the one on the right guys

I hope she falls in love with who you really are, and not what you pretend to be. I hope you really see who she is inside rather than how her makeup makes her look. I hope you feel complete when you lay next to each other at nights. I hope she understands how long you had to wait before you found her. I hope you know you weren’t her love at first sight or her first kiss or her first dance. You had different path, she had another. Give her the space to understand you and love you for who you are, because she isn’t used to such good guys who promise her galaxies, she isn’t used to love so deep and pain so rare, she isn’t used to slow kisses and infinite care. She is different, she is afraid of you but she is holding it on. She sees something greater than you do, all you need to do is be there.
It isn’t about finding the right one, it is about holding on to the first person you think when you wake up, it is about the person you want to make coffee for, it is about the first person you want to cry your heart out too. Love is rare, but connections are strong. Build a connection, build a force. It takes time, she will take time, you will learn with time. She is beautiful and so will be your story.
so i’ve been wondering

a lot of people commented under my videos on youtube like that q&a and morning rant ones saying that they found those videos quite relaxing and calming - and it made me really happy? because i myself mostly watch youtube when i need a distraction from my own mind or from what’s going on in life and i watch vloggers or asmr artists for the same reasons.
which got me thinking - should i try doing in character asmr? like a muggle studies lesson with msp or getting ready for a slytherin party with theo or what’s in teddy’s bag? i don’t have the tech for it right now but i was wondering what you guys thought - yes, no, maybe, not really?

anonymous asked:

What do you want/expect (cause lets be real theres a huge difference) for s3?

What I want:
  • I want the dark skinned characters treated right
  • I want any situation involving race and lowkey parallels to issues dealing with race presented in a way that doesn’t make the oppressed painted as the bad guy
  • News on Kaltenecker (Need to know if my granddaughter is okay)
  • Shiro back one episode after s3
  • Need more Klance bonding moments
  • I want Lance and Allura’s current relationship scrapped for a more sibling one
  • My lesbian daughter kicking ass with her new girlfriend and gushing over robots to her
  • Hunk to be appreciated and not one joke made in regards
  • ka//ura to be found dead in miami
  • My dads brought back to life along with my lesbian daughter’s robot

What I expect:

  • Absolutely nothing lmao I learned my lesson s2

Months ago, I said I was going to close my blog because I had so many things to deal with, things related to college… I couldn’t focus on my exams, works and stuff. Right now, I’m almost done with my finals and then we have this break. I really needed time for myself, to fix my personal life and my college issues.
So… About ayoshidae, I honestly considered coming back many times but I knew it wasn’t the right time yet. I’ve missed it and I’ve missed my friends, I’ve missed interacting with people here, I’ve missed supporting my favorite groups and having fun with people here. Plus, snsd is about to celebrate their 10th anniversary and I couldn’t miss it.
Finally, I’m reopening my blog. Sometimes we just need a break yk… but I’m glad I’m back! Thank you for the ones who supported me when I closed it and for the ones who are supporting me right now.
Maybe I won’t be as actived as I was before but… who knows, I’m willing to try again! The most important thing is that right now I can manage my life with tumblr and I’m ready to be back and be happy with my friends I’ve met here!
And also, thank you for the ones who still followed me and for 3k followers! I’m tagging some of my friends and my previous and adorable mutuals so they can know I’m back!
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What if the guys were given a motive that they had to kill someone or else their S/O would be killed?

good old-fashioned angst, coming right up

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • He would do it.
  • He would kill someone if it meant saving you
  • His plan was pretty complicated actually, but he managed to pull it off without a hitch
  • Seeing his classmate’s dead body on the ground, he only felt… relief. Relief that you weren’t the dead one.
  • He acted calm about what he’d done, but on the inside he was also filled with regret that he surely wouldn’t come out of this alive. Although he had set up an elaborate murder, it wasn’t foolproof… and he was sure he would be found out.
  • But that was part of his plan, too. He hadn’t exactly given up on living, but if his death meant you stayed alive… Well, keeping you alive was why he had killed someone in the first place. 
  • And, just as he predicted, he was found out.
  • He could hardly stand to look at you for the rest of the trial, since you looked so horrified
  • And when his motive was revealed, he could hardly stand to look at anyone
  • Just before his execution, he finally looked at you, as if memorizing your face for the last time
  • Then, he told you that it was worth it, and was pulled back into the shadows…

Amami Rantarou

  • His mind was racing as soon as he heard the motive
  • Both options were unacceptable to him
  • But what could he do about it…?
  • After thinking about it for a while, he went to you and told you the truth about the motive, and about his plan so far
  • If he doesn’t do something, you’d be killed, and he couldn’t live with himself if he let that happened.
  • But, if he killed someone, not only would that be awful on its own, but if he succeeded in fooling everyone, you’d die anyway.
  • And if he failed, he’d die.
  • So, he thought, why not just run away?
  • Before, with all of your classmates, you hadn’t been able to beat that glorified death tunnel
  • But with both your lives on the line, and no other options…
  • Well, how about it? Will you run with him?
  • Of course, you agreed
  • Your survival was entirely up to the two of you now…
  • All you could do was hold his hand and sprint for the exit.

Kokichi Ouma

  • Well, he didn’t  like it, but he had a foolproof way to save you.
  • He took advantage of one of your other classmates
  • Since they had the same motive as he did, he knew they wanted to save the person they cared about
  • So he convinced them to kill someone.
  • More than that, he even told them how and who to do it to.
  • And then? Right after the crime had been committed?
  • He killed someone himself.
  • Because of the trial rules, the person who went down for the crime was the one he’d convinced to kill someone else.
  • It was a fantastic little loophole.
  • He managed to survive along with you!
  • It was a genius plan!
  • He didn’t regret a thing!
  • But from the way he was shaking, you could tell he was lying.

Shuuichi Saihara

  • Saihara was wracked with indecision
  • There was no way he could kill someone… there was just no way…
  • But when he thought about how you may die…
  • It felt like he couldn’t breathe.
  • He tried to bring the subject up with you, to try and come up with a plan, but you wouldn’t hear it.
  • You weren’t going to let the person you love become a murderer?
  • And honestly, although you were afraid to die, you weren’t sure you were any less afraid of living without him
  • The two of you couldn’t come up with any other option
  • When the time limit ran out, Saihara tried to run with you
  • Pulling you by the hand, the two of you sprinted through the school, desperately avoiding the obstacles set out before you
  • All the way to the fifth floor, where you were cornered next to a window
  • One of the Exisal leaped for the two of you, and…
  • You pushed Saihara out of the way at the last second.
  • He watched in horror as the exisal sent you crashing through the window and spiraling to the ground below.
  • Words could not describe the anguish he felt..
  • This was all his fault.

Kaito Momota

  • No way.
  • He couldn’t kill someone?? He couldn’t take the life of another human being, of one of his classmates, no less
  • That’s what he told himself
  • But deep down, he was frantically trying to come up with a way that you might survive this
  • Until someone approached him with a plan of their own.
  • They knew about the motive, and they knew that their S/O had received the same one.
  • To keep them from hurting someone else or sacrificing themselves, this person asked Momota to kill them. That way, both of the people they cared about would be saved.
  • Momota didn’t like it. He really didn’t like it, but…
  • He found himself going through with it, anyway
  • And of course, he was found out.
  • All he could do was tell you how sorry he was before his execution started.


  • His inside voice was warning himself that he couldn’t kill anyone
  • And he agreed with it
  • He really loved you, but killing someone else? It didn’t seem like an option
  • He was still unsure, though, and he was going through his options up until the last night before the deadline
  • And then it happened
  • Although he came out of his little tumble mostly unscathed, it seemed he couldn’t hear the voice inside his head anymore
  • And his own voice was telling him… to fight.
  • That was it!
  • He wasn’t bound by the rules of this killing game. He was his own person and he wasn’t going to consign himself to these limitations any longer!
  • And so, he set off to fight Monokuma and the Exisals
  • All for you.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Gonta couldn’t
  • Gonta couldn’t kill someone else…
  • But he was dead set on protecting you!
  • So he followed you everywhere.
  • You were always together, right up until the deadline was reached and the Exisal came for you
  • Gonta gave you a quick hug before telling you to run
  • You refused at first- how could you leave him at a time like this??
  • But he kissed your forehead, told you he loved you, and then had Tenko carry you out of there
  • He gave the fight everything he had, but unfortunately…
  • He didn’t survive.
  • You were inconsolable when you found out that he had essentially traded his life for yours, but your classmates eventually convinced you to keep moving forward…
  • It’s what he would’ve wanted.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • He immediately reassures you that things will be okay
  • You’ll be okay, but he won’t kill any of your classmates either
  • You pressed him to tell you how he could be so sure, but he wouldn’t say
  • And you didn’t realize what he was up to until it was too late
  • His body was found in the corner of the lab with an empty bottle in his pocket
  • There were no twists or turns in this trial. He had sacrificed himself for you, plain and simple.
  • And you hadn’t even gotten to say goodbye…

Rollerskate, by poorlilgayremus

Rating: Teen
Word Count: 27,838
Type: Non-magic!AU, Modern!AU

Summary: 'You’re a gold star fallen from its natural plane

‘Remus Lupin isn’t ready for university at all. As if leaving his old friends behind wasn’t enough, now he has to deal with lovesick teenagers, ridiculously overambitious pranks, University Challenge tryouts, and that one gorgeous boy who just won’t leave him alone…

Comments: So goddamn cute and funny. The nicknames, guys, the nicknames. Remus, my little fluff ball, absolutely embarrasses himself multiple times and has to deal with anxiety. Luckily he has Sirius and the rest of his new flatmates to help him and draw him out of his shell. I love the relationship development and the hilarious texts sent between the two. A+ university rom-com, and new favorite. <3

I know I joke about how “perfect” Riddler is and how he’s done nothing wrong but this guy right here

this superhero in training boy

is 100% pure

i don’t care if he kidnapped someone

i don’t care if he was arrested for breaking and entering

he couldn’t harm a fly and it was all for the name of love

In conclusion, I would walk through hell and back to ensure that this child is kept safe and happy.

God help me...


I’m pretty sure this is what an acid trip looks like. Needless to say, I am more baffled than usual…but let’s try to unpack it anyway, yeah?

Some thoughts/feelings/questions/theories about this episode:

The NIN song…about suicide right? What’s the significance? Perhaps regarding Becky? Or Laura?

The lumberjack-looking dudes over Evil!Cooper s body: same ones as walking around the gas station in the explosion scene? Nay or nay? What about the guy walking around the morgue? Is there a connection?

Last episode we saw Gordon sitting at his desk. Above him was a picture of an explosion.

The silo castle thing on the island…the Giant…looking straight at us, breaking the fourth wall…thoughts on this?

Laura in the glass ball?

We’ve heard multiple unusual sounds throughout the season. What do they mean?

What’s in the egg?

There’s a another coin motif. Any theories on this?

Let’s talk about the poem the guy says over the radio. Anyone have any thoughts on it?

Confession : Idk if I’m accepting the fact that I might be bisexual. I hated that fact that people would constantly tell me that me liking females was a phase. That me having long hair and dressing like a “girl” I couldn’t possibly like another girl. It fucking pissed me off . I grew a hate towards males because they would always tell me that “oh you just haven’t found the right guy” or “ you’re not gay you’re bisexual” or “it’s a phase” I couldn’t stand the thought of me liking a guy let alone be with a guy sexually. It made me angry everyday that the one person that tortured me all the time and made fun of me that I had to see and hear everyday might of been a little right. I moved to Colorado for the army and I found a guy but even before I found him I was messing around with a girl that liked me but I was hanging out more with this guy and I was mad at myself for awhile because I began to have strong feelings for him. I didn’t tell anyone I was with a guy because they might start to say “see you’re not gay it was a phase”. And let me tell you ITS NOT A PHASE. And maybe I need to start letting myself just love who ever I feel that towards guy or girl. It’s so hard when I fought so hard to tell everyone “I’m gay ” my mom even hated me fore awhile for it. And I eventually started telling people I was with the guy because it’s not okay to hide someone you love. It might sound stupid but I’m trying to accept myself for who I am. And I don’t want anyone thinking “oh she’s with a guy now she doesn’t like girls anymore” because I’ve worked so hard to accept myself for liking girls. I went through so much and cried everyday because I told myself to just like guys and I’m not doing that again. Idk if I even like labels at all honestly. But I just wanted to get that off my chest because I’m trying to have pride just like I did when I was dating a girl. All I know is that I’m so utterly in love with this boy that makes me feel so amazing.
Growing Love -1- Suga

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Growing Love - Suga - Requested by @mxrxxsxh 💜

Parts: Masterlist, One, 

Pairing: Suga x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Word count; 3.706

Synopsis: Marrying someone you didn’t know was something you never thought you’d do but as you didn’t want to defy your parents you decided to do it and when you met Min Yoongi you felt you made the right decision as you both agreed that love needed to grow.

“Mom, you can’t be serious right?”

“I’m dead serious, we have decided that you need to marry someone wealthy and he is at the top of that list.”

“But I don’t even know the guy, how can you expect me to marry him?”

“You know, your father and I didn’t know each other when we got married.”

“Wrong example mom, you don’t even live together.”

“But that doesn’t mean we don’t love each other.”

“I’m not doing this.”

“You don’t have a choice because we will be meeting them later on.”

“Are you crazy, what about the guy, does he even want to marry?”

“Just do as I say and maybe it will be okay, love has to grow.” that was so lame and it looked like she got it from some corny love story but then again you had read those novels as well and there was some truth in what she said because in all those stories, love did grow after marrying and she wouldn’t set you up with someone that wasn’t handsome and nice right?

“Whatever, I will change.” you stomped away to your room and you weren’t surprised to see she had put out a dress to wear, you weren’t going to be that obedient though and started rummaging through your closet and when you found the short black dress, a smile crawled on your face because this would definitely shock your mother but she kind of deserved it for setting you up like this but then again you didn’t want the guy you were about to marry, think you were some kind of pervert but you also didn’t want to look all attractive, so you got out ripped jeans and a blouse, you put your hair in a high pony and put on just the basics in the make-up department, as you were inside you didn’t need to wear shoes, which was a plus because knowing your mother she’s probably hid your shoes. When you were done, you decided to work on your editing of a book, which was your job, well side job because you were actually studying meds, as your father was head of the hospital.

You were so enthralled by the story that you didn’t hear the doorbell and your mother had to come and get you, which made her even angrier. “Don’t do this to me Y/N.” but you were startled by her angry voice and as you were leaning back, the chair gave out and you actually fell backward. “Y/N!” she yelled and the only thing you could do was laugh because this must look really stupid. “Is everything okay here?” you immediately stopped laughing when you heard that voice and looked up to see a black haired guy staring back at you with an amused smile on his face. You quickly stood up after a fight with the chair, which must look ridiculous and bowed to the guy “I’m fine.” you stood upright and locked eyes with the guy and you just knew he was the one you were going to marry and if so it would probably be worse for him as you weren’t the most pretty or slim person as you loved to eat.

“Let’s eat shall we.” your mother suddenly suggested and you really wasn’t looking forward to this because you felt awkward but there was nothing you could do about it, so you ended up following her and the guy downstairs and to your surprise your father was there as well and when he saw you, you could tell he wasn’t approving your outfit but why would you dress like someone you’re not? Especially when you had to marry the guy, you really didn’t want to deceive him and yes, of course, it was payback and that was also something your father knew.

“Y/N, this is Min Yoongi and you will marry him in two weeks.” your mouth dropped because that was way too fast, you threw a glance at Min Yoongi but he was just gently smiling at you, as if he was trying to tell you it was going to be okay, which you doubted and let’s be real for a second, he was probably cursing everyone at this table but just inside his head, this made you smile. “What is so funny Y/N?”

“Nothing, I just felt like smiling.” you know you were being a weirdo but you couldn’t help it but at least Min Yoongi looked like he was enjoying himself, so that was good right? “Getting back to the main subject, the marriage will be holding place in two weeks, the invites have all been accepted and your dress has been made, you just need to fit it, Yoongi will accompany you as he needs to see his tux and it will be a good opportunity to get to know each other, don’t you think Yoongi?”
“I think you’re right abeonim.” there was no way he was this nice, it was just not possible but to keep the peace you just nodded and smiled at everyone. After a while the conversation at the table made it so that you just sat there listening, they were actually discussing the marriage as if you were not a part of it when you suddenly felt a hand on your hand, which made you look up from your plate. “Let’s get out of here.” he got up and excused himself, which you followed and as you followed hi into your garden you couldn’t help but check him out. He wasn’t tall but that was okay because you weren’t tall as well, his physique was slim and his legs were better than mine and again you felt embarrassed about your weight, hopefully he didn’t mind chubby girls not that you were so chubby but you also weren’t looking like a Korean singer or actress.  

“Excuse me uh Min Yoongi?” you weren’t sure how to address him as you didn’t know if he was older or not but he stopped and turned “you can call me Oppa if you want.” he smiled and that settled it because this meant he was definitely older but you couldn’t be that much older. “Oppa, where are we going?”

“I think we need to talk a bit, don’t you agree?”

“We should.” he walked a bit further until you were sitting between flowers, this was your favorite spot in the house because you were the only one who came here as your mother was allergic to flowers and you dad, well it was a miracle that he showed up at all. It felt awkward and you just couldn’t look at him “I’m sorry about this.” you mumbled and you saw him turning his head towards you “Why?”

“You probably didn’t want to marry for a long time and now you are forced to marry someone you don’t even know.”

“I have to admit when I was told about this, I wasn’t that happy but now I don’t mind and it’s for the best really.”


“You don’t recognize me, do you?” you turned your head and studied his face, to see if I had seen him somewhere but to be honest you had lived in Europe and didn’t really paid attention to Korean stuff, as you were way too busy with studying. “I’m sorry.”

“That’s okay but I’m a rapper slash Idol.”

“Really?! Are you in a Kpop group then?” he nodded with a smile and this made you wonder why he wanted to marry because he couldn’t be older than twenty-five right? “I’m in the group BTS but were on a small break, as we have been touring for almost a year, so we have some time off and this idea of marrying someone comes from the company after I got involved in a scandal, so I guess they are trying to smooth it over by making me marry and well it will also help financially.”

“So what you’re saying it that I’m your scapegoat and you want my money as well?” you were feeling offended but not angry because at least he was honest with you, it still sounded weird that the company made him marry and you couldn’t help but wonder what he had done that brought him in so much trouble but it still didn’t make sense why they had picked you out, wasn’t it better to get a girl that looked beautiful and into music? “I know that face, you’re wondering why you right? You nodded curiously and mentally you were bracing yourself for something insulting but he smiled at you probably to make you feel at ease. “I picked you out after I saw you walking by, you were playing with this little boy and after that I just couldn’t put your smile laugh out of my head and that’s why I picked you.” you looked at him as if he had lost his damn mind because why would you pick out your life partner based on his or her laugh.

“Don’t look at me like that, your laugh felt warm and inviting, so I made it really clear that if they made me marry someone, it had to be you.”

“Are you crazy, what if you don’t like me or what if I don’t like you?”

“I’m Min Yoongi, of course, you will like me and look at it this way, you will have a lot of freedom, as I’m always busy or away.”

“That sounds really lonely, to be honest.”

“You know that saying about love needs to grow.” you rolled your eyes because it was obvious that he has been talking to your mother and you couldn’t help but smile at his cheesiness. “Aigoo, did you spend time with my mother, because she used that exact line at me earlier today.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” It was a good thing that you could read people easily and you knew that even though he was trying to make you feel better, he was a mess inside, it was the expressions on his face that he forgot to hide, whenever he thought you weren’t looking and you had to be honest that you were curious about him and he was really good looking, so why act all difficult, you should just go along with it but there was one thing that kept crossing your mind but you weren’t sure if you could talk about that with him because well in Europe it was really not a big deal but in Korea, it just wasn’t something you’d talk about but you really had to. “Oppa?”


“Well this is, I mean I’m not a pervert, really but when we are married, you know, about the honeymoon..”

“What are you trying to say?”

“Well I don’t want to, you know have.” you took a deep breath and just blurted it out. “Sex.” you hid your face in the palms of your hands and you only looked up when you heard him chuckle. “You know, you are cute when you get shy but I agree with you.” your face fell and before you could hide it he took your hands in his and caressed the knuckles gently. “It’s not because of what you’re thinking but I like to know someone before having sex.”


“Of course, we will first get to know each other better and if it happens, it happens, just don;t think about it too much.” Right as if that was possible now because even though you didn’t want to do it, you also wanted it but that was only because he was so good looking.

“Okay, let’s get married then.”

“Let’s tell our parents that they can arrange the wedding.” he got up and stretched out his hand and you knew he was just testing you, to see if you were open enough to take his hand and without even thinking about it, you grabbed his hand and together you walked back to the dining room and as your parents looked at your hands and a smile appeared on their faces and  your mother even clapped her hands. “That’s settled then, in two weeks you will be married.” your mother got up and hugged you both just like the others and you just kept smiling even though you felt more like crying and your dad knew this and within minutes, he had convinced that you had to go in early because you had to be at the hospital first thing in the morning.

“Well my bride to be, I will call you to meet up before we get married okay?” you nodded and bowed slightly. “Thank you, Oppa.” after saying goodbye you didn’t even say goodnight to your parents and ran immediately to your room, where you let yourself fall on the bed and screamed into the pillow when you suddenly remembered that he mentioned that he was in this K-pop group. You quickly grabbed your iPad and typed in the name and sure enough there were hundreds of articles about them and not to mention the youtube videos and soon you were completely addicted to them and it was also the best way to get to know Yoongi better without putting in too much effort, the way he acted in front of the camera, well it was kind of cute and savage at the same time, this guy called himself a genius but then again the amount of work he did for bts was a lot and the music was actually really good and his raps were awesome, you especially liked him as his alter ego Agust D. You couldn’t find anything about a scandal though, which was a bit weird but you weren’t planning on turning the internet inside out just to know what happened.

Now that you got to know him a little bit better, you didn’t feel that bad about marrying him and you decided it was for the best to just cooperate and when you had to fit dresses, you didn’t complain once and eventually you even felt happy whilst shopping for wedding stuff and the dress you picked looked amazing as well, it wasn’t too revealing but it wasn’t prudish, it had lace and the dress was white, you didn’t wear a veil but little roses and to your surprise Yoongi actually called you after a week. “Hello?”

“It’s yoongi, can I pick you up tomorrow?”

“Sure, what time?” he told you the time and at first you felt nervous but the next day you were excited to go out with him even though it was just a simple fitting. After watching all those video’s you just felt excited when you thought about him, this was mainly because you were curious if he was like that in real life or if he had a double personality and when the bell rung, you quickly put on your sneakers and yelled at your mother that you would be back later. Yoongi was waiting for you against his car, which was a fine car and it totally suited him. You bowed slightly whilst greeting him and when you finally arrived at the bridal store he excused himself to fit the tuxedo he had bought and you put your dress on for the last fitting and you were happy that they didn’t have to adjust anything anymore. “You look beautiful.” Yoongi was smiling at you and as he casually walked towards you, he checked you out and you could tell he was satisfied with what he was seeing. He stopped when he was in front of you and out of the blue he reached out his hand and caressed your cheek and he even touched your collarbone, which sends shivers through your body. He was making eye contact with you and there was something you hadn’t seen before, he was really happy, at least that was, what his eyes were telling you and you couldn’t help but smile at him. “You don’t look so bad yourself.”

“I know.” he gently flicked your nose before he did a step back, which made you take a deep breath because you had been holding it while he was so close. “You know I looked you up and I really like your music.” you couldn’t help but to admit that you were a fan as well but that you would never act like a crazy fan, which made him laugh “I don’t mind you acting like a fan, it will only make you cuter.” with that he disappeared to get changed and you did exactly the same thing, when you came out you were wearing skinny jeans and a light colored sweater, which flats on your feet.  “So what now?”

“How would you feel about meeting my brothers?”

“Really?” he nodded and helped you get in the car. “I would love to meet them.”

“Good because I need to practice for our comeback, which will be in two months but with the honeymoon, it will be hard to catch up, so that’s why I have to practice the entire week, I hope you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind, I love to see you guys dance and I promise I won’t be in the way.”

“I know you won’t.” he stopped in front of a big building and as you two entered the room, music was already greeting you and you couldn’t help but sing-a-long but you stopped when you entered the room, the guys were all sweaty and it looked like every girl’s dream, they were so handsome and had you mentioned sweaty but they all turned to Yoongi and you and smiled and you were startled when if you were correct J-hope started to scream out of excitement and you even took a step back, which Yoongi noticed. “Yah Hobi, calm down, you’re freaking her out.” which made you feel worse because you didn’t want him to think you didn’t like him.

“Ah it’s okay, I just didn’t expect it.” you quickly bowed to J-hope and as the others followed you looked at Yoongi to see if he was going to introduce you but he was already walking to the locker room to probably change his clothes. “So you’re the girl he’s going to marry.” you nodded and you could tell they were trying to see if there was something they didn’t like. “Please make him happy.” this was Jimin and you smiled reassuringly to him. “Of course I will,” you promised and after meeting everyone, these guys were like brothers and it was a privilege to see them dance but you were getting hungry with every passing second and you really needed to eat so there was just one thing you could do. “Are you guys hungry?” you yelled over the music and they stopped the music without a single thought. “We are, why?”

“Would you guys like to join me for dinner? It’s on me.”

Let us first change.” you waved him off and that’s how your friendship began with the guys and the week passed by like crazy, everything you did was wedding this, wedding that and you couldn’t wait until it was over and as the day started, you were surrounded by different people to turn you into the perfect bride, your hair got pinned up, with a few loose curls around your face, the roses were in braided, which hurt like crazy but it was worth it and when you were finally done, you couldn’t help but feel satisfied with the way you looked and you were pleased to see you even lost a bit of weight, when you arrived at the venue, Yoongi greeted you with a wide smile, he checked you out and you did the same thing, because he looked amazingly handsome in his black suit, it was just a simple looking suit but it fitted him so well. “You look stunning.” he kissed you on your cheek, which surprised you but you didn’t show it to him. “You look handsome as well.” you smiled and as he stretched out his hand, you couldn’t help but hesitate for a second. “Are you ready?” you looked at him for one more time and his face stood friendly and that’s when you decided to put all your faith in Yoongi “I am, let’s do this.” the door opened and together you walked to the end of the runway.

You two had decided on the classic ritual because you didn’t know each other that well, Do you Y/N, come here freely and without reservation to give yourself to Min Yoongi in marriage? If so, answer “I do.” you looked to Yoongi and smiled “I do.” which made him smile in return.

“Min Yoongi, do you come here freely and without reservation to give yourself to Y/N in marriage? If so, answer “I do.” his expression became tender and it made you feel a bit weak in the knees and he smiled as he turned to you “I do.”

“Y/N, please repeat after me…” the officiant was Yoongi PD and he had been smiling the entire time, which made these next words even easier.

“I, Y/N
take you, Min Yoongi
to be my husband.
I will share my life with yours,
Build our dreams together,
Support you through times of trouble,
and rejoice with you in times of happiness. I promise to give you
respect, love, and loyalty
through all the trials and triumphs
of our lives together.”

“Min Yoongi, please repeat after me.”

“I, Min yoongi,
take you Y/n,
to be my wife.
I will share my life with yours,
Build our dreams together,
Support you through times of trouble,
and rejoice with you in times of happiness. I promise to give you
respect, love, and loyalty
through all the trials and triumphs
of our lives together.”

After saying the vows you exchanged simple wedding rings, we again had decided not to put more vows because well we didn’t want to look fake, so when that was done you held each other’s hands and waited for Pd-nim to tell us we could seal it.

“Min Yoongi, you can now kiss your bride.”

——————->Coming Soon🐢

anonymous asked:

So a dude (who has a girlfriend he was in a monogamous relationship with btw) was continually asking me to prom and he and his friends were harassing me about refusing. This guy has been a general dick all year and at one point called me a bitch and attempted to trip me while I was coming into the class he shares with me. What is your suggestion for how I should deal with him?

M: if the relationship was monogamous and he was harassing you anyway, I think you made the right choice saying no. 

J: No matter what you decide to do, make sure not to stoop to his level. Stay kind. I’d tell him to leave you alone like any mature person in a healthy, monogamous-relationshipped person would. 

M: But ultimately, you should probably make this decision on your own. We are just a couple strangers on the Internet! 

J: we hope it works out for you in the end! 💙

i lied because i’ve thought of something else sO

*sideeyes humans in Pokemon* what Type/s are you??????

even if humans came from another dimension (my personal headcanon but *shrugs*), so do the Ultra Beasts, and they have Types and Moves and such.

i realise most of the humans there are varied and so may not conform to a specific Type, but on the whole I think they’re probably Normal Type. With additional secondary Typings depending on your skills - explains why some people develop affinities for certain Types! like the psychics and the ghost girls and why people can become Pokemon when they die

humans do seem to be capable of learning a few moves… I’m thinking about that guy who chopped a hole in the wall for the first Pokefinder Spot in SuMo, for example. they might not have a very wide movepool is all.

i also say ‘most humans are varied’ because there are ones who aren’t, right? like the Nurse Joys and the Officer Jennies and in-game all the people with the same sprites… like Black Belts (Fighting Type) and Fishermen (Water Type) and… all of that.

hm. these are the things i think about at 2:55am

Hey, so today I was supposed to write about how I felt when I learned that Wander Over Yonder had been cancelled, and I haven’t yet because I can’t find a gif of Dominator plunging her ship’s volcanic excavator through the heart-shaped planet and cracking it straight down the middle. Trust me, though, I’m feeling it.

Gravity Falls had just ended its run—no sooner than its creator wanted to wrap it up, but still a lot sooner than most of us thought it was going to go. Prior to that October, I would have said that we were due for one more season at least. Before the show had even ended I was searching for something just as funny, just as heartfelt and just as imaginative to fill the gap. I found that cartoon in Wander, a hidden gem by Craig McCracken.

I’d been watching it casually on the recommendation of a friend, but right around the episode “The Nice Guy” (which I watched in January while stricken with insomnia), it hit me that I had found a pretty special show. This feeling only increased when I got to Season 2 and watched the vile Lord Dominator shake up the established foundations of the show’s universe, testing the characters in hilarious and unexpected ways. Bonds were broken, new allegiances were formed, and Wander’s galaxy went from a cartoonish free-for-all to a complex and comical universe with dozens of strange dimensions. I couldn’t wait to see where it would go next, and, heartbreaking to say (there’s that gif again), I thought I had forever ahead of me. The show had just enough plot to keep me guessing and just enough open-ended silliness to assure me of endless possibilities for future episodes. To see the creators of this clever and colorful world turned out of their sandbox when they had so much exploration left to accomplish was saddening, particularly when it was so much admired by animation lovers and when its fanbase was expanding with every fresh episode (“My Fair Hatey” was a game-changer).

A year after the end, my thirst for the rest of the story remains unquenched. The world needs much more of the authenticity and energy this cartoon has to offer, and it’s never too late to give it another shot.


name/alias: nikki

age/age at heart: i’m thirty SO RESPECT YOUR ELDERS

define your essence: infp

pick an ocean to vacation in: the caribbean sea

faces you usually like to use: boyd holbrook, tom hardy, robert pattinson; hot older guys pretty much and edgy looking women.

what type of events/challenges do you like most?: not super into events but i like most challenges.  i can’t think of any specific ones right now.

-insert relatable image/gif of yourself below-:

TalesFromThePizzaGuy: Life of a Pizza Hut Cook

I work as a cook at a Pizza Hut in northern NJ: my job is to basically put sauce, cheese and whatever toppings on pizzas and put them in the oven. However, having worked the job for a bit, I know how to do most other things too.

One day, right after we were done basically closing the store (putting all the ingredients in the fridge and cleaning up our workstations,) a guy calls in and tells me about this coupon deal he found in a magazine for $8 medium pan pizzas. I confirm that the coupon works, so he goes ahead and orders 21 of them. Take a second to appreciate the magnitude of this - he could have called in a couple hours earlier and said he planned to do this, but there was no reason to apparently (we had time to make them all at 11:45 pm, right?)

So we break everything outta the fridge and start making pizzas. Guys stay past their shifts to do it all, and against all odds, we have 21 medium pizzas ready to go. The guy comes in with two other people, each of whom carry three pizzas, and he somehow expects me to carry the other 12 to his car with him. Unfortunately, he was getting angry, and I didn’t want to bother my manager at the end of the day, so I keep my mouth shut and do it.

We’re at the parking lot at 12:15 am, and this guy starts complaining that the pizzas will all fall off his seat. “I paid good money for these! You guys need to make customers like me happy!” he remarks. My manager point-blank says no to his request of three driver bags ($6 each,) and the guy walks out in a huff that we didn’t do our jobs.

Anyone else have customers like this?

By: tldrthestoryofmylife

Well Mamoru showed up, so that’s that fun over.

And actually that’s about time, so I guess that’s where we’ll call it. We did exactly nothing new todayI didn’t even get as far as I usually try to get when we’re doing Pixie Excuses.



If ever there is doubt that I am an absurd human being who somehow manages to function despite all appearances, let days like today remind you, where at one point I was so overcome with Senshi Feelings that I teared up a little for absolutely no valid reason whatsoever.

I hope you guys had fun. I sure as fuck did, and loathe as I am to admit it, I have @docholligay to thank for it. If you enjoyed too, make sure to drop her a note of thanks. That asshole, making me HAVE JOY and EXPERIENCE EMOTIONS.

I leave you with this, which truly is my entire state of being right now.