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I feel kinda bad cause I never play lesbian characters (I’m a gay guy and I just kinda prefer when there’s a guy involved with romance options) so I was happy that Sera is only an option if you’re female. Then Trespasser happened, and now I don’t wanna romance her cause her and Dagna are adorable. It’s a conundrum.

I always felt like I’d get a grasp on her, and then I’d read a new script, and think, ‘Oh, she is totally different than I thought,’ This is the only character that I’ve played for so long that I still feel like I did not know. She changed all the time, and I couldn’t always keep up. Once I’d get new information, I’d be like, ‘Shouldn’t I have done that last episode totally different?’
—  Torrey Devitto on playing Melissa

I thought about making a longer post about this today but I’m seriously feeling burned out of Overwatch right now. Not because of the gameplay (I only play a couple hours a week) but because of Blizzard’s weird release schedule, the constant hype (something I know I’m guilty of contributing to), as well as the dev’s unwillingness to address big concerns like offensive skins or how they’re handling Lena and Emily’s relationship.

I know there’s stuff in the pipeline (shorts, “big plans” for Pharah) but when there’s no soft release date (or even an estimate) it’s hard to tell when to get excited and when to chill out.

I still really love the game and it’s characters and I’m still going to keep the blog going because I enjoy running it, but if I’ve seemed a lot more negative and critical lately… that’s why. I might just stop playing until Doomfist/the Summer Games 2017 with the exception of maybe arcade box farming every week because I need to take a step back.

I don’t know if anyone else feels this way? I was talking to a few close friends about it last night and there was the general opinion of “yeah we’re kinda exhausted.”

I think @buizilla may have underestimated the adorability of a ferocious Charr fanboying over a Tairupanda voice acting job that was all a dream (based directly on Buizilla’s Tweet).

Meanwhile, it seems Aidan (@that-lazy-lion) isn’t having any of that in the morning. And obviously, @beep-beepster cameos in Edsor’s hair.

I might be overstepping my bounds as someone who has never ever played Guild Wars 2 but loves drawing domestic Charrs haha xD My only qualm is that I drew Charrbui’s size-inhibitors on the wrong wrist ;w;

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What are your thoughts on Fox's decisions regarding X-Men: Dark Phoenix? Cast, direction, characters and etc.

I think they’re going to screw it up like they did before. 

First, they haven’t given nearly enough screen-time to Scott and Jean for the story to land - the Phoenix Saga worked in the comics because it was the culmination of character arcs going back 17 years (it was also given 4 years to play out in the comics too), whereas in the movies this Scott and Jean have only had a few scenes together in X-Men: Apocalypse. Are audiences going to care enough about these two characters for the overall plot to land?

Second, the casting news suggests underlying weaknesses in the Singer X-Men movies are causing problems with story structure. The Phoenix Saga is about Scott and Jean, but the return of Fassbender, McAvoy, and Lawrence suggests they’ll be the central trio as they were in Apocalypse, Days of Future Past, and First Class, overshadowing every other element of what should be an ensemble cast. Also, Lilandra being described as the villain makes me worried that important people don’t get that the Dark Phoenix is the villain of the Phoenix Saga. 

Third, I’m a bit worried about the director. Kinberg is primarily a writer and producer - having written or co-written Last Stand, Days of Future Past, and Apocalypse - and while he may well want to get the Phoenix Saga right this time, I worry that as a first time director he’ll hew pretty close to the Bryan Singer model (which as a writer and producer he was instrumental in creating and sustaining) that has shown itself to be increasingly creaky as time has passed since the first X-Men movie came out in 2000. 

The thing I love most about this cast is how much they all care so much, and so passionately. About the characters, about the play itself, and about the audience. They love this thing that they’re a part of, and they’re constantly desperate to better it, and they really listen to our feedback and take it on board, and you can feel the love in their performances.

I spoke to Theo about how I felt proud of how far the cast has come over the last month, and said that probably sounded weird, but he said that actually no, we’re all on a journey together. The people who come back see the development over time, and we’re the only people who do apart from the cast and creatives, and he said he’s glad that we’re so invested in it, and that it means so much to us. And I think that seems to embody the spirit of this cast. Learning and growing and taking pride in and ownership of the play, and being glad that we’re still on board with them and that we still love it. But honestly, how could we not be on board with them when they produce performances like the one we saw today?

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omg the D&D AU is giving me life. what if during one session they drag in Tamaki and Nejire too and Tamaki just glances at Mirio's character and then dies embarassed

I imagine they can only get Tamaki in there is if 1) Mirio plays, and 2) Kirishima can’t come for some reason and puppy-eyes his senpai into taking his place for the day. But yeah this absolutely happens.

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yawn at Henrik being put on a pedestal while Carl, the only irl gay guy on the show, basically gets ignored 😂 not calling you out but it’s just hilarious to me. I for one hate it when non-gay actors play gay characters, Even/Isak would’ve meant more (to me anyway) if they were portrayed by actual gay actors. oh well.

Henrik portrayed a bigger role, no surprise he’s more popular (what does Carl’s sexuality has to do with the fact that he is not as talked about? what? Plus, Carl is very loved by the fandom, and I really don’t think he’s being ignored.) I couldn’t disagree more with your second statement. Acting is a job. What’s the difference if your sexuality doesn’t match your character’s? IT’S ACTING. What matters is if people can portray the characters as best as they can.

Phoebe Nova

Another TAWOG OC of mine… just gonna make her bio brief…. again…

Phoebe is a really talented and elegant girl out there in Elmore. She’s actually Zoe’s sister, probably younger than her. She’s really shy to almost everyone inside the school campus except her sister and Darwin. Like I said, she’s got multiple talents only by elegance and perfection on performing. Opera and classic is one of her favorite types of music she plays… her two favorite instruments are the piano and the violin. She brings her favorite violin at school and play it if she has an amount of time to practice. She and her sister were still rivals, competing on who is the best diva there in Elmore, but they do get along with each other.

Possibly my last OC, or there may be more…I was inspired to make a character like this by a good anime… however it’s not actually one of my best OCs…

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I'm just gonna come clean and say it. The moment i saw Nishi at the end pic of the intro he stole my heart. And even tho along the way my heart went to half of the characters, he will forevee be my number 1. He is 100% my dream boy my perfect match what i look for in my boyfriend. If only he was real. Like come on. SUPPORTIVE AF OF EVERYTHING YOU DO! Call you out on the shit you do. Popsicle lover. AND. WHEN. HE PLAYS. OH. MY. GOD. LOVE ME MY ROLLING THUNDER ENERGY BOY! Why aren't you real? T-T

NOYA IS SUCH A GOOD BOY! I AGREE! I love how supportive he is of everyone!!

If you sent me an ask about uploading any of my Where’s Bella? characters, I’m sorry to disappoint but I feel like I only just became able to play with them (after spending so much time posing them and taking screenshots and that’s all), so I’m not ready to part with them yet. I also haven’t written up a ToU. I will release them in the future, though, I promise.

REPOST. DON’T REBLOG. post TEN characters you’d like to roleplay as, have roleplayed as and might bring back, then tag ten people to do the same.  ( If you can’t think of ten characters, just write down however many you can. Feel free to go over ten, too. )

currently playing:

  • Griffith ( Berserk ) ​- active
  • Guts (Berserk) - @the-black-swordsman - semi-active, since Gri Gri isn’t back yet and she is my main only RP partner there )= (also because I kinda suck as Guts tbh <.<)
  • Miranda (Berserk) - @miranda-corkyslayer - not very active - CRACK, she is a canon character and we know nothing about her, so I decided to give her a name and a “personality” xD Basically 50% canon, 50% OC

have played:

  • Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji) - deleted - on Facebook back then, until my main RP partner started getting on my nerves with pestering me for replies, she couldn’t even wait few hours, honestly … So I deleted it
  • Ciel Phantomhive (also Kuroshitsuji) - deleted - a lot later, it was my first Tumblr RP blog, even though 99% of the content were asks…so it was rather an Ask blog than anything (the shitty blog had like 3000 followers tho lol, I still can’t believe a RP blog managed this much)
  • Kanda Yuu (D.Gray-Man) - I think I deleted this one too, it wasn’t really active anyway. That’s the one muse I WILL NEVER bring back, NEVER EVER

want(ed) to play:

  • Lestat (The Vampire Chronicles) - he is one hell of a character and I could never play him - I love him forever, but I don’t feel him at all, I wish I did though
  • Nina Fortner (Monster) - my faceclaim, I love her, she is amazingly well written, but let’s face it, the Monster fandom is dead
  • Johan Liebert (Monster) - same dead fandom + he is the hardest to read character I have ever seen, I love him to death, but he would be the most impossible character for me to portray

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How did you get interested in sonic?

That’s a great question! It all began back in 2005, my dad bought me a Sonic SatAM VHS. This one, to be specific:

And from minute 1 I was HOOKED! I really liked the theme present in the cartoon, and the characters in it. At first I thought that Sonic was only a cartoon character, then I found out about the games and lost my mind.

 I played Sonic 1 first, then Sonic 2, then Sonic 3, and then I played my absolute favorite Sonic game, Sonic Unleashed on my XBOX 360,
Ever since then, I’ve been a HUGE Sonic fan!


So I started (and finish lbr) watching Skam less than a week ago and now the final clip comes out today and honestly my heart is breaking. I can’t even begin to imagine how some of you feel who have been with it for a LONG time. I think the thing that upsets me the most is the untold stories. More specifically Vilde and Even. I would’ve loved it if the show explored their characters and we could’ve really understood what happens in their heads. But honestly, I would’ve died for a Chris, William, Jonas, Magnus, Eskild, etc. season because this show just makes you LOVE all the characters. I just love how RAW and REAL this show feels. How RAW and REAL the character are. How every actor plays their character perfectly and spot on. Ugh especially the last two season which were SO important and can contribute SO much to todays society. Ugh I’ve only been with it for a week but I think I can honestly say I have never loved a show so thoroughly. I honestly wish this wasn’t ending. 

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Brand new to Doctor Who and have only seen series 10 so far so could you give mig the answer to who is the Master and who is Missy and why is there so a big hype about John Simms??

I don’t know how much you know about Doctor Who, so I shall try to be simple but also as comprehensive as possible. Well The Master is a Time Lord like the Doctor. Time Lords have the ability to regenerate, which is to change their form, hence why there are different actors who play the Doctor. When the actor changes, the character goes through regeneration, they have a sort of personality change, yet not fully. They are the same person, they just have a different appearance and characteristics. If that makes sense. One Doctor might act a fool, but is secretly a genius, while another Doctor is egotistical and tells all he is a genius.

The character of the Master was originally created to be the antithesis of the Doctor, or a sort of Moriarty to the Doctor’s Holmes. The Master thrives in chaos and seeks to rule the universe, while the Doctor just wants to see the universe. They were once good friends in their childhood on Gallifrey. But things changed, they changed. They obviously face conflict with another when they meet.

The Master, like the Doctor has been portrayed by different actors over the years. Feel free to check out the classic series, once you have caught up on the current (new who) series. The show has a long history. Anyway, Missy is the current incarnation/face of The Master. And is the first known incarnation to be female. As Time Lords are capable of regenerating into different forms, and that includes gender. 

The Simm Master (Simm!Master) is the previous incarnation of the Master who appeared previously in new who. He became a fan fav, just like Missy is a fan fav now. 

It’s also a real big hype as it is the first Multi-Master episode on TV. Doctor Who has had a thing for special anniversary episodes where different incarnations/faces of the Doctor meet in an episode, these are referred as Multi-Doctor episodes. They are a bit of fun, as while they are the same person, each Doctor has a distinct personality, and some butt heads if you will. You have to see the classic episode The Three Doctors. That was the first multi-Doctor story and shows this clearly between the second and third doctors.

The big hype here is that it is a Multi-Master story. With two Masters. So double the evil, and one Doctor. So it will be interesting. If you like, you can go and watch the Master episodes of the new series. There is Utopia, The Sounds of Drums, Last of the Time lords, The End of Time (parts 1 and 2). 

Then Missy sort of shows up a bit throughout series 8, but isn’t revealed as a new Master until the last two episodes (Dark Water, and, Death in Heaven). Then Missy appears in The Magician’s Apprentice and The Witch’s Familiar, and of course series 10, which you have seen. Hopefully I haven’t forgotten any episodes. 

In new who (the new series, which is 2005 to present), there have actually been 3 Masters. Derek Jacobi played the Master in Utopia and regenerated into John Simm’s Master at the end. John Simm then played the Master until The End of Time, and now the new episode, and Michelle Gomez plays Missy, the latest incarnation of the Master.

And also the new series is a continuation of the classic series. The classic series ran from 1963 to 1989, and had a 1996 movie. The new series from 2005 to present. But the series has also continued in other forms, like audios. There has also been spinoffs. The 1996 movie is also a Master episode.

This is a lot of information, but if you are keen. Feel free to ask questions or search The Master or Regeneration or The Doctor or Doctor Who in google or wikipedia. 

I hope you enjoy the episode.

On The Adventure Zone Graphic Novel, Blue Taako, and Representation

 Yesterday, we revealed some pages for our graphic novel adaptation of the first Adventure Zone arc, and received some criticism of the direction we went with for Taako’s coloring. This artwork reveal came some months after the first reveal of some of our characters, for which we also received criticism of our three leads, all of whom were white in these initial designs. Us and the graphic novel team realized that, yes, that is extremely bad, went back to the drawing board, and had several long discussions about how to best rectify this situation, resulting in the artwork revealed yesterday.

More or less all of the criticism we’ve received centers on Taako, whose skin is a pale blue color in these designs. What we’ve heard most is disappointment that Taako is not realized in these pages as a person of color — or, to be more specific, a Latinx or explicitly Mexican character. There was concern we had failed to follow through on an opportunity to get better representation for Latinx listeners, instead opting to take a safe route, and make Taako a fantasy color without any kind of real-world connection. Much of the criticism also focuses on how that color (or, to be more specific, green skin) has anti-semitic connotations.

This conversation was happening in certain corners of our fandom long before the graphic novel art reveal took place yesterday. We’ve heard criticism from some folks over our policy of not having canonical visual representations of any of our characters — a policy that has resulted in a genuinely humbling ocean of fan art, but also some instances of in-fighting between members of the community who take umbrage with one another’s disparate interpretations of these characters. Another criticism of that policy is that it inherently does not foster good representation, and in fact represents a noncommittal way of handling racial representation on this show.

Here’s the truth of the matter: I think all of this comes from this underlying friction between where The Adventure Zone and us, its creators, were when we started doing the podcast, and where we, the show, and you, the community, are at now. 

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I live in hope that by the time Black Panther comes out, fan artists finally realize that drawing a random black face that looks nothing like the black character they’re supposed to be drawing isn’t acceptable.

You can find references everywhere because we live in a Google-driven world and yet… 90% of fan artists after The Force Awakens made sure to get Rey right but Finn… Finn is still drawn with what I can only call “Generic Black Guy” features.

(But it’s “their style” so it’s apparently rude to complain about how everyone takes pains to make sure the white characters look like their white actors but then play fast and loose with Black characters’ appearances.)

Maybe in 2018 fandom will figure out that all black people don’t look the same and apply that to their fan art?