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Friends with benefits with BTS [NSFW]

I haven’t done something like this in awhile so I thought it’d be something different! This is basically friends with benefits to lovers type of thing. I’m sorry this is so long. I hope you enjoy! ♥

Seokjin [Jin] -

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Throwback to that time James made Aleks laugh so hard he fucked up his progress


that awkward moment when you pretend to give a shit about charleston for twitter followers when you actually worship a neonazi serial killer, fashioned your book cover after his, and dressed up on halloween as one of his murder victims who was 8 months pregnant and begged for her baby’s life before being stabbed to death and had the word ‘PIG’ written on the wall in her blood.

30 is a sad year to have an edgelord phase. but i guess you never really outgrow being a racist piece of shit.

friends with snacks

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genre: dramatic fluff; roommates!au; friends to lovers!au; drabble

pairing: jin x reader

length: 2.8k

summary: after your roommate jin commits yet another dire misconduct, you come to the revelation that you two would never work out as more than friends. ‘what could he have possibly done? did he cheat on you or something?’ your friends ask you, but it’s far worse than that. no one would understand the repercussions of his actions - no one but you and him, a couple founded on the concept of friends with snacks.

“i tried my best to not feel anything for you. guess what? i failed.”
“don’t you dare die on me!”

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Gryffindor: So in the spirit of Christmas, I’m going to eat this gigantic candy cane! *Pulls out a monstrously huge candy cane*
~half an hour later*
Gryffindor: *in tears* I can’t do this, man. Put me out of my misery, I’m begging you.
Slytherin: You’re the one who said you were going to do it. You’re not getting any sympathy from me.
~even later~
Gryffindor: *crying into Slytherin’s shoulder* I know what hell looks like now.
Slytherin: Hey, at least your breath smells good. Right?

By the way, in case you thought I was cooking up a rare scenario in describing a person dying of a disease that could be cured with treatments 1000 feet away if they had insurance, I’m actually describing what happened every day in America before Obamacare. Every. Single. Day. People on chemo who reached their lifetime cap, who were deemed too expensive to save, begging for one more week to some dead-hearted bureaucrat who was under orders to kill the expensive ones. They got bonuses for saving the company money. You wanna know why I’m such a ride or die Obama stan? It’s not because he was cool, and it’s not because I’m in love with the surveillance state, it’s because he led us out of that vicious nightmare world into someplace with some semblance of humanity. And now these degenerates in the GOP want to lead us back in. Back into that pitch black night so a few billionaires can have a few million more to stash in the Cook Islands. That’s why I’d chop my hand off before pulling the lever for a Republican, and why I don’t have patience for civil debate. 


McCall Pack x Reader

Requested by @calpalkenzie

“I dunno what’s wrong with her Scott, she’s acting like she’s nervous.” Stiles rubbing his hands together as he thought over catching you last night, he didn’t know what you were doing but you screamed at him for checking in on you like he normally did before he went to bed.

“Maybe she’s just out grown you tucking her in?” Scott offered, waving at one of their friends who had begged the entire pack to support them at the school’s talent show, Malia had been curious to the pack ended up agreeing.

“Scott, when there’s a thunder storm she gets in my bed and makes me call Derek!” Stiles sighed. “Also, have I told you that he never picks up but he seems to always tell when it’s her calling, even on my phone!”

“Well he did save her from getting eaten by me… Peter, Isaac, Boyd and Cora so she’s going to trust him I guess.” Scott chuckled but Stiles shook his head.

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In good hands

A fic about Simon learning the truth for the Carry On Countdown


The Veil has closed.

           But there’s so much unsaid.

           And I’ve found a crack.


At first I think the voice is just in my dream, but then I start to wake up and it’s still there.


           I spell the lights on to see Baz sitting up in bed, staring at me with wide eyes.

           “What, Baz?” I groan, “I’m trying to sleep.”

           “That wasn’t me.”


           Neither Baz nor I say a word, but the lights flicker off again on their own.  The voice seems to be coming from everywhere.  It’s soft, almost a whisper, and now that I can hear it better it sounds feminine.

           “What’s going on?” Baz asks.

           The woman appears between our beds.

           Baz jumps back with a shout and normally I would have my sword ready by now but this time I know not to.

           “Simon,” she says to me, like she’s pleading.

           She’s short, and there’s a pale glow coming off of her but I think her hair is blonde.  Her eyes are big and blue.  

           “I thought the Veil had closed,” I say warily.

           “I had to reach you.”

           “Who are you?”

           She stretches a hand out to me, and maybe I was drawing nearer without realizing it, but I can almost feel it when she palms my cheek.  “It’s me.”

           “I don’t know you.”

           “I haven’t much time.”

           “Then tell me.”

           She looks like she might start crying.  “You are not the Chosen One.”

           For a second, the globe stops turning.

           “Davy chose you,” she says, her voice tearful. “He chose me.  He said we were stars.”

           “Wait,” I try to stop her, “I don’t know who you’re talking about.”

           “He said we could change everything.”

           “Who are you?

           She takes my hand in hers and I can just barely feel it.  “I wish I’d been here, Simon.”  She smiles through tears.  “My rosebud boy.”

           Baz’s intake of breath is quiet, but she spins around to face him.

           “It was you,” he says to her, “not my mother.”

           “No,” I tell him, “it was your mother.”

           “Don’t let him,” the woman says, but she’s talking to Baz now.  “Don’t let him hurt my boy.”

           His brow furrows.  “I know you.”

           She grabs his hand in both of hers, and he flinches back a little but holds her gaze.  “You can’t let him,” she begs.

           “I won’t.”

           “Who are you?” I ask one more time, my voice getting louder because she’s becoming translucent and I need to know.

           She returns to me and kneels beside my bed.  “My boy,” she whispers, pressing her forehead against mine, “my rosebud boy.”

           Something about her eyes, about her voice, strikes a chord in me, and I think I know her.


           She covers my eyes with her hand, and for a second I can smell her, and she smells like home.

           She’s gone when I open my eyes.


I’ve been back for hardly a week and everything is already sideways.

           Snow and Wellbelove have broken up. Wellbelove has made several passes at me.  I can barely sleep without being back in that coffin.  The Veil has opened and I’ve missed a Visiting from my mother.  Snow and I have formed a truce.

           And now the dead are finding ways through the Veil to talk to him, apparently.

           Snow looks… well, he looks like he’s seen a ghost, and I’m shaken enough that I probably do, too.

           I can’t get her face out of my mind.  I knew it as soon as I saw it, but I couldn’t figure out how at first.  Then she spoke to me, and I knew her eyes, her mouth, the way her brow drew in.

           Because they were him, and I know him like I know to breathe.

           Snow hasn’t moved since she disappeared, and I’m starting to wonder if he even can.


           There’s a sob, and he clamps a hand over his mouth like it wasn’t supposed to come out.

           I want to tell him it’s okay, that I won’t make fun of him this time, to just cry until he’s better, but I don’t know how to make any of these things not sound stupid.  It’s clearly not okay.

           And anyway, he seems to have given up on not crying, because he’s hidden his face in his pillow and I can see his shoulders shaking, even in the dark.

           We’re silent, apart from the occasional sob from his bed.


           “How did you know her?”

           He’s looking at me, and his eyes are wide.

           “There’s a photo in the Mage’s office,” I tell him, “of him, but younger, with some other students.  She was one of them.”  I don’t mention how chummy they look in the photo, or that I was only able to recognize her from how much she looked like Simon.

           “It was her, that night,” he says, “talking through the Veil.  She called me her rosebud boy.”



           “Don’t what?”

           “Don’t call me that.”

           I frown.  “I thought it was ‘Snow’ you hated.”

           “You only call me ‘Simon’ when you’re afraid I’m going to break or something, like I’m a spooked animal.”

           It’s a perfect opportunity to say something horrible (he’s already crying, I wouldn’t even have to try) but I can’t bring myself to hurt him right now.

           “What should I do then?”

           He’s quiet, like he’s thinking.  “Come here.”


           “You don’t have to try and comfort me or anything, just come over here.”

           I hesitate, but it’s like he’s drawing me in. He’s always drawing me in.

           I push the covers back, cross the room, and sit cross-legged on his bed, facing him.

           For a moment, neither of say anything.  His breathing seems to have steadied for now. He doesn’t look at me, which is good, because that way he can’t see how I’m looking at him.

           Then he scoots closer and places his forehead on my chest with a solid bump.

           I huff out a chuckle because he’s ridiculous (and extremely cute).

           “S’not funny.”

           “I know,” I say, sobering, “I’m not laughing.”

           “I need a living thing right now.”

           You’ve come to the wrong guy, I think to myself but I know what he means.  Someone who’s there, now, and isn’t going to vaporize at any moment.  I’m momentarily glad that I still have a heartbeat, because right now he’d notice if I didn’t.



           “I think it was my mother.”

           “I think you’re right.”

           “How do you know?”

           “She looked like you.”

           His shoulders start to shake again and his hands fly up to cover his face and that’s when I decide fuck it.

           I wrap an arm around his shoulders and he responds immediately like he’d been waiting for permission, clinging to my waist and sobbing into my shoulder.  My other hand comes up to smooth his hair and he’s practically in my lap now but I pull him closer anyways, and his grip on me is like a vice, tightening because he knows I’ll allow it.

           “Shh,” I tell him, “breathe.”

           He tries, but it’s like he can’t get a full breath.

           “Hey.”  I push him back but only far enough for him to meet my gaze.  “We’re gonna figure it out, okay?”  His curls fall into his face and I brush them back with my fingers.  “You help me find my mother’s killer, I’ll help you figure out what your mother meant.”

           “What if she’s right, Baz?”  His eyes are wide and wet.  “What if I’m not the Chosen One?”

           “Then your life just got a whole lot easier.”

           He chokes out a laugh, but it just turns into a sob and I pull him back to my chest.  His hair is tickling my neck and it’s all I can do not to press kisses to the top of his head but even though this is so different than anything we’ve ever done, I know we’re not there, so I rest my chin on his head and try to convince myself that it’s enough.

           I plan to get up as soon as he calms down enough to let me go, but even when his breathing slows his grip doesn’t loosen, and I think maybe he’s fallen asleep like that.  “Simon?”

           “I know,” he says into my shirt, “but don’t go.”

           Wonder of wonders.

           “Alright,” I murmur, “I won’t.”

           He’s starting to sag in my arms, like the weight of everything has finally turned into exhaustion.  I tip us carefully sideways so we’re lying down on his bed, and he seems to relax a little but he doesn’t let go, and I don’t think he plans to.  I reach down with one arm to pull the covers over us, and we’re wrapped around each other like I only ever thought we would be in my wildest dreams.  One of his legs hooks around one of mine, like he needs to bring every part of me as close as he can.

           I don’t know how we’re going to come back from this, but I know I don’t ever want to.

           At last, his grip loosens and his breathing deepens.  The rhythm of his chest against mine is steady and I can feel myself slipping away.

           Just before I fall asleep, I hear him.


           I only have the energy for one word: “Here.”

           Maybe that was all he wanted, because he doesn’t speak again.

           Maybe I’m delirious with everything that’s happening, but I’m feeling particularly brave.

           So I press one kiss to his forehead before slipping away entirely.


The Veil has closed.

           I won’t be back.

           But you seem to be in good hands.

BTS Reaction to Them Drunk Confessing

GENRE: fluff, lil angsty

WARNINGS: alcohol, drunk bts


A/N: i really like this! thank you for requesting! enjoy!



Jin had his arms wrapped around you tightly as you tried to breathe in the opposite direction of him. The smell of alcohol lingered on him, and he was a giggling mess. You could barely sit by Jin without feeling nauseous, but the boys were all sleeping already. They fell asleep once you agreed to help with Jin. You were the only person who could possibly take care of the mother of BTS. Jin continued giggling, pressing the side of his face against yours.

“I love you,” Jin stated. You let out a sigh, knowing he didn’t mean it. He would never love you like you loved him. Jin frowned, facing you when he didn’t get a reaction. “Did you hear me? I said I love you! I love you, Y/N. I know you love me too because Hoseok told me you do. I love you, Y/N! Say it back, if you don’t I’ll cry.”

You stared at him speechless, knowing that you were going to have to confront Hoseok once Jin fell asleep. Jin giggled again and laid his head on your chest. He smiled before falling asleep, not realizing that once he woke up you would be a blushing mess because of what he had said.


— “You know I love you, right?” Yoongi smiled as he held onto your arm. You had finally taken the bottle of champagne away from Yoongi, and he had seemed to already forgotten about it. You patted his head and assured him you did, which wasn’t enough for him apparently. “I love you like more than my best friend, Y/N.”

“You’re drunk, yoongles.”

“Maybe so, but I know how I feel!” Yoongi exclaimed, and you smiled and shook your head at him. He was being his happy drunk self, and you knew that most of the things to leave his mouth were false. This was no exception, and Yoongi was convinced to teach you otherwise. His sober self was not confident enough to tell you that he had a crush, but his drunk self was completely comfortable. “I love you, Y/N, and alcohol doesn’t change that!”


Hoseok would be bugging you as you tried to make him dinner since Jin was home with his family. That was the reason why the boys were all drunk in the first place; Jin was not home to supervise. Jungkook, the most sober out of the six was the one who called you as begged you to come help. He exclaimed that Namjoon was pretending to be a stripper, and Taehyung was throwing money at him. Instead of dealing with the stripper problem, the boys all passed out besides Hoseok.

“I’m hungry, jagiya!” Hoseok yelled at you, similar to a three year old. You sent a glare in his direction as you tried to prepare his second dinner of the night since you arrived. Not that you were against being referred to as jagiya by Hoseok, but you didn’t want to have to deal with this in the morning. “Jagi~ I’m hungry and I love you!”


For someone who picked the perfect night to get drunk, Namjoon wasn’t good at keeping secrets. All of the boys had left to see their families besides Joon, who stayed back to work. Apparently, by what he told you, he got stressed out and started drinking. That led to you coming over and finding him crying on the kitchen table. Namjoon sobbed, and you noticed that the place was a mess.

“Joon! What happened?”

“I was trying to create a romantic setting for Y/N to ask her over and confess, but I couldn’t find the candles! Then once I did, I broke Jungkook’s gaming console and here I am! Now Jungkook is going to kill me, and Y/N will never love me back!” Namjoon sobbed hysterically, and you had to hold back your laughter.


Hoseok would call you and ask you to come over and help with his drunk roommate who was keeping him awake. Once you would go over, Hoseok would apologize for ever inviting you, seeing how tired you were. You didn’t mind, being that you couldn’t sleep anyway. Hoseok would go sleep with one of the boys or the couch, and you would stay in the room with Jimin, who was sleepy by the time you got to him.

“Hobi hyung, when is my baby getting here? When is my baby, Y/N, coming by?” Jimin would ask, thinking you were Hoseok, who had left the room. You would feel a blush creeping onto your cheeks; Jimin hugged a pillow on his bed. He was exhausted, and you wanted to cuddle up with him. “My baby needs to know that I love them and that I am sorry for getting drunk. Will you tell them for me, hyung?”

“They know,” you breathed as you sat down beside him. Jimin would grin and nod, quickly drifting off to sleep.


Tae would be screaming as he ran around the dorms. You would have been playing video games with Jungkook, being the only sober two in the place. Taehyung would rush over to the two of you and wrap his arms around yours and Kook’s shoulders. He’d pull the two of you together and grin widely as your faces sandwiched his. He’d be giddy, and unable to control the words coming from his mouth.

“I love both of you!” Taehyung cheered as he made room between you and Jungkook. He would have his legs sprawled out and his hands clasped together, adorably of course. “But, I love Jungkook like a brother. I love Y/N in a different way. I would like to do things that siblings don’t do to each other with Y/N.”

You would lock eyes with Jungkook, the mission you two had been on failing on the game. He would be a laughing mess as you were as red as a crayon. Jungkook had known already of course, and he was relieved that Tae finally said it. Jungkook was tired of hearing Tae rant about how beautiful your eyes were, and the freckles on your nose.


You would be sitting beside Jin, who was also trying to sober Jungkook up. You two had tried everything you read online, from foods to a couple glasses of water. Nothing seemed to work, and Jungkook was still smiling widely as he rolled himself into a burrito with a blanket. You and Jin would be out of ideas and exhausted, wanting Kookie to fall asleep so the two of you could rest. Jungkook seemed to never lose energy.

“I want to roll into this burrito blanket with my jagi!” Jungkook exclaimed, smiling like a child as he held himself in the blanket. Jin would let out a sigh as you laid your head on his shoulder. At this point, anything that entertained Jungkook was a relief to you and Jin. “My jagi doesn’t love me back though! They are stubborn and shy around me, but Yoongi hyung told me that they like me back! So that’s okay, and I’ll wait for Y/N to confess before me!”

You immediately got up, rushing towards Yoongi who was fast asleep in the other room. “Yoongi, I’m going to kill you!” Meanwhile, Jin would be giggling, knowing that his kids were finally seeing the truth. Not to mention, Jin was the one who had told Jungkook about your crush. Jungkook was just too tired to realize that it was him, and he assumed it had been Yoongi.


i never read the manga with the teenage heroes but i’ll tell you right now that i don’t trust that rival character

I’m ready…im ready to celebrate his life. I’m not going to say im done crying or im done being sad. But I’m ready to further spread his love and his kindness. I’m ready to go back to making other people smile.

Jonghyun will always be with me. A lot of my worries from before always came from whether or not he was okay, whether he was smiling, eating well, having fun…And now I know that there will never be another sad moment in his life. He will only smile from now on. And that’s a huge burden I feel being lifted away.

Our Jonghyunnie is okay, so I will be okay. I always lived in his light and I want to keep on shining mine.

anonymous asked:

hc's for the paladins cuddling with their s/o and eventually falling asleep?

god i want to do this so much jsdkjdhsfkjh


  • probably the one who begged for the cuddles in the first place
  • he wears a face mask to bed (sPA DAYS THIS SHOULD BE A THING)
  • so you guys sleep with you cuddled onto his side, or with your head on his chest, and your leg thrown over his
  • at first, it’s mostly pillow talk
  • like what happened that day
  • what you would be doing if you were on earth right now
  • which planet is better
  • and then you’ll notice that his loud, exaggerated voice is starting to get quieter.
  • his voice started to sound droopier
  • so you’re like are you tired
  • and he’s like wHAT BINCH NEVER
  • 10 minutes later he snoring like a pig jskjdshkjsdfh i hate myself


  • god cuddling with him is really comforting
  • like he really enjoys cuddling
  • he likes security so when you guys cuddle, it’s with him holding you close, like to his chest, so you hear his heart beat.
  • especially if you’ve had a bad day
  • or with you sleeping on his arm, and him holding you close, your body pressed to his.
  • you guys just talk aimlessly sometimes
  • sometimes, he tells you stories
  • like back at the garrison
  • and you always interject
  • “keith did wHAT” ”yes, he did“ you love his laugh okay
  • and then you slowly stop interjecting
  • and your answers come out quieter
  • and slower
  • and he just looks down at you and smiles because wow you look so cute with a little bit of hair falling on your face
  • and he just watches you fall asleep
  • he sleeps a lot comfier with you. the nightmares stop.


  • big spoon
  • you guys cuddle with your back to his chest and his arms around your waist
  • it’s pretty cute to watch
  • sometimes you just start talking about your day
  • it feels really good to rant to him
  • he listens to you very well okay and he always offers up insults to those who made you mad
  • but mostly he’s really soft and he’ll run his hands through your hair and even laugh a little
  • god you guys both start falling asleep around the same time
  • so you guys both say goodnight
  • hc: keith has really tiny snores, like really soft you wouldn’t hear them unless everything is quiet


  • cuddles are fun with you two oh my goodness
  • if you’re short, you could literally just sleep on top of him, like chest to chest and it’s really comfy
  • but otherwise, you cuddle into his side and throw your leg over him and he hugs you close
  • wow you guys have long convos before you sleep
  • like about happy stuff though okay like about the sky and about traveling and the one time when hunk and lance were little and lance tried to ask out his crush
  • it’s really giggly and cute
  • and tbh it varies on who falls asleep first
  • some days when you fall asleep first hunk gets kinda sad he’s like “hey are you sleeping why are you sleeping” and he does that thing where his eyebrows kinda furrow together and he pouts a little
  • and you’re like nAH what no this is not me falling asleep this is me…waking up yup i feel so much more refreshed
  • and then you fall asleep
  • and when he falls asleep first, he doesn’t want to admit he’s tired right away 
  • and he is a fIGHTER Okay the type of person who will continue to try to stay awake or deny they are falling asleep
  • he just wants to hear your voice a little longer
  • and then he kind of just drifts in and out of sleep so you just snuggle a little closer and sleep too
  • wow what cuties


  • cuddling is done late late late at night
  • and you guys are both so tired
  • she the little spoon
  • you have your arms around her and you just run your hand through her hair
  • she finds it pretty calming
  • you like to feel it because it feels soft
  • she falls asleep fast
  • so you stay awake for a little longer and watch her sleep
  • for once she looks peaceful and happy
  • you wish she always looked as carefree as she did while she dreamt
Alive - Bruce Wayne x Reader (Smut so obviously NSFW)

Summary : The Batman died months ago…Or, did he ? 

I decided to indulge some of you who keep asking for more Bruce smut so…here’s more Bruce smut. With feelings though because I HATE writing things without any emotions. I’m not into just the filthy smut with no story..and now I surely hope that I was able to write emotions/feelings properly up. NSFW so if you’re not comfortable with those things DO NOT READ ! I’ve got plenty of stories that are totally not NSFW you can check out instead (link to my masterlist down below). Hope you’ll like it :

My masterlist blog :


Your eyes were betraying you. 


Your brain was betraying you.

That was it, you had tipped over the edge of madness. You were definitely and irreversibly crazy. After months of grief and pain, it finally happened.

Because he couldn’t be there. You had wished for months and months for him to be by your side, and now, your own mind was playing trick on you. Because he could. Not. Be. There. No.

And yet…Yet why weren’t you the only one reacting to his sudden appearance ?

 Your children gasped, and Alfred made a loud sound of surprise. 

And why were Diana and Clark by his side ? If it was an hallucination, why would you see them with him ? Why would you hallucinate them too ? Especially since you still hadn’t forgive them for what they did…

Your oldest is the first one to launch himself towards him, and your boy’s body make a sound as he hits his father’s. A very real sound…You’re confused. 

Ho…how ? Bruce’s arms wrap around his son and…he does seem real.

For a second, you think maybe it’s a dream. One of many you had ever since Bruce’s death. Because this is all too good to be true. 

Because this is impossible. Because…Because you saw him die.

The memory of this awful moments comes flooding to you.


You saw him died. Or rather, you saw him being swarmed by monsters on Apokolips. It was the same thing really. There was absolutely no chance he survived that day. Even less chances he survived that long. The many months.

It was all so blurry, your own mind shielding you from the trauma of loosing the love of your life. You couldn’t remember everything in details.  

Him having to stay behind to disarm a weapon that would wipe all life in the universe. Being the only one who could do it. 

Him begging Diana and Clark to drag you to safety, because he knew you would never leave him willingly…And, trying as best they could to ignore your screams of despair, they did get you safe and sound. 

It was the least they could do. They owed him that much. After all, he was sacrificing himself for the greater good. And though it cost them a lot to leave their best friends behind…They knew they weren’t any other solutions. 

If even the Batman, even the man that had a plan for everything, from A to Z, said : “this is our only chance”…then it was the only way. 

And as the portal to Apokolips was closing, and you were safe back in the Watchtower, the last vision you had of him was his smile to you. Him mouthing “I will always love you”, before a wave of creatures buried him under them. 

Your supplication to open the portal again broke all your friends from the League’s heart. And when J’onn told you it wasn’t possible, that Bruce made sure the entire thing would fry when the mission was done (for safety, so that they wouldn’t bring any of the nightmarish beasts that lived on Apokolips back with them), you lost your cool. Your lost all control. 

Your screams of pain still haunt them at night. 

They had to give you a sedative. And against their will, called your sons to pick you up. They had to tell them…And it’s with a broken and heavy heart that they brought you back home. Took care of you as you always did for them. Because you needed them. You needed their love. Their support. And they needed you. 

One of the central pillar that was holding this family was no more. 

Their father was dead. 

The love of your life was dead. 

Bruce…Was never coming back. 

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The Labyrinth Chapter 40

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Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU

Pairing: Reader/Jimin ft. all the members

Length: 4.8k

Summary: Looking back on your past, your life has never been anything out of the ordinary. Although your parents had left you on one mysterious night, leaving you little to no explanations, you live out the rest of your years residing in a new town under the custody of your aunt. That is, until you return to your hometown to investigate the whereabouts of your parents during your senior year in high school. It was that fateful decision that led you to find a boy collapsed on your front porch one night, wounds gaping and life fading when your entire life is spun out of control. Somehow being dragged into a life of crimes in the underground business of his, you discover the twisted secrets hidden behind the world you thought you had known all along. 

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Make me beg (smut)

Warning: Smut, teasing

Taehyung X Reader

Words: 1680

Based on this request.

A/N: I’m sorry I’m taking too long to answer the requests but school is taking all my time

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“You want me to do what?” Taehyung chuckled at your request. You didn’t ask anything weird. Just one thing. You wanted him to beg. To beg for your touch. Beg for you. But of course he would reject it. He was always a dom. You were the one who always begged, who was always whimpering. You just wanted to see what it would look like for you to have him begging. To see what a Sub!Taehyung looked like.

 ”Come on, Tae. I just wanna feel what you feel” you complained, “I don’t want you to beg beg, I just… I don’t know, just please let’s try”.

 “I’m the dom here, baby. Deal with that. Besides, you feel pleasure however we fuck” he said. Asshole. You always tried new things with him, why couldn’t he just do this little favor?

 “Fuck, Taehyung, I’m not asking you anything impossible” you complained.

 “Y/N, I will never beg for your touch. You’re the one who will” he said. What an audacity. He said never?

 You couldn’t let that go. You had to make him beg. And you would.

 “Fine. If you will not beg for good, then go for bad” you said and rolled around to sleep.

Of course you wanted to fuck with him. Of course you wanted him. But after what he said that night, you would hold yourself back. And you knew that later or sooner, he would become horny. He still didn’t know what you were planning. But he would know.

 “Baby, are you in home?” Taehyung had just arrived from practice, of course he was tired, and if he didn’t want to sleep, he would want to make love to you.

 “I’m here” you called him from upstairs. You heard his steps getting closer till your bedroom’s door got opened. You were only on your - his- t-shirt and panties. He sighed at your sight and walked towards you. You got up and met him, hugging him and pecking him on his lips.

 “Hey, baby” you greeted him. He smiled down at you and placed his lips onto yours softly. You let him guide you onto the bed till your back hit the mattress and his weight was over you. Occasionally, the kiss became hungrier; you could already feel his erection growing against your clothed pussy. He were about to go further when you stopped him.

 You stood up and looked at him.

 “You’re not fucking me tonight. Not tomorrow. You’ll have what you want when you beg for it” you said. He chuckled as his eyes darkened and stood up. He walked towards you and you slowly walked back, his hands gripping your waist and pressing you against the wall. He leaned in and whispered on your ear.

 “Well, I think we won’t fuck for a few days, then” he said and got into the bathroom. Let’s see.

You were showering and when you got out and saw your naked body in front of the mirror, you had an idea. Taehyung was outside in your bedroom watching some TV, laying onto the bed. You were going to tease him. It was the perfect opportunity. You fixed your wet hair and got out from the bathroom, pretending not to see him. You walked towards the closet – that was beside the TV desk and started “looking” for your clothes. When you found it, you bent over to grab your panties and you accidentally let your towel fall from your body, exposing your butt for Taehyung. You could hear him muffling a choke. Well done.

 “Ah, I’m sorry” you said before grabbing the tower and getting back into the bathroom.

 It had been already 4 days since you and Taehyung had fucked and you were starting to think that that was ridiculous. You were getting horny. But you were not the one suffering, Taehyung was as well. Occasionally you could hear him jerking himself off in the bathroom when you were “sleeping”. When he arrived from the practice or something, he was always trying to make you change your mind and beg for him. But you weren’t making that easy for him too; you were teasing him as well. You made sure to kiss him all the time and touch his dick, or cuddle and rub your butt against his crotch. You’re strong, Y/N.

  “Why don’t you just give up and beg? You’re good at this. Come on, Y/N, you know you want it too. You know you want me to fuck this pretty pussy of yours” Taehyung said as he was playing kisses down your jawline, both of you laying onto the couch.  You pushed him away, but only to make him lay on his back and go over him, straddling his hips, making sure to rub against his clothed dick. You leaned in and kissed him, sucking his bottom lip and earning a moan from him.

 “You know you’re suffering as well” you whispered, licking his earlobe, “and this time you are the one who will beg” you said.

   Taehyung was on the practice and it had been one week since you last fucked. Shit, just forget it, Y/N. This is bullshit. One week without fucking? Huh. No you couldn’t give up. You would make him beg that day. You decided to go upstairs and get into your best lingerie. You did lay onto the bed and grabbed your cellphone, putting it on the front camera.

 “This is me thinking about you, baby” you whispered to the camera as it started recording. You bit your lip and started touching your boobs, squeezing it harshly the way he always did. You let out a low moan as you teased your own nipple under your bra, knowing it would make him crazy. You slowly lowered your hand till it reached your panties, circling your clothed clit. You closed your eyes in pleasure, imagining it was Taehyung’s hands. You managed to take off your panties and record it as well. Then, you did spread your legs and started fingering you easily, you were already wet. You placed the camera in a strategic point, letting the camera get all the sight of your pussy.

 When you were done, you sent it to him. This will be the end for him. Slowly, still on your bra and no panties, you fell asleep.

You woke up hearing the front door being loudly closed. You would have gone scared if you hadn’t heard his voice.

 “Y/N!” Taehyung screamed for you as his voice got closer. He opened the bedroom door, revealing an already shirtless-tae and eyes widening at the sight of your semi clothed body.

 “Fuck” he whispered and walked towards you, losing his pants on the way so he was only on his boxers.

 “What the fuck?” you gasped as he opened your legs apart and placed himself between your legs.

 “Do you have idea of what you did? I was erect all day! Because of you!” he screamed at you. Fucking hell. His eyes were full of lust, lust and lust.

 “Well… You can have all this… You just have to beg” you said teasingly.

  “Please, let me fuck you, I miss the feeling of your tight little cunt around my cock, I miss how you moan for me, I miss everything. Please just let me fuck you here and now, rough and fast” he whispered.

You had never ever seen him begging. Even more like that. You liked it. You got wet by the sec he said that.

 You got free from him and made him lay on his back.

 “I’ll give you what you want” you said and crashed your lips on his. His hands immediately found your butt, and you happily let him touch it. God you missed his touch so much. You traveled down, kissing his jawline and his neck, sucking his soft skin. He let out a low groan when your tongue made contact with his stomach. Your hands started massaging his inner thighs as your lips teased his clothed erect dick. He let out a low groan with your teasing. You took off his boxers, licking your lips when you saw his tip was dripping with pre-cum.

 “Do you want me to suck you, huh?” you asked.

 “Fuck, Y/N” he groaned. You pumped him a few times in a slow pace, soon leaned in and licked his tip. He wrapped his fingers on your hair and you slapped his hand.

 “No touching, baby” you said and spread his juice on his entire length. His head was almost purple, he was like a stone.

 “For god sakes, Y/N! Do something!” he complained. Fuck that was so hot. You took him into your mouth, letting your tongue touch all it could. He let out a loud moan at the feeling. That time, you let his fingers grab your hair, letting him control your speed. You managed to deep-throat him and gagged a little, but he liked it. He liked to hear you gagging around his cock.

 At determinate moment, you stopped sucking him, but only to take off your panties. You were fucking wet. You just wanted to get fucked already.  You laid on your back beside him.

 “Do me, Tae” you said. You had already got what you wanted, but nothing made you wet like him. He knew exactly where your spots were. He knew how to make you cum. And you were going to get it.

 He placed himself between your legs and pushed in, not letting you adjust. And you didn’t need to, you were soaked. He started thrusting in an already fast pace, pounding into you roughly. You fingernails started scratching his back, moaning loudly.

 “Fuck, Tae!” you screamed.

 “Did you miss it? You missed my cock? Fuck, you made me beg for it” he said between groans. Your walls started clenching around his dick, it hitting your g-spot in every thrust.

 It didn’t take long for you to cum, he followed you soon after.

  “I think I’ve to make you beg more often” you said.


“Archie”, gasping. “Archie”.

His head popped up from under the covers, both annoyed and breathless. Annoyed that he had to stop satisfying his girl and breathless, well the reason for that is obvious.

“What is it? Are you not feeling it like before?”. He propped himself up on his elbows, so he could see you better.

“No, it’s not that…I just swear I heard a car door shut or the jingling of keys”.

Archie and you weren’t meant to be seeing each other, let alone dating or fooling around in his bed. The biggest interference coming from your parents - or more so your father. He still saw you as his little girl, the one who used to dress up and beg him to let you set up tea parties around the house. But now, you weren’t a little girl. You were grown and able to decide for yourself on who to date. The lucky guy - Archie Andrews.

Archie didn’t think anything of it and brought his lips to your neck, mumbling. “It’s probably just the neighbours, just relax Y/N”. Closing your eyes to do just that, you pulled his hair, loving the sensation of Archie’s lips against your skin.

When you were finally able to block out all the unnecessary chatter coming from the streets, another noise broke you out of the peaceful state. Archie saw your distracted expression, and rolled over to the other side. “My dad’s out and your parents don’t even know you’re here. There is nothing to worry about”.

Another noise, this time it sounded much closer and more clear. The front door, as in Archie’s front door being opened. “Is that your dad? I thought you said he was away on a business trip?”. Glancing up at Archie. “His meant to be”, replying back.

Hiding underneath the covers you heard Archie chuckle, hitting him, he tried to pull the covers away but you firmly gripped them. “Hitting me down there is doing nothing but turning me on, Y/N”.

The door opened and Fred’s voice reverberated across the room.

“Archie, what are you still doing in bed?”. He checked his watched that was sitting comfortable on his right wrist.

"I was just about to get up, dad. What are you doing back so soon?”

“The trip finished early, I brought breakfast it’s downstairs if you want some”. Turning to leave, he spun back around. “Oh, and tell Y/N she’s welcome to join us”.

Peeking over the bed sheets, you shyly waved. “Morning, Mr Andrews”

“Please call me Fred, Y/N. Come on you two, we don’t want the food to get cold”
He left the door wide open and once Fred was out of earshot you turned to Archie, panicked.

“What if he tells my parents that I was here. Or worse what he tells them I was in bed with you!?”. Resting your back against the bed frame, Archie’s hand rubbed your inner thigh. "Y/N, my dad would never do that. His not the gossiping type, plus he has no problem with you and I dating”.

Watching Archie climb out of bed and put on a fresh pair of jeans and white t-shirt, he gathered your clothes and handed them too you. “Join me for breakfast?”. He grinned, making it impossible to resist his request.

Breakfast with the Archie men was far more laid back then you imagined it would be. Fred didn’t ask why you were in his son’s bed at 6:00am in the morning, or treat you any differently then all the other times you had brief conversations with him. He truly respected the relationship, unlike your father if he ever found out.

“I should be going. Thank you for the lovely breakfast, Mr Andrews…sorry Fred”. You placed the dirty plate in the sink.

“My pleasure, Y/N. You’re welcome here anytime and don’t worry I won’t say a thing to your parents. My lips are sealed”.

Smiling, you thanked him once more and let Archie walk you towards the door.

“See, what did I tell you? My dad would never gossip and he keeps his word”. He cockily smirked, loving the fact that he was right.

Kissing Archie on those perfect lips, his two hands firmly gripping your waist. “Yes, yes, you were right and I should of listened. I’ll come by later tonight if I can. God knows my parents are going to grill me for being out all night”.

Lowering your face, this sneaking around wasn’t ideal but it was necessary. He lifted your chin with his two fingers. “Text me if you need anything, okay”.

Nodding, you kissed him one more time. Not wanting to leave, but having no choice but too.