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Taemin First Concert (day 2)

There is nothing more beautiful than watching someone enjoying and having fun, doing something he loves. That’s Taeminnie tonight, all smiles, so playful, teasing the crowd and talking so comfortably. And he dances so beautifully, that watching even the way his hands and fingers move made me just stare at him. i couldn’t even wave my lightsticks. don’t even ask me about those sinful hip rolls and hip thrusts! YOU ARE ALL GOING TO LOVE HIS NEW SONGS! AND THE CHOREOGRAPHY!! i hope they release the that dance video/vcr! the one which i think they said is called “sick of it all”. IT’S SO MESMERIZING!! AND THE SONG THIRSTY! It was so funny when he was trying to introduce it. Then when he saw his hyungs tonight, you couldn’t wipe the smile off his face!! He was such in a good mood that unlike yesterday, at the end of Danger when he took off his jacket and was shirtless, he turned around to the crowd to show off, and he smiled! 😂

exo'rdium in new york moments

-how are you how are you how are you
-this is our second concert in new york this is our second concert in new york this is our second concert in new york
-kyungsoo’s hair has grown out and he looked REALLY good
-baekhyun’s eyeshadow was breathtaking
-kyungsoo is usually flat but i only heard him out of tune once
-vocal line on point
-kai dancing blindfolded alone almost made me cry
-they said the words showtime a million times
-lowkey convinced of a showtime season 2
-ok so apparently exo all split up in new york to do different things
-chen saw chicago
-kyungsoo watch a musical called sleep no more, sounded very intellectual
-kai went to a pharmacy and got some medicine, but both the pharmacy and the pills were too big lmao
-suho and sehun shopping
-visuals on point
-chanyeol dabbed three times
-we are all blessed
-i think sehun randomly waved at me and my friend (we were the only ones waving in that direction and no one else was waving?? but i was and he just waved at us i’m so shook)
-dance line was amazing as usual
-sehun in general was a cute bean that i want to hug at all times he’s my soulmate
-everyone screaming super loud when lay came on the vcr
-no one really mentioned lay but like lots of love
-they promised to come back to new york to perform their summer comeback!!! excite
-waiting in the rain for literally 55 minutes before realizing we were in the wrong line
-disorganization of security
-hesitant translator
-chanyeol dj god
-xiumin prolly had a crapload of coffee before the concert i’ve never seen him so hyper in my life
-GA was vaguely empty and extremely chill
-the selfie together
-even tho we weren’t sold out, we conveyed our love to them well and gave them an audience to be proud of
-we are one


Kent Brockman was seething. One press release and a sexual predator later, he’d taken it upon himself to further investigate Javier Diaz. With his hands clasped gingerly around his glass, he swirled the amber liquid, enchanted by the rise and fall of its waves. Brockman perched himself above a bar stool, cuff links aligned crisply, his watch ticking as the moments dragged by.

The New Order needed a face, and he refused to let a man with a pedophile moustache be it.

He raised the glass to his lips, dark eyes glancing over the rim as he spotted his counterpart. Within a moment’s notice, he lowered his whiskey and stepped firmly onto the ground, walking toward the man as he extended a cordial handshake.

“Keaton! Glad to see you made it.” He greeted warmly, signature smile making its first appearance of the night. “Kent Brockman, remember?” He couldn’t help his familiarity; he’d seen Dr. O’Leary make out with his roommate eight too many times. They were the memories that plagued his nightmares.

“Or maybe not. You were always a bit preoccupied in college. I can’t say I blame you.”

Napping partners

Bucky x Reader

warnings: swearing

A/N: I am completely failing as a writer and have very bad writers block for QoQ and Drawing board. I apologize but part three of QoQs is in the works so hopefully it will be up soon. Maybe this will hold you over.

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You and Bucky hated each other but loved The Walking Dead. Every Sunday you gathered on a couch in the common room to watch the living fight the dead but you constantly argued about who was the best. Bucky was a hardcore Daryl fan but you were Carol all the way. This all lead up to a marathon, a few weeks before the newest season and every episode of every season before the new one and you and Bucky were hell bend on watching them all. You sat on that same couch, you with a box of pizza with a 2 liter on top and Bucky with candy and popcorn.

“Let’s do this shit.” Bucky says while turning in the tv and stuffing popcorn in his mouth making a gross noise.

“You’re a pig.”

“Come on Y/n. You know you want some.” He waves a handful of buttery goodness under your nose. You did want some but ignore it in spite of him so you shake your head rejecting the popcorn. “You’re such a priss.”

“And you’re a dick.” 

 “Really? I thought I was a pig.” 

 “You happen to be both, at the same time.” You were interrupted by the the title song and then the episode plays out only breaking for commercials. You and Bucky don’t move from your spot but to go to the bathroom or get a drink. After 10 episodes your eyelids start to feel heavy and you start to lean toward Bucky, resting your head on his shoulder. You don’t think if what you’re doing, only thinking of how comfortable he is. He begins to lean in toward you. Next thing you know, You’re out like a light.


 By the time you wake its already season 2 and Bucky is snoring in your ear. That was the best nap that you have ever had. Best sleep you have ever had. You feel as if you can go run a marathon. Not that you would, you still had a few more seasons to finish. You lay back down and nuzzle into his side again, his arm secures itself around you.


 “Okay but it was a great nap!” 

 “It wasn’t that good.” 

 “You’re lying to yourself.” Bucky states and passes a cup of coffee to you from across the counter. “Or you’re in denial.”

“Whether or not the nap was great-” 

 “Which it was.” Bucky cuts off. 

 “Whether or not said nap was good-” 

 “It wasn’t, it was great.” He again cuts you off. You roll your eyes and sip your coffee. “It not going to happen again.” He looks like a kicked puppy but he quickly recovers with a clearing of his throat and a smirk plays on his lips. 

 “Yes, it will.”


 “You’re such a nerd.”

 “It’s not fair! Glen cannot just die! What about Maggie?”

 “Yep, nerd.” 

 “Asshole. Come on, let’s nap.”

When Bucky comes out of cryo, Steve’s so relieved to have him back for good (and a little paranoid that if he closes his eyes, Bucky might just disappear on him), so he becomes so eager, so willing to do whatever Bucky wants just to spend as much time with him as possible, Steve quickly becomes an even bigger self-sacrificing idiot than usual.

It starts off small. At breakfast he won’t eat until he sees that Bucky’s taken a bite of his own food first. In the evening, sitting on the couch, Bucky falls asleep with his head on Steve’s shoulder and Steve finds himself sitting deathly still for 3 hours until his arm’s asleep and his legs are cramping because oh my god, no, I can’t wake him up.

Gradually Bucky starts to notice so in an effort to get Steve to stop tripping over himself like a giant, excessively considerate dork, he decides to take a page from the Steve Rogers: 90 Pounds of Punk Asshole book and starts pushing Steve to see just how many ridiculous requests he’ll put up with.

He ropes Steve into watching hours of Romanian spelling bee videos on Youtube. He wakes Steve up at exactly 2:25 every morning for a month and drags him over to the window to look at a moon that’s hardly even visible through New York lights and smog because “It’s in an optimal viewing position this time ‘a year. I saw a whole documentary about it. Real long one. Four hours. We should watch it together. No subtitles but you know Mandarin, right?”

And so it continues until the day Steve finally loses his chill, complete with  arm-waving and an impressive combination of curse words that leaves Bucky grinning at him, replying, “ ‘s about time. Christ, Steve. If I had to watch another spelling bee I was gonna murder something.”

“I can’t believe you just said that.”

Request from anon: Imagine where you’re Sammy’s girlfriend but his bitchy ex is pregnant, and she goes into labour. At the hospital Sammy practically ignores you making you feel like he doesn’t want to be with you, but with his ex and new baby instead and so you go to leave and stuff but Sam is actually in love with you and wants to be with you. Thanks!


“Aww, babe look!” I melted in cuteness holding up 2 pairs of baby shoes. “These are so cute.” I sang out, sorting out all these baby things to put into the baby room. “You are so excited about this, aren’t you?” He asks. “I just love babies and their small feet and hands and little gurgles and baby smell. I can’t wait to have a baby with you.” I said unconsciously, folding all the clothes. I look up at him staring at me with a big smile on his face. “What?” “I can’t believe you just said that.” He looks at me. “Said what?” “You said you can’t wait to have a baby with me.” He smiles cheeky. “No I didn’t,” I denied, not remembering. “Yeah you did.” “No i didn’t.” “You did so.” “Did not.” He gets up from the couch and bends over to kiss my head. “I can’t wait either.” As he walks into the baby room putting the clothes and shoes in the drawers. I look down at the onesie I was holding, smiling to myself reading it, “#1 Dad.” 

“SAAAAMMMM!!!!!!” The door flies open and slams. I sighed to myself, “Shut up.” I looked over and saw Jessa’s ready to pop pregnant ass walk pass the living room and into the baby room. “What Jessa?” I heard him through the walls. “Do you have my bags all packed and shit? Your bags packed and shit? Baby coming soon. And as much as I fucking hate you, I still want you there every second of delivery, because YOU did THIS to me.” I heard her emphasize. “Yes Jessa.” He sounded annoyed. “Mines and your bag is packed. Did you want me to pack your bitch ass boyfriend’s too.” “No he already did his own. He’s grown.” She says as I rolled my eyes and they get into an argument. Her boyfriend walks into the house, looking at me, “Sup.” “Hey.” I rolled my eyes again. Not only is Jessa a bitch, her boyfriend is a pussy ass bitch. Not saying this because I hate him I’m saying this because he really is. How in the hell her boyfriend 18 and already asking her to marry her. AND HE initiated a fight between this guy in honor of “Jessa’s love” He loses and brakes his arm. Definitely took an L. 

They all come out of the baby room, looking angered and pissed. “And I don’t want HER near the baby!” She points at me, making me get up to stand next to Sam. “And why not? She’s my girlfriend!” Sam yells at her. “I don’t want the baby to get confused on who is her parent! I’M the mom! Not her!” “If HE gets to be around the baby, so does she.” “He’s my fiancé.” She says all lovey dovey to him. “Your fiancé don’t even got a job.” I blurted. “Neither do you.” She yells at me. “I’m a waitress and a bartender. I make more money in TIPS in one day than you do in a week.” “I don’t want some bartender bitch around my baby!” She says, trying to find excuses to not have me around the baby. “It’s not like I’m going to serve alcoholic drinks to the baby!” I tried fighting but Sam wraps his arm around my waist calming me down. 

“Just stay away fr- Oh shit.” She bends over holding her stomach. “I-I think-” She couldn’t finish her sentence so she screamed. “SHIT!” I yelled running to her holding her up a little, “Her water broke!” I yelled to the boys who were freaking out. “SAM! THE BAGS! DAVID! THE CAR! GO! THE BABY IS COMING! LET’S GO!!!” I motioned them to hurry up. I sat her down, making her do her breathing exercises. I walk her to the car as we sped to the hospital so she could give birth. After hours of waiting in the waiting room, Sam comes out sweaty, “Would you like to meet my son?” I stood there shocked, nodding. We go where the babies were kept after giving birth and we go inside. “Meet Jackson Nazz Wilkinson.” As he holds him. “Nazz?” I raised my eyebrows. “It was the best I could do combining Nate and Swazz.” He shrugs. “Interesting.” I said, looking at Jackson. 

“Hey I brought some food for you guys and more spare clothes for you guys and the baby.” I walked into the room, putting don the bags. I look at Sam and Jessa holding the baby, talking all nice to each other, laughing. “What’s going on here?” I stood next to David. “They’ve been at it all day.” He sounds annoyed. “They’ve been acting like a real family, like we don’t even exist.” He looks at me. I look back at Sam, “Hey babe, I brought your favorite. You hungry?” I say loud for him to hear me. He just ignores me, continuing to talk to Jessa and making baby talk to the baby. “They are new parents. Can’t be anything.” I tried to shrug it off. “Wait till you have to be with them for more than 2 hours then you’ll see what I’m talking about.” I just sighed, “Come on, you hungry? I brought food and an extra set of clothes for you too.” I waved him towards the things as he grabs his clothes to change as I watch Sam and Jessa, basically hit it off again. Like they were one happy couple, like they never broke up. 

“Here brought some coffee.” David hands me a cup and going to Jessa and Sam, offering it to them but they ignore him still even after being here for 4 hours. He rolls his eyes and sets it on the table in front of them and sits next to me. “See?” He points at them, grabbing the coffee that “magically” appeared in front of them. “We are invisible to them.” He takes a sip. “How mad are you?” I asked him. “On a scale of 1-10? 11. You?” “11.” I said sadden by this. “Hey,” He bends his back more to look up at my face, “I just wanted to say I’m sorry about everything. Especially these past few months. I know I’ve been a total douche but that’s only because you’re the ex’s new beau. It’s like a given to hate each other. And her first kid belongs to her ex. Of course I’m going to be pissed a little. That should be mine!” “You’re 18! You shouldn’t be wanting a kid right now saying it’s yours.” “I know but, if I’m with a girl who is having a kid, I want it to be mines. No one else’s.” “So why still stick around?” I asked and he looks at me soft, “Why do you still stick around Sam if he’s having a baby with another girl?” “Because I love him…” “I love her too. That’s why we stuck around. Cause we love them. So why leave someone you love?” I look at Sam and Jessa with Jackson, “Because they might love someone else..” I sighed out. 

2 days passes by and it’s like we are their invisible servants. Everything appears and disappears like magic. David and I talked sometime but other times we just sat there, watching tv, listening to Sam’s and Jessa’s conversation. How the baby is going to dress, what the baby is going to do in the future, what kind of music they are going to expose him to, the hair style he’ll have, etc. It got annoying after awhile because they just kept ignoring us. I walk in to see Jessa frowning asleep on Sam’s shoulder, leaning his head on hers and rocking Jackson. “Hey babe, can you get me some water?” He says softly. “Oh, now you want to talk to me?” I said bluntly, but obeying what he asked. “What’s with the attitude?” He scrunches his eyebrows at me. “I don’t know, maybe because I’ve been here for 3 days straight and this is the first time you’re talking to me!!” I whispered at him, putting the water on the table. “What are you talking about? This is the first time I’m seeing you in 3 days.” He says. 

I just look at him funny, “I’ve BEEN here for 3 days. Giving you food, drinks, change of clothes, magazines. I’ve been doing that all for you. And THIS is the first time you’re seeing me?” “Can you NOT be so angered around the baby and Jessa! You might upset them!” He tells me. I threw my hands in the air, groaning, walking out the door. “Here, I’ll take over.” I hear David say as I heard them switch position. I hear footsteps coming from behind me, “HEY! What’s the matter, huh? You’ve never been so mad like this!” “I’m mad at you!” “If you were so mad at me, why did you keep coming back here.” “Because I fucking love you. Because I said I was going to be there.” “So are you really mad?” “YES! I’m mad because you have been IGNORING me this whole time. I’m mad because you’ve been spending all your time with Jessa. I’m mad because I feel like i’m not part of this equation anymore. I’m mad because I feel like you want to get back together with her.” I felt myself fluster. “You think I want to get back together with her?!” His eyes squint at me as I nod. 

“I can’t believe you just said that.” He shakes his head laughing. “Of course I don’t want to be with her! She’s fucking insane! I want to be with you and only you. Because I love you. Because you are an amazing girl. Because you are so beautiful inside and out.” He kisses my forehead. “Come here.” He extends his arm out and I grab his hand as he leads me back into the room. We stood at the doorway, looking at Jessa, David and Jackson. “Do you see that?” He points. “Jessa is happy with him. When her head was leaning on my shoulder, she was frowning. But now that she’s leaning on David, she’s smiling. And when I was leaning my head on hers, I was imagining it to be yours. He makes her happy. You make me happy. That’s that.” He looks at me. “I’m sorry I’ve been ignoring you. But because I did, Jessa and I got a lot of talk about the baby and what’s to be done. Who gets him when, how we’re going to dress him, when he’s going to get haircuts, how birthday are going to work out. I even fought for you so you could be around her.” “What did she say?” “I said yes.” I heard a voice as I turned to Jessa and David. 

“Look, I know I’ve been a bitch. I know I’m insane and crazy. And I want to apologize. I just, it’s tough not having the biological parents of little Jackson here together. It’s hard for me to accept that. but it’s happening. And I can see you’re a sweet girl Y/N. I know I never got to know you and I’m sorry. But I would love to have you around Jackson because I know you’d be a good step mom to him.” Jessa smiles at me. I walk up to her, hugging her. “Have you held him yet?” She asks me sweetly. I just shook my head. “No?! He’s 4 days old and you haven’t held him yet?! Give me him!” She snatches him from David and giving me him to hold. I slowly rocked Jackson in my arms, so tiny wrapped in a blanket, lightly snoring, crinkling his nose. 

“Hi buddy. I’m Y/N. I know I’m not your mom and I’ll never be your mom. But I’ll try my best to be your 2nd mom.” I said lightly, kissing his forehead. Sam sat next to me, wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me close to him, kissing my head. “My little family.” “Say cheese love birds.” Jessa said, taking a picture. “Want to take a family picture?” The nurse asked, walking in. “Yeah! That would be great!” Jessa hands her the phone as I stood up giving Jessa the baby and David standing next to the nurse. “What are you doing?” She looks at me confused. “Handing back your baby so you could take a family picture with Sam.” I said. “No,” She pulls David next to her. “This IS the family picture. All of us.” She smiles. We all stood next to each other, Jessa and I in the middle as the boys stood on the outside of us, smiling. “On 3. Say Jackson. 1. 2. 3.” “Jackson.” We said as the shot captured the perfect moment. 

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The boys of summer are back! Haru, Makoto, Nagisa, Rei, and Rin are reunited for a second season in Free! -Eternal Summer-. After the last swim meet, the bonds of friendship have only gotten stronger, and with each passing day these boys continue to grow. This summer brings new rivals and new challenges. So get ready, the competition is about to get fierce!

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Under Her Eyelids

Letting myself be captured between her thighs, my wrists in her hands, pinned down, I was done asking questions. I wanted to be held so close I fell into another universe, through her heart, out on the other side. She was more than the sum of what she taught me, more than the look we exchanged on the day everything changed. The look that said, I know. I feel it too. I am too. The look that was much closer than the kiss that followed.

If she had been able to hold me like that for longer, I would not have been spat out into the streets where I began to live at last. If she had not taught me what it was like to become more than the sum of our blood and teeth and bones and organs, if fitting into our limb puzzle had not shown me the thousand faces of a goddess, then I would not be who I am. I would have lost myself in being not-me.

She lived under my skin, meeting me in small boats in my dreams, speeding me across water after the end of the world. I always knew one day she would tell me to watch travelling lights; she would hide from bullets with me. And the morning I woke to find her sleeping next to me, I recognised her. I knew I was meant to come out of the other side of this stolen time someday, and cried silently, watching her pupils chase hummingbirds.

Her hands had this way of making me feel as if they were disappearing into my body. As if she had become a part of spiralling, bucking, eradicated me. All I saw was a trail of multi-coloured stars, rising and falling and not knowing whose breath was in my lungs. This was what I had yearned for all my life, to disappear inside someone else while feeling more myself than I ever had, a sharper, brighter version of me.

I had escaped and I was on the other side of the looking glass, and in that looking glass there was the two of us. Her eyes watched with me, over my shoulder, as she painted slow finger circles on my swooning nerve endings slicked with an endless wave of excitement. The new world was two bodies that had no limits to each other, that mirrored and that were nothing alike; that braved everything. Our fingers twined and held.

If there was going to be an end to it, then not the one where my bleary eyes found her crying in the kitchen at 2 a.m. while her friend’s smoke rings rose to the ceiling. Not her reaching up to me from the blankets like a child, cheeks still wet, to be held goodbye and be gone when I came back from work. That was the dream awakening. In the real one, she’s still folding worlds around mine on the narrow couch.



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