the one's with jane in them are just terrible

Fuck conferences. Just fuck ‘em. They were boring, the food was terrible, and they made Jane sad, because astrophysicists were like the popular girls in high school and apparently really liked to throw around words like “crackpot,” “inconclusive,” and “untested.”

Astrophysicists were the worst.

It was maybe a little unfair to paint them all with the same brush, but even the ones who didn’t try to tear Jane down had never said a word in her defense. So fuck 'em.

They could crow about their conclusions on binary star systems and measuring early-universe gamma radiation and compare the length of their dicks hyper-powerful telescopes or whatever, but not a one of them had helped, encouraged, or peer-reviewed Jane’s work. Except for Dr. Selvig, but he was in Peru, taking readings and wearing sarongs like a boss.

What all this meant was that one Darcy Lewis was stuck in a very nice hotel with a bunch of assholes who were trying to figure out how to eat crow and patronize Jane at the same time. Darcy could see that her physicist was vibrating with a deadly combination of jetlag, over-caffeination, smugness, and righteous rage. Darcy was uncomfortably aware that her boss was either about to punch someone, burst into tears, or start doing that supervillain cackle that Darcy had only heard once and never wanted to hear again.

And it was only the opening cocktail party.

Fuck conferences, seriously.

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Psh, grey eyes are waaaay cooler than blue eyes anyway! I never thought wolves had blue eyes, though I did read some of the Firekeeper series by Jane Lindskold that had large, intelligent wolves and one of them had blue eyes and his pack assumed he was blind but he wasn't. But given that is a fantasy story, I didn't really think it was at all accurate (sorry for random comment)

I think so tooooo! I’ve always loved grey eyes. And yeah, in fantasy stories, strange eye colors are neat and usually mean something. In that context, I don’t mind odd eyes at all and sometimes they can add a lot to a story, like the one you mentioned. I just hate seeing the terribly photoshopped wolf photos with bright blue eyes. They just look silly to me. And it seems such an odd choice since lot of people love and “idolize” wolves and have them be the face of the wild for them and then they go and edit bright blue doggy eyes on them. That just kinda defeats the purpose for me but, who knows, maybes that’s just me.

More pretty grey eyes!

So my hand slipped and a sexy ficlet happened.
A random romantic interlude from the life of yellow/blue rizzles.

Maura comes downstairs at the sound of Jane’s greeting.

The detective is sitting in the living room chair she often plops directly into after work. Boots crossed up on the coffee table, forehead resting in one hand.

This is how Maura gauges what kind of day it’s been. Following a good day, Jane would find her and talk to her, probably about food or whatever had her in a good mood. Following a terrible day, she would put the TV immediately on for distraction and sit there not listening to it. Following a regular long day, she’d just sit there for a little while in silence and decompress.

The day has been neither particularly good nor bad for either of them; simply tiring and a little frustrating, and Jane’s had run about an hour longer than her own. During that time, Maura has been thinking about making the evening more enjoyable for them both.

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Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

This moment turned out to be super interesting for me.  I mean, I liked Jane’s line about, “As excuses go… it’s not terrible.”  Adorable!  And I was initially more focused on the slapping (which I’m deliberately skipping over in this liveblog because I feel like I’ve done enough crabbing and I really have nothing good to say about that, because it’s played for slapstick, but it’s really gross behavior and I hate the writers for including it, it does not make her more plucky or interesting or whatever, it just shows how flat the writing is for her that they go to such depths, BLEH /rant over), but when going through this scene a second time….

You know what’s really, really missing from this conversation?  Any mention of Loki.

Understandable about the Bifrost being broken, so he couldn’t go see her.  But he came to Midgard not for the Chitauri, because he had no idea they were coming.  He came for Loki and the Tesseract.  But he doesn’t mention Loki here at all.  And that reminded me that nobody else mentioned Loki during the previous scenes, even when it’s obvious that Thor has a very heavy heart these days.  They always assume it’s about Jane.

But, given the level of emotional investment The Avengers put into the Thor & Loki relationship, given how much this movie puts emphasis (if not actual amount of time) on the Thor & Loki relationship, given how there’s even an entire mini-documentary to sum up the Thor & Loki relationshp, I find it very unlikely that Thor’s not thinking about him, that his heavy heart isn’t about Loki in a lot of ways.

Instead, I think, Thor doesn’t mention Loki.  No one else in Asgard (aside from Frigga—and we see that in the deleted scene later)(and I’ve talked about Odin before, but he’s not outwardly conflicted about Loki) feels terribly conflicted about Loki, no one else is so very angry at him but still loves him underneath that, even if Thor is trying to cut Loki out of his life.  He doesn’t correct anyone when they think he’s brooding over Jane, because they all seem to think that’s either a phase that will pass or else it just simply is easier to talk about.

If you tried to talk about Loki, it brings up so much vicious anger and poison from everyone around them (because they’re angry at Loki for betraying and trying to kill Thor, because they’re angry about the heavy heart that Loki gives Thor) and also just… I’ve always seen Thor as the type who… he’s incredibly direct and straightforward about his feelings.  He says what he feels and he knows himself very well.

Even when you have scenes like, “When you betray me, I’ll kill you.”, it’s the thing he needs to say for both their benefits, to establish a line in the sand.  I don’t think Thor really meant it, but that it was what needed to be said.  He later says, “I wish I could trust you.”  And that’s 100% Thor knowing himself and how he feels, while not being blind to the situation.

But, at the same time, I think Thor’s relationship with Loki is complicated and not everyone understands and Thor doesn’t always want to share it with others, especially when he doesn’t want to hear about Loki for awhile.  So, he lets people think that he’s thinking of Jane.  So, he doesn’t mention Loki when explaining why he didn’t go see her.  

And leaving out that he COULD have gone to see her, which is important because… when Thor is face to face with her, he feels a lot of those protective feelings coming back.  Here is someone who is happy to see him, here is someone he can protect, here is someone he can make a difference with.  Here is someone he can make things better with.

Here is someone who was emotionally supportive when he needed it, here is someone who needs his help, here is someone he remembers as being fiercely passionate about her research and study, here is someone he just likes.  I tend to think Thor knows his heart pretty well and, between just not wanting to talk about Loki, as well as that relationship isn’t for others to understand, he just… doesn’t bring Loki up.

(And this interpretation isn’t going to be for everyone, you can disagree and that’s fine.  But you’ll never not convince me that, no matter whom else Thor genuinely cares about, that Loki will not always be the most important person in his life and his heart, whether or good or bad.)

“When we played in Buenos Aires [1992], we brought this all-girl band over from Portland called Calamity Jane, during their entire set, the whole audience - it was a huge show with like 60,000 people - was throwing money and everything out of their pockets, mud and rocks, just pelting them. Eventually the girls stormed off crying. It was terrible, one of the worst things I’ve ever seen, such a mass of sexism all at once.
Krist, knowing my attitude about things like that, tried to talk me out of at least setting myself on fire or refusing to play. We ended up just having fun, laughing at them. Before every song, I’d play the intro to "Teen Spirit” and then stop. They didn’t realize that we were protesting against what they’d done. We played for about forty minutes, and most of the songs were off “Incesticide”, so they didn’t recognize anything.“ - Kurt Cobain.

Ohmggodguys what a crazy week it’s been?!

I’m so SO glad it’s Saturday and despite having two paintings to finish this weekend for larger projects - I’m hoping to get some time to relax and pet a cat (or three).  Alright down heart of it all.

Costume For the Day:

- Black basic cardigan from Banana Republic

- Kushy Foot black opaque tights that sadly have two small holes on the back left leg - did I wear them like that you ask? - yes, yes I did.

- Springy floral rayon dress with zip-up back and pencil skirt - though, I look more like a light-bulb than a pencil.

- Black fabric over-constructed mary-janes with zip-up back, terribly out of fashion I know, but a good go-to black flat I own.  And no matter what anyone says, no one can always have the perfect shoe for every situation.  Then you’d just have too many goddamn shoes.

- Faux-ivory shaped feather earrings


Darcy Lewis: Emergency Petsitter - Chapter 4

by Archetype_ElectraHeart // pepperpottsblogs

“Darcy, please tell me that you did not liberate the residents of yet another pet store during the battle yesterday,” Jane groaned. “I know you still worry about whatever became of poor Barkley-“

“Baker,” Darcy corrected.

“Regardless,” Jane plowed on, “you cannot just take puppies in the midst of combat situations and claim them as your own.”

“Not to worry, Jane, I did not take him from a pet store. I found this one in an alley.”


“It’s Steve,” Darcy explained.

“Who names their dog Steve?” Jane asked. “That’s a terrible name.”


“Well, we hope he won’t stay a dog for long,” Darcy clarified. “And it’s not such a terrible name for a human.”

Jane gaped at her, eyes darting between the puppy on the floor and Darcy’s amused smile. “Hold up. You’re telling me that that is actually Steve. Like,” Jane held a hand high above her head, “about yeah tall, blue eyes, occasionally goes by Captain America. That Steve.”

“The very same, yes.”

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Do you have any suggestions for books with strong female protagonists, particularly ones in their late teens or twenties?

Ooh, this is a fun one! For the record, these are all, but ones with such direct attributes make me really have to think! I love reading books with strong female leads, though. I’m always surprised there aren’t more of them I automatically think of.

1. A WRINKLE IN TIME by Madeline L'Engle (this was just the first book I read that I was like YAY for a female …hence why it’s on there)

2. JANE EYRE by Charlotte Bronte

3. CODE NAME VERITY- Elizabeth Wein


5. THE HANDMAID’S TALE by Margarett Atwood

6. UGLIES by Scott Westerfeld


8. TRICKSTER’S CHOICE by Tamora Pierce

9. CITY OF BONES by Cassandra Clare


Anyone have any more ideas for a strong female lead?

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bluesey + “Just stay alive, that would be enough.”

Okay yeah, I had the need to write something about Gansey turning eighteen because to be honest I didn’t need the information about Gansey never turning eighteen in my life and yeah. Also, Gansey is a sag.

Gansey stared out at the window. The sun was setting, and he was amazed by the beautiful colors that grazed his tanned skin. He couldn’t hear the birds that were soon flocking to the trees, but he wished he did. There was something magical about this time of the day, almost as magical as this year had been.

He felt calm, calmer than he had felt in a long time. He never thought turning eighteen would be quite like this, he always imagined it as something stressful, the year in which everything would change. And though perhaps nothing would be quite the same, not after everything that happened, he realised it wasn’t all as terrible as he had imagined.

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Rizzzzzzzzles! of course. Then Xena/Gabrielle.


  1. The umbrella, when it rains - 
    Jane does, but it’s Maura’s Umbrella.  
    External image

  2. The popcorn at the cinema -

    Maura, because she’s very picky about her sodium intake, and the butter they use is almost 1200 mg, which is the daily suggested goal. 

  3. The baby, when it cries - 

    Jane, she wakes up every three hours anyway- a habit that formed after she was having nightmares after Hoyt.
  4. The ice cream cone, when they share - 

    Jane, because the first lick is the best. But, she gives Maura the end of the cone because it’s the best part. 

  5. The remote, when they sit down to watch a movie - 

    Maura, because Jane likes to fall asleep while they watch the movie, and the remote will be lost for days afterwards. 

  6. The basket, when they go shopping - 

    Maura. It’s precautionary because when they first started shopping together, Jane would toss random things into the basket, just to see if Maura would notice. Well, one night, the ME noticed that her bags were heavier than normal. Well, it turns out that Jane had thrown a pair of horrendous men’s denim overalls into her basket, and she’d never noticed. So, one night after a terrible case, Jane had convinced a very drunk Maura to put only those on and take blurry selfies. Well, it was a good thing they were blurry because someone Crowe got a hold of them, and Frost spent 15 hours trying to convince him that Maura had a doppelganger at a BCU frat party. 

  7. The door, on dates -

    Jane, because she always loves watching Maura enter a building first. :)
  8. The other’s hand, most often - 

    Maura holds Jane’s hand first, because she can see when they’re hurting a need a massage. 

  9. Their breath, upon seeing the other on their wedding day - 

    Jane. She still to this day is blown away by the fact that Maura Isles said yes to her. Sometimes, when she’s feeling grumpy, she thinks of what life would be like if she’d married Casey, and that usually puts things in perspective. 

  10. The camera, when they take pictures together - 

    Jane, because she has long arms to reach around their heads, otherwise someone’s arm looks funky in the middle.