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New Moon [Sequel to “Phases”]

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Summary: Jungkook was just a boy who was in love with the moon. And you were a girl who thought you could be his moon, but you were nothing except a phase.

Genre: angst

A/N: OH MY GOD ITS HERE !!! lmao i hope you guys like it~

In the beginning, you believed he would come back. You held that faith so securely in your heart that it became your gravity. In every dream that haunted your troubled slumbers, he was there saying “I’m sorry, it’s all a mistake.” with an breathtaking embrace to fortify the fantasy. You waited, and waited, and waited, hoping that one day the moon will return him back to you just as abruptly as it had robbed him away.

At first it was days.

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Daddy 5SOS - Missing Out (Michael)

“Hi! Do you think you could do a daddy!5SOS blurb where the kid has a big sporting event and their dad misses it and they get really mad/sad? And make one about marching band?”

A/N: I hope you enjoy these! This was fun to write – I also want to thank Heather for her help on some of these ideas! This girl is so good to me. Be sure to check out my Twitter @lukesalmightty and talk to me there. Like always, non-anon prompts are always open! xx

Their freshman year of high school, the twins decided to try something new so they could be involved around the school. Sure, they both had friends and Isaac had skating, but they wanted to try something new. So after some deliberation they signed up for matching band. Ashton was delighted to hear that Isaac was taking up drums, and Hannah decided to continue the bit of flute her mother had taught her awhile back.

Practices started shortly before school began, so every morning, you or Michael had to drive them up to the school. The twins would practice all day, and then someone would pick them up. Every day they seemed more and more excited about what was to come in the school year, and you and Michael embraced their newfound passion.

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