the ones who came before

one day, frustrated at sirius’s distracting roughhousing and lack of consideration, remus lupin turns in his seat and shouts, “i told you to be quiet because some of us have exams tomorrow! i’m dead serious about this, so if you could please take your rioting elsewhere i’d appreciate it!” 

to remus’s dismay, sirius merely snickers, “dead sirius, huh? poor moony, struggling to study for exams he’s already prepared for,” and proceeds to repeat “dead sirius” exaggeratedly to the gryffindor common room at large. after a little while sulking over his arithmancy, remus good-naturedly gives in to the inevitable as usual, joining in the common room fun.

from then on, remus’s frequent, often inadvertent use of “i’m dead serious!” becomes the butt of many of sirius’s jokes. remus learns to use the phrase sparingly, but it still pops out unawares from time to time as remus scolds sirius in an angry or emotional state. fond as he is of padfoot, remus tries to dissuade sirius from his constant puns, but the amusingly annoying habit sticks.

nearly twenty years later, remus lupin finds himself back in hogwarts, not for class but for battle, not for learning or teaching but for spells roared in anger and fear, wand slashing violently, nearly a blur. lights flash, almost blinding him, and as remus falls, wand clattering down the stone corridor, he remembers one day many years ago filled with warmth and laughter and wordplay. smiling ever so slightly, remus lupin murmurs for the last time, “i’m dead, sirius”–and thus professor lupin’s last words are a shared joke, a fond memory, and an ironic twist of fate.

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If Rey is a Skywalker, what do Leia and Finn see when they look at her?

Finn sees a girl. He sees a girl with ferocious  eyes and the kindest smile and hard callused hands and an absolutely banging six pack – our homegirl is shredded– and soft brown hair, so soft, oh Force above it looks so soft all he wants to do is touch it –

He sees a girl who, when the wind is just right, seems to bluster and sway, like her skin is just an outline, pressing in something far larger. Imagine a sandstorm, caught in a single swirling instant – or an ocean, contained in a sphere. He gets the sense that there is more of her, tucked away where no one can see. When she snarls at him – thief! – the skin splinters, and a tongue of lightning lashes out and for one moment he is hypnotized.

And then he runs, because he isn’t an idiot.

When she jumps into his arms, he feels like he is holding a girl – and yet being held by something larger, something vast, something as ancient as the desert. When he lets his gaze slide off her face in just the right way, he sees that her hair is lightning-white, extending into oblivion and – 

Then the image fades. 

Rey is more human than those who came before her. She’s worked at it. One of her earliest memories is sitting with a doll in her lap, the doll she made herself, fiddling with the limbs, counting them: one, two, three, four. That is how many limbs people have. That is how many limbs her mother had. If she has that number of limbs then they will come back for her. If she looks human enough, they will return. 

Leia sees her brother.

Oh Luke, she thinks and then, on the heels of that: you bastard. Because here is a girl shaped like a storm. She’s not got Anakin’s fire, or Luke’s bloody teeth – she’s more of this world, shaped from the storms above Jakku, the scour of sands. Her wings – four sets, Leia counts (one, two, three, four, if I get the number right they will return –) – fade in and out of view, one minute dark purple, one minute heartblood red. 

She’s more human than other Skywalkers. Her mother was human, after all. And she’s lonelier. And rather than letting the loneliness make her feral and cruel, she’s used it to carve kindness into her bones. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone. She keeps her strangeness secreted away. She’s ashamed of it. 

(one two three four)

(if I get the number right – )

She returns from Starkiller Base and meets Leia, fair-faced, gentle-eyed, wonderterror Leia, with teeth and tendrils and wings aplenty, a woman who bursts out of her skin, a woman of white-gold and terrible beauty, a woman who is sure of herself, and her heritage, and unashamed – 

Well. Rey learns. There’s nothing wrong with having more than four limbs. Nothing wrong with who she is. 

And whatever form she takes, Finn still thinks she’s the most wonderful thing he has ever seen.

Just Ask - Part 6

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Summary: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” You think, after being alive for this long and leading an team of superheroes, Steve Rogers would’ve perfected his communication skills, but apparently, when it comes to women, he just likes to assume, and that is never a good thing.

A/N: I know, I’m sorry. 

Part 5

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There have always been witches at Elsewhere University, cornerwitches, other young practitioners subtly divining during card games and from the dregs of their coffee. Many who arrived did not come with the Talent, but it could be exposed in those who sought it, either knowingly or in the quiet places in their hearts.

On occasion, those who sought to flex these newfound muscles would convene, forming tiny covens. Usually those who attended were not truly Talented, but merely curious. Sometimes though, a group would find itself in possession of a few individuals of real Talent. These groups quickly disbanded as they were troublesome for the Gentry.

So it is that most student witches met in secret if at all. They passed each other in the halls and know each other, but exchange little more than a glance.

There were special spots for the exchange of ideas, protection spells and wards primarily, hidden in the cavities of toilet paper dispensers and the undersides of cafeteria tables.

Generally, the Gentry left the witches be, seeing them as something akin to cousins, distant relations formed by ancient dalliances, but this did not mean that they did not watch them closely. This also did not mean that they did not, periodically, take an active interest in certain ones.

One such witch was a curiosity to them, for, while she was certainly in possession of Talent, she could not See. Her eyes worked just fine in the mundane sense, but she was blinded to the truth around her. The other witches could See them by virtue of their kinship, but this one seemed unaware. She puzzled them.

She did not retrieve the notes from places the others thought to be hidden. She did not guard herself in the same purposeful manner. All she did seemed to be as though by instinct, guided by an unconscious awareness. Above all, she did not seem to notice the Gentry.

What she did notice was the gradual pulling away of her classmates. Though she did not know the reason, others saw the interest in her and moved to protect themselves. On a couple of occasions, a brave witch would approach her, attempting to warn her, but just as she could not See the danger, she also could not recognize her fellows. So they too left her, realizing she was not for them to aid.

The Gentry are vain creatures. It is their vanity which pushes them to punish those who dare to look upon them uninvited, but this witch who would not See offended their vanity far more than an errant glance.

Slowly, but with certain purpose, the Gentry drew closer to her. She found herself drawn into walks under the moonlight, into long forgotten corners of the library, into lunch breaks taken on certain benches beneath certain trees. And the others watched on in silent horror.

One day, she vanished, as all the students knew she would. They outwardly ignored her absence, but privately, the witches mourned. This was an unprecedented move on the part of the Gentry. Previously, any witch who had been taken had been one foolish enough to try to game the Gentry out of more knowledge than they deigned to give. Never before had one of their number been taken for a reason other than avarice.

When she returned, her eyes were different, but it was more than that. She who had previously acted on instinct alone now seemed to carry a hard and shimmering intention. It was typical for those who returned to come back changed, but never before has the witches seen one who journeyed and came back stronger.

She could be found now with her fingers dancing in the air, seeming to pluck and pull on unseen strings. The Gentry seemed to actually avoid her gaze, those eyes that now blinkered with too much knowledge, which saw more than they were ever meant to see.

Now, she met the eyes of other witches in the halls, and they became dizzy with the unspoken promise of knowledge both beautiful and terrible. They feared this sight. They feared Her. She that Saw and Understood too much.

Upon her graduation, she sought out another witch and placed a notebook in his hands. For the brief moment he caught her gaze he felt ill, a pounding surge of inhuman truth and unknown colors flooding his mind until he looked away. The notebook was filled and covered with shapes that seemed to shimmer and rearrange on the page.

“For when Sight is needed,” She said.

“Be ready to accept the cost.”

She smiled then, her teeth too many and too sharp, and She left.

It is said that she can still be found by those who fear they have been Seen by the Gentry. That the witches hold the key to finding Her. But they warn of the price. That asking a boon of Her might be worse than the Elsewhere. For should you not also fear that which the Gentry regret creating?


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unless it states shes gay in canon on screen yes it is queerbaiting. we already have plenty of fucking subtext. i'll go watch adventure time or basically any show if i want "oh but the creators promise they're gay!"

I wrote a lot more here than I expected so I’ll break it down into a list of paragraphs. If you don’t want to read the whole thing, the bold parts are the most important parts.

1) Firstly, a character doesn’t need to explicitly say they’re gay or bi on screen for them to be gay or bi. There’s something called “show don’t tell” which movies do a lot and it seems to be the case here. This was the first film in this franchise, so think of it as a pilot episode for a tv show, where most of these character traits for all of the Rangers are planted seeds, with the intention of being developed on more in the future. 

2) None of the characters had any real romance stuff in this movie because the focus is on how they need to learn to come together despite their differences with the addition of their own personal issues, and Trini’s is questioning her sexuality. Trini’s journey in this movie, was her starting to come to terms with who she is. All of these characters had their own journeys in the film, but not all of their development was shown in this origin story because they’re planning on developing them more in the sequels.

3) It was heavily implied that Trini isn’t straight, on screen (enough for Russia to give the film a mature rating) and when reporters who saw the film asked the director and the cast about it, they confirmed it. Queer baiting is when writers or creators of a tv show or movie, have either: a) two same-sex characters that have some seemingly erotic tension as if they’re trying to make it seem like they’ll get together when they actually don’t intend to do that (Supernatural or Once Upon a Time, for example) and b) when a character is hinted at being gay or bi, while the writers of creators deny it or play it off as a joke. 

4) Trini’s sexuality wasn’t teased by her seemingly flirting with another girl, while the people behind the film deny her being an LGBT character. Trini had a moment in the film where we see that she’s unsure of her sexuality and the director merely confirmed that what we were seeing is true.

5) I’ve watched Trini’s campfire scene multiple times now, and as someone who has taken a lot of film studies classes, I notice how each shot plays out in a scene. The way the scene plays out after Zack asks the “girlfriend troubles” question, the camera cuts to Billy looking curious and surprised by this revelation before it cuts to Trini who seems hesitant and unsure of saying it out loud. She stays quiet for a few seconds and then when she changes the subject, she doesn’t change it to something irrelevant to this, she continues that subject with how her parents want to label her and how they don’t approve of the way she dresses or the people she hangs out with. The scene seems small when you watch it the first time, but trust me, the more you watch the scene, the more clear it seems. It’s not subtext.

6) People who saw advanced screenings of the film are the ones who came out and talked about Trini’s sexual ambiguity before the director or cast ever said anything about it. Then when the review embargo was lifted a few days before the film’s release, a lot of reviews mentioned Trini’s sexual ambiguity, and the next day, The Hollywood Reporter (after one of their reviewers had already seen the film), asked the director about it and he confirmed it and they also revealed how the scene would play out.

7) No one behind this movie ever overhyped the scene and none of them said that Trini’s sexuality was a huge part of the film. The director even said it was a small but pivotal moment that was an important part of her character, who is having identity issues and feels like she can’t fit in because of that. The director and producers of this film didn’t purposefully go out and talk about Trini’s sexuality in this movie like it was such a big deal to queer-bait us. The director was asked about Trini’s sexuality by people who had seen the film and he confirmed that Trini is coming to terms with her sexuality. He’s not the one who brought it up first to start the discussion.

8) A counter example to this would be how LeFou was revealed to be a gay character in the new Beauty and the Beast movie. The director for that film brought it up before anyone had seen the film and he revealed that the film had an “exclusively gay moment” that he didn’t want to give away before the film came out. The Power Rangers director didn’t reveal Trini’s sexual ambiguity before the film’s release, he was asked about it by people who had seen the film and he just confirmed it.

9) If there’s anyone to blame for how overhyped the scene was, it’s the media. Trini is the first LGBT superhero in a movie who we see is unsure of her sexuality on screen but the scene just isn’t big enough for some people. She’s an LGBT character whose sexuality wasn’t made a huge deal in (again) the first movie of a possible franchise, but that doesn’t mean she’s not gay/bi/pan, it just means we’ll get to know more about her in possible sequels.

10) As someone who isn’t straight, I never felt comfortable with saying it out loud when I was younger, so I found it relatable that Trini is so unsure of herself and that she doesn’t feel ready to say it out loud, most likely because of how she’s unsure of herself and maybe because of how her parents want to label her or how they seem to disapprove. For me personally, I didn’t need her to say it out loud because they show us that she’s unsure. But that’s not the case for everyone and that’s fine. What really matters, is whether they’ll be more explicit about it in possible sequels because now that they’ve planted the seed, all they need to do is develop it as they develop Trini’s character instead of going back on it.

Bonus: You can say Power Rangers didn’t have the best LGBT representation because a lot of people didn’t get the hint about Trini’s sexuality and you can say the rep was too small for you personally, but it’s not queer-baiting

i followed the stars

or multiverse!au

In which Lexa and Sara Lance exist in the same new reality, are (strictly) bros, and work together at finding what they both lost in a previous life.

(You can expect resurrection, angst, and humor mixed with some odd mashing of worlds and a whole lot of liberties taken. Some great soulmate type action (yes, Clarke). Oh and some heavy feels thrown in because duh, this is also a clexa story.)

((Please direct any and all yelling to @blindwire, as she nudged this whole idea along))

The light is blinding.

She blinks against it, unable to see anything but the neon behind her eyes. A hand up to block it, but it’s coming from everywhere and nowhere all at once.

There’s a ringing in her ears, high pitched and strange.

And then it’s gone.

All at once.

And she opens her eyes and blinks it away again, wiping at her watery eyes and patting her cheeks.

She’s in the middle of a walkway, in the middle of a crowd.

It looks familiar, feels familiar.

She sees someone just ahead.

There’s something she knows in the girl’s walk. A swagger, assuredness down to the very core.

There’s a tug inside Lexa, an urge.

The wavy blonde hair falls along leather clad shoulders in a way she’s seen before.

And something ignites inside of her.

Lexa quickens her own step, unable to breathe, unable to think about anything besides the blood rushing in her ears and the way the world suddenly seems like it’s shaking around her.

About to open up and swallow her whole before she gets closer.

Before she can reach out and touch.

Before she can find what she thought was lost to her forever.

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Klaus – His Witch 3

Words count: 1324

Warning: None




The plan was in action, you’ll be getting your daughter and Klaus and Hayley are protecting her.

“You got the ashes?” You asked Elijah who handed you a vase full of Viking’s ashes. “Okay, and the knife?”

“Kol and Davina are getting it.” Klaus said and you nodded. “And we have Kol’s magical cuffs.”

“Okay, let’s begin.” You said and closed your eyes. You started to say the memorized Latin words, over and over. You felt power running through you as you resurrect Esther as we need her blood to kill the evil witch also known as Dahlia. With repeating the words one more time, you felt it. Esther is alive. Slowly a hand comes out of the grave, and then another and soon a face. You saw a beautiful woman with blonde hair and brown eyes. The Mikaelsons sure are blessed with good genes.

Esther gasps for air and looks around.

“Mother.” Rebekah said walking up to her mother. Before she could say anything else though Klaus vamp speeds and cuffs her hands, so she wouldn’t be able to use magic. Esther was confused, as she looked at her hands.

“It’ll stop you from using magic.” Klaus said.

“I know you just came back to life, but we need you.” You said, just as Kol and Davina arrived with the need knife. “We’re going to kill your sister.”

“We got it.” Davina told you smiling. You gave the teen a smile of your own, she reminds you of your daughter at times.

“You can’t possibly be serious.” Esther said, as Rebekah gave her a dress to wear.

“I can and I am.” You said with a force in your voice. “She has MY daughter, and I’m getting her back.”

“And she’s planning on taking MY daughter.” Klaus said and you nodded.

“We’re not letting her do that, like you let her do to me.” Fraya said with her arms crossed in front of her chest.

“Marcel sent me a text.” Rebekah said and opened the text. “She’s in place, we have to go now.”


“Freya, came to apologize?” Dahlia said and you came out from behind her. Slowly Klaus, Elijah and Kol did as well. “I see you brought company.”

“Yes, I want my daughter back.” I said glaring at the woman in front of me.

“(y/n) It’s nice to finally see you face to face.” Dahlia said smirking slightly.

“I’m not sorry for not feeling the same.” You hissed.

“Give her, her daughter and let’s be done with it.” Klaus said from your side.

“Let’s cut the chit chat.” Kol said. “You’re out numbered and you’re going to die anyway, so just giver her daughter, and let’s be done with it”

“Foolish boy!” She hissed and pushed the Mikaelsons back to a circle, so that they’d be taped and for Fraya to not be able to use magic. “Now it’s one to one.”

“I’m not so sure.” You said and Rebekah came to the room with her mother by her side.

“Sister.” Dahlia said as she saw Esther walking with her head held high, when Dahlia recovered from her shock she looked at you. “Looks like I’m not the only one who came prepared.”

You frowned but before you could question her, three men came in holding your daughter. She had tear running down her face making your heart break.

“RELEASE HER!” You shouted as your baby girl’s head snapped up to look at you.

“Mum, help me. Please.” She sobbed. Dahlia took out a white oak steak and burned it you frowned in confusion as you saw her moved the ashes around the room, so the Mikaelsons would inhale it.

“Sister stop this.” Esther cried as she saw her sister kill her children. You didn’t know what to do. Help them and risk your daughter’s life, or save your daughter’s life and risk the lives of the Mikaelsons and hundreds upon hundreds of vampires. You didn’t need to choose as Esther was distracting her sister. “You are angry at me, not them. I left you not them.”

In a swift flick of your hand the circle around them Mikaelsons disappeared and Freya and you used your magic to stop the Original vampires from choking. Klaus vamp speeded to your daughter and killed the three men, he whispered something to her and she left the building after glancing your way.

“You are all fools!” Dahlia shouts as she turned to look at you all. “You think you can trick me.”

“It’s you and me now, Dahlia.” You said as Elijah gave you the knife, it had Esther’s blood on it, and the ashes of a Viking. “You will die.”

You started to mutter under your breath, the Latin words you learned long ago. It was to drain Dahlia from her power, making them leaver her body painfully and go back to earth. The wind picked up as your voice got louder. Fraya was keeping Dahlia from using magic on you and everyone else was distracting her, making her un-focus. You knew this spell was dangerous. It drains you, make you feel tired. But unlike your victims your powers return in a few days, because of your vampire blood. You felt blood running down your nose, but you didn’t stop.

Klaus who noticed the blood came to your side.

“Stop! She’s weak enough.” He shouted over the wind, and Dahlia’s screams.

“No she’s not.” You said and gave him the knife, you knew you’ll pass out any moment. You resumed the spell anyway and tears started running down your face uncontrollably. Your knees weakened, Klaus gave Elijah the knife and held you by your waist. Your eyes started dropping as Dahlia let’s one last scream before Elijah kills her.

“I’m sorry sister.” Esther says. Klaus carries you bridal style as you passed out, he sighed in relief when he heard your hear still beating.

“Where did (Y/D/N) go?” Elijah asked Klaus who was looking at you in worry.

“Our house, with Haley, Davina and Marcel.” Klaus said not looking up at his brother.

“You better go then.” Esther stated. “The girl would want to know what has happened to her mother.”

Klaus didn’t argue. He vamp speeded to his home, to be met with (Y/D/N) sitting on a sofa her leg bouncing up and down, in anticipation. Davina next to her holing her hand in comfort, Hayley held Hope in her arm and Marcel was looking out the window for any sign of danger.

“You’re back.” Hayley said before her eyes fell on you, and she gasped before turning to look at your daughter. When (Y/D/N) eyes went wide as she looked at you, she was by your side in not time.

“She’s a live, just a little drained.” Klaus informed everyone. “I’ll put her in bed, she needs all the rest she can get.”

(Y/D/N) followed Klaus to his room, where he laid you down. (Y/D/N) sat beside you, holing your hand and looking at you sadly. Klaus took that moment to look at both of you. It was obvious that you two are related, same eye, same nose shape a different hair color, but everything else is the same. He heard (y/d/n) crying softly.

Klaus found himself walking to her, he pulled her into his arms as he did to you when you found out she was kidnapped.

“She’s going to be okay.” He said as (Y/D/N) clutched his shirt, and cried in his chest. “I promise you, I’ll protect her and you. I am forever in debt to your mother.”

Klaus said as he looked at your still body, only sign of you being alive is the soft rise and fall of your body. He truly cared for you and your daughter. He’d do anything to protect and take care of the both of you. He promised himself that he would never let anything else happen to you.

Some Curse

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

Words: hair under 1,600

A/N: Obviously my first challenge would need to be for my wife’s and her sister-wife’s celebration. Congrats to @impala-dreamer & @idreamofhazel on your milestones! I don’t know where this came from…thank you to @amanda-teaches for the beta. The quote I chose from the challenge is in bold, and I’d like to apologize to Sam Winchester for using such a profound quote of his in such a ridiculous way.

Warnings: Swears. Imbibing in some adult type bevies. Dean is in a mood.

Paring: Kinda, sorta, not really Dean x Reader. (Sam’s there too in a friend type capacity)


You were going out tonight. Winchesters be damned.

Monster isn’t caught yet Y/N…it’s taking girls Y/N…you’re a girl Y/N…we have whiskey here Y/N…Sam can’t be seen by the cops Y/N…we’re on a case Y/N…blah blah blah.

All valid points. All of which you were blatantly ignoring. The three of you were at a complete dead end; Sam had been pegged as a possible person of interest at the latest crime scene, so he was on lock-down. Dean wanted to go stake out yet another abandoned farm house. You had a brand new shirt that was going to get you free drinks all night and you needed to get away from the brothers for a few hours.

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i'm not the only one who thought their computer was acting up before Anti came on... right?

Oh god no!

I was watching it and I thought, “oh hey this is a cute idea!” but then it started acting weird and I could only assume it was my internet being a twat as per usual

In the chat I saw a few people saying “anti” but I didn’t think Jack would do something THAT extreme but hoo boy i was fucking wrong apparently

when it glitched my soul actually left my body, killing me instantly

bodhi rook: in memoriam, and something more

Bodhi Rook is at the center of the universe for the last part of his life, and for years after it.

In a different world: years after there’s a price on his head, when he’s been with the Resistance for a while, when he’s more sure of his place, his confidence is the quiet kind. People will pass him standing next to Cassian, a small smile on his face, and their backs will go a little straighter, a silent tribute to his silent strength.

In this world: years before he’s in the thick of things, when he’s still on Jedha, quiet in his corner of the universe, he crashes a speeder. His heart’s stretched too thin over his skin; he can’t stop shaking from how much he wants, and he’s full to the brim with desperation and something rough and sharp and too much like the jagged glass shards scattered around him.

He watches someone scan the mangled speeder and tells himself this is why he didn’t make pilot. He looks at the ground and tells himself that the failed test was an accident, that he wanted to fly for the Empire more than anything. He tells himself to forget how much he had just wanted to fly, any way he could, but how little he wanted to do it for the men looting his planet—looting his home. He looks up at the stars and tells himself to forget how much he wanted to be up among them, silent but not still, with no one watching.

I can’t, he thinks. I can’t do it. I can’t forget.

But he can pretend; he can repeat the right words to himself enough times to make them stick on the tip of his tongue even if they stick nowhere else. He can talk enough to drown out what he’s saying, can string together lengthy chains of unnecessary thoughts to hide the ones he isn’t supposed to have.

I’m scared, you made me scared, but he didn’t capture me—I came here myself. I defected. I defected! He’d take the distrust, the doubt, the skepticism. He’d take it all twice, thrice, a hundred times over, if it meant he could do something. If it meant he could help. Bodhi Rook may have only ever doubted himself, but he refuses to let that stop him.

Do you have a family? I have a family. Families were important, Bodhi knew, even when he knew nothing else. Both the ones of blood and the ones of choice—of circumstance, of common goals, of shared triumphs, of suffering split to ease the pain. Families, with their hope and love and cracked dreams, were what drove the universe, he thought.

Rogue. Rogue One. He sees K2SO’s arm, sees the Empire’s symbol printed there, and wonders what it means that he feels this kind of kinship with a droid. He pauses, hesitates, then shrugs; family is family, after all. He sees Chirrut Imwe smile and returns it quietly, and senses how the same city’s air has seeped into their skin year after year, in a way that Bodhi can’t lose even after so much time away.

He sees Cassian Andor, too. Sees the steel in Cassian’s spine and the resolution in his eyes, and the way their lives have run alongside each other, similar but never touching until Bodhi defected and they met. He sees how Cassian’s hands are not just confident, but comfortable, on a ship’s controls. The way his touches linger a moment too long on everything when he flies, as if he wishes he never had to do anything else. Bodhi can understand that—has felt his hands do the same thing since the first time he flew a ship. He sees Cassian and hopes that one day they both have the luxury of flying without something vicious on their tail.

For now, he focuses on this hastily cobbled together team. Bodhi has been on his own for years, doing his best to survive, because everything else would only come after he managed that. And he has survived, carefully and worriedly and terribly and in ways he isn’t always proud of. But it’s nice, he thinks, to finally have people who would help him if he needed it. To have family again.

You always talk, but you say so little! Learn to listen, Bodhi Rook. He remembers his mother’s words, and almost sees the lines of her face soften as she smiles, almost feels the warmth of her fingers as she tucks his hair back. His mother would be proud of him now, he thinks. He pauses at that thought, reevaluates. No. No, she wouldn’t—she had been proud of him regardless, had believed in him when he was still crashing speeders, still talking too much and saying too little. He is the one who’s proud now, Bodhi thinks. Proud that he has given weight to her faith in him.

In a different world: Bodhi Rook would have gone on to become a flight instructor. He would have helped train pilots for the Resistance, would have been patient and attentive and so, so good with his students. He would’ve taught Finn how to fly, would’ve smiled quietly next to Cassian as they watched Finn grin and bait Poe Dameron into a race. He would’ve seen the two ships leave twin arcs over the base, would’ve shaded his eyes and bet Cassian donuts with wakeup-call for a week that Finn won.

In a different world: Bodhi Rook would have helped manage the Resistance intelligence networks, too. He would have been there when Finn landed on their base, would have been there for the ones who came before and after Finn, from different parts of the Empire. He would have known some of their confusion as his own, would have understood their lives before defecting, would have smiled and shared the story of his own journey, would have laid parts of himself bare for them if it helped.

In a different world: Bodhi Rook would have left his legacy in every member of the Empire who was brave enough to leave, and in every member of the Resistance who was brave enough to fight.

In this world: he didn’t go on. In this world, Bodhi Rook died with his ship. Like a pilot should, he thought, in some small part of him that wasn’t busy thinking other things. But this world’s Bodhi Rook left the same legacy, even if he wasn’t there to see it. The Resistance still honored him and told his story, defectors still learned his name and stood a little taller, and Finn still took the old carefully preserved holos from General Organa and decided he would like to learn to fly an X-wing.

In a different world, Bodhi Rook was many things. But he was many things in this one too. I brought the message. I’m the pilot. He was a pilot, a messenger, a catalyst. He was unsure of himself and yet so very sure of what he fought for, of those around him. He was kind, and strong, and so, so brave. He was a pivot point for the rebellion, a story of success, a pillar of courage for those who came after him. He was hope.

In this world, he was enough.

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I was always under the impression you end up together with the person who fills you with love and light.

The one who challenges you, is not willing to follow you blindly.

I still believe that the love of your life is also your best friend.

The one who refuses to give up on you, no matter how far you stray away from them. No matter how hard you try to push them away.

The one who thinks of you constantly. The one who just wants a home for you, so you may come to find peace and happiness.

The one who wants nothing from you but to see you bear less heartache. No favors and nothing in return.

The one who excited you. Makes you laugh and bicker because they are the ones who crawl under your skin. Because they matter so much.

The one whose only wish is to laugh with you.

The one who died for you without thinking. The UN-selfish sacrifice, to give up dreams and goals because life without them alive - is inconsolable.

The one who returned your passion, willing to bear all the pain and suffrage, the hate and discontent, simply because watching you burden it all, was too painful. Hurt so much just to see you hurt too.

The one who would die with* you, even if you were to die a villain, because life without him is not even an option.

The one who whispers your name on shooting stars.

The one whose soul has followed yours through time.

The ying to your yang.

“The one who never gave up on you, even when everyone else did.”

The one who saw you, before anyone else did.

The one who came to realize your strength. As well as your weakness.

“The one who knows you better than anyone else.”

The one who is filled with rage at the idea of a n y o n e using you.

The one who realized you and you realized them.

So yes, I have my problems with canon. Because this is Uzumaki Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha, the ones who have loved each other without an agenda.

*Without an agenda*

Simple, self sacrificing, intense, an out of this world bond that is unmatched and unrivaled.

There is no greater connection in Naruto, than that of Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki.

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critical role in outer space for the au meme


  • Tal’Dorei is a system of small planets, of which Emon is the biggest and most importan.
  • The Gods aren’t Gods, but Ancient Aliens aka the ancient civilization that lived on Tal’Dorei ages ago. Still, they were a hightly advanced civilization and people are studying ruins and artifacts to unlock new knowledge.
  • Vox Machina is the name of their Ship (pun intended.), so technically they are the Vox Machina crew, but they go by Vox Machina, is easier.
  • Grey Skull Keep is their home base, on one of Emon’s satellite

Now to the characters:

  • Vax was a member of the Clasp, a bunch of galactic bounty hunters, until Vax, well, went rogue and give them the middle finger because they target Vex
  • Vex is the owner of the last bear of the Tal’Dorei system; Trinket. Well, at least Trinket was full animal when she found him, now Trinket is a badass cybernetic bear.
  • Percy is Vox Machina’s engineer. All they know is that he is from Whitestone colony and that he left during some kind of attack that supposedly decimated the colony. They don’t even know his full name because the Briarwoods put a bounty on his head and Percy is trying to not caught anyone’s attention
  • Keyleth is from the Ashari System, outside of Taldorei. The Ashari System is a really small system formed of 4 planets and one star.
  • Scanlan travelled a lot, for artistic reasons…and maybe smuggling something from planet A to planet B. He is also the kind of person that knows every cantina and bar in the System and knows at least ONE person that can help them at any given moment. Shady as fuck.
  • Pike is Vox Machina’s medic, but nobody (not even Grog) knows exactly HOW she is curing them -just that it is alien technology. She says she has been in contact with Serenrae, but that must be impossible, because Serenrae is one of the Ancient Aliens, who came long before Tal’Dorei current civilization.
  • The Barbarias are, actually, a nomad roaming horde that goes from planet to planet. Grog’s ship crashed on Westeruun and so he met Pike. They have been buddies since.


  • Gilmore Glorious Goods is the most famous franchise in Tal’Dorei. You can’t put feet in a spaceport that you are greeted by Gilmore’s advertising.
  • Slayer’s Take is an organization that hunts alien life forms. You need someone to take care of that 4-mouthed being in your backyard? Slayer’s Take will take care of it for you.
  • Kima and Allura are the most famous lesbian couple of Tal’Dorei
  • Allura is one of the few people that studied the Ancient Alien’s artifacts, her opinion is highly valued in the historical community.
  • Kima’s name is known is all Tal’Dorei and beyond. She is a force of nature and people respect that.
  • Cassandra de Rolo is Leia Organa has been leading the Rebellion on Whitestone for a while, without success. (yeah I know in canon she sabotaged that with the Briarwoods, let me dream it’s an AU)

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