the one with the cheap wedding dress

This is 2 months too late but Ima do it anyways. Ima review the wedding fashions at the Naruto & Hinata wedding. Let’s get into it. 

Kankuro and Gaara. 

The Sand brothers were not great but not terrible. 

Kankuro should have taken that thing off head to let his cute full head of brown hair breathe and flourish. As always, he came with his face BEAT! I respect it. These white gloves are interesting but Ima let him cook.

Konohamaru looks ADORABLE! He looks so sharp! 

This pink dress is cute on Moegi. 

Udon also looks sharp. 

Now, Ebisu goofy, cheap ass is another story. Take that thing off your got damn head. I know he balding. Has to be. This jacket silhouette and color palette is all wrong. Green trimming, red pocket square, navy blue, & black??? I wouldn’t have let him into the venue if I was working the door. 

Now. *deep sigh* Kiba, sis. This attire is not for an iconic, historical wedding. This dog chain. I am not one to discriminate against a fur trim but you should have just came through with a floor length white mink. Go hard or go home. 

Shino. SHINO. I am uncomfortable just looking at him. He looks like he about to shoot up everybody. I’d be by the exit just in case, tbh.

Kurenai is giving me a strong look. Powerful mother figure two piece. She will definitely cuss out anybody who is off the shits on sake. 

Choji. Adorable. These suspenders are surprisingly very him.

BIIIITCCCHHHH! TENTEN LOOKS GOODT!!! GIVING LEG!!! AND SOME THIGH! FOR WHO?! FOR EVERYBODY!!! A snack!!! I know people tried their luck & tried to scoop her up and she casually flashed a pastel pink kunai from her titty. The print on her dress is so cute. Omg. These gold cuff bracelets giving me Wonder Woman teas. She did what? That. 

Gai and Rock Lee. They look nice. I personally would rather die than to match with anybody else but that’s very them and very on brand. 

Shikamaru and Temari. 

Shikamaru looks EXCEPTIONAL! GQ ready tbh! I was pleasantly surprised. Suit tailored DOWN!!! Who the fuck put him on to a turtleneck??? Nara clan repped to the fullest! And of course, as always, his ponytail was snatched to the heavens. 

Temari. Now, girl. I love you down but this is very basic. Not attrocious but I expected more. That white collared shirt screams 9 to 5 realness. 

Sai and Ino.


Sai stayed true to his usual color palette but peep the pocket square, it matches all of Ino’s accessories, the bracelets and hair tie. Thoughtful. Cute as shit.

Ino’s fit is not show stopping but she looks very, very cute and that high waisted skirt looks goodt on her. Love the necklace. Bang always perched. 

Sakura. I love you girl but this dress didn’t do it for me. This is very similar to Moegi’s dress but you grown. This is a dress you wear to church. You could have gave us some shoulder. 

Iruka and Kakashi.

Iruka, work. The drunk older single aunties were getting real spicy with him. Tryna become Naruto’s honorary mama by the end of the night. 

Kakashi cleans up nice. I wish he would have snatched that mask off and fucked us ALL UP. Also had all the girls (and dudes) following him around. Kakashi is anti-social but he the Hokage so he scattered shadow clones around the reception so he wouldn’t be rude. 

I know Yamato wasn’t seen on the last episode but I don’t give a fuck!!! I won’t accept him babysitting Orochimaru. Anyways….Yamato didn’t disappoint. Go off.

Hiashi and Hanabi.

Hiashi could have came harder as he was the bride’s father. This is a very bleak look. 

Hanabi looks so pretty. 

Ripples - Part 2

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Warnings: Cursing, some violence

Series Tag List: @captainxamerica, @just—love, @senpaiace, @glittercoveredsouls, @findacauseandserveit, @devil-may-cry-11-blog, @agentbarnescarter, @sexylibrarian1, @imhereforbvcky


A/N: I’m so happy that this has been positively received. Was going to post tomorrow but eh - its going to be (or already is) the weekend! Ce la vie and enjoy :) 

Steve’s POV

I sat on the quin jet, trying to ignore the way Tony’s eyes bore into my own. Waiting for him to shoot me in the chest. Or punch me in the face. Whatever appealed to him at the moment.

I knew he had questions. Hell I had questions and I was the one married to her.

I turned back to Y/N, watching as she paced back and forth while she spoke quickly on the phone, no doubt trying to explain to the media why the quin jet for the Avengers was found hidden in an airport hanger in Las Vegas.  She had changed back into the sapphire dress she had worn the night before, opting out of the cheap, puffy wedding dress we had gotten married in less than 24 hours ago.


The word echoed in the back of my brain, like the sound of a tea kettle when it had finally reached boiling water. When I thought of marriage, I expected months of planning leading up to the day in which I can watch the love of my life walk down the aisle, the idea of a future with us together brimming in my eyes. 

Not the cheap thrill of convincing one of my dearest friends to marry me while we were both intoxicated off of, what has to be the most toxic alcoholic beverage in the universe. Fresh out of a breakup that I wasn’t sure I knew how to feel about.

How had I become such a mess?

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I don’t understand my choices...

I think weddings and particularly wedding dresses are absolutely ridiculous. The prices some people pay for a dress they’ll only wear one day is flabbergasting. I just don’t get it. So why do I watch episode after episode of “Say Yes to the Dress”? Most of these dresses are HIDEOUS (in my personal opinion) and the brides are, a lot of the time, unreasonable and a little nuts. Don’t get me started on their “entourages”. Crazy pants. 

I dreamt I was marrying my boyfriend, but it was our second wedding because we apparently blacked out during the first one the day before. We were also trying to be really cheap by getting married at my school in the middle of the day with only our families present. So I’m carrying my dress to the ceremony and walked into my economics class (which I took two years ago) and told my professor I had to skip class to go get married.

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Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿) //idk who has and hasn't gotten this. sorry if this is a repeat!//

This is such a cute ask and it took me ages to do it because I knew I’d have to think about it for at least an hour or so. Thank you (and it’s not a repeat)! I’m going to cheat a little bit and exclude my two very favourite fics (Pistols at Dawn and Call it Patience, Call it Hope) bc they’re pretty well-known, I think, and use the opportunity to shine a light on a few others that I particularly loved writing. 

And tell my name to distant ages (Bellarke): Clarke moves to a beautiful old house in the county after a professional disaster only to find herself being haunted. Does the ghost want to harm her? Or does it want to achieve something else? Local historian Bellamy Blake is there to help her figure it out. This started as a Secret Santa prompt and then grew into a 26k monster and I love it because I love this particular romance subgenre of “troubled heroine somehow finds a connection to a woman who lived long before her; finds love and herself in the process”. 

It’s you and it’s me and we’re going to be alright my love (Bellarke): In which I allowed myself to imagine Clarke and Bellamy going on some sort of mission to the sea and slowly heal from everything they’ve been through. It’s angsty and bittersweet I made myself cry a lot while writing it. (And I wrote it at some point during season 3A, I think, so the Luna in the fic is not canon!Luna.)

Jesus was a Crossmaker (Bellarke): 1920s/Bonnie and Clyde AU - frustrated smalltown doctor Clarke is swept off her feet by dashing outlaw Bellamy Blake, the “Robin Hood of the Midwest”. It was my first historical AU, and it sparked a passion - see also: Regency!Bellarke, Roman Britain!Bellarke and (currently in the works) Pirate!Bellarke. 

Talk is cheap my Darling (Ice Mechanic): Celebrity wedding planner Roan and romance skeptic Raven team up for Monty and Miller’s wedding. It shouldn’t work out, and yet somehow, it does. Involves food as foreplay, slinky dresses, and Raven as an IT mogul. 

A Magic Dwells in Each Beginning (Bellarke): Over the span of 100 years of canon timeline, these are three ways Clarke and Bellamy could have started, and one way they could start over. 

Ripples - Part 5:B

Vegas Baby Vegas

Synopsis: What happens when you wake up married to Steve Rogers in a Las Vegas hotel suite? Especially when you have feelings for his best friend and his best friend has feelings for you? Only time can tell.

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Warnings: NSFW 18+ Yep, its beginning…

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A/N: I have been waiting forever for this part! Things are starting to get real…. I‘m posting two parts in a day on behalf of Seb’s birthday though this chapter isn’t especially kind to our dear Bucky…

New to the Series. Catch up here

Steve POV 

“You’ve never been to Vegas!?” She asks surprised before she stands, walking to the dashboard. She punching too many buttons as she mumbles,

“Of course you haven’t. You aren’t a sinner. Well Vegas it is Steve. I’m breaking your Vegas cherry and we’re going to gamble, and watch a crappy show, and go to a strip club and ride roller coasters and pass out and wonder how the hell we got there. That’s what Vegas is all about.”

She swivels in her chair, turning toward me.

“And it’s on autopilot and we should be able to park in a hanger of a friends and be in and out. Tony will never know and you can get the first round of icky Sharon blues out of your system. This is perfect.”

She giggles as she runs toward me, jumping back in my lap. Its another side of her. Y/N wasn’t playful, as least not with anyone outside of Bucky. It was nice to see her in this light, to see her be vulnerable, carefree and fun.

“You need this Steve! We’ve been so worried about you. Oh!,” she jumps off of me, going to another dashboard and typing out a message. “Gonna tell Bucky we will be back in a jiffy. That we just need to go on a mini vacation because I asked him to wait for me but I don’t want him worrying.”

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what i want to see in the fall season four
  • stella gibson goes to a pilates class, but after a man says to her, “i love your sports bra. is it lululemon?” she leaves the room immediately.
  • stella gibson goes out to dinner with a man. she orders a porterhouse; he orders a salad. she orders the meat rare; he asks for dressing on the side, no croutons. she orders dessert; he forgoes. he gets the check; when he tries to kiss her outside of the restaurant afterward, she politely smiles and says, “i’d rather not.”
  • stella gibson offers to cook dinner for a woman as their first date. she makes osso buco with saffron risotto. the viewers can practically hear this woman’s panties drop while stella sucks the marrow out of the bone at the end of the meal. they have multiple more dates.
  • stella gibson receives an amazon prime package she can’t remember ordering. she opens it. inside is a high-end vibrator that she doesn’t already own. suddenly, she remembers having a few too many glasses of wine and making the poor decision to open her laptop last weekend. “again?” she says and only scolds herself for as long as it takes to get the thing out of its box.
  • who is allan cubitt? the world may never know.
  • stella gibson’s friend has a new baby. stella goes to visit and offers to do any household chores that the family may be neglecting. after throwing the laundry in and doing all the dishes, stella holds the baby while the rest of the family takes a much-needed nap. stella loves holding babies.
  • stella gibson blocks detective big ears’ number. apparently, he does not understand the concept of friendship. she wonders if any men do. she thinks they must not. what a miserable existence. 
  • stella gibson looks into that “lululemon” thing. it is ridiculously overpriced. it is also very pretty. she buys one of the energy bras and a pair of align pants, taking advantage of the complementary hemming. she spends one weekend never taking the leggings off.
  • stella gibson decides to make use of the free trial netflix keeps offering her. she’s heard good things about black mirror. she finds the first episode very, very humorous. she finds the rest of it too disturbing and terrifying, so she shuts those episodes off midway through and has to calm herself down. however, she likes “nosedive” and loves “san junipero” enough to watch it again. she does not continue a subscription beyond the free trial.
  • a friend of stella gibson’s tries to convince her that avocados are delicious. stella is unconvinced. on a whim, she tries avocado toast and hates it. however, when a beautiful woman hand-grinds homemade guacamole for her, she suddenly sees the appeal. 
  • stella gibson goes to the library. she picks up that new donna tartt novel, the goldfinch. stella wonders if donna tartt understands how plotting works or has ever read a novel other than her own.
  • jim burns was just a figment of everyone’s imagination 
  • stella gibson spends an evening dyeing her roots and watching football on tv. apparently, people find these men attractive. stella does not understand why. one of them removes his sweaty shirt. stella still does not understand why. she sees an advertisement for the united states’ national women’s team. suddenly, she understands. 
  • a man whom stella gibson saw many years ago, a man who owns a californian vineyard, sends her a package in the mail. inside is a vintage red wine named after her. she calls him to offer thanks, and he thanks her for the inspiration. she still has the bottle long after the wine is gone.
  • stella gibson is asked to be a bridesmaid. she says no. she attends the wedding in an immodest suit. later, she feels guilty for having taken so much attention away from the bride and wonders if that pale pink taffeta dress would’ve been a better idea. 
  • stella gibson briefly volunteers for a crisis hotline. after each shift, she ends up shaking with sobs. again, she only briefly volunteers.
  • reed is there and that is a good thing #fuckcroydon
  • a young niece of stella gibson’s offers her a friendship necklace, one with two halves of a heart. the cheap metal turns her skin green. she wears it underneath her dress shirts for months. 
  • stella gibson acquires a high quality vinyl record player from a colleague who was moving and needed to give away a few things. that day, she goes to a record store and purchases etta james’ tell mama. the sound is so impeccable that, upon listening to “i’d rather go blind,” stella sheds a few tears.
  • a friend convinces stella gibson to try self-serve frozen yogurt. stella gets the original tart flavor and tops it with all of the available fruit toppings, plus a few dark chocolate chips. stella absolutely loves it.
  • stella gibson leads another task force, this one at the met. a man quietly shames her with a joke and laughs about it with his colleagues. stella imagines herself as robin wright in the movie wonder woman and thinks of leaping off of a shield and using three arrows to kill all of them simultaneously. in actuality, she simply brings about all three of their wives’ lesbian awakenings. she did not do this on purpose.
  • stella gibson takes a vacation to the bahamas, not nassau but one of the quieter islands. she hikes a long distance through dense forest in order to find a silent, untouched beach. she floats on her back in the pristine water. she hasn’t seen a man in days. she feels free.
Unexpected (Part 3)

Getting married to Willas Tyrell was never in your plans but a princess has to do what the people expect from her. It was also never in your plans that he would be a man so different from what you first imagined, or that would captivate you so easily. 
Maybe that’s not such a bad thing, after all. 
Pairing: Princess!Reader x Willas Tyrell 
Other Characters: Cersei Lannister; Unnamed Handmaiden
Word Counting: 970 words
Chapter: 3/?
Warnings: This is set around season 3. Reader is barely 18 and Willas is on his late 20’s so that may be a bit weird to you guys. I kind of imagine Willas like Jared Padalecki but it’s just me. 

(Unexpected - Masterlist)

You were not sure who had funded the wedding party, but it didn’t look cheap at all. The wine circulated in the throne room and a large table was filled with food. There were nobles from every single one of the seven kingdoms and musicians near the table of where you and Willas were sat, along with your families, ready to attend any request from any of you.

You didn’t give them any attention, though, but was looking at your own skirt while twisting your fingers on your ivory dress, until he cleared his throat.

“So, Y/N.” He turned to you. “What’s your favourite colour?”

You arched your eyebrows at him, not understanding what he meant while locked in his honey eyes.

“Your favourite colour.” He repeated. “What’s your favourite colour?”

“Oh.” You felt your cheeks reddening in embarrassment. “It’s Y/F/C, my lord.”

He nodded, acknowledging the fact as someone poured wine on the large cup you two shared, his long hair brushing on his chin.

He cleared his throat for a moment when you didn’t say anything more and tried to continue the conversation.

“What about your favourite fruit?”

“I don’t have one, my lord. I like many of them.”


“Berries.” You finally affirmed, putting your head behind your ear. “Grapes, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries…”

“Cherries?’ He suggested with a small smile and your eyes grew wide.

“Oh, no, my lord. Cherries make my face swallow and my body to become itchy for days.” You confessed, embarrassed.

Willas looked at the tables around, and it finally hit him that there was no sign of cherries in the party, possibly to avoid you to come in contact with it.

“Would you excuse me, my lord?” You decided and he nodded softly.

“Take your time.”

Trying to look casual, you stood up and walked into a random direction, finding Margaery and quickly having her wrapped her arm around your and holding your hand.

“You’re cold.” She noticed. “Are you afraid?”

You took a deep breath before confirming. You could barely feel your toes, already absurdly cold inside your shoes. Still, you were smiling it out as a well-educated princess.

“Panicking.” You said finally, looking around.

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Wedding imagines?!!

also added Unkown as you clarified later.


- there aren’t a lot of people invited

- but everything is of the highest quality and very elegant

- definitely a traditional marriage

- and slightly over the top

- “do we really need swans”

- Elizabeth gets her own seat

-Jumin is super calm but so happy

- “you’re gorgeous” he says quietly when you get to the alter

- in a large chapel don’t ask where the swans went

- during winter


- so many people

- it’s insane

- not very over the top cause you guys only have so much money

- he’s overjoyed

- His grin takes up his entire face

- he can’t get over how beautiful you are

- he tears up watching you walk down the isle

- you had to have it outside because there are so many people

- during spring next to a lake

- he totally doesn’t throw you in during the reception


- there are mostly just family members and close friends

- it’s a very simple wedding, Yoosung wanted to do more but weddings are not cheap

- you’re both really happy with it though

- he starts crying as you walk down the isle

- you’re so perfect

- also outside, under cheery trees when they’re blossoming

- he keeps telling everyone you’re his wife during the reception

- “we know, Yoosung, we watched you get married”


- friends and family, it’s not big

- you both wear dresses and since that’s a pretty big expense the wedding is relatively small

- you have it at a church and the reception at the cafe, I mean, where else would you have it?

- you’re the one waiting at the alter and oh my god Jaehee is so perfect

- you’re both grinning messes at the alter

- and you write your own vows

- summer wedding


- basically just the other RFA members and Saeran

- mostly just an alter with some benches

- at night on a mountain and during winter, best time to see the stars

- everyone’s really cold but the power of love will heat them up! Or so Seven insists

- he can’t believe he’s watching you walk down the isle to marry him

- he tears up

- the reception is at his house and he runs around carrying you and screaming “look at my wife!”


- it’s just you two

- at a church

- also at night, you guys snuck out when Seven was asleep

- Saeran’s smiling softly, so in love

- there’s no walking up the isle and you two don’t break eye contact once

- upon leaving you find out Seven did know you guys snuck out

- he called Jumin and organized a last minute reception with the other RFA members

- Saeran’s annoyed but secretly enjoys it

- during fall

So cool story.

This is the transformation of my prom dress. Take a close look at the dress. I’m sure when you hear the word prom you think dollar signs. Yeah, well my dress cost 1 dollar people. 1 dollar. My uncle found it at a little thrift store. When I mean thrift store I don’t mean a cute little vintage place, but a place
Like savers or goodwill. Like that.

The dress was pretty much a wedding dress. So we took the train off the back of the dress (look at left pic, it’s very long and thick) and cut the dress. We then added a lighter more flowy material in the back in 3 sections. So instead of being one long train it was 3 shorter sections.

So after this experience I realized one thing. Girls are being taught that in order to be beautiful you have to spend tons of money to have designer clothes, or the perfect outfit from that store that will take your whole paycheck.

Nope. Don’t buy in. Beauty comes from confidence. Beauty is that beautiful smile that comes from loving yourself and what you’re wearing. Clothes are supposed to make you feel good.

No one knew how much money I spent on my dress at prom. I may have payed one dollar, but I loved that dress and wore it like it cost a million bucks.

Meeting the Parents

This is part six of the Steve, marry her series. Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, and Part Five.

Pairing: Pre-serum!Steve x Reader

Word Count: 1887

Category: Fluff

Warnings: Fluff, meeting parents, kinda sad ending, brief mention of WWII, 

Summary: Steve meets your parents, and you insist on meeting his.

Your name: submit What is this?

“Y/N, I heard from one of my friends that she saw you and that boyfriend of yours getting married down at the City Hall,” you mother said. You held the phone up to your ear as you cooked. You winced as she said it. You and Steve had opted for a City Hall wedding. Buck and Melanie had been your witnesses. You had worn a cheap white knee length dress that Steve and Bucky insisted on buying for you.

“You should at least look like a bride,” Steve had said.

“Yes,” you sighed into the phone, “we did Mama.”

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Do you use reference footage when animating, and if so, how do you go about making it?

I very rarely use reference footage, but I do study a lot of things so that I understand various movements. For Giselle I looked at the ballerina Gelsey Kirkland in The Nutcracker. She’s a great dancer and the nightdress costume had a good feel to it. I’ve looked at ballet dancers for years, it’s a great place to look for understanding the human body.

We did shoot a handful of reference shots of Amy Adams in the wedding dress for the scene where Giselle arrives at the castle, and I used one of them in particular, when she exits the coach. I’ll post that later. Those were just shot with a cheap video camera, nothing special, no matching camera moves or anything, just something to see what cool things Amy would come up with.

The important thing when using live-action reference is to understand the movement, the weight, the balance, the anatomy, the foot placement etc. Only then can you interpret and use it effectively, and not just copy it.

The only fashion advice novice boys need to know

There’s no absolute expectation to dress fancy, but if you do, do it right.

Your shoes should match your belt, your socks should not be white, and you shouldn’t wear black with brown.

You may be tempted to wear a shirt with a vest over it. Don’t. You’ll look like a bartender, or a magician who does kid’s birthday parties

If you want good clothes for cheap, ebay is your friend.

You really only need a blue dress shirt, a white dress shirt, a black tie and a red tie.

If you need a suit, get a grey one. 2 or 3 button. Not black: black is traditionally for cocktail parties, weddings, and funerals.

There’s no need to learn a knot fancier than the basic 4 in hand. If you absolutely MUST learn another knot, do the Half-windsor or the Shelby-Pratt. if you tie your tie wrong, re-tie it. Don’t walk around with a tie that’s too long or too short.


Okay…  First of all, sorry for all the crap on the mirror, it needs to be cleaned lol.  Anyways, my friends wedding is this weekend, and I found these dresses while shopping this past weekend.  I couldn’t decide between them and against my better judgement I said fuck it and bought both.  Well, it turns out one was suuuuuuuuuuuper cheap and the 2 of them cost me what I thought only one would cost.  So major win.

Now here’s the problem… I can’t decide which to wear.  One of my friends said green, the other (the one who’s actually the one getting married) said the other one.  I was set on the green until she said that and now I’m stuck again.

So its up to you tumblr! Which dress should I wear?

Our generation has enough debt that we should start creating our own cultural norms around the concept, instead of only following the ones we were handed. Yes, we can still have weddings, but what about “I am out of debt” parties? They can be just as elaborate – fancy invitations, candles everywhere, your closest friends and family – except you do everything on the cheap, because you just got yourself out of debt and realize the insanity of spending 5,000 on a dress, or making everyone fly to Aruba.

Everyone deserves to celebrate their professional and financial successes, and imagine if you gathered 50 people in a garden with lights strung up everywhere, and an open bar, and people gave toasts about how amazing and wonderful it is that you managed to pay 100,000 dollars entirely on your own? (Which it totally is, by the way.) Getting married shouldn’t be the only time we celebrate ourselves in a totally indulgent and beautiful way, nor the only time your whole family gets together to talk about how awesome you are. (And you are.)

Debt sucks. But finding fun, healthy, honest ways to deal with it is something we can all do together. And we should deal with it while drinking wine and dancing to 70s pop hits.

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I just asked for 76 but forgot to include a pairing hahaha oops! Luke and y/n pretty please?

Weddings as a guest were always a strange thing. You didn’t know exactly who to approach, where to sit, how much to eat, when to dance, when to arrive, when to leave, what sort of present to bring. More often than not, extended families and friends of both sides that you’d never met were there as guests, there were name tags on tables but that didn’t exactly help when the reception hall was larger than your house, the food didn’t appear edible, the dance floor was lit by some cheap lights and outlined by cheap smelling fog from a fog machine in the corner by the DJ stand, arriving and leaving was entirely up to your ride, and your present ended up as a fancy envelope from the Hallmark store filled with money bills, seeing as you couldn’t exactly afford anything on the registry. 

Wedding’s as the last single cousin on your side of the family were also a bit difficult, seeing as all your relatives over the age of forty swarmed as hawks in regards to your current relationship status. Nothing about your education, your job, your new apartment. Just whether you were still single.

It didn’t help that your date to nearly every one of these close knit family events was your best friend of years, Luke Hemmings, the boy that every grandma within a five mile radius would gladly marry off to their grand children.

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