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Locked in;

a/n: I have no idea why this came to me it just did. In my head v cute.. written down.. IDK? Hope you enjoy though :) cuter if you imagine they’re not dating but works either way!

Riley x Lucas 
Word Count:

One stormy Thursday afternoon the six friends stay back in the auditorium rehearsing for Abigail Adams adaption of ‘The Wizard of Oz’. It was Farkle who convinced his friends to audition with him and they all landed various rolls in the play. Although, Riley opted out and just signed up to help behind the scenes.

Maya scored the lead role of Dorothy with her stunning rendition of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. 

Smackle was cast as the scarecrow and she continuously reminded everyone how ironic it was that she was looking for a brain when in actuality she’s a genius. 

Farkle joins the quest in search of love as he adapts to the life of a tin man without a heart. 

Zay plays the cutest cowardly lion the Wizard of Oz has ever seen. 

Lucas was thankful that his role as the great and powerful Oz was minuscule and performed behind a curtain for the most part as he wasn’t very confident with his acting skills in front of an audience. 

Rehearsals ran late that day and Riley texted her parents to say she was probably going to crash at Maya’s that night. Lucas had done the same to his parents and said he was thinking of sleeping at Zay’s and going to their early morning baseball practice together. 

When the rehearsals finally wrap up everyone is leaving and Riley takes an armful of things down to the prop room. Lucas assists her with the heap. Riley juggles her items and punches in the code on the door, she enters the tiny room and Lucas follows behind her. 

“Oh no, Lucas!” Riley turns around at the sound of the door clicking behind him. “The door doesn’t open from the inside!” 

Lucas’ looks withdrawn. “S-so we’re locked in?” He stutters. 

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anonymous asked:

[rolls self out of trash into ur inbox] yes hello i heard you meantion a NATM disney au pls tell me more

HELLLLOOOO yes okay i’ve actually been planning this for a long time tbh

here is goes complete with links to pics and stuff wowowow

so its like jedtavius centric au but i’ll just like start by telling you where everyone works

((also i’ve never worked at a disney park so if some of this like break rules or wouldn’t happen like who cares it’s all made up anyway))

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