the only bit of original content on this blog

just to kinda clarify cause
(it has been a rly long time since i said):

this blog only has the 1 mod , which is me
n this is kinda both an advantage n disadvantage because
well i get that niice internal consistency ,,, but if im feelin like shiit then i , unfortunately ,, can not produce the quality n quantity of content i otherwise would
n that means when i feel kinda bad it can b a bit hard to be funny

it is why i rely on reblogs a lot more than say fur post n scale post, n why original posts can vastly range in quality/quanitity

hope u all understand ❤


so we’re still looking for more members to join! 
this is a shinee-only blog so you’d join shineegoodness and you’d give your own blog extra exposure by reblogging your original content to our blog

we’ve already received some replies but we want a bit more so we can have more choice and so we can add more people at once (which would be easier than adding one every now and again) 

more info here

and don’t hesitate to contact us if you’ve got more questions, I promise we’re nice :) 

also, have some shinee for you to enjoy: 

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Attention please

Hey everyone we just hit 18 thiusand followers and i thought I’d try something different. I have a few blog recomendations for you all hopefully you will go check them out :)

@daddys-lil-kink i love this couple but im also a bit biased lol the gorgeous woman of the 2 is my blog model she does most of my submissions and im sure we’re all grateful for, I definitely am. Go visit their blog check out her original content ;) and hit their follow button and go check out my submissions of her. Also she is a cam girl, for the link to their cam show look in my blog description.

@nsfwpicsandvids doesn’t have that many followers yet only like 46 but maybe some of you can help him get up to 100 or more. Great content just as the name implies.

@nude-wow this girl is gorgeous she has also sent in a few submissions to me. I’ve never been disappointed with her. She also posts great content including her own pics too.

@ashley98xoxo now this girl is petite flat and very cute she has alot of her own pics up all are sexy she also sells nudes of herself and her private kik if you’re interested… @i-hate-the-beach this girl is wonderful too she is a cam girl from the UK very flat very sexy plus she is pretty funny i love how she answers her hate mail lol but she posts alot of her own original content and she posts female submits too worth looking into. @my-noonoo this woman ive talked with briefly she seems pretty chill i always enjoy checking out her blog she is pretty loyal to mine and maybe one day she’ll submit a pic for us, fingers crossed haha. @smalldistractions ive also had the pleasure of talking with this woman she is very sweet. And posts pretty much only pics of herself very tiny tits which are very nice i might add. You may have noticed i reblog her frequently now that ive recently discovered her blog. I’d say that wraps it up for blog recommendations part 1. I would appreciate feedback on this to know if its something i should do more of in the future. So shoot me a message and let me know what you think or if you have any recommendations for next time. Submit and ask box is always open ladies if youd like to appear on the blog :) as always i hope you enjoy!

anonymous asked:

Any tips on how to get followers? I've had my blog for a month and I only have 5(four of which are porn blogs). :(

Oof. That’s rough, man!!
In all honesty, my two main tips would be to make an intro post and put up some original content, and then tag some blogs you admire in those posts.
It should help get you some more visibility in the community and make you a bit more well known!! Best of luck, and please tag me if you do!!

Hey! This is part of @studyquill ‘s 30 day summer challenge!

xvii. make a studyblr (or re-do it!) 

Here is some advice for blogs new to the studyblr community or those of you who want to start your very own blog! 

Make sure your url speaks for your blog. It is the first impression people will get from your blog so try to add a key word that shows you are a studyblr. Most people have their names + “studies”, which is a great option. 

Don’t let stats make you quit. The first weeks (even months) as a studyblr can be a bit boring since you won’t have many followers yet; however, don’t let that bring you down! Just keep posting and soon a lot of people will see your blog! Also, remember that studyblr is not about how many followers you have, it is about inspiration and help! 

Post original content. Studyblr is not only about lurking famous blogs! You can post your own ideas, notes and whatever you think will be helpful for others

No fancy stationery needed. I know that studyblr is full of cute pictures featuring pricey stationery, but it is not a requirement in order to be part of the community! Like I said, it is the knowledge and the ideas which count, not the material stuff

Don’t push yourself to do something you don’t need/want/like just for the sake of getting reblogs! 

It is okay to fail. Studyblr is all about good grades and goals but we all fail at some point in our lives and that is completely fine. Don’t let the ilussion of productivity fool you!


hello! as a big thank you for me reaching 6.5k followers, from now on i will be hosting a botm for voltron blogs! this will be the first one!


  • must be following me @lionbots since this is for my followers!
  • reblog this post to let me know you’re interested! only once please.
  • you’ve got to be a blog focused on voltron. it’s okay to have a bit of nonvoltron content, but this botm is for voltron blogs specifically, so the majority of the content you post/reblog must be voltron!


  • a mainly/only voltron blog
  • blogger does not promote hate of any kind
  • having a blog with a good amount of original content is preferred but it is not necessary to enter or win
  • having a blog that is easy to navigate and tags things properly is prefered but not necessary to enter or win (and the theme doesn’t have to be super pretty or anything, just easy to access is what i mean).


  • deadline to enter is october 30th.
  • the winner will be chosen and announced on november 1st.
  • the winner will get:
    • a link to their blog on my blog’s main page
    • a follow from me (if i’m not following you already)
    • two promo posts from me. one at the beginning fo the month and one in the middle of the month.

8/10/2015 | 12:03 am | this is late but I got some school supplies tonight during tax free weekend (I went a bit overboard with the paper) and also thank you so much for 100+ followers! i’ve only had this blog for two weeks but i’m seriously so happy about this so thank you for supporting me and expect more original content soon :) 

Mini Tumblr Awards

I feel a bit sad and i thought doing this could cheer me up and distract me a bit so here we go:


  • mbf this overanxious uni student
  • you can bookmark this post but only reblogs will be considered entries
  • ends on Sunday, October 18th
  • 1 winner for each category. The number of the runner ups will depend on how many people enter the awards
  • must reach 50 notes at least or this never happened


  • best multifandom*
  • best supernatural**
  • best best theme
  • best original content (please write in the tags what you create)
  • best overall
  • rising star (blogs with less than 900 followers)***

*you can have a main fandom but you have to post at least about 3 different shows/books/movies/whatever

**you can post other things as well but spn has to be your main fandom

***send me a message if you’re entering for the “rising star” category


  • a follow from me if i’m not following you already
  • a promo group when announced 
  • a spot in my updates tab until the end of November
  • winners can ask for 2 promos throughout this time, runner ups for 1
  • lots of love, affection and free hugs  (n˘v˘•)¬
💫 Suckmybigbong's September BOTM! 💫

Hey guys so September is only a week away so it’s time to choose my September BOTM!

1. Mbf me and my August BOTM @kawaiiganjakween

2. Only reblogs will count.

3. Reblogging my original content or submitting to me will help your chances of winning!

Perks of being my BOTM:
1. We will do 2 promos together!

2. Your url will be on my blog under BOTM.

3. I will tag you in my stop, drop, and take a hit videos.

4. You have the opportunity to gain quite a bit of followers!

Going to choose my winner on August 31st at 7pm CT

Good luck everybody and be sure to take a hit when you reblog!

Charles’ fully-restored final form turned 1 today!

:D Exactly one year ago, I accidentally deleted my old tumblr account. I lost everything. All the posts, all the followers.

But thanks to a lot of dedication and an enormous amount of support from so many wonderful people, I am now not only fully-restored, but better than ever.

Just a few stats: Before the deletion, my blog had 9352 followers.

The new blog started with zero. Thanks to support from friends such @chickenstab, @thilk, @appledave, @bl1ndg1ng3r and @salihombox (and many others) I recovered 1600+ followers in the first 12 hours.

It took me a bit over two months to get back to where I originally was, and the blog kept growing. I have since changed from exclusively Homestuck content to a variety of fandoms and original content as well.

As of making this post, my follower count is at 20,879. This is an unfathomably large number of people, especially in only one year, and I couldn’t be more thankful to all of you.

Hopefully next year can be just as good and productive.