the one on the right kms


“do you still hate me? my brother got all of our parents’ attention and love…

he was superior! but god’s fair. and you couldn’t inherit that from him because… he was being punished for his sins… you’re the product of that. serves them right.

yeah… serves them right…”  

5. Favourite weapon?                 

19th West European century cavalry sabres in general, I really can’t pick just one

20. Who, if anyone, is your historical crush?                 

I wouldn’t say crush but I really like Tzar Simeon I of Bulgaria.

22. [random historical fact about the place you’re living in right now]                 

There was an idea during the communist regime to create in Sofia ( which is in the middle of the Balkans) a channel 17 km long and connect it to nearby rivers and have ships sailing across all the way to the Black sea. The idea was abondoned witht he construction of Kremikovtsi metallurgy factory and the growth of the city.

I honestly like how some people edited this ask meme to make it better. Usually you would be mad seeing how someone deliberately changed your writing but this time it is for the better. Don’t do it again :D

made another one of those palette challenge things, i wont be taking requests for it rn but feel free to reblog this and have ur followers challenge you

ya can repost it on other websites or w/e but for the love of god credit me, i even made it easy for u and slapped my url right on the top so u cant say u forgot who made it

tacity said: Even my poor eyesight can spot the hyungs (except Suga) acting all edgy whenever Kook/min are together. Even if KM are just standing, the hyungs’ cautiousness makes it appear like they’re about to make-out in public. Why are they (older members) making it so obvious that Kook/min are real? Once upon a time no one cared if JM gobbled up JK. Now they jump even if KM are simply standing side-by-side and smiling. Fishy. 🙄                                      

Anon: What do you think that members think about Ji/kook/what are their reactions? Namjoon is kinda always watching them,as if to make sure they don’t go too far and Hoseok in the last vlive looked at them then turned to memebers like “Do you see this?”     

intro-on-repeat said: I want to thank Hoseok for always “there” in every kook/min moment, for putting up with the tension between them, for loving both parties. I love our president. He knows what’s good.   

As strange as this may sound, I usually don’t put too much thought into the other member’s reactions. After all, they often joke and tease each other about the various bromances in the group. Or they briefly comment on the friendship between the members and then move on. But sometimes there are these moments when some of the members don’t necessarily say much, but act a little uncomfortable, or “edgy,” or just really peculiar around Kook/min. And yeah, it’s definitely different than how they reacted back in 2013-2014 when they used to just figuratively roll their eyes at Jimin’s antics and then move on.. 

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love yourself, cause nobody else is gonna do it for you


two steps forward and you’re at the start, who knew growing up would be this hard .. 🎶

Calm in The Storm - Yoongi (Suga) Fluff/Angst

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Request: Could you do a BTS Suga imagine where he’s really stressed about work and he starts snapping at everyone and the others called you to calm him down. Love your imagines 💕

Word Count: 2127

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Member/Group: Yoongi (Suga) of BTS

Summary: With a comeback coming soon, all the boys of BTS are more stressed than ever. Stress can bring anger with it, but there is always a way to get people to calm down.

A/N: Hi guys! I have a few drafts in the works, so multiple scenarios could possibly be posted this week. I am telling you guys, I may not post on Friday or Saturday because I have a few babysitting jobs lined up this weekend. (Oh the joy of being broke but too young to legally apply for a job in Texas… kms.)

 “Namjoon, what do you think about adding a piano section in right here?” Yoongi gestured to the bars displayed on the screen and pulled one side of his headphones off of his ears. Namjoon looked over the work that Yoongi had done and bopped his head as he tried to think of the lyrics that would be put over the beats and rhythms they were currently preparing. After a few seconds, Namjoon nodded and sent his sleepy eyed best friend a thumbs up.

 “I think it’ll work well with Jin’s solo vocals right here.” Namjoon walked back over to his spot at his desk and popped his earbuds back in as he continued to work.

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“Bring in the heat!“

(A/N): I am sorry in advance x

Words: 744

Warnings: fiery puns *wheezes*

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You‘ve always been the biggest fan of Twenty One Pilots, already ages before you started dating Josh. Thereupon, you two always fight over who‘s the bigger fan of his own band. Being the drummer‘s girlfriend and close friends with the rest of the crew, gives you the opportunity to be on set of the ‘Heavydirtysoul‘ music video. You‘ve been looking forward to it ever since the day they told you about the idea. But since you have a doctor‘s appointment today, you arrive at the location a little bit later than everyone else. Entering the outside area, you instantly spot Tyler and Josh in process of getting their masks on. They‘re standing with their backs towards you, so you slowly tiptoe behind the two and decide to give them a little scare.

“Hey guys!“ you shriek loudly, causing them to jump slightly and let out an unmanly scream. 

“Jesus Christ, (Y/N)!“ Tyler exclaims, turning around with one hand holding his heart. 

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May 17, 1917 - German Tank Trials in Mainz

Pictured - Panzeralarm!

As the Battle of Arras finally ended, the Germans began testing tanks at a design field in Mainz. The initial German reaction to enemy British tanks - and now the French had deployed them as well, during the Nivelle Offensive - had been shock, even sometimes terror. But the armored behemoths had hardly altered the course of the war. Most times they broke down, and the Germans found that artillery and even very heavy rifles could puncture their armor.

The German army never gave up its conservative focus on infantry, at least until the next war. Nevertheless, the Entente had a weapon that Germany needed too. At the Mainz trials, a study section of the German transport department, 7 Abteilung 7 Verkehrswesen, displayed their unimaginatively named A7V tank.

Designed by Joseph Vollmer, the A7V was built on top of an Austrian Holt tractor chassis, carrying 30 tons of 30mm armor, machine guns, and a rapid fire artillery piece at the front. The trial tank was unarmored but carried bags of sand to compensate. The beast chugged along at 12 km per hour, overcrowded with a 17-man crew, mechanics, drivers, and gunner, who hung about the compartmentalized interior, sucking in noxious fumes from the engine right at the center.

The German army ordered 100 into production, but only 20 ended up being built before the war ended. They served adequately during the German Spring Offensive of March 1918, but ended up more as a propaganda piece than a common part of military equipment.

Anon: What do you think about the last VLive and all the ji/kook moments??? 😍😍😍

Anon: omfgg jungkook does his tongue thing at 36:24 in the ynwa preview vlive when jimin is hanging off of taehyung im living       

There were so many cute little moments scattered across that vlive. But since I’m late (as always lol) and everybody else probably has already covered most of the more important things, I’ll just point out what stood out the most for me.

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Dear Cutter,

Come a little closer,
Come to me.
I am the only one,
That can set you free.

Your friends and family,
They don’t care.
So I’ll be your friend,
Since no ones there.

I can cure depression,
I can stop the tears.
I can take away the pain,
That you felt for years.

I’ll never break a promise,
I’ll never tell a lie.
I’ll never be the one,
That makes you wanna die.

I’ll be right there,
Until the end.
And I promise to be,
Your very best friend.

Your broken heart,
Will become a spade.
Now no more heart ache,
Love Sincerely, Razor Blade

P.S. I’ll try not to hurt you,
But there’s no guarantee.
You might even like,
The sharp side of me.

Imagine sharing bunks with Josh. Since he likes to cuddle, you’d always sleep with your bodies in a tangled knot. In the morning, he wouldn’t let you leave the bed, but instead holds you tight against his. At night you two would have endless deep conversations until one of you falls asleep. Imagine gazing stars from the see through wall of his tiny bunk. Most of the time you’d be pressed against the thin glass, cluelessly creating a small crack. As soon as you add more pressure against it, the crack tears open even wider to the point where your body just slips out of Josh’s grip and falls right out of the enormous gap, straight onto the busy highway. The man sitting behind the steeling wheel of the truck coming your way, didn’t see you and unintentionally drives his 80,000 pounds heavy vehicle over your body crushing every bone in a snap. There you lay, with blood spread around what’s left of your body. Parts that are missing, have possibly stuck to the wheels of the truck.

Guess who’s back at it again.


Some spectacular cloud and timelapse shots throughout the highest part of the Himalaya - the opening photo doesn’t do this one credit at all.

So we went on this trek to the Himalayas last year during the Monsoon. We trekked on an unmarked trail right next to the Greater Himalayas, the highest mountains on Earth.
The setting is ideal for Time lapsing. The magic that the clouds create during the rainy season in the Himalayas inspired this film. Most of the time we were at an altitude of between 3000 mts to 4500 mts. We walked for around 200 kms over 4 weeks. Original music composed by the brilliant duo of Baan and Bala, better known as Be square.

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If I see one more picture of a shipping between sans and papyrus,I'm gonna kms

Oh nooo! I won’t draw fontcest anymore! 😱
Such a pity that you haven’t possibility to block me or blacklist ‘fontcest’, right?

Maybe it’s because it’s 5:23 on my day off, but I want to talk to you all about being fat in Japan.

It’s gonna be a bit of a ramble.

So I see fat people on a daily basis in Fukushima City. I wondered, at first, if it was because I wasn’t in Tokyo, and therefore was removed from a standard of fashion and body look, but I realized that no, no matter where you go in Japan, there is an expectation about your body and relation to space, and that weight loss, body policing, size, and the like are national, not just a Tokyo thing. Still, I see a lot of big bodies, particularly big women: women who are Watanabe Naomi size, twice the size of what a Japanese woman is supposed to be based on a desired average of no more than 110 pounds. I’d dare say that like America, most women deviate from that on either side.

Certainly, they don’t escape the critical eye of body policing in Japanese culture: they’re constantly under the scope, are likely to receive horribly invasive comments from Doctors, and like me, struggle to find clothing that doesn’t have a hideous floral print to hide our wide stomachs, thighs, and backsides.

However, they exist and inspire me.

Big girls here are stylish: they wear ankle pants, skants -wide legged pants, essentially- wear vibrant prints, pair layers, wear long cardigans that don’t hit right at the hip, don’t hide their bellies, and do everything I was told not to do so much of my life. Like I said, they’re not mythical: bigger bodies in Japan are heavily policed, are made comical and a joke, and are still not a positive thing overall, though certainly, La Farfa and Nissen’s Smileland line are changing my life at the very least.

There’s something so powerful about seeing that: about seeing big women break rules. I can’t wait to break them myself, especially in my new ankle pants.

As I start to turn my future towards one with costumes again, I think about what I’m saying about bodies in Japan: that we have a right to the same look. the same aesthetic and style, as thin bodies, as average bodies: that we want to be proud of our form, work hard to be healthy, but still want to dress and enjoy the skin we’re in. 

In fact, I’ve never felt healthy than living here: certainly I’ve lost weight, but anyone would if they walk 1,5 km -,9 miles, so basically, a mile by the time I cross to the East Exit at the central station- at least three times a week and rode a bicycle -roundtrip- half a km each day too. I also eat a lot of cabbage and veggies now: more than I did during grad school where my only veggies were the french fries at Wendy’s half the time, and I was a lot more depressed.

Fact is, I’m still big though, but I honestly… like it.

I feel energetic and healthy and proudly plump, wear clothes that work for my body now instead of hiding beneath layers. When it’s hot, I wear shorts and short sleeves and ankle socks that I get from the 100en store: when it’s cold, asymmetrical jackets and skinny jeans with leggings beneath for warmth. Skirts and tights, leggings beneath cute dresses in Spring. Tennis shoes always because I’m a teacher. And now, ankle pants that show my wide thighs and strengthed, 4th floor climbing calves. Pants that would be a big no-bo as a big person because they’re a bit more fitted.

Pants that make me happy.

My body is really nice now, basically. It’s fat and brown, has stretch marks, but it’s healthy and plus-sized and carries me through my day. Certainly, the kids know I’m big, but if it matters, it hasn’t come up yet. If anything, they tell me I’m a cute teacher and listen more for help with language, not watch to see if my hips can’t fit.

Certainly, Japan is not a fantasy for the fat person, but you have a right here too. No one should be denied a right to be feelin’ themselves because of body policing and shame: I’m not going to let anyone bar me from being happy here.

tl;dr: I’m a fat black person in Japan, with a big belly, big thighs, and a big backside, and I’m very, very beautiful. Especially in those ankle pants!


This bullshit has been going on for too long.
It needs to stop, and now I’m stopping it. 



As a matter of fact, I don’t recall Maggie ever calling herself that.  
It’s not that because you Americans are convinced that the world outside of north and south America sorts of stops being relevant, then latinos are the only people that can be considered non-white. Get your heads out of your asses and realize that the world is full of non-white people outside of your continents. 

2) THE FACT THAT FLORIANA HAS ITALIAN (and not latino) ORIGINS SHOULD NOT DISCRIMINATE HER FOR PLAYING CERTAIN ROLES IF SHE IS FIT FOR THOSE ROLES. If you judge the actress by her origins… I’m sorry to tell you but YOU are the racist. 

Also, Maggie Sawyer is blonde and white in the comix, so it’s not like she HAD TO BE latina because the comic books said it. 

Seriously, let this Italian teach you something about how my country works. 
I live in a boot. A 1.185 km long-ass boot.
A long and thin strip of land that has been the center of attention for the great powers of Europe since 476 A.D.:
Germany, Spain, the Ottoman Empire, the Papal States, it has always been a divided country until 150 years ago… CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE HOW MANY RACES AND DIFFERENT PEOPLE THAT COME FROM DIFFERENT CULTURES AND WITH DIFFERENT RACIAL TRAITS ARE IN HERE!?

Right now even if my country is one, it can be divided into 3 categories:

  • Northern
  • Center (I live here THANK GOD)
  • Southern

Do you know the meaning of the word “terrone”?

Guess what, it’s a word that the northern people use DAILY to racially discriminate the southern people…
…it’s like calling someone a mudblood basically.

Southern people are the ones Floriana Lima’s origins are from.

Typically descendants from hispanic people but also with Arabic traits from the times southern Italy was under the Ottoman Empire. They are also the ones that during the first years of 20th century traveled to America looking for work and fortune because of how bad the situation was where they lived, and that’s probably the reason why Floriana was born in the US. 
Little edit for those who are missing the point here:


EVERYONE has a racial history and everyone has a right to be represented. 

Judging someone and spreading hate on them simply because their origins are not what you were expecting IS. RACISM. 

Now that someone has taken the time to educate you on matters that you talked about without knowing what you were actually talking about, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD stop bitching about it. 

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Homestuck Sizes and Distances

I was procrastinating today and I thought, hey! Why not see just how big the Homestuck Lands actually are? (I was VERY bored).

I started checking John’s house, and assuming his door frames are standard, 6’ 8" ((Or around 2 meters)), I calculated the width of his house at its thickest point. Then I compared it with LOWAS and voilá!

But then I remembered, LOWAS has rivers of tar and clouds! That measurement could have been more than it should. So I took John’s cleaned land from the latest updates and did it again. It was a noticeably much smaller measurement, so to round it a little, as it’s hard to tell sizes when your reference is a 2-7 pixel thick tower, I came up with this.

The Mass and Density of it were taken ASSUMING the Lands and Moons have the same gravity as Earth, because they don’t seem to have it any more easy jumping or anything. Which gives a… Rather small planet, but also I think relatively very heavy and dense?

It makes sense, though, after all the Lands are like Levels of a game. They have things to explore, quests, but they can’t be absolutely massive, and more when each of them is this size. For a single human to explore, and still, full of underground dungeons and with its own landscape? Still a handful! Then…

Skaia’s always seemed a bit bigger than the planets, and it’s quite obvious too since the Battlefield, of the same size as a Land, is inside of it. The measurement was taken from the Double Reacharound pic, assuming the circles that represent the troll planets and Skaia are to scale. Then, Prospit’s size has been calculated from the flash with Infinity Mechanism, the End of Act 6 Intermission 1.

Also, assuming the Gravity in the moons is also like the Earth, as Non-Dream selves have been shown to not float, and Carapacians walk like normal people, this makes the Moons, and the Moons’ Moons VERY heavy, much like the planets. I came out with…

Prospit: 4.193x10^15 kg mass, and 207963.106 g/cm3 density.

Prospit’s Moon: 1.677x10^14 kg mass, and 1039815.53 g/cm3 density.

Which means that nope, Prospit is not literally made out of Gold. Or that you can’t apply real physics to settings like Homestuck.

Once knowing the sizes of the planets, we have the Incipisphere itself. Taking the Double Reacharound picture and this as references, I calculated every planet is 9.7 km away from Skaia, placed at an equal distance from each other in a 57005.69m circumference around it.

Also if you trust that picture, apparently Derse is only 3 and a half km away from the nearest Planet if they are perfectly lined up.

Once I finished this I thought I’d just let it be but I thought- Wait, if I know the sizes and trust this so far, why not go a step further?

So I calculated just how hard the Planets clashed in Game Over.

Aranea spent 2.9 seconds throwing LOLAR towards LOFAF. That’s 1250.91 m/s. It makes me doubt about the Mass of the planets, however, because such an impact would have been EXTREMELY catastrophic. I mean, it was but, 10 thousand million (Or an american billion) times the strength of the most powerful Atomic Bomb ever detonated? That amount also represents the energy from the Sun that arrives to Earth in an entire year. So yeah. That’s a lot. Not sure if I believe that one.

This one’s even more catastrophic. Jane’s planet spent 8.7 seconds moving to LOFAF, and didn’t exactly reach, and Condy flung Dave’s planet, EVEN further away than LOCAH, in just 4.3 seconds. Which means Condy is still badass and much stronger than Aranea, but also, that Dave’s planet was going 4503 km/h towards Jane’s planet. No wonder a chunk came right off it! And that’s not taking into account how Jane’s planet’s speed affected the impact. I’m not too good with Maths, you might have noticed by this point.

I could have left it here but NOPE, since I was doing this I decided to see the strength of Prospit’s moon hitting the Battlefield in [S] Descend.

The result was… Inconclusive. I had two options, either Prospit sped up until it impacted, or it reached some terminal velocity, as it wasn’t being flung, but falling towards the Battlefield.

I checked the time it takes Prospit to hit the Battlefield in the flash, 32 seconds, and if it sped up constantly, it would reach the surface MUCH faster. It also gave the extreme energy released of 2000 Megatons, so I thought that, yeah, maybe a bit too strong.

Its maximum speed would have been around 17 m/s if it had to fall for 32 seconds, so taking that into account…

Yep, 5 Megatons sound like a more believable impact.

I also just noticed I could have calculated the true size of Prospit and Skaia taking how Prospit’s Moon fell right into the Battlefield as seen above. Seeing the size comparison I think either Skaia is bigger or the Lands are smaller… Or Prospite is bigger?

Yeah, I’ve been procrastinating to do this. Gods, what am I even doing.

anonymous asked:

Sajeon-nim, I wanted to ask you something that I've been wondering about since I saw your posts about Taehyung and Jungkook's dynamic in terms of banmal: is it okay for Jungkook to call Taehyung "Taetae"? Because I remember Jungkook called him that on the show (I don't remember what it's called but I think it aired late Feb 2017) where they were guessing who Jimin's contact number that started with "Tae" was

It depends on Tae. I’ve yet to see it go completely one way or the other with those two. The way JK speaks to Tae is generally on par with how he speaks to the rest of the group, if that makes it any easier for you to understand.

Also, your example is not exactly right because JK wasn’t calling Taehyung “Taetae,” he was trying to guess who and how Jimin saved Taehyung’s name on his phone (since that’s who JK guessed was the first one under ㅌ).

Anon: Hello, so I have a question. I know this is a kook/min blog, but you’ve said many times you also like V/min, so as I really like all of your thoughts on kook/min I was wondering what was your view on v/min’s dynamic.    

I’ve done some very brief write-ups for V/min here and here (but both also mention KM because come on, of course I would).