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Black Panther's Letitia Wright Ready For Shuri’s Potential Superhero Future
Letitia Wright talks to CBR about playing Black Panther's sister Shuri, and being ready to embrace her potential superhero future.

CBR: What did getting involved in Black Panther mean to you, personally?

Leitita Wright: It meant a lot. It’s a blessing. Just being in this project that’s never been really done before in the Marvel Universe, to just embrace Black Panther, embrace the continent of Africa, you know what I mean? The blessing is just amazing. So yeah, I’m honored to be a part of it.

Give me a little sense of how you, as Shuri, fit in the story.

Princess Shuri is T’Challa’s younger sister. She’s also in charge of all of the technology in Wakanda — and she creates all of it, she makes all the armor, everything. Everything that’s to do with weaponry, she creates that, and she also works a lot with Vibranium, and she’s been studying it since she was like a child. So she’s just pretty much like a really smart scientist, but there’s a lot more layers to her when you see in the film.

You’ve, I’m sure, done your homework, so you know who she might one day become…

I did my homework. I did my homework!

What was exciting about that prospect, knowing that these Marvel movies just keep going and going, and that actually could come to pass?

It’s just exciting. That’s an exciting part of it. You don’t know which way it’s going to go, because obviously they take from the comic book, add their flavor to it, and then they keep it going. Whatever the future holds is going to be positive anyway, because if they embrace a story like this, you know it’s going to be good.

What’s been the exciting part of working with [Black Panther director] Ryan [Coogler] on a movie of this scale? He’s obviously a great filmmaker, but this is a huge canvas.

It was a blessing to work with Ryan. He treated me just like everybody else. He just gave me the time to express myself and to be free, and to say if I liked something, if I didn’t. So as a filmmaker, he’s like an actor’s director, meaning that he cares. He really cares. He doesn’t just care about the shots and the things he has to get done — he cares about you as a person. So yeah, I’m very grateful.

Did you get to see a little action in the film as well?

You’ve got to watch the film!

EXO Reaction when their toddler does something wrong and put the blame on their sibling

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*Knows that old trick* “Oh really… your brother did it… yeah yeah it makes sense… doesn’t matter. You will clean it baby”


“Your sis did wha…wait. Did I miss her first steps? I didn’t know she could walk and grab things already!”


*So cheeky* “I see what you are trying too do there baby… I see. I do that too… when Suho thinks it’s me… I’ll give you recognition for originality”


*He just can’t believe the imagination of his son* “Seriously… what happened next? She wore your mom’s heels and took her make up? Oh she did? Unbelievable…”


“If you aren’t lying then why are you crying? Don’t cry… it should be your brother crying right?” *He’s chill about it*


“You see baby… if you did it I want you to tell me. I won’t get mad… if you lie I will. So please tell me the truth… it’s important”


*Proud dad* “That’s my kids… pranking each other all the time. They learnt from the best”


*Having a nice but serious talk with his kid* “Baby… I know your brother couldn’t have done it. He can barely walk… so tell me why you did it. I’m sure we can work this out. I promise I won’t get mad”


*Has everything on footage* “Let’s see who’s the mischievous one. I’m pretty sure it’s not the youngest… maybe one day, but not yet”


*Honestly, I don’t think they would lie to their dad* “I’m not grounding you this time… but be careful the next time you play with your sister okay? My boy should grow up into a responsible man”


*Still puzzled by it* “HE said… his brother did it but… last time I checked… he was with my wifey… so… how? Does he have Kai’s transportation power too?”


*Pretty sure this was one of the boys doing and not their kids* “So… who taught you? Baekhyun or Chen? We need to have a serious talk…”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Apparently my 18yrold sister wants me to convince her 23yrold bf that our whole family doesn’t hate him and it’s like???

I hate him the most lol

He’s a creep who lied to her at least once so he could go out on a date with some other girl, has never taken my sister on a date but expects her to pay for things for him, can’t hold down a job, makes inappropriate and disrespectful comments about me and my mom, and fucking lies about situations to cause drama between my sister and our mom (and me too apparently since apparently he’s the one who told her that I was conspiring against him with the homophobic grandmother). Oh and by the way apparently he doesn’t know what seasoning is??? Or what fully cooked rice is??? And he eats his steak well done???

Like basically he’s the last person I’d want to spend any amount of time around.

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My sister, and one of my aunts and uncles are like, everything phobic and it's so uncomfortable when they start talking about "the gay agenda" and how "gay christians are hypocrites" and I'm just sitting there thinking "please never find out I'm nonbinary and pansexual". Even my mom has the "I'm glad none of my kids are gay" speech with me frequently. Can't wait to be the gay cousin who never shows up to anything -_-;

I know how you feel, half of my family is super gay and the other half is crazy homophobic and I’m just sitting here like “atleast I know who’s birthdays I’m going to”

Real Talk: Wynonna's Unconditional Love for Her Sisters:

Let’s just remember how much Wynonna loves both her sisters, as I imagine there will be some flashback angst in 2x08 (as shown in the teaser). From that snippet, we see that it was so natural for Wynonna to be the one to pull Waverly out of the ice water that she doesn’t even remember it. (Ok I’ve seen theories where it’s just that Wynonna isn’t the one who pulls her out but in my mind Waverly was probably conscious and knew who was pulling her out).

On top of that, Wynonna has the awesome habit of giving anyone who even suggests that Waverly can’t be saved a fist in the face (Dolls, Lucado, almost Ewan).

When Willa came back and revealed herself to be on Bobo’s side, Wynonna refused to believe that she would do so willingly, saying that Bobo “did something to her.”

Despite the obvious tension between Waverly and Willa, Wynonna always acted like a neutral middle ground that loved both sides the same, despite the rest of the Earps hating Waverly.

All in all, she definitely deserves the #1 protective and caring sister award.

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hi! same here. i'm from argentina (south america) and i go to school which a bunch of rich kids who are constantly putting others down just because of our income/life style. they've got so much money they get to travel almost every weekend/holiday and buy their clothes from Big Brands Abroad while i've never left the country and most of my clothes are inherited from my big sister lmao. but well, they are the ones who live inside a stupid bubble.

for a long time ‘vacation’ in my family was going to work at my grandpa’s business until it closed down and it never bothered me tbh. what i liked was seeing and spending time with my cousins afterwards (and while working, they are really funny). only time ive been on a real vacation was when i went to latvia for my cousin’s wedding, but we weren’t the ones paying for it lol.

honestly what makes a vacation good isn’t how luxurious it is, but what you do and enjoy.

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There was this one time that I brought my sister to the liquor store because I was going to buy some snacks and this lady comes up to me and says "oh what an adorable girl! How old is your daughter?" I was in 7th. 7th grade (year 8 for y'all Europeans) man. This might've been the first time, but certainly not the last. People still mistaken her as my daughter. Looks are very deciving(?) Antis. Very much so.

Like the fact I’m a 19 year old adult who lives on my own a lot of the time and who drives and votes and I still get offered the kids menu when I go out to eat w my parents. I also get away with getting child tickets on the train but idm that bc it’s like half the price lmao

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i always had this hc that maddie was asian, specifically chinese, bc she looks A Lot like the mom of one of my friends (also i haven't met that many white ppl so i sort of assume most cartoon characters aren't white??) but i realized it might be a bit of a strech for maddie, alicia, and jazz to have dyed their hair coupled w/ how their eye colours are... like that. so idk what do you think??

Hun, you can absolutely headcanon whatever you want.

As someone who’s been to Asia (and whose sister has been multiple times) and has extended family from there, lemme tell you red hair is actually pretty popular, and it’s totally plausible for Maddie, Jazz, and Alicia to have all dyed their hair. They all have different shades of red hair, anyway.

Personally, I lean more toward Maddie being white and a natural redhead, but that’s just my personal opinion. One of the nice things about the simplistic art style of Danny Phantom is that you can pretty much see any character however you want. There are tons of different interpretations of hair styles alone. And since most of the characters have bizarre or unfitting eye colors anyway, that won’t be a problem (one of the few nice things about all the blue eyed POC characters.)

And you know what? It’s actually not uncommon for people to reimagine Maddie as African American. If people can have African American Maddie, you can definitely have Chinese Maddie. There is not a single thing wrong with that.

(Heck, I have plenty of poc and biracial headcanons of my own, so by all means. You do you, friend.)

Mud Speckled Lovers

She desired the mortal;
he who is sustained by death.
Iasion appreciated her gifts like no other.

And one day feasting
on his lover’s harvest,
he was finally found 
by the despondent king.

He was reduced to ash.

“This bull has chosen
the tender bonds of Aphrodite.
To Eros I bow my neck, not to Demeter.”

This is what the god tells himself.
This is what he says to the trees
and this is what he yells
at the mud speckled lovers.

But this great sovereign had burst out
with a common beast’s temper,
suddenly indistinguishable
from the oxen in his sister’s stable.

And in the wind,
the man’s ashes are scattered

And spread throughout the fields,
he is with his love again.


I know my blog is a sexual content blog but PLEASE READ! My fellow transgender and transsexual brothers and sisters who have served in the United States Armed forces, you have my respect and NO Republican shouldn’t say shit. Trans veterans have my most honorable respect and FUCK Trumps decision of banning trans people from serving our country. No cisgender white collared bigot should make that decision. People who voted for Trump just know what you did and yes it’s their fault. Let’s wait four years to decide to vote for a left wing person. We must unite together and fight for our rights. TRANS RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS!I love each and every one of my trans brothers and sisters who have served and who HAVE died for our country! We can’t BACK down and cry about this but FIGHT and Tell our trans veterans how THANKFUL we are for them! Reblog and like!

i just read a buzfeed list about us/uk differences and my favorite one is that amercians don’t know what squash is and they don’t drink it at all.

this reminded me of when joe’s sister-in-law (who is a mexican lady who grew up in chicago) was in our kitchen during her first visit to the uk and proceeded to pour an entire pint glass of orange squash without diluting it with water (which is what you’re meant to do) and it just did not occur to me to stop her… i thought she was just being hardcore or something… and she drank it and just… gagged and SPRAYED it across the room and everyone in it.

she was like WTF IS WRONG WITH YOUR JUICE????!?!!! and i told her that she just drank pure concentrated SYRUP and she didn’t understand. i then put the water in it and she loves it now

i love cultural differences. 

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If u could be one of gintama characters, who would u like to be ?

im gonna say smth really embarrassing but I always imagined myself being like zura’s younger yet cooler sister that would sorta betray him (but not really, he just feels like it) in a way because I joined the shinsengumi because that was my [Naruto voice] Ninja Way. 

so yes ok i want to be a gintama OC character where im me 

i wanted to show these off since that post reminded me of them & i think they’re so beautiful.

the artists’ names are painted on the bottom but it’s faded in places & difficult to make out. the crocodile was made by an artist whose first name is esteban & the artist who made the armadillo is solomon luna. both were from san martín tilcajete in oaxaca.

just a friendly reminder that studying can be a safe space. this last fall, my younger sister died and i swear studying and going to lectures helped keep me level headed. outside of the classroom, i was consumed by funeral arrangements, autopsy reports, and a broken, grieving family. and then during finals, one of my close friends died in an accident, studying for finals gave me an escape from grief. for those who have struggled with grief, you know how insidious it is, how it soaks into every moment of every day for weeks and months. studying gave me a place of refuge, it acted as a reminder that life is still going on despite the ones that have been snuffed, it gives you a reason to fight, for yourself, for them when it seems like there’s nothing left to fight for at all.


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What my friends are reading this week

I am an avid reader, and I am blessed to have many friends who are avid as well. In fact, that is probably why they are my friends. Nevertheless, when I am looking for that next great read, I turn to them, and these books are what many of them are reading this week.

Compound (May 3, 2017)

by Monica Mingo

Compound follows five strangers as they are each given a deed to a luxury beach home, a title to a new car and a cashier’s check for one million dollars with promises of more to come.  [LINK]

Homegoing (May 2, 2017)

by Yaa Gyasi

Homegoing follows the parallel paths of two eighteenth century Ghanian half sisters who are born into different villages, each unaware of the other, and their descendants through eight generations: from the Gold Coast to the plantations of Mississippi, from the American Civil War to Jazz Age Harlem.  [LINK]

Just Plain Folks (February 7, 2000)

by Lorraine Johnson-Coleman

Returning to the cotton fields, tobacco barns, and humble dwellings of her home in the rural South, Johnson-Coleman learned firsthand what is missing from African American history texts: the experience of ordinary people who have led extraordinary lives. The stories she brings together in Just Plain Folks reveal a vital link to the past. [LINK]

The Wide Circumference of Love: A Novel (March 28, 2017)

by Marita Golden

From acclaimed author Marita Golden comes a moving African-American family drama of love and devotion in the face of Alzheimer’s disease.  [LINK]

We Are Never Meeting in Real Life.: Essays (May 30, 2017)

by Samantha Irby

With We Are Never Meeting in Real Life., “bitches gotta eat” blogger and comedian Samantha Irby turns the serio-comic essay into an art form.  [LINK]

For additional reading recommendations, take the time to peruse The soulbrother v.2 Cultural Emporium.

Second post on this topic today - the rant continues

Please feel free to ignore this. I’m just trying to work out my anger and frustration.

I’m still angry about having to send Ritter to boarding for the next few days. My Mom, who knows nothing about dogs, has managed to ruin an excellent opportunity to give Ritter some awesome socialization with house guests. She literally saw the tiniest bit of fear in my nephews when Ritter barked at them and seized on it (she is the person you always hear about making it worse when little kids fall and haven’t decided whether they to cry or not).

Then I find out from my sister today that the younger nephew was bit by a small dog last year (they own one big and one small dog but this was someone else’s pet). I would have liked to have known that ahead of time so I could provide some reassurance (i.e. the opposite of what my Mom does). 🙄 My Mom wanted having Ritter around to fail so she subconsciously sabotaged the process. I am so frustrated - he just barked (and calmed down significantly over a reasonable amount of time), and he gave no attempts or indicators that he was doing anything else than trying to protect his people by barking (which he would have learned was unnecessary if given the chance to interact, even on leash, with my nephews). Trust me, I watch his body language like a hawk and have no illusions that dog is perfect. He had no cockles raised, was not licking his lips, did not change from a happy tail wag to one that indicates stress or aggression, etc. He just needs to tweak that protective instinct a teensy bit when it comes to welcome house guests.

Weeks ago, I had carefully explained what Ritter’s dog trainer had suggested for introducing him to house guests and addressed any questions. When she indicated, irrationally (as in after I carefully explained what we would do since he does need more exposure to house guests), that she was concerned about him being in the house, I explained that if she tried to get Ritter sent away to boarding because of irrational fear, it would unforgivable (after all, it would represent more of a lack of trust in me than anything else - I would never let my dog stay in a stressful solution or one where he could get himself in trouble). I also explained that I am extremely pregnant, and Ritter is not just my first child but a source of great calming for me: sending him away while I’m waiting for labor would be extremely stressful. She just couldn’t help herself, and I’m not sure that I want to forgive her for forcing my hand. It has a lot to do with her not trusting me and my hard work with Ritter.

Then she acts all sweet and loving with Ritter. I won’t lie, I snarled “fake news!” under my breath. My Husband will definitely call me immature for having this reaction and being this angry, but I don’t process things at face value (there is more to her reaction and it is personal). She really needs to feel super bad for laying the groundwork for an environment over the last 18 hours that is not conducive to creating a good relationship between my nephews and Ritter. Now Ritter’s suspicion of them is reinforced as she encourages their fear. Trust me, he picks up on that and then responds to that.

I’m not done making my displeasure known to my Mom. I am seriously considering revisiting the relationship I had planned for her to have with baby Gunner: if she can’t respect my wishes and guidance with Ritter, I don’t think she can be trusted to do so with Gunner. This reaction is also partially emotional since I want to punish her for showing that she doesn’t trust me and doesn’t respect my wishes.

Maybe if I post enough about my feelings, I’ll be able to let this bullshit go. I don’t know. I’m seething right now. My feet instantly swelled up from the stress (worse than normal, which is how I know it is from stress), and I’m back to enjoying severe lower back pain even though I’ve been lying down in bed a lot today. I am spewing expletives in my head right now. I’m not over this yet. ☹️

#90: She’s 6, how can she scare you? - DASH WILDER

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“So…I was thinking maybe when you come over this weekend you could meet my sister.” You said nervously, waiting for Dash to say something on the other end of the line.

“Are…are you sure?” He asked. You could hear the uncertainty in his voice.

“Yeah! She’s a big part of my life and so are you. I want you to meet her.” You said.

Dash was silent on the other end of the phone for a couple minutes and you started to regret your decision. Maybe having Dash meet your little sister, who you were the legal guardian of after your parents’ accident, was a mistake.

“Dash? You there?” You asked nervously.

“Yeah. Sorry. I’m still here.” He said.

“You don’t have to meet her if you don’t want-“

“No! I do. I do, babe. I’m just…scared.” He admitted.

She’s 6, how can she scare you?” You asked.

“I’m not scared of her. Just…just scared she won’t like me.”

“Dash, she’s going to love you. She already loves watching you on TV.” You said.

“Wait? She watches me?” He asked.

“Of course she does. Every Monday she sits on the floor in front of the TV just waiting for you and Scott and show up!”

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  1. writer in the dark by lorde
  2. my sister says the saddest things by grimes
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  5. pagan poetry by bjork
  6. horses in my dreams by pj harvey
  7. animals by talking heads
  8. his wife refused by david byrne 
  9. eight line poem by david bowie 
  10. a random bootleg version of have one on me by joanna newsom

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