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11 writing problems and solutions

Writing is a craft. It takes time for anyone to learn and improve. But there are some shortcuts you can try, maybe adapt to your own needs. Here are 11 writing problems and their solutions, or hacks.

Too many ideas syndrome

Problem: You have too many equally good story ideas and can’t pick just one to write.

Solution: Select your top 3 favorite stories and write the first scene of all three. If you can’t decide, write the first chapter. The right project will be easier to work with, you’ll have fun writing it, you will be daydreaming about the story, you will love the characters. So, give away three chances instead of one.

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Outline spoiling the fun

Problem: Whenever you outline a story idea, it completely spoils your will to write it. The mystery is gone.

Solution: Instead of outlining the whole story, just make a clear goal on how your characters should end. Will they succeed? Will they fail? Will they be happy? Will they find redemption? Will they be wronged? Decide how your story should end and explore the plot as you go. Remember, no one will read your first draft, so just write.

Lost midway

Problem: If you are a pantser, you might get lost in the middle of the story, especially after the first plot point.

Solution: Give your story an ending. If you know where your characters will end up, you’ll have a better understanding of which routes to take. Always keep in mind how the story will end. Use it as the beacon of a lighthouse to guide you through stormy waters.

Creative block

Problem: You don’t have story ideas. Or nothing you have so far excites you enough for a novel.

Solution: Read a book or watch a movie completely out of your genre. This works like magic, I promise. I’m not a sci-fi person, but Akira has given me more story ideas than any movie and book from my own genre.

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Writing anxiety

Problem: You are scared of writing, scared of starting a new story, or just scared of not doing a good job.

Solution: Write a fanfic. No one expects a fanfic to be a masterpiece (although many are). Fanfics are done for fun and for passion. So, write your book in fanfic format. You can even use fandom characters and aus in the process. When the story is completed, change back to original characters.

Editing as you write

Problem: You keep going back to previous paragraphs and editing instead of moving forward with your writing.

Solution: Write your novel by hand. This might sound like a lot of work, but it’s quite the opposite. The white screen of the computer urges you to review, to make it perfect, academic like perfect. The paper however, brings you back to the craft, to the urge of filling lines and pages. Handwriting also gives you the opportunity of sketching and doodling. 

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Problem: Tumblr. Youtube. Email. Netflix. Bathroom. Fridge. Bed.

Solution: Go offline. Turn off your wi-fi. Use a device without internet connection. Or, if you keep fooling yourself and turning the internet back on, write your novel by hand. Give yourself a daily hour of internet, but live offline. And if you take unnecessary trips to the fridge or the bathroom, try the pomodoro technique.

Lack of plots

Problem: Nothing relevant is happening, your story looks kind of boring. Or the main plot is too weak for a whole novel.

Solution: Take a few days off. Just relax. When you are ready to go back, read what you have written so far. Maybe you were just tired. But, if the story really sucks, go back to basics. Ask yourself two questions. What type of story am I writing? How will this story end? Follow the answer like a map. Change what needs to be changed, even if you have to delete the whole progress. If you lack plots, don’t add fillers, just go back to basics.  

Weak main character

Problem: Your character lacks personality, voice and/or visuals.

Solution: Give your main character three things. An external battle. An internal battle. And an unique feature. The external battle is their goal, what they want to achieve, what they dream about. An internal battle is their fears, traumas, doubts, mental issues, prejudices and triggers to overcome. An unique feature is what sets them apart from other characters, maybe they have piercings, or tattoos, or pink hair, or lilac eyes, maybe they wear neon boots, or a mask, or mittens, maybe they are left-handed, or blind, maybe they have a scar, or a birthmark. Every amazing main character has external battles, internal battles and unique features.  

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Problem: You have no will to write. The passion is gone. You feel empty.

Solution: If you don’t have access to medical help, reading is a good way to reevaluate your career and regain your passion for the words. Read lots of books. Don’t worry about writing, just read. Lose yourself in fictional adventures. Read sci-fi, romance, horror, fantasy, crime, family saga, classics, foreigner fictions, fanfics, shorts, poetry. Immerse in literature. Literature can save lives.  

Strange dialogues

Problem: Dialogues seem too formal, or too much like the narration, or characters lack individuality.

Solution: Read your dialogues out loud while acting as your characters. You can find a quiet empty room for that. Be an actor. Go for the emotions. Record your acting sections, after all, you might improvise at some point.    

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...Is there a Top 10 Memes Inspired By Yuuri Katsuki?

In the Rivals universe Yuuri is the source of hundreds of different memes but there are a few that are especially popular and persistent.

10) “I’m not that special” - *breaks a world record* -  In an interview after his record breaking free skate Yuuri at one point said ‘I’m not that special’ during an answer to a question. “I’m not that special” - *breaks a world record* and variations thereupon becomes a meme very soon afterwards

9) I Will Never Be As Extra As Yuuri Katsuki – aka the phrase people use after someone says you are ‘extra’ as a joke about how Yuuri decided to confess his love in the most dramatic and public way possible and no-one will ever be able to top that level of extra

8) ‘He likes it too much’ – From one of my previous top tens about Yuuri’s response to a reporter asking if he thought it was degrading to make Viktor get down on his knees for him. The video clip was edited many times to all the usual reaction clips and gif of when someone has an amazing clapback

7) Reaction Picture – The reaction picture I mentioned in a previous ask where Chris makes a certain joke during one of Yuuri’s interviews and Yuuri looks like he wants to die from embarrassment. It becomes a popular reaction picture

6) ‘do a quad flip’ – ‘do a quad flip’ becomes a phrase people use as a joke when someone is trying to work out how to ask out their crush

5) ‘creating your own Katsuki’ – from a previous ask someone sent in ages ago, once the truth is revealed about what really started the rivalry, all celebrities always joke that you should always be nice to your fans unless you want to ‘create your own Katsuki’

4) ‘Everyone is Gay for Yuuri Katsuki’ – this one arose after Yuuri performed the Eros routine at Rostelecom. The running joke is everyone, regardless or gender, would definitely be down for it with Eros!Yuuri and that Eros!Yuuri was also a lot of peoples sexual awakenings.

3) The Way Viktor Looks At Yuuri – You know the phrase “get yourself a guy who looks at you like ____ looks at____.” “Get yourself a guy who looks at you the way that Viktor Nikiforov looks at Yuuri Katsuki” becomes a variation of that.

2) Cards Against Humanity – Cards Against Humanity do a celebrity special extension pack where they make cards related to specific celebrities and Yuuri’s one is a variation of one of their classics. ‘How to Get Yourself A Man By Yuuri Katsuki – 1) Get insulted by childhood idol and spend the next ten years of your life focused on nothing but your burning desire for revenge 2) ??? 3) Marriage  

1) Katsuki as an adjective -  ‘Katsuki’ becomes an adjective to describe certain things. So you can be petty or you can be ‘Katsuki’ petty aka throwing darts at their picture and making snarky comments vs devoting your whole life to ruining everything they’ve ever worked for just for your own satisfaction, you can hate them or you can ‘katsuki’ hate them aka do you actually hate them or do you say you hate them but you actually want to bone them etc. There are a lot of different variation!


The Ugly Truth ᵒʳ A Beautiful Lie

~Guys, guuuys...

I’ve just learnt that Ben Affleck:

- has taught himself Arabic

- speaks Spanish and French too

- is so good at doing impressions that when he did one to Morgan Freeman, it was so accurate Freeman told him, “You ever do that again, I’ll kill you”

- won $356,000 by winning the California State Poker Championships in June 2004 - defeating some of the best poker players in the world in the process

- filmed four movies simultaneously in 2001: Pearl Harbor, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Changing Lanes, and The Sum of All Fears 

- began an intense two-hour a day workout regime the day after he was cast as Batman

- received a lifetime ban from playing blackjack at the Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Casino due to his ‘counting cards’ skills

Which tells me:

1. He’s fucking smart. I mean, he can pick up/learn languages pretty well (one of which is Arabic, Damian are you listening and he majored in Middle Eastern Affairs in college) and he is a boss at poker/blackjack.

2. He’s a workaholic. Look, I’ve never made a film (or even a short video) in my entire life, but he did 4 in one year at the same time and I bet he’s done similar workloads throughout his career. Also, see: two-hour a day workout regime for more evidence.

3. He can do good enough impressions to freak the fuck out of God™.


= Ben Affleck is well on his way to being Ultimate Batman

All Hail the mighty Bat!

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(edit: someone didn’t like my previous gif-use due to literal-Superman-bashing, and I agreed. Sorry, I didn’t see Supes little face on the wee gif-screen. Here’s some batfleck just being the best Bat he can)

ignore me creepy internet researching the fuck out of him to get my hands on this info. i needed it to defend myself from absolutely no one. fucking fight me


I trusted Angie @novice-at-play with my all time favorite sunset/photo experience. To be there was to believe something greater than myself had created the majesty and beauty I saw that evening. I still look back at the unedited versions from that night in awe of them. Right place, right time.

The first one is my edit this time, the middle is the original, and the right is Angie’s. I think seeing the transition from original to edit is even more interesting laid out together. 

She said my edits of this in the past pushed her into a different direction, as I found myself pushed into a different direction with the previous set we shared with you by her vision of my photo. I know, at least, for my part this has pushed me to edit with a little different mindset and that’s never a bad thing.

We hope you join us in trying this little experiment out! Don’t forget to tag them “#collab fun” so we can see your results!


It takes years to find someone with a smile that shines like the sun and eyes that glisten even in the darkest of times. A heart so tender it can’t help but forgive the harm that interfered with its previous love. A mind so captivating that its depth extends the ocean and insights ignite the flame which others use to see. A soul so pure that it finds peace wherever it may wander and feel at home. Seldom can I find such clarity, but with you it only took me one second.

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So like, I have a really dumb question, but first, your edits are really good like omg. But out of curiosity can you tell me how you make them? Sorta of a tutorial? I just wanna make these for fun and send them to my friends/try to make actual edits for the hell of it lmao. Totally okay if you don't tho!! I respect that and I'll still love your blog. Thank you for reading this, have a lovely day~ ♡^▽^♡

oh my god this has been in my inbox for so long….. sorry it took me so long to answer it!!

Okay, so I’m not great at explaining things so I recorded myself making one, but I’ll still try to explain it so you can understand.  Also I use for all of this because I’m cheap and don’t want to buy programs, and it works good enough so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And aaaaa spoilers I recorded myself making a quote I haven’t posted yet

(Under the cut because this got very long)

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Equipment of Lorwyn and Shadowmoor in D&D, Part 1

Visiting another of my favourite planes in search of inspiration, here’s my take on some of Lorwyn and Shadowmoor’s equipment cards as D&D items:

Blight Sickle
Weapon (sickle) - Uncommon
A character damaged by this weapon reduces their maximum hit points by the amount of damage suffered, until they next take a long rest.

I used lowering the maximum hit points in the same manner as -1/-1 counters lowering a creature’s stats, in that it damages as normal in combat but if they try to heal, their hit points remain reduced.

Cloak and Dagger
Weapon (dagger) and Wondrous Item - Uncommon - (Requires Attunement - Does not require attunement for Rogues)
This item consists of an enchanted cloak and dagger, which share a combined enchantment and can not be used separately. These items together grant advantage on stealth rolls and attack rolls made against targets that are surprised. 

This is the first of the tribal equipment cards I designed as D&D items. These are conveniently class-tribal, so they can be easily aligned with D&D classes. To represent the free-equip ability, I decided that some classes not needing to attune would be the ideal solution. One core part of putting this together was making it clear that the items are essentially “one item in two pieces.” The effect of the item is one that benefits Rogues especially, but functions for other classes, making this work similarly to the card as a Rogue-tribal equipment that can still be used by non-rogue creatures.

Obsidian Battle-Axe
Weapon (battleaxe) - Uncommon - (Requires Attunement - Does not require attunement for Barbarians)
When moving, you can move up to an additional number of feet equal to half your movement speed towards an enemy of your choice that you can see or hear. You must end this move closer to the enemy than you started. 

This item’s movement extension is based on the Aggressive ability. Like the Cloak and Dagger, it grants a general advantage, but is more specifically helpful to Barbarians, as it allows an option for the wielder to get to make sure they can attack a target in their turn, allowing them to prolong their Rage ability. 

Runed Stalactite
Weapon (club) - Rare (Requires attunement)
A character attuned to this item counts as all types of creature (Aberration, Beast, Celestial, Construct, Dragon, Elemental, Fey, Fiend, Giant, all types of Humanoid, Monstrosity, Ooze, Plant, and Undead). A creature that interacts with a character attuned to this item considers them to be a character of the same creature type as them, and is not hostile towards them unless provoked.

For this item’s design, I wanted it to reflect the idea of the changeling, specifically to the effect that it the wielder is never seen as a threat. This reflects the mythology that serves as a basis for this item, that a changeling is uncanny, but not so much so that they would be considered as an alien and threatening creature.

Veteran’s Armaments
Weapon (longsword) and Armour (breastplate) - Uncommon (Requires Attunement - Does not require attunement for Fighters)
This item consists of an enchanted sword and suit of armour, which share a combined enchantment and can not be used separately.
When attacking with this item, you may double your proficiency bonus for attacks made with this weapon if you have an ally within 5 feet and the ally isn’t incapacitated, or if your the creature you are attacking has an ally within 5 feet and the ally isn’t incapacitated.

The bonus this item grants  (or rather these items grant) is one designed again to work especially well for Fighters, but still be an effective boon for other classes. For a character proficient in Martial Melee weapons, this item is certainly useful, but not all characters of other classes will gain this benefit. On the other hand, all fighters will always be proficient with this item. In addition, the ability relying on you or your enemy having an ally serves to mirror the card’s bonus being based on the number of attacking creatures.

Sorry again for a later post than usual, this weekend I’m actually at the convention I mentioned in my previous post! I have found some fantastic vintage sourcebooks which I’ll be using for inspiration in my own designs, including the introductory box for Planescape, and a first edition AD&D Player’s Handbook and Monster Manual!
Also, I met one of my followers! Sadly I didn’t catch the fellow’s username, but I’d just like to add to this post a little thank you for the kind words about the blog!

Whew!😳 inktober day 6! Pin-up sky witch🌙⛈✨
This is attempt three for the day, and I am exhausted haha but I’m finally happy with the flowy-ness of this one!🍃 today I used all the same materials except for microns and copic multi liners for her, if you want to know my other materials you can check out my previous posts🙃 currently editing the video!
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It doesn’t matter if Steven’s moms aren’t humans, he’ll do his best to understand what Connie is going through.

Bonus: they turn into Stevonnie so Steven can share half the suffering.

EDIT: This comic used to be cissexist and I apologize for my ignorance! I’ve edited the comic thanks to several helpful anons that told me what words i can use instead. I’m not that well educated or creative, but I’m doing my best to improve. I know there’s no way to remove the traces of the previous comic now that so many people reblogged it so to those who are following me please reblog this one! Hopefully people can see this one rather than the previous one instead!  


The prequel of our previous Pokemon Sun/Moon comic dub has been uploaded, again edited by my near and dear friend Porokiin!

Thank you @elbdot for letting us dub another one of your gorgeous comics!