the one with the chain makes me want to cry



So I was in algebra and it was the end of class, so I asked my teacher how his weekend was. He said it was great and asked me how was mine, to which I responded with, “I binge-watched my favorite show. I watched like two seasons.”

“Which show?”

I got really nervous because I’m worried about people knowing I watch it and kept darting around it. Eventually I just thought ‘Screw it’ and just said-

“Ah it was a Lego show…”


AND MY HEART WANTED TO DIE HE KNEW HE WATCHES IT- I SAID YEAH AND HE SAID “NINJAGO’S AWESOME!!! I watch it with my kid all the time- He loves it!!!”



BEST DAY EVER- My algebra teacher’s like 5'4, possibly nearing his late 30s, bald, very loud, talks really fast, and honestly is a bit scary since he can roast literally anyone he talks to but knowing that he watches it with his son makes me really happy.

Wanting to re-invent yourself is a dangerous thing” she told me “one minute you’re cutting all your hair off and chain smoking even though you always said you hated the smell, and the next you’ve forgotten who you were to begin with. You can’t remember how you used to act when you were happy, or what used to make you cry, or if you ever really cried. You’ll become so caught up on being the new you, you’ll lose sight of the one I fell in love with
—  Stories I’ll never finish writing #1
Five Things Tag Game

I was tagged by @southsideserpentine (thank you cutie i love these <3)


my phone

my keys with a shit ton of key chains on it

my wallet


a newsies movie ticket because like why not it makes me happy :)


playbills (including my signed DEH and bandstand ones and every time i look at them i cry)

music, movie, and musical posters

a Leonardo DiCaprio pin thats a pic of him from romeo+juliet (tbh the best Leo)

skateboard grip tape that i have yet to put on my new deck

a pillow shaped like a crystal


live in nyc for at least a year

see as many musicals as i can

find my soulmate

find job that i love

be friends with people in a band


musicals from the cast members to the actual show and everything in between i love em all

stydia even tho we’ve gotten barely and content since last year

Jeremy Jordan lol

podcasts (my brother my brother and me, views, brodawaysted, etc.)

my cat Winn even tho he’s kinda an asshole


The Flash


Be More Chill (im reading the book and its fucking great)

Catfish (its been on MTV like 24/7 and i cant fucking stop watching it)

Mario Kart Double Dash (i bought a gamecube the other day and i feel like I’m 6 again)


go to dinner with my dad cuz i havent seen him in a week and i havent eaten all day whoops

buy my Spiderman tickets for tomorrow

by my tickets for Falsettos (ahh)

put gas in my car -_-

pick my classes for college next year (AHH)

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Sasuke’s evolution

After reading the 700+6 AND OMG WHAT A CHAPTER, I AM FANGIRLING SO MUCH, there is something special that REALLY melted my heart other than the awesome great beautiful and badass queen’s entrance omg. It’s the evolution of Sasuke.

we all have noticed his change since the chapter 699 when he admitted his defeat, but look : We had a character


Lost in hatred

Seeking for revenge


And look at our Sasuke now… The same Sasuke, look at him serisouly.

Look at how he is talking about cooperation and a bright future

Look at how he is worried about Naruto that he calls the Seventh OMG FEELS INTENSIFIES

Look at how he reacts when he sees daughter in danger

Look at how without even thinking, his parental instinct pushes him to PROTECT his daughter

Look at his reaction when his wife saves him and their daughter

I really don’t have the right words to express how much this MOVES me. Sasuke suffered so much, saw his clan all dead, hated his beloved brother and killed him, got to know the terrible truth and regretted so much… He couldn’t understand why the shinobi world was so dark and unfair, why there couldn’t be peace, why his brother and clan were sacrificed… He got lost in his deep pain, all alone. Sasuke is a very VERY kind and warm hearted man, he has always been like this but his life was so difficult… I am so happy to see that this man who suffered so so so many years alone found a shelter, warm arms to hold him and a beautiful smile to welcome him. Sakura didn’t give up on him. Yet her love was innocent and childish, but her feelings somehow changed as she was growing up: She wanted to save him from his hatred, she wanted him to live happily without the chains of the past. Because this is love, real love

And look at him now… look at how “human” are his expressions. From the man who almost killed Sakura, he became the one who would die to save her and their daughter. He would live in the shadows to protect them, because that is him: A great husband, a loving father and an honorable shinobi.

Seeing the evolution of my lovely Sasuke really warms up my heart, makes me smile and I admit, makes me cry… I am so glad he married Sakura, I am so glad they have their precious daughter… I just love them so much, they deserve to be SOOO happy


Wow, this has to be the oldest request that’s constantly been on my mind to do but just never found the time!

Sorry ericaohmg95 for taking so terribly long with this, and thank you for all the help you’ve given me in the past. I will always appreciate it!

— Lyrics —
Thrown to the ground like they were trash at your feet
All the letters I wrote you, love you’re turning your back to
I’ve heard it said that burning love doesn’t last
Still kinda shocked it blew away so fast

Just gonna stand there or have to something say?
Oh don’t let me be the hold up when you’re dying to move on
I know the story and it plays out like this
Soon you’ll be gone to search for someone else

Left behind, again I’m thinking of sky
How I loved watching daytime fly by
Laughing smiles passing through annoy me
Can’t keep down this demon glaring

Hey welcome to what’s been worst day of my life
Beating from the chains and laughing ‘til I cry
I’ll rub the tears from out of my eyes
And kick it from this dancing carnival
I’m done wanting to be “just anyone but me”
If I couldn’t burn, then maybe I can gleam
I’ll say goodbye but why not let it last the night?
Blaze through the dark like hell, this carnival!

Sooner or later all the night melts away
Pouring the sunshine all over, other worlds never closer
Speaking of dreams that make your life living hell
I guess I’m one as well but time will tell

Done my scheming and my plotting alright
All the hearts that I played, got played back
So I’m finally giving in and letting go
Throw them down-we’re starting up my last show

They shoot across the sky as if they wanna fly
Grab one in my hand, at least I gotta try
Then maybe I can force it to hear
And grant my wish, just one for real
From Yokohama skies to Tokyo, stars align
Close enough to taste but still too far too find
I wait for sun to come and fill my world with light
It dances with no end, this carnival!

Hey welcome to what’s been worst day of my life
Beating from the chains and laughing ‘til I cry
I’ll rub the tears from out of my eyes
And kick it from this dancing carnival
I’m done wanting to be “just anyone but me”
If I couldn’t burn, then maybe I can gleam
I’ll say goodbye but why not let it last the night?
Blaze through the dark like hell, this carnival!

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People I wish to sacrifice to Satan.

1. In first grade I was told by a teacher that I was too opinionated, and she said “girls should be seen but not heard” and I wanted to ask her why I couldn’t be both, but it was as if she’d taken my voice and put it in a jar made of glass so that it could be seen but not heard, and as if she’d made a few holes in the top so that it could breath, but nothing more. So I listened as she taught me to not take up too much space, sit down back straight and voice down.

2. There were some boys who told me that I couldn’t play with them, because I was a girl and I was just supposed to “be pretty and stuff” and I wanted to ask them why the genitalia between my legs made me incapable of playing football with them but I bit my tongue as I’d been taught but I still got my answer when they used the word “girly” as an insult and “grow some balls” as the cure

3. I was thirteen when a boy said to me that I weren’t pretty and it was probably the way he said it, as if I’d failed my reason of existence that made me go home and cry myself to sleep praying to someone, something “please make me pretty, please make me pretty, please make me pretty, please make my waist thinner, my legs longer, my hips wider and my boobs bigger”. That “something” did obviously not answer my prayers

4. One day he showed up, my knight in shining armour, with a breath smelling like a chain-smokers jacket and his lips tasting like the strongest kind of liquor. He called me beautiful and told me to take off my clothes, and I wanted to say “no”, but I bit my tongue and watched as he took them off for me. He was my first but he wouldn’t be my last. “Slut” and “whore” they called me, because I bit my tongue and swallowed the word “no” as I’d been taught when the boys told me to take my clothes off.


I would like to sacrifice my teacher because she ruined my childhood so much. And everyone else mentioned here.

A friend asked me who I would sacrifice to Satan if I had the chance. // a list poem by k.s.b (mockedink)

rougemind  asked:

Hi Yuu Shishio, there's something I'd like to ask you since you're also in building up theories. I hope not to bother you with it. I just wondered about Oda-sensei's announcement of the year of Sanji. There're this feelings of some hidden backround etc. but I also couldn't help to think of AllBlue. If it's a year like Oda sensei said - will we also see the first dream of a Nakama become true? At an interview this year I remember that we're at 70-75 percent from OP storyline. What are your feels?

cont. from your 2nd message:

And I’d love to add that I’m very curious of 2016 after this announcement and have the expectation Oda-sensei will leave us in 2015 with an teasing cliffhanger! So it’s before christmas and new year I want you to spend a lovely time with your beloved ones and enjoying a wonderful, peacefully christmas and starting good and healthy into 2016! :) Thank you for always sharing beautiful Zosan art.

Hello, come and have a seat, talk Sanji to me. This will be long post.

You’re absolutely not bother me! I love to talk about Sanji I can turn into a stereo talking about him which my friend have to push the pause/stop button. So feel free to send me ask about Sanji… and I’ll be the one to be afraid of bothering you for a damn long post.

First I have to say that your theory sounds wonderful in a strange way - theory in which the next opening story about Sanji won’t be or just be his background story but also him, to be the first one in Straw Hat crew accomplish the dream, finding ALL BLUE. And yes you’re right, there was an interview in this 2015 year that an assistant of Oda-sensei told us that One Piece had already reach about 2/3 its journey to the goal. But let’s read again those lines about Sanji in the letter from Oda, the letter was read at Jumpfes2016 last week, then we can discuss more clearly about this








[Recently, I was asked by readers many times for one such thing.

‘When will Sanji appear?’

Sanji’s Voice Actor, Hirata-san also asked me that.

‘When will my appeared time come?’

Please rest assured!

Next year, will be Sanji’s year!!

Finally, It’s time for the secret of his birth will be revealed step by step. Also it will be a year for those members had been in rest in Dressrosa Arc to get their big successful time.]

In those original lines, Oda did mention about Sanji’s birth, so it won’t be your feeling or our feelling or prediction anymore, it’s definitely Sanji’s backstory. In which I can imagine them basically, is Sanji’s past before he worked as a cook on Orbit. The blank space have been already staying there such a long time, very very long time since chapter 43 till now in one piece wiki, for Sanji’s past - will have its time to be filled. And following many theories, I can say that the preview of the change in his wanted might be one of the first important detail. 

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All in all, I enjoyed this episode. I just hated when Studio Pierrot made Hinata looked “extremely gorgeous” even if she tripped. Ugh. Made me hate her more.

On the brighter side, I think this episode really showed “What the true ending is”.Because okay, as we all know, no one liked the shitty ending. (Except for most of the NH and SS shippers).

This episode proved that Hinata cannot do something to help Naruto. As we can see, Sakura is the one capable to save Naruto. As always. Hinata /wants/ to save Naruto but she cannot do it.

As for Sasuke, we can see in this episode that Karin is the one who is extemely worried about Sasuke. There is not a single moment that Sakura thought of Sasuke’s state. (On one scene, we can see Ino being alarmed but it wasn’t emphasized) Karin’s love for Sasuke is genuine because this is the first time we saw her be like that. She is absolutely frustrated about Sasuke’s condition. 

Alright, so we’ll wait until the episode where our two heroes will be revived. Also, I am looking forward on how Studio Pierrot will animate “Karin’s Adamantine Sealing Chains” moment. I hope they will make her “more gorgeous” than “Hinata’s tripping moment”.

Thus, this episode proved that Sakura and Karin are the perfect and right girls for Naruto and Sasuke. respectively.

When I hate everything I touch because I’ve touched it
Does that make me a fool or a genius
And if I whisper goodbye in the dead of night
Does that make me a coward or a quitter
I won’t ask if I could ever be a fighter because the only damage I could ever cause with my fists
Is to myself
And I won’t tell you that I’m a lover because we both know I’ve never loved anything but you
How can that count when you’re the one that keeps me up at night and makes the ache apparent
Because loving you isn’t a mistake but sometimes I think it should be
And I’m not bleeding but maybe I should be because I can’t think anymore
Somebody tell me what’s the point of thinking when my head is already
Disconnected from my body
Every hope I ever had of being more than a pathetically small child
Was dashed the moment I realized that rain doesn’t stop falling because I want to play outside
Days don’t get brighter because I’m sick of the darkness
And leaves don’t change colors just because I want to watch a miracle happen
It hurt when I was made aware that the world is so much bigger
But it didn’t hurt to know that I wasn’t important because I knew that from the start
The hope that was crushed wasn’t that I was important
But that I would one day become important
And when that hope was crushed
I cried a river of words that dried up in the wake of the sunrise
Because lightning never strikes the same place twice and it should sometimes
I’m sick of it missing me
I’m sick of always being the one left untouched
The torment doesn’t go away and the bitterness never turns sweet
Because some things are meant to hurt and some things are meant to burn
We don’t pretend we can fly because someone’s already made a metal machine that pretends for us
What’s the point of thinking for ourselves when we’re called foolish in the process
I wanna drown every sorry breath I’ve ever taken in ginger ale and lies
Because what’s a gypsie to a family man other than fifteen minutes in a bathroom stall
And pressure never looks the same when we’re standing outside the blast zone
What would you do if I shattered into a million and eleven pieces
But only thirty seven of them landed at your feet
Would you assume it was because I was trying my best to save you
Or would you weep on your knees, convinced you weren’t good enough to shoulder the burden
And I’d cry if you walked away
Trust me, I do it every night
So does that make me a hopeless romantic
Or should we drop the romantics and just fuck right now
Because I want you to understand that the waves that break on my head
Aren’t the same as the ones on the beach
Mine feel like anvils
And you’re the shackles chained to my feet with tubs of concrete encased around them too
Dragging me deeper into this well of truth
Or is it lies
I can’t tell the difference anymore between a penny and a dollar
Because it’s not the monetary value that matters anymore
But how long she’ll dance on the pole for you
If I ever meet a stripper in a wedding dress
I’ll assume it’s true love
Because I make assumptions that make me a fool
And you make decisions that leave me feeling small
I tripped and fell down a rabbit hole that was much too small for the dreams I wanted
And what’s the point of dreaming when the clouds are always far too high
Things only sparkle because they’re new
And when they tarnish we don’t love them as much anymore
I hate everything I touch because I’ve touched it
And touching it has made it grow old
—  s.f., Part Eight

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In the AU Castle and Captain Beckett end up sleeping together

So I couldn’t get them to sleep together, because it felt a little too much like Castle cheating on his Beckett, but I still wrote a nice scene between them. It’s more about helping her finally solve her mother’s case than anything else.


“You just don’t know when to quit, do you?” Beckett asks, shaking her head.

“What do you mean?” Castle asks in return.

“I’ve had you arrested twice, and here you are, back again. Why is this case so damn important to you?”

“Because solving it is the only way I’m going to get home, back to you.”

“Mr. Castle –”

“Look,” he starts, cutting her off. “I know you think I’m crazy. That time travel, alternate universes, they’re not your thing. You always find a way to explain away my insane theories. But Google that artifact that is the center of this case, and you’ll learn I’m not the only one to touch it and end up in a parallel universe.”

“All right, say that I believe you. What’s this other universe like?”

“Well Ryan and Jenny are married and have a little girl named Sarah. Lanie and Esposito are together…at the moment, they have a very on again, off again relationship. My daughter still lives here and is still a redhead. My mother hasn’t done a whole lot of acting herself lately because she opened her own acting school. Gates is the captain, not you.”

“I’m not captain?” she asks, raising her eyebrows at him.

“No. You’re still a detective. One I based my next book series on. It’s a hit, and it’s all because of you.”

“And why do you keep saying that you have to get back to me?”

“Because, Kate, you’re my fiancé.”

She looks at him like she doesn’t quite know what to say.

“We’re happy,” he tells her. “Lately things have been a little rough because I was kidnapped or something the day of our wedding and disappeared for two months, but we’re working on it. And I know we can be happy again. I know that I have to go back and marry her. Right now. I’m done waiting and I can tell that she is too. It’s time. It’s time for Katherine Beckett to be my wife.”

Beckett shakes her head.

“You don’t believe me. Okay fine. You want to solve your mother’s case?”

“How did you –”

“Those elephants on your desk there? Open them up. That’s all of the evidence you need.”

She reaches for her family of elephants. “These? They don’t open.”


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