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Smile for the Camera - Chapter 37

Yes hello here is the next chapter of the thing. Enjoy, my little nerdlings. As always, special thanks to marblenerdette for working her editing magic. :D (AO3)

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“Oh my God…” he breathes. “Jessica–”

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Maxicest Prompt! Wanda getting hit on at a bar, Pietro taking care of it.

Warnings: Self-edited (that really deserves a warning), plus a jerk with stupid pick-up lines.

Notes: Okay, wrote this one shockingly fast it’s a miracle. Also thanks to this site for the pick-up lines (who knew they would come in so handy?) 

“Hey I’m looking for treasure, can I look around your chest?”  

Wanda isn’t sure how many horrible pick-up lines the man beside her has spouted, and she really didn’t want to count. But whether it be one or five, it didn’t matter—he is getting on her nerves.  

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funky-vertigo asked:

If pearlnet were to become canon, what kind of scenario do you imagine would take place?

you know I thought about this way too many times to count but the scenario I always thought of for some reason is when they finally fuse with one another.

I believe that gems can share feelings, emotions and personal things with each other if they decide to open up to one another or keep them suppressed from each other in a fusion.

I feel that Pearl may get to the point where she’s tired of keeping her supposed crush on Garnet a secret and may resort to using a situation where their fusion is needed to show Garnet how she feels rather then saying it face to face.
I know Pearl thinks highly of Garnet but I think Pearl will never be able to bring herself to say it to her face. She’d just get super anxious, crumble and try to make something up to cover it up.

It’d be funny if Garnet knew all this time and chose not to say anything because she didn’t want to push Pearl until she was ready to bring it up.

another scenario is of Pearl being insubordinate similar to how Amethyst tends to act up. As far as I can recall we’ve never seen Pearl get out of line, argue with or disobey Garnet (unless you count Pearl taking the bubble from Garnet’s room). I dunno, it could make for an interesting confession.

also Pearl has a tendency to accidentally blurt things out so yeah.  

I also believe that Pearl is actively trying to move on from Rose.

These are just headcanons after all and I don’t believe pearlnet is canon…yet lol. It would be nice if it were. I need an explanation for Pearl’s cute nerdy behavior towards Garnet.

Winchester brothers- Self esteem

Title: Self esteem

Pairings: Winchester brothers x sister reader, Cas x reader

Word count:1156

Request:Hiya :D May you please create a one shot where the boys sister is just really doubtful of herself like bad self esteem issues and she always thinks ‘Oh somebody can do better than me’ but they don’t find out sooner because she’s quiet and her main buddy is Cas so she tells him instead and the brothers overhear and it’s love n stuff sorry if I described it too much lol XD

Request:Can i have an imagine (for Sister Sunday) where the reader is in love with Cas and Dean gets all protective over her? Thanks! :D

Request:Is there any way could you do a request where Dean and Sams little sister has a eating disorder? I’m going through a hard time atm and would love to read one please xx

‘’Actually…. I’m not hungry’’You mumbled, hand pushing away your plate. Your brothers frowned at you, you hadn’t been eating s much as you used to. It was always a different excuse everyday but luckily they never caught on. 

‘’I already ate’’

‘’I feel sick’’

‘’I’m just tired’’

However, there was one person catching on to everything. Castiel. As oblivious as the angel might seem, he was very observing and not to mention that huge crush (love) he harboured for you. 

He watched your every move, he knew when you were upset and when you were happy. Lately you had been upset a lot. He watched you throw away your meals whenever your brothers weren’t looking and he watched your cringe at yourself whenever you looked in the mirror. 

Even though he saw all this he didn’t know why you were doing all of this. He didn’t understand why humans would stop eating or why they would hurt themselves. 

Walking past your room he stopped when he heard the soft cries that belonged to you. Pushing the door open, you didn’t notice thee angel walk in a see you in just your underwear as you stared at yourself in the mirror, cheek stained with tears.

Cas noticed you were giving your self that look you gave to the things you hunted. That look that he hoped he never got. Hatred. Why would you hate yourself? All this confused the angel but he did know that you wouldn’t be so happy to find out he was spying on you, especially if you were in your underwear. 

Moving away he decided to talk to your brothers about it. 

‘’I think we need to talk’’Cas stated as he coughed awkwardly. Dean looked up from the bacon and egg sandwich he was eating and flashed his younger brother a amused look.

‘’You’re not breaking up with us are you Cas?’’Dean smirked as Sam laughed from over his laptop screen. Both stopped laughing when they noticed Cas had his narrowed eyes and jaw locked, which meant it was his serious face. 

‘’What’s up Cas?’’Sam asked as he shut down the lid of his laptop screen to give his full attention on the angel. 

‘’It’s about your sister (y/n)’’Cas explained. Both brothers looked at each other with the same look they always shared as they shuffled closer to Cas with a worried expression. 

‘’Well is she okay?’’Dean asked nervously. 

‘’I do not know’’Cas added. They frowned, brows drawing in as they one again glanced at each other. 

‘’Well… spit it out’’Dean snapped. 

‘’Spit what out?’’Cas frowned in confusion. Sam face palmed as he closed hsi eyes with a sign. 

‘’Never mind Cas, just tell us what’s wrong with (y/n)’’Sam said, bring his focus back on the original question. 

‘’It appears she has not been eating’’Cas said as he folded his hands together. ‘’I don’t know why but she had been throwing away her food whenever you are not looking and it seems she is always coming up with diversions to why she cannot eat’’.

Both brothers mouths fell open as guilt and shock mixed into one. Why hadn’t they noticed? Why hadn’t you told them? They couldn’t believe that they hadn’t spotted it and Cas had. They were your brother and they didn’t even know their sister hadn’t been eating. 

‘’That is not all’’Cas added. 

‘’There’s more?!!’’Sam yelped in fear. Cas nodded as he continued to tell them about how he saw you looking at yourself in the mirror and crying, about how you stared at yourself with hatred.

All three men sat in silence, trying to absorb in all they heard. 

‘’I can’t believe she didn’t tell us’’Sam whispered sadly. 

After deciding that they would talk to you about it tonight they all sat down, all silent and awkward when you walked in flashing them a fake smile. 

‘’Hey, I’m popping out to get some food, you want any?’’Dean asked as he grabbed his jacket. He looked at you with sad eyes, eyes that were pleading for you to say yes so he could prove Cas wrong. So he wouldn’t have to admit he had been a terrible brother who was oblivious to his sisters suffering. 

‘’No, I’m not hungry’’You said as you flashed him a smile. Sam and Dean both looked at each other before getting up and popping out. 

‘’I see we found another hunt’’Cas spoke up as he waited for your brothers to get back so they could talk to you. 

‘’Yeah’’You laughed softly at the angel. 

‘’You should be careful. I also heard that you are playing bait’’Cas said with narrowed eyes that showed he didn’t approve of the decision. You nodded, laughing as you shook your head. 

‘’Don’t worry, I’m not pretty enough for the vamp to actually fall for it’’You laughed but was really speaking the truth. Cas frowned as he got up, you watched his movements with confusion, cheeks flushing when he stepped only inches away from you, nose barely touching yours. 

‘’You’re the most beautiful, breath taking creature I have ever come across. Everything you do is flawless and even your flaws are perfect. I do not like when you criticise yourself’’He pointed out. 

Your mouth fell open and shut, lost for words. ‘’Y-you noticed’’You whispered, eyes tearing up in embarrassment that the man you love noticed all the horrible things you did to yourself. 

‘’Yes. I noticed you are restricting yourself of your need for food’’Cas added. You hands shot up to your face as you turned your back.

‘’Oh my god! I can’t believe you noticed!’’You whispered with a red face. Cas shuffled, hands prying your own away from your face as he used the rough pad of his thumb to wipe away the tears that fled down your cheeks. 

‘’Do not be embarrassed, (y/n). I do not know why you would think such horrible things about yourself but I will help you’’He nodded, proving his word. 

‘’Why?’’You whispered, tears falling freely as you stared at the blue eyed angel. ‘’Why would you help me?’’You repeated in pain. 

‘’Because I… I am in love with you’’He said. ‘’As the humans say’’He added. 

‘’Y-you are?’’You whispered shocked. He nodded before frowning. 

‘’I thought humans are supposed to return their love…’’He trailed off. You laughed, rolling your eyes. 

‘’I love you to Cas’’You laughed as you wrapped your arms around his neck. You leaned in, about to kiss him before the door flew open and a angry Dean marched in. 

‘’I don’t think so!’’he yelled. ‘’Cas! I’ll give you five seconds to get off my sister!’’Dean screamed. 

‘’1…5!’’Dean yelled, leaving out the rest as he stormed towards the angel. Cas’s eyes widened, hands dropping from around you waist as he nervously stepped back.   

‘’I shall see you after, if I survive your brother’’Cas yelped before fluttering away. 


Drunk in Love

Author: puellaigmotum

Original imagines: Imagine Kol constantly teasing you about the obvious crush you have on him & Imagine Rebekah telling Kol that you like him & Imagine Kol deciding to stay the night when you are drunk so he can look after you and you wake up in his arms

Reader gender: female

Warnings: language

Word count: 3538

‘How is it that I always end up being roped into one of your sadistic plans of killing someone?’ I asked with a fake smile on my lips as I stood to the side, watching the foyer fill with glamorous women and handsome men. ‘Because you can’t refuse my looks?’ he whispered into my ear. I rolled my eyes. 'You know, I’ve never understood why people always say that you have a big ego,’ I said, smiling at a girl from my class as she stumbled past us before turning my head to face my company. 'If anything, you’re the most modest man I’ve ever met.’ Damon glared at me as he returned my fake smile. He leant down slightly so that he didn’t have to raise his voice as he spoke. 'Are you a little testy because the original dick doesn’t fancy you? Because, I’ve heard things-’ 'What?’ I hissed, my mouth and eyes widening as the Salvatore stood up, smirking to himself. 'Come on, did you really think that Caroline could keep a secret like that?’ he asked before taking a sip from his champagne glass. 'And here I thought you had everyone figured out. I mean, you’ve certainly got me and I bet you have lover boy already-’ 'Shut up,’ I said through gritted teeth, suddenly very aware that half of the company at the Mikaelson’s ball were vampires. 'Bet you’re thinking twice about refusing to help us now, aren’t you?’ Damon took another sip from his glass before he turned back to face me; a look of pure enjoyment on his face. 'Does the Mikaelson know how you feel about him?’ 'Damon…’ I said with a warning tone. 'Do you think he feels the same way?’ he asked, scanning the crowd, probably for the Mikaelson. 'Damon,’ I repeated, though this time with a harsher tone. 'I wonder if telling him would-’ 'If I agree to help you, will you keep your mouth shut?’ I sighed angrily. Damon’s eyes turned back to me with a successful gleam. 'I’ll keep sealed as tight as the vampires’ tomb.’ I bit my tongue as I looked around the room, noticing how the guests were slowly making their way to the staircase where the Mikaelson family were gathering together. 'You have to shake on it or there’s no deal,’ Damon sang as he bent his head to my ear. I turned my body completely around, causing Damon to stand upright with a smug grin on his face. He slowly extended his hand which I grabbed harshly, pumping it once before pulling my hand back, though failing to do so as Damon held it in a grip like a vice. 'Pleasure doing business with you,’ he said as he leant down so that his face was a few inches from mine. I recoiled in disgust, yanking back my hand harshly so that he had to let go. 'I’ll come find you later to fill you in with the plan.’ 'Hang on, you don’t even know what you’re doing?’ I asked incredulously. 'Please,’ Damon said as he took another glass of champagne as a waiter passed. 'I’m making this up as I go along.’ He winked at me before wondering off through the crowd, no doubt in search of Elena. I stood at the edge of the room, staring after the vampire with red in my eyes. I hadn’t even been living that long in Mystic Falls yet, the second I find out about the supernatural beings that lived alongside the humans, unfortunately through my own stupidity of walking the streets at night, I get pulled into the supernatural world of politics, doppelgangers and the Salvatore brothers. Not something I would willingly get myself involved in. Despite knowing about vampires and werewolves and witches galore, I knew very little about the Mikaelson family. There were five children and a mother who had recently returned from her coffin. Finn was the eldest, though Klaus and Elijah liked to think that they were, Kol was the youngest brother and Rebekah was the youngest of them all. Rebekah and I had met, or rather bumped into each other, in a shop. Not my usual place for enjoyment but I blame Caroline and her desire to buy a good prom dress. Rebekah had taken pity on me being dragged into their world of death and destruction so offered to buy me a drink and have a chat. I think she just wanted someone to talk to and saw someone who wasn’t completely repulsed or afraid of her family and took the opportunity. I was glad she did, though. Having someone who wasn’t in league with Damon Salvatore was refreshing for both of us. That was when I had met Kol. He had come into the Mystic Grill to complain about there not being enough things to do in Mystic Falls so came to his sister for advice. Of course, my track record with guys was practically blank hence why, when the Mikaelson boy had turned his attention to me, I couldn’t help but blush and fall silent. After he had left, Rebekah decided to make a plan for me to get with her brother. That and make a lot of jokes. Which still continued two months later. 'Stop looking for him,’ said Rebekah from my side. I turned to her, watching her drink as she examined the crowd. 'You’ll make it too obvious if he catches you and you’ll turn red. As usual.’ She took another sip of her drink before turning to face me with that Mikaelson smirk. 'I wasn’t looking for him…’ I said as I grabbed a glass of alcohol from a passing waiter, drinking it like it was water. 'Of course you weren’t. You were just stalking the crowd like a hungry vampire for nothing.’ I glared at Rebekah who simply smiled as she continued to look at the passers by. 'On the subject of my brother, have you spoken to him?’ 'About what?’ I asked as I finished the champagne. Rebekah rolled her eyes as she spoke, 'about your crush.’ 'I don’t have a crush on Kol!’ Rebekah turned to me with a raised brow. I gave her an awkward smile as I returned my gaze to the crowd, only stopping when my eyes landed on the devil himself. He was chatting to a tall, blonde girl in a red dress; a smug smile on his lips as he brushed his hand over her bare shoulder. 'Try not to get too jealous,’ Rebekah said as she leaned towards me. 'He’s only trying to get that reaction out of you.’ 'I’m not jealous…’ I muttered, both of us knowing that I clearly was. 'This wouldn’t have happened if you just told him how you felt.’ 'Yeah, sure, because that always works out for the best,’ I said, giving her a glare before taking her drink from her hand and downing it. 'Well if you won’t, then I will.’ I had barely registered Rebekah’s words as Kol looked over the girls shoulder at me; his smirk growing causing my heart to jump. Quickly, I looked away, hoping that he hadn’t seen me stare at him this whole time. 'Go ahead, I dare you,’ I said with a smug smile. Rebekah smiled deviously before walking off, reaching her brother just as Elijah called them to the stairs. I couldn’t help but feel a little relieved. Though I was starting to feel the effects of the alcohol, I knew that it would be a bad idea for Kol to know how I felt. He would never let it go, for starters and would definitely try to use it against me in every way possible. It was only when I started to think of the Mikaelson boy that I had found myself looking at him on the stairs. Not only was that ten tonnes of embarrassment pushing on my cheeks making me blush, but his stare seemed to have the same effect. Have you ever had that feeling when you’re staring at someone and they’re staring at you and you can’t move? That was what I was going through. He wasn’t even anywhere near me yet he made me feel as though we were the only people in the room, as clichéd as that was, and that he was standing right in front of me, looking into my mind, feeling my emotions. He raised his empty glass to me making my eyes widen even more. His smirk grew and for a heart stopping second, I thought that he had heard everything that Damon and Rebekah had said. In a fleeting moment of fear, worry and complete embarrassment, I ran through the crowd of moving people who were on their way to dance, towards the opposite staircase to the one the Mikaelson’s stood on, carefully trying to run up it in a graceful yet quick manner so as not to attract attention as I sought after a bathroom which strangely enough wasn’t hard to find. Just down one corridor and first door on the right.  After slamming the door shut, I let my head fall against the wood as I tried to catch my breath. I wanted to run my hands through my hair in frustration at my gawking but, as Elena had been the one to pull and tug my hair into some sort of messy yet elegant bun, I couldn’t touch it. Instead, I walked over to the sink, turned the tap on full blast, and sprayed my face with cold water. Breathing quickly, I gripped the sides of the sink tightly as I watched the water twist and turn before plummeting down the drain. A soft knock on the door made me whip my head up harshly. 'It’s taken,’ I said loudly; my voice trying to compete with the orchestral music from the ballroom downstairs. The person outside clearly hadn’t heard me for they knocked again. I sighed as I tried to muster up enough energy to speak even louder without shouting. 'Sorry, you’re going to have to find another one.’ I waited, listening for a third knock which, thankfully, never came. I sighed in relief at the solitude before turning back to face the sink and my reflection in the mirror before me. 'Oh, how I hate you, Damon Salvatore,’ I muttered to myself, regretting ever making a deal with that devil as I let my gaze drop to my knuckles which were turning pale from my hard grip. 'You and me both, love.’ My head shot up to the mirror to see Kol Mikaelson leaning against the closed door of the bathroom with a smirk on his lips; his eyes drawing me in. I swallowed loudly, making Kol’s smirk grow, as all the colour drained from my face. 'Hope you don’t mind,’ he said, removing his hands from his pockets as he pointed back to the door. 'I didn’t realise anyone was in here. That and the door wasn’t locked.’

Sure because you don’t have vampire hearing,

I thought asI felt myself frown as I looked down at the sink, feeling incredibly embarrassed at myself and the situation. There had been a few moments where it was just myself and Kol in a room. Though I never said much. It was mainly him trying to see how much he could push me. 'It’s come to my attention that we need to have a little chat,’ he said as he slowly walked over to me. I turned round so that my back was against the sink. 'What do you mean?’ I asked in a small voice. 'Oh, I think you know,’ he said with a smirk as he took another step towards me. 'Sh-Shouldn’t you be with your family downstairs?’ I asked; my voice shaky as Kol stopped a few metres away. 'Now, why would I want to do that when the most stunning lady of the ball is up here?’ As he spoke, he gently brushed his hand across my cheek. I pulled away slightly making him frown, only briefly, before his smirk returned. 'I thought you wanted me, love?’ He took another step towards me, leaning his head so that his lips were a breath away from my neck. 'I’ve seen all your little looks at me, thinking that I wouldn’t notice.’ He pressed his lips against my skin before he spoke again. 'How you heart jumped when I caught you looking…’ I wanted to give in but his teasing somehow made my blood boil. I pulled away, trying not to look into his eyes before walking towards the door, pulling it open harshly before storming towards the stairs. I was only a few feet away when Kol appeared right in front of me. 'What do you want, Kol?’ I asked, glad to have finally found my confidence and lost my embarrassment. I didn’t want to think back to how many glasses of champagne I had actually had for fear of over thinking what I was capable of. That was something that I did have a track record for. But it certainly wasn’t a good one. Kol tilted his head to the side as he smirked. 'Do you think so bad of me?’ 'Well, you wouldn’t be paying attention to me if you didn’t want something,’ I said, crossing my arms over my chest. Kol laughed as he lightly pulled at the strands of hair hanging by my face. 'Perhaps I just want a bit of fun with an exquisite charm?’ I rolled my eyes as I swatted his hand away, only making his smirk grow. 'Come on, darling. You look absolutely stunning and we both know you’re practically in love with me,’ he said before taking a step towards me so that his face was inches from mine. 'So what’s holding you back?’ he breathed as he leant into kiss me but I pulled away. 'Do you think that this is some sort of game?’ I asked. Just as Kol was about to speak, I continued. 'You flirt with every girl you see, charming them and sleeping with them so why the hell would I love you? You’re a sadistic creep.’ I pushed past the vampire and walked down the stairs, immediately grabbing the railing for fear of falling down them, knowing that my condition was hardly sober. I could feel the tears pooling in my eyes. I hadn’t meant any of what I said. Maybe subconsciously I did but I was just hurt. Kol always charmed women into sleeping with him and always got what he wanted. He had probably thought that I just thought he was attractive. I don’t think he actually realised how I felt about him. He was wrong, I didn’t love him, but I certainly didn’t hate him. Before I knew it, cold hands were gripping my upper arms, spinning me around to face them. 'You look like you’ve just been shot in the chest,’ said Rebekah as she examined me. 'No bite marks or love bites. Not that I can see, at least, so nothing bad has happened.’ 'Unless you count Kol kissing my neck in the bathroom as bad…’ I muttered. Rebekah smiled. 'You little minx. I was wondering where you and my brother were during the dance.’ She folded her arms across her chest as she looked me up and down with a smile. 'I’m now almost disappointed that I can’t see any love bites.’ 'Whatever,’ I slurred. 'I’m just glad you didn’t tell him I liked him.’ Rebekah simply smiled at me, letting it all sink in. I felt my eyes widen as I looked at her in shock, hoping that she was going to agree yet, it never came. 'You told him?!’ 'Of course I did. You weren’t getting anywhere with your 'stolen glances’ and that shy attitude you have. So, I took matters into my own hands. And would you look at that?’ she said as she looked over my shoulder. 'Guess who’s coming over?’ she asked with a smug smile. 'I’m going to kill you.’ Rebekah just smiled as she walked away; her position soon taken by Kol. His face looked sad, hurt almost but his tone of voice gave another impression. 'Would you care to explain to me why you walked off?’ 'Why do you care?’ I asked, knowing that my voice was rising. 'You’ve got what you wanted so why even bother trying to make it worse?’ 'I don’t understand,’ he said, frowning. 'Well, of course you don’t! You’re Kol Mikaelson!’ I said, feeling the effects of the champagne taking over. Normally, I would have stopped myself, but I just didn’t want to. 'The second you hear that another girl has fallen for you, you’re done! That’s it for you! You don’t care anymore because you’ve got what you wanted. I’m just another girl on the list for you. You know, at first I was annoyed that Rebekah told you I liked you but now-’ 'Rebekah hasn’t told me anything,’ said Kol calmly. 'I-wait what?’ I asked; the colour draining from my face. 'She told me to come and speak to you. That’s why I went upstairs. But seeing the way you looked, I couldn’t help myself…’ I frowned as I looked at him, realising what Rebekah had done. 'Well…that’s not at all embarrassi- 'You like me?’ 'Urmm…’ I looked at Kol, or at least, one of the Kol’s. I tried to come up with the quickest, most believable lie possible but just ended up falling forward to the floor. * The first time I woke up that night, I was being held tight against someone’s chest. It felt funny as they were talking to someone, maybe in a car? But I seemed to be more focused on the fact that their fingers were stroking my hair whilst their other hand rested warmly against my arm, drawing circles on the skin. The second time I woke up, I heard my uncles voice, agreeing to someone coming in before saying that he was going to a bar. The third was when I felt lips against my neck. An arm wrapped loosely yet protectively around my waist. Another hand stroking my hair. A voice mumbling sweet words against my skin. A chest warming my back. Confessions of love and adoration echoing through the room. 'I’m definitely dreaming, right?’ I muttered as I turned over so that my face was in their chest. The man chuckled before placing his hand back around my waist, pulling me against his body. 'Just hung-over.’ 'Oh,’ I sighed as I brought my hands up to grip the mans shirt. He placed a kiss on my forehead as I nuzzled my head further into his chest. 'Can we stay like this forever?’ He laughed. 'I think you might be drunk instead.’ 'Please?’ I whispered, ignoring his words. 'As you wish, darling,’ he breathed. The final time I woke up, I thought I was dying. My head felt like it was being banged against a stone wall, my mouth was more dry than a desert. I moaned as I reached for a glass of water on my bedside table, downing its contents before noticing two tablets beside it. I slowly sat up, frowning as I picked up the little note under the glass; the front with my name on it in calligraphic writing. I slowly opened it, smiling at the note inside; the words

eat me


drink me

with arrows pointing to either side, obviously pointing to the other glass water and pills. Quickly swallowing them, I looked at the clock in front of me to see that it was midday. Moaning as I pulled myself from bed, I walked to the door to wrap my dressing gown round me, only stopping for a moment to see that I was no longer in my ball gown but in a small nightdress. I looked round the room with a frown, my eyes stopping briefly on a dinner jacket draped over my dressing table chair. Slowly, I walked down the stairs, looking to see if there were any other indications to what happened the previous night. Just as I had reached the bottom of the stairs, a loud knock echoed through the house. Wincing at the sound, I walked over and cautiously opened the door to the bright sky to see Damon staring down at me. 'Rough night?’ 'Shut up,’ I said as I opened the door wide to let him in. 'Where’s Uncle Dan?’ he asked. 'I have no idea…’ I said as I slowly shut the door. Damon laughed. 'Not been up long then?’ 'Please tell me you have a reason for being here,’ I said as I sighed, pulling the dressing gown closer to my body. 'Well, I just came to see how you were since you left the ball pretty early last night.’ 'What happened?’ Damon frowned at me before smiling. 'You mean, you don’t remember?’ 'I remember wanting to stab you,’ I said with a deadpanned voice. Damon raised his arms in surrender. 'Okay, ghost face.’ 'I’m not in the mood to play games so just tell me.’ 'We managed to do what we needed to do without any issues. I slept with Rebekah and Elena’s pissed at me. That’s about it.’ 'You slept with Rebekah?!’ 'Details. Anyway, she told me to come and check on you as she had to go back home and sort some stuff out. So, that’s my job done. Bye,’ said Damon as he walked round me to the door. 'Hey, you never came and found me,’ I said, making him stop just before opening the door. 'For what?’ 'For the plan?’ Damon laughed. 'I didn’t need to. You had already done it.’ I looked at him, confused. Damon simply laughed before cupping my face in his hands. 'The plan was to get Kol distracted so that we could look round the place. You distracted him so well that you even got him out of the house. What was the point in telling you the plan when you had already accomplished it?’ I looked at the vampire in shock as he lightly tapped my cheeks before walking away. 'You did good, kid,’ he said as he walked towards the front door of my house. 'Almost too good, apparently.’ I frowned as I turned to find Damon staring at me with a smirk. 'Look at who decided to drop by!’ Standing in the doorway was a smirking Kol holding two foam cups and a paper bag. Damon turned to give me a questioning look as I wrapped my arms around my middle, trying to fight the blush that was forming. 'Still wearing your outfit from last night?’ asked Damon as he inspected the original. Kol didn’t batter an eyelid as he looked at me. 'Haven’t been home yet.’ 'You seem to be missing something though.’ 'Ah, my fault entirely,’ said Kol as he crossed the threshold, making Damon’s brows rise even more so than before. I mentally slapped myself as that would have to be another thing I had to explain to Damon and the others at a later date. 'I must have left my coat upstairs when I took it off last night,’ Kol finished as he walked over to me, placing a kiss on my cheek before walking past me to the kitchen. Damon’s mouth dropped open slightly as he took everything in. I bit my lip as I smiled awkwardly, knowing that in less than an hour, everyone in Mystic Falls would know everything.

Operation Mongoose

Sneak Peeks - Just in case you need the links here they are for all three. 

1 2 3 

So we did get some of the rules - 

1. You can’t bring back the dead. There will be no re-emergence of Baelfire. He just asked that he lived in a world where Bae would be proud of him and think of him as a hero until he died. 

(the picture below was from last year on one of the sites counting out the fallen characters)

2. The author can only write the story forward, he can’t mess with the past. Snow’s true love being James confuses me because Charming was always her true love but I suppose going forward she can think that? Memories altered - not actual history.

Family: “Growth”

4/12 to Family aka The One with Domestic Hollstein
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Hollstein
Word Count: 2775

You can track the tag Carmilla FMIS for updates about the series.

Your first week home with Jamie is a blur of breastfeeding and dirty diapers. Carmilla really likes to play with them. It’s really cute watching her coo at them and tease them with toys until a giggle spills from their lips. But at the sign of messy diapers she always suddenly disappears. You don’t necessarily blame her (She’s never really cleaned anything to begin with), but you do resent the fact that she refuses to help you change Jamie’s diapers most of the time.

But she did give you a break at night. For the moment, you’ve both decided to keep Jamie’s crib in your room so you wouldn’t have to run back and forth whenever they needed something. When Jamie wails in the middle of the night, Carmilla gets up without a word and lifts Jamie into her arms. Every now and then you can’t fall back asleep, so you watch her pat Jamie’s back and feed them with the milk collected from your breast pump until they drift back to sleep.

It has been somewhat surprising watching how easily Carmilla has embraced motherhood. She handles Jamie gently and patiently, even during those few times they screamed no matter what she did. In those moments, Carmilla just shushes them as gently as she can and presses soft kisses to their head as she leaves the room to allow you to get some sleep.

But most of the time Carmilla would scoop Jamie into her arms and Jamie would coo at her in delight. She’d twirl slowly around with them until they fell back asleep and she’d lay them back down in their crib. Then she’d crawl back into bed next to you and press her face into your shoulder.

If you were still awake at that point, you’d tangle your fingers in her hair and hold her against you. And you’d relish in the soft sound of her drifting back to sleep and the gentle breathing of your baby in the crib a couple feet from your bed.

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I’m on a roll today with my drawing 😍👏🏻👏🏻 sorry not sorry #teamviolet she reminds me that when I feel like I have no one, I can always count on me and the only person I have to please is myself 💕💋 @violetchachki

I’ve had this idea in my head for ages, Monster High pets as Animal Crossing? Huh-huh? I want to draw the characters separately with more detail later on. Here are some basic facts i’ve made:

- Count Fab is seen as the perfect know it all for fashion, style, and food

-Hissette even without arms or legs is very capable of doing tasks. Her jewelry are her clothes. 

-Crescent is the sassiest and up to date with fashion. Never one to miss out on something.

-Watzit is the lovable friendly guy who is always there, he falls apart a lot with excitement

- Neptune can walk on ground with her water bubble, though she lives in the sea mainly and you can visit her

- Cushion and Crescent share a house (I see these guys houses like the human houses with lots of rooms) Cushion ruins Crescent’s clothes a lot.

- Sir Hoots-a-Lot communicates with hoots but everyone can understand him, he is super smart and a nerd on comics and wildlife.

I think i might have Rockseena (Clawds Gargoyle Bulldog) share the same house as Crescent and Cushion, not sure. Ideas? 

Okay so I’m gonna subscribe to the ‘soul stone’ theory, a stone that can trap peoples souls in another dimension. So she’s just trapped right now.

I always said to my friends that if FitzSimmons ever became canon I would buy food so that they could all share in my joy. BUT not if something bad happened like one of them dying.

So I am hit with a dilemma. Does that count? Yes, I have decided. I will buy two things of food for the two scenes we got.

She’s going to be fine. Fitz won’t stop until she is and I’d trust that boy with my life.

anonymous asked:

Is there anyone you trust without question?

My friend Joan has always been pretty trustworthy, even if she doesn’t believe me about the magic thing. Estela and Harper, definitely because dude, they’re so cool and amazing and whatever the problem is I know I can count on them. Real life heroes, right there! Clive and Kloe, too! I mean, you kinda can’t do the sort of ritual we did and not trust your partners, right? It’s a powerful, kinda intimate connection. Also Whitney because she knows me since I was a little kid and she’s always been wicked nice to me and she’s got an amazing sister. Wait, this is like exposing them all. And kinda rude toward those I don’t trust without question.

Krypto. Definitely number one on that list. Sorry I doubted you, buddy. A few others, I guess, but you just can’t compete with the bond between a warlock and his famil a kid and his dog. Some people get wicked close, though.


[mum and the fandom - Owari no Seraph E06, pt2]

The true struggle is not about the monsters that humans fight, but the monsters that human turn each other into. Or something profound like that. I don’t know.

The only Asura that mum knows is the one from Soul Eater. She also complained like “why do main characters always have swords” and proceeded to mention Elemental Gelade and Guilty Crown. Then I’m like well Soul Eater and Pandora Hearts didn’t have main swords. She agreed and then she’s like “Wait a minute, but they both had scythes. So if it’s not a sword, it’s a scythe. STILL DOESN’T COUNT” can’t please her

And now she won’t stop saying “shut up, give up, gimme” omg.

tbh Kennedy turned out the lip sync I’ll give you guys that. Its unfortunate that Katya really got into it towards the end of the lipsync because I thought Katya was going to win! Like I live for Pearl and Violet but Katya was like the ultimate queen for me. I thought she was going to win the whole thing.

The only thing keeping Kennedy there is her ability to lip sync. Shes so rude to the younger queens for no reason. I’m tired of hearing her go “Girl no one wants to see that and girl blah blah blah”. Its like every time a younger queen in feeling themselves I can always count on Kennedy to say something negative. Also her looks are boring….

sorry bout it


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just wanted to take a moment to wish my mom a happy mother’s day!! she’s truly the kindest, most caring woman in the world. she may only have 3 kids by blood but she treats every single person like they’re a part of her family & i’m so proud to be able to call her my mom. she has been nothing but supportive & loving since day one & has helped more people around the world than i can even count. whether it’s helping someone rebuild after a tragedy or just reading to underprivileged kids, she’s always there with a helping hand. she’s a true inspiration & my hero. i love you, mom <3

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I have a tiny group of friends that are mostly online because I am so introverted and asocial that I prefer not interacting with physical people more often than not. My one IRL female friend is AMAZING though. Shopping takes about ten time longer, but it’s always ten times more entertaining with her, and we discuss everything from personal problems to fictional stories (we’re both writers. It can be HILARIOUS), and she is a WONDERFUL well of encouragement.

My online friends are amazing as well. Just some of the best listeners who are thoughtful and laugh with me when I insist on putting too much logic into my cartoons (because I DO THIS!). Encouraging and understanding and FUN.

Ladies are awesome friends. They really are <3


♛ — The statement that escaped the male’s pink lips was no surprise to Sooyoung. He always had thoughts that threw her off guard that she had grown accustomed to his random outbursts. So when Sooyoung stared into solemn eyes that seem to hold the world’s knowledge in them, she couldn’t help but keep staring. She never liked looking too long into his eyes, afraid that he would unfold every secret she held close to her heart, but at that moment, she found no reason to turn away.

“One thing you can always count on is that hearts change…” She repeated his words verbatim as if trying to figure out whether or not he meant to tell her more than just the simple meaning they held. She bit her bottom lip as her thumbs unconsciously danced with one another in circular motions. He kept his gaze on her, never looking away as she thought over the statement. The only other indication of him even waiting for her to answer was the close proximity between the two. Their knees almost touched, but it never bothered her whenever he was near. It was almost comforting. Maybe it was the fact that he was someone of respect. That was probably it.

“I suppose you would know most about hearts, seeing as though your profession pretains to it.” She smiled, knowing that it was probably not the response he was looking for. Then again, she never seemed to give him the responses he wanted to hear. Her smile morphed into a thin line as she let out a nervous laugh. The brightness that twinkled in her eyes simmered down and was replace with a rare seriousness behind them. “Why are you saying this now? Did something happen?”  

Sooyoung’s eyes were begging for him to continue. Twenty minutes have passed and yet he’s still uncertain if their first meeting would be their last. But then again, what are twenty minutes to him? When they’ve had a history that dates back four years before their lives went in shambles from its then placid state. Way back when she hasn’t chosen that path of being a trainee, he was happy with her. And so was she, when they’d go to Baskin Robbins and try out each flavor– Tiramisu to Strawberry Cheesecake, World Class Chocolate, Winter White Chocolate and of course, Love Potion #31, he’s brought her to 31 dates in total, finishing up every single one just as he promised her. 

“Mhm, I-” He stutters, unclasping the hands he unconsciously held fiddling behind his back. It was hard to think of the best introduction when she hardly forgets his comical hi’s and hello’s to grab her attention. Or perhaps she’s forgotten them? The glamorous life as an idol may have proven to be an automatic brainwash to his.. friend. He could’ve said ex-girlfriend out loud in his thoughts, but feared even Dispatch or Sports Seoul would be able to catch on to his thoughts and form up a scandal from it. And that was the last he wanted for her, especially after the years she endured as a trainee. It was the root of all their arguments then and he broke it off after knowing she’s been casted in the audition. 

Now that he’s older, the years spent in solitude definitely gave him some space to think. Reflections garnered a way for him to realize his mistake then- She offered a way to communicate but he was persistent in cutting off everything, which he greatly regretted. Only now was he presented an opportunity to patch up things, and yet her hesitance in his presence hindered him from laying out his outdated apology. Her mention of his profession made it very clear that she was still distant, yet more so hurt. “I saw you onstage a few weeks ago when I had to visit a friend in your building. I wanted to say hi, but you were obviously too busy,” he says as a pathetic excuse to avoid the discussion he initiated. Way to go, Kyungsoo.