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Hello! I was wondering if you could recommend me some songs I can listen to while studying? I really like kyu young night child or crush or something similar wouldn't hurt 😊

For some reason I chose to focus on Night Child and study friendly music

▸ Pae Sujung - Over You
▸ Quaimo - Ice Age (Feat. X.Q)  🔥 🔥 🔥
▸ Young Jay - Hit Me Up (Feat. X.Q) (I gotta show more love for X.Q right? lmao)
▸ Young Aqua (now Rollyboi) x Rheehab - Vida Flex (they deleted this track but I have it if anyone wants me to upload)
▸ Ruddysh X Apollo Gold - Driri
▸ G.nine - Tonight (Feat. K.vsh)
▸ Sam - Still Me
▸ Who$ - ONS (Feat. Naked BiBi) (this shit got deleted too so let me know if you want it posted)/ Black Champagne (Feat. Naked Bibi)
▸ FLIK - Lunatic
▸ Diamond - You Know
▸ Mamacita - Magic (again, couldn’t find it online but I have it, idk why they deleted one of their best songs)
▸ Rainyway - Good Night
▸ Apro - La Papi (Feat. Mutang)
▸ Basick - Sunday In My Bedroom (Feat. 비오)
▸ Zion. T - OO album (great for studying)
▸ Crush - Wonderlust (this is also great for studying and you have prob heard it so idk why i chose to list it)
▸ Swings - 지켜줘 (Feat. Brother Su) (Swings has great songs for studying since he has such a calm voice and his songs are pretty chill)
▸ Taewan - 말해서 뭐해
▸ T.K - In The Hand
▸ Nafla - Wu (this has nothing to do with either but Nafla makes some of the best music and u can always listen to him, for stuyding…or just breathing..he’s brilliant)  
▸ Changmo - Ambition (Feat. Hash Swan & 김효은) / 아이야 (Feat. Beenzino) / My Mate (MyunDo) (lol just listen to the whole album)
▸ Heize - Underwater
▸ Owen Ovadoz - 작업 (Feat. Loopy, pH-1) (this is the chillest shit ever) / Hip Hop (whole album is study friendly)
▸ pH-1 - Perfect
▸ As One - 분만이라도 (Feat. Hanhae)
▸ Jero x Dok2 - Paradise
▸ Punchnello - Everything he has done (his music is great for casual breathing)
▸ Babylon (바빌론) - BABO (Feat. Nafla)  😍 😍 😍

I’m sorry, I kinda got lazy this time and this prob wasn’t what u were looking for, but I am doing a list of all the artists that I can think of and try to group them. 


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