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On a scale from 1-10 how mad are you that Frank Miller is writing Superman: Year One?

I don’t seem to recall gripping a monkey’s paw in my fist when hoping in spite of myself there would be some kind of notable Superman announcement at SDCC, a single rotted finger curling in my grip. And yet.

Flat-out: there’s absolutely a chance this could be great, but I would not bet on it. Miller’s repeatedly stated over the years that he actually really does like Superman and that it’s simply been obscured because he’s always writing from Batman’s point of view (and I’d even say the work he actually has done with the character is a lot more reverent than most seem to think). JRJR is one of the greats when he’s on his game, and Miller most certainly is too on a medium-defining scale. On the other hand…Jesus Christ, it’s 2017 Frank Miller doing Superman: Year One. I could spend days listing the innumerable ways this can and more than likely will go catastrophically wrong. Fingers crossed, but I’d say brace yourself for something on the…lower end of Miller’s oeuvre, and not in the delightful All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder sense.

I do wonder though, what’s the intended canonicity of this? It’d seem obviously to be its own thing, just banking on the title because it’s Miller, but Wonder Woman still recently used Year One as a title to signify that Rucka’s new one was her absolute official origin, so what’s that mean here, especially with so much up in the air in the wake of Reborn?


A little Live In Living Color tonight because, lets start the week off on a Happy Aaron Note!!

Guys… We’re less than 2 weeks until Florida shows and 4 weeks from California shows… HOW DID THIS HAPPEN SO FAST?! Gah!

Parker’s Playhouse FL - 12 Days |

Straz Center FL - 13 Days |

House of Blues San Diego CA - 26 Days |

Belasco Theatre CA -27 Days |


Frank Luke Jr (1897-1918)

Winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor, America’s second ranking ace in World War One, Frank Luke epitomized the reckless, undisciplined, loner image of a fighter pilot. He went after the toughest targets, heavily defended German observation balloons.

In seventeen days in September, 1918, in just nine days of combat flying, ten missions, and only thirty hours of flight time, he shot down fourteen enemy balloons and four aircraft (seven planes according to some sources). A remarkable record.


On this day in music history: June 10, 1972 - “The Candy Man” by Sammy Davis, Jr. hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 3 weeks, also topping the Adult Contemporary chart for 2 weeks on May 20, 1972. Written by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse, it is the biggest hit for the Harlem, NY born singer, actor and entertainer. Songwriters Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse whose credits singularly and collectively include classics such as “Goldfinger”, “What Kind Of Fool Am I”, “Talk To The Animals”, and Tony winning musical “Stop The World -  I Want To Get Off”, are hired by film producers Stan Margulies and David L. Wolper to write songs and the score for the film “Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory”. Among the eight songs Newley and Bricusse write, the first heard in the film is “The Candy Man”. The original version of the song is sung by actor Aubrey Woods, as the candy shop owner. After a brief stint signed to Motown Records which yields one album produced by Jimmy Bowen (Frank Sinatra), entertainer Sammy Davis, Jr., leaves Motown in 1971 and signs with MGM Records. MGM Records president Mike Curb suggests to Sammy that he record “The Candy Man”. At first Davis is not receptive to the idea, telling Curb he hates the song, feeling that it’s “too saccharine”. Though ten years before, Davis had scored a major hit with Newley and Bricusse’s “What Kind Of Fool Am I”, and decides to give “The Candy Man” a shot. Curb co-produces the session along with legendary producer and arranger Don Costa, and Michael Viner (Incredible Bongo Band). The track also features background vocals by The Mike Curb Congregation who had previously recorded it before Davis, but their fails to chart. Released as a single in November of 1971, “The Candy Man” is not an immediate hit. It is only after it begins receiving airplay on AC radio stations, that the record takes off. At the time, many Top 40 pop stations refuse to play the record. The exposure from Adult Contemporary radio gives it the momentum it needs to propel it on to and up the charts. Entering the Hot 100 at #97 on March 11, 1972, it climbs to the top of the chart thirteen weeks later. The single earns Davis a Grammy nomination for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance in 1973. “The Candy Man” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: I'm so confused by Winona Ryder in the television series Friends. In The One With Frank Jr. Ross and Chander talk about Winona, in discussing celebrities they would sleep with, which makes it clear that Winona is in fact an actress in this universe. But in The One With Rachels Big Kiss, Winona appears in an episode as a character other than herself. In this universe does Winona exist with a different physical appearance? Or is she perhaps still Winona, but is using a different name and it is just that no one recognizes her? I'm so confused about the stance of Winona Ryder in the television series Friends.

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Ahh yay! If Frank had another bby, what do you think his first Fathers Day in a while would be like?

ohhh gosh

i honestly think it’d be a very emotional time, since it’s been so long since he’s had a happy one, and his heart still goes out to Frank Jr. and Lisa, but his new child is so important to him. i think he’d be overwhelmed by this wave of complex feelings that it would be hard for him to figure out where his head is, but when his girl sets his baby on his knee and he opens the card that’s signed “love, mommy and baby” and the baby has scribbled on the inside with a crayon, a big swirly blue scrawl all over the card, he starts tearing up and kisses his baby’s chubby cheeks over and over, making them giggle and cuddle closer to him, and he knows he did the right thing. he knows he’s okay.

he tacks the card up over his workbench and looks at it all the time, and the whole day is one that he spends with his wife and baby. he doesn’t forget about his old family, by any means, but he focuses on the here and now, cradling his tiny child in his arm and holding his wife’s hand, finally living a good moment, and he feels blessed beyond what he deserves to have something this wholesome and this loving. when his baby laughs, he feels like the sun has broken through the clouds and is shining on him, and every kiss his wife gives him is a chorus of ringing chapel bells, sounding out his joy. frank’s heart is full to the brim with swirling, changing emotions, but the most powerful one is the overwhelming, all-consuming love and dedication that he has towards those he cares about. 

so, at the end of the day, he’s happy. the pain is softened by the joy of having something as sweet and real as his family, and though he’ll never forget the people he loved before, the sting is lessened by the gift of love and life that he’s found in his wife and baby.

If FRIENDS Took Place In 2015

1. The one where Joey discovers Tinder.

2. The one where Joey finds Phoebe on Tinder and they finally stop dancing around the subject and hook up.

3. The one where Central Perk becomes a juice bar.

4. The one where everyone deletes Rachel on Facebook for uploading too many baby pictures.

5. The one where Ross’ terrible spray tan goes viral.

6. The one where Monica gets angry at a bad Yelp review.

7. The one where “Smelly Cat” becomes a YouTube sensation.

8. The one where getting a plane evacuated causes Rachel to be questioned by Homeland Security for three days.

9. The one where Ross doesn’t go to the wrong airport because he checked it on his phone.

10. The one where Chandler takes a cheeky selfie when he’s stuck in the ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre.

11. The one where Ross freaks out because Rachel accepted Mark’s friend request.

12. The one with the flashbacks inspired by someone looking at Timehop.

13. The one where everyone gets pissed off at Chandler for spending too much time telling jokes on Twitter.

14. The one where Ross accuses Chandler of stealing his jokes on Twitter.

15. The one where Joey goes on Dancing With the Stars.

16. The one where Chandler finds out about Monica’s wedding Pinterest board before they get engaged and freaks out.

17. The one where Chandler isn’t really freaked out and plans the wedding of Monica’s dreams (according to her Pinterest board).

18. The one where Phoebe’s Etsy store selling her homemade sock bunnies doesn’t really take off.

19. The one where Ben gets taken into care after Joey and Chandler leave him on the bus.

20. The one with the prom video that got put online and written about by BuzzFeed because it was kind of heartbreaking but very cute.

21. The one with the @UglyNakedGuy parody Twitter account.

22. The one where Ross and the girl from Poughkeepsie have a long-distance relationship over Skype.

23. The one with the free porn, but no one cares because there’s endless free porn online.

24. The one in London where they all get screwed over by data roaming charges.

25. The one with the Instagram of Joey and Fergie.

26. The one where no one is surprised that Brad Pitt’s character has lost loads of weight because they’ve seen it on Facebook.

27. The one where Ross orders a flat-pack sofa from Ikea so doesn’t need to pivot.

28. The one where they live tweet themselves throwing a ball around all day with the hashtag #BallThrowingThursday.

29. The one where Rachel makes the trifle correctly because the pages don’t get stuck together on an iPad.

30. The one where Joey puts his Kindle in the freezer.

31. The one where Phoebe finds Frank Jr. on a genealogy website.

32. The one where they find out that Janice has become the seventh biggest YouTube vlogger on the planet.

33. The one where Phoebe talks a toner salesman out of suicide via Gchat.

34. The one where Monica and Chandler’s engagement picture gets photoshopped.

35. The one where Ross doesn’t freak out about sending a holiday card with Mona because who the hell actually sends holiday cards in 2015?!

36. The one where Phoebe finds out about Ursula’s porn career through a basic Google search.

37. The one where someone posts Ross’ sandwich note on Imgur.

38. The one where Rachel smokes e-cigarettes.

39. The one with Ross’ wedding which no one attends because they all just watch via webcam.

40. The one where Chandler works on his personal brand.

41. The one where Joey gets a job at the Genius Bar.

42. The one where Days of Our Lives becomes available on Netflix.

43. The one with the selfie stick.

44. The one with Joey’s sex tape.

45. The one where Ross moderates the r/dinosaurs sub-Reddit.

46. The one where Ross asks Quora how to get leather trousers back on.

47. The one with the lesbian wedding that’s fully recognised under the law.

48. The one where they all move to Brooklyn.

49. The one where Monica opens an artisanal mayonnaise shop in Fort Greene.

50. The one where Chandler grows a moustache – not to impress Richard, but because it’s Movember.

51. The one where Joey finds Rachel’s copy of Fifty Shades of Grey.

52. The one where no one can stop listening to 1989.

53. The one where Janice uses Google Maps and finds that 15 Yemen Road, Yemen is not a real place.

54. The one where Rachel names her baby Daenerys.

55. The one with the evictions because they clearly couldn’t afford the rent on their salaries.


In any case, Friends is one of the greatest sitcoms ever created and that’s just a fact based on how popular it is. However, the writers kind of sucked in terms of continuation, because damn, it is riddled with plot-holes.

I felt like compiling these mistakes into a masterpost… yeah, honestly.

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David Luiz Long Imagine -; [I'd like one that was like David has a long time girlfriend and takes her to a party with the other Chelsea players (Torres, Oscar etc) and gets jealous of her giving them all the attention, so when they get home he proves to her that she is his. The girlfriend can be called Rebecca pleaaaase thank you]

“C’mon go with me just this once"
“You know I don’t like parties David!” I explain whilst picking at my nails to distract myself.
“Please Becca it’s just this one party everyone else is going and you don’t have to stay long.” He begs placing his hands on my cheeks forcing me to make eye contact. He begins to pout in a dramatic plea and I know I am convinced.
“Okay okay alright I’ll go but just this once” I put my hands up as a sign of defeat and he smiles a breathtakingly beautiful smile which in turn makes me smile.
“Thank you baby” he mutters in my ear whilst hugging me tightly.
“Now go away and let me change” I say playfully and he quickly departs from my room allowing me to put on some party clothes.
Seeing as I’m not a party goer I don’t really have a choice when it comes to what to wear so I manage to find a dress right at the back of my wardrobe that I wore about a year ago.
I quickly remove the t-shirt and shorts that I have on and I just about manage to squeeze into the dress.
I put my hair straighteners in the plug and get to work on my face. When I finish putting on my mascara, blush and winged eyeliner I begin to straighten my hair. After about an hour I am almost done and just in time it seems because I can hear David yelling at me to hurry up from downstairs. I quickly reapply my deep red lipstick and put on my heels which match my dress and make my way downstairs.
“Finally! I thought I was going to die before you got ready. What took you s-” David begins to complain before his eyes rake up and down my body and I hear his sharp intake of breath and my subconscious gives a knowing smirk.
“You look beautiful sweetheart” he mutters in my ear once I’ve made my way downstairs placing his hand on the small of my back and I give him a small ‘thank you’ smile.
After what seems like ages we finally pull up to a huge three storey house that looks very modern and like it was pulled straight from the movies. My eyes widen at the amount of people that are here and I gulp.
“I thought you said this would be a small party” I remind David and he takes my hand and pulls me into the large hubbub of people choosing to ignore my question.
I huff and follow him into the house. He high fives and hugs a lot of his friends that I think I’ve met once or twice before but not enough to know their names. They all give me a polite wave and carry on chattering with David. After about ten minutes I get bored of standing next to David doing nothing so I think to myself seeing as this is the first party I’ve been to in ages I might as well explore. I excuse myself from David and make my way around the huge living room and notice the art on the walls. Whoever lives here must be really rich I think to myself before I hear my name being called a couple of times by different voices.
I turn around seeing as my name is being chorused and I am met by three happy smiling faces all with drinks in their hands. Fernando, Oscar and Frank. I recognize the familiar faces and move towards them whilst smiling and waving to show I had seen them. 
“Heya darling ! We haven’t seen you in ages” Fernando says moving to kiss my cheek. 
I begin to blush as Oscar wraps his arm around my waist and pulls me into a hug whilst muttering into my hair “where has David been keeping you hidden” before swiftly bending down to kiss my cheek. I feel a little weird being given all this attention but I don’t say anything because I don’t want to make it awkward. I giggle at Oscars sweet words as Frank compliments my outfit for the night.
“It looks very classy” he says smiling at me and I begin to blush again. Damn all these boys and their compliments.
“Thank you” I reply politely and we begin to chatter, catching up with each other. There’s a lot to talk about seeing as I haven’t seen David’s closest friends since around 3 months ago. 
After about an hour of talking and laughing with the Chelsea boys I begin get a bit restless and excuse myself from the them to go in search of David.
“I’ll come and help you” Oscar offers kindly and I take him up on his offer as I don’t want to get lost in this gigantic mansion. 
We begin our search downstairs but to no avail. David seemed to have disappeared but where would he go? Before I can really think Oscars deep voice interrupts my train of thought.
“Would you like a drink? 
“Alright then” I reply and he gives me a brief smile before going towards the table filled with alcohol. I know I shouldn’t drink but this is my first party in a long time so I want to make the most of it. Oscar quickly returns with a cup of cold vodka and I thank him.
“Let’s check for him upstairs” Oscar says placing his hand into mine and pulling me towards the staircase. I begin to panic. I know Oscar is just being friendly but David is quite the jealous type and I have a feeling he wouldn’t be happy with this. I ignore the part of me that tells me this is a bad idea and just go along with it. We reach the top of the stairs and Oscar finally releases my hand and I breathe a small sigh of relief. We split up and check all the rooms which takes a long time but David is nowhere to be found. I find an empty room with a huge bed in the middle and sit at the edge of the bed. My head is becoming a little fuzzy and a small headache is beginning to form. 
“Becca?” I hear Oscar call and I yell ‘in here’ so he knows where I am. He quickly joins me next to the bed and takes his hand in mine again.
“You couldn’t find him?” I ask timidly and he shakes his head ‘no’
I pull my hand out of his and attempt stand up. My legs wobble and my head begins to pound and I can just about make out Oscar quickly standing up and placing his large hands around my waist to steady me.
“Careful clumsy” Oscar smirks moving closer towards me. I retreat with every step he takes until I feel my back against the cold wall. I am cornered.
“So how long have you and David been dating” Oscar asks raising an eyebrow.
“Uhm .. a year or so?” I state but it sounds more like a question. 
“Wow you’ve been dating a whole year and David ditches you at a party? Dick move. If I was him I would never let you out of my sight” he says as my eyes widen and my breathing becomes erratic and his words. 
“He hasn’t ditched me. I’m sure he’s just in the toilet or something..” I mumble.
“For this long?” He questions closing the little space between us. His sweet breath is fanning my face and although I am a little drunk I am sober enough to know that this isn’t going to have a good outcome. 
“Oscar this isn’t a good idea” I place my small hands on his chest and he puts his left hand on my upper arm and his right hand on my cheek. 
“Nobody has to know” he says before moving his head closer to mine and closing his eyes.
I am holding my breath and thinking what to do when I hear the door handle being opened. I silently thank God that someone has come to save me from this situation but all the colour soon drains from my face when I realize my hero is in fact David. I curse under my breath and his eyes widen in shock as he takes in the scene in front of him before I see a flash of fear which then turns to anger in his eyes.
“What the fuck is this?” He hisses making his way over to us. My head begins to spin and I am speechless for once.
He moves towards Oscar and although he’s the one that got me into this mess I am afraid for him. I know David could easily do some damage as he is a lot stronger than Oscar and he doesn’t need this all over the press tomorrow morning so I try my hardest to prevent a bloody battle from occurring. David shoves him very hard and he stumbles. I quickly move in between them whilst placing my hands on David’s torso and trying to stop him from swinging at him. 
“David leave him alone he was just helping me” I say and I am surprised I managed to say a complete sentence without breaking down in tears which is exactly what I want to do right now.
“Helping you? Helping you!?” David scowls at me, fury emanating from every pore and I know he is ready to explode.
“Helping you what? Cheat on me?” He questions angrily running his hands through his hair.
“Oscar leave please this is between us” I tell him and he nods apologizing.
“David you’re getting angry over nothing. Nothing happened he was merely helping me find you seeing as you pulled a disappearing act.” I explain breathing heavily.
“I pulled a disappearing act? No that was you. You left me as soon as we walked in and then I left to go and find you but once I saw you were giggling away and having fun with my supposed best friends I decided to leave you to it.” 
I begin to open my mouth and say something before closing it again because I can tell from David’s expression he’s not done.
“Then I get distracted by my friend who I haven’t seen in two years and we stop for a chat. Once I’ve finished I come in search of you again because I know you dislike parties and I wanted to get you out of here. But then I walk in on you and Oscar about to kiss … Am I not enough for you anymore?” He finishes sadly his eyes still blazing with anger.
“That’s just it. He almost kissed me. I didn’t almost kiss him back because I love you. Why would I want any other guy when I have you?” I say moving towards him.
He grabs my arms twisting me around abruptly pushing me up against the wall. He grabs my face between his hands, forcing me to look up into his ardent determined eyes. I gasp, and his mouth swoops down. He’s kissing me, violently. Briefly our teeth clash, then his tongue is in my mouth. Desire ignites throughout my body, and I’m kissing him back, matching his pace, my hands knotting in his flawless curls, pulling it, hard. He groans, a low sexy sound in the back of his throat that vibrates through me.
“You. Are. Mine,” he snarls, emphasizing each word. He pushes away from me and bends, hands on his knees as if he’s run a marathon. “For the love of God, Becca.”
I lean against the wall, panting, trying to control the reaction my body has to him and only him.
“I’m sorry,” I whisper once my breath has returned.
“I’m sorry too. For overreacting. I know nothing happened and I trust you. Don’t ever scare me like that again I thought I had lost you.” He says and he pulls me into a hug.
“I love you so much David you will never lose me I can promise you that” I reply looking up at him.
“I love you too. More than you’ll know.” He murmurs against my head and I can feel his smile and I know we’re okay again.

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Hmmm why are Maria, Lisa, and Frank Jr.'s names all on one headstone ? Is that a common practice? I've never heard of it being done.

Family headstones are pretty common in the US! At least in my experience. It’s not at all out of the ordinary to put more than one name on a headstone, especially if it’s a parent/child who died on the same day. Not only is it a money saving thing (headstones are expensive) but it’s also the idea that they’re together. They didn’t die alone.

I would like to imagine that when Frank dies, his name would get added to the headstone. I would hope, anyway.


That Matt Murdock is such a daring devil, you guys.

I watched three episodes of Netflix’s new Daredevil series. I’m not the most knowledgeable fan of the character, but The Man Without Fear by John Romita Jr. and Frank Miller is one of my favorite limited series/graphic novels ever. I’m happy to say the series is heavily inspired by that! Apparently when you talk good Daredevil it’s either Miller or Mark Waid.

Here’s a couple things that I hope will convince you to give it a watch.

  • It hits the ground running. It’s not Daredevil Begins. It’s more like Daredevil Year One. Everything you need to know is told in flashbacks and those mostly happen on the first two episodes.
  • Daredevil’s motivations are interesting. If you look at Daredevil’s origins it would be easy to say he’s another Batman. While that may be true, you have to remember he chooses to be both an outlaw AND a defender of the law and tries to make both roles coexist. He knows he does horrible things to bad men and doesn’t enjoy it, but from his perspective it’s the only way to fight back against crime.
  • It’s a crime drama and at times courtroom drama. Instead of it being an action series with self-aware comic book characters, this series does a lot to be serious. The action scenes are there to provide some gritty conflict. Speaking of which.
  • The action is really brutal. People get THE SHIT beaten out of them, and it’s not just bruises and the odd trickle of blood. The opening of episode 3 makes that super clear. You can tell Gareth Evans’ The Raid was an inspiration for this.
  • The female lead so far is strong and has her own character arc. The female lead starts the series in a very dark place. Her arc focuses on her overcoming past traumas and the consequences of her decisions, which leave her morally conflicted. Though she’s initially saved by Daredevil, she thinks and acts on her own.
  • Foggy Nelson isn’t just lawyer Jimmy Olsen. Instead of being a mumbling dork who relies on Matt Murdock to get him out of trouble, Foggy is a somewhat over-confident, lovable douchebag that works with Matt Murdock as his partner, not his foil. He reminds me of that scummy lawyer from Huff.
  • Vincent D’Onofrio is Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin. This is the same guy who played Private Pyle in arguably the only part of Full Metal Jacket most people care about, and he was also –according to popular opinion– the one actor that redeemed Law & Order Criminal Intent. He’s… the Kingpin. Just look for yourselves.
  • No Evanescence montages. Because I figure some people needed to know.
  • VINCENT D’ONOFRIO THO. What kind of villain can make you scared even when he’s being vulnerable?
One Direction to appear on 'Family Guy': Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson recorded dialogue |

One Direction are now taking a break, but you will see the guys reunite this year in, of all places, Quahog.

Yes, the ridiculously popular British-Irish boy band will appear in an upcoming episode of Family Guy, EW has learned exclusively.

The episode, which centers on Chris running for homecoming king, features the foursome — Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson — in a campfire scene with Stewie, who tells them a scary story involving non-skinny jeans. Payne and Tomlinson were the only two band members who recorded lines of dialogue for the episode.

1D founder Simon Cowell is also included in the scene, although it has yet to be determined whether Cowell himself or someone else will voice the role.

“There are not a lot of shows that, in the same season, feature guest-star appearances by both Frank Sinatra, Jr. and One Direction,” Family Guy executive producers Richard Appel and Steve Callaghan said in a statement to EW. “And we really enjoyed their time with us, until we realized we were both old enough to be their fathers.”

One Direction — whose most recent album, Made in the A.M., was released in November — played their last gigs before the hiatus onThe X Factor in mid-December, and Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2016 (which was pre-taped).

The episode, titled “Run, Chris, Run” is slated to air in May.