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Go read this amazing, well written and beautifully executed story that will steal your heart from the get go.

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The most unrealistic thing about Skam

… is that no one wears glasses! Where is my glasses representation?! I’m waiting, Julie.

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@markiplier show was absolutely amazing! It was incredible! I’m actually speechless! That was the most fun I’ve had in a long time! I didn’t want to post too many photos from the actual show, to avoid spoilers! And if you were the person sitting next to me I hope you’re okay! I saw that your chair broke right at the end there


First Post wohoo! I finally decided to get my very own tumblr!!!

I submitted this this little fic(let?) to @julietsemophase a while back when I kinda wanted to share something but didn’t want to get a tumblr, but now I’ve decided to try out digital drawing and the first thing I ever drew just so happened to be an accompanying pic to what I wrote…

Pansy waits for him in front of the ‘Wheit Rabbit’, one of the bars down Diagon Alley.

They all go there Fridays after work.

“Well, now that you’re finally here, I can have my well-deserved drink.            Do you know how much that fucking woman can talk? I sat there for at least two hours before we even got to discussing her upcoming interview. My husband this, my husband that… and oh, aren’t my kids adorable? So intelligent! I wish I could’ve told her where she can stick her intelligent offspring. Anyway, how was your day, darling?”

 She leads them to a corner table, having already signalled the barman for their drinks.

Draco almost stops dead in his tracks when the group of aurors at the bar shifts and he glimpses an unruly head of black hair.

“Draco? You coming?” Pansy calls out.

“Yeah, right. I’m right there. My day was fine, by the way, thank you. I finally finished that potion I’ve been telling you about.”

Pansy glances the way he had been looking and smirks.

“See something you like, Draco? Or rather, someone?”

Draco feels himself blush.

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friendly reminder that Chaol initially point blank refused to go to the Torre Cesme even though it was his only chance at ever walking again because he didn’t want to leave Dorian again.


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My friends first impression of everyone in Ensemble Stars
  • Trickstar: They all look like dicks, none of them look interest, they're like fuck boys. They're kinda boring to me, I seriously hate the clothing patterns. The one with the glasses need to never wear that hat again.
  • Shu: he looks like he's into some kinky shit.
  • Mika: he's probably nice but he also looks like a major douchebag
  • (Both of them look like dicks)
  • Chiaki: is the leader™and the hero who always saves the day
  • Shinobu: looks like the dumbass of the group
  • Midori: the gay one
  • Tetora: the edgy™ one with the tragic backstory™
  • Kanata: the useless dumbass
  • Wataru: a mystical man
  • Yuzuru: your average kid
  • Tori/Touri: pure boy, he's merely a child
  • Eichi: is kinda a dick but you can tolerate it
  • Arashi: is a major flirt
  • Izumi: is like average
  • Ritsu: is a knock off/off brand APH Japan
  • Leo: is a little bitch
  • Tsukasa: looks really calm and nice
  • UNDEAD: They're all edgy AF. They're all gay. It's the gay bad boy group. I want them to kill me right now
  • Ra*bits: They all look so small and cute. Pure children.
  • Hajime: is probably a music junkie
  • Nazuna: looks like a fucking vampire
  • Mitsuru: looks like he enjoys going outside and shit like that
  • Tomoya: is the cute one that everyone loves to death
  • Switch: they sound gay
  • Sora: looks Luke a sinnamon roll. He was looking too innocent
  • Natsume: looks edgy™ and such a rebel™
  • Tsumugi: looks like he wants to die 24/7
  • Keito: is a fucking nerd
  • Kuro: is kinda edgy but also kinda normal
  • Souma: is the mysterious backstory™
  • (Note- this was said before Madara was introduced)

zero talent


I think I got a little too carried away with it! OOPS! Well, enjoy! Featuring a Taeyang troll.


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After T.O.P pointed your glasses out everyone started teasing you, making you embarrassed. You tried to hid it behind your smile, but it was useless

GD had asked you to follow him because he had to show you something but once the door closed behind you, he suddenly grabbed your face, analyzing it closely.

“W-What?” The closeness of his face made a shiver run down your spine

‘You look cute with your glasses Y/N’ He said as both of your faces inches closer, his breath on yours. You could feel his lips slightly grazing yours. 

“God, you don’t know what you do to me Y/N. I’m glad you’re comfortable enough to wear them in front of me.”

You Pressed his lips delicately on yours as he wrapped his hands around the back of your neck, to deepen the kiss. Your lips molded so perfectly together.

That is of course until Taeyang showed up. Making you choke on nothing but air, to casually make the distance between you and GD larger.

“Hey!” He said eagerly


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He pointed out your glasses to the whole group. You glared at him. He didn’t say much just chuckled when everyone was around.

You had informed them that you were going to get coffee and T.O.P decided to join you. You two didn’t talk much because you were still annoyed that he pointed out your glasses to everyone. When you two were waiting for your coffee he poked your cheek.

“I’m sorry I pointed the glasses out to everybody Y/N You just looked really gorgeous with them on they make you look so mature I want to…” He was cut off as the barista brought your drinks. You two made your way back. “Oh, you have something here,” He pointed at your upper lip before you had a chance to check yourself in the mirror his lips were on yours. “MMM, just as sweet. I can’t get enough.“

He placed his lips on yours again, and again. The sweetness of his lips infused with coffee had your knees buckling under you.

The elevator came to a stop and Taeyang entered. You two looked away from each other casually sipping your coffee.

"Hiya!” Taeyang said enthusiastically.

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He took the seat next to you and glanced at you from the side. You heard him giggle.

“What’s so funny Seungri!” You raised you voice more than you intended to.

“Aish, Y/N calm down… I was just going to say-“

“What? That I look better without them on.”

“I was going to say you have something on your teeth…” But he suddenly leaned into you, placing his lips on your ear. “But you’d look better without anything on.” He squeezed your knee biting his bottom lip. Everyone had left to either get coffee or to check on something. It was then when you slowly met Seungri’s gaze. He slowly brought his hand to you face, placing your hair finely behind your ear. His other hand gently placed on your thigh, as he leaned in to kiss you. His kiss was as light as a feather, you were so entranced you two stayed like that for what seemed like an eternity. Until you heard footstep making him fix his position.

Taeyang walked in while eating a cupcake, smiling at both of you.

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“Ya! Everyone leave her alone!”

He reassuringly placed his hands on your shoulder.

“Thank you, Daesung! Sheesh, you’re all so mean.” You said crinkling your nose.

“She doesn’t look that bad!” He added making you look back at him menacingly. you got up and walked out on them, you thought Dae out of all the people would have your back. “Y/N! Wait!” You heard him call behind you. You stopped

“What? It’s not funny, I’m already insecure about my glasses…”

“Hey… I’m sorry I was trying to make the boys laugh.”


“You already know…” He walked up to you slowly.

“I don’t…” He lifted you chin up to meet his gaze,

“Don’t make me say, it’s embarrassing…” He slowly brought his face down to meet yours.

“Hey! Y/N are you okay?” Taeyang came out.

Dammit Taeyang

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“Y/N’s the only one out of all of us that can pull the glasses off.”


“Seriously… pull them off.” Everyone broke out in laughter.

Taeyang, on the other hand, ignored their bantering.

“Y/N come down to the kitchen I have something for you, You followed his and he handed you a cute chocolate cupcake.

“What’s this for?” You asked but Taeyang just walked away without looking back at you. You took a bite of the cupcake, there was something in the middle of the cupcake. It read you’re beautiful who cares about these other fools. You smiled reading the reassuring note. After the second bite, you noticed another note, the second note read I saw you two. Making you instantly choke on your cupcake, the others tried to help you out by patting your back. 


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don't be! you're one of those girls that look ON POINT with glasses. seriously, they really suit you. and your smile is so beautiful! especially when you get smth wrong on the guitar and you smile/laugh.

awh oh my god thank you!! my parents are like “your glasses are too big for ur face we can’t see ur eyes” and i guess they have a point but?? idk what kind of glasses would suit me??