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(Oops I meant) For the kiss prompt: #6 Klance please?? Thank you!!

Believe me, I knew it was Klance, no worries there; ONTO THE DRABBLE!

I got a lil carried away in the begining lmao, idk what happened. I ACTUALLY LIKED THIS ONE. What a nice surprise. 

Excuse any grammar/typos/logic this may have or lack of but like, ya know, writer’s blog, I’m doing my best lmao.

6; lazy morning kisses before they’ve even open their eyes, still mumbling half-incoherently, not wanting to wake up.

Here’s the thing: Keith’s a light sleeper.

Here’s the other thing: Keith doesn’t give a fuck.

Sleep is precious, alright? It’s one of the few things that are vital for him to be an actual human being (or hybrid? Or whatever he was?) and something he doesn’t take slightly.

He goes to sleep early, he gets his six or eight hours and he wakes up on point to every day’s morning training before Allura can even harm his ears with the Castle’s alarms and he functions alright throughout the day.

All in all, though, as much as he loves sleeping, his entire life pretty much taught him that he must be in high alert, every single second.

It started when his dad had scooped him up one late night, barely explaining anything to him as he shoved Keith into the car and drove away from the only home Keith had known in his small three years of life. After that it felt like they were on a run, always on the move, barely giving Keith time to get attached to the four walls surrounding them, ‘protecting’ them, before they had to pack everything and leave.

It went on for a few years, Keith getting better and better at waking up by himself so his dad didn’t even had to step into his room, until one night when Keith woke up to several social workers, a crumbled note and no family.

The habit of being a light sleeper didn’t fade in the years to come. If anything, the time in his foster homes only made him more paranoid, something that came in handy when Ryan, one of his older foster brothers when he was nine, tried to dye his hair pink one fateful night.

Yes, he slapped the shit out of Ryan and got transferred to another foster home but at least he didn’t get pink hair. It had been a win-win in his book.

Now, life in the Castle? Simple, organized and oddly easily adaptable, having in mind they are floating in the middle of a galaxy it didn’t had a name that they (see: Hoomans) could pronounce.

Which brings him back to square zero: him lying on his bed, knowing full well that the glowing on his walls that lines up with their clock is not yet the color that would represent a sunrise. Keith knows this, and yet there’s a soft pressure on his side that dares to take his sleep away from him.

Keith’s awake at the first touch; the feathery touch if it could even be called that way. It’s enough to wake him up but damn him if his boyfriend thinks he will rise before his time.

Keith grumbles under his breath, pressing half of his face further down into his pillow as Lance’s fingers start stroking the small sneak peek of his pale skin that Lance’s shirt didn’t cover properly.

“Baby?” Lance mumbles, breathing against Keith’s ear and Keith swallows the gasp that almost leaves him. He’s not giving that little shit the satisfaction.

“No.” Keith whines, words muffled and still slurred so it might have sounded like a ‘Moo’. Lance’s low and husky chuckle only confirms his theory.

“Baby, come on, please wake up?”

Keith doesn’t even bother to answer. He just turns around and buries his face against his boyfriend’s chest, thanking every celestial power out there for making Lance to sleep shirtless because damn.

“Keith, amor? Wakey wakey, daisy?”

That one didn’t even make any sense but is Keith going to tell him that? Heck no.

But if Keith knows anything about his boyfriend, is that Lance is one stubborn son of a bitch and Keith can only re-confirm this as Lance takes out his big guns.

The other big guns.

Warm and slightly chapped lips are being pressed against his hair, lingering a tick too long before they move to his forehead. Then they attacked him just above his eyebrow before making their way down, slow and steady, pressing themselves against Keith’s closed eyes, one kiss on each of them, before one on his nose and cheeks.

God, it shouldn’t be this endearing. It should make him groan in annoyance and irritation because his sleep is slipping through his hands by every passing tick but Lance’s hands are on him, on the small of his back, holding him close and secure against his broad chest, lips traveling all over his face with so much care and gentleness and Keith’s a weak man.

“Wake up, baby.” Lance mumbles quietly and Keith can hear the small smug smile on his lips, “Keithy baby?”

Keith’s about to open his mouth when those same lips press themselves against his own and Keith can honestly wave sleep bye-bye as long as Lance’s lips stay on him.

Keith sighs on against the kiss, holding his breath for a second to ignore the classic moment of morning breath but he doesn’t really give a damn.

What he wants is Lance and more.

He press himself closer in the kiss, his own smirk growing on his lips as Lance gasps in surprise at the sudden shift but he welcomes it smoothly, slowly lowering himself back down on the bed as Keith rolls and ends up on top of him.

“One of this days,” Keith whispers, eyes still closed as he drops a few more kisses on Lance’s face as he catches his breathe, “One of these days I’mma stab you by ‘accident’ if you keep stealing my sleep from me.”

Lance chuckles and waves him off, saying something that if he didn’t did it six months ago when they started dating, he’s not going to do it now.

Well, yeah, duh, not if Lance keeps using those damn lips against him. Talking about playing fair, Lance.

“Baby, kissing? Me? Please?” Lance whines, lips turning into a small pout as Keith looks back at him and then he smiles fondly.

“God, you’re lucky I love you.” Keith whispers as he lowers himself once again.

“More than sleep?”

“Don’t push it.”


A Crossroad Deal (5)

Originally posted by jkguks

Summary: After getting out of a long term relationship, you try to move on with your life. However, having spent the last three years unavailable, you are not sure you know how to get back out there again, let alone if you even want to. That is, until you meet Jeon Jungkook, the barista at your college coffee shop. He is more than happy to help you wet your toes in the dating scene again, but at what cost?

Previous Chapter | Next Chapter (Coming Soon)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Story Genre: A little of everything

Word Count: 8k

College!Jungkook, somewhat FuckBoy!Jungkook

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Coney Island - Daddy Daze (Bucky)

Originally posted by danskjavlarna

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: daddy!Bucky x Reader

A/n:  New Daddy Daze posted every Monday!  I am also taking requests!

Requested by: @prettiestsupersoldier -Thank you so much again lovely!


You watched as James hopped from foot to foot in excitement as he brushed his teeth.   Bucky had promised when he turned 7 he would be able to go to Coney Island and ride all the rides.   Bucky had asked you to come but when James heard he pouted.  He just wanted a man’s day no mommies allowed.

So you agreed to stay home and let the boys have their fun.  As Bucky checked his pocket for his phone and wallet, you told James to behave and stay with his dad at all times.  “He’ll be fine doll, I got this under control.  Ya don’t need to worry.”

You followed your boys as they headed out the door, “Don’t let him eat too much junk food!  Make sure the seatbelt on every ride is secure!  And make sure that you take breaks, and drink water.”

Bucky unlocked the car for James allowing him to jump in and get buckled, “Doll I swear I will bring our son back in one piece. Don’t worry I got this!  I love you.  Now go relax.”

After pecking your pouting lips, he ran to the car, jumping in and pulling away.  You make a face when you realize neither of them even waved or looked back.

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To MiniLadd

Mini, I heard about the accident from your twitter, and I just wanna say that from me, (Chey), and the rest of the bbs fanbase, we love you from the bottom of our hearts and we wish you the speediest of recoveries. It’ll hurt like hell for a while, but you’re tough. You can handle it. Even after being hit by a car you were still smiling. Your positivity is one of the many reasons we love you. We wish you all the best. Take your time getting better, don’t rush and wind up stressing out. Don’t worry about a lack or videos. Focus on what’s important. Focus on getting better. We’ll be here supporting you the whole time :)

Much love,

Cheyenne Martin and the rest of the lovely BBS fandom <3

Remember, remember

Originally posted by beautifulshuas

pairing; woozi x reader

summary; you fall into a coma after an accident and you try to remember your boyfriend jihoon.

wow this is so bad for my first one i’m so sorry. i’ll do so much better next time ! feel free to leave any requests :)

may 30th, 2015

sunlight streamed through your blinds as your eyes fluttered open. they immediately widened when you realise you were no longer in the car. your bed sheets had been freshly washed and smelled of vanilla and home.

“that’s strange,” you thought out loud. your dream had been so vivid you had almost convinced yourself it was real. but you were awake and unscathed; the only evidence against the realism of it all. sighing, you heaved yourself out of bed, calling for your boyfriend.

“woozi?” no response.
“jihoon? were are you?” you began to panic once you checked the kitchen. usually, he would make you breakfast on lazy days like this. you decide to check his studio, to see if he was working on a new song. you froze as the door creaked open.

everything was gone. his speakers, his plushies and figurines, the expensive computer he bought for the sole purpose of composing. all of it was gone. just like jihoon. you frantically rushed around the room, sweeping away the dust and cobwebs. instead of a brand new mic stand, in it’s place stood a rusty hat stand. the comfortable swivel chair he almost broke? now replaced by a rocking horse you never knew you had.

without another thought, you shut the door behind you and took a seat on your couch. your shelf was peculiarly bare; every picture of the two of you had disappeared. or rather, he had disappeared from the picture. beginning to convince yourself he was part of the dream, you head to the kitchen to make yourself a hearty breakfast.

you must’ve been less awake than you thought because next thing you know, a glass tumbles to the floor with an ear-splitting crash. all of a sudden, your vision is filled with darkness and a car window shattering into oblivion. you shook your head and watched your hand twitch as you swept and disposed of the broken glass.

a knock resonated through the house, gradually become louder and more urgent. grimacing, you tidy your hair before opening it to reveal your best friend. holding a cake?

“happy birthday y/n!!” they stood in front of you proudly, thrusting their homemade cake into your face. you became solemn and half-heartedly took the cake.
“birth…day?” you whisper, your throat dryer than the sahara desert. water, you needed water
“you forgot your own birthday? are you ill? you do look kind of pale,” your best friend tattered as you shut the door behind them, still holding the cake. y/bf/n had not yet noticed the uneasy atmosphere.

“why aren’t you ready? you said you’d be ready by one and it’s already coming up to half two!” they took the cake from your hands and set it on the counter before pulling you off to your bedroom. they immediately noticed the crumpled sheets.

“did you have a nap again? you know you shouldn’t nap in the afternoon like this. it spoils your sleep pattern!” y/bf/n hurriedly makes your bed, letting you wonder over to the posters you never realised were on your walls. each one of them read ‘seventeen’ and you squealed when you saw jihoon on a poster, your jihoon.

“my…boyfriend…” you mumble, reaching out to the smooth paper. you heard your best friend tut in the midst of your thoughts and it brought you back to ‘reality’.

“how many fanfictions have you been reading? yes y/n, i understand your bias is woozi but we have to get ready. it’s a long drive to seoul and we need to get going! we already missed their debut concert because of your relentless napping skills.” y/bf/n began flinging random clothes from your closet onto your bed as you made your way to the bathroom for a quick shower.

december 23rd, 2016

“hello, we are…seventeen!” thirteen boys bowed in unison on your phone screen. just as seungcheol was about to start talking, the livestream buffered from all the traffic; you sighed in exasperation. all you wanted was to watch your ultimate group do their annual christmas livestream for carats all over the world. they had dressed up in cute santa suits and sat comfortably in front of a towering christmas tree. seriously, it was so big that mingyu probably decorated it by himself.

just as you were about to check your wifi box, the video reconnected and once again, you focused on woozi. what they were saying didn’t particularly interest you; you enjoyed watching jihoon’s little mannerisms. you enjoyed watching his eyes disappear when he smiled and you enjoyed hearing his adorable laugh and gummy smile.

seventeen decided on a segment called 'our q&a’ following the release of s.coups, vernon, woozi and ailee’s single. they played rock, paper, scissors until it was decided that woozi go first.
“hmm, ok. what’s my favourite smell?” carat’s flooded the comments with scents like vanilla, lavender and the seaside.
“cinnamon.” you said out loud.
“my favourite smell is cinnamon!” you froze.
“ok next question, what do i like to do on rest days?”
again, the comments said things like 'sleeping’ or the odd 'being around soonyoung’.
“anime. you like watching animes.”
“ok time’s up! i actually enjoy watching animes with joshua-hyung.” you screamed and dropped your phone in shock.

“ow,” you muttered, feeling for a nosebleed: your phone hit you pretty hard. unsurprisingly, there was one.
“great,” you cried. you stumbled out of bed in your christmas onesie and headed towards the bathroom. the sight of you, blood dripping from your nose, triggered another vision.

this time it was darker than before and you felt someone shake your shoulders, calling out to you. in your vision, you lifted a heavy hand to the side of your head and felt something warm and sticky.

shaking yourself out of the vision, you hastily cleaned yourself up and decided it was time for bed.

present day

jihoon sat nervously in the plastic chairs that creaked with every move. he had not slept properly since the accident and spent his days

and most nights

watching over you at the hospital. the staff gave up on telling him that visiting hours were over; he would always find a way back to you.

he had noticed how you would twitch or tense your hand, as if something intense was going on behind your closed eyes. the beep of the heart monitor was close to driving him insane but jihoon knew he could wait it out. for you.

jihoon felt terrible about the accident. it was entirely his fault and he was sure you were to end it with him once you woke up. had he been focusing on the road instead of your sleeping figure, he would have seen the speeding car, the headlights and the police vehicle right behind it.

it was a hit and run that left him devasted. once the ambulance loaded you up, his car was towed to the garage and he got a lift home in the police car. needless to say, jeonghan almost threw a fit when he showed up at his house in the middle of the night, climbing out of a police car.

he was brought out of his trance when the beeping began to speed up. it was ever so slight but jihoon noticed and rushed to your side at once. the spikes became stronger and he couldn’t believe his eyes.

sunlight streamed through your blinds as your eyes fluttered open. except it wasn’t sunlight, it was a harsh white light that was unnecessary at this time of day. immense pain shot up your body and you felt like groaning. but your throat was sandpaper and you coughed weakly instead. the sound of plastic crashing to the ground and shoes squeaking on the linoleum floor were brought to your attention.

“you’re awake…you’re awake!! oh my god y/n, you’re awake.” it was jihoon. but this time, he wasn’t a recently-debuted pop idol. he was your boyfriend. your jihoon.

“jihoon?” you said weakly, the oxygen mask a little restricting.
“yes baby? what is it? are you in pain?” you managed a strangled chuckle at your boyfriends concern, a polar opposite to his usual cool composure.

“lots of pain jihoon, but i’ll be ok. i had the weirdest dream though…” now it was his turn to laugh through his tears.
“you’ve been a coma, silly. after the car accident you were rushed to hospital. i’m so sorry, it’s all my fault.”
“no, i’m sorry for putting you through this jihoon.” he stood up to his full height wow so threatening and crossed his arms over his chest.
“don’t you dare apologise! it was in no way your fault and you should rest well and recover. don’t apologise again!” he exclaimed.

“woah, calm down there shorty.”

“i’ve never wanted to hear you call me shorty so badly.”

Monsters (Jamilton)

AN: I want to make this a series if y’all want any more of this

Tag Crew: @huffleheyguys @artisticgamer @theoverlordofeverything @hmltntrsh51 @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit @hamilton4starwars @megabooklover18

Request: Anonymous- Jamilton fanfic where uncle James has to help them take care of their children because Alex and Thomas are exhausted because of their new baby.

Warning: swearing 

Word Count: 1,805


There was a split second of quiet before all hell broke loose. The triplets had been up since three in the morning and the baby hadn’t slept for any more than an hour that night. Thomas wanted one kid. One. And then the surrogate found out it was three. And then Alexander managed to talk him into another baby. There was about a ninety percent chance that he wanted a fifth. They had no time or space for a fifth baby. They didn’t have time for the four, four, they had now.

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‘Best Friends, Apparently’ Part Four: Domestic Bliss (Michael Mell x Reader)

I live, breathe, and eat feedback, so pls send some in (pls) 

Word Count: 2173 (jesus)

Warnings: uhhhhhh mentions of underage drinking, vomit, swearing 

fun note: yo it was!!! raining where i am bc it’s monsoon season so we like actually have weather for a bit !!!! (we had a flash flood warning for a bit that turned into a dust storm warning, my neighborhood lost power for a half hour but it’s all good now dw) 

part one      part two     part three       part five      part six    part seven    part eight

“Oh fuck, was that thunder?” Michael asked, sitting in his basement with Jeremy.

“Uh, yeah I think,” Jeremy said, looking toward windows at the top of the walls, near the ceiling.

“I should text Y/N, you remember how she gets with thunder,” Michael said, pausing their game.

Text To: y/n <3

Hey, u want me to come over? i kno how anxious storms make u

Michael placed his phone down on the floor next to him, picking his controller back up. The two boys managed to lose the level twice before you had responded, and they were seconds away from losing a third time when Michael got the notification.

Text From: y/n <3

Nah im fine, gabe came over,,,thank u tho!

Michael sighed, haphazardly tossing his phone onto the ground. Jeremy gave him a look before going back to their game.

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On Your Right ~ Bucky x Reader (Part 13)

A/N: Happy weekend! This kind of got away from me and it’s really to move the dimensional rift plotline forward - the fluff will be back soon! 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 |
Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 

Summary: The team is back and your data analyst background comes in handy 

Rating: T for language (probably) 

Warnings: vague mentions of therapy, A little angst?, language, fluff

Pairings/Characters: Bucky x reader, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, pretty much everybody 

Word count: 1602 

“Captain Rogers requests your presence in his office, Miss Y/l/n.”

“Tell Steve he can wait, FRIDAY,” Natasha ordered the AI.


“You cannot leave in the middle of that story,” Wanda insisted.

“Captain Rogers says it’s urgent, Miss Y/l/n.”

“Tell him I’ll be right there, FRIDAY. I’ll catch up with you ladies later.”

“Yes, you will,” Nat said pointedly as you scrambled off the couch.

Wanda had made it home in time to find you and Bucky lost in each other’s eyes in the middle of the gym. Her immediate response was to film it and send it to Natasha. The two of them had been grilling you since Bucky had excused himself for an after breakfast nap.

You made your way to Steve’s office and knocked twice before pushing the door open. He was still in his stealth suit, looking over papers with a deep frown.

“You wanted to see me, Captain Rogers?”

He quirked an eyebrow at the title and you shrugged, smirking. He rolled his eyes as he got to his feet to give you a quick hug.

“Welcome home. How’d the mission go?”

“Not as well as we would have liked,” he grimaced. “But before we get into that. How are you doing, sweetheart?”

He leaned back against his desk with a concerned expression. You measured your words carefully.

“I’m better. I’m working on some stuff. I’m ready to be back in the field… just not anything solo yet.”

He nodded once, satisfied.

“Good. I’m glad to hear it. Because we need you on this.”

“What can I do?”

“You were the best analyst we had before you joined the field and you probably still are, and we can’t make heads or tails of the info we got.”

“I’ll get right on it. Anything specific I’m looking for?”

“We’re not really sure. Jane and Dr. Selvig’s technology is able to detect them but we can’t seem to predict them or close them.”

Your brow furrowed as you tried to recall the notes you’d read on the London incident.

“I thought they were able to control them during the convergence.”

“So did I. Apparently they were only able to control where they would open not when or if.”

“Got it. So you want me to look at the data right before they open to find out if there are any indicators we can use to track them.”

“For starters.”

“Are these all staying open or are they closing?”

“Some are, some aren’t. Like I said, we can’t see a pattern.”

“Alright, I’ll see what I can do. Is everything on the server?”

“I assume so.”

Steve still didn’t totally understand the computer system so you just shook your head already turning to head for the computer lab.

“I’ll figure it out.”

“Keep me posted. And, y/n?”


You paused with your hand on the doorknob.

“I’m glad you’re working through things.”

“Thanks, Steve.”

You were officially going cross-eyed from staring at the computer screens.

“You look beautiful bathed in the monitors’ blue light.”

“You’re an idiot,” you snorted at your visitor, pinching the bridge of your nose to stave off the headache that was forming.

“Actually, I’m a genius, billion…”

“Blah, blah, blah. What do you want, Tony?”

He pulled up a chair, looking at the screens.

“How goes the analysis?”

“Slowly,” You groaned. “I’m letting the algorithms run, but I’ve been going through a subset by hand to see if I can find anything, and I think there’s something different about the ones that stayed open. But I can’t quite tease it out.”

“You need to take a break, kid. Do you know how long you’ve been in here?”

“Couple hours,” you guessed, turning back to your calculations.

“Try seven. Come downstairs for dinner.”

“I’ll come down in a little bit.”

“That’s what you told FRIDAY two hours ago. Rogers will have my head if you run yourself into the ground.” You gasped as your algorithm finished running and spit out the result. “Not to mention what Barnes will do…”

“Tony, shut up and look at the screen.”

His jaw dropped slightly as he watched the fifteen panels of looped video that took up the screen.

“Are those…”

“I think so.”

“FRIDAY, gather the team in the conference room. I think we’ve got something.”

“Yes, boss.”

You grabbed a tablet off the console and followed behind Tony as he hurried to the conference room. It took a few minutes for everyone to settle in around the long table. You were seated next to Tony at the head. Steve handed you a cup of coffee and then took the chair to your left. Bucky shot you an encouraging smile from a few seats down.  

“What have you found, Stark?” Thor boomed from the far end of the room.

“I didn’t find anything. This is all y/n.”

He gestured for you to take the floor and you stood, tapping a few buttons on the tablet so the display was mirrored on the front screen.

“So, this map shows all of the locations where we have confirmed reports of dimensional rifts, thirty-six in total. The ones in green are the ones that closed and the ones in red are, at last report, still open.” You tapped your tablet, “Now, jumping off of the work that Dr. Selvig and Dr. Foster have done, I had an algorithm look at the atmospheric disturbances in the area – local gravity, temperature shifts, even tectonic activity. There are twenty-one events that showed the same signs that are associated with the bifrost opening into our dimension.”

“Are they the same twenty-one rifts that sealed themselves?” Bruce asked as he squinted at the screen.

“Yes, they are. They were open for approximately three minutes. During which time eight of them showed heat signatures passing through to this dimension, which aligns with our reports,” you stated.  

“So what about the other fifteen?” Rhodey prompted.

“That’s where it gets weird. Well weirder,” you corrected when you saw several incredulous faces. “Those fifteen don’t show any atmospheric disruptions whatsoever, but if we look at satellite imagery from about two minutes before the rifts open…”

You let the video play.

“Are people from here creating these things?” Cap asked, eyes flickering to you for confirmation.  

“That’s what it looks like to me,” you nodded. “Is that possible, Thor? Sif?”

They shared a long look and you knew you were right.

“I have met one person in this realm who could do this, but I am sure it is not him. He wants to protect this world.”

“Who is it, Thor?”

All eyes were on Thor and you sank back into your seat.

“He calls himself the Sorcerer Supreme. But his real name is Strange.”  

“It doesn’t matter how weird it is, what’s his name?” Sam pressed.

Thor was confused.

“His name is Strange.”

Natasha caught on first.

“FRIDAY, run a search for the last name ‘Strange’ through the SHIELD watch list.”

“Searching now. There is one result.” A new photo appeared on the screen. “Dr. Steven Strange.”

“That’s him. Although he had much better facial hair the last time I saw him.”

There were a few low chuckles throughout the room, yours among them.

“I know him.” Bruce was staring at the picture. “He was one of top surgeons in the world up until about three years ago, until he dropped off the map after a horrific car accident.”

“Well now we know why,” Clint remarked.

“We need to find him,” Sif interjected firmly. “He may not be the one opening them, but he may still be able to help us.”

“FRIDAY, do we have anyway of contacting Dr. Strange.”

“No known contact information in the past two years, boss.”

Everyone’s eyes tracked back to Thor.

“Any ideas on how to contact your pal?”

Thor frowned.

“How did you find him last time?” Bucky asked.

“He found me,” the god admitted.


“Because Loki had escaped to Midgard once again. And he was eager to have him out of this realm.”

“I like him already,” Clint muttered.

“Well people ripping holes in the fabric of space should be of interest to him.”

“FRIDAY, start a global search for Steven Strange. We need to find him.”

“So where do we go from here?” Pietro asked, concerned.

“I believe our priority needs to be locating anyone or anything that doesn’t belong in this realm and get them out of here.”

“I agree with Sif,” you piped up. “Until we can figure out who is opening these things and how to close them we need to focus on containment.”

“Do you think you can get actual images of these people?”

Steve was in full strategy mode, staring at the map as he planned out their course of action.

“I’ll pull whatever satellite imagery I can. It might take a while though. FRIDAY, can you also start compiling data from all of the satellites we have access to?”

“Yes, Miss Y/l/n.”

“So what’s our play, Cap?”

Steve was quiet for a moment, trying to organize his thoughts.

“FRIDAY, please look for any news reports on alien activity. We break into two teams. Half recon, half tactical. Bucky, Y/n, Peter, and Natasha, you will remain here and work on finding this Strange fellow and figuring out if it’s the same three people opening these things every time. Everyone else, Thor, you’ll lead a team with Tony, Bruce, Barton, Vision, and Scott. Sif, Colonel Rhodes, Wanda, Pietro, and Sam, you’re with me. Everybody gear up. You’ll get your assignments on the quinjets. Let’s get the job done. Dismissed.”

A/N: So like I said – the plot kind of started running and this happened. I apologize that there’s no real Bucky goodness, but I hope you still enjoyed it! Fluffy Bucky to come soon! Thanks for reading! And Thanks for the love! Feedback welcome, but be kind lovelies! 

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Part 14

Craig and Tweek
Craig and Tweek

Craig and Tweek are so cute what the fuck I don’t understand they kiss and cuddle and call each other babe and honey how can you not love them. they even carved their own initials on a tree in a little heart and they hold hands and nuzzle noses. you’ve got to be fucking with me are Matt and Trey even real. how the fuck can they just see what their audience wants and just do it and make them so fucking cute together. I just want them to be happy forever oh my god. and when Craig helped Tweek with his anxiety I literally cried. do you understand how hard it is for this boy to trust and open up to anyone let alone open his mouth and just fucking communicate goddamn. do you not understand this boy was motherfucking attempting to help his boyfriend by trying everything he could to make him happy. he even bought Tweek a motherfucking fidget spinner because he heard it could help with anxiety. he even took him on a date to an amusement park to make him feel better what the fuck. and they’re so happy together Tweek is so at ease and isn’t nervous twitching as much and Craig is so warm and loving to him. I can literally feel the gay through the screen so intensely I keep expecting it to just jump out and fucking attack me. how can this even be happening in a raunchy adult TV show about making fun of everything. and yet they just treat Craig and Tweek’s relationship with respect and don’t make fun of the characters just because they’re gay. that’s just so fucking amazing it’s a marvel when a show like that has better LGBT representation than literally every other TV show. you’ve got to be fucking kidding me god how pure can one couple be just fuck me up goddammit. if Matt and Trey were to throw me from a five story window and then hit me with their car I would be totally okay with it at this point Jesus fucking christ. I didn’t know it was possible to love a fictional couple so much you’ve got to be shitting me. and when they got back together after a break up in the new south park game I started screaming. plus they say encouraging and cute things to each other during battle like, “go get em’ tiger,” and, “don’t touch my Craig.” also Tweek literally screams, “no Super Craig I can’t live without you,” when Craig dies in battle like what the fuck. I’m going to go down to my local dollar store and set everything on fire what the fucking fuck


This was one of the most exciting and most exhausting days of my life. ^^

Got up at 6am and met with @krissielee and @elletromil around 8. We went to the Odeon cinema as we had heard that this would indeed be a wristband premiere. We got to choose at which colour-coded pen we’d want to be and got the according wristband, in our case purple. We then went to have breakfast and came back around noon. It took them longer to set up everything though and we waited for hours. Entertained ourselves with singing and with press interviews (*waves to @krissielee *) Then they came to let us into our pens. Our colour was last, and we got told that there had been a mistake and they had given out too many pink wristbands, so our pen was full. Which meant we ended up in another area (directly opposite the press) on second row. I had given up hope at that point to achieve anything then just seeing the actors.

Around 5pm the premiere started and Hanna Alström arrived first. She was very lovely and beautiful and I got her autograph, which wasn’t easy but we managed because the Asian people right in front of us were very kind (unlike other people who push and crush you or that guy who told us to get lost as we were “only second row”…).

There was, as always at such events, music and entertainment, and they had quite a few very cute pugs there!
Actors and guests arrived one after the other, Edward, Taron and Emily, Mark, Colin and Livia, Jeff, Julianne, Pedro, Channing and Jenna, Matthew and Claudia, Elton, Halle, Sophie…

They made their way down the orange carpet (orange! My fav colour!) and alternated between press interviews and fan service and stage live interviews.
We stood there admit the sun and rain and the screaming and waited. My feet and my back were killing me already!

Taron came by then. He looked fab in his grey three-piece suit and was his usual quirky self, making funny faces and laughing lots. I actually managed to get his autograph!

Unfortunately Mark, who had given interviews, couldn’t come back to us but started signing again at a different point of the crowd.

Colin had given an interview on the tiny stage with Taron and Elton. He had walked past us for that and signalled us that he’d come back but I thought that wouldn’t be likely. I was wrong. He did come back and he gave autographs and took pictures with all the fans like a pro. He was so calm and patient and never stopped smiling! A rock in the rough sea! He came closer and suddenly there was a gap in front of me and he signed my picture and I could look at him and asked for a photo! He nodded, leaned in and took my phone. I had forgotten to switch it to selfie mode so I fiddled around with the display while he held the phone and then he took the loveliest picture of me and him! I thanked him kindly and he went to the next person and I was done. My legs started shaking and I certainly didn’t feel like an adult woman in that moment…

The rest of the premiere pretty much passed me by. We saw on the big screen that especially Colin kept giving autographs and taking photos with the fans and he stayed extraordinarily polite and calm and kind all the time!
Elle got a picture with Colin as well today and Krissie got one yesterday so we were quite happy.

The actors went into the cinema to introduce the film and then went into the second cinema a short while later to do the same there. They were all getting into cars after that and they probably had dinner together somewhere at the after-party.

We left the area and we asked twice if I could have a tiny bit of the orange carpet as a souvenir but unfortunately it wasn’t possible. Krissie was allowed to take one of the great KM poster canvas thingies though. ^^

I’m deadly tired but very happy and thankful right now. Thanks to Elle and Krissie for another great day in your company!

The photos I took aren’t that great as I was busy with autographs and surviving, and you find much better official ones, but I’ll add them to illustrate this report. Please don’t repost them anywhere!

“Meeting” Colin was my major goal for this trip and it actually happened when I had given up hope, so I’m more than happy at the moment!! :)
And very tired. Off to bed. More fannish stuff tomorrow and then the film on Wednesday.

Masked - Part 6

Word Count: 2111

Pairing: Avengers x Reader, Peter Parker x Reader 

Warnings: FLUFF, Mentions of blood, Language

A/N: Yay part six!! Hope you’re ready for some Reader x Peter fluff ;) Also thanks for supporting the series everyone it means a lot! 


Masked Masterlist

Part 5 

Originally posted by relationshipaims

The walk to the pizza place wasn’t very long, but with crowds in New York, everything took longer than it needed to be. Peter suggested to swing there, but you just wanted a night with no powers and no responsibility. Besides, you liked taking time and enjoying what the city had to offer. After taking on the role of Rouge Hex, you didn’t have much time to yourself and that time only got shorter once you joined the Avengers. You had training, school work, and crime fighting one after another - which made your head spin.

Nights like these, however, you grew to cherish. You were (Y/N). Not an Avenger, not an enhanced individual, not Rouge Hex, just you. You loved how the city shined during the evening, the loud noises from cars stuck in traffic, the different smells of fast food, you loved it all. What made it even better was the look on Peter’s face as he pointed to some of his favorite spots. A smile never left his face as he continued talking excited while you chuckled at his cuteness.

“Oh and that alley over there has this really cool spot you can sit on to take amazing pictures,” He added as you chuckled once more. Peter smirked at you while you continued laughing. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing, you’re just cute. That’s all,” You winked as his face turned red.

“Oh,” He laughed nervously, taking your hand in his. “The pizza place is right over there. Come on, I’m starving.”

Nodding, you were dragged along by Peter trying to squeeze your way through people. Some got out of your way, while others gave you nasty looks as they continued whatever they were doing. Arriving at the entrance of the Pizza place, you looked at the sign that said “Joe’s Pizza.” Walking inside, you listened to music playing softly as your eyes landed on the pizzas up front. Your mouth watered as you placed your order with Peter.

“Here, I’ll pay,” You said taking out your phone that was hook up with your bank account.

“I got it handled,” Peter responded handing the money over before you could say anything else.

Peter gave you a small grin as you rolled your eyes playfully. This boy was going to be the death of you, you knew it. Once the pizzas were handed to you, you followed Peter to a booth carrying your drinks as he carried the pizzas. Taking a small bite of the pizza as you sat down, you let out a satisfied moan. Spiderling was right, this was a great pizza place.

“I’m guessing you like the pizza then,” He giggled with as you took another bite.

“It’s so damn good,” You muttered with your mouth full.

Peter laughed loudly, earning a few looks from a couple customers. You began to laugh as you watched the random strangers mumble to themselves about your peculiar behavior.

Every time you’re with Peter, you find it so easy to be yourself. You felt like a normal person when you were with him. He saw you as you are, not some freak with weird alien powers, and that made you fall head over heels for him. You didn’t even realize he was snapping pictures of you until you glanced up from your pizza.

“What are you doing Parker?” You asked with your mouth still full of food.

“Taking pictures of you?” He sheepishly responded while he set his phone on the table.


“You look cute.”

Feeling your face flush, you smiled a bit before taking a sip of your drink. Dinner continued to go smoothly as you two took the time to get to know each other. Even after spending so much time together in the past few weeks, you still had a lot to learn about each other. Of course, you went over the basic stuff like favorite color, food, season…  the basic twenty questions gist. Then it switched to embarrassing moments of when you two started crime fighting.

“Wait, hold on, let me get this straight,” You said trying not to speak so loudly. “You, a guy with senses dialed up to an eleven, managed to swing face first into a building? And somehow you only ended up with a nasty bruise on your shoulder?”

“Yeah, not my finest hour,” He said as you were in the middle of a fit of giggles.

“You think that is bad? How about reading the police scanner wrong and showing up at the wrong bank.”

Peter choked on his drink. “You didn’t.”

“I did and I’m pretty sure one of the bank tellers fainted. I wouldn’t know because I got out of there as fast as I came in. It’s a good thing I wear a mask,” You whispered.

“Well, I haven’t done that, yet.”

“Well, to be fair, I was up late the other night doing homework and - wow is that the time?” You asked glancing at your phone. The team was going to be back soon and you knew if you weren’t back at the base, they would worry. You learned that the hard way when you left your phone at the compound when you were out on patrol by yourself. You had never seen so many adults with worried expressions at once.

“Wow I didn’t realize it was that late,” Peter said checking his phone. “I guess we should go then. I know how the team gets when you’re out late.”

“Yeah,” You said half-heartedly thinking about the events that happened before Peter came over.

“You okay?”

“Let’s get going,” You suggested while throwing your trash away.  

Peter followed you out as you shivered from the gust of cold air. You forgot to grab a jacket since you were so caught up in Peter asking you out on a date. You tried to warm up by rubbing your hands against your arms to make some heat.

“Here take my hoodie, it’s cold,” Peter said taking his hoodie off and handing to you.

Being too cold to refuse, you slipped it over your head and thanked him. Walking through some crowds you felt a hand grab your arm and pulled you into a nearby alleyway. Confused you turned around only to find it was Peter.


“You never answered my question back at the pizza place and you been acting weird ever since. What’s wrong?” Peter asked with concern.

“It’s nothing, Pete.”


“I swear it’s nothing,” You said trying to push your way past him.

“(Y/N),” he said grabbing onto your shoulders.

You sighed. “Promise not to freak out?”

“Why would I freak out? (Y/N) what’s wrong?”

“So ever since I got these powers I had you know these side effects. They mostly happen when I overuse my powers but lately they been happening randomly.”

“What kind of side effects?”

“Well at first I use to get nose bleeds and then my eyes started to bleed once in awhile. Sometimes they both happen at the same time and I feel lightheaded. I didn’t tell anyone because I knew they would freak out. Which was proven today when my eyes randomly started bleeding in front of Steve, Sam, Bucky, and Tony.” You said looking at the ground.

“So you’re worried that…?”

“That the guys will tell everyone else and I’ll look like this weak person. Which I’m not, I just have a lot of things wrong with me. I know everyone wouldn’t want to deal with me if they knew so I didn’t tell everyone.”

Without saying anything else, Peter wrapped you in a hug and held you tight. Smiling into the crook of his neck, you breathed in his scent, not wanting to let go. You oddly felt safe in his arms, and normally this was a feeling you never felt.

“Thank you,” You mumbled into Peter’s shoulder as he broke the hug.

“First off, none of us see you as a weak person. In fact, we see you as a badass hero with amazing powers. And secondarily, the team won’t abandon you so easily, especially me. You’re amazing, your laugh is adorable, and I-”

“You what?” You asked noticing your faces were inches apart from each other.

Without saying another word, Peter smashed his lips onto yours and you gasped in surprised. Smiling, you leaned into the kiss as you wrapped your arms around his neck. Peter then wrapped his arms around your waist deepening the kissing for a few more moments. Breaking apart, the two you tried to catch your breath as you grinned wildly.

“Wow,” You said breathlessly trying to get your thoughts straight.

“I-I don’t know what came over me,” Peter sheepishly said.

Giggling at his antics, you grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him in for another quick kiss. With your arms still tightly wrapped around his neck, resting your forehead against his.

“I would kiss you again but it’s started to get really cold,” You giggled again.

“Says the person wearing my hoodie,” Peter scoffed.

“Is the itsy bitsy spider upset?” You teased grabbing his hand and walking out of the alleyway. “If you want to kiss me some more let’s get back to the compound.”

Without another word, Peter picked you up as you like out a squeal. Running down the street carrying you bridal style, the both of you couldn’t stop laughing. Sure, you two got nasty looks from strangers, but they weren’t having as much fun as you were. Surprisingly for a guy Peter’s size, he was able to run pretty fast even through the crowded streets. You made it back to the compound in record time and he barely broke a sweat.

“You are a man of many surprises, Parker.” You said walking into the elevator to go to the living room. “I’m pretty sure the team isn’t back yet.”

“Then it’s our lucky day,” Peter said pulling you closer.

“Someone’s a bit eager aren’t they?”

“Shut up and kiss me already.”

Rolling your eyes, you leaned in for another kiss completely ignoring the elevator doors opening. Not aware of your surroundings, the two of you didn’t notice that in fact, the team was watching your makeout session.

“Parker got some game!” Sam yelled as the two you broke apart quickly.

“Oh God,” Peter muttered as his face went as red as his suit.

“Hey, guys…” You mumbled walking out of the elevator. “How long were you-”

“We saw the whole thing sweetheart,” Tony chuckled.

Covering your face in embarrassment, you let out an awkward laugh as the team continued to tease the two of you. Pietro started singing love songs as the others asked for details that you wouldn’t be telling. While this was happening, Peter’s phone buzzed and he let out a sigh.

“That’s my Aunt May, she wants me to come home.”

“Oh,” You answered sadly giving him a hug. While hugging him you glanced over to the team mouthing for you two to kiss. “You guys are actual five-year-olds.”

Letting Peter leave, you watched the team gesture over to him.You sighed while quickly grabbing his arm and spinning him back around to face you. The team knew how to get on your nerves but if this was going to shut them up, you were going to do it. Giving Peter a quick peck on the lips, you heard the whole team burst into cheers and whistling.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” You said sending the spiderling on his way.

“Details now,” Natasha demanded before eyeing the hoodie you were wearing. “You’re wearing Parker’s hoodie.”

“I’m going to bed,” You grumbled.

You stepped into the elevator and pressed your floor button repeatedly, waiting for the doors to shut. Before you could question what was happening, Wanda sprinted in holding the doors open.

“Nat, hurry your ass up!” Wanda yelled as the assassin carried some junk food. “Boys don’t you even dare come near me.”

Natasha then pushed Clint out of the way and gracefully landed inside. The doors shut quickly and then you were left with two grinning Avengers. You should have seen this coming the moment you and Peter were caught.

“I think it’s time for a long overdue girls night,” Natasha added adjusting the junk food in her hands.

“If we run out of junk, I’ll make Vision grab it. He won’t question anything and, unlike some people, won’t disrupt our girls night,” Wanda said.

“I’m assuming I don’t get a say in this do I?” You asked. They both nodded. “I hate everyone.”

“Love you too,” They both responded, dragging you into your room.

It was definitely going to be an interesting night whether you like it or not.  

Part 7

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Turn That Frown Upside Down.

Originally posted by undercoverrockstarjensen

Pairing: Dean x sister!reader 

A/N: This was me last Wednesday. I was so gutted the rest of the day :( So, I wrote a fluffy Dean drabble to make it all better!

Y/F/S: Your favorite singer 

“What’s on your mind, Y/N?” Dean couldn’t take this anymore. He was watching you mope around the bunker and stare down at your phone clearly annoyed. He was eaten up with curiosity just as to what you could be upset about now. 

“Nothing, Dean.” You gritted through your teeth. You didn’t want to bother Dean with your teenage drama. It was just one of the many of your mid-life crises. 

“It’s gotta be something, Y/N. I can read you like a book.” He did have a point there. Dean knew you through and through. You couldn’t say you were the same way. You knew when something was troubling the minds of your two older brothers. 

“Alright fine. I tried winning tickets to go see Y/F/S in concert by calling in to a radio station but I didn’t win and I actually listened to the bitch that won the tickets.” You muttered, picking at your thumb not exactly looking Dean in the eyes. 

Dean sighed. He knew that feeling. The number of times he has tried doing that when you were his age. “Trust me, sweetheart. I know that feeling.” Dean snickered to himself. “Really?” You asked looking up at him with big eyes. Dean nodded his head. 

“Hell yeah, Y/N. When I was your age that was the one thing that made me a teenager.  I  tried to doing that the number of times my dad wasn’t in the car or whatever. I never won one.” Dean formed a thin line with his lips. You and Dean were related, but this had to be one of the first things you could actually relate to one another in a situation. 

“I’m glad to know I’m not the only one.” You chucked lightly. “See, if you talk about you feel so much better after.” Dean slung his arm around you and pulled you in a for a big brother hug. “I guess you’re right.” You shrugged midway through your little love fest going on. “ Did you say I was right?” Dean asked holding his hand to his ear pretending not to hear what you said. 

“You know what I said.” You pushed him out of a hug, giggling. “Hey what do you say we go out for something. My treat.” Dean played with his  eyebrows. It wasn’t too often just you and Dean went out together. “I would love that Dean!” You exclaimed excitedly. 

“Put your jacket on and write a little note for Sammy. We don’t need him worrying.” Dean winked at you and grabbed his jacket as well.  

“Hey Dean?”

“Yes, Y/N?” Dean looked back at you in the motel doorway. 

“Thank you. And hey can I drive?” You puckered out your lower lip and gave Dean your best puppy dog eyes. Dean rolled his eyes at you and shook his head side to side. 

“No!” He exclaimed holding the door for you on your way out. 

Just when you thought he was going to say yes. 

The End! 

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The Bet - Part 4 Final Chapter

Daryl Dixon x Reader / Maggie Greene x Reader

Warnings: Canon Divergence, smut (mostly implied in this chapter), Language, NSFW (ALSO - some Beth hate. Deal with it or don’t read it), Violence, Character Death(s)

Plot: Circa Season 4 - So there are some strong similarities to stories from the show, elements of season 4 from early and later in the season. Not all plot points used, but fill in the blanks accordingly… MAJOR Canon Divergence… no direct dialogue from the show.

Word Count: 8242

Originally posted by carlschandler

“He thinks I’m pregnant,” you sighed and steadied yourself against the wave of nausea that rolled over you.

“What?!” her eyes were big, a grin threatening on her lips. “Seriously?!”

“Shhh, Maggie… please,” you begged her, “I haven’t taken the test yet. But…”

“But you are. You know you are!” she playfully smacked your shoulder, but when she noticed the expression you carried, she toned down her response. “You’re thinkin’ bout the boys, right?”

You nodded. The boys… your boys that had been lost at the beginning of it all. The ones that were taken from you because the last man you trusted had been misguided.

“Oh, Y/N. I’m sorry, I know this can’t be easy.” Maggie moved to hug you, but you put up a hand to stop her.

“It’s ok, really. Right now, there’s more important things happenin’. This can wait… long as I know I don’t have that,” you pointed towards the prison, “I’m ok.”

Maggie nodded and picked up the bucket. She refused to let you help her carry the rest of the way, and you were suddenly overwhelmed with gratitude that you had Maggie in your corner.

“Be safe, and stay with Maggie, ok? Be sure to keep a knife and gun on ya, you don’t wanna get caught and not be ready,” Daryl was nervous. He was never usually nervous leaving for a run, but this was different. His group was going out far for meds, and there was no way of knowing what kind of trouble they were walking into or when they would be back.

Michonne and Bob were loading the car, while you and Daryl said your goodbyes. Tyrese finally arrived and they were ready to go.

“I know, I got this… Maggie and I got this. Plus, Glenn, Carol and Rick are here, so is Hershel. Just go get what they need and get back,” your hand absentmindedly went to your stomach. Daryl didn’t notice, too fixated on making sure you were prepared to defend yourself.

“Ready Daryl?” Tyrese asked before getting in the car.

“Yeah, one second,” Daryl turned back to you. “Remember what I said last night?”

You smiled and nodded, “How could I forget?”

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Control Ch. 5

Phew, I can’t believe it’s out after all the crack posts from last night, this was so hard to write… anyway, throw me in that angst pit, gurl…this story is taking a whole new turn next week!

Hope you all like this, though!

“And what are C & R’s expectations with this new project, Mr. Han?”

“Well, I found out recently that cats are almost idolized in the internet. If you look at Youtube’s most watched videos of the day, there’s always at least one with a cat. So creating a cat social media, a space when cat lovers and cats can exchange experiences, felt natural and following what’s trending along the virtual space.”

“I see. C & R has been releasing more and more cat projects each month. Is there a special reason for that?”

“No particular reason. I just like to engage the company on fulfilling and entertaining projects.”

“Alright. Now let’s move on to some more personal questions, shall we?” Ugh… we shall not! “How do you see personal relationships in a work environment?”

“I try not to be too strict, since I believe worker’s productivity is not directly correlated with their personal relationships.”

“Interesting. So you believe that’s why RFA has been doing such a great job at hosting fundraisers and parties even with the end of your engagement?” Yes, Jumin knew exactly that’s where this reporter was trying to get.

“RFA isn’t only about me or the guest’ coordinator. It’s a work with a team formed by seven members. My personal relationships or… past personal relationships don’t really influence our work here.”

“And what about C & R? I heard she’s working here as an intern for publicity?”

“Yes, the agency I’m interning at has this project when we’re assigned to work for a few weeks in a real company, with real marketing and publicity campaigns. And C & R should be praised for engaging in this kind of project that allows internships on experiencing the work market at its fullest.” Your voice can finally be heard in the business room you set for the reporter to have an exclusive with C & R’s director.

Jumin doesn’t even look at you, but he knows what you’re trying to do. He wants to believe the reason you’re changing the subject is to do your job as a PR and put C & R in the spotlight rather than some employee’s personal life. Or… maybe you’re trying to avoid being in the spotlight yourself. Either way, you two are on the same side, at least for now.

“Yes, and I would like to talk more about C & R’s projects like this partnership with universities.” He says stoically.

“We can, later on. But right now, why don’t we talk more about personal matters? What do you have to say about rumors about your sexuality rising again after the end of your engagement?”

“I’ve never heard about those rumors.” Yes… he heard. But he cared for them as much as he did before you came along. The only difference was the constant reminder of you in his life.

“Well, there are rumors about you being gay, that’s why it didn’t work.”

“That’s not true.” He doesn’t need to look back to know you took you eyes out of the notes you were writing to pay attention on him. “I…”

“Mr. Han’s sexuality isn’t relevant on C & R’s projects. But since we’re on that topic, you should know C & R is one of the pioneer companies in the country implementing LGBTQ friendly guidelines, such as expanding benefits and health insurance to same gender couples and offering paying internships for transgender people. You can find more about it in an upcoming website we’re preparing.”

“Interesting, but…”

“I think you have enough material for a great story, and your editor will probably agree with me. Tell him MC sends regards.”

“Do you know my boss?”

“He’s a pretty famous editor, isn’t he? I think everybody knows him. Still… don’t forget to send him my regards, okay?” you smile sweetly. Jumin wonders how many fake smiles like this you can give on a day. How many of them were reserved just for him? “Well, your time is up.”

“Can I just have a few more questions?”

“Can he, Mr. Han?” you ask, looking straight at him. The way you address him as Mr. Han gives him an electric shiver.

“I’m afraid not. I have some business matters to go over right now.”

The reporter nods, getting up of his chair. Jumin notices how he quickly glances at you, waiting for you to walk him to the door. Oh… another fool impressed by your true cordiality and fake sweetness. Another idiot expecting too much from a woman who can’t give nothing more than lies and persuasive smiles.

“Why do I think the last part of that interview won’t be published due to some editor’s conflict of interest?” he asks you.

“Because you think too much. You’re thinking when you should be thanking me on saving your ass and bringing C & R to the 21st century with the LGBTQ guidelines. You’re welcome.”

“Is the editor your client, MC?” he asks, getting up and watching as you gather your tablet and notebook, getting ready to head out of the room.

“The list of my clients is a confidential matter that has nothing to do with RFA and this internship. So I see no point in talking about it. Now… can we talk about my performance as a PR so I can fill out this form and send to my boss?”

“I swear I have no idea what your boss was thinking when she assigned you to intern here.” He sighs, rubbing his eyes with his index and thumb.

“Me neither. But since it can’t be helped, we should extend your little promise on acting professional and not getting in the way of my work to this internship too.”

Oh… did you really have to mention that day when you cornered him in that hallway? The images from that day pop in his head, making him feel what he could describe probably as disgust. At himself, mostly. He signs the fill out form quickly and hands to you, catching a glimpse of a soft smile, maybe a true one? How many of these were directed only to him?

“Thank you. Oh, and if you need someone to work on that website I mentioned, I know someone who can help.”


“Hum… I was thinking about someone from college, but yeah… I guess you can ask Seven if it suits you.”

“Oh, I bet he suits you much better.” Your eyes lock to him. The same look he gave you after you slapped him in the break up night.

“And by that, you mean…?”

“I saw you two in his car after we… talked during that RFA gathering. It’s none of my business who you choose to lay down with, but…”

What is he talking about? Oh… that night, yeah…


“Don’t worry, I mean ride as in a lift… in my car.”

“Yes, I got it. My mind is not that much in the gutter, Seven.”

“Ouch! Okay… so uhm… are you okay?” that’s controversial…

“Yes. Why?”

“Just making sure you understood my reasons on voting for you to stay, even though it was against you will.”

“It’s fine. You just reminded I need to see thing in the bigger picture. Jumin and I are… insignificant comparing to what RFA can do for people. Thank you for stopping me and my selfish actions.”

“Don’t mention it. And you and Jumin aren’t insignificant, but I’m glad you two talked.”

“Well, uhm… to be honest, we didn’t talk much, but I guess you can say we find the common ground.”

“What do you mean, you didn’t talk? You were talking before I got here and right now, weren’t you?”

“Not exactly. We, uhm… had… sex?” yeah, that moment in the bathroom doesn’t really count as sex…

“Oh… oh, okay. Are you… are you okay? I mean… were you okay with…? Did you want or…?” oh god, what is he trying to insinuate.

“Yes, Seven. I… it was very… rough, but he didn’t… force himself on me or anything.” Maybe more on the other way around?

“Good. So I won’t judge, then.”

“Thank you. I know you never do, even when you… found out about…”

“You being a domme? Yeah… won’t judge either, it’s not like I have the most regular job in this group either, right?”

“I guess… thank you, Seven. I… must say I really misjudged you when I showed up in the chat room.”

“I’m pretty sure you didn’t. But don’t worry about that, MC. I’m just trying to make sure everything is bearable for you since none of this is your fault.”

“Well, it is sort of my fault. I shouldn’t have been naïve and trusted that hacker…”

“Ah yeah, the hacker…” he looks away as he is remembering something. “Anyway, can I drive you home?”

“No, thanks. I… I have another place to be at.”

“I see. Have a good day at work, then.” He smiles as he gets inside his car.


“I know I don’t owe you any explanation, but I didn’t even get inside his car that night.”

“I don’t really care, MC. You said yourself that there is no pointing on talking about subjects that don’t concern your internship or RFA.” He feels like smirking as he sees your frustrated expression, he really got you right now, didn’t he? “Just make sure you don’t break another RFA member’s heart with your lies and slaps when he founds about your little ‘job’ ” Again, the air quoting…

“Okay, you need to stop doing that. It is my job, not my ‘job’, okay? I paid for my studies with that, I paid for my house with that, I was going to pay for my wedding dress with that!”

“Things I would be more than glad to pay for you.”

“Yeah, take away my financial independence and what’s next, Jumin? Controlling what I can buy? What I can wear? What I can have? Controlling me? Like you were trying to do when you… trapped me?”

“I see we’re still fighting like six months ago and can’t pass through that.”

“Yes, I guess not.”

“Fair enough. Just answer me this, please.”


“Were you really planning on paying for the dress of our wedding with the filthy money you make out of hurting editors and corporate heirs?”

Unbelievable… he is unbelievable. For months you regretted and thought about what could you have done differently, that slap… the way you basically accusing him of wanting to hold you as hostage or something… right now, you regret everything you did from the beginning… like falling in love with him, in the first place.

Your phone rings, taking you aback. You clear your throat, realizing your voice as almost braking like you were about to cry. Cry for this man you’re no even sure you know anymore, so how everything he says make you feel this heavy pain?

“Seven, hi! Yeah, uhm… yes, I’m about to leave, actually. Really? Okay… I would love a ride, then. Okay, see you in ten minutes.” You gather your stuff. “The dress was the last thing I was buying with that money, I was going to retire from domming after we’d get married. See you tomorrow, Mr. Han.” and you smile as you walk out of the room.

Jumin contemplates the loneliness and silence after you leave. Yes… he was used to being lonely for most of his life, but there is a huge difference in being lonely by his own choice, and being lonely because somebody left him.

You left him. You left him that night, and you left him today, but you couldn’t just snap at him or humiliate him making him almost cum with the simple brushing of your fingers against his pants, no… you had to remark how he hurt you. How hurt you are, just as much as him.

And this was very cruel of you.

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could I request a fic where the reader is an up and coming actress and it's DK's first time acting (like he's still part of seventeen but he's been asked to act in this drama with you)? maybe some netizens say you look good together or something and turns out you like each other? I hope this isn't too detailed ;; thank you so much !!

While becoming an actress might not necessarily have been your number one dream, you had discovered a passion for acting in your early teens, and had been fortunate enough to take some classes as well. Starting from school plays, you slowly moved on to appearing in short films, and before long you were cast in an upcoming drama, a fairly lighthearted romance one, that rose into a popular topic before it even started. Everyone seemed to be curious about the plot and you, an actress mostly unknown to the general public, who had managed to snatch the main character’s role.

When you were told that it would be a romance drama and you would be the lead, you had felt both nervous and excited, and especially when the male lead was announced to be Seokmin, the very member of the insanely popular idol group Seventeen, both of those feelings had only intensified.

Firstly, he was incredibly handsome, and you had never heard a bad word about him. And secondly… what would his fans think?

You were still pondering on such things when the day of the first cast and crew meetup came and you finally met Seokmin face to face, only to meet a young man just as nervous as you were.

“Hi, I’m Dokyeom,” he said brightly, and when you looked confused, he laughed nervously. “Sorry, I mean Seokmin. Dokyeom’s just a stage name.”

Smiling at his little mishap, you nodded. “Nice to meet you, Seokmin, I’m Y/N. I look forward to working with you.”

“Likewise,” Seokmin said with a grin so charming that you felt like he was beaming, which more or less took your breath away for a second. You concluded you could just not read what people said online, and if there ever happened something unpleasant in real life, you’d deal with it later: Seokmin already felt like someone you’d feel comfortable acting with, and you didn’t want anything to cloud that experience.

Before the meeting, which would also include some rehearsing, could start, Seokmin joined you while you were going through the script for the nth time.

“Sorry, can I bother you for a sec?” he asked almost hesitantly, and you gave him a smile as you nodded and put the script down.

“Of course, although I’d hardly say you’re bothering me at all,” you said, to which Seokmin grinned brightly, taking a seat next to you.

“See, it’s my first time acting, and I know you’ve done some acting before, so…” he trailed off, aiming you what you assumed was puppy eyes (which were actually very spot on), “…I was wondering if you had some last minute tips.”

He looked so much like a puppy that you could hear the “aww” in your head when you, again, nodded. “Of course! So, first of all…”

Seokmin listened intently to everything you had to say, starting from the importance of the eyes, tone, indulging in your character and small tips you had learnt earlier regarding how to make scenes look as natural as possible. He nodded every now and then as a sign that he had understood what you were saying, but as soon as his lips started forming an “o” and his eyebrows started furrowing a little, you giggled and asked if he needed a clarification.

“Ah, that would be great,” Seokmin said, a little embarrassed, with his cheeks tinted pink, and continued listening to you.

Whether it was his natural talent or the conversation you had that day, the first rehearsal was a lot better than you, or anyone else for that matter, had thought. You and Seokmin clicked incredibly well, and most of the mistakes were you or the other actors forgetting parts of your lines.

By the end of the first rehearsal, where the main goal was to not only practice the first scenes of the drama but also get to know your co-actors, you had all already formed a bond of a kind, ready to do your best on the drama.

While you were packing your bag, you felt a hand land on your shoulder. 

“See you tomorrow Y/N, it’ll be a big day,” Seokmin said brightly on his way out of the set, and you looked after him with a small smile.

“It will,” you said quietly, thinking about all the hours of filming you had ahead of you with him. You could already tell it would be some of the best hours of your life.

The drama kicked off even better than had initially been thought, and proved out to be a success after a mere two episodes. Your friends and family messaged you continuously, telling you how great the drama and you were, and even when you went out to do your errands, you could hear some people discussing the drama, wondering what would happen next and throwing out theories.

Most of the time you’d get a mischievous smile on your face, because oh, you knew everything, and they were so far off with their guesses; what you had in store would be even better than their speculations.

It was when you went to film the fifth episode that Seokmin came to you while snickering, holding his phone. “Y/N, have you seen what they’re writing about us and the drama?”

Putting your scarf down, you shook your head, a little confused. “No, I stay away from those. But…” Seokmin looked happy, so you figured out you could make an exception. “…what are they saying?”

He sat down on the couch where you were placing your outerwear on, and showed you a couple of comments on his phone.

‘Y/N is so amazing, they’re so good! I love their character!’

‘Seokmin too, oh my God! I’d love a boyfriend like him any day 😍’

‘This drama is the best I’ve seen in a long while, and the cast only makes it better.’

You felt your lips curve into a wide smile at all the positive comments as well as the multitude of comments agreeing with them, and you turned to Seokmin with a proud, bright smile. “We’ve done quite a good job, haven’t we?”

Seokmin nodded and looked at you warmly. “We really have.”

Despite the positive comments and a surprising lack of hate from his fans, or anyone else, really, you continued staying away from reading them online. It would be for the better, after all, and besides, Seokmin always showed you the good ones to begin with.

You had just wrapped up filming for episode 10 and were waiting for your cars to pick you up, when Seokmin was going through some more netizen comments, and much unlike usual, froze.

Quirking your eyebrow, you nudged him with a small chuckle. “What are they saying, something weird?”

He pursed his lips and shook his head. “Not particularly weird, considering it is a romance drama, but…”

‘So has anyone else noticed that Y/N and Seokmin look really good together? My heart flutters whenever I see them..!’

‘OMG I agree! I love their chemistry, I wish I had something like that with my boyfriend…’

‘There’s something in the way they look at each other… it really separates the drama from the others, doesn’t it.’

‘I thought I was the only one who noticed the way they look at each other! Let me tell you, there’s gotta be more to it than just the script.’

It was annoying how you could feel your ears burning while reading the comments, and you remained silent, much like Seokmin. Neither of you said anything as he quietly put his phone into his pocket, tapping his fingers on his thigh in a rhythm.

“So… what do you think?” he asked quietly and turned to look at you. 

Your heart skipped a beat when you heard him speak, and you turned to him with a surprised expression. “About what?”

Seokmin was flustered, adorably much so, and scratched his nose a little while chuckling a bit nervously. “Like… do you think we look good together?”

“Oh…” you muttered and began fiddling with the hem of your jacket. It wasn’t even a question, really - of course you looked good together - but you still found yourself thinking back to the promotional pictures and scenes you had seen, and your heart fluttered at the memories. “…Y-yes.”

A surge of pride coursed through Seokmin, and he nudged you in a friendly manner while grinning. “Oh, look at you, you look so flustered. Has your character gotten to you?”

He might’ve meant it as a joke, but as soon as he asked the question, you realized that the answer was yes.

Oh, what a cliche to fall for your opposing actor.

But in all honesty, it had been incredibly difficult not to. Seokmin was polite, friendly, always made sure to include you and everyone else in a conversation and kept the mood positive within the cast and crew, on top of which it was undeniable that he was incredibly handsome. He was attentive whenever you talked, showed genuine interest in you and everyone else, and his bright personality if anything had swept you off your feet. 

Due to the script you had already gotten to be in his arms more than once, and the mere memory of his lips being pressed to yours made butterflies fly in your stomach.

It had barely even felt like acting when you had, a few days back, filmed a scene where your character finally responded to his character and told him just how much they liked him and how much they wanted to be with him. You, too, wanted to be with him, get to know him better, see new sides of him and spend a lot more time in his strong arms.

You were relieved that your car came before you had had enough time to answer him, and got up hurriedly. “Oh, look at that, gotta go! I’ll see you tomorrow, Seokmin!”

He was about to say something, but you had already shut the door behind you, so he merely pouted as he watched the car leave. He could only hope he hadn’t just made things very awkward between the two of you.

Which, as he saw the next day, might’ve been exactly what he had done. 

Filming remained unscathed, luckily, but he felt a rather heavy sense of awkwardness off-camera. You weren’t as free with him as you had been before, and you were unable to keep eye contact with him for too long, which hadn’t been a problem earlier.

While you put on your outwear, Seokmin sighed at the doorway of your dressing room. “I’m sorry if I said something stupid yesterday.”

You felt your heart jump to your throat, but tried to seem unbothered. “You didn’t, so don’t worry.”

He pouted a little and came closer to you, looking at you through the mirror in front of you. “But you seem so tense and… awkward with me now.”

Biting your lower lip a little, you slowly lifted your gaze from the zipper of your jacket to the mirror in front of you. The sight of him behind you made your heart flutter more than you wanted to admit, much like him placing his hands gently on your shoulders did.

You tried to suppress the feelings of anxiety and nervousness storming inside of you for a moment, trying to grin as you teasingly said, “Is your character getting to you?”

Seokmin’s cheeks gained a rosy tint, but his face remained serious.

And then he nodded.

“As a matter of fact, yes,” he said, at which your breath hitched a little. You were a nervous wreck on the inside, which Seokmin seemed not to notice as he squeezed your shoulders lightly. “Although I’d like to stress that I haven’t fallen for your character, but you.”

You nodded slowly, placing a hand on Seokmin’s one on your shoulder and moving it away. Turning around, you finally looked up into his eyes, which were looking warmly right back at you. “There’s not a way to say this that isn’t cheesy, but… the feeling is mutual.”

Seokmin smiled widely, so that his eyes disappeared and all you could wonder was how it was even possible for his mouth so spread so wide. “Really?”

Pouting a little, you hit his chest weakly. “Really really, you dummy.”

Finally you got to feel how it really felt like to be in his arms, because what Seokmin did next was wrap his arms around you and give you a tight embrace.

And for the record, it was at least ten times better than with cameras around you.

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anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you could do an ex's to lovers thing with the RFA+V and Saeran/Unknown? Like they dated and broke up for whatever reason but started falling in love again?

hello dear anon :) it took me a while but i had fun coming up with the silliest scenarios for breakups and how they make up. i was aiming for humor because because it was unspecified. and seven’s got too angsty idek why but it happened though i posted a lighter version of it x3 i really hope this is not too far off from what you were expecting love ^^;;


  • okay. this boy honestly feels so embarrassed when he realizes what’s happening
  • especially considering the break up was totally his fault and over such a silly matter too!
  • he had actually prayed to thank god when mc hadn’t left the rfa completely after yoosung had chosen his games in heated bout over mc
  • and now he doesn’t know what to do
  • before he actually confesses again to them
  • he’s not scared of rejection, because even if mc does it, they will be mature about it and do it kindly
  • what he’s scared of is mc actually forgiving him and ending up hurting mc again
  • the second party after their break up is very successful and everybody is so proud because it was the biggest they have had yet and everything went so well
  • they are all talking excitedly and mc is hugging jaehee in excitement and considering the occasion, jaehee is also hugging them back and seven joins the hug and pulls yoosung with him and yoosung yells i love you so much mc you’re amazing!
  • it’s kind of awkward for a moment, the big hug feeling stiff now and yoosung realizes he could have said ‘we’ instead of ‘i’ but mc is starting to smile and seven is on the floor with laughter and jaehee gives him a stern look with a well deserved ‘you have it too easy. do not mess up this time.’ and mc hasn’t said anything yet but he’s starting to feel less horrified and more awed and he feels his throat close up but he has to do it right this time. 
  • if you will have give me one chance, i will do my best to make you the happiest person mc! i will never speak before thinking again either! i-i’ll give up lolol if i have to! mc rolls’s their eyes and says he doesn’t have to quit lolol, just be more careful


  • oh dear! this girl feels so guilty for having ended things then  just because she had been paranoid and worried it wasn’t the right time
  • sure they had both been having personal struggles but everything was lovely between them and slowly the other stresses in their lives would be sorted. but jaehee hadn’t wanted to risk having a bad fallout with mc
  • jaehee has all of those problems sorted out now, and with her vision cleared she sees just how bad it had been to break up then, no matter how much she had thought it was the right thing. she had just assumed doing the right thing hurts sometimes
  • it’s surprisingly mc who approaches her this time
  • they are timid and almost spend a good 10 minutes stalling
  • but jaehee is patient and wishful and a little scared
  • when they finally stutter out how they still have feelings for jaehee and only dared to approach her because jaehee seems to be much more relaxed now and she has been saying and doing things when they were together and she liked mc like that
  • jaehee almost smiles when mc stutters to a stop because they realized they were blabbering
  • but mc looks like they’re about to cry or run away or both and despite feeling relieved at the cute display, jaehee grabs mc’s shaking hands in a firm grip and waits till they look her in the eye
  • the words come surprisingly easy to jaehee as she answers mc’s half asked request and confirms that yes, jaehee still likes mc like that and yes, she never stopped liking mc like that throughout and that yes! she would love it if they got together again


  • poor jumin was always very expressive of his emotions and feelings when it came towards mc
  • he couldn’t be blamed completely because a lifetime of hiding his emotions he suddenly learned to share them with someone
  • there was no holding back on his part
  • and maybe because he hadn’t learnt to read others emotions properly yet he never noticed mc getting sad/upset
  • he did notice that mc was not very open with their feelings an expressions, always seeming kind of reserved but jumin was not too upset and was willing to wait
  • though he did have a talk or two with mc to see if mc actually needed help or something but mc always playe dit off with a smile telling him to not worry
  • until one day mc actually had a mini meltdown and broke things off with jumin
  • that day he learned mc was actually very emotional and thus impulsive! The reason for break up? mc felt jumin was too sweet and giving and deserved someone who could show love and give as openly as jumin did
  • cute as it was, it was jarring for jumin to hear all that from a teary mc and he couldn’t stop them  and suggest them to cool down before they rushed out
  • they actually make up in about a couple months because mc manages to admit they were running from all the feelings jumin made them feel and that they felt smothered by all the love they were getting because they couldn’t give
  • and jumin understands somewhat and is always careful from then on to not be too intense with mc and is successfully elarning to get a read on their emotions now so he doesn’t say something that is seemingly harmless but may be too much for mc


  • it was zen who dumped mc
  • mc was shocked and by the time they could speak zen was already gone
  • honestly zen had thought having taken such a big step would be depressing and help him fall into characters more easily
  • it had been depressing. but it sure as hell hadn’t helped him perfect his roles as he had thought
  • the worst thing was he had become so used to mc so quickly he was starting to get really bad , not even wanting to get out of bed most days
  • mc would avoid him in the chatroom and they were good at it too, because it had been months since mc had come into the chat at the same time as zen
  • it is surprisingly jaehee who confronts him and tells him to settle whatever matter is between mc and him because she wants his flawless performances back. of course she is more worried about zen and mc as rfa members but she doesn’t vocalize it yet
  • is actually surprised when mc agrees to meet him. lowkey knows it’s because because v asked them to meet him, but tries not not let it bother him too much
  • just as zen starts to talk about how he is sorry and how he feels, right there in v’s studio because a public place was a bad idea, mc interrupts his speech with a single word, ‘why?’
  • and zen doesn’t need them to clarify because he damn well knows what they mean by that. and the guilt is suddenly twice as heavy as before because it really completely sinks in that damn it! he had not even explained the reason to mc
  • but he knows from the look in their eyes that they won’t listen to any excuse he has unless he answers that question
  • so he answers honestly, no matter how stupid and trivial it sounds now. mc is really not impressed to have been dumped because zen himself decided that he couldn’t give mc enough time and attention and that they would be better off without each other- each being able to at least get one thing right in life. their careers
  • zen apologizes profusely and mc reluctantly agrees when he asks them out again because he is so sincere and it’s not like they’ve gotten over zen yet


  • this boy was so torn! 
  • on one hand  the love of his life, his mc, had given him a news which would be the happiest news for normal people. 
  • and perhaps mc somewhat knew what his reaction would be because they were timid and looked almost scared when they told him
  • but it was like his brain shut down completely as the meaning of what mc said settled in
  • he immediately broke up with mc
  • there was no way he could ever be trusted with not one, or two, but three lives! especially one that would be completely helpless and at anybody’s mercy!
  • mc knew that but even after having just found out about their pregnancy, they refused to not keep the baby. they said as much to him before they packed up their stuff and were leaving
  • seven took their bags and walked to the garage , knowing mc would follow
  • the car ride to jumin’s was silent and tense and the body guards let them in, already having been instructed by jumin
  • he did the right thing. mc would be taken much better care of here than with him this was probably best for them
  • or so seven tried to tell himself
  • the guilt was always there in the back of his mind and it honestly didn’t let him sleep. it was just what he deserved, he thought, to get even lesser hours of sleep than he already did
  • it was really his fault though. all of it. if he couldn’t have been careful, he must at least take responsibility. The process was slow, but seven was warming up to the idea of apologizing and asking mc back. he could try! he could be better than his mom
  • only, it’s almost a month and he hasn’t heard from mc since 
  • his stomach in knots and heart in his throat, he races in one of his babe’s to jumin’s and rushes to the apartment
  • he parks in time to see mc trip over an obstacle he doesn’t see in the blur 
  • he rushes out but mc has already hit the ground 
  • seven has never driven that fast and he’s never seen mc that pale but they’re at the hospital within minutes and mc’s being rushed to er
  • only when the doctors says that everything is fine and that mc might have a concussion does he feel he’s able to breathe
  • mc looks shocked at his choked question about the baby, but he focuses on the doctor’s response, that the baby was safe for now, but it was been quite dangerous
  • saeyoung is surprised he is so relieved and he just kneels beside the hospital cot and apologizes again and again to mc and mc actually says it’s okay. that it’s not his fault. he has never been so sad and so happy at the same time
  • vows to take care of them both and always keep them happy if mc would give him a chance
  • mc says they don’t have the heart to keep his baby from him but that he must keep his word
  • he didn’t know he could cry from happiness


  • poor sweet man was devastated
  • mc’s birthday was coming up and v was panicking because mc had given him the perfect gift for his birthday
  • and he couldn’t decide what to get them
  • if he knew what mc liked, he would have bought the whole list
  • the problem was! he did not know what mc liked
  • and it was such a shame for him to not know; of course he could just ask them, but that would give him away
  • so in fit of angst he broke up with mc
  • …though a phone call
  • is so sick of the sadness and guilt and can honestly not even start to forgive himself
  • what has he done
  • mc hasn’t even called once and it has been months
  • one day he gets a visitor at a strange hour
  • he thinks he’s hallucinating when he opens the door to mc but they just push past him and walk into his place
  • when he comes back in, they are seated on the couch with a business like air about them
  • jumin would be proud, v thinks
  • ‘jihyun, you’re not a baby, sweety’, mc starts , and okay this is serious because they called him jihyun and not v
  • which means they are pissed, despite their polite, almost friendly tone
  • v takes a seat as they give him a pointed look and clears his throat
  • looks awed when mc tells him they had given him some time to clear his head and get his thoughts in order because he had sounded so stressed when he had made that call
  • and to tell them what he felt or what problems he was facing
  • just after saying that they looked at him curiously, because ‘are we still dating? or was that break up-break up?’ 
  • jihyun has honestly never felt so relieved and he just wraps mc in a hug because thank you so much, and yes of course we are dating!


  • it was so crazy for saeran
  • did he care about mc? yes
  • did he love them? maybe?
  • how was he supposed to know when he had never known love all his damn life
  • he also didn’t want to be tied down or depend on mc
  • but he didn’t want to say it out right
  • because he knew he would phrase it harshly if he did
  • so he kept canceling their dates
  • and mc was persistent because it was after the 6th cancelled date that they called him, sounding upset and asking him what was worng
  • not if something was wrong, saeran noted felt a swell of pride at their perception
  • but he gave a distant answer and mc sounded more upset and asked him to just answer honestly
  • ‘you want an honest answer?’ saeran snapped ‘well, it goes something like this: i don’t wanna be tied down, and I certainly don’t wanna date you’
  • he expected an angry explosion or maybe even for mc to burst out crying
  • he did not expect them to hang up as soon as the words left his mouth
  • he felt somewhat guilty because he obviously really hurt mc, but he figured it was okay since this way they would have more time to ‘heal’
  • whoever said that time makes everything better was a fucking liar and saeran would punch him
  • because instead of feeling better as days passed after the break up, saeran kept feeling wrose
  • when it wasn’t the guilt eating away at him, it was all thought of mc- mc this, mc that, how mc liked their egg, how mc hated when their coffee got a bit too sweet but couldn’t drink it without sugar either, how mc always let saeran sleep 20 minutes more
  • it was excruciating
  • he especially hated when his damn brother would ask about mc not visiting any more
  • as if to rub salt to his wound
  • what he couldn’t understand was how the heck had mc become such an important part of his life without him having noticed? important enough to have left a gaping hole and that made saeran feel empty even when doing only what he wanted to all day
  • his meddling brother started inviting mc over a lot and it was so awkward because
  • they were right there
  • one such day saeran had locked himself in his room when asshole saeyoung barged into his room and pulled him by the hand till he was on the couch in the living room
  • and mc was already there and saeyoung conveniently left on an errand so they could talk
  • it was awkward but mc asked how he’d been doing and the next moment he found himself spilling everything to her and he couldn’t shut his mouth if he tried and now his voice was getting wobbly and mc was getting teary eyed and this was torture he just wanted to hug mc and hold onto them all day
  • …turns out he did shut up once he realized he had said the last part out loud
  • at least it made mc laugh
  • bonus: saeyoung came home to see saeran and mc cuddled up tight and warm
War Effort - Arthur Shelby

Requests: Could you write something like even though you are a women somehow you fought in the war like airforce or navy and when you meet the shelby’s to work for them you and Arthur share war stories and you help him cope with his issues?

War Effort - Arthur Shelby

In 1918 you had enlisted in the Women’s Royal Air Force as a mechanic. The war in France took you away from your home in England to a base camp near Cannes. Before that you had been part of the Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps, serving in a factory that produced TNT. Both your brothers and your father enlisted in the army and you wanted to do everything you could to help the wartime effort as well. In France you worked first as a mechanic and then as a Flight Officer.  

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Sweet Child O’ Mine

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Request: Chibs imagine based on ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ by Guns ‘n’ Roses
Imagine where your Opies 18yo cousin and you move to Charming and you and Chibs fall for each other.

So i decided to mix these two requests, i hope whoever requested them doesn’t mind! There will be a part two, I hope you like it 🙊😘


You sat on the hood of the car, a joint pressed between your lips and you stared at the open road in front of you. The sun glared down on you but you soaked in it, letting it heat your skin. You lay against the hood of the car, your body stretching out and you lay a hand across your eyes as you took a drag of the joint. Of course your car had to break down before you’d even arrived in Charming. Your trusty old Maverick wasn’t so trusty these days but you didn’t have the heart to get rid of her. It had been your brothers car and after he died you had inherited it. He had modified it to be a beast, and you loved the looks you got when you drove through towns and people saw a girl behind the wheel. But it wasn’t just the car that earned you looks. You had always drawn in attention. Even your teachers had tried to come on to you. You were sick of the people in this town so the second you’d graduated school you’d packed up your stuff and rung your cousin Opie. He had said you could stay with him so you’d thrown all your belongings into your car and hit the road, leaving your parents and the small town behind you. You knew Charming wasn’t much better but you’d always gotten on well with Opie and after his wife died and Aunt Mary had left town you knew he needed help with the kids. You had driven all morning and you were just outside Charming when your car had started playing up so you’d pulled over and called your cousin. He said he couldn’t come but he would send one of his brothers to get you. And so you waited, unaware that the your world was about to change. 

 Chibs drove along, his eyes scanning the road when he spotted the old ford maverick parked to the side of the road. He lifted his sunglasses onto his head as he saw the girl lying across the hood of the car. The sun shone down on her long legs that were stretched across the hood. She wore short denim cutoffs and a black crop top, a black choker around her neck and her long hair splayed out around her. Chibs swallowed as he slowed the truck as he approached and she sat up, leaning now on the hood of the car. He parked the tow truck and hopped out. Gravel crunched beneath his feet as he walked towards her. She lifted her sunglasses and rested them on her head and Chibs’ breath caught in his throat. Her blue eyes tore through him, ripped through his soul like a hurricane and he had to wipe the sweat that was forming in her brow. She was beautiful. Her wide eyes held galaxies within them and he found himself wondering if everything he believed was a lie. He had never been religious or believed in soulmates. But there was something about you and he wasn’t sure if you were his soulmate or if maybe Angels really did exist. “Hey.” Her voice woke him from his thoughts and sounded like honey to his ears. 

 You watched as the man studied you. You were used to it, used to the stares and the attention but something about his eyes on you set your soul on fire. “You right, lass?” He asked and you gulped at his thick accent. You slid off the hood of your car and ran your hand through your hair. “Never been better.” You said and he chuckled lightly. “Whats wrong with er?” He asked you as his eyes scanned your ride. You shrugged. “I dunno. Everything?” You offered and he laughed again. The sound made you feel like you were floating and wanted to record the doing and listen to it forever. “You can hop in the truck, love, I’ll get her set up.” You nodded and walked around the truck. You opened the door and slid inside. The truck smelt like stale ciggarettes and oil and you wound the window down as you waited. You watched the man move in the mirror. He was older than you, that was obvious. You were 18 and fresh out of high school. There was no way he would be interested in you. You sighed. He was a man, he probably had a wife for gods sake. And even if he didn’t, he was a man who needed a woman. And you were just a girl. 

 Chibs slid into the truck and turned the key. “Sorry lass, I didn’t introduce myself. I’m Chibs.” He said nervously as he gripped the steering wheel. “(Y/n).” She said. Her voice sung to him and each word she spoke he clung to. “Mind if I smoke?” She asked and flashed a pack of ciggarettes. “Not at all, lass.” Chibs smiled and flashed his own pack. He lit his cigarette and wound his window down as he drove. The fresh air swirled around them and blew through her hair. The faint smell of peaches reached him from her shampoo and he wondered what her skin smelt like, what it felt like beneath his touch. He gulped as he tried to clear the thoughts from his mind and gripped the steering wheel tighter. “Ya know they’ll kill ye?” Chibs asked. “Gotta die of somethin, right?” She replied instantly and he laughed lightly. “Right. So what brings ye to Charming, lass?” She blew out her smoke and sighed. “Figured if I wanna find my prince I may as well start in a place called Charming.” She said dryly and he laughed again. “Well I hate to break it ye lass, but this place ain’t as charming as it claims.” This time she laughed and it lit the darkest corners of his soul. Her laugh sounded like his favourite song and he looked at her. Her smile reminded him of when he was younger, when the whole world was ahead of him. It made him feel as fresh as he was in his youth and he liked the way he felt when she smiled at him. 

 The rest of the drive went by fast as you chatted with Chibs, both of you laughing together easily. He was wise and you hung of every word he said. His voice was soothing to you and you would probably jump off a cliff if he asked you too. The truck pulled into the lot and you looked around. You saw the row of bikes and you smiled to yourself. “Home sweet home.” Chibs said and you smiled at him widely. “Thankyou, Chibs.” You said genuinely and he smiled back at you. “Anytime, lass. Go find ye cousin, I’ll take care of yer car.” He told you and you nodded. You opened the door and your fit hit the pavement. You walked towards the row of bikes, eyeing each one. This was a part of your life now. You though to yourself as you moved past the bikes. The sound of a door opening brought your eyes up and you grinned as you saw your cousin walk outside. “Ope!” You yelled and you ran towards him. He grinned and his arms opened wide and you leapt into them. “Shit! Look at you!” Opie said, a wide grin spreading across his face as he put you back on the ground. “Look at me? Look at you, Ope! Shit you keep a bird in that beard?” You grinned and he laughed loudly. You heard more laughter and you looked behind Opie. Your cousin turned too, and draped his arm across your shoulders. “Juice, Half-sack, this is my cousin, (y/n).” Opie said and you rolled your eyes as they looked you over. “She’s off limits.” Opie warned and you laughed as he led you past them and into the clubhouse. “Hey squirt!” Jax called and you rolled your eyes again as you laughed. “Long time no see, Jackson.” You grinned and hugged him. You sat at the bar with your cousin and his best friend, talking and laughing. The room slowly filled with members of the club and Opie called their attention. He slurred a speech about you and raised his beer, the rest of the crowd doing the same. “To (y/n)! Welcome to Charming!” He yelled. Your eyes locked with Chibs’ across the room as the rest of the group echoed Opies words.

 "To y/n! Welcome to Charming!“

bumblenumbscramblebutt  asked:

Hey yo I was wondering if I could request a super insecure mc with severe eczema (on the arms, wrists, hands, legs and feet) being nervous and scared about their first time with the RFA+V+Saeran? (I've got really bad eczema myself and hate it ;w; )

(´• ω •`) ♡ Of course you can, dear! I did a bit of research of things that could help, and I’m going to apply what I found. If any of it is wrong, or if you want any other care included, message me and I’ll fix it up.
(I love you! I know something like that must be painful to have, but don’t hate yourself for it, okay? If anyone says anything mean to you about it, I’ll fight em for ya!!ヾ(`ヘ´)ノ゙)

-It took you a while to wear clothing that would show your skin around him.

-I mean, look at him! He was so handsome and perfect. You were scared he’d be disgusted.

-One day you took him aside in the kitchen and took a deep breath, giving him a brief explanation on what it was and how it would bother you, he gently took your hand in his and kissed our forehead

-”Just tell me any way I can help you, okay?”

-You nearly bursted into tears right on the spot. All the fear you had pent up just slowly melted away as you hugged him close.

-After that, it was a little less stressful. He’d always give you little words of praise when you looks uncomfortable in public with a dress or something on that showed your skin.

-He’d help you buy clothes that looked cute, set up a wardrobe for days when you felt confident in your body, and for days when you just didn’t feel comfortable with everyone seeing. Everyone has their off days, and he’d be careful not to push too much on you on those days

-Every time he took selfies with you, he’d always clear them with you before posting. He never, ever, wanted to make you uncomfortable.

-If he noticed anyone looking at you funny, he instantly showered you in PDA. You were his girlfriend! He loved you no matter what, because you accepted every part of him. Why shouldn’t he accept every part of you, too?

-Skin care nights were him applying safe lotion on all of your dry patches while he wore a face mask. Maybe he’d even be able to find a face mask safe for you to wear!

-During sex, he’d be so careful- Making sure he didn’t grip you too hard or make sure he didn’t nip and suck on sensitive areas

-Afterwards he’d cuddle with you and rub lotion on any area he may have caused some irritation to. He’d kiss all over your face and repeat how much he loved you over and over again

-Loved loved loved you to pieces


-You opened up about it when Elizabeth 3rd tried kneading on your legs. Right on a patch of eczema! You know she didn’t mean to hurt you, but Jumin instantly asked why you looked pained

-So, shakily, you admitted to him about having bad skin, and that she had dug her damn claws right into it.

-There was a moment of silence while he pulled out his phone, looking through it.

-”Jumin, are you okay? Does…Does this bother you?”

-You kept clasping and unclasping your hands, feeling so nervous as he looked through his phone.

-”I’m seeing if any of the doctors in my contacts can help you with this. I don’t want you to be in pain.”


-”So, are you going to be able to be around Elizabeth 3rd alright? Do I need to put her in a different room when you visit?”

-Oh my god, he kept dodging the question. But with how concerned he looked, digging through his list of doctors, it was easy to tell he was more worried about this condition hurting you rather than anything else.

-It was a little difficult trying to be with him with this condition. He’d never say anything negative about it- He’d even give you little pecks as he helped you apply lotion.

-But going out to events? Having to wear formal dresses?

-It was so overwhelming at times. Sometimes you could stomach it, but one day he was having you try on a dress that nearly showed every dry patch on you. As you looked in the mirror, you just ended up not being able to say anything.

-”Mc? Are you alright? Do you not like the color? I thought it suited you…”

-”Uhm….Does it have to be this one?”

-”Why not? You look stunning.”

-”I…I don’t feel stunning.” You could just imagine the stares you were going to get. I mean, the doctors he had recommended had helped, but you got so stressed before these events, and that usually made you have a bad flare up

-He’d walk up and hug you from behind, giving your hair a kiss. “You always look stunning, no matter what you wear. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have suggested otherwise. Let’s get you something you’ll feel better in.”

-It’d take a bit for you to be able to open up about the parties- How uneasy you felt and how everyone stared- but he’d instantly stop you from saying anything bad about yourself. 

-”Mc, I’ve had women of all sorts come after me. All sorts, and out of all of these women you call ‘beautiful’, I chose you. If you think they’re beautiful, don’t you believe the fact that I chose you makes you beautiful as well? I certainly think you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, and nothing is going to change that. Not even your skin flaring up at times, okay?”

-Sex would be a little difficult- You know he liked the rougher stuff at times- but he’d adjust and only make it rough when you were feeling alright enough to do it.

-He was willing and able to stop at any time if he ever accidentally hurt you.

-Afterwords, aftercare was you cuddled in his lap as he rubbed lotion on any irritated areas- Giving you sweet deep kisses almost every other minute.

-You told him about it shortly after the two of you got together

-He had been excited and grabbed your wrist to pull you to a store front

-When you winced and let out a hiss, he felt so so bad!

-Afterwards you showed him the patch of eczema on your wrist, tears starting to well up.

-He didn’t say a word except ‘Sorry’. He didn’t know and he so didn’t mean to hurt you! He gave you a tight hug and asked you to tell him all the sensitive spots when the two of you got back to his apartment

-It was so nice knowing he didn’t mind, and he treated you so normally even with this skin condition! (Like everyone should!!!)

-If you were ever out in public and felt nervous about people seeing your arms, he’d instantly take off his hoodie (No matter how cold he was) and let you wear it until you guys got back to his apartment or yours

-Would maaaaaaybe try getting you a matching hoodie like his to try to be extra cute about it (dork)

-If you ever admitted or looked extremely self conscious, he’d start shyly and carefully kissing nearly each dry patch, telling you how much he loves you and your body, no matter what.

-He’d look up so much stuff about it. Of course he’d ask you a few questions about it, but mainly he’d try to do his own research to try and be able to help you out

-Once the two of you were more comfortable with each other, he’d start taking baths with you in bath oils that were supposed to help your skin, and the two of you would just relax and talk a bit about how your days went

-(Sometimes if he was feeling adventurous, he’d try to initiate bathtime sex. It’d basically be a reverse cowgirl type, buuuut hey…It would help with his awkward bath boner  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )


-When you told her, she’d be a bit surprised, but she’d want you to tell her every bit of information

-What helped you the most? What treatments have you had? Did any fabrics irritate you? Are long hugs okay?

-She would restrict how much coffee you had. Caffeine causes anxiety at times, and anxiety leads to stress, and stress can lead to bad eczema flare ups

-When you got stressed, especially due to your skin, she would make you calming teas and maybe a sweet or two

-Sometimes she noticed you staring at the Zen posters, then looking a tad upset. It wasn’t hard for her to put two and two together.

-She’d hug you from behind, give you a couple of kisses, and calmly and lowly tell you all the different ways she loves you. Every little thing that you do that makes her heart flutter

-Soon she’d slowly start replacing some of the pictures of Zen with beautiful pictures of you. You smiling, you in uniform, you in a pretty dress.

-She wanted you to feel loved

-Sex would be the only time she’d worry

-Were her hands hurting you? Did the sheets hurt? Was she gripping your thighs too hard when eating you out?

-Otherwise, she’d love you no matter what


-Seven would find out the hard way

-He was trying to tickle fight you one day, and after a loud yelp and him being kicked, he realized he might have hurt you

-Gradually you let him look under your knee, showing him the eczema and quietly giving a small briefing on what it was

-He’d feel so bad, but he’d bend over and kiss your knee, giving you a small apology

-If you ever felt bad, or he saw you looking down, he’d pull you into a hug, rocking you back and forth playfully, telling you how you were better than all the honey Buddha chips in the world

-(Gee, thanks Seven)

-If his light heartedness couldn’t cheer you up, he’d take you for a ride in one of his cars, the whole time just reminiscing over fond memories he had of you. Favorite dates, favorite snuggle sessions. How you made his life feel like it was worth living again.

-He loved you so much, and he wanted you to see it.

-After the drive, he’d take you to the bed for some top notch Seven Snuggles

-Which may or may not led to lazy and loving sex, like most snuggle sessions did

-He wouldn’t worry too much, since he wasn’t so rough with you, but he would suggest a nice bath afterwards with some bath oils you liked


-He couldn’t see that well, so his main telling would be one day when he held your wrist and it felt different than before

-After a few questions, he finally understood.

-He’s moreso the type to quietly adjust to the change. He’d slowly start making sure not to grab at your wrists or hands too harshly, start to hold around your waist more often.

-He’d do little things to try and cheer you up, to try and show he loved you

-He would want to take pictures of you, but at times this could make the situation worse if you weren’t feeling so confident.

-If this happened, he’d walk over to you and just silently pull you to his chest, rest his head on yours, and just slowly rock you a bit while you cried for a moment.

-Once you calmed down he’d kiss all over your face, rub your back. “I love you, so much more than you’d ever know. I love you, I love you so much.”

-He’d slowly start telling you a list of everything he loves about you. Why he wants photos of you, why a simple skin condition isn’t going to sway his love for you at all.

-After you calmed down, he wouldn’t push another photo for a few days or a week.

-In bed, he’d love it when you were on top, but he worried about your thighs. Doesn’t it hurt?

-He’d want to kiss every sore spot, but he’d settle on applying lotion instead with little kisses on your cheek

-Much like the others, he wouldn’t react much when you showed him. He didn’t mind it. I mean, he has a permanent tattoo of a cult that fucked him up. He wouldn’t mind.

-He wouldn’t want to ask you too much, but you bet he’d be constantly researching on his own

-If anyone ever said a word to you he’d threaten to beat them within an inch of their life

-Like Yoosung, he’d be quick to give his jacket to you to help you feel a bit better in public.

-If you still felt uncomfortable and started getting a little teary-eyed, he’d drag you somewhere less crowded and hold you in a hug. Kissing your forehead and muttering how much he loved you

-(He’d also say that they were probably staring at him since he still dressed like a punk)

-At home he’d constantly give you little hugs, or kissing your shoulders. Letting out a little murmurs of how much you mean to him

-He’d be the most mushy in his bedroom while cuddling you, just the two of you calmly hugging and talking low

-He’d be a bit worried about sex

-He loved doggy style the most, and that could be harsh on your knees

-Aftercare would be even more cuddling (this punk craves them 24/7) and lotion to sensitive areas

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