the ones that love us never really leaves us

When going through something we often seek a companion for comfort, for someone to tell us it will all be okay. While it’s never wrong to ask for help or for someone to hug us when we need it, doing so often leaves us attached and dependent to that someone. We forget how important it is to love ourselves, to be able to know the right words to calm down on our own and to be a friend to ourselves. You are the only person who knows precisely how you feel and what you really need, no one else. No man is in the exact same shoes as the other, everyone has their own troubles. Learn how to depend on yourself, to find peace in solitude and to be the person you need the most because no one else will do that for you…not as much as you should do it for yourself.

“The ones who love us, never really leave us.” Sirius Black.

Sorry that i havent posted, ive been busy finishing imagines and working on things like this. i have about 19 things queued and im about to go work on a masterlist. so, yeah.

After the war, Harry returned to the graveyard in Godric’s Hollow. Next to his father’s grave, he had another headstone placed. It read:

Sirius. 1959-1996.
“The ones that love us never really leave us.”

Harry was confident in his decision to leave off Sirius’ last name. Instead, there was an engraving of a large dog. One that, try as he might, he couldn’t help but still look for in the shadows. Harry placed a rolled up newspaper and a chicken leg at the foot of the headstone with a smile. Then he turned to the smaller one he’d added beside it. This one simply read:


“Thanks again.” Harry said to the empty grave. Then, he walked over to his parents graves and conjured each a wreath of ever-blooming lilies. He must thank Hermione for that spell. Turning, he put his arms around Ginny who was waiting for him. Together, they disappeared into the night.

honestly, i love nirvana so much. very cliche of me, i know, but i love it and it deserves all my love because nirvana has amazing music that had and still has an impact on my life. kurt cobain inspires me. most people remember him as the junkie who committed suicide, but what most people don’t remember is:

  • he wrote wrote rape me which is actually an anti rape song
  • in territorial pissings, one of the lyrics is “never met a wise man, if so it’s a woman”
  • was always very supportive of women and anti abuse
  • he loved his daughter so much, he wanted only the best for her
  • he once said “at this point I have a request for our fans. if any of you in any way hate homosexuals, people of different color, or women, please do this one favor for us - leave us the fuck alone! don’t come to our shows and don’t buy our records.”
  • he was overwhelmed by the fame and it really affected him.
  • before he became famous, he used to work as a janitor so he can finance his music career.
  • he struggled with depression, drug abuse, chronic bronchitis and intense physical pain because of a nasty stomach disorder.
  • he was really affected by his parents’ divorce, divorce which gave him a not very nice childhood
  • he tried several times to commit suicide, even as a teenager, so it’s very clear that he suffered from a mental illness

listen, i know young people romanticize his suicide, which shouldn’t be done, but they forget to look at these things too. he was an amazing person with all his struggles. and in the end, he created amazing music with his band. 

One day in the future you may leave platform 9 and 3 quarters for the last time, you might climb out of the rabbit hole, you might shut the door to 221B baker street, you might throw the sheet back over the wardrobe, you might leave Camelot, you might stumble out of a blue police box for the last time, you might finally defeat the demons, stubborn angels and drive off in the impala. 

But you will remember the days leading up to the end. The adventures, the love, the happiness, the sadness, the pain. For these fictional places and characters are never quite going to go away. Because the ones that love us, never really leave us. 


I saw something on tumblr one time and he’d said something about being worried we’d all leave him one day. Well Ethan, you’re fucking wrong. I know I and many others are here for the long run. You have gained a life long friend in me. We know how much you love us and you try your hardest for us. We really, really fucking appreciate it, we fucking appreciate you. I fucking appreciate you! Boy, we love you. I love you. ( @crankgameplays )