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There are arguments both for and against the practice of ritual magic. One popular argument is that ritual is unnecessary-that if one has developed magical skills, then one can “do everything in one’s head,” or “on the astral.” Both these viewpoints contain a grain of merit. It is possible to bring about magical results without recourse to ritual procedures. This is known as EmptyHanded magic. Equally, one can enact rituals on the astral without any physical props or actions. However, such arguments often reveal more about their exponents than anything else. I often feel that arguments that you can do magic entirely in your head or on the astral reflect a certain contempt (or disassociation) from physical experience. The belief that the astral worlds are more refined, more ‘spiritual’ than dreary old 'mundane reality’ is attractive for some people, who tend to try on a kind of magical one-upmanship. Unfortunately, if your magical work has few connections with your physical circumstances, it is all to easy to drift off into the astral dream that you are a mighty magus-as Shakespeare put it, a “king of infinite space.”

For me, the crux of the matter is that ritual magic is fun. Moreover, ritual magic is a skill. A magical ritual is more than the sum of its parts. Ritual has elements of performance, and its own psychology; yet it would be a mistake to consider ritual to be merely psychodrama. Ritual can be broken down into the arrangement of sensory cues, voice technique, gesture, visualization, movement, symbolism, role-shifting and trance induction, yet it is more than any of this. Unaccountably, rituals, when performed, create an atmosphere-a space-in which something mysterious and wonderful may happen. If nothing else, ritual demonstrates how little we know of our potential, of ourselves, and the world through which we move.

—  Prime Chaos, Phil Hine
Avengers Royal!AU

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An: so this is a little blurb for each of our avengers as royals (I didn’t include thor, t’challa or Loki  cause they’re already royal)  I thought of this idea and  I couldn’t help myself so I started  writing it and I’m so sorry guys cause this kind of got a away from me and it’s really long.  I just loved the idea so much!! and there was so much to say for each one so…

Tony Stark:

King Tony, who does care about running and ruling the kingdom but is content to let Pepper, his right hand and future queen take care of those duties while he

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Continuing the trend of making safe network blogs for all, I’d like to announce my new one:


Same guidelines as last time. Message this blog if you’re interested in joining. In your message, tell me

  • What kind of stuff you’ll be contributing. (it’s not a necessity but it’s definitely a plus. people who can’t contribute will still be considered)
  • How often you’ll be able to contribute

Even if you’re not interested in applying. I’d really appreciate a reblog so more people will see it. If you are interested, I’d love the opportunity to work with you.

[DISCLAIMER] If you’re an anti or someone who really likes an anti, I would suggest not applying. I don’t mean to be exclusionary but most likely the members will not be fans of antis and might say some stuff that may make you feel out of place or hurt your feelings. So for your own good, I wouldn’t consider applying if you like any anti or you believe what the antis do is okay. Not the feeling “uncomfortable with shaladin, piladin and palator” stuff but that it’s okay to harass and belittle someone because of it. That is something that will not be tolerated.

a little hello to all you readers out there

Something terrible happened this week in our fandom, something to such an extend I NEVER would have wanted to witness here. This is supposed to be a safe place, at least I see it that way. And when I say safe place, I mean it in so may different ways. This is a place where we support LOVE, JUSTICE and stand behind people who teach us to treat people with KINDNESS and give back GOODNESS. 

Being here isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, I think we all know and have experienced that. It’s come to a point of people leaving, because it’s too much. And I 100% understand them. I’ve been one of them, but I’ve come back.. Because to me this is love, home, passion, compassion, learning things about myself, learning important things about life. I choose to be here and so do everyone of you also. You choose to be here, you choose to act the way you do. Take a step back for a moment, to understand that, to stand behind that person you are. 

I know, being a fic rec blog, that I do post things that aren’t suitable, in my opinion, for underage people. And I would like to take this moment to address everyone who is, if there should be one here scrolling through my blog. You deciding to come here, is your own decision and I can’t make you leave, BUT what I want is you to think and think hard, is this what you want.. When you come across a fic that has explicit content, DON’T open it. There’s a reason these warnings exist! At a certain age, you feel like you´re an adult and you want to experience things that maybe you’re body and/or mind isn’t really ready for, I know that. But maybe take a step back and try to be responsible for yourself. Be responsible. If you start to feel uncomfortable or anxious or anything in that direction, please stop reading, close the page and learn from your experience. You deciding to be here, means you’re responsible for yourself, no matter your age. I haven’t, the writer hasn’t, no one else but you have decided to make this decision. So, please take care of yourself. Rather be safe than sorry. 

To all the writers out there, I would like to remind you of the use of warnings there is in ao3. We all do want to be safe and it’s amazing and important that ao3 has that warning system, so let’s keep embracing it!

To get back to the happenings of this week.. Where is the love? Where is the respect? Where is the kindness? Things and accusations and name calling has been flying around, when the reason behind it all has been wrong. Hurt and anger might have made it happen but the topics that have been talked about and the things that have been accused of these people, are serious and should not under any circumstances be played around. If there was a case of any kind of abuse, it should be dealt with respect and not spread around this site like some gossip. 

Spreading lies about others is unacceptable! Believing in different truths is life. And we have a lot of bullying because of that, in our fandom. And it makes this place feel like hell sometimes. BUT when it comes personal, when the lies and bullying and name calling become things that are directed towards one or two or three people, IT IS UNACCEPTABLE!! When the accusations are so severe, it it not something you can just brush off, YOU DON’T DO IT! (If you actually are in a position where you feel like you are being abused, you find an adult and preferably also a professional who can help you process the experiences and then after that you can contact the person who has abused you if it feels like something you can do.) 

I would like to ask everyone to have a moment to think, to reevaluate this situation. Not only to think about others actions but to think of your own. Do you believe in something because others told you to believe in it, or because the topics were so serious you just have to believe or because you listened to all the information and made a decision yourself? 

Remember love and kindness. Remember the reason you are here. Be an adult and know respect. 

Thank you for reading. 

ps. Hope this comes across okay with my english. 

Should I… make some kind of masterpost for all the fics and drabbles I’ve written so far

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Oh, oh! I wanna send an ask to Stretch! What soul trait draws you to a human? (Nyyyyxxx, I hope you're having a good day! ♡ )

stretch: “oh, heya honey - i was wondering if you were gonna show up. and ah… i dunno, never really thought ‘bout that.”

“i guess.. perseverance souls are always ones i find interesting. to be able to get through even the worst of things, while stil staying true to yourself? that takes guts, and honestly i admire people who can get up again when they’re knocked down. it might take a while, but they still get up.”

“while we’re on the subject, i guess i should mention that kindness souls are always a go-to, as well. i mean, everyone deserves a little kindness, right, hon?”

(( i was a quite down earlier, but i’m feeling better now <3 i hope you’re having a good day too!! ))

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Hcs for a (female) passione member who likes to pull pranks on the gang >:D

- Bruno can appreciate youthful joy. He’s glad that, despite where she is - a Mafia is hardly a place for a sense of humour to develop, after all - she still has some kind of lust for life and innocence. He’s seen other members of Passione lose those things too easily. He will, though, occasionally have to tell her to rein it in. He’s the mother of his gang, really - although Abbacchio might rail and complain, he’s the one who’ll get listened to. Sometimes she just needs a gentle reminder that whilst she’s having fun, there’s still a gun in her back pocket.

- Fugo can’t stand people acting younger than they are. He already has to put up with that from Narancia, he doesn’t need two of them fucking around - but, if there’s a little more finesse to their pranks, he might be persuaded to help out. Fugo thinks Narancia’s kinda dumb and that his pranks are too simply (the only person he could fool is Mista and Bruno if he’s feeling kind) - if this new member can offer something a little more … stimulating, he’ll lend what little help he can.

- Abbacchio is pissed and wants it to stop. They’re in the Mafia, for God’s sake, this isn’t some kind of juvenile detention centre. The new member needs to learn that she holds the power to kill people in her hands, and that responsibility should not be handed to someone who laughs and smiles so easily. Maybe he’s a little bitter. Just a bit.

- Narancia is delighted! He wants to help out with pranks, clamouring to spend time with them, wanting to have a partner in crime who isn’t likely to stab him with a fork any time soon. He gets over-excited about pranks, though, often ruining the joke before it can be played through - which also makes him a perfect target to be played jokes on, which he finds hilarious.

- Mista is one of the more easy-going members of Bruno’s Gang. When pranks do get played on him, he doesn’t react with blind rage in the way that Fugo or even Abbacchio does - as long as its not cruel or doesn’t shatter some of his fragile feelings about himself. He’s aware he’s a pretty simple guy, and the way that their member does it in good faith with a smile on their face and a will just to improve mood doesn’t upset him. After Narancia, he’s probably the best one to play pranks on.

- Giorno is always surprised after a prank has been played on him, although he doesn’t show too much anger. He’s interested in how things have happened, will listen to explanations of how she orchestrated the prank with an interested thoughtful look on his face … and then, later on, she’ll find that her prank has been played on her with twice the elegance. Giorno is a dangerous guy to pull a trick on.

600 Followers Shout-Out

frHoly crap people, I never thought I would reach this point with this blog but I now have six hundred followers and I am floored. I want to thank each and every single one of you who followed me, it is a true honor and makes me feel so warm on the inside.

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And to everyone I have not had the time to list here, I thank you all and I hope to see you all as I keep going strong on here ^^

what the headlines don't tell you

Pairing: Yoongi/Jimin
Rated: T
Author: anyadisee
Length: 14k

People call them Shadow and Hurricane.

Jimin calls them a pair of giant headaches, one a lot more so than the other.


it’s already difficult having a college-student-by-day, crime-fighter-by-night kind of lifestyle. jimin doesn’t really need to be stressing over reckless fellow superheroes and crushing on cute bookshop workers on top of everything going on with his life, but here he is anyway.


Reccer’s Note:
i didnt know superhero aus were my kink but i guess they are 
this was so well written and fiuehfiuhregiure i went on a spree reading anyadisee’s bts stuff and i just finished it off with this one and im actually cryin in the club just a lil thE SUSPENSE!!!!!! THE ACT I O N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE “WHY HE FUCK ARENT YALL TOGETHER”!!!!!!! 
my heart 

- Admin Ange

Was just out on a dinner date and the waitress saw my ‘Treat People With Kindness’ phone case and was like “Oh my god, I LOVE your phone case” and gave me the most pointed look and I literally froze and looked at her then looked at my date who was very confused then looked back at her and I think she was trying to tell me that she KNEW that I knew that she knew and we were very much on the same page. So after wayyyyy too long of a pause I cleared my throat and was like “thank you so much” and then she nodded and WINKED at me before waking away. Wildt.

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First kiss headcanons with Todoroki and Kirishima??? They my best boys :>

I’m going to do these together! Shigaraki’s chapped lips wouldn’t bother me. I’d moisturize them.. with my own. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Todoroki, Kirishima, and Shigaraki First Kiss Headcanons


•Todoroki is handsome, kind, and fiercely loyal. Naturally, one would assume that lots of people have fallen for him, right? It would come as a surprise, then, that he’s never actually had his first kiss before. He’s got this intense sort of an aura about him, and in the past, that intimidated girls away from him. With romantic matters, he’s extremely shy; this made him come off as aloof – a bad mix in the romance department when part of an age group where what attracts people to one another is whether or not they’re ’cute,’ or who they’re friends with.

•Despite his distinct lack of experience, Todoroki is eager to initiate his fist kiss with his S/o. He doesn’t truly have a plan, or a set time in mind when it comes to this, however. Rather, he waits until it feels right.

•He initiates the kiss on a cold, fall afternoon after walking his S/o home. Standing on the sidewalk in front of their doorstep, he stares at them silently. Butterflies churn in his stomach, and he licks his lips nervously. Gently, he places his hand on his S/o’s waist and leans forward, pressing his lips to their own.

•His kiss is short, chaste, and sweet. Afterwards, he can’t help the small smile that spreads across his face. He replays the moment in his head for the rest of the night, licking his lips in an attempt to remember the S/o’s taste.


•Kirishima is a romantic guy. He’s got these notions of what’s ‘manly’ in a relationship, along with a nostalgia for the older days, when romance was more honest and pure. He wants his first kiss with his S/o to be perfect. He daydreams about how it will go, and when the right time to do it would be.

•In reality, it happens on a day where the two of them casually hang out together. He’s telling a story – one from his old middle school days – and laughs a funny little laugh. It is high and uncontrollable and not at all what his S/o expected from him. When he smiles, there’s a cute dimple on his left cheek.

•Without really thinking about it, the S/o places their hand on his chest, and goes in for the kiss.. except that they miss, and kiss his chin instead. This induces a quiet series of giggles, and eventually, he tilts their head up, and pecks their lips sweetly. The both of them grin all the while.

•It’s not the passionate, manly debacle he had fantasized about, but in the end, to him this is better.


•In his life, Shigaraki has kissed only one girl.. and it did not end well. He is not, by any stretch of the word, an affectionate person. Touch is something that people have always avoided and feared from him; in turn, he’s unbearably starved of it. Besides being hit, or hitting others during a fight, physical contact is not something he has experience with.

•Kissing is something that would not happen right away in a relationship with him. Initiating contact with this guy is like walking on thin ice – if he’s not in the right mood, it may set him off.

•On a night where he’s feeling curious or perhaps particularly stupid, Shigaraki finally makes the first move. He tells his S/o to, “shut up for a moment,” and simply stares at them for a long minute. The feeling of his eyes on them from behind his long hair is unsettling.. Eventually, agonizingly slowly, he brings his mouth down to their own.

•His lips are dry, and his kiss is almost jerky – it’s long, and extremely awkward. His inexperience is evident. The entire time, he clutches his ‘father’ in a vice-like grip. Inside, he’s thrilled by this sensation, although a part of him is equally repulsed by it. It’s enough to send violent shivers down his spine.

Part ½

Odd. A word used by the elves of Mirkwood to describe the Silvan elf, Eugene Roe. He would have to agree with them, he never did feel like he belonged to the solitude kingdom nor among its people. The only two elves who made him feel at ease was his naneth nana, or in the common tongue, his grandmother and the talented healer, Renèe. As a young elf he had a particular dream that he would have over and over again. In that particular dream he would be healing others, but not just if his own kind, all the people of Middle Earth, and he was on the road, traveling, something Eugene had always been curious to experience, of course the elves of Mirkwood thought he was foolish to want to pass the borders of their woods. But the thing most vibrant thing in his dream where locks of fiery red hair belonging to a young faceless man, or at least that’s what Eugene was sure of, the moment that he could see the stranger’s face the image would fade. His grandmother told him that she believed the Valar had sent him a prophecy and a calling to serve the people of Middle Earth. His dream fueled his passion to become a healer. When advanced in the practice, Gene and Renèe set out from there home into the vast lands of Middle Earth. For once Eugene felt like he belonged and with the companionship of Renèe he never became lonesome. But alas the happy times were cut short when they were attacked by an orc pack. Resulting in the death of Renèe. From then on, Eugene’s guilt and self hate for not saving Renèe from her fatal wounds hung over Eugene like a cloud, no matter where he traveled. His state of mind continued for many decades, but his sorrow never ceased his selfless services to the people in need. If anything, it drove him to do more, it distracted him from his pained heart. It was as if he was making up for the failed attempt to save Renèe.

But the Valar had yet present and fulfill the last of Eugene’s dreamed prophecy, until one fateful day in the forest of Chetwood.

Shout out to @lieutenantcarwoodlipton for editing me elf eared Eugene and giving me feed back on Eugene’s background! 

cryptidgoose replied to your post “m-more autistic aizawa headcanons??? u prolly know if u follow me that…”

idk what’s happening but I’m crying dave. people accepting aizawa is literally the best thing.

i just–

i love the staff at UA partially because they just kinda accept this stuff. no one’s ever said anything about aizawa’s oddities and everyone just kinda accepts that toshinori is chronically ill. theyre all super understanding and good and like. if i was aizawa, those are exactly the kind of people who i’d wanna surround myself with. not just people who don’t get mad about the shit i do, but people who accept it and work with it rather than trying to change it. i like the staff a lot because of that fact. it’s like ideal adult-world to me.

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Have u ever been asked if using ur cane was a fashion statement? I had a lady who hadn't seen me use a mobility device who said "is your stick thing a prop of some kind? Or is it just to go w ur outfit?" I wanted to say "no bish! It's just to go w my debilitating chronic pain, it's an accessory of my freaking illness!!! (Oh side ramble, when u r driving ur wheelchair & ppl try 2 joke "I wish I had one of those! It'd make my life so much easier if I could zoom around on 1 of those!") Thanks, Rem

oh yes, i get this a lot. i’m someone who enjoys fashion and bold looks, so when people meet me, they normally ask if it’s just a statement.

some people can be “polite” and ask “I hate to be rude, but do you actually need that or is it just a fashion statement.”

i also get things along the lines of “do you actually need that or…?” 

I’ve learned to say “Yes, it is a statement. A statement of my disability.”

so let’s imagine

that s9-10 focus of the Lucian Alliance threat. And I don’t mean “hallucinogenic corn” kind of threat, but the real one. The kind of power vacuum that Telford talks about in “subversion

We freed billions of people, from thousands of years of slavery all over our galaxy, and then we patted ourselves on the back and left them little or no means for survival. What the hell did we think was going to happen?

no fucking Ori, no fucking aliens with magical powers, just people. People who used to be enslaved and now suddenly they were free to do whatever they wanted

and a legend. About great understanding. About untold powers

and also about the SGC finally thinking about why the heck there were 9 chevrons on every gate. Even actively looking for a way to dial the 9 chevron address they found in the Ancient database

now imagine that this happens concurrently with s3-4 of SGA. Imagine that SG1 still ends after s10, and SGA still ends after s5

now would that have changed anything for those of you who hate, dislike or never gave SGU a chance?

though if your answer is “sgu sux”, don’t even bother answering

edit: also imagine getting to know some of the characters in s9-10. Or maybe even having Cassie join the Destiny crew instead of Chloe

would that have made a difference?

in your willingness to give SGU a real chance I mean

Folks, hear me out?…

I am looking to follow blogs (perhaps meet people too, who knows… discussions, insane headcanons, all kinds of mayhem) who post about The Exorcist TV. It’s one of my blazing passions lately. Could you do this lil’ devil a favor and reblog if you are a fan of the show?

*note I mainly post about the show on my sidblog @mxsqverxde

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Sweetie pie hockey boy anon again, I went to his game last night and there were six fights and one kid roughed him up pretty badly and I want to ask him if he's okay but I don't know if I'd be a bother or if that's the kind of thing that people even want to talk about. I mean, his team won, but I don't know how he's feeling.

As someone who knows absolutely nothing about hockey this was alarming to read is it normal for there to be multiple fights