the one where they get back together but it kind of hurts

[fic] Anew


Summary: Kurt and Blaine love each other very much.  That part has never changed, but somewhere along the way they forgot what made them so close in the first place: that they used to tell each other everything, even the things that hurt, and they were always honest with each other.  Somehow, they’ve lost that, but a brutal conversation puts them back at the beginning, and lets them start anew. [Kurt/Blaine, one-shot, where they get back together again, but it’s not easy]

Spoiler Warning: Spoilers for 4.18 that I think were actually jossed, but considering those spoilers were what inspired this fic I’m going to keep that warning up just in case.  This fic tentatively takes place in what should be 4.19, timeline-wise.

Kink Warning: rimming and blowjobs and adorable baby kinksters, talk of sexual preferences and bottom!Blaine

Other Warnings: I am Ryan Murphy in that I promise this fic has a happy ending, but it takes a while to get there.  Kurt and Blaine are screaming at one another through a good portion of this fic, so if you absolutely cannot handle Kurt and Blaine yelling at one another and/or arguing, this is not the fic for you.  I made my betas very unhappy with me at certain points because Kurt and Blaine are brutal, when they fight they go straight for the jugular, okay, but I promise this ends with sunshine and rainbows and smut, alright, it just takes a while to get there, they’ve got issues.

Also, Kurt and Adam break up in this, so.

Word Count: 7195

Many Thanks: to my two betas, the magical and mystical Multicorn and the always fabulous Misqueue, without whom this fic would be an absolute disaster, Adam would be unrecognizable, Kurt would be even harsher and a lot of stuff wouldn’t even make sense.  A lot of this is as much their baby as it is mine, and I could not have done it without them.

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Kurt is having dinner with Adam when Finn calls.

“Sorry,” he laughs to his new boyfriend, standing up next to their table in the quaint Italian restaurant.  “It’s my brother.  I normally wouldn’t do this, but Finn doesn’t usually call and it might be about my dad—“

Adam nods understandingly, shooing Kurt away with a breadstick.  “Take your time.”

But Finn is Finn, no matter how grown up he likes to pretend to be, and so when Kurt answers the phone with a shaky “Hello?” Finn’s response is to go:

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Egobang college AU where Arin always ends up taking care of Danny when he’s fucking wasted and high as hell because Dan sulks to him and shit about how he’s literally going nowhere with his life, but at the same time he doesn’t give a shit.

And Arin lets him stay in his dorm and tries to help Dan out but it’s kind of hard when he’s totally got this thing for Danny for whatever reason. and then Dan goes around to sleep with chicks and he’s just a mess, then goes back to Arin and uses him the same way and Arin stupidly lets him, and it hurts.

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