetisist (former Inquisitor who a few sessions before had made a Paladin that got OHKed by an Alchemist miniboss during the last session). We were all walking along, getting ready before the final encounter, and when we do end up getting into the Dragon’s lair…this exchange happens…

Dragon: You mortal fools! Who dares enter the lair of Aeteperax?!

Most of Party half-heartedly introduces themselves, except the Figther.

Fighter: I do not give my name to the dead.

Before the GM can even have the dragon react, the fighter rolls to bullrush/charge the Dragon and gets a double 20. House rules are that double 20s are max damage.

While this is going on, the rest of the party is preparing their own stuff and scattering to avoid AOE attacks from the dragon.


We all rolled for initiative and all of us rolled fairly high.

Party then proceeds to smack the Dragon down to size, with the dragon not even getting off one attack as the only attack roll he managed to do missed entirely. At this point, the DM is both furious and depressed, and the party is cracking up.

DM: You guys don’t understand! I worked this boss up for weeks! This was supposed to be a challenging fight! But no, (Fighter) just ran in no-holds-barred and took out almost half the boss’s health, then (druid) summoned a Gravity Elemental and sent it running head first at the boss, and then (bard) kept using command and the boss kept failing their will saves!

Needless to say, the GM still hates this party, but we have another campaign coming up soon, so look forward for more shenanigans.

Making History

Writers, artists, creatives, idea generators, we are the future. It’s our turn to make history and to show the world how it’s done.

There are such a wide variety of talented and imaginative people on this website. Together we can collaborate, bring ideas to life, and help bring change to the way stories are told in film, TV, books and other media. 


The date this blog was created is Friday 13th January 2017. It’s two days away from the screening of BBC Sherlock’s “The Final Problem”.  Right now we have no idea what is going to happen when that episode finally airs, but I understand that there is a lot of hurt and anger in the Sherlock fandom circulating. The BBC team have had their chance to tell their story, no matter what direction they end up going in, and now it’s our turn.

It’s 2017. It’s time to change perceptions, share stories, and create characters and narratives that matter. Not only just for us, but for the generations that come after us. Like Sherlock said “ The game is never over, but there might be some new players now” Let us be those players, never letting that game die out. Because this isn’t a game, not anymore.

The way I see it, the entire Sherlock fandom is full to the brim with amazing people from all walks of life who can draw, write, create beautifully intricate meta, films, songs, youtube videos…etc.

When the final hour strikes I want to keep that flame of brilliance going because this isn’t some silly thing, it matters. It isn’t just the stories we tell that matter, but the friendships that we made, and the joy of being unapologetically ourselves.  When something matters this much then we shouldn’t be stopped just because one narrative is over. Let’s keep burning, even brighter than we already were.

Not only are we going to make history. But we are the future story tellers!

No matter what happens in that screening or what we receive, I wanted to form a safe place where we can come together and collaborate.  The aims of this blog are:

  • To create a safe place where LGBTQIA+ individuals can communicate, become friends, and be part of a wonderful community.
  • To share ideas for projects. Let’s support each other, spread the word about other people’s unapologetic queer stories.
  • To create a community where people are able to collaborate and create stories that matter.
  • To provide a place where people can submit “profiles” about what sort of skill-sets they have, so that they can connect with other creatives. After all in the world of media (though it may sound cliche) it really is all about who you know. Think almost like a penpal profile but instead of wanting people to write to you, you’re looking for other people to be creative with and to build new narratives that will one day make history.

You might consider submitting things such as:

  • - What creative skill sets you have. E.G Artist/Writer etc
  • - Information on any of your current creative projects.
  • - If you are looking to collaborate with people to create a history making story/ character(s)/ narrative.
  • - If you have any story ideas/prompts that you would like to share. Do you have any stories that are burning inside you that you’d like to tell?
  • - If you are just looking to find like-minded people to talk with/ connect with.
  • -Anything really, so long as it isn’t hurtful or disrespectful to any group of people. This is an all inclusive and safe zone.

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(Another update, gosh, I didn’t liked the shape of his head at all X’D too much cheek, MUCH better now~<3)

About the AU

Underdecay is a world where the constant resets actually start to affect not only the characters, but HOME itself. No matter the path, kindness or violence, every reset leaves a permanent mark against the new timeline, similar to a scar that never fades.

Each reset leaves a small impression on the monsters that interact with the fallen human, the result of which becomes more and more prevalent with each new reset. The monsters are slowly becoming more aware about living the same life over and over as moments of deja vu and unexplained intuition seep into their lives. The past royal scientist took it upon himself to try to mitigate the damage caused by perpetual resets and for the most part actually succeeded but in his absence, the world slowly falls into decay.

About Decay!Sans

  • New stimulus confuse him and makes him anxious.
  • The growing anxiety and worry with each reset starts to affect his decisions and his reaction as well.
  • He’s scared of physical contact (due to having been killed a few times) and doesn’t talk very much except if he need to. (Like many, he bottles himself up.)
  • When relaxed, he’s pretty close to the Sans we all know (especially when it comes to bad puns!).
  • His eye change color from yellow to cyan depending on his mood.

Art & Underdecay© @little-noko

Undertale© @undertale

Now that Blizzard has officially canonized one of their most popular mascot characters to be gay, it’s only a matter of time before Jace “the character most players are supposed to identify with” Beleren kisses Gideon right on the lips. Let my trash son be gay.

Magic Anon List! Anon sets duration!
  • Tsundere: Muse will be a tsundere for ______. If they're already a tsundere, then no tsundere.
  • Neko Paradise: Muse becomes a catgirl/neko for ______. If they're already a neko, then they become a human.
  • Cosplay: Muse dresses exactly like a specified character for ______.
  • Sing: Muse can only sing, no matter what for ______.
  • No Voice: Muse loses their voice for ______.
  • WHAT?!: Muse is unable to hear for ______.
  • Marriage: Muse will be married to a specified muse for ______. (Other mun must agree.)
  • Love Potion: Muse is in love with a specified muse for ______.
  • Psychic: Muse has the ability to predict the future for ______.
  • Hyperactive: Muse becomes hyper and is never tired for ______. Take it even further if they're already hyper.
  • Mermaid: Muse becomes a mermaid for ______. If they're already a mermaid, then they become human.
  • I'm watching you!~: Muse becomes a stalker for ______.
  • Invisibility: Muse becomes invisible for ______.
  • Meido: Muse will become another muse's maid for ______. (Other mun must agree)
  • Friendship: Muse wants to be friends with anyone, no matter who they are, for ______.
  • Fairy: Muse becomes a fairy for ______.
  • Witch: Muse becomes a witch for ______.
  • #SELFIE: Muse is addicted to selfies for ______.
  • Body Swap: Muse swaps bodies with another muse for ______. (Other mun must agree)
  • Dark Side: Muse becomes evil for ______. If they're already evil, then it's the opposite.
  • Frozen: Muse has ice powers that they can't control for ______.
  • Scorched: Muse has fire powers that they can't control for ______.
  • Amnesia: Muse doesn't remember anything for ______.
  • Immortal: Muse becomes immortal for ______.
  • Pregnant: Muse is [specify month] pregnant.
  • Laughing Gas: Muse laughs at literally everything others say and cannot stop laughing for _______.
  • Comedian: Terrible or not, muse keeps coming up with puns every second for _______.
  • Ghost Chili: For _______, muse feels like their mouth is on fire.
  • Sleeping Beauty: Muse will be in deep slumber for _______.
  • Animal Noises: Muse can only make animal noises [specify animal] for _______.
  • Freaky Eaters: Muse will be addicted to eating [specify food or... anything...?] for _______.

I mainly junkerblog because I’m myself a gay little anarchist but never forget that Hana Song is here, trans, powerful, the best character in the game, the only character in the game that matters, the only person in the world that matters