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can you help me find some fics where stiles meets derek in full wolf form and thinks he’s a dog? i’ve read a couple short ones and its always so cute bc stiles has no idea

The most popular one I know is What I Did On My Summer Vacation by grimm:

There’s something weird about Beacon Hills that Stiles can’t quite put his finger on. The way everyone in town knows his name the day he arrives. The way they insist the melancholic howling that echoes through the forest every night is just a dog. The way his dad denies getting a dog, even though Stiles comes home to find one sprawled across his bed, some big black thing whose eyes gleam red in the right light. The way that massive oak tree out in the woods vibrates under his touch, pulsing with sickly life.

There’s something weird going on in this town, and Stiles is determined to get to the bottom of it.

My personal favourite one is  Actual Puppy Derek Hale by tylerfucklin (Zimothy):

Derek didn’t know what was worse: the hunters, being trapped as a wolf, being hit by a car, or the fact that he had somehow become some kid’s pet dog for the unforeseeable future.

I know I have read a few one-shots or shorter fics with this trope too - it’s one of my favourites! - but I’m struggling to remember what they are. (Note to self: bookmark stuff, Emma. It will come in handy.) Lucky for you, there are other people on this site who do take note of what they read. There is this rec list by @bleep0bleep that you might want to check out! 

I’m also going to tag @dontgobrienmyheart @sterek and @littlerosetrove because they are all great with fic recs (Rose has a ton, all catalogued I am sure) and I know Billy has a personal love of wolf!Derek (which might, hopefully spill over into the mistaken for a dog!Derek category).

If anyone else has recs for this trope, please feel free to reblog - nonnie and me would be most grateful! 

Photographs|| Peter Parker

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1566

Summary: You and Peter are close (you know he’s spider-man). Late one night you are looking at old pictures when Peter makes a surprise visit.

Warnings: sentimentalness, fluff

Note: I am writing for Peter Parker (Tom Holland) now! This is really exciting for me because I absolutely love the MCU and I haven’t been quite caught up until recently. Now that I am (aside from any and all Thors, and the last Iron man oops), I am excited to jump down this beautiful Tom Holland filled rabbit hole.


You looked at the polaroid picture of you and your best friend, Peter, sitting across from one another with smiles on both your faces. The two of you were laughing about something that didn’t matter now, but the smile etched on his face had meant the world to you. Your other best friend, Ned, had taken the picture and had let his thumb slip into frame at the corner reminding you of his teasing that followed the taking of the picture.

The picture was taken almost two years ago, but it was one of your favorite pictures of you and Peter. You would never tell anyone that, but your love for it might have been obvious. The picture had worn edges showing its use.

Letting out a deep sigh, you fell back onto your bed and let the picture come to rest beside you. You stared at the stars on your bedroom ceiling. When you were five, your dad had made ceiling panels with actual constellations for your room, and you had never taken them down. You thought back to all the times where you and Peter would lay on your bed staring at the stars you wouldn’t see otherwise unless you were out of the city.

You tilted your head back farther to look at the wall behind you that your bed was up against. The wall was covered completely in picture you and your friends had taken over the years. Peter was in nearly all of them. Ned and MJ were in most of them too, but Peter was in all but like five of them. Sitting back up, you looked back to the picture that you had just been playing with. You tucked it back into the corner of the picture frame that held a photo of you and your friends from your 8th grade graduation.

You laid back on your bed turning to look out your bedroom window. The head of your bed rested under then window giving you the perfect view of part of the starless sky and the apartment building across the street. Your window was open a little letting some of the night sounds of Queens drift in.

You hopped off your bed to change into your pajamas quickly and to brush your teeth. You looked over yourself in the mirror on the back of your bedroom door. Your hair stuck out in all directions from underneath a slouchy beanie. The black tank top and pajama shorts hung off your body comfortably. You had also pulled on comfy slipper socks so you could bare the cold wooden floors.  You were comfortable and that was just how you liked it.

Silently shuffling back to your bed, you plopped back down into the soft mess of blankets and pillows. You reached over to your night stand to retrieve the book that you had placed there earlier and flick on the light that rested there. You leaned against the photo covered wall to read well into the night.

It had been about an hour and you were getting really tired. Your eyes had started to droop as you fought off the sleep that was beaconing you. You slipped your bookmark which was a photo booth picture strip of you and Michelle in between the worn pages of your copy of your favorite book. You set the book on your night stand and turned the light off climbing underneath your blankets and laying down.

You laid there staring up at the lights on your ceiling once again letting your thoughts run rampant. The only sounds you could hear were cars and an occasional siren. Every siren you heard brought thoughts of Peter and his extracurricular activities. You thought of your friend swinging from webs across Queens and saving people. The thoughts took shape behind your closed eyelids and brought a smile to your face.  

There was a small tapping on the window behind your head. You shot up startled from your sleep. You turned to the window the red and blue suited superhero take off his mask to reveal the handsome face of your best friend. He saw you looking at him and gestured to ask if he could come in.

You opened your window more to let your friendly neighborhood spider-man in. He crawled past you, and you closed the window behind him.

“What are you doing up this late?” Peter said as he walked over to your closet.

You watched him from your spot on your bed. You were sitting with your legs tucked under yourself. Peter pressed the button on his suit to let it fall off his muscular frame. The muscles in his back moved as he shuffled your clothes around looking for something. You tensed as you watched him in admiration.

You would be lying to yourself if you said that you didn’t have a minor crush on Peter. When you first befriended Ned and Peter in fourth grade, you did it because you thought that Peter was cute. That never went away. Over the years, the purely physical attraction you felt towards Peter had evolved into a full-blown crush.

There was a time when Peter first got his powers that the two of you grew apart, but you had accidently found out one night about his spidey ways when he snuck into your room in his suit without even thinking. You woke up the next morning in his still suited up arms. That was the day you realized you might actually love Peter. So maybe the minor crush wasn’t actually so minor.

Peter made a sound as he pulled out a sweatshirt that you had stolen from him a while ago. He pulled it over his head shielding his back from your view. You furrowed your eyebrows and couldn’t help the feeling of disappointment that filled you. He then walked over to your dresser and opened your pajama drawer. You knew exactly what he was looking for this time.

The pink hello kitty pajama pants that he had acquired after losing his suit were pulled out. Peter had left them at your place for nights like these. He pulled the pink pajama pants over his boxers before turning back to you.

“Are you going to answer me or just stare?” Peter said as he approached your bed. He put his fists down on the bed and leaned forward. His face was about a foot away from yours. You could smell the sandwich he ate recently pickles and all on his breath.

“I was reading, pickle breath,” you said laughing and pushing his shoulder away from you. He chuckled as well moving dramatically to your push.

“Ouch, bug,” Peter said falling onto his side next to you leaning on his one elbow. “When did you get so strong? Did you also get bit by a radioactive spider?”

The statement lead Peter to start cracking up. You just stared down at him and rolled your eyes. His head was pressed to your side. When his laughing had subsided, Peter looked up at you with big puppy dog eyes.

“Ha. Ha,” You said shrugging the boy off you. He watched you with kind eyes. He pulled his legs up onto your bed and sat up. You took a second and leaned your head onto his shoulder. He moved his arm to wrap around your waist as the two of you just sat together in silence. The sounds of Queens now muted by your closed window were the only sounds to be heard aside from your parents gentle snoring a room over.

Your eyes were growing heavy, and it was getting harder and harder to keep them open. You felt Peter shift a little, but you had closed your eyes and didn’t plan on reopening them anytime soon.

“I can’t believe you kept this picture,” Peter said. Slowly, you opened your eyes. You were annoyed that you had to.

The picture that you had been looking at earlier was now in Peter’s hand. He was looking at it fondly with a small smile growing on his lips.

“Yeah,” you said sleepily. “that was a good day.”

“Yeah, it was,” he said softly.

There was a long moment of silence. Sleep had almost consumed your mind. Your head was still on Peter’s shoulder, and your back was still to the wall. You knew if you slept in this position you would be sore in the morning, but then as you sat with Peter’s arm around your waist cuddled up to his side, you didn’t care.

“This was the moment I realized I was in love with you,” Peter said. You were almost too far gone to hear it, but there was no mistaking those words.

“You know if you weren’t asleep right now I wouldn’t be saying this,” Peter let out a short soft chuckle. “Ned had no idea what he had just taken a picture of. He and MJ teased me about this moment for months, but I didn’t care because I knew how I felt about you. Man, who knew that I’d still be too chicken to tell you how I feel for you even after two years. I love you bug.”

Peter’s lips pressed gently to the top of your head. You let a small smile dance across your lips lazily as you finally let sleep overtake you.

Look, it’s Papa! - Tyler Sequin - Chapter Two.

A/N : some of these chapters will be jumping back and forth from present day to the past. Moments in the past will be in italics. Let me know what you think! xx


“Babe, I wish you and (Y/D/N) could be out here with us.”  Tyler says over your usual FaceTime call before he goes out on the ice for pregame warmups. You never expect him to call before every game but he always does. His eyes have a sparkle in them as he talks to you. “When are you going to give in and move down to Dallas with me and the boys?” he gives you the best puppy dog eyes he can when he asks this one.

“Ty, I can’t just yet. I miss you and the boys when we aren’t there. I know (Y/D/N) misses you because she watches the tv so intently when she sees a hockey game on the screen.” you smile at him. You really do want to move out of LA and to Dallas badly but you made a promise you would give this place 3-4 years and you didn’t want to give up yet.

“(Y/D/N), baby! Look at Papa!” Tyler says in the voice he uses for all the dogs. (Y/D/N)’s ears perk when she hears him say ‘Papa” and gallops over to the phone. He calls for her again and her head tilts to each side looking at him. Wondering why he is in a tiny box and not giving her belly rubs.

“Sweetheart, you’re torturing her” I say laughing and he gives me the biggest smile thats slowly turns into a slight frown. “I miss you so much, (Y/N). “ he says to you. You try not to show him how said you are so you just keep smiling to him and tell him how much you miss him too.

“I miss you too, sweetheart. You’ll be able to come home to us soon for a few days. Will you bring the boys along this time?” You smile at him. “Yes and I am counting down the days. Jamie keeps mocking me because I put a countdown in my locker even on the road. But he can fuck off because it makes it go by faster with the countdown.” he starts chuckling and throws something at Jamie who just walked by and through his hand infront of the camera.

“Hey Benn!!! Don’t be a dick!” You say laughing. “Love you too, (Y/N)!” Jamie says through a huge belly laugh.

“Alright babe, I’ve got to get on the ice in a couple minutes. I’ll talk to you later” he says with a smile and pecks the camera with a kiss.

“Talk to you after, darling.” you peck back.

And then he was gone. Even though on game days the calls are shorter they still mean the world to you both. You always leave the call falling for him even more than before and amazed how well you clicked with this boy from Canada so quickly.

“Is that how game day usually is?” the producer snapped you back to reality.

You smiled at him while (Y/D/N) cuddled up at your lap staring at your phone hope Tyler’s face showed back up. “Yeah, game days we usually talk before a warmups and then as long as he isn’t too torn up from the game we will talk after the game once he is at the hotel or home.”

“Come on baby. Papa will be back later” you say to your puppy while you try to get her to eat her dinner.

“Did you and Tyler get her together?” the producer asked. A smirk began to play across your cheeks. “No actually. I got her but the two of them quickly fell in love with each other and he started calling himself Papa to her. It stuck.”

“And what about his dogs?” you started to laugh. You pet (Y/D/N) and said, “Again, Tyler had decided on that one. He claimed that his dogs never took to a new person as quickly as they did to me. I met them before I got this little girl.” You smiled looking at her.


“Boys! Papa’s home!” Tyler called out while three labs started booking it down the hall of his home in Dallas. He wanted you to finally come down to Dallas to meet his dogs and to see his home away from Canada.

“(Y/N), meet the boys. Marshall, Cash, and little nugget Gerry.” He smiled as they all started crowding around your feet.

“Hey there little guys.” You immediately started playing with them on the ground and the look on Tyler’s face was beautiful. Like he was so amazed that you were already playing with his babies.

“Okay boys, go lay down. Stop hogging her” Tyler says and right away the dogs go run back outside.

“Wow, Ty. Can you train my future puppy?” You laughed purely amazed at how well trained they are.

“Of course! When are you getting a pup?” He smiles his biggest most infectious smile.

“Well I’m actually planning for next month. So as long as you don’t get sick of me by then” you say with a laugh and he just immediately steps closer to you and pulls you into the biggest hug while kissing your forehead. “(Y/N) I truly don’t see that happening any time soon” He smiles and kisses your lips.

“Perfect then.” you smile and kiss him back. “I hope my puppy isn’t a pain”

“I’m sure the pup will be perfect. Her papa will train her.” He winked.

“Papa? Are you already claiming her as your own?” You just smile at him. Amazed as usual with how comfortable you two are together.

“Absolutely.” Tyler smiled and pulled you in for a cuddle while you both sat outside watching his dogs. “Boys, come! Give your Mama some love” he winked over at you as the three boys started run full speed for your couch and smothered both of you in kisses before Cash and Marshall settled down at both of your feet. Gerry was cuddled up on your lap. “I love this” Tyler said with a smile.

“I really do too” You looked over at Tyler and kissed his cheek then put your head on his shoulder while petting a sleeping Gerry.


“And a week later Tyler surprised me the day before I got (Y/D/N) so he could be wish us for the first few nights.” You smiled while telling them.

The producer and crew were all smiling. “You two are really such a perfect and beautiful couple.”

“Thank you so much. Really it means alot.” You smiled at them.

Tyler’s game was about to start. Luckily you already took (Y/D/N) out before the call so she would be good for a few hours now. As you flipped the channel on (Y/D/N) ran over and sat at the TV watching the players skate around. The zoom in on Tyler perked her ears up.

“See baby, I told you Papa would be back soon.” You smirked and winked at the camera like he does to you during games. You smiled thinking about when he sees that when it airs.

i talked to him on a wednesday. he sighed on my bed. i was skyping my sister, who was trying to teach me how to knit. i told him i needed to go to bed early, i had a test in the morning. he said he had things to discuss and i’m a patient person so i listened.

this is, i learn, how our “friendship” works. hours of my life become his sanctuary. he texts me constantly. his problems fill up every space in my planner. often he demands my attention rather than asking. i feel bad, because i’m the type to feel bad, so i listen. i offer advice that goes ignored, i sit in contemplative silence even though i should be studying, i nod my head and support him. 

he doesn’t notice i start drinking wine as soon as he shows up. a few times i make the mistake of trying to bring my own problems up. they are always overshadowed by his own, or else i am given an odd supply of uncomfortable comments. “i don’t feel good lately” is met with “a girl as pretty as you isn’t supposed to feel sad.” i say “i don’t like my writing recently” and he spends forty seconds saying i’m beautiful and intelligent and a perfect girlfriend before saying “unlike me, i’m awful” and before i know it, i’m comforting him again. we don’t have real conversations. once, as an experiment, i spend two hours completely silent, just to see if he’ll notice. he doesn’t. 

once he bursts into my room while i’m scheduling my week. he’s taken aback by how much i’m doing. “you look so busy!” he says, “where’s all the time you’re planning on spending with me?” he doesn’t ask about any of my other activities. he knows nothing about my life except that i’m good at listening. i feel myself under a rolling pin. he flattens me out to use me. he punishes me if i don’t give him attention - all i hear is how he is useless without me, how he’s barely holding on, how he doesn’t know what he’d do if one day i was gone. he doesn’t know my middle name. he misses my birthday.

it’s wednesday again. i’ve been drinking. he took some of my wine without asking. he lounges on my couch with his arm casually around me. my actual friends know i don’t like touching. i asked him to move but he just laughed and said “you’re so funny.” he’s too heavy for me to move physically so i just let him lay there, complaining. i stare into space, thinking about the news i got that day. about how my life has changed.

he looks up to me. “can i ask you a personal question?”  

i don’t say “that would be a first,” because my mother raised me to respond politely. i tell him go ahead, as always, i’m listening.

“why do girls like you date jerks?” he asks me.

i stare at him, uncomprehending. he is a runaway train, his mouth still moving. “I just mean,” he says, “you’re all always going after the worst guys like you don’t even see people like me. like i’m always being friend-zoned, even you did it, and you’re one of the only people who is nice to me. but girls like you never say yes to boys like me.”

i don’t know what he’s saying. i’m dating a girl, and he would know that, if he knew anything about me; a clever and talented girl who means everything to me. 

he sighs and sits back when i’m not immediate in responding. “this,” he says, “is what i mean.” looks up with puppy dog eyes at me, “i mean could you ever date someone as awful as me? am i just a friend? am i doomed to be nothing more than the friend to pretty girls?”

we aren’t friends. we aren’t friends. we aren’t friends. 

he moves the topic before i can reply, back to his problems. i text my girlfriend, “men are animals” and she sends me back a poem about how much she loves me. he tries to kiss me when he leaves, and when i duck out of it, i later get sixteen texts on how scared i am of sex. his facebook posts are all about how women don’t know how to find the right men. how we’re blind to the good things. how we don’t see fate when it’s happening. 

he says, “i wrote you something.”

it’s a poem about him.

Dating Jeff Atkins would include


• You being introduced to him by Clay.
• Jeff and you hitting off immediately.
• Clay regretting it when he becomes the third wheel.
• “Oh, look at that! You brought Y/N again.”
• You getting kicked out by Clay, because Jeff doesn’t manage to focus with you being there.
• Tons of girls flirting with Jeff, but you not getting jealous because you trust Jeff completely.
• Him trusting you just as much, but still getting jealous.
• “Monty, back off from my girl!”
• “It’s not you I don’t trust, it’s all the boys!”
• Him being completely whipped and not even bothering to hide it.
• “Can I do your makeup? Please please please!”
• “Okay, but no eyeliner, that took ages for me to wash off last time.”
• Him remembering milestones you can’t even imagine remembering.
• “Today it was two months since you met my parents.”
• Everyone else being disgusted by the amount of fluff you have in your relationship.
• You getting ready for Jessica’s party together, him even offering to do your makeup.
• You declining of course, and him pouting and giving you the puppy dog eyes.
• “No, sorry babe.. Another time.”
• Jeff giving himself the job as driver, but you refusing.
• “You’re always the driver, have some fun tonight.”
• Bryce asking if Jeff can get some beer, but Jeff shaking his head.
• “I’ve been drinking, ask someone else.” (#Jeffdeservedbetter)
• Him giving you a promise ring at your first anniversary.
• “I know this is kinda soon, but I love you. And I promise that one day, I will marry you.”
• Him holding his promise.

Laundry Day (M)

word count: 5k

genre: smut; domestic au

pairing: reader/jeongguk

warning(s)/kink(s): dry humping, clothed sex, dirty talk, swearing, fantasizing, slight nipple play, teasing

summary: jeongguk always pioneered one household chore: laundry. now why he had such an affinity for it, you had no idea. that is, until you come home and he lost track of time, causing you to stumble upon him in the midst of something strange and yet altogether intriguing.

music: work out - j.cole ; touchin’, lovin’ - trey songz ft. nicki minaj 


gif credit

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2009 dan was a small puppy in need of some love and affection but no one really notices him in the back of the pound and he’s got these big doe eyes and his tongue is bubblegum pink and 2017 dan is a big dog that thinks he’s a lap dog and loves barking and playing and you get annoyed sometimes at how large his personality is but you wouldn’t trade it for the world because he has a cute goofy grin

Iris and Lillium’s designs for mine and @i-read-good-books   Android AU collab!! (VERY NieR:Automata inspired by my (very annoying) requests.  hahaha ) 

Text by her:


“from dusk til dawn

getting to know each other”


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NCT irl at Kcon2017

Oooohhhh fuck can I just start off with they’re all really fucking attractive and pictures don’t do them justice? Like seriously pictures cannot contain how perfect they are.

Taeil: He’s super cute like really cute. His body is even cute. He’s like right in the middle not super tall but not short. When u look at his face u just wanna smile. Really smooth skin like u wanna rub it, it’s like after u shave ur legs. Has big puppy dog eyes like u finna get lost in them shits sis. His hair is very nice and looks healthy, his hair kinda looks weird sometimes in photos but it really suits him irl!!! Some girl got chosen for Doyoung and Taeil to sing a song to her and Taeil sang a Bruno mars song I’m sorry I really can’t remember what it’s called but you guys know that one Bruno mars love song. His English was PRECIOUS he has a very sweet sing song voice. Everyone melted when he sang the Bruno Mars song like GODDDD boy really can sing well!! He’s a super cute puppy flower boy, he gives off pretty boy vibes 🌸. He was smiling a smol cute little smile the whole time he was very precious and I just wanted to love him.

Taeyong: MY FUCKING BIAS. WOOOW HES SOOO ATTRACTIVE WAS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE??? I WAS IN THE RED CARPET TAKING PICS THEN HE CAME OUT AND I JUST I PUT MY PHONE DOWN AND STARED AT HIM I HAD TO EXPERIENCE HIS BEAUTY RIGHT THERE MY MOUTH GOT FUCKING DRY AT HIS BEAUTY. Super nice skin super cute lil sweet heart trying to please everyone fan interaction every time u turn around. When he dances he GETS INTO IT his hair flops all around it’s really adorable! He hits all his moves super sharp and it’s very pleasing to see. He had a solo before all the other boys came out and he KILT THAT SHIT everyone was in shock because it was so good. He was very nervous and I was like abt to cry bc that’s my baby and no. He was talking in English and messed up and he DID THE CUTEST SHIT EVER he just looked at the ground and started smiling and all the boys just patted his back everyone said “awww” tho so I hope that made him feel better. Really a perfectionist, tried his hardest to speak really good English, ohh boy his English voice is cuteeeeee. He kept taking his jacket off because he was gettin hot. Has nice arms, the boys weren’t lying ab those veins girl u can see them from miles away, he has nice hands too. He’s kinda like Taeil he’s not very tall he’s more on the shorter side but very nice thin pretty dancer body. He was so pretty?They had a little fan interaction wheel of fortune thingy and he kept doing all the little popular American dances he was gettin it in. On stage he’s got a very sexy idgaf vibe, but in reality he’s cute and quiet. A fan had the same hair color as him and when he walked by her he pointed to his hair and then hers and gave a thumbs up. In all he really works hard and you can tell he really cares for everyone especially his members, he’s very nervous but once he gets past that he’s super cute and wants to make sure fans have a good time. ALSO HES FUCKING GORGEOUS I CANT EXPLAIN.

Johnny: BIG HES BIG TALL LEAN BUT MUSCULAR BUILD HE’S THE EPITOME OF A MAN. Very tall, I was at his elbow. He was right next to me and I almost fainted he was so hot. He has these little patches that look like irritated or inflamed skin on his left cheek near his neck and under his jaw his makeup artists covered it really well tho so I really couldn’t tell. He has flawless pore less skin it looked really soft and dewy. His hair was actual sex, the pictures don’t do him justice he fucking ROCKS this hair and it makes him give off sexy vibes. When I told him I loved him he gave me the sweetest smile ever and ugh I melted. Very polite baby!! Asked how everyone in my isle was doing and waved to everyone! I can’t get over how nice his body was I just wanted him to wrap me up in his arms so badly they looked so strong, his body is actually pretty wide but he’s lean and muscular, like he could engulf you. Bless those stylists tho bc his clothes fit him really well and he looked very cute. He’s a precious pure baby in a big sexy man body, he was smiling the whole concert everyone was PIPING HIS HEAD YO. He was talking and it got quiet and he was asking the members to show something and asking the girl who got picked for the song to pick a singing member and a girl in my isle screamed “I pick you Johnny” and he couldn’t contain his smile and laughter like he was cracking tf up. Every time it got quiet I would scream Johnny along with 2-3 other people in my isle and he would smile SO BIG. He was really happy, lots of Johnny stans there. His legs are big and long, when he dances you can see how big they are, he was smirking the whole cherry bomb choreo bc everyone kept screaming his name. In all he was extremely extremely handsome I wasn’t ready I had no idea how handsome he was! He’s so underrated please love him he deserves it. He’s a cute shy baby with a sexy face and body like he would treat u so well I can just tell. I really wanna meet him again!

Win win: PRINCE OF FUCKING CHINA. Huge eyes like they’re half his face. Symmetrical face with very nice features. Sort of round face. Good hair, pretty doll lips. He’s sort of on the shorter side and he’s thin but not as thin as Taeyong. He was gettin hyped, there were a lot of win win stans with little signs and stuff. He didn’t speak any English but listened very intently when Mark and Johnny and the others spoke English, you can tell he really wants to learn. I feel like he’s a fast learner. Very articulate and energetic dancer, looks like he’s having the time of his life on stage. Laughs at anything the members say, he really loves them. I was wearing an nct banner on my shoulders and he pointed at it and gave a heart and I thought I died for a sec. He tries to make sure every fan can see him like when they were waving goodbye he took the longest and kept stopping to wave 😂. He’s a cute baby and sometimes it seems like he isn’t thinking about anything? He loves being on stage and dances amazing I was so impressed by him, the other members all dance very well too. He seems very innocent and sweet, he works very hard and does a very energetic stage. Really tho he’s so handsome like prince of China frfr.

Jaehyun: TALL BABY! HANDSOME BABY! PRETTY BABY! MUSCULAR BABY! He really is tall, almost as tall as Johnny. Definitely most muscular in NCT he has BIG arms, you can see through his clothes how defined he is. His voice is deep, like deeper than on the actual tracks. AMAZING LIVE Singer. He sang live the whole time and everyone was amazed. He’s actually very good at dancing!!! A real man!! The type of guy u wanna wife up. Shy but confident, very smiley and cute with his members. His hair is really nice I wanted to run my hands through it so bad. When he was in the isle with me he kept looking around and licking his lips 😫😫. He’s really built so well and his voice sounds like honey. Actual prince. You think he looks good in pictures? Well if you see him in real life your gonna be blown back by his handsomeness.
Actor like chiseled features, looks like his jawline will cut you. Big eyes, small face. He was very pale, but not extremely pale he was just very symmetrical and perfect looking, he looked like if you could create the perfect man. Overall he seemed like a cute reserved sweet heart, once again shockingly handsome and sexy but also very cute!

Doyoung: BEAGLE! THIS BOY IS TALL AND CUTE! THIS BOY IS BOYFRIEND MATERIAL! He has very circular big eyes, he’s pretty thin. Legs r long as fuck they look like they’re his whole body. Sweet high voice when he sings, he sings very well live. When he was singing to the girl i was shocked how nice his voice really was. Cute hair, it’s also kinda thin. He gives off cutesy boyfriend vibes. Aesthetic boyfriend. Model boyfriend. Very well spoken and articulate. Very chic! Once again he seems like a model or something. All his clothes looked like he was modeling them. Cute stage presence equally cute up close. He wasn’t shy at all he just walked down the isle I was like damn ok. He has this sort of happy but chic aura. This boy knows what he’s doing he’s very good. Overall I just wanna walk through ny with him and take aesthetic pictures, such a boyfriend oml.

Yuta: HANSOME! SMART! LIKE REALLY DAMN HANDSOME! He’s a bias wrecker, he damn near stole my heart. Sexy boy fr tho idk if he knows how sexy he is tho. Good dancer too. DEEP DEEP VOICE FUCKKKK. His Korean is really good too. He’s in the middle for height also. When he dances he thrusts his hips a lot. You know that part in the beginning of cherry bomb the “I’m the biggest hit” part? Boy was thrusting his hips super hard. Nice body, also kinda thin but somewhat muscular. Really attractive and handsome, it’s like he commands your attention and leaves you wanting more. More of a smirk than a smile on stage. Cocky and sexy on and off stage, off stage he’s a tiny bit more cute tho. Sexy without trying sort of dancing. Sweater paws the whole night! He wasn’t sweating super bad despite his million layers of clothes. Seems like the school bad boy. Major bad boy vibes. Watch out tho bc then he’ll do some cute shit and steal ur heart. Overall very sexy with a good stage presence, I feel like he’s very cocky but in a good way like it’s hot, MAJOR BIAS WRECKER.

Mark: SUPER CUTE SUNSHINE BABY TRYING HIS BEST HE WANTS TO PLEASE YOU HES A GIFT FROM GOD! When I tell you the cutest most sweetest lil baby ever I mean it. Little baby facial features with big round eyes. His voice is surprisingly deep in real life? Tries to give bad boy sexy vibes on stage but just ends up being a cutie. PROTECT HIM. He can dance very well I would say one of the best dancers. FULL OF ENERGY THE WHOLE NIGHT. His hair was all floppy and bouncing around it was so precious. He was getting down to the wheel of fortune song like he was actually dancing really well to the random tune. He’s just so super cute and smiley UGJ. He will brighten your day. He was nervous and kept stuttering in English and smiling at the floor it was cute. His English voice is so nice to hear it’s like the perfect tone it just sort of flows into you ears. Bouncing around the stage the whole night. TRYING HIS ABSOLUTE HARDEST AND BEST. Really hard worker. Sweating a bit but it was cute. Everything he does is cute. Overall I jut wanna protect him and watch him grow and get more popular, he’s really so lovable.

Haechan: AWWWWWWW CUTE LIL BABY BOY! SOOO EXCITED AB EVERYTHING! When he dances he also bounces around. SMOL! Heart piercing smile! SMIRKING THROUGH EVERY PERFORMANCE. It’s funny because he thinks he’s older than he is and it’s really cute. CUTE PRECIOUS BABY FAT I HOPE IT NEVR GOES AWAY. Sweet baby face and very interesting and melodic voice. I’m smiling while I write this y'all he was so cute in his little shorts. He was so fucking happy and excited just really super precious. He can dance really well too he killed his solo thingy. Really sweet baby you would never know how much of a trouble maker he was. He’s really the cutest lil thing and so excited he couldn’t contain it! God I just wanna protect him.

  • Me, at the all purpose antagonist counter: Hey, so I need a typical minor villain to be my antagonist’s minion. Gruff, middle aged, cruel, ugly, probably smelly too. Just get me whatever villain-coded extra you've got a lot of.
  • The shop owner, immediately shoving a character at me: Here's your order of one young, beautiful, tortured soul in desperate need of love and a solid redemption arch, complete with puppy-dog eyes and nice hair. No refunds, no returns. Have fun.
Imagine: Dean Rescuing You From a Spider

Originally posted by justjensenanddean

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,000

Warning: big ass spider in your bed (creepy, I know), spider bites

A/N: you’ll never guess what happened to me… anyway, cute little drabble/imagine for you guys. Hope you like it. 

Credit to @deanssweetheart23 who beta’d this and everything else I do… thanks twin <3

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Begin (M)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Baekhyun

Rating: 18+ (Explicit sex, dirty talk, light choking)

Word Count: 4,104

Summary:  After moving into a new building, you keep running into the same man. The same, annoying, impossibly beautiful man - who just might like you back. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TO THE WONDERFUL @knockknocksoosthere ! Here’s your Baekhyun, the number two EXO bias)

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Title: Bumps and Bruises
Character: Steve Harrington
A/n: I love this fluffy haired man and i think he deserves a lot more than the fandom gives him credit for. (yes he was an ass at first but he had fantastic development) so enjoy some fluff for the fluff boi.

You were sitting up in your bedroom, surrounded by an open box and a couple things of wires tangled nearby while you held an open instruction booklet in your hands. Your dad had surprised you with a new record player since he accidentally broke the other one when he insisted he didn’t need a handyman to fix the crack in your ceiling.

Let’s just say it didn’t end well for him or the old player.

Trouble was, you were on your own for the day and you had no idea how to set it up.

You were just about to plug in the red wire when you heard the doorbell go off.

“Mom probably forgot her wallet again.” You mumbled as you pushed yourself off the ground before heading down the stairs.

You opened your door instead to see Steve Harrington standing there with a large Coke can pressed against his one eye. His hair was all over the place and you could see the cuts on his lip and nose.

“You look awful.” You said, helping inside.

“Well you look wonderful,” He said with a smile before he grimaced in pain. “Thought I’d stop by and say hello.”

You watched him collapse onto your living room sofa. “Here, let me see it.” You told him, moving to stand in front of him.

You went to take the can but Steve moved away. “Steve Harrington, let me see.”

“No, you’re just gonna make it worse, or freak out and yell at me. He complained, shuffling around the couch as you tried to keep him still.

“Make it worse? Don’t be such a baby and give me the can.”

Steve pulled the can down and gave you a deadpanned expression. “Happy?”

Your eyes went wide at the side of the huge cut on his cheek, he had blood all over his face and some messy brusies on his hands.

You gently took the can from him and set it aside. “I’m no medical professional, but I don’t think a lukewarm Coke can is gonna solve your problem.”

You gave him a light tap on the shoulder and gestured for him to stand up. “Come on, I have a first aid kit in the bathroom upstairs,” You told him as you helped him stand. “Besides my mom had the carpet washed and if you get blood on it she’ll kill me, so.”


“Here, we have to clean you off first,” You told him, turning the bathroom lights on while you had him sit on the edge of the bathtub. “It’ll get infected if you let it go.”

Steve just hummed, only lightly flinching when the rag would graze over the cuts too harshly, to which you would apologize and try to be more gentle.

“Keep this there, I’m gonna see if we have any antibiotic stuff,” You pressed a cold cloth to his cut and placed his hand over it. “Maybe you could explain to me what happened?”

“It’s nothing.” He said, his voice quiet.

“I mean jesus, Steve. You have a huge cut on your face along with a good other number of injuries. That’s not nothing.” You told him while you placed neosporin on clean rag.

“I was just being an asshole and got punched by a kid, it started this big thing and here we are.” He told you, keeping his eyes on his hands.

“Ah, so you deserved it then?” You said with a smile, lightly bopping the end of his nose with your finger.

That caused Steve to laugh a little as he nodded. “Yeah, I did.”

“Hold still now, this is gonna sting.” You warned him, slowly placing the rag over his cut.

Steve let out a low hiss as he jerked away from your hand. “Holy fuck that hurts.”

“Well I told you,” You said with a small tone of amusement in your voice at his reaction. “Stop moving so much, it won’t hurt as badly then.”

“Whatever you say, Hawkeye.” He said while you placed the rag on the cut again.

“There,” You said, removing the rag and placing a large band-aid on the cut. “That’s probably the worst of it.”

You cleaned the rest of his cuts and used the last of your band-aids on him. When you were done he looked slightly less worse than before, but he did look a little funny.

“I think you have a pretty good survival rate,” You told him with a smile as you put your things away in the kit. “I’d keep an eye on them though.”

“Hold up,” Steve said as you were about to leave the bathroom. “Aren’t you going to kiss them better?”

You raised an eyebrow at him. “Really? You want me to kiss it better?”

Steve gave you a dramatic nod like a child would.

You stepped in front of him, placing a kiss over the bandage on his cheek and nose, giving him individual kisses on the cuts on his knuckles. “Better now?”

“You forgot one.” He said cheekily, pointing to the cut on his bottom lip.

You narrowed your eyes at him playfully. “This was your plan all along wasn’t it?”

Steve titled his head and pretended to think for a minute. “Maybe.”

“You’re such a brat.” You told him before you left a small peck on his lips.

When you pulled back Steve’s eyes were still shut then they slowly opened again. “That was a pretty lame kiss, I’ve seen you do better.”

“How would you even-?” You cut yourself off as you shook your head. “You know what don’t answer that, maybe once it heals you’ll get a proper one.”

“Promise?” Steve asked with big, puppy dog eyes as he held out his pinky.

You laughed before you wrapped your pinky around his. “Just ask me nicely.”

"We close at 10" means we close at 10.

Last night I was at work at my Family Owned Beverage Shop (edit: my family does not own it. Poor choice of words. It is owned by a family though). It’s not my favorite job I’ve ever had because the customers are incredibly entitled. However, it’s a fairly young business and I’ve been in customer service long enough to not give in to spoiled customers just because they want me to.

Anyway. The end of the night was approaching, beautiful, sacred closing time. We had gotten a decent rush about 20 minutes before we closed (at 10pm) so we were a little cranky about how behind we were on finishing our tasks for the night. At 9:55, we’re finally getting somewhere with our cleaning when the phone rings. Sounds like a youngish boy, I’d say 15y/o at most. He asked what time we closed, and I responded with my usual, “We close at 10 every night, but we’ll be open at 11 again tomorrow morning!” That’s not working for him. “My friends and I really want some of your drinks but we can’t be there by 10, can we come like five minutes after and still get drinks?” I tell him no, the doors get locked promptly at 10. “Oh, well we really want the drinks, what can you do?” I say “You can be here by 10, because I personally will be locking the doors.” We hang up. I know he’s going to try to come in anyway.

Sure enough, at 10:06, my coworkers and I hear a bunch of banging and rattling on the closed doors. Yep, like three or four high school aged kids. Sorry, we’re closed. The chairs are up, the menu is turned off, someone is mopping, THE DOORS ARE LOCKED. Any time they catch one of our eyes (which we all do our best to avoid) they give us what they think are puppy dog eyes, and we laugh and shake our heads at them. No dice. They keep assaulting the doors. It’s getting annoying, so I look up at them brightly with a big smile and start walking toward the doors. They start getting excited, thinking they’ve finally worn us down. I hold eye contact until I swerve to the right to turn off all the lights. I could hear their collective “awwwww!!!” of disappointment through the door. It felt amazing. They left. I laughed. I won.