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hi- what is your opinion on GMOs? i have friends in bioengineering who seem to pretty much agree on the consensus that they are all around better than non-GMO strains, except maybe when it comes to soy. basically what I'm wondering is are GMOs: - healthier? - better for the environment? - more agriculturally efficient? sorry this question is so long, thanks a million for answering it! (if you do)

from a scientific aspect: 

the facts are, GMOs are the future and the key to increasing crop production for our increasing population if your goal is to keep up food production for more people. remember, the goal right now in agriculture- the key goal that we’re throwing everything into because big yikes fam- is to produce more food off less. so like, vertical farming? good, saves space. smaller plants with bigger yield? great, saves space, can plant more and get more food. plants that are resistant to drought? to high temps? to low fertilizer? amazing, it means you have hardier plants that you can put in places that regular plants wouldn’t be able to stand.

so are they agriculturally efficient? hell yeah, because remember, it takes about 10 years for a crop in testing- GMO or not- to reach a point in development where it can be submitted for approval by the USDA for the market (something I’ve learned in my current job). imagine doing all breeding without GMOs. you would literally be able to do one cross a year, maybe two if you’re in a warmer area (this is why a lot of soybean breeding has been moved to South America, where they can do twice as much breeding). with GMOs, you can develop and test stuff faster, so by a monetary standpoint it’s awesome. 

lets not forget that GMO crops can withstand more because of the pure amount of precision put into them. like, lets say your corn breaks a lot. you can spend 3-4 years meticulously cross breeding your developing strain with a break-resistant variety to get that trait in, or you can just cut and paste in the gene. and get this: it doesn’t even have to be from the break resistant variety. you can pull it from another plant that might be better at not breaking, and get an even better resulting variety. 

another thing that we can’t forget about is that new GMO tech helps us keep up with pests and diseases. at work, i’ve seen experiments involving root pests; plants infected had root systems destroyed down to a single tap root. imagine that happening to a farmer’s field. like, all of it. that’s the kind of thing we’re up against here; to stop infestations and to solve new challenges quickly by developing technology quickly, while still improving the plant to commercial level. 

when talking to the breeders at work, they told me that the industry as a whole recently upped its goal from creating a crop that would give each farmer a 200 bushel harvest (200 bushels has been the goal for the past 30 years; they’ve recently reached it and exceeded it) to 300 bushels per harvest. they have to do this just by modifying the plants. they have no control over how much the farmer plants and/or how many fields they have.

to give some perspective here, one bushel is 60 pounds of grain. they’re aiming to have each farmer that buys their products be able to reliably harvest and sell 18,000 pounds of grain per year

the moral of the story is that the breeding and agri industries are under a lot of pressure here, and they have to work fast, because the population is rising. 

knock knock

whos there?

dwindling nitrogen supplies in farmland and unsustainable farming practices but im gonna save that for another time

are they healthier? it depends on what you believe. like, what we’ve found so far is that GMOs don’t hurt you. some of them have added vitamins that can help you (lets not forget the famous GMO golden rice, which uses a daffodil gene coupled with a soil bacterium gene to make a rice variety produce a huuuuuge amount of vitamin A. this has been so effective in solving vitamin deficiencies and health problems in 3rd world countries since it was introduced in 2005 that its won awards and been used as a universal case study for the whole “GMO plants” thing) but most are just like. idk. kind of there? they help the health of the plant and help the farmer bring in income, so???? idk???

are they better for the environment? i have no idea. i suppose indirectly, because like. if you have a heartier plant you have to clear less land for agriculture?? (can anyone weigh in here?). But if these got out into the wild, the effects could be DEVASTATING, which is why the USDA and related government organizations (depending on where you live) make it so you have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that what you’re putting out into production won’t be crazy damaging if it magically gets out somehow.

ethically: i have no idea man. like im still super split on it. my scientist self says “you can literally buy everything to do it and modify plants to produce heat right in your own home right now” but then im like……………..idk man we just dont know. i dont want to hurt my plant friends. if this hurts our plant friends. idk

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So. Mothman. Singulair entity? All male species? "Man" as a linguistic hold over and they actually don't have gender?

  • The “Man” in Mothman is a linguistic holdover because English is ridiculously gendered for no good reason.  
  • Mothmen are really Agender hermaphrodites (in the biological sense of possessing both ovaries and testes) but cannot self-fertilize.  
  • So when Mothpersons want to have kids, they typically pair-or-triple-up and lay a collective clutch of eggs in jelly in a seculded, damp nest.
  • over the next few months, the eggs engage in chemical warfare and the weaker ones are dissolved and cannibalized until there is just one to three eggs.
  • The Mothlets are then cared for by any and all parents (it’s not uncommon for non-breeding Mothmen to parent unattended offspring) for 2-3 years
  • by the time it reaches adolescene, the mothlet is typically LARGER than any of it’s parents, and a reddish-brown color instead of the usual dark gray.
  • the mothlet is then allowed out of the nest under close supervision to learn how to fly (the coloration is to other adults don’t get mad when it flies into the wrong nest), hunt, fill out job applications and other life skills.
  • at about 5-6 years, the mothlet changes to dark gray and there is a special religious ceremony welcoming it into society as an adult, not unlike a bat mitzvah.
  • Most Mothmen remain in isolated communities in far rural Appalachia, but the ones that settled west of the continental divide have had to learn how to cope with humans, due to greater population density.
  • Many end up taking night-shift jobs in cryptid-run businesses, or in the National Park Service, which is awash with cryptids.
  • A great number of fire-towers are ‘manned’ by Mothmen.  They’re great at staring at vast emptiness for long periods of time.
  • Mothmen usually only live to be about 30, much to everyone’s sadness.
  • Some cryptids have trouble with them, becuase they are entirely nonverbal and their body language doesn’t parse well to human-oriented brains, but some weres prefer them to normal humans. 
  • Mothmen CAN learn humanoid body language though, and give great hugs.  Just mind the feet.
  • Native American Lore suggests that Mothmen were on the continent prior to the arrival of humans, and they have no aptitude for magical practice, so it’s unclear how they came about.
  • Up close, they’re an interesting of moth, owl, bat and pterodactyl features.  The mouth is HUGE and toothy, though usually ‘hidden’ in thier ruff due to thier unusual head shape.
  • They appear to have strict and ritualized religious practices based on numerology, but it doesn’t match any other known numerological practice. Hell, their numbers don’t match any known one.
  • the LOVE bananas, despite apparently being obligate carnivores.

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Hello I am potato anon and I love your blog! How would the RFA and V and Saeran react to MC telling them that they're pregnant? It would also be funny if MC told them in a funny way, like putting a bun in the oven. Thanks and keep up the awesome work!!!

The calm before the sin….. or was it after? Oh, and keep tissues nearby just in case.


RFA + V + Saeran react to MC announcing her pregnancy


  • You’d been trying for almost a year now
  • You’re both lowkey afraid that one of you might be infertile or what
  • You’ve visited specialists, but there’s nothing wrong with both of you when it came to fertility.
  • It’s just that… the embryo couldn’t hold on long enough to develop
  • So you undergo a special treatment to prevent miscarriages.
  • The pregnancy test comes out positive one day.
  • However, you wanted to make sure that it holds, so you wait a few more weeks before officially breaking the news to him.
  • “Yoosung, do you think I look pregnant in this?”
  • “Of course not, MC, and even if you do get f—–can you repeat that?”
  • “I said, do I look pregnant in this?”
  • WHAT
  • You almost gave the poor boy a heart attack
  • Envelopes you in a tight embrace and bawls incessantly for a few minutes
  • Both of you waited so long for this, you couldn’t help but cry with him
  • See MC, I’m not a baby. I was able to make one with you

ZEN / Hyun Ryu

  • You weren’t really sure how to bring the subject up to him when you found out.
  • He was busy with his projects and you wanted to support him with all you had.
  • Will the baby get in the way?
  • You’ve been together for a while now, but you never talked about having kids.
  • The opportunity arrived when you were both lazily spending your day off cuddling on the couch one day
  • So you try for subtle and see where it takes you.
  • “Zen, can you read the thermometer for me? I’m feeling a little warm.”
  • “Of course, babe” 
  • Absently takes the “thermometer” from you.
  • It takes him a while to realize that he’s looking at a pregnancy test strip.
  • Is SPEECHLESS when it finally sinks in
  • “Z-zen? Are– are you alright?” you worriedly ask
  • He turns to you, eyes shining and hopeful, “Really?”
  • “Yes.”
  • Is so excited, he tackles you into a hug Zencontrolthebeast
  • Quickly backs away when he remembers your condition
  • “I’m sorry, MC, I’m just so happy!”
  • You chuckle as he moves close to your abdomen and whispers, “you’re going to be the most gorgeous potato baby ever, I’m sure of it. Daddy loves you, okay?”
  • His popularity just rose up to 1000% when he wore a “call me daddy” shirt to an interview 
  • As if it weren’t bad enough with his narcissism, will spam the chat room with monthly updates


  • You were both busy at the cafe so it took a while before you both decided that you were ready for kids
  • Was afraid that either one of you might lose the other if there were complications during or after childbirth
  • You finally convince her after attending numerous lectures on family planning and in-vitro fertilization
  • However, being a same sex couple, it was hard to find a willing and qualified sperm donor
  • Even Zen volunteered to donate his seed
  • But not in the fun way, no
  • You were considering the sperm bank, while Jaehee was considering adoption
  • You received a call from the facility one day, saying that one of your candidates’ sperm was healthy enough
  • So you both have your eggs harvested and fertilized in a lab
  • The procedures took time, but the waiting was longer.
  • You tried to surprise her one day by eating the test dessert with “special” spoons
  • You were discreetly watching her when she seemed like she was thinking during her fifth bite
  • Thought it was odd that the spoon had grooves on it.
  • Were spoons supposed to be like that?
  • So she takes it out of her mouth and examines it.
  • Engraved on the silverware were the words “we’re expecting”, with little feet decorating the end of the text
  • “How… how many?”
  • “Three”
  • The spoon falls out from her grasp and she covers her face, crying
  • But they were tears of joy
  • You go over and hug her, and you stay like that for a couple of minutes


  • Came home to find you decorating the dinner table
  • ???? 
  • Was there a special occasion? Assistant Kang never mentioned anything
  • “Jumin, you’re right on time!” you approach him and welcome him home with a kiss
  • “Are we celebrating something?” he asks, confusion written all over his face
  • He’s probably thinking of ways to make it up to you in just in case
  • “Jumin, stop thinking, and just take a seat, okay?”
  • Noticed that the plating wasn’t as professional as the ones you regularly had
  • “The food presentation isn’t as extravagant as they should have been, I must contact the chef about this”
  • You stop him in time and explain that you insisted on personally preparing and cooking the food 
  • Apologizes to you, but then he notices that there’s no wine to go with the steak
  • “Oh, I left it chilling by the counter; I should go and get it.”
  • “No MC, stay there and I’ll get it,” he says, and makes his way to the kitchen
  • “While you’re at it dear, can you also check on the oven? I was baking earlier,” you call out to him
  • You wait expectantly as he moves around the kitchen
  • He comes out dazed, holding the wine with a special label that says “baby arriving on [due date], so drink for the two of us?” on one hand and a plated bun with a black and white photo on the other.
  • “Dear, what is the meaning of this?” he demands
  • “It’s what you think it is, love”
  • ……………
  • Couldn’t contain his joy at your admission, and pulls you in for a deep kiss
  • Vowed to be the best father to his children
  • Finds the best ob-gyne to take care of your needs 

707 / Saeyoung

  • Rushed you to the E.R. one day when you couldn’t stop retching.
  • He thought you were food poisoned
  • MC I told you to stop eating my chips when are you going to listen
  • But it turns out you were pregnant.
  • Can you imagine how excited this bean is
  • Reads books like “what to expect when you’re expecting”, and “Dude, you’re gonna be a dad!”
  • Oh, and did I mention that he had you attend a birthing class too?
  • Buys every imaginable baby item he finds
  • Saeyoung we aren’t putting up a store, stahp
  • Was sulking when you strongly refused to take him along for your ultrasound
  • Is confused when you hand him a box instead of an envelope when you return.
  • Opens it to find…peanuts?
  • Notices how all the peanut pods come in twos
  • Takes out all the peanuts from the box and finds an ultrasound photo at the bottom
  • His eyes bug out as he looks at it and reads the note
  • “TWINS???”
  • He couldn’t be even happier than he was at that moment.
  • His wish was finally coming true — he was going to have a family, and he sure as hell would do his damn best to make it a happy one.


  • Freaked out when he found a small, plastic baby in his cake pop one day
  • “MC, are you trying to make me choke? Why is this on the cake?” he demands, storming into the room
  • Finds you in the middle of setting up a crib with Saeyoung
  • “What… what’s all this? MC? Saeyoung?” he says in a panicky voice
  • uh-oh
  • You decide to use caution, and approach him carefully.
  • “Saeran, I think it would be best if we talk first, okay? Would you like to take a seat?” you suggest in a calm, soothing voice
  • He takes a seat, but you and Saeyoung both notice how his breathing has started to become shallow and rapid, signalling the start of a panic attack
  • You both take a seat on either side of him
  • Saeyoung instructs his brother to take deep breaths while you hold onto one of his hands to show your support
  • “Saeran, breathe, okay? And hold for 1…2…3… yes, yes, you’re doing fine….”
  • Saeyoung leaves the two of you when Saeran had finally calmed down, letting you discuss it with his brother privately.
  • “Why…. why didn’t you just tell me?” he asks, his expression pained.
  • “I….I don’t think I’m ready for this, MC. I might be okay now, but what about tomorrow? Or the day after that? You know my childhood was one of the worst, right? And then there was my stay with Rika and Mint Eye… I need more time to think about this.”
  • Your heart breaks a little at his admission, and more so when he leaves the room, not wanting you to follow him.
  • You tell his brother about what happened, and he tries for optimistic and advises you to observe first, that maybe Saeran was still warming to the idea
  • However, he avoids you for the days that followed; the air around the two of you especially awkward when you’re in the same room
  • Finally fed up with seeing you both suffer, Saeyoung declares that he was going for a drive with Saeran, and yanks him forcefully to the garage
  • During their absence, you think about just giving up the baby if he were still against it after the talk with his brother even if you knew that it would hurt you the most
  • He returns alone after an hour, plopping beside you on the couch. “So… MC…” he starts
  • “Saeran, I think… maybe I’ll give up on the baby if you’re really uncomfortable with it,” you say in one breath, trying to keep the tears at bay
  • “What? MC, no, I….” he sees the tears finally flowing uncontrollably from your eyes, and he embraces you. 
  • “We’re keeping the baby, MC. I’m still not sure if I could be a good parent, but after my talk with hyung, I… “ he releases you and wipes a stray tear from your cheek. ”I decided to give it a try, if you’re willing to work together with me and my issues.” 

V / Jihyun

  • “MC, I don’t understand why we have to hire a photographer. I AM a photographer, you know”
  • You found out that you were pregnant for 12 weeks, and you wanted to catch his expression when you finally told him about it.
  • So you convinced him that you needed to hire a photographer for a special set of photos
  • He wasn’t new to these quirks of yours, you wanting to capture moments where you’re together, and him giving in even if he only wanted to take pictures of you.
  • He arranges for Rui, his friend, to do the photoset.
  • You insisted on making the other preparations, and you all drive to a spot with a nice lake view
  • You gave him an A3-sized white bristol board and a black marker
  • “Write something that you love about me, V. But just one. And you have to do it facing the other way, so I can write mine.”
  • “Just one? But MC….” he stops when you give him “the look” and accepts the materials without a word.
  • With Rui taking pictures of the whole affair, you write “You’re going to be a Dad!” in big, block letters.
  • You both turn at the count of three to show what each had written, 
  • V drops his card when he reads yours
  • His expression is a mix of surprise and joy, and… something else.
  • You immediately understand where his thoughts were going, and threw the card to approach him.
  • He wasn’t crying, but you run soothing circles around his back anyway.
  • “I’m sorry, MC, I just remembered…” he said brokenly, trying to rein in his feelings.
  • This causes him to sit down on the ground, the announcement and his thoughts suddenly weighing down on him.
  • You kneel in front of him and take his face in both of your hands. “I know, V. I can’t and won’t stop you from loving her, but remember that the baby and I will still love you no matter what happens.” 
  • He looks up at you, the pain and unshed tears showing in his eyes. 
  • “Thank you, MC” he says, and leans into your touch.
  • Needless to say, V kept that emotional photoset close to his heart.

Fireplace crackling, wine in her blood. She swirls the cabernet, tilting the glass, watching the jeweled liquid struggle to reconcile itself with the forces of gravity and momentum. This is Mulder, she reminds herself, waiting for his shadow under the door. This is just Mulder. 

Be forthright and honest. Give him an out. 

The grate of his key in the lock jars her, and in the looming immediacy of his presence, her heart begins to stutter. She downs the rest of the wine in one swish, and sets the glass on the coffee table. Shit, she should bring it to the sink, he shouldn’t know she’s been drinking -

Mulder opens the door. He’s rumpled and unshaven, in work wear, his necktie loose. “Hey, Scully,” he says, gentle, almost hesitant, eyeing her as he shrugs off his snow-dusted coat and drapes it over a chair. Jacket next. She tries to absorb him, taking him in, repeating the mantra. This is just Mulder. 

“Hi. Um. Why don’t you sit down?” He purses his lips and walks around to the couch, easing himself down so that he’s angled towards her. A warm hand on her knee, a cacophony in her mind. 

“Scully,” he begins. 

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Villainous Headcanons Part 2
  • Flug has a pair of noise-cancelling headphones that he wears under the bag when working. Sometimes he listens to music; sometimes he just wears them to block out the racket of his housemates so he can stay calm and focus on his projects
  •  It’s a unanimously agreed upon rule that no one try to remove Flug’s bag, but Demencia likes to scribble on it when he’s sleeping
  •  This happens a lot 
  •  All sharpies, pens and pencils are kept in a secured multi-lock safe that Demencia is incapable of opening because of how often this happens
  •  5.0.5 has his own personal flower garden that he plants and takes care of. It was declared off limits to the rest of the household after BH and Flug used the garden to test a hexed, scientifically advanced fertilizer that turns plants evil
You Can’t Have Kids~BTS Scenario {Vocal Line}

Like I said angst is my favorite thing in the world, expecially when fluff mixes with it. Oh a some concepts will be repeated as to why you cannot have children just twist differently for each member. {Rap Line}


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It wasn’t like you didn’t know you couldn’t have kids, you’ve known since you were seventeen you had .09% chance of having a child, a miracle to 1 chance. You just didn’t know how to break it to Jin, the topic of kids being randomly brought up with marring you as well,three years after you two met.You couldn’t find the words to say it, that you could never carry his child, that you could never give him the experience of watching your stomach grow, to feel your baby kick and move. You couldn’t do the one thing you were built for, to make a life all you could do was try and live the life your own mother gave you.

So when he had gotten down on one knee at a band metting, with the six boys standing around you ,mangers and producers. People that love and care for you and him, you cried not from love or excitement but of your body becoming riddled of sadness and confusion. You wanted to marry him, you want to be Mrs.Kim, you want to have the ring he probably took months to fine just for you, thinking of you while he bought it. You just didn’t know if he’d want to marry you when you told him, but you said yes anyway. Because in the moment he wanted to marry you.

The feeling of the ring slipping onto your skin made you blush as tears fell, his own gathering at his cheeks. He stood up and wrapped tou into a hug his lips pressung against yours as everyone cheered. Your hands cupping his face as he picked you up and spun you around. “I love you, I love you!” He laughed making you giggle the thoughts of never having his child leaving you.

“I love you too.” You whisper, your forehead leaning against his as you smile at him.

Later that night he had dragged you ubto your home, lip against yours as he let out a soft graon when your hand began to indo the buttons of his shirt. You hand spreading across his chest as he picked you up. “Let’s get start practicing.” He mumbles with a smile making you pull back, you tilit your head as he laugh tossing you onto your shared bed “For making kids…” he trailed as his lips trail down your neck, the words made you freeze making him stop and look at you. “To soon?” He questions chewing on his lip.

“It’s not that.” You whisper, moving your body awsy from his. You twirl the ring on your finger, the smooth metal spun perfectly on your skin. His hand touch your shoulders, the large hand that made you feel alive, and loved run down your arms as his lips push against your neck making you sigh as you push him back making him sigh. “I have to tell you something.. I should’ve told you this before…’s just I don’t know how to…say it.” You whisper, tears gathering in your eyes, he hand laces with yours. His other reaching your chin to turn to face him.

“Baby, what is it?”

“Take this back..” you mumbled pulling the ring form you hand, his eyes widen and being to water. His body yanking from yours as he stood up.

“You don’t want to marry me?”

“Of course I do!”

“The why?!” He cried out falling to his knees in front of you. His hands and head resting on your lap making your sigh.

“I can’t have kids.” You spit out, the words lesvinng a vial taste in your mouth. His eyes widen as he lets out a airy laugh.

“Oh god, I though you just..I don’t even wsnt to say what I thought.” He mumbles his hand grabbing your hands as he stood up, your body following his. “I dont care if you can’t…I mean I would love to have a miny me or you but there us a child out there who needs us.” He mumbles his lips touching his neck. “Does this mean I didn’t have to use cond-”




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You two had been trying for what seems like years, when in reality it’s only been a handful of months. Still, not even a possibly sign of pregnancy, it was taking a toll on you. You blamed yourself, maybe uf you’d tsken better care of yourself as a younger adult it wouldn’t take as long, you even went as far and blaming Jimin trying to blam his party liking as a teenager destroy his fertility. But when you got the news that your had several cyst on your fallopian tubes it destroyed you even more.

You’d went alone to get a check up a week in advance, your wedding bands shinning in the office light as you wait for the diagnosis. Jimin was next to you, pacing the room, his raven hair going through his fingers over and over again. “Its has to be bad news if you were told to bring me.” He breath out, horrible ideas running through his head, cancer being the biggest leading factor. What if’s runnung through his mind as he paces. “It has to horrible, oh my god.” He whispers, his eyes tearing up at the unknown and over thinking.

What if you had ovarian cancer? What if he had to watch you wither away? What if you didn’t make it? What if he had to bury you? His Y/n, what if she died and he had to grow old alone? What if the one person who was made for him, just died?

A knock of the door made your voice bresk through his mind, his body moving to stand bext to you. Your body in a chair, legs crossed and chin in hand. You other hand gripping his as it drapped over your shoulder. “Mr and Mrs. Park?” The women asked, her hair in a back bun, eyes covered by glasses and a white coat ovee her shoulders. “Hello my name is Dr. Kim, I have some…bad news.” She says making Jimins grip on your shoulder tighten. She pulled another chair and sat in frount of you. Her hand reached over and touched your knee the simple gesture made it click, the conversation you had with her a week ago, speaking of try for your first born. The look in her eye and the placement of her hand told you all you needed to know.

You could not bare a child in this life.

You let out a small sob making your husbands mouth fall open, Dr.Kim let out a sigh as she let her hand moved around your knee. You yanked yourself from Jimin and fall into her. “You have several cyst on your fallopian tubes, it’s under 5% chance of conception, I am so sorry.” She mumbled as you cry into her lap.

Jimin stood there. The breath leaving him, a mix of saddnes and joy. He can still grow old with you, sure he would never have the minnie him he’s dreamed of. But he reathee have you, then a baby. His hand reached out to touch your back, the feeling making you let out a breath as you pull away from Dr.Kim. “Thank god.” He let slip as he moved to bend next to you, “I thought I was going to lose you or something.” You let him hug you as you cried. When Dr.Kim came back in front of you two with multiple brochures and pamphlets.

“Now..I know I just gave you the news…but here. I’ve know you for a while now Y/n, and I know you’ll make a great mother one day….even if it’s not your own.” Her habd olaced themin you lap as she smiled. “Leave when ever your ready.” And left.

Looking down you couldn’t even smile still feeling sick after finding out, but Jimins eyes shined. He took one, Adopt a child in need , on the front cover. “Wow.” He numbled, like a whole new light was shined in his eyes. The sound of his voice made you float out of your funk and look at the one he was holding. “Look at them, they’re so beautiful..” It was one for and Afican tribe who had had many successful adoptions. You smile as you watch him read over the process, you own eyes following with his, “Boy or girl?”

“You chose.” You mumble whipping your eyes, he looks up at you and smiles.

“A little girl…she’ll be so beautiful.”


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You were two months along when you miscarried. You didn’t even know you were pregnant, waking up to a shooting pain that made you scream waking your Husband of three years snap up with you. You were sweating, clunching your stomach, his eyes widen as you throw the covers off you, there he saw blood, making him jump in action. Taking you to the car sheets still wrapped with you screaming in pain, he drove off.

Once at the hospital they whisk you away, “Miscarriage! We have a miscarriage in process get OB down here…Mrs.Kim it’s goung to be alright, how far along are your?” You panic, the oxygen mask making it harder to breath, miscarriage? You’re pregnant?

“What? I did-where my husband I need him please.” You cry as another shot of pain went through you, a nurse left as another Dctor came in.

“OB.” She say, mocing to takes a look, hearings after a few minutes, she sighs. “There’s no way to dave this pregnancy….get me an ultra sound though…theres somethinf else wrong she bleeing to much and is in to muc-”

“Y/n! Baby, oh my…” Taehyungs voice made your heart rate drop, as he rushed to your side, hus hand wrapping with your. Cold jell was placed your stomach as you felt dizzy.

“Just what I fear…you have a fallopian tube pregnancy, I have to in surgically to repare the damage, now. Or we lose them both.” The voice shouted making Tae stop breathing.

“Pregnancy?! Lose then both?” He cried as the push hum away wisking you off.

“We’ll do everythung we can to save you wife Mr.Kim.”

Hours later, you woke up pain in a lowe abdomen. A hand laced in your a balloons all around. Looking to the side you see a sleeping Tae, you froen when you moved tour hand to your belly. No. “I’m sorry.” You breath as you felt someone looking at you.

“For what?”

“Lossing our baby….I didn’t know I wa-”

“It wasn’t your fault…it was no ones. Okay, it was not your fault Y/n.” He says as your turn your face to look at him, his hand cupping your cheek as he kissed your lips. When someone walked in.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Kim, I have some news. So first of the surgery went beautifully, but secondly we had to remove the damaged tube, and ovary as we were in there I noticed somethung else. Your other tube was quite as I call it. Meaning it has not produced an egg in quite some time. In doing further test I found that your other ovary has 6% fertility…Im sorry.” After asing basic question the doctor left leaving your and him alone.

“We’ll get through this I promise.”


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You and Jungkook had been planning to have children for almost a year. The mutual idea of beung able to hold them, thinking it would be soon. So when it was brought up to your Doctor, they wanted to make sure it went off without a hitch.

As you and Jungkook wait for the Doctor to come back with preferable medications and vitamins. He was having you sit in his lap, his lips pressed your neck the simple motoon made you shiver. As your Doctor came in, the vibe of room changed in a snap. The feeling made you sick,the words that follow made you strom out of the room leaving you husband confused.

When he walked to car to see you standing there, read eyes and messy hair. He lets out a sigh as he walked up to you, his arms wrapping around you as you let out a sob. “Are you okay?” His question made you shake your head as you fell into him. “That’s okay we’ll be okay.”

How MM Characters React to Finding Out You're Pregnant


  •  He already noticed slight changes to your mood and body before you did. 
  •  At first he thought it might be the flu, but that thought changes when you are too tired for your usual love fest in bed.
  • “I’m sorry, Jumin. I’m too tired tonight.”
  • Elizabeth 3rd also becomes extra clingy to you. 
  • Jumin makes you go to the doctor and they can’t find anything wrong. He insists to do further tests but you beg him not to.
  • “It’s probably stress, Jumin. I’ll be fine.”
  • Wrong answer. Jumin has cleared your schedule until he feels like you’re feeling better. 
  • A week later you realize your period hasn’t happened. 
  • Jumin knew this before you and scheduled another doctor’s appointment after asking Jaehee to research information on missed periods (poor Jaehee.)
  • He makes you go back to the doctor for blood work. Suddenly this all makes sense: The fatigue, your bras no longer fitting, and feeling sick. 
  •  The doctor walks in with the good news. “Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Han. You’re going to be parents.”
  • Jumin doesn’t say anything at first. His face loses color. The news is a surprise. 
  • “Sweetheart, are you okay?” You ask. You’ve never seen him this way before.
  • He nearly faints from processing all the emotions he is feeling on the way out of the doctor’s office.
  • Jaehee cancels all of Jumin’s meetings for the week citing “exhaustion” as the cause.  
  • Jumin holds you close to him later on that night, confessing he is both terrified and delighted at the news. He wonders if Elizabeth 3rd will feel jealous. omg really jumin. 
  • “I’m sure she’ll be happy too,” You whisper in his ear as you accidentally fall asleep on his chest. 
  • He admires the glow your face is beginning to show as you sleep peacefully. 


  • You’ve been much more emotional lately. 
  • Every time Zen had to leave on set you find yourself crying, but why?
  • You even beat yourself up about it. “Why am I acting so strange..?”
  • Zen invites you to come on set with him one day and you’re immediately say yes! 
  • You couldn’t help but keep refilling your plate with cakes from catering. Zen tries to crack a joke “You are what you eat, huh babe?” 
  • But it backfires.
  • It backfires BAD. 
  • You walk away sobbing. This is entirely out of character. 
  • “Wait! BABE! I’m so sorry!” He runs after you and pulls you in for a hug. 
  • You sob into his chest for a few minutes and then go silent.
  • He pushes you in front of him to see what’s wrong. “Babe…?” 
  • Your face turns white and you go limp in front of him. 
  • Zen FREAKS out and immediately yells for someone to help. 
  • He carries you himself to the ambulance and he demands you get rushed you to the hospital. 
  • The paparazzi outside of the set take photos of the incident. A video is uploaded to Youtube.
  • You regain consciousness when arriving to the hospital. “What’s…what’s going on?” 
  • Zen cries with joy seeing you’re awake and hugs you. “Shh. Just rest, my princess. We’ll find out. I love you.” 
  • He refuses to leave your side as the hospital runs a bunch of tests, but, you tell him he should get something to eat while they do an ultrasound. 
  • The doctor comes in a couple hours later and tells them it was a combination of exhaustion and dehydration.  “This is a common symptom in pregnancies. She’ll need to make sure she drinks more fluid and get rest.”
  • Wait. What? Both you and Zen look at the doctor with confusion.
  • The doctor informs the two of you that you’re already 13 weeks pregnant. He gives Zen a picture of the ultrasound showing a little baby bean! 
  • You start crying at news. It’s happy tears. Eventually Zen starts crying too. He’s just as happy. 


  • It’s not secret you and Yoosung wanted to have kids immediately.
  • You two tried every month for six months. 
  • You have a bulk stash of HCG strips in the bathroom, an ovulation 
    tracker on the your phone, and have read every article online on how to improve your chances at becoming pregnant.
  • Every month your period came, Yoosung started to doubt himself. 
  • “Is.. Is there something wrong with me?”
  • You’d hold him and reassure him. “Don’t say that. There’s nothing wrong with you! Sometimes it just takes time, I guess.” Deep inside, you wondered if there was actually something wrong with you instead.
  • After a year of trying, you both go to a fertility specialist to have tests done. 
  • The specialist tells the both of you there is a problem with your ovulation. They immediately start on you a treatment plan with fertility drugs. 
  • You act okay with the news, but in reality you are the opposite of okay. 
  • Yoosung finds you crying underneath the covers and panics. 
  • “Please don’t cry! It’s not your fault!”
  • Soon he’s crying too. 
  • By the third treatment cycle you start to notice changes in your body.
  • You start doubting your feelings. You try to remain calm. 
  • Every day you and Yoosung talk about all of your different things happening with your body.
  • When you take one of your test strips at home you notice a second faint line, causing your heart to skip a beat.
  • “Yoosung! LOOK!” 
  • Each test on each day has a darker, and darker second line. You two get hopeful. It’s been a hard two years, but it feels like you two are getting to the light at the end of the tunnel. 
  • You two are SO nervous at the fertility specialist. Yoosung can barely breathe.
  • The fertility specialist confirms what you two have been dreaming. You are pregnant!
  • Yoosung sobs tears of joy at the news.  You two are so happy to finally become parents. 
  • The fertility specialist interrupts the celebration with even more good news.
  • “There’s just one thing…”
  • He shows on the screen there are four baby beans. 
  • FOUR.


  • Remember that one time he wanted to leave evidence he existed on you?
  • Well he wanted to do that again on your honeymoon. And then some. 
  • A couple months later you notice you are craving Honey Buddha Chips and Doctor Pepper more than normal.
  • At first Saeyoung thinks it’s really cute how much junk food you’re eating.
  • And then he realizes an entire giant box of Honey Buddha Chips are gone. 
  • He asks Saeran first if he knew what happened to them.
  • “Why would I eat all of your chips? I saw your wife with the box. Ask her.”
  • And then he wonders if maybe you’re emotionally eating.
  • What if she regrets our marriage? 
  • Later on in the day you visit Saeyoung in his computer room where he’s playing LOLOL. “Hey… Saeyoung.. we need to talk.”
  • Your voice makes him immediately spin around. He has tears in his eyes. “I.. I knew this day would come.” 
  • Your heart immediately sinks. “I’m.. I’m so sorry Saeyoung!”  You feel even more guilty at eating his precious Honey Buddha Chips as you add “I’ve been so hungry lately and they just taste so good. I’m so sorry for eating them I will never do it again!” 
  • Saeyoug looks at you confused. “Wait? You’re not leaving… me?”
  • “I WOULD NEVER LEAVE YOU.” omg you stupid idiot i love you. 
  • Suddenly you feel hot and sick. You run to the bathroom covering your mouth.
  • Saeyoung panics when he hears you vomit in the bathroom. It’s enough to get Saeran out of his room too. 
  • He’s never heard you this sick before and makes you go to bed. This goes on for a week. 
  • Soon he’s starting to search for answers online. He even goes to WebMD.
  • When you’re sleeping he calls Jaehee in a panic, worrying you might be dying and because you both are girls maybe she would know how women things work. 
  • Jaehee calmly explains to him that you’re not dead and dying. She suggests to him that you may be pregnant and should take a test. (I guarantee she facepalmed at the convo.)
  • A week later, you’re start having suspicions too. You look at the calendar and realize you haven’t had a period in two months.  “Could it be..?” 
  • You go to tell Saeyoung you think you’re pregnant and He confesses he already purchased a bunch of pregnant tests for you.
  • You think that’s the most romantic thing ever and hug him to pieces. 
  • He waits outside while you figure out how to use to use the test. How do girls pee on this thing omg. The test immediately comes back as positive. 
  • You rush out of the bathroom with the test in hand. You both are sobbing tears or joy together. 
  • You lean in to kiss him when you’re stomach starts to growl again. 
  • “Can.. Can I have more Honey Buddha Chips?” 
  • He’ll be glad to give you anything for you and the baby. 

D-printed ovaries allow infertile mice to give birth

Infertile mice have given birth to healthy pups after having their fertility restored with ovary implants made with a 3D printer.

Researchers created the synthetic ovaries by printing porous scaffolds from a gelatin ink and filling them with follicles, the tiny, fluid-holding sacs that contain immature egg cells.

In tests on mice that had one ovary surgically removed, scientists found that the implants hooked up to the blood supply within a week and went on to release eggs naturally through the pores built into the gelatin structures.

The work marks a step towards making artificial ovaries for young women whose reproductive systems have been damaged by cancer treatments, leaving them infertile or with hormone imbalances that require them to take regular hormone-boosting drugs.

“Our hope is that one day this ovarian bioprosthesis is really the ovary of the future,” said Teresa Woodruff at Northwestern University in Chicago. “The goal of the project is to be able to restore fertility and endocrine health to young cancer patients who have been sterilised by their cancer treatment.”

  • *Heather Duke is holding a pregnancy test*
  • Heather McNamara: What's the prognosis, Fertile Myrtle? Plus or minus?
  • Heather Duke: Don't know, it's not seasoned yet. Oh, there it is. That little pink plus sign is unholy. *angrily shakes test*
  • Heather McNamara: That ain't no Etch-A-Sketch. This is one doodle that can't be undid, homeskillet.

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And I'm guessing Lance has the baby? ;u; papa/mama lance?

Back story time. Ha!

So in this AU, the gang are all back on Earth, living the domestic life the best they can.

Shiro and Allura are married. They have two kids, a son named Alfor and a daughter named Tia. Allura establishes and runs an alien embassy.

Shiro, Matt and Pidge work with the Garrison on alien technology.

Hunk decides to leave the space life behind and opens a Bistro. He falls in love with an OC I haven’t hashed out. Coran hangs out at the Bistro so much that Hunk hires him on as a barista. He bestows his wisdom on the patrons.

Coran lives with Matt and Pidge. Hunk and Lance refer to their place as the Ginger Hut.

Lance is an instructor at the Garrison.  

Keith floats around, doing odd jobs, sometimes working for Allura, sometimes with Shiro, and sometimes with the Garrison.

Lance and Keith get married not long after they return to Earth.

The Lions and the Castle of Lions are hidden near the Garrison. The gang hope their services will no longer be necessary and until their kids are teens, they aren’t.

One day, Hunk invites them all to the Bistro because he has some news. He and his wife are expecting. That night, Lance asks Keith his opinion on them starting a family. Keith is hesitant at first because he never really had a family and Lance convinces him that that is even more reason for them to.  

They consider fostering and adoption, but they have classified files, particularly Keith, on their records and the agency says they are not applicable.

So they look into surrogacy.

They ask Pidge first. For a variety of reasons, she doesn’t think she could do it. Allura offers. She loved being pregnant but two kids are enough and since Lance and Keith worked so hard saving the universe with her, the least she could do was carry a baby for them.

There is some discussion about who is going to father the baby. Lance thinks Keith should, since he hasn’t really known life with biological relatives. Keith thinks they should both put their boys in the petri dish and let them fight it out, but the fertility specialist tells them it is possible to make an egg out of stem cells and they could have a baby that was biologically both of theirs.

The doctor was going to take marrow from both of them to see who would make a better eggs, but Keith panics when he learns there are needles involved.

Lance is all, “What the heck, Keith. I have seen you charge aliens who could, and did sometimes, beat you to a bloody pulp and you are afraid of needles?”

But the thought of needles bring back flashbacks of Keith as a boy, and he remembers being kept in a lab and being held down and tested on because something wasn’t quite right about his blood.

These memories make Keith almost back out. Lance convinces him that they won’t let what happen to him, happen to their baby and he really wants a baby that is both of them now that he knows it is possible. He’ll make the eggs. Keith just got to do his business in a cup. No needles for Keith.

The fertility specialist successfully makes eggs out of Lance’s stem cells. Keith’s swimmers fertilize the eggs. Two are implanted in Allura. One sticks.

38 weeks later, Ally Katherine McClain-Kogane is born and their lives change forever.

Imagine You're A Doctor With a Special Patient Part 3

Part 1 - Part 2

Saturday finally rolled around, and you paced the lobby of your apartment anxiously as you waited for “David” to pick you up.

You rubbed your belly absentmindedly. Over the past few days it was undeniable, it had grown, and it was firm to the touch. It had been about a month and one week since David had impregnated you, so on a normal pregnancy scale you were probably just short of four months in. You’d already gained a bit of weight in addition to your baby bump so yesterday you had finally caved and bought yourself some larger clothes. You made another promise to yourself to fight your cravings, but man, you certainly deserved whatever food you wanted with everything you were going through. That’s what you told yourself the last four times you’d tried fighting your cravings, its probably what you’d tell yourself again.

A sleek red car pulled up in front of the building. It was the make and model David had told you to watch for. You gulped, and then walked out.

David gave you a reassuring smile as you walked up to the car. He was just as cute as before. Well not quite, because you didn’t uncontrollably want to take off your pants and fuck him, but there was something alluring about him all the same.

You opened up the passenger door and took a seat.


“Don’t worry, I know this is awkward, I know you know this is awkward. I’ve done this many times before. So just take it slow, think about what you wanna talk about, and try not to get overwhelmed.”


“Hmm?” David started the car and drove towards the coffee shop you’d agreed you’d go to. “How is this possible you mean?”

“Basically, how did you get a condition that makes one out of every thirty people you meet want to fuck you and get pregnant?”

“Huh, I’ve never been asked that first before. Sure people usually get to it, but I’m usually met with panic first, not curiosity.”

“It’s been over a month, I’ve done enough panicking. I’m a doctor, and I know for a fact that there’s no way such a condition exists.”

“Not naturally that is, long story short my parents are both scientists. They studied fertility. They wanted to find new ways to increase it and they dabbled with genetic modification.”

“And they tested on YOU?!”

“What? No! It was an accident. They’ve been doing their research all their lives, I grew up next to it. They had no reason to think anything they were doing was…contagious, and it didn’t come to light until I turned 18. It didn’t affect them, guess it had something to do with the fact that I was still maturing…”

“So…what happened when you were 18?”

David was silent for several moments.

“…We’ll get there. Let’s wait for coffee.

You knew you’d struck a nerve so you said nothing for the rest of the trip. It was ridiculous really. Why should you feel bad for him? You were the victim here. Or…were you? He said he’d done this many times. How many children did he have? What kind of crazy situations did he have to endure? After your pregnancy was over you could tell him goodbye and be done with it, he’d be dealing with this shit the rest of his life.

You rubbed your stomach and realized how hungry you were, hungry for…cool ranch Doritos…covered in chocolate.

Hmph, whatever tragedy David had been through, at least he didn’t have to deal with being pregnant himself.

You pulled into the coffee shop and you both wordlessly exited the vehicle.

“Hey David!” said the barista as you walked in. “Got another date?” He laughed and then spoke to you. “He brings ‘em in here all the time, but don’t worry, you’re definitely ‘the one’”.

David shot you a knowing look and then glared at the barista.

“Just kidding.” the barista replied. I mean not really, you sure do bring a lot of people here, but just looking out for them, honest. Gotta know what they’re getting into.“ He winked at you and went back to the espresso machine.

"Thinks he knows everything.” David mumbled. “If only he was one in thirty…”

“I hear you grumbling, come on David, you know you’re our best customer, what can I get ya?”

He ordered a double shot Americano, while you got your favorite. David had of course, offered to pay.

You sat down in the far corner of the cafe where almost no one else sat. You guessed this was David’s “usual spot” by the sly look the barista gave you as you sat down.

“So what are my options?” You asked.

“Well you can either keep the baby, which would be completely fine, or you can give it up for adoption, also completely fine. I can help you with that. I may have umm, 'had a thing’ with someone very high up at an adoption agency, I promise the kid will be in a good place.”

“Good to know…” You didn’t say anything after that. You were a practical man, you now knew that David would take care of covering your predicament. You wanted to know more about him, so you let him to the talking.

“…What else do you want to know?” he said after the awkward pause.

“What else can you tell me?”

“Well I, I usually just respond to things that others ask. Yes, you have to keep it, my parents’ strong fertility alterations mean the pregnancy can’t be terminated. Umm…you’ll get your male genitalia back a month after the birth, and yes there will be a birth, that’s a surprisingly common question…”

“What about you?”

“Huh?” he replied. Up until that point he had mostly just been twiddling his thumbs, but now he stared you right in the eyes. “Well me, I, like I said I’ve been dealing with this since I was 18, I’m 32 now so, I’m not exactly a stranger to this process. It’s all become pretty routine really. I’ve had "incidents” with a diverse enough group of people that I’ve got all the resources I need, no one wants their secret to get out. That includes money so if you need anything like clothes or supplies…“

"I’m a doctor remember? I’ve got money.”

“Still, you shouldn’t have to pay for anything to do with this. You’re already paying enough…”

You gave your belly a light rub and chuckled. “It’s not that bad, really.”

“Not yet..” David replied. “I mean, not that it gets awful! I’ll take care of you, I promise. It’s just, birth is birth, y'know?”

You looked down at your stomach, it already seemed so big compared to that fateful visit, but it was going to get a least twice as big. Probably more like three or four times as big…

“It’ll be over before you know it.” There was another silence before he added “You look good.”

“Ha, I’m sure you can see I’ve gained at least 20 pounds on top of the belly, and look at my chest.” You said, gesturing to your increasingly more feminine breasts.

“They’re not that big yet…”

“Yet.” you scoffed.

“Sorry! But it’s true, you’ll have to feed the child naturally for the first month, assuming you decide to keep it. You’ll have to pump either way…

"Oh Lord, let’s not talk about that until we have to.”

“I mean, you’ve got just under two months left. Time is shorter than you might want it to be…”

More awkward silence. You decided you were done with the awkwardness, you were sitting with a man you’d met only once before, who had given you a female reproductive system, impregnated you in your office, and was now going to guide you through said pregnancy. The situation was all fucked up already, you should just roll with it and get everything out in the open.

“So what’s up with the pheromones?” You asked. “Thought you said they’d be out of my system?”

At that David suddenly looked shocked, and then panicked.

“Ar-Aren’t they?”

“I mean, mostly yeah. I’m not looking for a repeat of your appointment, but they aren’t completely. I think I’m still somewhat attracted to you.”

“You-you are?”

“Yeah but, that’s just the pheromones talking, right?”

“They’ve never remained beyond the initial encounter before…”

Oh great, more silence. This is what you were trying to avoid. You felt newly sheepish. Maybe your feelings had nothing to do with David’s condition at all. You expected him to have a logical explanation, and then you could continue to talk on purely logical terms about your situation.

“No one’s ever had lingering feelings before, in fact a majority of them absolutely hate me after their initial libido. To be honest I rarely meet with anyone more than once…Hence this asshole thinking I’m a player…”

“Oh David you know I think nothing of the sort…” said the barista, having just arrived with your coffees at that moment. “I’ve been watching you though.” He said, turning to you. “He’s usually quite bored with everyone he brings here, they always babble on. But based on the looks on his face you’ve actually managed to intrigue him…”

“That’s enough!” shouted David. “I’ll be having a talk with your manager!”

“Enjoy yourselves!” The barista exclaimed, rushing away from your table.

“…He’d better hope I don’t have a 'one in thirty’ talk with his manger.”

You let you a laugh. David looked at you incredulously with a small grin on his face.

“That’s probably the first joke I’ve made about my condition, ever, and you actually laughed.

"Oh.” you suddenly blushed. “Well it was funny. You gotta joke about the serious stuff sometimes, otherwise you wont get through it. Like…this” you said as you gestured at your belly.“ Do you think I’ll end up with more of a basketball shape, or a bowling ball?”

“David’s face erupted into a big grin. "Ha! What the difference?”

“No idea, guess it’s just the difference on if my kid is more of a jock or a nerd.”

“Heh. So, do you think you’ll keep it then?”

“I don’t know, single parenting sounds hard…do you actually parent any of your kids?”

“Unfortunately, I don’t. It’d be hard, y'know? I’d be doing them a disservice by trying, they’d never get the attention they deserve. Best to just leave them with the parent they get all to themselves or with their adopted family. But…”

“But what?

"One of these days, I do want to get married, like for real. And have a real family. Kids I actually plan on having. Kids that can actually call me dad…It might be stupid, I know, to think I could ever end of with someone who wouldn’t mind that I’ll probably be getting people pregnant all my life.”

“I don’t know.” You replied. “They might be closer than you think…”

David looked at you, an intense fascination in his eyes. You took a sip of your coffee, but immediately spit it out. “Ughh, this is my favorite but it tastes like shit!”

“Pregnancy can mess with your taste buds. What sounds good to you right now?”

You paused. “…Chocolate covered Doritos…”

He smiled. “I just might be able to get some of those. Would you…want to come back to my place?”

“I’d like that.” You smiled back.

You never got any explanation for why you felt this way about David, but you didn’t care anymore, because something was happening with it. You always thought that you were completely straight, but your feelings for David? They were more than your feelings that day in your office, those feelings were hollow, but these? They felt…real. You got back into David’s car and watched him as he drove you back to his place. Then you put both hands on your belly. The last month had been filled with apprehension towards the thing you were growing inside you, but now you felt a sense of pride and appreciation for carrying David’s kid.

David offered you a drink at his apartment. You both talked, laughed, drank some more, and got preparations for your kid together. David kept habitually making the plans as if he would never see you or the baby again, but you kept subtly revising him until “checking in periodically” turned into “monthly visitation” which rapidly and unexpected turned into “let’s just live together”. On that suggestion, David brought you into his bedroom and you stayed the night, while essentially repeating the appointment at which you first met. Only this time, it felt real.

(Cyrille here, I finally got around to it! I suppose this could act as a conclusion to the series, but I definitely want to write more that actually focuses on the pregnancy and has less character-building, which I feel like I can actually do now if/when I get into a part 4. So be on the lookout for that!)


Chemera and Mosaic Insects Part 2-Butterflies and Moths

A chimera (also spelled chimaera) (from the creature Chimera in Greek mythology) is a single organism composed of cells from different zygotes. This can result in male and female organs, two blood types, or subtle variations in form. Animal chimeras are produced by the merger of multiple fertilized eggs.  If the different cells have emerged from the same zygote, the organism is called a mosaic. Chimeras are formed from at least four parent cells (two fertilised eggs or early embryos fused together). Each population of cells keeps its own character and the resulting organism is a mixture of tissues. Chimeras can often breed, but the fertility and type of offspring depends on which cell line gave rise to the ovaries or testes; varying degrees of intersex differences may result if one set of cells is genetically female and another genetically male. A gynandromorph is an organism that contains both male and female characteristics, authorities say. The term gynandromorph, from Greek “gyne” female and “andro” male, is mainly used in the field of entomology, though it has also been observed in arthropods and birds as well. Another way that chimærism can occur in animals is by organ transplantation, giving one individual tissues that developed from two genomes. For example, a bone marrow transplant can change someone’s blood type. Normally, chimærism is not visible on casual inspection; however, it has been detected in the course of proving parentage and may be more common than was believed before the advent of DNA testing.

Rewriting the Past

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Pairing: ReaderxBaekhyun

Word count: 1.8k

Summary: Baekhyun was your first love when you were sixteen. It was passionate, hot, and messy. But all of that ended six years ago, after a four-year battle for your relationship. Now, you’re twenty-six years old and still reeling from the relationship when suddenly, Baekhyun shows up on your doorstep.

One | Two |

Another lonely night. You sighed to yourself as you grabbed a bottle of wine from the kitchen, flicked on the TV, and kicked off your boots.

Work had been especially exhausting today and you wanted to drown your sorrows in the bottle of cheap red wine – or well, you wanted to drown the fact that your boss made several attempts at you to the point where you were close to losing your job. He was a pig, and couldn’t keep his hands off your thighs, but you tried to keep your mouth shut because you needed to pay your mortgage. With the personality, you had developed in the years of working journalism, you wanted to tell him off. But you couldn’t.

It was only four pm, but you didn’t care as you uncorked the wine and drunk straight from the bottle. The wine tasted bad, but what tasted worse was the agonizing past six years of your life. More so, the drama you just dealt with.

Six months ago, you had a bad breakup. A man you were with for two years. A man that you thought you loved – although thinking back, you should have known better. You knew what love felt like because you had once had the most passionate and heart-stopping love when you were a teenager. This man didn’t make your heart stop and he didn’t make you feel passion. But you were with him and you were infatuated. So much where you had quickly gotten married a year in and tried to get pregnant. At the age of twenty-five, you thought it was about time to have children. You had a husband, a good job, and a supportive family – there was nothing stopping you.

Okay, well there was one thing. That love from six years ago? The love that lasted four long years from age sixteen to twenty? The love still haunted you. There were still some nights that you cried in private. Not that you told anyone. Not even your best friend, Jae.

Apparently, that wasn’t going to be the only thing stopping you. After six months of negative pregnancy tests, you went to the clinic and discovered you had endometriosis – and you may never have children. Your husband at the time was furious, so you were willing to undergo the fertility treatments which caused immense pain and made you weak. The next six months of negative pregnancy tests sent your husband out the door. Making you now, twenty-six and divorced.

Even though it hurt you at the time, you were now thankful for seeing your ex-husband’s true colors that made you glad that you never bore his children.

Jae begged you to get back into dating shortly after the divorce, but you couldn’t. You didn’t have the strength or the heart to go anything remotely close to your last two relationships. Instead, you stuck to the occasional one night stand that left you feeling dirty and self-hateful. It’s silly, but as a twenty-six-year-old woman, you often thought back to high school and how you wondered how differently things could have gone if you went back and changed fate.

The four years that made up the biggest roller coaster in your life. You could recount the events clearly. You had met the love of your life at sixteen years old, when you were dating one of his close friends. Somehow, the two of you managed to fall in love while you were dating his friend and things weren’t going well with his friend anyway. You two broke off mutually and quickly got with him. It was hot and heavy from there.

Everyone around you was worried by how fast you and he went, talking about marriage and loving each other so early in the relationship. Adults warned you, but you both only laughed thinking that nothing could tear you apart. You both lost your virginity to each other and suffered a few pregnancy scares early on. But it didn’t tear you apart.

Year two in your relationship brought a lot of fights. He got easily jealous and so did you. Leading to three breakups in that year. He was jealous of your relationship with his friends, especially the one you once dated and you were jealous of the girls that flocked around him and his crew.

After the last breakup that year, he promised to marry you and gave you the prettiest ring you had ever laid your eyes on. Shortly after, you had ended up pregnant. The fear in his eyes that day was one of your most vivid memories. You guys freaked out, thinking of ways to tell your family and promising to make things work. You were ready to tell your parents and get married, but you had a miscarriage at six weeks.

You went through a lot of emotional turmoil and it caused problems between you and him – again you guys broke up. He quickly started dating one of the girls who fawned over his crowd and so you went to one of the guys from his crowd as well. You both dated others to spite each other and it was some of your darkest days as you still went through the trauma from the miscarriage.

Rumors went around school, that he had started sleeping around and you learned it to be true. It crushed you but you didn’t dare sleep with anyone else, not even his friend. After six months of him sleeping around and you broke up with his friend, you both found your way back to each other. Hooking up on a drunken night and admitted you both still loved each other. Somehow you guys made it work, even though you fought a lot on your third year together.

The fourth year was quieter – at first, as you both tried figuring out how to spend your lives. You wanted to be a journalist and he wanted to be a musical artist. You tried to fit each other in your lives with difficulty. It worked for a while, as you both went down different paths at different schools. With your past, there was still insecurity with each other and since he had never given you your promise ring back, you questioned the love. You guys fought on it, until he left and he ended up getting drunk and cheating on you.

You cried until you passed out. You didn’t eat and you wouldn’t talk to anyone. For a week, you wallowed until you had bags under your eyes, your cheeks were sunken in, and you had a headache that wouldn’t quit. He showed up to the apartment that you stayed at with Jae and begged to speak to you, but Jae didn’t allow it at first. Not until you said you’d talk to him. He begged for forgiveness, apologizing with tears streaming down his cheeks. He told you how much he had loved you and how he would marry you right then and there to prove it. He clutched the promise ring and what seemed like another ring in his other hand.

‘Now you want to give me the promise ring? You waited till you fucked up before you gave it to me. Why? So, you could say that even though you cheated on me, it’s not like you promised me anything, right?’

You cried too hard to deal with him anymore and as he reached to grab your hand, Jae pushed him out of the way and slammed the door as you fell apart. And you stayed like that for a long time.

You pulled yourself back into reality, realizing you had downed the whole wine bottle while thinking back on old times. You could feel that your cheeks were wet with wasteful tears. You knew better. There was no point to waste tears on someone who didn’t truly love you. You shook your head. Besides, that was years ago. For all you knew, he was married with children. You shivered at the though. Closing your eyes.

Your phone buzzed in your back pocket and you reached to grab it, feeling a little tipsy as you accidentally dropped the wine bottle to the ground and getting a few drops on the carpet. You groaned and went to the kitchen to get a wet towel.

When you came back, you scrubbed the floor relentlessly, trying to get the dark red from your perfect white shag carpet. You groaned and scrubbed harder until it was a faint pink. Just as you got most of it out, your phone continued going off. You groaned and were going to get it but as you stood up, you bumped your head on the coffee table.

“Really? Just my f-fucking l-luck.” You rubbed your head as the door bell rung and you stumbled over to get it. You weren’t wasted, but the wine had you tipsy for sure. You sighed, wondering if Jae could work her motherly magic on the carpet and get the stain out. She had become so helpful and knowledgeable after having two kids with her husband.

The doorbell rung furiously and you yelled, “Alright, I’m fucking coming” angrily.

You opened the door without a second thought. “Y/N.” The voice said tenderly when you had fully opened it. The person was blurry until you focused on their eyes for a few moments.

“Baekhyun.” You whispered before your eyes widened and you slammed the door shut as fast as possible. You slumped to the ground. How did he find you? It had been six years and nothing from him. Why now? Why was your first love and your first heartbreak back?

You retrieved your phone from your pocket and scrolled through the messages that Jae had blown you up with.

-Hey! 5:10pm

-I don’t know how to say this 5:10pm

-Fuck 5:10pm

-Well, don’t open your front door 5:11pm

-Y/N! Why aren’t you reading these! I KNOW YOU’RE OFF WORK. 5:12pm

-Don’t open your door when the doorbell rings. 5:13pm

-Okay? 5:13pm

-Don’t do it! 5:13pm

-Y/N! 5:15pm


-It’s Baekhyun… I’m sorry. 5:20pm

-Sehun flapped his fucking lips and told. 5:20pm

-I swear I told him not to. 5:20pm

-Seriously! Answer my messages and don’t open the door. I’m sorry he knows where you live. We can move and change your name. I don’t like this neighborhood anyway. Ha. It’s shit. I won’t even bring Sehun since he was the one who decided to tell Baekhyun. 5:25pm

-He said that Baekhyun was all upset and shit and you know how Sehun is a softy. 5:26pm

-Wait why did I tell you that? 5:26pm

-Delete these messages. 5:26pm

-Except for the ones that say don’t open the door. Really don’t open the door. 5:27pm

-Ah, fuck. You’re not answering anyway. 5:30pm



Our Girl

FATHER’S DAY Anon Request: Hi! I thought this would be a cute Drabble, but turns out I actually want a full on oneshot/imagine lol. It’s a Daddy!Sebastian oneshot, where you two have a daughter and she’s born deaf. And the imagine basically goes through the process of raising her, learning sign language, from infanthood all the way to her high school graduation. I just think it’d be super cute if Seb had a deaf child, we’re the best😂. There’s so much culture involved with Deafness and having Deaf family. It’s wonderful!

Tags: fluff, adorable father!Seb

A/N: I chose to name the daughter Francis since St. Francis is the patron saint of the deaf. (please do not be offended by this if you are not religious/don’t believe in the saints–also I’m not insinuating that anyone who isn’t religious/doesn’t believe in the saints is wrong or subject to getting angry over something so small. I just really want everyone to come out and have a good time and enjoy reading regardless of race/religion/sex/sexual orientation. I seriously love everyone so yeah..kind of long ‘disclaimer(?)’)

As always, Requests are OPEN and I’m always ready to talk about whatever anyone wants :)

Sebastian was over the moon when his wife texted him a picture of her positive pregnancy test while he was at work. The couple had been trying to get pregnant for almost a year, using all of the different methods of determining fertilization, planning their weeks around procreating, and making sure (Y/N) wasn’t under any stress, but nothing seemed to work until one crazy night they spent together in a hot tub before Sebastian had to leave for an assignment. He had only been filming for a week before receiving (Y/N)’s text and immediately flying home to be with her. 

He went to her first few appointments before she forced him to get back to work, promising that she will be okay during the next two months. Sebastian was beyond reluctant to miss any part of his wife’s pregnancy, but after much debate and (Y/N) calling his mother to consult, he decided that if he had to miss any part of it, the first trimester would be the easiest. Of course she would be throwing up the entire time, having hot flashes, and easily aggravated, but she had made the decision a long time ago to not take out any of her anger resulting from the pregnancy out on Sebastian…until they were in the delivery room.

(Y/N) loved every minute of being pregnant when Sebastian was around. The second he stepped off the plane and into the airport, he spotted his wife: her hair longer, breasts fuller, and stomach rounding out with his child. He ran to her and hesitated to hug her, not wanted to press himself against her too forcefully, and afraid of crushing the baby in her. Through the second trimester and into the third, he was more attentive during classes and about her body than she was. 

About a month and a half before the due date, Sebastian and (Y/N) were headed toward an event for his friend’s business when he accidently ran a red light. Another vehicle collided with the passenger side of the vehicle, sending (Y/N) to the hospital and into an emergency early labor.

Despite being premature, their daughter was relatively healthy. Of course there were be diseases she would be more susceptible to due to a weakened immune system, but that was something they could deal with. As long as their baby girl was healthy, (Y/N) was happy. Sebastian on the other hand was overwhelmed with guilt. He was too afraid to slam on the breaks so he tried to hurry through the light only to injure his wife and lead to their child being born with underdeveloped cochleas.

(Y/N) remembered when her nephews were around the same age as her daughter and in terms of physical progression–rolling over, crawling, pulling up, walking–she was matching up with them well, but her verbal progression hadn’t advanced past incoherent noises. Neither Sebastian, nor (Y/N) noticed their daughter’s issue until she was enrolled in daycare. The preschool teachers taught the younger children with verbal and sign commands and requests. For instance, when the teachers asked if the children wanted more snacks, they would make flattened ‘O’s with their hands and then bring them together. They taught the children how to say they were hungry, thirsty, done eating, and many others. Slowly, Sebastian started to notice the increase of motions to communicate with her parents during mealtimes. 

“(Y/N),” Sebastian called to his wife as he fed their daughter one morning. “Look closely at what Francis is doing.” Sebastian set down the spoon he was using to feed the girl with and her large blue eyes, inherited from her father, shined up at him with a quiver in her lips. Hurriedly, she pushed her tiny, flattened ‘O’ hands together and started to whimper. Quickly, Sebastian formed the same signs with his hands and mimicked her pattern, a confused look on his face. The girl’s eyes lit up and she screeched in joy as soon as she saw her father pick up the spoon to feed her again.

“Her daycare teacher teaches all of the kids sign language,” (Y/N) explained to her husband while sitting down beside him.

“But watch this,” he interrupted. Again, he dropped the spoon and Francis formed the signs, her small arms moving faster and faster as she saw her father’s lips move but not his hands. The same confused look on his face, coupled with his voice asking “do you want more?” only lead his daughter to start screaming in anxiety as she realized her dad couldn’t understand her.  As soon as Sebastian mimicked her sign, her screams stopped, the tears rolling down her face subsided, and her distressed face changed to an open mouth as soon as she realized he knew what she meant. “Babe,” Sebastian’s voice was weak as he looked up to his wife, afraid of vocalizing his thought. “I think Francis may be deaf.” A few doctors appointments later, the family had arrived at a diagnosis. The emergency induction caused by the accident lead to Francis being born before her cochleas were properly formed.

As they left the hospital, Sebastian could hardly place Francis in her carseat before breaking down. He buckled her in as his wife packed the stroller into the trunk, whispering lightly to himself “Daddy’s so sorry, Frannie. I’m so, so sorry.” (Y/N) could hear her husband’s helpless voice coo to their daughter as she walked up to the car. He wiped his eyes along his sleeves, trying to hide his tears from (Y/N) as she stood before him.

“Seb,” she called out as he fumbled with the carseat. “Babe, what’s the matter?”

“Francis will never be able to hear us,” he stated coldly as he dropped his hands from his daughter’s seatbelt, “and it’s all my fault!” She hurried toward him and he dropped his head onto her shoulder.

“Seb, this is not your fault,” she called as she rubbed her hand along his back.

“If I would have just stopped at that light, she would be okay,” he sighed while rubbing his hands through his hair and staring angrily at the sky.

“She is okay,” (Y/N) stated.

“She can’t hear us, (Y/N)!” Sebastian shouted in aggravation. “Our daughter is deaf because I couldn’t stop at a damn stop light. She won’t have a normal life because of me.”

“Stop talking like that,” she snapped at him in the middle of the hospital parking lot. “Francis is going to have a normal life,” she stated firmly. “There are ways to assist her hearing and there are other ways for her to communicate. Sure it will be harder for her at times, but she has an incredible father who is going to help her though it all. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with her!” He clutched at his chest as his wife’s arms lingered around his waist. He stared at his daughter’s dark hair and bright eyes as she giggled up at her dad.

“I love you so much sweetie,” he cooed again. The girl’s eyes went blank as he spoke which sent one of the worst pains he had ever felt coursing through his body. Immediately, (Y/N) grabbed her husband’s hands and folded his middle and ring fingers back, forming the sign for ‘I love you.’ He held it up to their one year old who giggled and stretched her arms out to her father’s face.

Over time, Sebastian would come to accept that a number of things could have happened the day his daughter was born, including both (Y/N) and Francis being killed. The fact that his daughter was born deaf slowly became something that he could accept blame for. He signed himself and his wife up for ASL classes as soon as they got back to their house that day, informed her daycare teacher of their findings, and thanked the woman repeatedly since they were convinced they wouldn’t have noticed until much later than they had.

When Francis turned five and was about to start school, Sebastian was determined to send her to the New York School for the Deaf. He didn’t want his daughter to grow up being bullied the way he had been during school. In most ways, he was completely clueless in how to relate to his daughter’s ability. It wasn’t until he was speaking with his wife about his concerns with Francis going to public school that the connection he had with his daughter’s situation had been there all along. He knew what it was like to be the odd kid out, to not know how to communicate with everyone around him, and to be ridiculed for something he had no real control over. The taunting and bullying he received as soon as he moved to the US for not knowing much English was the closest thing he could imagine Francis’s public school experience to be like. Despite his wife’s assurance that plenty of students with impaired or no hearing did exceptional in public schools, he was dead set on providing the most appropriate upbringing he could for his daughter.

Francis was an exceptionally intelligent young girl. She was aware of her parents’ concerns for her education and wellbeing, but she wasn’t feeling challenged at her specialized school. As much as she loved being around people who understood her and that she could communicate with, she was very much like her mother in the sense that she knew when she wasn’t getting what she wanted out of life. Before middle school started, Francis came to her parents to ask if she could be enrolled in a regular private school. Sebastian was hesitant and terrified of what could happen to his daughter’s self-esteem, but Francis was direct in her reasoning.

The real world isn’t going to coddle me, she explained, and unless I want to work as a teacher for deaf students, I know I need to get better at communicating with people who aren’t deaf.

Reluctantly, Sebastian agreed under his own condition to buy her better hearing aids.

He didn’t want to say he was surprised at how well Francis had excelled in her new school–he knew his daughter had strong convictions about dedication and perseverance, after all, he had helped mould them into her–but he was excited to see her thrive in areas he feared would prove difficult. There weren’t many other kids at her school we also had hearing impairments, but there was a girl in Francis’s art class who learned the ASL alphabet just to tell Francis her name. The two became best friends and the more the girl visited Francis’s home, the more sign language she learned through (Y/N) and Sebastian.

(Y/N) dealt more with their daughter’s concerns about dating than Sebastian did. Francis had come to her mother somewhat in tears over stress and being teased by other girls for the way she sounded on the rare occasion that she spoke. Her mother told Francis that if a deaf man could become one of the world’s most renowned musical composures, then any man should be able to learn to love her for everything about her. It wasn’t until Francis was seventeen that she fully realized all that her father had done for her in the area of dating. As it turns out, one of Francis’s closest guy friends had gathered the courage to ask Francis’s father to teach him some ASL so that he could communicate with Francis in a way she was comfortable with. Seeing the boy’s initiative, Sebastian agreed and managed to keep it a secret from his wife and daughter until the boy decided to ask Francis to prom in front of her parents in sign.

As Sebastian sat alongside his beautiful wife, gazing out across the large crowd of seniors dressed in their graduation robes, he couldn’t help the single tear that streamed down his face. The memory of his breakdown in the hospital parking lot seventeen years ago over his fear of Francis’s life being ruined because of his stupid mistake seemed childish. He hated to think that he could have ever thought of his daughter being less capable of success than anyone else’s child because of her deafness. Sebastian watched intently as the young woman tailored with all of his and his wife’s best features walked onto the stage at graduation to deliver her salutatorian address, both in sign and verbally. Pride swelled in his heart to see how far she had come; her determination to be different as well as her dedication to adapt to the situation she had been born into led her to being one of the most inspirational people in his life.

As soon as Francis finished her speech and the crowd roared with applause, she turned toward the spot in the crowd she had seen her parents in earlier and threw her thumbs, index fingers, and pinky fingers into the air as forcefully as she could, as if shouting her love to them. Both Sebastian and (Y/N) recreated the sign in each of their hands and propelled their arms toward their daughter watching her confidently dominate the stage. “That’s our girl,” Sebastian said through a blinding smile as he wrapped his arms around his wife, kissed her head and continued to beam with pride.

anonymous asked:

hi! so i was wondering if you could write something where the guys s/o tells them that they can't or have difficulty having kids. i hope this makes sense and if you don't want to do it i totally understand! thank you in advance :)


  • as this guy is a family man through and through he will likely feel at least a little disappointed at first 
    • obviously it’s nothing against you it’s just that he’s always kinda had this vision of having his own lil amicitia’s running around the house that are his flesh and blood
  • all he needs is a few moments to take a step back and just slowly realize that not everything will work out the way he has planned in his head though
    • and rather easily he’s able to rework the dream he’d originally
  • after all adoption is always an option


  • unlike gladdy his initial reaction would be to “comfort” you 
    • like you’ve probs known about the whole thing for some time so it’s not like you really have to come to terms with it ya feel? it’s more like he’ll thank you for trusting/telling him
  • Out of all the bros tho I feel like Ignis would be the most…idk…blase about the whole thing??
  • not in like a disrespectful way or anything just that i think he’s rather indifferent about having kids of his own
    • i kinda hc that after essentially raising noctis the novelty of raising his own kids isn’t really there 
    • so ignis would lowkey prefer to just live that married lifestyle where the two of you just use the extra money that not having kids gives you to travel and such
    • #NoKidsNoProblem lmao

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My Child From The Stars (Alien AU! Jooheon) Pt1

Originally posted by minhyuk1

Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Of monsta x alien au anyone you feel most comfortable

~I’m not making him the alien ~

It was like every other day for Jooheon. Except for the fight with his girlfriend. They broke up. He felt relieved that it was over but at the same time eager sad. He needed some air, so he took the long way home. It was a nice and quiet walk. Rather peaceful nature sounds were in his ears but soon an odd one filled the air. Coos? His eyes went to the side and what seemed to have been left to die was a little baby. His eyes went wide as he rushed over. A little girl was there calmly kicking. Chubby cheeked that surrounded her innocent lips. She had visible black hairs on her head, she had rather Korean features similar to his. But the only thing that was off about her was her eyes. Amber is an eye color and the closest he could compare them to. They were like liquid gold with specks of reddish brown but they worked with her appearance well. He took his plaid over shirt off and wrapped her up in it. A natural instinct came over him as he felt a bond for her. Unaware that the two were actually linked much more than that.


Sori sat calmly in Jooheon’s sink. She had to be at least 5 months old. She was given the name by him as he thought it suited her well. She was found bare other than a necklace that had an unknown language to him on it. But she was healthy and clean but he still felt the need to bathe her. It wasn’t luck that she was found by him but once more he didn’t know that. To him she was a baby who was abandoned and he was her savior.

He leaned on the counter as he stared at her. Her little hands simply played with her feet under the water. “Something is off about you” he spoke softly to her as she looked up at him. Her arms went up as she signaled she wanted out. “I’m gonna need help” he mumbled as he wrapped a towel around her body draining the sink.


“Dude this is the weirdest request you’ve ever asked from me” Jooheon heard a voice as he quietly got off the bed where Sori laid sleeping. She was wrapped up in one of his shirts as she slept just so she was covered. Changkyun stood in his living room holding a bag filled with baby clothing and the other had a bag with diapers, wipes, formula, and bottles. “Thanks man how much do I owe you?” he asked “well first an explanation-” soon a cry filled the air as Jooheon let out an awkward chuckle. “You knocked some chick up?” Changkyun asked as Jooheon shook his head taking the bags from him.

He entered the bedroom with a smile as he was followed by his friend who was shocked by the sight. “You have a baby” he spoke as Jooheon shook his head picking the girl up “I found a baby” he corrected as he quickly opened the diapers up and the wipes. He cleaned her up before he slid the diaper on. “There” he says as he goes into the other and pulls out clothing. “You got the right months” he spoke as he slid the onesie over her head and buttoned it up. He held her close “I call her Sori” he told Changkyun. “You found a baby. You should take it to the hospital” he was told as Jooheon shook his head no. “I feel something special between her and I that I can’t really explain. My plan is to claim that she was left on my doorstep by the mother and she only left a note, nothing else” he says. “I don’t think that will work” Changkyun told as Jooheon waved it off. “I’m gonna raise her. I feel I have to” he continued as he held her close to him.


“What have you done?” your mother asked as you were looking at the teleportation controls. “She deserves something more than a number” you spoke. “You just-” “I know what you were going to do to her. She is the first of her kind and she doesn’t need to be tested upon and put on display” you hissed. “You have no right to-” “she is my DNA. I am her mother. She will get what I think is best for her” you threw at her. “I have to report you to the captain” she says. “It won’t be necessary” a male voice spoke “Hyunwoo” your mother spoke to the young captain. “Who do you think gave her the authorization code to activate the technology in the first place” he says. “My niece is going to be raised by humans. Why do you think we came so close to Earth again? I will not allow you to use my sister and humans any longer” he told her. “You’re more of a beast than good mother” he finished as he gave you a look. “She is safe correct?” he asked “correct” you responded as he nodded.

Your mother gave you a look before leaving the room. The thing was, your race wasn’t dying or anything like that. Your parents were scientists and had a theory that no one was willing to test until now. You were young and a fertile female that your family decided to take advantage of. No you weren’t the one who birthed her. She was born from an incubation machine on your planet after collecting the well, semen of a human male. And recently your parents have been wanting to share their findings but neither you or your brother were having that.

“They just can’t have the children there you know? You have to make sure that records match up” you spoke as he watched many things fly through the screen. “I’m going to do my best for her” you tell him as he nods. “She’s special and she deserves more than our kind were going to give” he promised. This way your child was going to be somewhat normal to human world. She had her extraterrestrial traits that may be off later on but for now, she was only human and that was all her and her father would have to worry about.

Someday Your Child May Cry

Previously: Question | Preparations | Irrational | Confession

5. Collateral 

She knows, the moment they walk into her hospital room, that they think she’s fucked up.

She’s not sure how, exactly- the X-Files are shut down, for the time being, and when the time comes to re-open them, she’ll be on hand to take over- but the fact that there are two of them standing in her doorway is confirmation enough that they are displeased. Spender stands on the right, looking distinctly uncomfortable without his usual cigarette pinched between his fingers (though the smell of smoke coming off of him is strong enough to defeat the purpose of the hospital’s no smoking policy), and next to him is a tall, powerfully-built man, his broad, dull face a mask of complete indifference.

Spender, she’s been expecting. He had told her that she would need to be wounded in order to throw Mulder off the scent (but did it have to be the lung? A shot to the shoulder would have been sufficient), and he’s supposed to be here to put things right.

It’s the foot soldier by his side that tells her that she’s in serious trouble. She’s familiar with all of the various makes and models by now, the clones and the supersoldiers and the hybrids, and this particular version comes fully equipped with telepathic abilities. Her injuries have rendered her unable to speak. He’s here because she’s done something wrong, and they have questions for her.

“Agent Fowley,” says Spender, perfectly calm and cordial. “We couldn’t help but notice that Agent Mulder did not stay the full night at your condo last night. We were led to believe that you would be perfectly capable of keeping him there, of picking things up where you left off, so to speak.” There’s a pause, and Diana feels a twinging, insistent invasion at the edge of her thoughts. The foot soldier is reading her thoughts, and she tries to make them as clear as possible.

“Agent Mulder said something to her that hurt her,” he says in a flat, emotionless voice. “She asked him to leave.” Spender looks disgusted.

“I was right, then,” he says coldly. “You’re too close to be of any real use to us.” He nods at the foot soldier, who withdraws a syringe from his pocket and approaches the IV stand. In her head, Diana projects her thoughts at him as forcefully as she can manage, and he pauses, frowning slightly.

“She says she has information,” he tells Spender. “New information that will be more valuable to you than anything she could have gained last night.”

“And what is that?” asks Spender.

She hesitates for less than a fraction of a second. Telling Spender won’t endanger Fox’s life, and it most likely won’t even endanger Agent Scully’s. And if it does end badly for Scully… well, if that’s the price that has to be paid for Diana’s life, then so be it.

“Agents Mulder and Scully are attempting to conceive a child through in-vitro fertilization,” the foot soldier tells Spender. “She doesn’t know whether they’re using donor eggs, or if they’ve somehow managed to get their hands on the ova harvested from Agent Scully during our tests three years ago.” Spender looks intrigued.

“We know that he’s seen our storage facilities,” he muses, almost to himself. “It’s possible one of the clones at Lombard managed to get some of Agent Scully’s ova to him before we… dealt with them.” Spender taps the tips of his fingers against his lips, mulling it over. “Very well, Agent Fowley,” he says. “This information has a good deal of potential.” He nods at the foot soldier again, who replaces the syringe in his pocket and removes another, injecting it into Diana’s IV. The pain in her chest instantly begins to lessen. This, then, is what she’s been promised: she will now make an unusually rapid recovery, fast enough that the doctors will comment on it with amazement, but not so fast that they will call for tests or studies to be performed on her.

The other syringe, of course, would have ended her life in a similar way- fast, but not in an unusual enough manner to cause any undue attention.

“You have a second chance, Agent Fowley,” says Spender, flipping open his cell phone as he and the foot soldier stride towards the door of the hospital room. “See that you use it wisely.” She hears him talking to someone, giving instructions to pull Agent Scully’s medical records, to find out who her doctor is, where her doctor’s family lives and how vulnerable they are, when the embryo transfer is scheduled. A few well-placed threats will ensure the doctor’s cooperation, and Spender’s men will do the rest.

She begins to feel guilty… at least until she remembers the hurt she’d felt, the sickening jealousy at learning that Fox was more than willing to give another woman what he had, years ago, denied her.

And anyway, she consoles herself, they’re not likely to actually hurt Agent Scully. As a matter of fact, Spender’s involvement just might guarantee that the IVF will be a success.