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Saw ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ this weekend

I loved it.

So much.

It was a blast.

door-in-face asked:

Why is this blog a thing? Like? Steve dies anyway so it doesn't really matter now does it?

I’m glad you asked! This gives me an excuse to outline the main aims and objectives of this blog.

This blog is a thing because

  • the reactions to Sharon even appearing in the film are hilarious, bordering on hysterical. The majority of them seem to be from Steve/Peggy shippers who can’t handle the fact that Steve has to move on, somehow, and think that Peggy should be de-aged somehow so she can still be with Steve.
  • Heads up - Peggy moved on after Steve went under the ice. She founded an espionage agency, she met another man, she raised a family, she inspired another woman to follow in her footsteps. To keep harping on about her relationship with Steve as if that’s the only thing that matters about her character, to erase her previous life so she can be with Steve is actually demeaning to what she accomplished. No me gusta.
  • Another point - I don’t care about Sharon being related to Peggy. Firstly, Steve showed interest in her before he even knew about her relationship to Peggy. Secondly, this excuse is invalid if a) you ship Steve/Howard and Steve/Tony similtaneously b) you call Steve/Sharon misogynistic and unhealthy, but then go on to ship Loki/Thor non-con incest fic, Darcy/Loki (which IMO is 1000000x worse but that’s for another post entirely), etc. Like, the issues that Steve and Sharon might have are NOTHING compared to the insane ships that fandom comes up with. I mean hey, I ain’t judging, go ahead and ship what you like, but don’t turn around and call Staron PROBLEMATIC! ™ VILE! ™ when half your fanfics in your Drafts folder are about two brothers fucking each other, mmmkay?
  • Another ship group I’m side eying are the Stucky shippers, who have also been assholes to Steggy shippers in the past. Slashfic all you like, believe me. But allow me to point out all the white dick fencing that goes on in this fandom, and the misogyny and women bashing that tends to go hand in hand with it. Steve is capable, and has been capable, of loving more than one person in the past. I don’t understand this fandom’s inability to multi-ship, especially when it comes to a character like Steve. Steve loves Bucky, Sharon and Peggy (and Sam!) equally… deal.
  • To address your second point, we don’t actually know for sure that Steve dies in the MCU, unless you’ve secretly been corresponding with Feige and you’d like to share with the class, you’re just as clueless as any of us. Also, that still doesn’t mean that Sharon doesn’t deserve her time in the MCU, which brings me to…
  • Sharon is a VERY important character in the comics. She is one of Cap’s closest confidantes, she is one of SHIELD’s most important agents, she is part of a legacy that founded SHIELD in the MCU. She’s a badass and has at one point even replaced Nick Fury as Director. And people are mad that a character like this is being included? Get over yourselves tbh!!! The queen is here to SLAY.

anonymous asked:

Do you too have the suspicion that they gave Sansa the Jeyne Poole plot just to have an excuse to show the actress naked?

Well NOW I do. And this was also her first season filming since turning 18 I think. At least since being 18 for the entirety of the filming. God.

But overall, no. While that might have beena small factor, I do think their main reason is that they’re under the impression that her presence in Winterfell “gives us buy-in.” We can’t care about Dorne unless we have familiar faces (Ellaria, Jaime, Bronn). Or like when they stuck Tywin in Harrenhal with Arya in S2, which did make for some good TV, but undercut Arya’s development.

However Sansa is the most egregious case of this, because they are just obliterating her plotline to give her the role of a tertiary character who only matters for Theon’s arc. Sansa is a POV character and set up to be a player in her own right. To dial back characterization because they think we wouldn’t care about “a random girl” suffering at the hands of Ramsay is silly. We stop caring when our characters aren’t consistent or when their development is thrown out the window.


Cosplay Love - Animazement 2015 [source]

I only know a small fraction of these characters, but that doesn’t matter, because I can clearly see that these cosplayers are all AMAZING!

I find the desperation on tumblr to have a black Peter Parker incredibly racist.

Black Spiderman? Fine because Miles exists. Black Peter Parker? Racist.

When someone says they want a black Peter they are actively ignoring Miles. They are pretending that he doesn’t exist, that he doesn’t matter.

They are passing by a canonically black character to only focus on the white one. Now, it’s a different issue when there is the only one character (like the Human Torch since that’s a popular topic right now). But when the option exists and you act like that option doesn’t in order to focus all your time and energy to point at a white character, you’re sending one message:

Black characters only matter if they were originally white

And that’s fucking racist


“Nostalgia" literally means “the pain from an old wound.” It’s a twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone.” 

The man did not jump out the window, did not threaten to blow up the plane and is not Charles Manson. All that happened is that these characters have slowly faded away into thin air, with every wall surrounding them being torn down, brick by brick. This last half season’s exercise in finality has been perfect. Not interested in fan service, only interested in paying these character’s stories the closure they deserve no matter how painful it may be to come to terms with that you can’t spend the next few decades as a fly on the wall to these character’s lives.

I am going to miss the feeling of dread, woe and the void. The mirror that this show put to our own lives of the hampster wheel that we just keep running on in the search for satisfaction and to answer the question of “who am I, “what else is there” and “what am I missing?”. I’m going to miss the symbolism of California, Aeroplanes and Coca Cola. The perfectly executed themes of our own mortality, identity, performance, identity and memory. The way that this was not a show which took the cheap route by focusing on the changing face of American history but used it as a tool to illustrate these characters lives and how they reacted to these events.

Despite that the final pages of this book have dissolved as they’ve been read, everything slowly has evaporated and disappeared these but characters will live on in memory more than most. This has been one of the great American novels and one of the most perfect portrayals of humanity on screen. The Carousel keeps never stops spinning and Mad Men runs through us all.