the one with the east german laundry detergent

Laundry Date

Summary: (Roommate!AU) Bucky helps you do the laundry and considers the evening a first date.

Word Count: 2,215.

A/N: Inspired by a Friends episode, “The One with the East German Laundry Detergent”, I couldn’t help but get major Bucky vibes from the way Ross was acting around with Rachel. Hope you guys like! :D Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Phoebe’s Band-Aid simile (s01ep05 / s08ep02)


FRIENDS 20th Anniversary Favourite Episode Per Season

  • season 01 - TOW the East German Laundry Detergent
  • season 02 - TOW the Prom Video
  • season 03 - TOW No One's Ready
  • season 04 - TOW the Embryos
  • season 05 - TOW the Cop
  • season 06 - TOW Unagi
  • season 07 - TOW Joey’s New Brain
  • season 08 - TOW Rachel Has a Baby
  • season 09 - TOW Rachel’s Other Sister
  • season 10 - TOW the Stripper Cries

So I was rewatching Friends (the one with the east German laundry detergent)…again, and when it got to this scene I realised.

“Well, I knew you had the Rockys, and so I figured, you know, you can wear Bullwinkle and Bullwinkle, or you can wear Rocky and Rocky,or, you can mix and match, moose and squirrel. Whatever you want.”

Rocky and Bullwinkle

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Squirrel and Moose

Squirrel and Moose

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My Favorite Episodes

Season 1:

-S01E5 TOW The East German Laundry Detergent 

-S01E15 TOW The Stoned Guy

-S01E18 TOW All The Poker

Season 2: 

-S02E11: TOW The Lesbian Wedding

-S02E14 TOW The Prom Video

-S02E19 TOW Eddie Won’t Go

Season 3: 

-S03E2 TOW No One’s Ready

-S03E9 TOW The Football

-S03E16 The One The Morning After

Season 4: 

-S04E8 TOW Chandler In A Box

-S04E9 TOW They’re Going To Party

-S04E12 TOW The Embryos


-S05E2 TOW All The Kissing

-S05E3 The One Hundredth/TOW The Triplets

-S05E9 TOW Ross’s Sandwich

-S05E11 TOW All The Resolutions

-S05E14 TOW Everybody Finds Out

Season 6: 

-S06E9 TOW Ross Got High

-S06E17 TOW Unagi

-S06E24/25 TOW The Proposal

Season 7:

-S07E6 TOW The Nap Partners

-S07E12 TOW They’re Up All Night

-S07E13 TOW Rosita Dies

Season 8:

-S08E2 TOW The Red Sweater

-S08E4 TOW The Videotape

-S08E23/24 TOW Rachel Has A Baby

Season 9:

-S09E5 TOW Phoebe’s Birthday Dinner

-S09E17 TOW The Memorial Service

-S09E18 TOW The Lottery

Season 10: (PICKING 5 AGAIN)

-S10E12 TOW Phoebe’s Wedding

-S10E13 TOW Joey Speaks French

-S10E14 TOW Princess Consuela

-S10E15 TOW Estelle Dies

-S10E17/18 The Last One