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Hi there! When starting out in hypnosis as a subject, how long did it take before you "felt" like you were actually going into hypnosis? (side question: Did you have any ideas about hypnosis beforehand that made this more or less difficult?)


Ugh- it took FOREVER. :)~ I’m a bit of a control freak so I went and learned everything about hypnosis that I could before actually trying it. Aside from listening to one of my dad’s self hypnosis tapes, I hypnotized people for a while before trying it myself. When I started trance swapping with other hypnotists we were all inexperienced and trying to figure the thing out so- none of us were really good or had skills in working outside of a pre-written script. I learned that I was a not-great subject. Since everything I read at the time stated that hypnotizeability was a fixed trait, I just assumed I was never going to be that great at being hypnotized and that I had to be content with that. Even once I met and started interacting with more experienced hypnotists (and some really excellent ones)- I kept this preconception. So when someone would hypnotize me, instead of expecting it to work, I’d get very analytical. I’d notice what they were doing- their language patterns, their patter, their imagery- so I could use it in the future. I compared it with a friend to diagramming sentences- being very, very technical. *

It’s only fairly recently that hypnosis has really felt like it works for me. I think part of that is really trusting people I’m working with. Part of it is consciously letting go of analyzing technique- learning to notice what people are doing in a more abstract way and less of an eager, acquisitive way. Part of it is knowing that I’ll have opportunities to be hypnotized by the same people over and over again so I don’t have to put pressure on any particular experience to be perfect. Part of it is practice subbing- adding the extra level of giving someone control as a default before actually getting into formal inductions and  trance. Part of it is letting go of expectations and enjoying what happens for me without pressure for trance (or responding to suggestions) to be or feel a certain way.

I hope that helps @fractionatedpenguins!

*There are ways to work with  someone who is very technically-minded like this. But they are not in books. AT least, most books.

Gogo, padded hero

Honey smiled as she sat in bed next to her best friend and sometimes lover, Gogo. Ever since she’d been there when Gogo had one of her nightly wettings, which she still wore diapers overnight for, she’s wanted to play the mother to Gogo’s baby, but Gogo insists that she doesn’t want to play that. If that’s the case, then why would she masturbate in her diapers when she thinks Honey doesn’t notice? So, during Gogo’s time passed out in the lab, Honey used some fun hypnosis tapes, just to see if they’d work. This was the first test. “Well, if you’re so sure that you won’t wet tonight, why don’t you get us some tea?” she asked, the last word being the trigger for Gogo’s bladder to release.


Gogo felt her bladder release and she had just soaked the diaper she had just put on for the night, she was so embarrassed that she tried to cover her crotch with her hands, “Ummm, I need to use the bathroom real quick.” Gogo said trying to excuse herself in such a way that Honey Lemon didn’t know what had just happened, hell Gogo didn’t know what had just happened, she had just flooded her diaper without even knowing that she needed to go pee.

'the stars have never shined so bright' - secret santa fic!

WestAllen Secret Santa gift from Tilly ( @mmmtion ) for Lauren ( @backtothestart02 )

Message: Happy holidays! hope you enjoy this - I went with the prompt of Iris confessing her feelings before 2x18, and I tried to incorporate domesticity, cuddling, and a lil bit of jealousy. Also I love your recommended songs! I listened to them all on the same playlist for the fic. alsooo sorry for any typos or inconsistencies it is v late and i am v near the deadline. xox your secret santa

Iris never used to dream much. She might have had the occasional nightmare, sure, as any kid did, about going to school naked or fighting terrible monsters. But for the most part, when she slept, her brain successfully pressed the ‘off’ switch on itself and peaceful nothingness engulfed her until morning.

Then, of course, Eddie died.

The first night after the event - after blood bloomed from his chest, after she tried to cling to his still-warm corpse, after his body was swept away into some bullshit vortex - she’s in her old bedroom in her dad’s place, and is supposed to be knocked out for the next few hours at least, thanks to some pills Caitlin had knowingly given her. But she wakes up in a shock, the first dream she’s had in years clinging to her, Eddie’s blank eyes and cold skin still with her.

The dreams continue, with mostly the same structure. She’ll be in their old apartment and she’ll go to find Eddie, having woken in their bed without him. She finds him in the kitchen, or the living room, or about to leave for work, and she calls his name, and when he turns to face her, blood is already spreading across his chest.

She tries medication, hypnosis tapes, even goes to see a grief counselor for a while. But nothing heals the heart like time, and she goes about her life as if she isn’t waking each night with tears streaming down her cheeks and a shriek stuck in her throat.

Besides, it’s not like she’s the only one in pain. She’s barely seen Cisco or Caitlin in months, her dad wakes around with guilt like it’s a tangible thing, and Barry…Barry will barely look at her. When she does see him, she thinks that at least she can wear make-up to hide the bags under her eyes.

But Team Flash regroups, rebuilds. Life goes on. Eventually, Eddie no longer waits for her when she closes her eyes, only making a brief appearance when the new Wells comes along, with an awfully familiar face she supposes he can’t help.

The dreams don’t quite stop, though. They just…morph into something else entirely.

In these new dreams, she’ll wake in her own apartment, or even her dad’s place, and she’ll climb out of bed to the smell of breakfast being cooked, coffee being brewed. She’ll wander to the kitchen, the feeling of contentedness filling her up like a glowing light, and she’s only wearing a man’s shirt, buttoned haphazardly down to her thighs. She enters the kitchen, and there’s a man there, torso bare and facing away from her to the cooker. She pads over to him, and sun’s streaming through the window, and she’s ready to curl into him and-

And she wakes up, the pattern of freckles and unruly chestnut hair still vivid in her mind.

At first, she thinks she’s just getting confused. (Well, actually, her actual first instinct is to deny the dreams are even happening, but two weeks in, even she’s not that obtuse.) She’s used to the domesticity, and she’s a little bit lonely, and her subconscious is just inserting Barry into the fantasy because he’s her best friend. Then, as he and Patty become a real item, she think she’s just wanting what she can’t have.

Eventually, she has to come to the conclusion that her subconscious is a little faster at working things out than her actual mind.

But she tries not to think about it too much. Barry is with Patty, after all, and she wants him to be happy, no matter how much it hurts deep in her gut to think of Patty getting to wake up to the kind smile and warm coffee.

There’s other stuff going on, anyway: there’s more meta-humans to report on and stop, she’s working out her place in the team at STAR labs, and then, she finds out she has a mother and a brother. Dreams are hardly a priority when real life is eventful enough.


She’s in her own apartment, about to chuck a ready-meal into her microwave when she gets the text from her dad:

‘Bear n Patty broke up. im on shift 2nite can u check in on him?’

(One day, she’ll get her dad to no longer use text speak - it’s an ongoing battle of theirs.)

No more than fifteen minutes later, she’s outside her old home, having spent the entire car ride over telling herself that she’s sympathetic. She’s certainly not happy or pleased or excited by the news, definitely not.

It’s only after she presses the doorbell that she realises this will be the first time she and Barry have spent truly alone since her dreams began starring him.

She’s about to work herself up into a panic about that fact when the door opens, the echoes of the doorbell still ringing out, and Barry’s there, looking tired and only a little surprised at her appearance.

Iris steels herself mentally, slapping a smile on her face as she sings, “Movie night!” before he can ask what she’s doing here. She brandishes the DVD in one hand, and pushes past him into the house, not giving him the opportunity to make excuses or send her away. She’s well-versed in comforting Barry, has been ever since he was first brought to their house in the middle of the night, and she knows that he’ll say he wants to be alone when he definitely does not.

She’s a whirlwind around the house, putting in microwave popcorn and then slotting the disc into the DVD player, and then finding the comfiest blankets from the cupboard. Take that, Flash, you’re not the only one who can multitask.

They curl up on the sofa like old times, and the movie plays, though Iris can hardly concentrate with his arm behind her, resting on the back on the couch, and her knees curled up and leaning on his thigh. They’re been in this position since kids, through college, through her boyfriends and his girlfriends, so it absolutely shouldn’t be making her feel nervous, or her pulse feel quick.

“Joe told you, huh?” he asks, apropos of nothing, almost quiet enough that she could pretend she didn’t hear him.

But she twists her lips. “Yeah.” Then she tilts her head to look up at him, to ascertain his expression. “Is that okay?” She realises he hadn’t told her himself yet, and she feels a little cold at the thought of them growing that apart that he wouldn’t.

“I was going to text you,” he says, as if reading her thoughts. He sighs. “She figured out I was the Flash.”

Iris works hard to tamper the flare of jealousy that rises in her, the idea of Patty being the one to wait on rooftops as well as wait in bed-sheets. “Oh?” She asks lightly. “How did she react?”

“I think she might have been okay with it,” he says, looking at the TV screen, though Iris could not tell you any of the plot as she watches his expression. “I just- I realised she was great for me as just Barry, you know? I liked her, and she liked that side of me. I’m just not sure how she would’ve been with the Flash as a boyfriend.Or that she really understood all of me.” He makes a frustrated sound. “Does that sound stupid?”

“Not at all,” she says, perhaps a little too quickly. His gaze is still focused at the movie, though she can tell from his profile that he’s lost in thought, and she twists so she can place her hand on his knee to draw his attention. “Barry, I have every faith you’ll find someone who gets all the different parts of you. CSI and the Flash, clumsy dork and brave hero. Even the weird part of you that hates mint candy.” 

“Yeah,” he says, finally looking straight at her as he echoes, “Someone.”


She opens her eyes slowly, eyelids heavy, and she’s in her dad’s place, which might be weird if this obviously wasn’t just another dream, another fantasy her subconscious can’t help but loop every time she shuts her eyes.

She throws off the covers and, yes, all according to pattern: she’s only wearing a guy’s shirt, plaid and big enough to drown her. She smells coffee and pancakes, and she knows what to do next, lips curled in a soft smile and eyes still hooded from sleepiness.

She pads down the stairs and into the kitchen, and the sight is as familiar as it is pleasing. The freckled bare back, the eggs frying, the sweats hanging down to his bare feet. Sometimes she’ll wake up at this point, but she isn’t surprised that the dream continues. She pads forward, feet light on the cold morning stone, arms outstretched and vision foggy.

“Iris?” She hears him say, and he sounds amused, and her subconscious has apparently perfected the tone of his voice.

She floats forward and nestles into his side, pulling his arm up and over her shoulders, humming with her eyes still half-closed.”Coffee?” She asks around a yawn.

He’s frowning at her, which he doesn’t usually. Usually he’s only too happy to oblige, having already made the coffee- but oh, there he is, keeping one arm around her while he uses the other to put a mug under the coffee machine and press the button. She makes a content sound that can only be compared to a purr, pressing her nose into his chest, positioning herself between the cooker and the warmth of Barry’s chest. He hands her the coffee and she sighs happily, curling her free hand around it.

She’s so warm, sleepy and content, that she continues with the dream, knowing her alarm will go off any minute, and she tilts her chin up to press her lips against Barry’s, gently moving them in a close-lipped, soft kiss.

He makes a small sound, almost like surprise, which is a weird change in the usual events, but then he reaches up to cup her face, and kisses back, and this is so much better than usual, so much more intense and real.

She wants this to be real so much her gut aches. But she’ll take what she can get while the dream continues, and she trails her hands up, up to curl into his scruffy hair, pressing her body into his, and he curls over her, and oh, maybe this is going to be one of those dreams-

But then he wrenches away, and she can’t help the small sound of annoyance. Dream Barry usually plays along, so why-

She opens her eyes properly, forcing them wide and focused as she takes in Barry, takes in the way she can actually see all the details of his face and the shock of his expression.

She drops her coffee as she realises that maybe, this isn’t her usual dream. That maybe, this isn’t a dream at all. 

“Fuck,” she breathes. “You- I- I was supposed to be dreaming.”

Last night comes back in full, surround-sound, car-crash detail. They’d watched two more movies after the one Iris had brought, and Iris had fallen asleep on the couch. She vaguely remembers Barry helping her up, maybe even carrying her to bed? And he must have lent her one of his own shirts to sleep in since she didn’t have any pajamas here. 

She just kissed Barry. Not in a dream, in real life. Fuck, indeed. 

“You- you dream about kissing men in your kitchen a lot?” he asks, sounding a little more high-pitched than usual, and she supposes this is probably a lot to surprise him with first thing in the morning.

“Ah,” she says, and summons up all her bravery as she says, “No, not really. Just, um. Just about kissing you.”

He visibly swallows, and his lips twitch - possibly in a smile, but he’s obviously fighting with himself to keep his expression in check. “What does that mean?”

“Uh.” She goes for broke. “I guess it means that I’m really, selfishly, glad you broke up with Patty? And if you give me, like thirty seconds to brush my teeth, we can maybe kiss some more now that I’m properly awake?”

His answering smile is nearly blinding, and he doesn’t even give her two seconds before he cups her face and leans in to kiss her a proper good morning. 

X-Files Fic: Rumor Has It

Rating: PG
Timeline: “Squeeze” to “The Jersey Devil”
Summary: Part Four of the “Early On” series.  Mulder and Ethan finally meet, under tense circumstances, and Tom Colton finds a new way to make a nuisance of himself.

Part One: Evidence Against
Part Two: Ask Again Later
Part Three: Fear of Flying

When Mulder finally meets Ethan Minette, it is not under the most ideal of circumstances.

It’s bad enough that the introduction is completely unplanned, worse still that it takes place in Scully’s apartment.  The fact that the place is crawling with police doesn’t help matters much.

But really, the icing on the cake is Ethan’s finding them in Scully’s otherwise-empty bedroom with their arms around each other.  

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2, 4, 8, 43

2. What was your first experience with hypnosis? 

My first time hypnotizing someone is a little ambiguous- let’s say doing a group relaxation exercise to help some people sleep. 

My first time attempting to be hypnotized was sneaking one of my dad’s self hypnosis tapes when I was a kid. I was so afraid of what might happen- and so disappointed when the answer was basically nothing. I had been reading up on hypnosis for YEARS at that point and had really built it  up in my mind as this powerful, involuntary thing. I was not ready for a pmr plus beach imagery- I was not for one second convinced that I was actually on a beach. Disappointing! 😛

I couldn’t even tell you what my first experience was with the concept of hypnosis. There were a few memorable cartoons- I can’t tell you if the fascination started then or before then.

4. Are you primarily a hypnotist or a subject?

Yes? I’m a pretty switchy switch. Which side feels more prominent changes frequently- it’s usually whichever side  is not getting attended to. I especially notice not feeling motivated to top if I haven’t bottomed enough recently.

8. How does it feel when you’re hypnotized?

It really varies! Sometimes I just feel very relaxed and focused. Sometimes it feels like the drifting, somewhat disconnected feeling when I’m almost asleep or like when I get to lie in a comfortable, warm bed in the morning- not quite awake but not quite asleep. Sometimes it feels like getting a big hug or like being really well cared for by someone I like- the feeling of being cuddled. 

43. What’s your favorite  thing that you’ve created?

I’m not sure! I’m quite proud of some of my recordings. I think the Derren Brown one has some interesting ideas- it’s one of my least popular but I really like it. I’ve really enjoyed getting the feedback from the Asking Permission file as well. Recording files is sometimes a little unrewarding- you see that people have listened but you get very little actual communication. Requiring people to message me in order to listen a second time was an excellent way for me to actually feel connected and like my efforts had an impact.

(Thank you thank you to anyone who has ever given me feedback on any of my files.)

Thank you for the questions! ☺

Challenge: Have a Hubba Bubba Birthday Writing Challenge

What in The World?: It’s a birthday bonanza! In celebration of upcoming birthdays for both Ash (January 10th) and Jill (February 8th), we’ve decided to team up and create a challenge for all the amazing fanfic writers out there. But challenges are all over the place so we wanted to shake things up a bit. Enter the idea of drawing inspiration from episode names from the tv show, FRIENDS. These are just overflowing wells of fanfic motivation.


  • ANYONE is welcome to join!
  • Send either @sis-tafics or @eyes-of-a-disney-princess an ASK with the prompt you would like (title and number please) and maybe a backup or two in case it is already taken. First sign ups will be until Jan 15th . After that if there are any left and you would like to double up, we can talk about it :)
    • If we happen to run out of prompts, we can make some more!
  • There is NO word limit. All we are asking is if your fic is over 1000 words to please use the Keep Reading feature
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  • Your fic can be any SPN character, any pairing, any ship, any genre, whatevs (who are we to stomp on creativity)…Just make sure you tag it appropriately for other people
  • Your fic can be used for another challenge or request. It can be part of an existing series, just make sure you include links in your fic.
  • The deadline for this challenge is February 10th. If you need an extension, need to backout, whatever it is (real life happens people) please just shoot either Ash or myself an ask. The Masterlist for this will go up soon after.
  • Any other questions, feel free to ask.


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