the one thing that never wavered or changed throughout the books was their love for one another

Love at First Video Part 39: Flowers

Misha Collins x Reader

1250 Words

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

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You stared out the window, your mouth wide open as you took in the scene from outside. It had only been a couple of days since you had last seen the Padalecki’s back yard and patio area, but you were pretty sure the changes out there now had nothing to do with them, and more to do with the nervous man waiting outside.

Flowers and plants were placed all throughout the yard, covering the vibrant green grass. A white archway stood at one end, covered in vines and blue and white flowers. White chairs were behind it, about four rows total. Each row had a banner of flowers connecting the chairs together. A light blue runner ran between the chairs, stopping at the arch. The patio hadn’t been left alone either. Tables had been shoved into the small space, covered with lace tablecloths, candles glowing in the middle. A cake stood in the middle, leaning precariously off to one side, covered with a mixture of blue and pink frosting. It was a scene from a fairy tale, something you had never imagined to see in your life.

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B. French II Chapter Two

Belle meets Baelfire, just like literally everyone prompted.

Chapter One

Gold hadn’t expected a text from Belle that week. He wasn’t quite sure why he’d given his divorce attorney his personal number. He told himself because it was quite easier to keep up with but it was much more likely because Belle French was…Well he didn’t know what she was and calling her magic was simply juvenile.

“Does Baelfire like books?”

The question was still sitting happily in his inbox, perfectly content. Of course she’d ask about books. Her office was practically a library.

“Yes. He enjoys reading.” Was his response after an hour and 17 minutes. After all, he couldn’t appear as if he only had his phone for entertainment and contact to the outside world on weeks he didn’t have his son.

Her response was immediate. “Books and swans. Perfect! I have a great gift for him then. See you both Saturday!”

Gold frowned. Books and swans, she’d said. He wondered if he should tell her that his son had more than one copy of “The Ugly Duckling.” He wasn’t even sure if his son enjoyed the story anymore. He was about to text back and tell her not to bother with something so trivial. Was it even appropriate for his custody attorney to be getting his son a gift? In the end, though, he only sent back a thank you. Whether it was from lack of courage for fear of angering the woman who controlled the outcome of this ordeal, or from sheer trust of Belle he didn’t know.

He liked to believe it was the former.

“Who are we going to see?” Baelfire asked as Gold helped him out of the car. He re-adjusted the sling his arm was in. The doctor didn’t say he explicitly needed it, but Gold felt a lot better about him having it when they went out.

“Our custody attorney.” Gold said, opening the door of the building for his son and leading him to the elevator. “Her name is Belle French.”

“Why can’t Midas do it?”

His son’s tone was rather bitter, and ahold wondered if Belle’s belief in Bae meeting her had some merit. The elevator came and Gold let his son press the button to Belle’s floor.

“Midas doesn’t specialize in this.” Gold explained. “But he recommended Belle.”

“And she’s gonna make it so I can live with you?”

“She’ll do her best.”

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Why I Love Alexander Gideon Lighwood Even More After 1.08

This is going to be a long ass post about how I saw Alec’s thought process throughout the episode. First, I’m gonna put some dialogue from a few scenes last night:

Lydia: I can see why all the girls in Idris are clamoring to meet you.
Alec: What do you mean?
Lydia: Rumor has it your looking to settle down, get married.
Alec: Damn it.
Lydia: Let me guess, not your idea?
Alec: Not even close.
Lydia: My parents tried to set me up, too.
Alec: And how’s that working out for you?
Lydia: Not well for them. I made my own path, married to love of my life. John Monteverde. Together we were going to run the Lisbon Institute. And then, John was killed. Everything was ripped away, my love, my dream job. Piece of advice, in this line of work, the only thing worth falling in love with is the work itself.
Alec: Lydia, I’m-I’m sorry.

after Alec learns his parents were part of the circle. 
Lydia: Alec, I’m sorry. You shouldn’t have had to find out your parents were ex-Cirle members. Not like that.
Alec: You mean from you. You shouldn’t be the one I found out from.
Lydia: You know there’s been a ban about talking of the Circle until now.
Alec: How convenient for my parents. Lydia: This doesn’t change how I feel about the Lightwoods. Your family has always had a strong aliance with mine. They’ve been a powerful force in the Shadow World, praised for their devotion-
Alec: Devotion? My parents were in league with Valentine.
Lydia: People make mistakes.
Alec: Yeah, but this one, it’s unforgivable

Magnus: I have the preliminary autopsy findings.
Alec: Why are you giving these to me? It should go to the head of the institute.
Magnus: And it is.
Alec: I’m not. And I never will be. Magnus, it’s like-it’s like my whole life has been a lie. Everything I’ve ever know, it’s-
Magnus: It’s not what you thought.
Alec: I’ve done everything for my parents, for the Clave and-I’ve done everything they’ve asked
Magnus: Maybe you should start living for yourself. Do what’s in your heart.
Alec: I can’t believe I’m saying this but…I think you’re right.

alec overhears that the clave is taking the institute away from his parents, the two most important part of this convo are this :
Maryse: I’m begging you. You can punish us but our children did nothing wrong. They’ve worked so hard.
and this: alec comes in after the convo
Alec: I have the preliminary results from Magnus. No magic was used in creating for Forsaken.
Lydia: I’ll take those.
Alec: ignores her outstretched hand and hands them to his mother, whom gets tears in her eyes.

So here goes. It’s very clear in the first conversation I pointed out that Alec doesn’t want to get married. The Damn It and the Not Even Close are pretty clear indicators, don’t you agree? He also hears that Lydia did what he’s been contemplating of doing, doing what he wants and not what his parents want, and it failed in the end; her love died and she lost the job she’s dreamed of. Pretty off putting, don’t you think? 

Okay, so now we’re to the part where Alec finds out his parents use to be part of the Circle and he says that it’s unforgivable. So Alec, in that moment, has a clear opinion on his parents actions so far, which leads to his conversation with Magnus. He’s really thinking of just saying screw it and following what he wants and forgetting his parents, even the Clave, whom we’ve seen Alec’s loyalty to throughout the whole of episodes 1-8. He’s caving into what he wants.

And then, then the last conversation is overheard. So here is Alec, on the edge of saying screw it, hearing his mother plead to punish her and his father but not him and his siblings because they haven’t done anything wrong and they’ve worked so hard. Here is Alec, hearing this, thinking of what he’s thinking about doing, and  you can see from his expression before he walks in that he can’t. He simply can’t abandoned his parents, his family, the Institute. He can’t.

So he enters the room, gives them the report and when Lydia asks for the report, a report that is suppose to go to the head of the Institute, what does Alec do? He gives them to his mother, who has tears in her eyes. This, right here, is Alec forgiving his parents for they’re past mistakes. This, right here, is Alec making a conscious choice not to let the Institute fall into the Clave’s hands. His reserve since the beginning of the series is solidified, his wavering throughout the episode now on solid ground on the side he’s always been on. His family’s. 

However, even though he makes this decision, he’s going to do it his way. He’s going to keep the Institute by getting married, but he’s doing it HIS WAY. He’s MAKING HIS OWN PATH, just as Lydia did, and he’s doing it with Lydia because she understands, she knows what he’s doing. There are no expectations in the marriage, not love, sex, no gooey looks, nothing like what would have happened had he let his parents choose. He’s doing what his parents asked but in his own way.

Does this mean he doesn’t have feelings for Magnus? NO! Does this mean he’ll be able to resist his true self, his true feelings? PROBABLY NOT! It just means he’s doing what he’s always done, what he told Magnus during their drinks and Magnus understands, his duty to his family. What he’s done and always been expected to do. Remember, even when Malec got together in the book, Alec still hid his true self and their relationship. All this angst is just going to make the outcome of Malec even more worth the payoff. 

Now, the question of if Lydia pulling one over on him, either for herself (it’s her dream job) or Valentine, that’s a thought for another post. 

Right here, this episode, made me love Alexander Gideon Lightwood a million times more than I did, which was a lot. 

I told you it’d be a long-ass post! Excuse any typos, I was going really fast with a lot of feels swirling around in my head!!!