the one who beg

phoenix starts supplementing his income by taking art commissions, primarily steel samurai fanart because maya (who begs fanart off of him and is literally one of maybe two people who could get away with that) spread his name around in relevant circles and now as far as the internet is concerned that’s his Thing. which honestly he doesn’t mind, even though he still doesn’t care about the steel samurai like….at all…… because hey, it pays the bills. 

anyway the point of this is that miles has (unknowingly) commissioned several pieces from phoenix and at some point phoenix is going to discover who his best customer is and it’s going to be hilarious

Make me beg (smut)

Warning: Smut, teasing

Taehyung X Reader

Words: 1680

Based on this request.

A/N: I’m sorry I’m taking too long to answer the requests but school is taking all my time

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“You want me to do what?” Taehyung chuckled at your request. You didn’t ask anything weird. Just one thing. You wanted him to beg. To beg for your touch. Beg for you. But of course he would reject it. He was always a dom. You were the one who always begged, who was always whimpering. You just wanted to see what it would look like for you to have him begging. To see what a Sub!Taehyung looked like.

 ”Come on, Tae. I just wanna feel what you feel” you complained, “I don’t want you to beg beg, I just… I don’t know, just please let’s try”.

 “I’m the dom here, baby. Deal with that. Besides, you feel pleasure however we fuck” he said. Asshole. You always tried new things with him, why couldn’t he just do this little favor?

 “Fuck, Taehyung, I’m not asking you anything impossible” you complained.

 “Y/N, I will never beg for your touch. You’re the one who will” he said. What an audacity. He said never?

 You couldn’t let that go. You had to make him beg. And you would.

 “Fine. If you will not beg for good, then go for bad” you said and rolled around to sleep.

Of course you wanted to fuck with him. Of course you wanted him. But after what he said that night, you would hold yourself back. And you knew that later or sooner, he would become horny. He still didn’t know what you were planning. But he would know.

 “Baby, are you in home?” Taehyung had just arrived from practice, of course he was tired, and if he didn’t want to sleep, he would want to make love to you.

 “I’m here” you called him from upstairs. You heard his steps getting closer till your bedroom’s door got opened. You were only on your - his- t-shirt and panties. He sighed at your sight and walked towards you. You got up and met him, hugging him and pecking him on his lips.

 “Hey, baby” you greeted him. He smiled down at you and placed his lips onto yours softly. You let him guide you onto the bed till your back hit the mattress and his weight was over you. Occasionally, the kiss became hungrier; you could already feel his erection growing against your clothed pussy. He were about to go further when you stopped him.

 You stood up and looked at him.

 “You’re not fucking me tonight. Not tomorrow. You’ll have what you want when you beg for it” you said. He chuckled as his eyes darkened and stood up. He walked towards you and you slowly walked back, his hands gripping your waist and pressing you against the wall. He leaned in and whispered on your ear.

 “Well, I think we won’t fuck for a few days, then” he said and got into the bathroom. Let’s see.

You were showering and when you got out and saw your naked body in front of the mirror, you had an idea. Taehyung was outside in your bedroom watching some TV, laying onto the bed. You were going to tease him. It was the perfect opportunity. You fixed your wet hair and got out from the bathroom, pretending not to see him. You walked towards the closet – that was beside the TV desk and started “looking” for your clothes. When you found it, you bent over to grab your panties and you accidentally let your towel fall from your body, exposing your butt for Taehyung. You could hear him muffling a choke. Well done.

 “Ah, I’m sorry” you said before grabbing the tower and getting back into the bathroom.

 It had been already 4 days since you and Taehyung had fucked and you were starting to think that that was ridiculous. You were getting horny. But you were not the one suffering, Taehyung was as well. Occasionally you could hear him jerking himself off in the bathroom when you were “sleeping”. When he arrived from the practice or something, he was always trying to make you change your mind and beg for him. But you weren’t making that easy for him too; you were teasing him as well. You made sure to kiss him all the time and touch his dick, or cuddle and rub your butt against his crotch. You’re strong, Y/N.

  “Why don’t you just give up and beg? You’re good at this. Come on, Y/N, you know you want it too. You know you want me to fuck this pretty pussy of yours” Taehyung said as he was playing kisses down your jawline, both of you laying onto the couch.  You pushed him away, but only to make him lay on his back and go over him, straddling his hips, making sure to rub against his clothed dick. You leaned in and kissed him, sucking his bottom lip and earning a moan from him.

 “You know you’re suffering as well” you whispered, licking his earlobe, “and this time you are the one who will beg” you said.

   Taehyung was on the practice and it had been one week since you last fucked. Shit, just forget it, Y/N. This is bullshit. One week without fucking? Huh. No you couldn’t give up. You would make him beg that day. You decided to go upstairs and get into your best lingerie. You did lay onto the bed and grabbed your cellphone, putting it on the front camera.

 “This is me thinking about you, baby” you whispered to the camera as it started recording. You bit your lip and started touching your boobs, squeezing it harshly the way he always did. You let out a low moan as you teased your own nipple under your bra, knowing it would make him crazy. You slowly lowered your hand till it reached your panties, circling your clothed clit. You closed your eyes in pleasure, imagining it was Taehyung’s hands. You managed to take off your panties and record it as well. Then, you did spread your legs and started fingering you easily, you were already wet. You placed the camera in a strategic point, letting the camera get all the sight of your pussy.

 When you were done, you sent it to him. This will be the end for him. Slowly, still on your bra and no panties, you fell asleep.

You woke up hearing the front door being loudly closed. You would have gone scared if you hadn’t heard his voice.

 “Y/N!” Taehyung screamed for you as his voice got closer. He opened the bedroom door, revealing an already shirtless-tae and eyes widening at the sight of your semi clothed body.

 “Fuck” he whispered and walked towards you, losing his pants on the way so he was only on his boxers.

 “What the fuck?” you gasped as he opened your legs apart and placed himself between your legs.

 “Do you have idea of what you did? I was erect all day! Because of you!” he screamed at you. Fucking hell. His eyes were full of lust, lust and lust.

 “Well… You can have all this… You just have to beg” you said teasingly.

  “Please, let me fuck you, I miss the feeling of your tight little cunt around my cock, I miss how you moan for me, I miss everything. Please just let me fuck you here and now, rough and fast” he whispered.

You had never ever seen him begging. Even more like that. You liked it. You got wet by the sec he said that.

 You got free from him and made him lay on his back.

 “I’ll give you what you want” you said and crashed your lips on his. His hands immediately found your butt, and you happily let him touch it. God you missed his touch so much. You traveled down, kissing his jawline and his neck, sucking his soft skin. He let out a low groan when your tongue made contact with his stomach. Your hands started massaging his inner thighs as your lips teased his clothed erect dick. He let out a low groan with your teasing. You took off his boxers, licking your lips when you saw his tip was dripping with pre-cum.

 “Do you want me to suck you, huh?” you asked.

 “Fuck, Y/N” he groaned. You pumped him a few times in a slow pace, soon leaned in and licked his tip. He wrapped his fingers on your hair and you slapped his hand.

 “No touching, baby” you said and spread his juice on his entire length. His head was almost purple, he was like a stone.

 “For god sakes, Y/N! Do something!” he complained. Fuck that was so hot. You took him into your mouth, letting your tongue touch all it could. He let out a loud moan at the feeling. That time, you let his fingers grab your hair, letting him control your speed. You managed to deep-throat him and gagged a little, but he liked it. He liked to hear you gagging around his cock.

 At determinate moment, you stopped sucking him, but only to take off your panties. You were fucking wet. You just wanted to get fucked already.  You laid on your back beside him.

 “Do me, Tae” you said. You had already got what you wanted, but nothing made you wet like him. He knew exactly where your spots were. He knew how to make you cum. And you were going to get it.

 He placed himself between your legs and pushed in, not letting you adjust. And you didn’t need to, you were soaked. He started thrusting in an already fast pace, pounding into you roughly. You fingernails started scratching his back, moaning loudly.

 “Fuck, Tae!” you screamed.

 “Did you miss it? You missed my cock? Fuck, you made me beg for it” he said between groans. Your walls started clenching around his dick, it hitting your g-spot in every thrust.

 It didn’t take long for you to cum, he followed you soon after.

  “I think I’ve to make you beg more often” you said.


McCall Pack x Reader

Requested by @calpalkenzie

“I dunno what’s wrong with her Scott, she’s acting like she’s nervous.” Stiles rubbing his hands together as he thought over catching you last night, he didn’t know what you were doing but you screamed at him for checking in on you like he normally did before he went to bed.

“Maybe she’s just out grown you tucking her in?” Scott offered, waving at one of their friends who had begged the entire pack to support them at the school’s talent show, Malia had been curious to the pack ended up agreeing.

“Scott, when there’s a thunder storm she gets in my bed and makes me call Derek!” Stiles sighed. “Also, have I told you that he never picks up but he seems to always tell when it’s her calling, even on my phone!”

“Well he did save her from getting eaten by me… Peter, Isaac, Boyd and Cora so she’s going to trust him I guess.” Scott chuckled but Stiles shook his head.

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The Art of the Deal

•be sworn in as president with the promise to repeal and replace Obamacare
•rush lawmakers into drafting complicated and highly intricate bill which will have a major impact on the entire country
•once bill is ready, present bill next to Obamacare so the country can compare the size of the two
•demand that lawmakers vote for bill or face losing their jobs
•tell lawmakers this is their one chance to repeal Obamacare
•delay vote
•beg people who are voting against the bill to vote for the bill
•scrap the vote


delena forever appreciation week

day seven: favorite romantic moment ♡ 6.07 Do You Remember the First Time?

It was going to be something beautiful and epic, so the rain was a way of us [honoring] this group of fans who spent five years begging for this one thing. … I think it’s because of The Notebook … oh, and Spider-Man. Basically, there’s something about people coming together in the rain that’s the ultimate expression of love in the minds of most audiences. 

—Julie Plec

Totty fixing Ichi’s tie and flattening his hair whenever they go out to formal parties.

Totty and Jyushi helping Ichi name his cats.

Totty finding funny cat videos on his phone and showing Ichi.

Ichi having conversations with Totty about his friends and hangouts because he’s the only one who doesn’t jump down Totty’s throat begging to be introduced to them.

Totty trying to help Ichi think more positively and have a softer approach so he can make friends on his own.

Totty asking Ichi for his opinion on various things because he appreciates his brutal honesty when he needs to hear it.

Totty being annoyed when he finds cat hair all over his clothes but always remembering to be gentle when picking the cats up or moving them off of his things.

Ichi teasing Totty because it’s easy and Totty teasing him back because he knows how to annoy him.

Totty rescuing Ichi whenever Jyushi ties him to his bat.

Totty latching onto Jyushi for comfort whenever Ichi tells him a spooky story.

Ichi acting grim and solemn on purpose just to mess with Totty.

Ichi actually smiling when Totty takes selfies with him. Totty asks permission to upload the pics and shows him how many likes the pictures get. Ichi secretly feels good about it.

Ichi teaching Totty how to pitch properly so he can play baseball whenever Jyushi asks.

Totty and Ichi sniggering behind Karamatsu’s back.

Totty convincing Ichi not to go through with certain horrible pranks on Karamatsu.

Totty deciding to allow it when Karamatsu walks in wearing rhinestone cowboy boots.

Ichi and Totty replacing the ero pages in Oso’s magazines with clippings from Karamatsu’s photobook. Both of them consider seeking counselling when Oso laughs at it.

Ichi and Totty laughing wholeheartedly at good jokes.

Totty or Ichi making faces behind Choro’s back when he’s busy lecturing everyone.

Totty and Ichi being the quickest of the six to make up after a fight.

sports lance stuff

lance was that one kid who wanted to do ALL the sports so he would beg his mom to sign him up for a different sport every season

he has a lot of energy and it was to go somewhere tbh

so as a kid he did like baseball, soccer, swimming, surfing (as a hobby down the shore in the summer), track, volleyball, etc.

and he would always have bruises and scrapes bc he goes hard in competitions and always tries his hardest to make sure his team wins

and maybe hes not the teams mvp all star best player but everyone loves him and hes the guy that give everyone a pep talk before a big game to boost everyone’s morale

Oikawa and Iwaizumi’s mothers knowing their sons are in a relationship long before they told the and took begs on who tops who. One day, when Tooru was over at Iwa’s, Mrs. Oikawa received a phone call and all it was was Mrs. Iwaizumi singing (to the tune of this girl is on fire) “your son is a bottooooommm”. Mrs. Oikawa had to fork over 5000 yen when her son came home that night with a limp (“Tooru I know that’s not your knee acting up”).
—  Cute Anon

For those of you saying “why do you guys ship Jonathan and Steve? Steve basically insulted Jonathan’s family.” You’re saying that as if we haven’t watched stranger things 12 thousand times in a row.
I sit here and whole heartedly agree that what Steve said and did was absolutely fucked up and uncalled for. But!!!! Let’s not forget that after all that, he was the one who showed up at Jon’s house unannounced and was gonna beg his forgiveness. Y'all just think he did that because of Nancy, but he didn’t even know she was gonna be there. He real life wanted to right his wrongs.
Now for this ship, I believe that if and when they get past this hump of recovering from the big fight they had. They will probably get along more than anyone on the show. They have much more in common then anyone. They have shit dads (and/or parents in general) who aren’t in there life and I hope that plays a big role in their friendship. Jon feels like he’s alone although he has a mom who loves him. I know Steve is alone in that big house with no one to turn to. Also he bought Jonathan a camera after he broke his other one, and even let Nancy take credit for it.
All I’m saying is…. My ship is fucking endgame and I don’t make the rules.

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Confession: In sims 3 there was a simlish version of country girl shake it for me by Luke Bryan and I listened to it so much in game that when the real version came on the radio I would accidentally sing in simlish 😂 the tags on the video of Lana singing to the baby reminded me lol

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lmao, that reminds me when I played sims 3 on PS3 I lived for the simlish songs but now with sims 4 I never listen to the in game music how sad ;_;



she has a family who cares and loves her ALL BECAUSE OF ATSUSHI. she has found her place with the ADA and that never would’ve happened if atsushi didn’t see a reflection of himself in her. if he didn’t care about her, she’d be left to die.

THIS IS WHY I REALLY DONT FUCKING GET WHY PEOPLE DONT LIKE ATSUKYOU WHEN ATSUSHI IS PRACTICALLY KYOUKA’S ANCHOR??? and it’s not like it’s a one sided thing. how many times has atsushi blushed or stuttered or just smiled stupidly because of kyouka?? enough to show that these two young, innocent babies have undeniable feelings for each other.

neither of them have exceptional relationships with other people which makes it all the more pleasing to see that they have no clue about why they see each other in a different light to everyone else working with the ADA. :,,,)


“I’m not an object for your pleasure, and if I’m frank with you, I’ve never loved you the way I pretended to. There was something that never made sense to me, and now I know what it is! You’re a delusional freak, a monster, an absolute abomination” 

“Madelyn, please…Don’t say that, you know you’re the only one who can break my heart. I’m begging you, please don’t leave me. I’ve tried my best to protect you from that asshole who wanted to take you back” 

“That child’s father was my husband?! Gage, you complete asshole! Now this makes sense… you tried killing my real husband after he found out I wasn’t dead. So you kidnapped his son as punishment.” 

“No, Madelyn, no! I saved you from him, you were going to die from your pregnancy anyways! I gave you another chance, the chance to live out our lives together like we should have long ago.” 

“For the last time, stop talking to me like I’m her! I’m my own person, a human being! You took my life from me, and you took me from my child!” 

*ahem* for @lilithsaur. i was the anon. 

Basically Kira and Kylo bond over relationship drama. Ben is a bit of a flirt. Kira wishes he’d grow up. Set in Lilith’s trash triplets universe.

Kira huffed and flopped on the couch, defeated. She was at some house party at school, and was supposed to be with Ben. He’d been the one who’d practically begged her to go, and now he was almost outright ignoring her, talking (flirting!) with a girl in his art history class.

But she wasn’t jealous. Nope.

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