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Doctor Manhattan: I feel fear for the last time. A token funeral is held. There is nothing to bury. A circulatory system is seen by the perimeter fence. A few days later, a partially muscled skeleton stands in a hallway, then screams for a moment before vanishing. They call me Doctor Manhattan. They explain the name has been chosen for the ominous association it will raise in America’s enemies. The marketing boys say I’ll need a logo. If I’m to have a symbol, it will be one I respect.

Will Byers got a funeral, but Barb didn’t. Will Byers’ family was allowed to grieve, but Barb’s wasn’t. Will Byers got “resurrected”, but Barb didn’t. Both were the best friends of main characters, but only one mattered. From this we conclude that there is no hope, sympathy, or justice for a chubby nerd girl who objects to cheap sex with jerk teenage boys.


This is actually the best thing I’ve ever seen


so me and my friend did a collab eYYY

i drew the one on the left on paper, and she lined/coloured it digitally, and she drew the one on the right, and i lined/coloured it digitally aa 

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Do you think The Straights™ are upset by if we start getting our grubby queer hands on their mad max-y characters we might actually get real canon queers? Who will think of the 13 y/o boys who probably shouldn't be playing anyways!

we’re already getting canon gay characters so it’s only a matter of time before the fucking world implodes for some dudebros im
fuckinf screaming at this mess like really youre gonna try to twist it to “ew youre being a weirdo by bringing up TOTALLY unrelated issues, i wasnt talking about voltron ships, on a post about voltron fandom practices, with voltron headcanons, about voltron characters, NO WAY! this was only about Fandom Policing things that dont matter, even though literally no one rallies significantly against anything in fandom that doesn’t relate to a real world issue, and i’m the one who made like ten fucking replies on an inconsequential post complaining about a joke, telling people how to feel!!!!” jesus christ and they blocked all of us finally, like, excuse me?? who intentionally picks a fight on someone else’s post and then blocks the person who made it? if youre so goddamn mad why didnt you block it in the first place!!!

PSA: My body’s not ready (but Zeno’s is)

Here we go! The newest OAD of my main fandom has been released in Japan, and it’s about my favorite character’s backstory to boot, so it’s only a matter of time until I fill your lives with pain and gifs and pain and gifs.

Ways to filter the spam: savior or blacklist #akatsuki no yona spoilers for anime! That’s the tag I’ll be reusing, and perhaps #welcome to akayona hell for talking between fandom peeps. And sure, also tagging blood tw, gore, and body horror in case they pop in (if it’s anything like the manga, I expect a little bit.)

Godspeed all.

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