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Victor is there daydreaming about wooing Yuri and eventually having sex. But how is he going to explain away the scars from knife wounds? Or even better, gunshot wounds? This poor man.

Victor has very grandiose dreams X3
It’s a really simple one XD
Just gonna say that he had a rough past, implying some kind of delinquent behavior back when he was much younger or something P:
A decent enough explanation ^w^


GOT TO MEET SEVERAL COOL CATS IN-GAME. 8D!! Vex and Kai got to meet XD and be meat-head bros.

I don’t know everyone’s tumblr to GW2 username so please let me know i you’re in one of these shots and I can add you to the post! :D

Raffix, Kaizelle Noxx, Demon Tears, Tatsumi Lightchaser, Darklinux, Rok of Faith. AND MORE! Vex also gave Ainne a tiny pat..AND PROMPTLY RAN AWAY.


Screenshots from DON’T BREAK MY HEART | Emily Is Away Too Part 1! ^_^

WOO EMILY IS AWAY GOT A SEQUEL! :D Not that the game even needed one but still it’s exciting. xD I loved Seán’s video of the first game and related to parts of it with my own friends. So I’m really excited to see him play this game and even more excited because this video was awesome! :)
Seán has this brand new kind of energy in his videos lately and positivity radiating off of him that I haven’t seen from him in a very long time. It makes me very happy to see him so energetic, enthusiastic and happy. He seems so much more creatively inspired in these new videos and it’s soo nice to see that. ^_^

There was one big thing I was thinking of while watching this video though and that is, who cares about being cool? Okay I know that Seán was kind of joking around with trying to appear cool to the people in this game and was kind of going back to his 16 year old self in a fun jokey kind of way. But still I was thinking this while watching. When you’re a teenager you try so badly to appear cool or to please other people but something I kind of learned in my last 2 years of school and especially in recent years too is that being cool is super overrated. xD I’d rather have people like me for who I am and not what I appear to be to them and then waste my time with people who don’t actually care about me. I mean I think it’s fine if you care about what others think of you and I think it’s important to take criticism from people. But I’ve just grown out of the idea of trying to just appear cool in front of people instead of just being my weird self. I’ve learned that some people are just not worth your time or even worth pleasing. You can’t ever please every person you meet. Honestly all you need to be is yourself and show the world who you are and doing so will not only please yourself which is waaaay more important. But eventually you’ll find people that will sincerely like you for who you are and care about you. I know now I’m just making this post longer then it needs to be but I just felt like saying this. :) 

But yeah I had a lot of fun watching this video and I can’t wait for the game to come out so Seán can make more videos of it. xD



I SWEAR I was originally only going to draw “just a couple of pictures” from the ficlet called “It’s A Trap!” that @insanitysbloomings gifted me for Christmas because I loved it so much, but AS USUAL I kind of got carried away.  I should really work on that…. >_>  P.S. Ignore my ugly rooftop drawing in the last panel lololol I didn’t feel like drawing buildings

I’ve been slowly working on this comic, plus a DIFFERENT Marichat comic (not the Valentine’s day one, but another one from a oneshot fic I read a few weeks ago) that hopefully I’ll finish soon (because I got carried away AGAIN).  XD 

I’m also working on drawing my designs for civilian Marinette, Adrien, Alya, and Nino for the Gangster!AU, so hopefully I’ll finish those soon too (halfway done!).  Plus a Ladybug costume redesign for the OlderAdrien!AU, and that YOI screenshot redraw and… AHHHHH, just so many more!!  My WIP folder is bursting with so much unfinished stuff!!!  XD

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LOVE UR MAFIA AU MORE THAN POWDERED DOUGHNUTS!! I can certianlly imagine Yuuri chacing someone and then Victor is in an ally, puts out his leg (trips the person) and dashes away... By the way.... what is your favorite character from any anime?

I am happy that you enjoy it so much ^w^
Lololol, Victor very nonchalantly just helps out from time to time XD
could happen :3

and uh
Honestly I can only think of YOI right now, and it;s Victor ^w^
But for other animes I got into
Haikyuu I liked Kageyama
One Punch Man, Genos is my precious cyborg child


Haikyuu!! | karasuno + extra phone wallpapers | asked by anon (540x960)

Charlie Hunnam was emaciated and had lost 20 pounds for the last season of Sons of Anarchy (2008). During auditions, Guy Ritchie was very bothered by his look though he liked his performance and asked him 4 times during the process about his poor physique and ‘What was the heaviest he had been’. Hunnam said that when Ritchie brought up the 4th time, he knew that the physicality of Arthur was very important to Ritchie. He promised Ritchie that he would get into incredible shape for Arthur and to prove his fitness for the part, offered to physically fight the other two finalists - Henry Cavill and Jai Courtney. Hunnam told Ritchie, “Look, dude, you keep bring this up, the physicality. Its obviously your primary concern. So if you want to do away with all this auditioning bollocks, I’ll fucking fight those other two dudes. I know who they are. You can bring them both in here. I’ll fight them both. The one who walks out the door gets the job.” Hunnam won the role after this.
—  Charlie proving that you can take the boy out of charming, but you cannot take charming out of the boy xD

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Are you gonna make more of the thing with Sanzu and TK? I really love that. Or was that like, a one time thing?

As of now, we currently got our own things goin’ on at the moment XD What I know is that we only made those silly stuff just for fun~ and we’re happy you guys enjoyed that as well. Hopefully we’ll get to do more crazy shenanigans like this in the future. Maybe with @blesstale

If not, then hey, here’s for hopin’! Now have a TK fixing the damaged ship while people are out~ ( yeah, he kicked it out of rage~ and now has to fix it Xp )

No one gonna let him get away that easy….. X’D

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omg drunk keith is so cute. what would happen if keith got drunk for the first time infornt of the kids when they are teen. Somehow I think lance would have blast/could not believe that this is his daddy. And would it escalate if Shiro wasn't there?(Keith doesn't seem to have any impulse control when drunk) btw I love the little knb picture when I go to your askbox it's adorable!

LMAO Yes! Drunk Keith is worse than Shiro tbh. XD 

[The Voltron Family]  Shiro was away to attend one of those conferences for doctors outside of the state and Keith was missing him so bad. It has been 8 days now and Keith didn’t wanna be clingy but sometimes he just missed Shiro’s kisses and cuddles.

The kids were at a party of a friend of theirs and it was only 9pm but Keith drove there anyway to pick them up, despite saying he’d pick them up at 10, they were teens now after all. They earned it after acing all their exams. Keith arrived at the party and he entered frowning. Ugh. Teenagers are too rowdy at parties. Back in my days…crap, I sound like an old man.

He went looking for his three kids when some dude came up to him.

Some Dude: *offers a cup of beer* Whoa. You’re a new pretty face. Might I offer you some beer?
Keith: *glares* I’m a wine type of person and I’m old enough to be your father.
Some Dude: *chuckles* Right. Of course. I’m guessing you’re about 25 or 27 by the looks of it? *gives Keith a once over* *points at the leather jacket* *whistles* Nice.
Keith: *ignores* Where’s Lance, Pidge and Hunk? *looks around*
Some Dude: They’re by the library last time I saw them. 
Keith: Thanks. *leaves*
Some Dude: Hey! I have wine. Can’t have a guest walking around without a drink of their choice. *smiles*
Keith: *stops* Do you have 1947 Cheval Blanc?
Some Dude: *blinks* What? I have no idea what you’re talking about but we could check it out by the bar? *points at the bar* The bartender might know. *eyes Keith* You looked so stressed, man. You okay?
Keith: *sighs* I am the epitome of stress. 
Some Dude: Awww, sorry for hitting on you, man.
Keith: It’s fine.
Some Dude: I’m Leonard. Finals are over but you’re probably the type to stress over results, huh? Forget about it tonight. C’mon, let’s get you a drink. You need it. *places an arm around Keith’s shoulder*
Keith: Oh boy, do I. *rubs temples* 

Lance, Hunk and Pidge were about to leave the house to wait for their Daddy Keith to arrive to pick them up when Pidge spotted something.

Pidge: Oh sweet baby mac and cheese. Is that Dad by the bar?
Hunk and Lance: *turns around and sees Keith*

Keith was drunk and he was ranting and ranting to their poor friend Leonard who had to hear everything. The three teens approached the bar.

Keith: And then he would usually surprise me to a lunch date when he visits me at work. *sobs while taking another drink* Such a wonderful man and now… *hiccups* He’s not even here with me. 
Leonard: Oh damn. You have a bad case of love sickness.
Keith: *nods* I do and I hate the fact he’s out there somewhere miles away and I’m here like a mess. *turns to his side and sees a girl* *cups her face and leans in*
Hunk: Is Dad drunk?! *shocked* He would NEVER do THAT! 
Pidge: Dude, we gotta do something!
Lance: No no, wait, you guys. Let’s see what happens first. *amused* I’ve never seen Daddy Keith drunk—ever.
Girl: *smirks at Keith* Hey, pretty boy.
Keith: *scrunches his nose* Pretty boy. You’re not Shiro. *frowns* He calls me pretty boy when we snuggle at night. *cries* *hugs the girl* I miss him so much. I want to see him. *turns to another person* Do you know where Shiro is? He’s the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. Have you seen him?
Pidge: Wow. He got drunk because of Daddy Shiro.
Keith: *gets up from his seat* *wobbles as he walks towards the dance floor*
Hunk: Uh, guys, should we do something now?
Keith: *walks randomly to every guy and cups their face to look at them* *shakes head* Nope. Not Shiro. Not you. Too short. Too tall. Too lanky. Not my type. Leave. 
Lance: Are you guys seeing this? *laughs* This is GOLD. 
Hunk: No. This is horrifying! Daddy Keith’s so broken.
Some other random dude: *walks up to Keith dancing* Hey, sexy.
Keith: *glares at him* What are you doing?
Some other random dude: *chuckles* Thought we could have some fun tonight. *touches Keith’s arm*
Keith: *grips the guy’s hand* Don’t. You. Dare. Touch. Me. Only one man can touch me.
Some other random dude: *grins* Shit, that’s hot. I could be that—
Pidge: Dad! *shouts and approaches Keith*
Keith: *turns head* *smiles* Oh, baby girl. I came looking for you and *sees Lance and Hunk* your brothers.
Some other random dude: *looks at the three teens* Hey, I saw him first.
Keith: No, you didn’t. *glares* Shiro saw me first.  
Some other random dude: Who the heck is Shiro? 
Hunk, Lance and Pidge: Our Dad.
Keith: My husband.
Some other random dude: What the shit, dude? You’re married?!
Keith: I am. *teary eyed* And I miss him. I miss my husband. *sobs as he wipes his tears* I… *walks wobbling*
Hunk: I got you, Dad. *catches Keith and embraces him*
Keith: *sobs* I miss Takashi Shirogane. Bring me Takashi Shirogane. I love Takashi Shirogane. *clings to Hunk*

Hunk drove them all back home and they put Keith to bed. The following morning, Pidge handed him the phone. Shiro was on Skype.

Shiro: Hey, sweetheart. Good morning.
Keith: Shiro. *whispers*
Shiro: I heard what happened last night. *frowns*
Keith: Oh my god. *groans* 
Shiro: *chuckles* Hey, I think it’s nice to know you rejected everyone’s advances because they weren’t me.
Keith: *whispers not looking at Shiro* I only want you.
Shiro: *flushes* Keith, you’re not playing fair.
Keith: It’s true though.
Shiro: Why don’t we go out tonight on a date?
Keith: *shocked* *looks up* Tonight?
Shiro: *smiles* Yeah, I’m coming home, pretty boy.


Aww.. Baek looks so happy to be on stage with Yesungie :)

Most dedicated ELF; Park Chanyeol.

RyeoSoo :)

Awww.. Kris and Suho look so happy


Xiumin and Sungmin XD Too cute!!

Sehun being adored by Donghae

Suho living every ELFs DREAM

The two cuties again

Chen, I want to be in your position,or Kyu, I wouldn’t mind either XD

Tao dancing with Heenim, they are both too fab!

Baek doesn’t seem to mind xD

Suho, Kyu-biased

Kris, finding excuses to be near his bias

Tao got a bit emotional when SJ won xD

Kris went to a SJ concert xD

Baek happily being dragged away by Hae

Every ELFS wish is to get a selca with a member

And to not have to share that selca with any one elsexD

Then Tao wanted his chance (Poor Sungmin)

What a bonus, they even got Donghae in it!

Donghae Stan

Whispers “I like you more than Tao does” LOL XD

Can i just squeal for a moment <3

Lay is a Donghae biased too xD

I have loved looking over these again, EXO really love Super Junior and that is why I love both of the groups. TBH, groups that love Super Junior are always groups I start to love because if they love Super Junior then they must be really awesome!! xD


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1.i’m 60% lefty and 40% righty!

2.i’m also a big fan of p!atd, bring me the horizon,melanie martinez, FOB, edm and shawn mendes( you probably know i like TOP the most!)

3. i just dye my hair half red (the bottom)

4. i like to hangout with my best friend but mostly, i just wanna stay away from people and draw…

5. my fave colours are any shade of blue,violet and any pastel colour tbh

6. i’m asian… yeh…

7.i’m the weird one who are not extrovert with people but only with their friends.

8. i try to be funny :’)

9.i hate people who are fake/ fake friend

10.i think i have bipolar? or i’m just really emotional…

11.i’m not a big fan of myself. i don’t hate myself, but just never think that i am good enough.

that got depressing real fast! XD but here r the peeps imma tag!

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I’ve owed dealanexmachina this comic for like, ever. 

“My future self must have— along with his good looks— traded all his brains for immortality” The would-be dark lord muttered dryly. The other just raised his eyebrows. “Oh? How so?”
“He must have been extraordinarily stupid not to have realized that a part of his own soul was staring him right in the face!”
Harry had to fight hard to keep the growing smirk off his face. Voldemort insulting Voldemort was definitely one thing he’d never thought he’d hear. Then again, talking to Tom Riddle again after his second year wasn’t exactly what he’d expected to happen ever again, either.
“Well, chances are high that he was just in denial.”
“Denial my ass. Stupidity! A piece of his… OUR own soul right under his NOSE and… Merlin… I knew immortality had its price but this is just ridiculous”
Right. Harry had yet to tell him about his nose…

-Tomarry [Aesthetic + text]

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i am a fan of the "chocobros rescuing s/o" scenario and lots of angst. ;) could you please write short scenarios for the bros saving their severely injured gf during a battle and maybe the aftercare they'd give? thank you!

Hello Anon! Thank you for sending such an angsty request! This was originally supposed to be posted last night (according to Aussie Eastern Standard time) and it is now Saturday night xD I got a little carried away with the angst part! I didn’t quite go too much into detail in regards to aftercare, but I tried to add in fluff and cuddles so that ya’ll don’t hurt too badly! I think Ignis’ is the only one that explicitly mentions aftercare LOL! Hope I did your request justice though, lovely!

**NOTE: Can you tell? Ignis is my fave… LOL- I feel slightly guilty about how long his scenario turned out, but I also don’t want to cut anything out xD**

Noctis: It’s strange how life works. One minute, you’re implicated in a routine battle with a nest of hundlegs, and then the next your whole world turns is knocked off kilter. A heavy weight is pressed up against your back and a low growl hits the ear that’s not currently pressed into the long, green grass beneath your pinned body. You try to squirm away from the creature- you’re pretty sure it’s a full-grown coeurl- but your upper back is burning where the coeurl’s claws have punctured long, deep gashes into your skin.

You let out a weak cry for help, and try to reach out towards Noctis- but he’s too far away and too focused on warp-striking the creepy crawlies around him. He has no idea you’re in trouble. You begin to lose focus as the heavy weight on your back, and your quick blood loss, render it hard for you to breathe. The last thing you remember hearing before your whole world turned blank was Prompto’s panicked scream, followed by the tell-tale blue light that usually followed Noct’s warp-strikes.

When you come to, you find that your right hand is encased in a strong, sweaty grip. Whoever was holding your hand, they’d been holding on for quite some time. You try to flex your fingers in the person’s grasp, and whoever had been holding your hand immediately lets go. You slowly open your eyes and turn your head to your right, your tired eyes meeting with your boyfriend’s midnight blue orbs. The skin around his eyes are tinged pink, like he’d been rubbing tears from his eyes continuously.

You attempt to sit up, only to let out a pained cry when the movement stretches the wounds on your back. Noctis’ face falls and you swear you hear him whimper. His shoulders are hunched and his eyes are now averted from your pained stare. You frown at his behaviour.

“Hey, don’t be like that. I was careless…” you begin, only to have Noctis shake his head almost violently. You stop speaking and regard him, a concerned expression fixed onto your face. After a few moments of stillness, Noctis turns his face back to you and stares deeply into your eyes- resolve evident on his handsome, yet youthful features.

“I promised I would take care of you, and you almost bled to death. If Prompto hadn’t noticed, you could have died… I failed.”

You shake your head. “No, Noct…”

“Don’t try to make it better- I screwed up.” Noctis states firmly before hesitantly leaning forward and planting a soft peck on your cheek. Bewildered, you keep your eyes wide open and watch Noctis’ movements carefully. He reaches for your hand again and squeezes it firmly in his grasp. His palms are still sweaty- he must have been really shaken by your attack and resultant injuries. “I’ll do better… so that there won’t be a next time.”

All you can do is nod, because you don’t know what to say to make it better. You know it’s not his fault- that it’s not his responsibility to look after you. As a matter of fact, you were part of his Crownsguard- his tactical intelligence advisor. You were supposed to be protecting and guiding him…

It was your turn to look away, as the consequences of your incompetence in battle- and your rather unsavoury relationship with your prince- hit you hard. It was you who failed today- not Noctis.

Prompto: You’re not sure what’s going on. There’s a flurry of movement above you, next to you… all around you! You’re getting dizzy and you feel some wet stuff pouring out of your shoulder from what you think is a small bullet hole. You try your best to keep your eyes open, but you’re losing blood quick and no one can hear your small voice calling out for help. A few minutes later, after fighting the urge to shut your eyes for what seemed like the longest time, you succumbed to the heavy downward tugs of your eyelids.

The next time you pry your eyes open, you’re surprised you’re actually alive. You had lost a LOT of blood and everyone was too confused to have come to your aid on time. Your eyes shoot straight to your injured shoulder, and you can’t help but roll your eyes at the thick gauze dressing surrounding the bullet wound. Disbelief slowly turned into annoyance, and then annoyance very quickly turned into red hot anger. Your boyfriend, Prompto Argentum, sharpshooter extraordinaire… had shot you. He freaking shot you! You almost died! You swing your legs over the side of your cot, fighting the dizzy spell that tried to pull you back down onto your sick bed, only to be met with the concerned face of your boyfriend.

“No, y/n, you need to lie down.” Prompto’s voice sounded kind of strange- like he’d been screaming or crying for a prolonged period of time. His voice was raspy and pitchy, and nothing like the cheery tone you were used to. You tried to cross your arms in front of you, but the position pulled at your wound uncomfortably, so you settled for placing your uninjured hand on Prompto’s chest to shove him out of the way. You were still mad that he’d shot you.

“Where was that concern when you pierced a bullet through my shoulder?” You grit out, your notoriously fiery temper showing itself. Prompto’s bottom lip immediately trembled as he shook his head, denying your words.

“That’s not how it happened. I didn’t mean to… I’m sorry- I know I messed up. I almost killed you… I don’t even know what… I can’t even…” Prompto hiccupped between words, each of his heaving breaths causing your heart to clamp painfully in your chest. You did this. You hurt your sunshine.  

“It was an accident and I’m sorry for getting mad at you for something that wasn’t even your fault. I’m such an ass hole- look at you taking such good care of me, my baby chocobo,” you cooed, fighting hard against your own guilty tears as you leaned against the warm body of your boyfriend.

Without letting go of the supplies he brought for you, he brought his warm and gentle arms around you, sobbing his guilt out quietly onto your shoulder. You rubbed the nape of Prompto’s neck and pressed a kiss to his shoulder in turn.

“I’m so glad you’re here. I’m so glad I can call you mine. I’m so sorry. It’s not your fault, I promise.” Despite your desperate words of reassurance, Prompto’s sobs hadn’t subsided for another few minutes. You shut your eyes tight and tried to control your own breathing- you could be terribly cruel at the worst of times…

Gladiolus: You’re fighting side-by-side with Gladio, stabbing at the Ronin whenever you found an opening with your lance. Gladio’s hacking and slashing at the tall daemon, a satisfied smirk on his face as he notices that the daemon doesn’t have too much life left in it. Noctis, Prompto and Ignis are all pre-occupied with a Lich that has just joined the fray in an ambush. They’re a good ways away from you and Gladio, so you focus all your attention on the Ronin’s seemingly sluggish movements, and your boyfriends beautiful yet rough battle form.

Suddenly, while you’re checking to see if Gladio needs a potion or remedy, you feel an unbearable burning sensation rip right through your abdomen. You gasp in immense pain as you’re lifted off your feet, impaled by the Ronin’s long katana. Just before it is able to throw you off its blade in a cruel display of battle prowess, Gladio slices clean through the daemon’s middle with an enraged roar.

You feel the blade inside you dissipate, and a chill races up your spine at the unnaturally cool sensation that emanates from the stab site. You hardly feel yourself fall with a thud onto the cold dirt below. You barely register your boyfriend’s shaky voice speaking in low, gravelly tones right into your ear. You don’t know what he’s saying- all you know is pain.

You shut your eyes, and the pain takes over completely.

When you awake, you’re wrapped up comfortably in blankets. You don’t dare try to sit up, because you remember what happened with the Ronin and you can feel the sharp throbs of pain shooting fire throughout your body from where you’d been stabbed.

“Babe?” Gladio’s voice suddenly calls out from beside you. You turn your head, finally noticing his presence, and you can’t help but break into an amused smile at the look of sheer relief on his rugged face.

“You look like you’ve been to hell and back, sweetie…”

Gladio runs a hand through his hair and nods in agreement. “It sure felt that way. I almost lost you back there.” Gladio’s usually strong voice grows shaky with every word he utters. Your heart breaks a little at the sight and sounds of his apparent worry for you. “Iggy was almost sure you’d be dead before we got to civilisation.” Your eyes widen at Gladio’s words and he barks out a weak laugh. “Yeah, you were THAT bad, babe.”

You’re both silent for a few moments before you register Gladio’s uneven breathing. You place your hand on his knee, and look up at his face, only to see silent tears streaming down his scarred cheeks.

“Gladdy… I’m still here. You saved me, I’m safe now.” You say, trying to calm your boyfriend down. Your heart is breaking, and the pain you experience from seeing your boyfriend in such a state dampens the physical pain that had been plaguing you since you woke.

Gladio suddenly leans in and nuzzles his face into the crook of your neck, his hand barely resting atop your bandaged abdomen as he silently cries out of relief, shock, pain and guilt. You let a few of your own tears slip from your watery eyes- you’ve never seen Gladio cry, and you are touched by how much he actually cherishes you.

“And I’ll make sure you’re always safe. This will never happen again.”

You press a soft kiss to Gladio’s temple and sigh, reaching up to bury your fingers into his hair.

“Thank you, my hero.”

Ignis: You’re an academic- not a fighter. Ignis knows this very well, and continuously insists that you stay back at camp while he and the rest of the chocobros take down a nearby hunt. But you won’t have any of it, and forcibly come along- armed only with a notebook, a pen and a magic flask containing a simple healcast spell. Noctis had handed it to you quietly, a small apologetic smile on his face, after Ignis had thrown his hands up in the air in clear frustration and walked away to get ready to take down the bounty.

You and Ignis don’t usually argue, but this situation is slightly different. Your life is potentially on the line, and Ignis absolutely loathes not being in control of any given situation that he may have the power to control. Daemons are unpredictable, and while he didn’t have to worry about his other travel companions not being able to hold their own in the midst of a raging battle, you are inexperienced and quite quick to lose your cool. You are his exact opposite in most aspects, and he fell in love with all your quirks. But your stubbornness… that is always a challenge.

When you and the boys finally arrive at the hunt site, Noctis warps straight into battle, followed by Prompto’s quick volley of bullets at long-range. Gladio leaps into the fray with a loud war cry and quite literally smashes one of the baby garulas out with a single swipe of his blade. Your eyes land on Ignis and his previous frustration at you is obviously being channelled into his powerful jump-strikes- his lance stabbing viciously into the screaming Garulessa he is targeting. You observe the battle, the magic flask tight in your grasp, with awe. The boys fought with artistic precision, twisting and turning amongst each other and working collaboratively to take the pack of Garulas and Garulessas down.

You’re so enthralled with the beauty of the fight, you don’t notice the enraged Garulessa charging at you from your left. By the time you realise you’re about to be trampled to death, your body freezes and then… excruciating pain fills your senses. You feel your ribs crack under the immense weight of the Garulessa’s hefty hoof as it runs over you and towards the boys in a rage. You’re on the ground, unable to even breathe without your agonistic pain increasing two-fold. You crush the flask in your grasp, desperate for relief. Electricity surrounds the atmosphere around you and you slowly find that it’s a little easier to breathe.

“Y/n! Shit- Iggy! She’s down!” You hear Gladio’s voice cry out in a panic. You loll you head to the side, still on the ground, and you notice Prompto, Gladio and Noctis fighting their hardest against the last Garulessa in the fray- the one that had trampled you over. You shut your eyes, just as the familiar accented lilt of your boyfriend’s voice enters your ears.

“No… this is not happening. This is not what is happening right now…” This is the last thing you hear Ignis say as he gathers your head into his lap. The slight jostling shoots pain into every region of your body and you succumb to the darkness.

You don’t know it, but Ignis has not left your side since you fell unconscious. He does not let anyone near you after the doctor has dressed and bandaged the most severe of the injuries you sustained. Due to the shock and trauma your body experiences from the Garulessa ambush, you do not awaken for three days.

When you do eventually open your eyes up, Ignis is by your side, glasses off and looking strangely unkempt. He heaves a sigh of relief when you slowly turn your face towards him, and leans forward to brush his lips across your brow. He leans back, and his moss green eyes are filled with affection.

“There you are- I’ve been worried. You caused quite the stir, young lady.” You groan weakly and shut your eyes momentarily before re-opening them. Your mind is filled with flashbacks from the argument you and Ignis had before the whole ‘trampling’ incident. Your eyes fill up with tears, and Ignis immediately knows what’s on your mind.

He presses a long finger to your lips and shakes his head, his brows furrowed in compassion as he carefully gathers you into his arms. He rocks you gently as you sob, the entirety of the situation crashing down on you.

“Hush, sweetheart. We all make mistakes- I’m just glad you’re okay. I don’t know what I would do if I’d lost you.”

“I’m sorry Iggy,” you whisper through your sobs. The small movements hurt your ribs, and Ignis notices you tense. As if by magic, he brings out a Hi-Elixir and holds the medicine to your lips with a small, sad smile.

“I forgive you. Here, drink.” You smile back, and let Ignis take care of you.


“Then what do I do about my feelings for you?!”

Seven’s route is hard.  (ಥ﹏ಥ)

I made two versions of this, one with dialogue (and spoilers for 707′s route, obviously) and this one with no dialogue, which you can still tell when in the game this takes place if you’ve played it before, but doesn’t give it away for those who haven’t yet.

This was SUPPOSED to be just a short doodle comic, buuuut of course I got carried away, as usual.  XD  Here’s the (SPOILERY) version, put together into a video.  HUGE thanks to @fluttershadowed for her wonderful cover!!!

I also decided to include the name I used in-game for the main character during Seven’s route, Faith, instead of calling her “MC” like I’ve seen in a few other comics.  I felt like it made this particular comic feel more emotional and personalized.

Comments about this comic (and obviously some spoilers) under the cut:

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anonymous asked:

Why is nobody talking about the fact that Sakura saved Obito from the sea of acid in chapter 685, after pushing him out of the way with her own body, which resulted in her being the one to get injured instead of him? She was initially staying behind him, but she put herself in front of him when they arrived at the sea of acid dimension to protect him.

Oh oh!!!

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

I talked about it!

Allow me to quote myself from a previous post of mine in which I talked about that very scene:

Well yeah she did shield him. As you can see, when the portal to the dimension opened, Obito was directly in front of the acid that was pouring out, while Sakura was behind him:

Sakura noticed the danger, and got Obito out of the way whilst getting burned herself. You can see it here in the 4th panel:

But it’s most clearly seen here. The dash mark from the portal to the top of the hill shows how Sakura got them both away from their prior position that was in immediate danger, and she then notices how she didn’t get away unscathed:

So yeah, Sakura took one for the team there :)

See Anon, Maddy talked about it! And that post was from over a year ago! XD

RFA (+V and Saeran) reacting to MC who has a bodypillow of her favourite Anime/Manga character


° finds out after he visits your room for the first time

° totally suprised at first

° “MC why didnt´t you tell me you have one?”

° got one too but with a LOLOL character

° you were too embarassed to tell him  。(*^▽^*)ゞ

° not mad at you because, duh, you can have what you want

° I mean it´s not like his is more lewd

° nevertheless is jealous

° can´t accept that you cuddle with someonething other than him

° would throw his away if you do likewise xD

° but you won´t

° eventually  makes you sleep at his place VERY often

° not that he would want to Keep you away from your precious husbando

° ( cute cinnamon roll is jealous o(≧∇≦o))

° will sleep with his when you´re around to make YOU jealous

° doesn´t work that well for him

° you just bring your own next time

° after enyojing his suffer you promise to leave it at home (in your wardrobe)

° “MC you´d do that for me ??” (YES, FEEL THE LOVE)

° has to lock his away too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

° Pillow-Party!!!! in the closet


° confused when you tell her you´ll bring your waifu over

° “MC are you cheating?”

° poor BBY

° Freaks out untill you explain

° not the biggest fan of your pillow…

° wants you to put it away (no hot waifu in her house)

° “But WHYYYYYY!!!!11″

° “Because it´s stupid!”

° MC leaves, crying

° Well done Jaehee…

° only takes 0.45 seconds to run after you

° “MC wait for me!” , “No!”

° eventually catches up to you

° “Please come back I didn´t mean it like that “ ( ˃̣̣̥ω˂̣̣̥ )

° great MC now she´s crying !

° you end up going back to her´s and dicuss the matter

° is actually just JEALOUS?!

 ° you two agree to leave it at your house

° MC is wondering why Jaehee invites her over more often after that 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

° cute, naive MC


° he freaks out !

° “How can you sleep with another man??”

° his ego is slowly dying XD

° “Zen chill he is no match for you”


° wants to burn it………….. immediately

° says nonstop how much hotter he is

° gets on your nerves to put it back in a closet…..or in the trash

° one time he hides it in the freaking garment sleeve for his tux

° he was the only ont to find it funny though

° as a revenge you slept wth the Pillow only for two whole weeks щ(゜ロ゜щ)

°MC how could you??!

° as a result he is unconcentrated to the Point where his Manager phones you and asks you what´s wrong with him

° so you end the torture (unfortunately)

° he still feels stared at whenever he waks by the pillow

° paranoid????? he????? Nooooo!!!!!!!

° begs you to at least Change the cover to a White one

° “Zen you have to learn to live with it. I have to live with your fans too!”

° “That´s not he same!”       ZEN!!!

° in the end he tolerates it only outside the bedroom of course

° to your suprise he gives you a pillowcover with him o(〃^▽^〃)o

° Things you do for your ego love


° also kinda jealous but mostly chill with it

° gets you more covers because he can

° secretly hopes you´ll get sick of it when you have so much

° sees it more as a Substitute for him when he´s on a buisness trip

° soon you have like 10 different pillows and 20 covers ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ

° you´ll soon have your owm husbando/ waifu room !!

° Jumin, y u so generous??

° he hopes you won´t be so lonly when he´s not there for you

° feels guilty because of that

° but at one Point he sees you sleep with your arms and legs around the pillow

° wake up MC Daddy Jumin is here to punish you

° no more pillow for MC ( ≧Д≦)

° almost throws everything related to that Thing away

° lucky enough you can convince him otherwise by Stripping infront of him

° in the end they´re not banned from the Penthouse but from the bedroom

°to make him happy you make a pillowcase with Elisabeth and yourself for him

° when he sees it……

° let´s say you didn´t thought a man could die from nosebleed

° takes it with him whenever he´s on a trip where you can´t come along

°gives you one in return

° on one side he´s wearing a super sexy tuxedo and on the other one…….

° let´s just say it´s definetly R-rated (♥ω♥*)

° needless to say it´s the only pillow you´ll be using from now on


° so you have a Body pillow……. how cute

° he has f*cking 20!!!

° so he´s super chill with it

° YOU are jealous of HIS Collection

° one day you two buildthe great korean pillow wall XD

° keeps ordering matching cases for the both of you

° in Exchange you have to Change covers


° they work as a Substitute whenever he´s to busy to cuddle with you

° he says he´s fine with it but gets annoyed by it at one point

° “MC why have you replaced me?”

° “Just let me sleep Saeyoung!”

° the next morning all of the pillows have misteriously disappeared

° the only one left is a life size pillow with seven on it?

° “WTF happend ??!”

° then Seven appears and he´s wearing a freaking pillow cosplay ∑(O_O;)

° just why Seven ??

° “If you love them more than me then I have to become a pillow!!”

° you have some serious Problems dude

° but you can´t resist and hug him almost to death

° you both decide to lock the pillows (he eventually brings all of them back) away and/ or give them to Saeran

° exept for the Seven-pillow, you can Keep that ;) you know for…… science and stuff


° he´s blind so……. yeah not really Aware of it ?

° wonders why you always insist of sleeping with this huge pillow

° knows nothing about what it Looks like until Jumin tells him one day

° thank you very much trust-found kid

° is super jealous and doesn´t like it

° but accepts it for your sake

° but one night, when he had too much wine, he asks you to remove it

° Little V´s pride is hurt

° of Course you agree

° I mean, who wants to make this cutie upset ?

° But you secretly put the cover back on when you two have a fight

° sneaky, sneaky MC (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)


° already knows those Things from his stupid Brother

° teases him for having so many

° when he finds out you have one too he bullies you A LOT about it

° but in reality he´s scared you´d replace him and thinks you´re tired of him

° my poor bby don´t you dare thinking that

° actually makes poor MC really sad .( ˃﹏˂̵ )

° so she gives her pillow to Seven and hopes Saeran is happy

° he is

° but when he sees her crying in her slee because she misses her pillow…..

° “There´s no way to avoid it, if you want that Thing so bad I´ll be your pillow”

° he´s totally NOT blushing while saying that HE IS

° realizes that this was the best decision of his life ೕ(・ㅂ・ )

° you´re happy. he´s happy. Problem solved!


I hope you liked it. It´s my second headcanon so I know I still have a Long way to go ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

but nevertheless please send your requests (if you have some)

leave a like or comment if you enjoyed it (ノ^∇^)


“And I think you already do!” 

Just take this cheesey reveal from me now.

It was inspired by this post: 
I know it was supposed to be a joke, but it got me wondering about what would happen if Adrien ran away just to be Chat Noir… 

I try to make the serious scribbles look cleaner than the funny ones, hahaha. XD