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My thoughts on the “I Love You Scene” and Afterwards

This entire post is basically going to be an in-depth analysis of the scene, and why I believe that not only is it finally a verbal confirmation of how Molly feels for Sherlock, but also a confirmation of how Sherlock feels for Molly. I believe that he truly does love her. And I will explain why. I will warn you in advance that this is going to be a very, very long post, but I want to thoroughly explain why I believe this. So if you can hang on until the end, I promise I’ll try to make it worth your while.

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The Queen of All my Dreams

Smut, Fluff

Pairing: Dean x Reader (Y/N), Mentions of Sam

Warnings: NSFW, Unprotected sex, Oral sex, Masturbation, Language, Sad!Dean (just a little bit)

Summary: Dean and Sam had a rough hunt. All Dean wants to do is get home to his girl.

Word Count:1,897 (a mere drabble hahaha)

Author’s Note: This is my first fic, so it may be garbage. I need to thank @helvonasche and @madamelibrarian for all their help and support. You guys are the shit.


If you like this and want to be added to my tag list, (that has like two people on it) let me know. There will be more fics soon and feel free to request things.

xoxo - Laney

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Parallels much, coming full circle and such

John has a problematic sister out there.
Sherlock turns out to have a problematic sister out there. Just for parallelism sake.
John looses his loved one tragically. Goes berserk. Breaks down. Has so many things left unsaid.
Sherlock undergoes a live demonstration of what it would be like to lose Molly. Tragically. Sherlock goes berserk. Breaks down. Is put into position to have the words unsaid in the out.
Well, what can we deduce about his heart, Occam’s razor, narrative parallels and all?
And yes, there’s that enigmatic little parallel issue of texting the wrong woman. No loose ends indeed.

Straight People + Shipping
  • Man/woman friendship: OMG OTP SHIP SO HARD WOW.
  • Man/woman friendship that has literally said it is completely platonic (or at least one-sided platonic): GET OUT OF DENIAL.
  • One man and one woman who have never met ever: Just get together already. Doesn't matter that you've never met each other, you belong together.
  • Man who used to date woman and now goes around killing people that the woman cares about and/or works with: OTP GET BACK TOGETHER ALREADY.
  • Man/man friendship: Haha, bromance.
  • or
  • Man/man friendship: JUST HAVE SEX ALREADY FUCK.
  • Man/man kiss: Haha, only *character A* really wanted that, *character B* just went along with it but didn't want it.
  • Woman/woman friendship: Platonic friendship is wonderful, isn't it?
  • Woman/woman friendship with super obvious crushing/heart eyes/lack of personal space: Such platonic. <3 Friendships. :D
  • Woman/woman kiss: Wow look at that platonic kiss on the lips. #FriendshipGoals

Request : I would love to see a smut!fic with Negan & the reader having gotten into a really intense argument, then they decide to “solve the problem” by having angry sex? Okok~ (I changed it up a bit, hope you still enjoy it)

Word Count : 2261

Pairing : Negan x Reader

Warnings : Cursing, Smut, Smut, Dom!Negan for a second, Smut.

Originally posted by monasax

You should’ve never came, you knew exactly who ‘the saviors’ were. They were Negan’s group. Yes, Negan the asshole you dated before all this shit hit the fan. The walkers, the geeks, whatever you wanted to call them. You met up with Rick at the beginning, helping him from the hospital. You lost them along the way, stumbled upon Negan’s group. They weren’t that big at the beginning, hell Dwight wasn’t even with them. That’s when he first started with the women though. You were on the outskirts of them the entire time, as they built their group.

You’re still not sure how you never got caught, hell you were racking up a major body count as many walkers you came across. You were there when Negan had all six wives, he sure as hell missed you huh? You left after a while, stumbling upon Alexandria, automatically being welcomed in once Daryl noticed you. Staying with them since then. Now here you were in front of Negan’s group, on your knees. Quite funny, Negan would’ve made a joke about that before all this shit.

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anonymous asked:

Seduce me with one of your historical facts of the American Revolution. (Love your work ❤!!!

Well hello (thank you!). I’ve never seduced someone anonymous before, and I don’t actually know that much about the AmRev in general, but I’ll give it my best shot.

The most seductive things I’ve learned about the losers who fought in the American Revolution: 

- All indications are that Washington was, as a southern Anglican, relatively free from the hangups about sex you might expect to find someone descended from Puritans. So while he might seem like he was a stick in the mud (he was, generally), he actually enjoyed crude jokes and raunchy plays, and there’s a possibly apocryphal story about the only time he got in trouble while in school was when he got caught with a girl. 

However, there’s no record that he ever misused or mistreated a woman. He recorded gambling losses when he was young, but nothing about prostitutes. It seems like the worst thing he ever did that might get a woman in trouble is write her a bunch of sappy letters about does she like him cause it seems like she likes him while she was married to his best friend (hey, Sally Fairfax.)  And then there was him and Martha. 

So everybody knows George was a tol and Martha was a smol. The legend of his massive yaoi hands I guess comes from the fact that he had custom gloves made for his oversized meat paws. All indications were that they were attracted to each other from basically day one. When he came to introduce himself to the hot new widow with a huge fortune, she didn’t waste any time, she immediately invited him to come by for another visit (second date). There’s not one thing that I’ve read that implies Martha wasn’t a hundred percent on board the Washington train. Nothing at all was compelling her to get married except that she wanted to, and she had multiple suitors. She definitely chose who she wanted.

Why then did Washington send a request for an aphrodisiac to his London factor right after they got married? My guess would be it was because of what they say about guys with big hands, and Martha being five feet tall in her stockings. So they were getting it on right away, but hadn’t figured out things as well as they might, and he wanted it to be pleasurable for her. So rather than just shrugging his shoulders and going “I guess that’s a woman’s curse,” they looked in to how to fix it. Seriously, finding out the number of historical figures that had perfectly reasonable sex lives always makes me feel bad for people who were born in the “lie back and think of England” eras. 

Anyway, I’m guessing, too, that they figured it out. 

Why? Because:

  • they slept in one bed until he died, and never had separate bedrooms. 
  • when Martha joined George during one AmRev winter (I believe in New York) George ordered a four poster bed with curtains for “privacy.” *wink, wink*
  • Martha Washington never ever seemed to worry about what her husband was getting up to because I’m guessing she knew exactly where her husband would be every night. How confident was Martha that George wasn’t going to stray? They would vacation with Sally Fairfax (yup, that Sally Fairfax) and her husband. She would watch, completely without jealousy, as her husband danced with the young and beautiful Caty Greene (who she was friends with) for hours. And she didn’t bat an eye when her husband started up a correspondence with a rich, intellectual woman in Philadelphia. The woman had ROCK SOLID confidence. 

And sooooooo many AmRev figures cheated on their wives in ways respectable and dis-respectable, but no one has ever dug up any convincing gossip that Washington ever did. Given how hot historians are for Sally Fairfax, you’d think they’d jump on anything, but there’s just not anything to jump on. At least that’s survived to be studied. Not cheating on your wife is a low bar, but the bar has honestly got to be pretty low when you’re dealing with colonial America. 

So there. You’ve been seduced by George “Yaoi Hands” Washington who just wants to love one woman, no matter how short and plump, and do it well. 

- Let me throw a little love to Marquis de Lafayette. The more you learn about him the more you’re like, “oh god, this guy was never a badass.” He was never a badass. He was always kind of ridiculous. Even when he was fighting and winning battles he was retiring to his office later that night to write a million needy, emotional letters to his friends and family. But allow me to share with you the one time I was like, “Oh, I guess that’s kind of hot“ about Lafayette.

SADLY it happened with one of his mistresses and not his amazing wife. The mistress was his first one, Aglaé de Puget de Barnatane, Comtesse de Hunolstein, who he had set his heart on before he even came to America. (He tried to challenge his FRIEND to a DUEL about HER when she wouldn’t even speak to him. God this loser kid.) Anyway, after Lafayette got famous, he and Aglaé hooked up, and then he wrote her a legitimately kind of steamy letter: 

You are too cruel, my dear Aglae. You know the torments of my heart: you know that it is wrenched in two by love and duty, and now you ask me to come to a decision In the matter of this wretched resolution. You have so often seen me coming to a decision and then finding myself incapable of abiding by it.
A hundred times I have thought it all out and made myself a hundred promises … and a hundred times, as soon as I have seen you and touched you, I have realized how weak I am …

When I came back from America, my charming friend, was it you or was it I who preached a solemn sermon about this way of our being together? Remember my insistence, your refusals, our disputes. I accused you of having an aversion to me: you accused me of showing a lack of delicacy. Our lovers’ quarrels ended as such quarrels always do, but, though carried away by passion, I was constantly recalling both the reproaches of your relatives and the efforts I was making to break down your resistance. Each day brought renewed resistance, and consequently a renewal of remorse ! All the same, I was happy, that I must admit, but you were not, and it is you who run all the risks, while I have almost all the enjoyment … At every moment you risk ruin for my sake, and, the better to make me realize it, you deliberately refuse to participate in my feelings. Can you still insist that it is I who must decide? You know only too well my passion, my transports, my complete surrender … (x)

IDK, but this was the one time where I was like, “Damn, Gilbert. You actually sound kind of cool, what with getting into a fighting and fucking cycle. And your allllllmost Getting It when it comes to the fact that overall the affair is better for you than it is for her.“ (this wokeness was short-lived btw)

Also the idea that he had in any way made himself irresistible to a woman is a revelation when he seemed, for the first two decades of his life, very resistible.

Can you believe the ridiculousness that is the scene between Mycroft and John in ASIB? Mycroft, still reeling from realizing Sherlock could fall for a woman (“I’m sorry, i didn’t know, forgive me”), claiming Irene to be “the one woman who matters”, i.e. Sherlock’s exception, and John misinterpreting that whole thing to mean “Irene is the only person Sherlock has ever loved”, and having both of them be horribly misinformed, so much it affects the outcome of the next five years of their lives. Yikes.

“I dunno, I really like that these tiny moments happen and other stuff’s obviously going on behind, you know, that we don’t see, as an audience. And something about those tiny moments tell you that – this sounds odd, so you might have to winkle out exactly what I’m on about – but it’s like those tiny, tiny moments make you feel like there’s something else happening somewhere else. “ - Louise Brealey

“You’re not saying a word,”

Sherlock Holmes sunk deeper into the couch as he tugged his dressing gown tightly against his body, his knees pressed against his chest as he looked at the small pathologist sitting right in front of him with her lips pressed tightly against each other. He doesn’t know how long he can last in the silence but he didn’t want to face this, face her. The woman that mattered, the one who mattered the most. He wonders what she’s thinking, unable to deduce her even with his mind on speed. She loved him, he knew that. Molly Hooper obviously will always love him but can she forgive him?

“I don’t have anything to say,” She replied sounding jollier than she expected but that’s just so incredibly Molly Hooper, hiding behind the façade of a happy woman. Always putting others before her.

“I did it for John,” he excused although he knew she would never believe him.

“Yeah,” she faked a smile. “Do you want some tea? Or coffee… I can..”  she mumbled, obviously trying to avoid any eye contact with the man that, ironically, she’s been tasked to watch.

“I just need you,” his voice breaks.


“If I’m not the same man as you knew,” he stood up and started walking towards her and as he caught a whiff of her perfume, he suddenly forgot why he ever felt the need to get high when her scent would cause the same effect. This is why he’s always so fond of cake. Molly Hooper always smelled like one (if not a tinge of formaldehyde). “If everything you knew of me was wrapped in this big messed up, heroine junkie that is undeserving of anyone,” moments later he was sitting on the floor holding her hand “Would you still have me?” 


He let go but she held him back, just like she always does. Always chasing after him because Molly Hooper knew that Sherlock Holmes was better than this.

“You are still Sherlock Holmes and I love you,” for the first time since they’ve been in the same room, she stared at him. “But I won’t have you like this,”

“I love you too,” a soft smile and a kiss on the cheek, as always. “Let’s get me cleaned up then, Shall we, Molly?” his voice way deeper than it should be as his stare bore onto her eyes making her weak in the knees. 

“Yeah, I suppose,” Molly Hooper smiled despite knowing that the path they’ll travel onto will not be easy. As the consulting detective stood up to walk away, she jested. “Do you want some cake?” 

pj-gingernuts  asked:

Another question... Sherlock has the mind of philosopher or a scientist but elects to be a detective. What can we deduce about his heart? No, really. I can't really figure out what we are supposed to deduce about his heart. Do you know what we can deduce about his heart?

This scene threw me off for awhile too, and I think I know why. Usually when Mycroft asks someone a question like this, he already knows the answer and is trying to guide them to some conclusion. He’s got an uncanny ability to “read” people. But in ASiB, Mycroft actually gets it wrong – and with his own brother.

In season one, we always saw Mycroft with the upper hand. Not so in this episode.

MYCROFT: The damsel in distress. In the end, are you really so obvious? Because this was textbook: the promise of love, the pain of loss, the joy of redemption; then give him a puzzle …  and watch him dance.

SHERLOCK: Don’t be absurd!

MYCROFT: Absurd? How quickly did you decipher that email for her? Was it the full minute, or were you really eager to impress?

IRENE: I think it was less than five seconds.

MYCROFT: I drove you into her path. I’m sorry. I didn’t know.

He’s so angry, so disappointed, so utterly confused in the plane scene. Sherlock is just as confused – in much the same way he doesn’t know how to comprehend John’s jealousy, he can’t fathom here that Mycroft actually thinks Irene managed to beat him because he was in love with her. (Mycroft, John, the viewers…everyone was fooled when it came to Sherlock’s feelings for Irene.)

The funny thing about it is Mycroft had it right with this line: How quickly did you decipher that email for her? Was it the full minute, or were you really eager to impress? Sherlock was out to impress. But not Irene.

Right motive, wrong target. So close, Mike.

When Sherlock figures out Irene’s password, he treats her like…well, it’s harsh. So harsh, even Mycroft’s alarmed.

Add to that the fact that in the heat of deducing Irene’s password, Sherlock drops John’s name completely out of nowhere (he’s not present and is otherwise unmentioned in this scene).

Because I took your pulse. Elevated, pupils dilated. I imagine John Watson thinks love’s a mystery to me but the chemistry is incredibly simple, and very destructive.

We know this is evidence that the conversation Sherlock overheard at Battersea had a bigger impact on him then he’d care to admit, or perhaps even realizes. But Mycroft doesn’t know anything (presumably) about Irene’s little chat with John about sexual fluidity. From Mycroft’s POV, Sherlock is ranting about the signs of attraction and love and he just dropped in John’s name out of nowhere.


Mycroft often intimates that there’s more than friendship between Sherlock and John. Might we expect a happy announcement by the end of the week? Sherlock’s business seems to be booming since you two became…pals. It doesn’t seem to bother him – in fact, he usually looks amused by the idea. Surely he, if no one else on the show, has noticed that his brother never ever corrects anyone who assumes he is romantically involved with John.

I’m willing to bet that’s a huge reason Mycroft was so thrown off, and so frustrated, by the idea that Sherlock accidentally wrecked the Coventry mission because he suddenly, uncharacteristically, had a thing for Irene. Misjudging anyone would alarm Mycroft, but particularly his own brother.

After witnessing Sherlock’s cruel (and innuendo-laced) parting words to Irene – sorry about dinner – Mycroft is obviously going to rethink some things. He’s going to mentally reset to the start of this game and try to figure out where he went wrong, what really happened.

Sherlock did crack that code pretty damn fast like the show-off he is, and he did wreck the Coventry mission. He has been pretty effing moody over the last few months…well, more so than usual. Enough to put Mycroft on “danger night” alert. He’s been composing heartwrenching music and smoking more…

…although hang on, relapsing and abandoning the patches for cigs actually started well before Sherlock even met Irene (as evidenced in the TSoT “Hamish” flashback sequence). So if all this angst isn’t because of Irene, then who…..?

I imagine John Watson thinks love’s a mystery to me.


Mycroft’s pretty sure he’s got it right this time. (And he’s probably pleased about it, since he’s suspected this for awhile.) But he wants to feel it out, so he brings the files on Irene’s fate to John first. Look at Mycroft’s lines carefully here.

JOHN: This the file on Irene Adler?

MYCROFT: Closed forever. I am about to go and inform my brother – or, if you prefer, you are – that she somehow got herself into a witness protection scheme in America. New name, new identity. She will survive – and thrive – but he will never see her again.

Rather than request John deliver the news to Sherlock, Mycroft casually asks if he’d prefer doing it. 

JOHN: Why would he care? He despised her at the end. Won’t even mention her by name – just “The Woman”.

MYCROFT: Is that loathing, or a salute? One of a kind; the one woman who matters.

Again, a question. Do you really believe he despised her, John? He’s trying to suss John’s feelings out here (not an easy thing to do with this emotionally-constipated doctor). Does John still believe Sherlock had romantic feelings for Irene, and his anger is out of heartbreak? Or does John, like Mycroft, now realize how badly he misinterpreted Sherlock’s intellectual fascination with Irene as love from the start? (Spoiler alert: the latter is true, but John still believes the former.)

JOHN: He’s not like that. He doesn’t feel things that way … I don’t think.

Ha, there it is. I don’t think. John’s sussing Mycroft out a little bit too. Does Sherlock feel things that way? Is that possible?

MYCROFT: My brother has the brain of a scientist or a philosopher, yet he elects to be a detective. What might we deduce about his heart?

Once again, Mycroft flips this as a question back to John. Well, his mind is logical, but look at what he’s chosen to do with his life. What do you think that means? He studies John intently, waiting for his answer.

JOHN: I don’t know.

MYCROFT: Neither do I … but initially he wanted to be a pirate.

In my opinion, the reason this scene seems confusing is that we’re used to Mycroft asking questions he already knows the answer to. Particularly with John, we often see him guiding the conversation in an almost condescending way. So when I first saw this scene (and honestly, many times after), I kept trying to figure out what Mycroft was trying to get John to realize.

But Mycroft made all kinds of misjudgments in this episode. He’s pretty sure he’s worked out what was really going on with Sherlock over the last 6+ months. (Lovesick? Yep. Over Irene? Nope.) But no matter how much surveillance he has at 221B, he can’t put cameras inside these boys’ heads. (Oh, but if only he could…)

Look at Mycroft’s face in that last gif. In light of everything we learned in season three – Mycroft seeing Sherlock as a naive child, the Redbeard incident – and in light of everything Mycroft undoubtedly has an inkling is coming – Moriarty and the fall – the meaning behind this conversation is a little clearer.

When he asks John what might we deduce about his heart, it’s not because he has an answer in mind and he’s trying to guide John to it. It’s because he truly doesn’t know. But he suspects, and if what he suspects is true, then finding out how John Watson feels about it is pretty important.

Because the answer might be the making of his brother…or make him worse than ever.  

Raffles is such a piece of trash like at least Holmes ARTFULLY faked his death. but no this giant idiot was like “lol later losers” and jumped into the ocean. just. INTO THE OCEAN.

then he came back years later to cry on the shoulder of his only friend about how he’d broken up with the one woman who ever mattered to him during the time said friend thought he was DEAD. like wow. wow you literal piece of garbage. “jk I wasn’t dead I was just having a grand old time with a hot chick in the islands”

if I have one complaint about this series it is Bunny’s complacency and tolerance of Raffles like nO TAKE HIM BY THE EAR AND THROW HIM OUT A WINDOW

A Scandal in Belgravia

I’ve just finished rewatching ASiB and I feel the need to express my thoughts…

Most people say that Sherlock’s actions in ASiB kinda points into the direction of sentiment– love for Irene but obviously, I don’t (want to) believe that. More like, it’s hard for me to believe that. 

I’ve read a lot of meta posts that I’ve searched to convince myself that I’m not the only one who thinks the same, and apparently, it’s true. 

Most of the posts are actually from the POV of JohnLock shippers and I agree with them (since I’m also a JohnLock shipper)…

I do believe that the reason why Sherlock saved Irene is because of his respect for her, The Woman who beat him. And we remember that she asked him if he’s asking her to beg and he said yes, then she said “please.” She kept on saying that the phone was her protection, and I think Sherlock understood that she wants to live her life normally, but because of the scandal and killers hot on her heels, she can’t do that anymore… So as a parting gift, he saved her life because she did beat him (once) and it’s enough for Sherlock to give her in high regards because only a few people can do that to him. 

But because of the tension in the episode, we fail to notice Molly’s significance in ASiB. She’s barely there, but she’s there, and an important event occurred.

We can say that maybe the reason why she’s there is to put some balance (for the ships, idk~ the writers are completely aware of shipping anyways so we can safely assume that it’s one of the reasons). We can see that Molly showed curiosity if not jealousy (which is more likely) towards Sherlock’s relation to “The Woman.”

So back to the important moment, we know that Sherlock apologized to Molly, and it’s clear on John’s face that it shocked/surprised him because SHERLOCK bloody HOLMES apologized! Without people telling him to do so! He said did say he’s sorry and he’s asking for her forgiveness. 

IDK but the way he started deducing Molly (and John even said take a day off), it’s like there’s a sudden burst of emotion… I mean, he always deduce Molly about her love life, (for me I want to say it’s jealousy but he’s on a roller coaster ride with his emotions in ASiB so idk) but maybe… it has something to do with Irene. Maybe because he’s had enough of sexy dresses and he assumed that women are like that if they want to impress or leave an impression to someone… he mixed up the innocent and cunning. (urgh I’m not making any sense as of the moment so let me leave that for a while)..

But what gets me is this…

He said “Merry Christmas” to Molly Hooper (and for her alone) and with a kiss on her cheek. With Irene, he texted her (because that’s the only way to tell her) “Happy New Year.” 

Just reminded me of Sherlock way back in ASiP, when he said “Oh, it’s CHRISTMAS!” when he’s being happy because of murders and stuff (but that’s beside the point)… IDK, maybe I’m just over reading and thinks that in a way, Molly is more on the positive light in Sherlock’s perspective at that moment and saw her in a different light, maybe seeing that her feelings are genuine and pure compared to the woman. 

(this is the part wherein I’m able to express my thoughts clearly:)

Then there goes Mycroft’s statement about The Woman…

“The one woman who matters.”

but later on, Sherlock debunked his brother’s assuming statement with his own: “The one person who mattered the most.

not disregarding that The Woman mattered but the fact that she is not the only woman who matters because there’s someone who’s much more than that because she matters the most.

But yeah, to conclude: I think Sherlock’s actions in ASiB is more on having a certain level of respect for Irene. Respect. Because she was able to beat him and that her intelligence impressed him. 

– I really need someone to discuss this with me openly and without condescension to be able to point out what I’d like to point out because it’s not working for me.. I’m really not good with expressing myself if there’s too much to tackle on so I need some focus. (please be kind to me haha)