the one time i draw something not homestuck

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you've been thru so many fandoms as an artist everytime i come back to your page you're into something different and your art looks way improved so like!! you go my dude!!

Ahh Thank you!! As years progress I’m sticking less and less to one particular fandom and the “fandom periods” become gradually shorter and shorter! Currently I’m in plenty of fandoms and they are all batteling for the space on canvas :D Variety is the spice of life eh!!

Every new fandom pushes my art forward a little because something different catches my attention! Supernatural introduced foreheads, Gravity falls showed me other solutions to anime style, homestuck gave me backgrounds and now bnha…. is giving me hard time drawing teeth and open mouths haha


((I’m really sorry about the radio silence on this blog on my part but I guess it is pretty clear by now that my interest in askblogging has significantly dropped to leave space to some more personal projects. I’m not going to delete the blog or drop it completely - I still think I can do some updates every now and then! Maybe I’ll do another event as well, if inspiration strikes and I have enough time on my hands!

So yeah, this blog is still gonna be around, and even if I don’t post here regularly since a while (and the abnormous drop of my follower count reminds me of that, hahah, ripperoni 500 followers??) I’m still into HS and I still draw Jake and dirkjake a lot!

So, if you want to see more of my art you can follow me on my art blog @chibigaia-art

Also, there is going to be an…. interesting shift…. in my Homestuck career…. in the near future. Not a huge one, but it is still something, and it made me really happy! I can’t tell you the details but when it will be the moment I’ll make sure to let you know! :D

I hope you’ll still stick with me even with this terrible amount of inactivity!! ;v; and thanks to all the followers that are still here!))

Johndave week - Day 5: Free Space

After my last one I wanted to do something cute and happy, so bunkmates blanket fort it was!! I am;; late again but wowie yeah!! This has been a really fun week!! Everyone’s been so cool <3

hey so I’m in a drawing mood if anyone wants to request something

alright mun's gonna try something here

((since mun attempts to keep the blog mostly nsfw, and she can’t draw a dick for her life-))
((mun is gonna try something new here))
((if y'all want your muses to be drawn with her LEFT HAND (mun’s a rightie), send ✒️))
((homestuck ask blogs only please, although i’ll draw one anon just for shits and giggles))

((basic tldr; if you want to see a cursed image of your muse send me that pen))

I tried to do my homework fast so I could have time to make it digital and all pretty but since I really wanted to give you something tonight, I doodled theses babes~ I hope you like it Kriss~! 8D <3 -whispers- I’ll draw more this week if I can =w= 

/OH MY GOSH!! This is so great! Look at them!!


Now this was fun hahah. I wanted to clarify that the only traced drawing was the Homestuck’s one (Lord of Heart! Chara) because i really cannot make a replica of Homestuck’s art without wanting to change something lol

The rest were drawn from scratch (and based on references of course).

I think the one’s im proud the most are @becauseimgabbeh-blog ‘s and @dreamy-94 ‘s Charas, along side the Daoko one.

I might do one of these again once I have time because I always liked making replicas of other people’s unique styles.

Also here’s a mini gif of how I drew Dreamy’s.

-Some NoTablet! Drawings by Karkey.-

This story has a few parts to it, mainly because this weeb-ening lasted for the entirety of my highschool career.

just a quick glossary:

M = my best friend, president of anime club
F= the creepabo

A beginning note, I guess, would be that M was VERY well adjusted! She was a bit of a weeb in middle school, but by the time we became close she was calm, collected, and pretty much only talked about anime in anime club or with friends that liked anime.

Anyway, I had never really been into anime, but it was highschool so the only times M and I ever got to hang out were at lunch and after school. So I joined the club! A few people from my friend group were also in the club, so it really didn’t seem like a bad idea.

However, there were a few people I didn’t know from middle school in the club… including F.

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oh man toasty what about Beforan ancestor Kanaya?? maybe something with the undead if that's still a thing on Beforus? now i wanna draw that too @-@

In a time of crisis, when the Mother Grub had been lost and a matriorb had yet to be recovered, the Guardian was one of the few who remained to defend the brooding caverns.  Legend may have exaggerated the way she devastated the ranks of the swarming undead but there’s no denying that her loyalty and ferocity were indispensable in combating their onslaught.

(Mutuals only!)

So I was attempting a really bad drawing of Eridan’s hands (Don’t ask) when I noticed something…

The ring on his ring finger

Look closer

No, no, CLOSER

Hm. Starting to look like something to me…

Why does Eridan Ampora have a scalemate on one of his rings?

Either that or it’s a smuppet.

So Eridan either has a scalemate or a smuppet on his ring finger ring.




I could never draw a something good, and you have already realized, if flipping through my blog below.

I really try to draw better every time in order to you like.

At me often it turns out badly.

And here is my next attempt to to please you, as an artist.

In my sketchbook is now full of sketches, but one third of them is disgusting. 

I tried to draw something at least more or less decent, and at me it turned it. 

I hope that you enjoy this picture >.> 

Because spring =^>.>^=

Here's a repost of what I posted on the wrong blog earlier cause I'm a mess

Here’s the official guidelines for the ZukeZine!!!

These guidelines are in place to make sure that the content is suitable for the topic (Lauren Zuke, and her interests), and to make sure that everyone is safe and happy.

1. Content must be related to Lauren Zuke, and her interests.
2. Content must be PG
3. Contributors can create multiple pieces for this Zine
4. Bonus Peri Points for drawing Lauren herself
5. Even more Peri Points for drawing something besides SU
6. SU content probably *should* be centered around the episodes she’s boarded, or about her favorite characters. (She lives for Peridot)
7. Remember to keep the content about Zuke
8. Shipping is allowed. Should be one of Zuke’s ships, though. Anything more than kissing is a little too much for PG imo

Lauren Zuke’s interests (as much as I could find in her Tumblr) include:
* Steven Universe
* Rachael and Penny
* Overwatch
* Osomatsu San
* Pokemon
* World of Warcraft
* Animals
* Adventure Time
* Homestuck
* Undertale
* Some special creations of hers include Lapceline and Bad Pearl

If you prefer to complete requests or need inspiration, I can give those as well.

If anything needs to be added or changed, let me know! I’m really tired and my brain is feeling fuzzy, so I’m sure I messed up somewhere.


this was a present for a friend, but this is also the first time I’ve drawn something Homestuck related in three years. it brought back a lot of nostalgia and weird feelings, because Kanaya used to be a tie for my favorite character, so the whole times I was drawing her I was just like my queeeen~

so I might draw more HS characters in the future. (definitely Eridan)

tho i think it’s really fascinating how songcomics are so prevalent in the Homestuck fandom (there are whole blogs dedicated to archiving lyricstucks 0: )

there’s a lot of artist interaction going on that allows this much content to be created. It’s basically a huge chain reaction of creativity, and artists being inspired by each other to make something big. I feel that it’s really gotten to the point that it’s one of the ‘Big Achievements’ that Homestuck artists gotta try for themselves.

and it’s a great learning experience! There’s a lot of passion and patience that goes into a work like this. Composing, timing, storytelling, drawing to a particular mood…you get better with those aspects each time you make one.

tldr coddang i love lyricstucks so much thank you Homestuck fandom for making it a thing and inspiring me to make one. it’s one of my top favorite learning experiences

anonymous asked:

Viriaaaa~ I miss your art so much. I find myself scrolling through your art tag a lot these days. Do you think you're gonna start anything big any time soon? I'm just curious, you don't need to :) Keep doing your art thing, I know it makes a lot of people really happy ^.^

H-how do you always know if I start something “big” guys?? how do you do it? 

I’m back to my Homestuck thing finally….and hopefully this time I will manage to make it decent and actually finish it gahhh

but well, it still would take a while so I guess I’ll be drawing some sketches in the meantime…I also have a lot of works to do for our design final that is coming upon slowly, so that’s why I’m a bit unactive these days. (and because I felt like I couldn’t draw anything at all but I think this one passed)

Jade based on Invincible Summer AU by splickedylit

It’s been some time since I did fan art for this AU! But then I read the last chapter again and felt like I really needed to do something.

So Jade happened! :D