the only avenger we need

Let’s pretend we’re eight years old playing hookey, I’ll draw on the wall and you can play UFC rookie / Then we’ll grow up, take our clothes off / And you remind me that I wanted you to k i s s me when we find some time alone … and then we can do anything we want

Deleted lines from the Thor: The Dark World script #41
  • Loki: Hitting...doesn't solve everything, Brother.
  • Thor: Oh, really? Well, what about when the electronic box with the tiny people in becomes fuzzy?
  • Loki: OK, fine, I'll give you that.
  • Thor: And when we play that Midgardian game with the flat net sticks and the yellow spheres and the strawberries and cream?
  • Loki: Well, yes, but—!
  • Thor: And don't forget when the family bilgesnipe gently headbutts you to show how much she loves and trusts y—
The Team finds out they’re not the Real Shield.

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Imagine Bucky having no moral compass post-WS. He'll kill to get the job done and the only thing holding him back is Steve. The Avengers slowly realize this.

“We need to talk,” Natasha said, sitting down on the coffee table in Steve’s living room.  The Avengers needed to have a discussion with their new ally and, at Steve’s request, talking to Bucky in the relative comfort of a living room seemed like the best idea.  

Though, he wasn’t sure if it’d actually help.

Bucky sat on the sofa in front of her, a soda in hand.  "About what?“

“Your tactics.”

“What about them?”

“You don’t have any,” Wanda snarked in annoyance, her arms crossed as she leaned against the wall.

Sam decided to clarify before things went south.  "Last mission, you went AWOL and didn’t respond to comms.  No one could reach you.“

"I was doing my job,” Bucky said defensively.  "Steve here told me to cause a distraction so Natasha and Wanda could get into the building undetected.  I did that.“

"There was a litter of bodies all over!” Wanda snapped.

“Of our enemies!  Last I checked, they were fair game.  Unless there was a rule I missed about not killing the enemy, I don’t see the problem.”

Steve sighed from his spot next to his friend.  "They’re being serious, Bucky.“

Bucky leaned back against the sofa and stretched.  "So am I.  Dead bodies are a distraction.  Sam gave a heads up on how many people he saw from above, bad guys went to check out the scene, I killed them when they showed up.  No guards meant Natasha and Wanda could get in, get the intel for Fury and get out.  Steve even rescued some hostages like the hero he is,” he said teasingly.  "Mission fucking accomplished.“

"That’s not how we do things,” Steve said.  He rubbed the bridge of his nose, the conversation even more draining than expected.  "How’d you even know who was a threat and who wasn’t?“

"I’m not stupid, Steve.  Guns usually mean a threat.  Or has that changed too?”

“Everyone does their part,” Steve continued, trying to keep his voice level.  "Things go smoother when everyone is on the same page.  We can’t depend on luck.  We all need to know what the others are doing.  That’s what the comms are for.  You go silent on radio and we think you’re compromised.  We need to be able to reach you.“

Bucky snorted and sent Steve a sharp look.  It’d be a cold day in Hell before he’d tolerate a lecture on his methods.  "I’m not an Avenger, remember?  You called me in for back up and that’s what the fuck I did.  Don’t like how I do things?  Then don’t fucking ask.”

Sam could see the angry look on Steve’s face and decided to jump in before the words turned into something more.  "All we’re asking is that you keep us in the loop.  We all communicate when we’re in the middle of a mission.  We’ve got your back like you’ve got ours.  We’re all friends here, right?“

"So, you don’t trust that I’m gonna handle my business?  I have to check in every 5 minutes?  I don’t need a babysitter,” Bucky said.

“No one is saying that!” Steve was at his wits end and couldn’t help raising his voice.  Bucky’s head was harder than a cement wall, so shouldn’t have been surprised.  Some things never change.  "We were concerned about you, okay?  Is that a crime?  Remember a few months ago when we had that mission in Austria–“

Bucky rolled his eyes with a sigh, knowing what was coming next.

”–and we were supposed to rescue those SHIELD agents who were trapped in that Hydra base and bring in that jerk Galishoff.  Remember?  What did you do?“

"You rescued them and I shot Galishoff in the shoulder.  So what?  You took him alive, didn’t you?”

Wanda stepped forward, her hands in fists.  "You shot him through one of the agents he was using as a human shield!“

"For fuck’s sake, she was insurance!” Bucky explained a bit more forcefully than intended.  "If the bullet didn’t take him down, you give the hostage a clean wound and he can’t take her.  Who is gonna use someone wounded as a hostage?  Sam, you know I’m right!  You were the one who dressed her wound afterwards!“

"Don’t look at me,” Sam said, shaking his head.  

Wanda wasn’t backing down.  "She could’ve died!“

"I made sure she didn’t!  What do you think ‘clean wound’ means?!  Gunshot wounds aren’t always fatal, you know!”

“That much is obvious,” Natasha said, her voice nearly venomous as an unpleasant memory fluttered to the surface.  "I’ve got a pretty little scar on my abdomen from you using that trick.  Though, I thought you’d left those Winter Soldier strategies behind.“

Bucky stared her down, his eyes hard at her comment.  "Why change what works?  You know all about that, don’t you?”

“Enough!” Steve finally said, standing up as his eyes burned into his friend.  "This discussion ends here.  You put innocent people in danger again or endanger us, we’re going to have a problem.  These two incidents aren’t the only ones.  I’ve got a few others I could bring up.  Argentina ring a bell?“


“You were gonna kill those civilians until I made the call not to.  Guilty by association is not your judgment call to make!  What if I’m not there next time when you decide to take matters into your own hands?”

Bucky bolted to his feet and entered Steve’s personal space, not intimidated by his words in the least.  He slammed the soda can on the coffee table, indentations from his fingertips clear in the aluminium.  "Next time you want help, Captain America, call someone else.  Because you obviously can’t handle doing what is necessary.“  

Without a second word, Bucky pushed past Steve to the front door, the room silent as the door slammed behind him.

"That could’ve went better,” Sam said.