the one who knocks


Entering in the coordinates he gave you, the transportalizer shines a brilliant light and you begin to fade from the apartment. As you do, you instruct the bots to watch over the cat to make sure she doesn’t step on the pad while you’re gone. God forbid she messes up the return.

Looking around, you find yourself a few yards in front of a house. The island was far different from the city. In a way that was charming in itself. A change of scenery was always exciting, and you were one who liked surprises. You approached the home and knocked on the door. During the wait between the knock and when he would open the door, you fixed your sweater and your hair to make sure everything looked okay. Appearance was kind of your thing. You could act like you didn’t care what people thought of you, but truth be told you were a relatively clean and well kept person.

anonymous asked:

you know that time frank said he'd want to be a mailman? so au where he's a mailman and he's delivering a package to gerard's place and he needs a signature so he knocks and waits and no one answers so he knocks again and gerard, who has obviously Just woken up, opens the door looking disheveled and confused and he mumbles 'am i dreaming?' because.. this guy... is too hot to be a fucking mailman...

omfg. what kinda mailman has this many tattoos and a lip ring like obviously its a dream


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