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how come temari if your favourite whereas sakura is 3rd? just wondering cause sakura is more in the anime and has more power/back story

Because thankfully, a character’s screen/panel time and power/skill level mean absolutely nothing to me when judging how much I like a character. The only thing that matters to me is how well they retain my interest, that’s it.

It’s my list of my favourite characters Anon, which means that no character “should” or “shouldn’t” rank anywhere on it apart from where I say.

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I just love how in hp fandom minor characters arent even a thing. all characters matter and they are all loved

the thing about “representation” in media is that, even now, it only matters if it’s white representation. white lgbt characters. white independent and strong female characters. white mentally ill characters. just look at shows like stranger things and 13 reasons why, gaining widespread popularity posthaste and a renewal for a second season without even having to try. even shows like sense8 and orange is the new black that claim to be diverse and progressive still have more white characters than characters of color and / or put more focus on their white characters than any others.

you can’t possibly claim race plays no role in this when representation has only ever mattered if the face of it was a white, conventionally attractive character. if that’s not racist, i don’t know what is.

EVERYONE GATHER ROUND it’s conspiracy theory time!!!

i thought of this awhile back but it’s time i finally make it a post

so does anyone remember that pic lauren montgomery posted on twitter after the election???

ok so this is a super adorable and sweet drawing, but i realized

could it be kIND OF foreshadowing?????

think about it. look at who’s holding which sign.

pidge is holding the gender sign. pidge’s gender played a huge role in season 1, when we found out she’s a girl DISGUISED as a boy.

keith is holding the race sign. everyone knows about keith’s huge arc in season 2 when it turned out hE’S GALRA AS FU CK

and look who’s holding the lgbt sign


keep in mind that ye we already knew pidge’s gender twist from season 1, but this pic came out in november, BEFORE keith being galra was revealed

not only that, but the two characters who dealt w those matters on the signs they’re holding are holding them with BOTH HANDS, minus allura, but i say that fits even more bc she DIRECTLY TRIED TO GET PIDGE to tell her she’s a girl

hunk, who’s holding the race sign with keith was one of the first paladins that was both accepting of and fascinated by him being part-galra as far as we know, which might be represented by the hand on keith’s shoulder

so given this, will lance canonically be bi/pan?

and if shiro comes back, (PLEASE DREAMWORKS) are we gonna have a bi/pan lance w supportive shiro?

i hope this wasnt looking too deeply and im hoping my theorys rIGHT but it probably wont be since it’s just a kinda dumb overthought conspiracy theory lmfao


Don’t doubt it, don’t doubt it
Victory is in your veins
You know it, you know it
And you will not negotiate
Just fight it, just fight it
And be transformed

*Consultant detectives* 

drawn in Photoshop

“And I’ve got an accordion!”

Of course you do, of course


I forgot this one


He had another one in his room

ok so for a character who’s not “on the front lines” of the action during most of this MSQ Aymeric has been through some shit

off the top of my head I can think of
- “questioned thoroughly” aka definitely tortured
- stabbed in the street/assasination attempt
- may or may not have solo battled Vedrfolnir (while the WoL got 3 people to assist with Hraes’ trial, smh)
- probably gets beat up by some more dragons while WoL fights Nidhogg
- probably stabbed again by Estinien’s armor while carrying him (okay that’s kind of a joke but also not)

plus this whole mental/emotional shitshow
- when he learns that his whole life has essentially been a lie and confronts his father about it his father basically says “lol deal with it” and throws him in jail to be tortured/declared a heretic and enemy of the state
- he was also right there when Haurchefant was killed (I actually kind of forgot this until the other night)
- works really hard on Giving Peace A Chance and inspires an entire counter movement of domestic terrorists? really pissed off people who hate his guts and are not shy about it (see: stabbed in the street)
- one of whom literally throws a child off a building as a sign of protest WHAT THE FUCK
- has to deal with the fact that his bff has become Evil Incarnate
- has to deal with the fact that his other bff probably has to kill said bff
- brings down The System and is relieved to quit his job, is immediately re-hired for a possibly even more demanding job
- decides to take personal responsibility for the fact that Ishgard has been an isolationist middle finger to the rest of the continent
- just….really wants to drink wine and go adventuring but can’t because reasons

so my point being: if it’s any comfort, we’re definitely not alone on the HW pain train

also that i love him and i swear to god SE if you lay a hand on him in 4.0

All characters are self-insert characters. They are you a little to the left, or a particular piece of you dialed up to 11, or the you that you would have been if the path of your life had angled just slightly differently, or you if you never learned this one important thing. 

Every character is part of you, but more than that every character starts with a piece of you, big or small, it’s you in one way or another at the beginning. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact it’s essential. That seed of you, that lives in them, it’s what gives them life, breath and blood and bone. And then you tend it, growing it, shaping them along paths you could never have walked nor imagined for yourself. Until they become someone else entirely. A wholly fictional character. But also you, a little bit, somewhere in there in the heart of themselves. 

Every character is a self-insert character. It’s only a matter of degrees how much of yourself there is in them when you finally put them out into the world. Stop worrying so much about self-inserts. Worry more about putting that little you into a story that will shape them into a big, beautiful character.