the only asian white couple i know of (:

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Is it bad that I'm kind of sick of seeing AF leads get WM love interests? It's why I can't watch Andi Mack, The Mindy Project, etc. because I get so turned off by it now. Real life couples I have absolutely no problem with at all but in media it just... seems to piss me off. As an Asian-American girl myself, I want to see more POC interracial couples (straight or gay) that don't include a white male. It's just the sheer volume of it and them sometimes being painted as "progressive" (they're not)

Right lmao. Why must there always be some white guy in there?

Now I actually just had this idea that focuses on Asian Americans. What I would like to see is a gay or lesbian Asian American couple where one of them is either East Asian + South Asian or Southeast Asian + West Asian. Now I know how limited this makes things because it focuses on Asian Americans and only on specific Asian Americans at that. However, it shows some of the differences and similarities of Asian American groups.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a South Asian + East Asian couple in any media at all, let alone them being gay or lesbian. The same goes for West Asian + Southeast Asian. But the idea that sparks these specific matchings is that many East Asian and South Asian families have an immigration experience whereas many Southeast Asian and West Asian families have a refugee experience. See? Now you’re getting some interesting context here.

Even if each Asian group is entirely different from one another, we each have some sort of similar experience. Then there’s also the struggle of each couple being gay or lesbian (or trans or any other identity from the LGBTQ+ community). And let’s be honest here, Asian American couples that are LGBTQ+ are more invisible than straight Asian American couples (which are barely visible to begin with).

Angry Asian Guy

I wish the people who write stuff like “fandom didn’t always want couples to become canon!” would admit they only really mean this about gay couples. And maybe some other dynamics that are Other in a way we couldn’t expect to see in mainstream media until recently, like having black people or Asian men or whomever as romantic leads. It’s probably mostly gay couples, but since this is coming up again in light of The Star War Shippers flaring back up I feel like it is probably related to that in some way, somehow.

But people feeling entitled to bother the creators and whine all over media about white hetero couples has always, always been a thing. I know some of you are young but… Harry Potter fandom in the mid-2000s? Didn’t the Harry/Hermione shippers take out an ad or something? Weren’t there vicious, vicious wars back in the ‘90s and early 2000s about which brooding white vampire boyfriend Buffy should be with? Wasn’t that the Original Buffy Discourse ™ long before Willow came out as gay? People talk about fans taking out their fan entitlement on celebrities like it’s a brand-new, last-couple-years thing, but remember all the endless creepy invasive speculation about if Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were dating?

I do think some of this is also due to the rise and pervasiveness of social media, and the fact that it gives fans more access to actors and writers and directors to a degree they never had in the past. A decade ago, writers on popular Cartoon Network shows didn’t have to have an opinion on someone in the Tumblr fandom harassing people about their fanart. But the idea that fans didn’t care about this ever, didn’t do what they could with the access they did have, until just now? Louisa May Alcott was complaining in the 1800s about fans sending her aggressive letters demanding she get Jo and Laurie together. It’s not new, you’re just seeing it with more and different types of couples in 2017 because the media landscape is more diverse and those fans think they might actually be listened to now. 

PoC grouping East Asian/white people with whites

I read the ask with the comment about mixing two white paints together and saying it’s another colour… While I think people are right that this comment is about multiethnic white people, I can understand the OP’s feelings.

I’ve come across a surprisingly large number of non-East Asian PoC who buy into the model minority myth 100% and so, when they encounter someone who is mixed East Asian/white, they say we’re basically white and never experience racism. From what I’ve seen, many seem to believe we’re all middle class and above, we all end up at the top of our class and in the best universities in the world, extremely well-prepared to go forth and become some of the richest and most successful people out there. (Note I cannot tick any of those boxes.) Many think white people already treat East Asians as one of them, so you can imagine the reactions I sometimes got on anti-racism forums when I said I was Chinese/white. `Why are you here?’ `What do you know about racism?’ `You’re practically white.’ `Asians are more privileged than whites, so what do you have to complain about?’

I even got excited once when I found a UK-based website that covered racism against Chinese, only to discover a huge number of the members had decided to blame mixed race Chinese as the cause of racism against monoracial Chinese and described them as `evil’ and `traitors’ to all Chinese people.

Couple that with light-skinned privilege (which actually does not exist for all of us of East Asian descent: my Chinese father is BROWN) and there are a lot of PoC who roll their eyes at us and don’t want us in their space sharing experiences of racism. As far as they’re concerned, we are white and they should be wary of us because most of us are just as racist as well. I’ve lost count of the number of times other PoC have tried to play oppression olympics with me and I’ve had to try to explain why I should be participating in anti-racism anything. Even on sites and blogs that cover issues East Asians face as well as those of other PoC, there’s often a few comments from people wondering why you’re even talking about it, especially when we `don’t have it as bad’. Seeing as most people were entirely uninterested in hearing about issues unrelated to them, those sorts of comments often dominated the discussion. It’s tiring and angering and I gave up frequenting a number of places because of it.

This is why I am so happy this site exists and I read it every day. No judgement, no doubting my experiences, no questioning my presence. I’m allowed to simple BE.

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Stop fetishizing biracial kids. Stop making it like only half black kids with good hair or even blond hair and light eyes are good. Stop perpetuating the idea of stopping racism with mixed babies. As long as they're looking black enough they'll experience racism. Stop only posting black-white interracial couples, why can't interracial have nothing to do with white people? There are more than two races. Sincerely, a white woman in an interracial relationship with a black man. Stop this bs.

Okaaaaayyy… here we go all kids are beautiful mixed or not mixed. The only reason why I post mixed kids on here is because it relates to the whole point of this interracial dating blog. I never said that by people having mixed kids is stopping racism. I wasn’t trying to make it seem like if you have mixed kids that its stopping racism i was just simply posting pictures of mixed kids. Okay they may experience racism they may not. Clearly I post things on racism in all races and that it bugs me that has nothing to do with me posting pictures of mixed kids.  FOR ONCE AGAIN I DO NOT ONLY POST BLACK AND WHITE INTERRACIAL COUPLES I DO POST ASAIN/BLACK BLACK/HISPANIC WHITE/ASIAN SOME INDIAN/BLACK ETC.  I know that there is more then two races stop treating me like i am stupid or something when I’m clearly not. Why can’t interracial have nothing to do with white people? Well when you are looking for pictures its kind of hard not to have white people show up. I understand some of what you are saying but its not meant to look that way or make anyone feel that way its hard when you search interracial couples and thats the first thing that pops up.

P.S. Im just saying that i feel like im one of the couple of blogs on here that post all interracial couples and dont just post bwwm bmww bwam amww awbm… so yeah. I mean everyone has their right to their own opinion and I will take what you are saying into consideration but if you don’t like what i am doing maybe you should unfollow me. 

This post bought up some really good points that I’ve always wanted to talk about, especially this

I take this as artist failure to challenge internalized whiteness, because (and if someone could give me the study, that would be great) most artists will draw white people when asked to draw something out of their heads. Even faced with a mystery bust and asked to draw the face based on a slim side view of the profile, most artists draw a white person even though the plaster bust is later revealed to be a black woman. When my sister was in art school and would model for people, her classmates would curse because these highly trained painters and illustrators, the professionals that Dreamworks and Pixar later hired, kept turning her into a white person. They couldn’t help themselves, because it would be a thing like “that eye seems a bit small” or “that cheekbone seems a little low” and then down the hill they went until they ended up with a white person with black hair. Oh, how they would curse. But it doesn’t change the fact that it happened.

When I was a kid, while I wasn’t busy trying to get rid of my anime style due to it being regarded as trash art for who-knows-what-reason -eyeroll-, I was also trying to “fix” my realism art style because they didn’t resemble the typical academic art book anatomy. Turns out the anatomy actually resembled myself because whattya know, Asian people don’t look like white people.

Funny how it’s Artist 101 to draw-what-you-see, yet professional cartoon artists still barely know how to see diversity in Asian people. And the general populace then also feels that the only two ways to draw Asian people is with slanted eyes (and ridiculously yellow skin if you want to be racist) or Exactly-Like-White-People.

Here I took 2 seconds to search a picture of a blonde hair Japanese girl with relatively big eyes and took a couple of minutes to create the edit in the middle. Blonde…big eyes…AND recognizably Asian??? sorcERY (also take note that not only did I edit her eyes, but also her eyebrow position, nose, lips, a bit of the cheekbone because ASIAN PEOPLE AREN’T WHITE PEOPLE WITH MONOLIDS wHAT. and some actually have double eyelids and still don’t look white no wAY)

and if it turns out she’s just white well gee thanks for the whitewashing Disney

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What did Priyanka say about race in America? I think she should be the last one to talk about race, given that she endorses fairness creams and the lowest point of her 'Fashion' character was sleeping with a black guy :/

That’s all valid criticism but a bit beside the point here. I’m not sure if you’re American, but diversity in media is a huge topic right now. Quantico came at a time when diversity on television was a hot button issue, and with the lead being South Asian, she was bound to be asked about race and diversity. What’s more, she was signed onto ABC as part of a diversity outreach program, so her race was never just an incidental factor in her career in America.

To counteract the controversy around the Oscars not having any people of color nominated in any major category, ABC, which airs the ceremony, basically invited all its various POC stars to present at the show, Priyanka included. I’m including all these details to show that her being asked about race and diversity was inevitable, and it’s something she should have been well prepared for. But she basically gave soundbites about how ~the best person for the job~ should get the part, and even though she kept saying that she’d experienced racism in the past and that she was proud to represent “the new girl next door”, she really downplayed the importance of diversity and more or less lied about how she came to be cast on Quantico in the first place. Not only is the whole “best person for the job” line actually used to maintain institutionalized racism, but rewriting history to insist that her race and the demographic of fans she brought with her has nothing to do with how she landed Quantico does a huge disservice to other minorities (racial, sexual, etc) struggling for visibility.

And now, of course, she says she “doesn’t like the term woman of color.” Everything she says has a very “All Lives Matter” vibe to it, and it’s soooo not what’s needed in American media right now. And the thing is, I know her intentions are good, but just spending a couple of years here doesn’t mean you understand race dynamics here. That’s like me going to India and trying to talk about the caste system. And fortunately for her, she’s never had to actually struggle for roles in America. Her role was handed to her on a silver platter, which is great, but she doesn’t understand the reality of auditions that only take white people or casting calls for black/Asian/Latina women that white women still go to and end up getting picked. So if she’s going to keep speaking about what it’s like being an Indian actress working in the US, a little humility would go a long way in helping her admit that she may not be the best person to ask about the realities of the diversity struggle.

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I am also a gay Asian, and Blarkes need to chill. BELLAMY IS WHITE-WASHED. Nothing is shown about his heritage, literally nothing. That's not good representation. Also... Blarke as a Groundbreaking POC couple? Are they serious? You know what REALLY would have been a groundbreaking POC couple (if the show also finally acknowledged him as MOC)? Bellamy an Raven. Because I'm tired of white/any other race being groundbreaking. I don't fucking want to be told I'm only good if I date a white person.

THANK U!!!!!!! 

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Why are some people so sure that D@rsus are becoming canon? It makes no sense? They played tag once and it's romance? Y'aalllll cmon. Right?

Nnnn, here we go. This the fourth ask I have about this ship. I dunno why ya’ll care what I think, but you asked.

First things FIRST, D@rsus is a crack ship. It’s canon that Daryl is heterosexual, the writers have said that for more than one occasion. It is also canon that Caryl has been in the works since S1 and that story line has been moved from the original writers to Gimple. Carol is the only one romantically linked to Daryl in canon. So take that what you will.

Second, If ya’ll crackship D@rsus just say it’s because they look hot together and go. Some only got one thing in mind for the ship and that’s a generally attractive YT gay couple they can write fics about. It feels like a subtle “whites only/no twinks/no asians/latinos” bio in Grindr. It’s not representation unless it’s intersectional. From what I’ve observed so far from this fandom…I don’t buy this “daryl should be gay so we have representation reason. Y’all know for damn sure they sleep on Eric and Aaron or Tara and Denise. Even the possibility of Michandera was slept on or blatantly disregarded. Plus, Daryl seems to really dislike Jesus. Why ya’ll want to convince me otherwise when that’s what’s being showed on the screen and by the writers? Just say they look hot together and GO.

Another thing is almost every of their shippers come for Carol while shipping their crackship. Why tho? Why is she so important in your ship that ya’ll gotta bring her in to the mix too? Why is it mandatory to degrade her?

Personally, I don’t care what you ship unless you purposely degrade female characters in the middle of it, you get off to having a near 50 something dude with a 17 year old or whatever sick thing God would whoop your ass for. Do your thing and I’ll do my thing.