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Honestly one of my favorite things about the new King Arthur movie is that it seems like one of the easiest ways to piss off Arthur is to hurt or threaten a woman. Also the fact that it looked to me like one of the reasons he learned fighting was to protect the women at the brothel who took him in. I’ve seen the movie twice now and I’m just like. I’m about this though. As I say quite a bit, real men don’t make women fear for their safety they step up and protect them.

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face family boyfriend headcanons

❀ i’ll probably do abt three bullet points per character, but if i ever get a request for one character’s boyfriend/girlfriend headcanons, i’d do abt five ❀

♡ allies ♡

America / Alfred F. Jones

‣ He loves to surprise his significant other with date nights every once in a while, but they may only consist of staying in and binge watching old 90′s movies.

‣ He loves to sing in the car and will expect his significant other to join him in a duet every once in a while. He also enjoys holding hands with his s/o while driving, which could be a bit dangerous because he’ll only have one hand on the wheel.

‣ He likes to show off his relationship on social media every once in a while, so his s/o should expect many selfies of the two of them being posted to Instagram and Twitter. If his s/o is uncomfortable, however, he’ll keep the selfies to a minimum.

England / Arthur Kirkland

‣ A romantic date to him would be going to a quaint coffee shop and reading a book with his significant other or just going on a quiet stroll throughout the park.

‣ He loves to give his s/o kisses on their hands and arms. If they’re just sitting down on the couch, relaxing, he may grab their hand out of the blue and leave kisses on their wrist and knuckles.

‣ He may leave notes for his s/o, reminding them how much he adores them and how he treasures them.

France / Francis Bonnefoy

‣ Francis, being the romantic type that he is, would take his significant other out on dates at least once a week. These dates would consist of moonlit picnics, balcony dinners, or going dancing.

‣ He would love to cook for his s/o, especially if they let him cook let breakfast in the morning.

‣ He’d bring up thoughts about the future frequently with them. He would inquire about whether or not they would want to be married or have children or move in with him. He wouldn’t be asking because planned on asking them to marry him anytime soon (unless he thought they were both ready to take that next step) but because he is genuinely curious.

Canada / Matthew Williams

‣ Matthew would take his significant other ice skating or to a hockey game if they liked the sport. Those are the kinds of dates he thinks are best for him to connect with his s/o and get to have fun with them. However, he will probably let them decide the dates most of the time since he wants them to have a good time with him.

‣ He’s the type to send his s/o sweet good morning messages and the type to constantly ask them how they’re doing. He’d send them lovely messages, telling them that he was wishing them well throughout the day and that he hoped the stayed safe.

‣ He loves being affectionate with his s/o, though he is very shy about it. Even if they’re just chilling on the couch, he’ll cautiously place his arm around their shoulders and softly play with their hair.

Asexual!Merlin - Merthur AU mini series

Chapter 2

Since their first meeting 3 weeks ago, Merlin and Arthur become good friends, increasingly best friends. 

They decide to analyze Doyle’s character of Sherlock Holmes for their english literature project as they both seem to enjoy the story (and Benedict Cumberbatch’s cheekbones, but that’s something else). 

The only person Merlin has come out as asexual so far (if one doesn’t count his mum) is Mithian, his childhood friend. But it feels so easy to talk to Arthur (and it has nothing to do with the fact he is a little bit in love with that clotpole), therefore he dares to suggest his favourite headcanon (which, seriously, is a bit of a canon in Merlin’s perspective, but he is opened for a discussion) such as: Sherlock was written as an asexual character. 

Arthur laughs it off and Merlin feels slightly hurt, however, he knows that it has nothing to do with Arthur being close minded. Arthur just doesn’t really know the true meaning of the word asexuality. 

Once the lesson is finished, they head over to meet Sophia and Mithian inside of the canteen. Merlin quickly tries to broach the subject again, mentioning a nice gifset which explains the true meaning of asexuality, but Arthur shushes him.

When they are eating their lunch, it is Arthur’s turn to approach the subject. Although, the way he talks comes out a bit rude and Merlin can’t help but feel a little bit broken. He’s sure Arthur would never accept him - & even if he did, there was no chance Arthur would want to date him. He is still aware that Arthur doesn’t know the true meaning, but he does not believe it would change a thing. And the fact Sophia’s laughing at him doesn’t help…

To be continued

You can find all chapters here

Still need a way out?

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Summary/Original Request:
 Arthur finds out he is betrothed to Y/N and at first he loathes the idea, but when he finally meets her he falls in love with her. 

Warnings: None
Word Count: 1910
A/N: I hope you like it, love!

Arthur walked restlessly up and down his room. A behaviour, that his servant, Merlin, could no longer bear to look at.
„Looks like someone is in a specially good mood today.“
„Shut up, Merlin.“ Arthur stopped pacing around the room, and instead looked directly at Merlin.
He just didn’t know what to do.
A week ago, his father had disclosed to him, that he would be marrying (y/n). The Princess of the Kingdom of Reynes. And even though according to his father it would improve the relationship between their two realms, Arthur had not planned on getting married any time soon. Especially not when he didn’t even know his bride.

„Looks to me, as if you were quite nervous“, Merlin said, while folding one of the Prince’s shirts. Immediately Arthur went into a rage. He didn’t have time for his servant’s childish teasing in that moment. „Merlin, I’m going to meet the woman my father chose for me as a bride in a few hours time. Do you really think, your commentary is necessary right now?“ Merlin didn’t answer, and instead pressed his lips together tauntingly. Arthur tried his best to remain calm.
„So unless you know any way out of this, be a good servant for once, and shut up.“
Merlin shrugged. „Just saying. Have you tried to say no?“
Arthur looked as if he was most likely to strangle Merlin. „Oh, thank you Merlin. Just say no to father, I hadn’t even thought of that first.“
Defensive Merlin lifted his hands. „All right, all right, I got it.“

Arthur looked at him one last time warningly, before he sighed, starting to pace around the room again.

Arthur stood outside of the castle. He wore his cloak, the crest of Camelot embroidered on it, while the crown sat heavily on his head.
To his left stood his father, eyes fixed on the carriages that could be seen in the horizon. Slowly Arthur turned his gaze to look the same way, even though he could hardly hide the gloom that reflected from his face.
Right behind him was Merlin, what exactly he was doing Arthur didn’t know, and he actually didn’t care. He had bigger problems than to worry about his servant. Over and over he tried to remind himself to stay calm and friendly, repeating the words he had lain out to greet the King, the Queen and the Princess with, once they climbed out of their carriages. But in the back of his mind, he still searched for some kind of excuse, to blow this engagement off.

After some time the carriages finally arrived. Out stepped a woman, dressed in a long astonishing red gown, a small crown on her head. Right next to her stood the man who Arthur recognised as King Renard. Her husband.
And at last out of the carriage stepped a young woman. The Princess.
Only due to a soft nudge from Merlin, Arthur caught himself in time to close his mouth shut again. She wore a long (f/c) gown, and her (h/l) (h/c) was braided out of her face.
Gracefully she followed her parents, and after she had stepped closer Arthur realised, that she had the most beautiful (e/c) eyes, he had ever seen.

„It is an honour to meet you“, she said, dropping a courtesy, looking rather serious. Though, a soon as her gaze reached Arthur, a tiny smile started to form on her face, that she tried to hide, by quickly looking down at the ground. Arthur regained his posture, for she had most likely been laughing at the dumbstruck expression on his own face, that he now quickly tried to make up for.
„Indeed“, he managed to bring out with a quick bow, squinting his eyes shut, as he silently cursed himself for his own embarassment. He felt Merlin leaning down to him, as he also bowed, whispering something into his ear so that only Arthur could hear it.
„Still need a way out?“

„Rise and shine!“, Merlin exclaimed, as he parted the curtains in Arthur’s room. „Good morning, Arthur. It’s high time to get up.“
Sleepily, and not exactly in a good mood, Arthur rolled over, searching with closed eyes for anything he could throw at his servant.
„And why would that be?“, he growled, his hand closing around a carafe on his nightstand.
„Because Lady (y/n) has been up for a few hours now, and she seems to be having fun with your knights.“
Immediately Arthur sat up, dropping the carafe with a loud bang. „What?“
Merlin grinned at him. „She wanted to practice her sword fighting, and since you weren’t available, I set her up with Gwaine.“ Arthur looked furious.

„You did what?“
Instantly he stood up, trying to straighten his hair. „Merlin, help me get dressed. Quick.“

As fast as he could, without falling down, Arthur jumped into his pants, cursing as he failed to close them properly in his hurry.

Because even though he didn’t want to admit it, in the last week since she had arrived in Camelot, he couldn’t deny, that he had developed rather strong feelings for (y/n). And knowing Gwaine…
Cursing he gestured Merlin over to finally help him into his shirt.

Arthur arrived at the training ground just in time, to see Gwaine standing too close to (y/n) for his taste, giving her tips about how to improve her grip on the sword.
Arthur pressed his lips together, looking out at the pair he was walking towards to with jealousy. (Y/n) wore wide, light brown pants, and a white shirt, that hang loosely around her body.
Finally (y/n) realised his presence and lifted her head. „Oh, good morning, Arthur! Merlin.“
Merlin smiled, but Arthur didn’t exactly feel like laughing. Instead he grabbed Gwaine’s sword, and looked expectantly at (y/n). „I hear you’ve been training.“ She nodded. „I have, yes. Sir Gwaine was so nice as to provide me with a few tips.“
Arthur swung around the sword playfully, not without the intention of showing his skill off a little bit. If there was one thing he was good at, then it was fighting. „Is sword fighting really a sport for a beautiful young lady such as you?“
Almost amused she raised an eyebrow, stepping away from Gwaine and closer towards Arthur, who had to fight the urge to back up as he saw the challenging look on her face. „I heard Lady Morgana is a brilliant fighter with the sword. Furthermore even beautiful ladies have to defend themselves, don’t you think, Arthur?“

With these words she lifted her sword, and started to circle him. And before Arthur knew what was happening, she had attacked him. Quickly Arthur dodged it, but she was faster than he had initially presumed. For a short time he could do nothing other than dodge her attacks, and from get in a few lousy assaults, that she dodged. Until he finally found a gap in her tactic. Quickly he ducked, jumping to the side, holding the knife right to her neck.
She panted heavily, but to his surprise grinned at him, wider than she had never smiled at him before. „Impressive“, she said, and Arthur lowered his sword, slightly proud of himself that after all that failure he had finally managed to impress her.
„It would be an honour if you would teach me a bit more about sword fighting“, she said, before handing her sword back to a servant.
„It would be an honour“, Arthur answered with a bow, before looking back at her, seeing her straightening her shirt. „Tired already?“, he asked her, forgetting for a moment who he was talking to. „Uh. I meant-“ But (y/n) just laughed.
„I have been doing this for the past two hours, Arthur. Yes, I am a bit tired. But you could join me tomorrow at the same time.“
And with these words she turned around and headed back to the castle.
Next to him he heard Gwaine whistle. „And you really searched for an excuse to not marry her? Well, if you don’t want to, I would not be far from me to do so instead.”
Arthur furled his brows. „Who told you-“ But then it hit him. „Merlin!“
„Oops, was that a secret?“, Merlin grinned, and ducked, for Arthur had thrown his sword at him.

„You like her“, Merlin grinned, as he hung Arthur’s shirts in his wardrobe.
„Who?“ He tried to play stupid. Maybe then he would finally let him go.
„Lady (y/n), of course. You like her.“
Arthur ran a hand over his face, deeply annoyed. „Don’t you have anyone else to annoy?“
But Merlin simply shrugged. „You haven’t objected. So you do like her.“
„Merlin, I-“
„Admit it, Sire. You’ll be much happier afterwards.“
„Just stop lying to yourself, Arthur.“
„Merlin!“, Arthur shouted finally. „I do like her, okay? Can you please shut up now?“
But Merlin simply grinned, carrying on putting Arthur’s clothes back in his wardrobe. „I knew it.“

It was after dinner, and Arthur had bid her outside, now struggling for the right words to say. Being with her was like a blessing for him, yet, most of the time he was tensed, carefully thinking about everything he said. He had really come to like her, and he would never forgive himself if he were to make a fool out of himself in front of her. If he hadn’t done this already.
„I am really glad you decided to visit“, Arthur started, not really sure on how he would go on from there. He was making this up as he went. „Our marriage-“. He stopped and cleared his throat. 

To his relief, (y/n) opened her mouth, to help. „I know. It was our parent’s plans. But, well, the marriage isn’t even scheduled. So if you still need a way out-“

Arthur stopped. „What? Who told you – Merlin.“ He made a mental note to kill him later. Painfully.
To his big surprise (y/n) just laughed. „He did. And I have to admit, at first I wasn’t too fond of this wedding either.“ Arthur nodded slowly, turning his gaze away from her, and sweeping over his kingdom.

„So was I“, he hesitated. „But now“, he started, turning around to face her, his expression serious, „I don’t think that anymore.“ He was determined to at least tell her how he felt, even though – he just realised – the chances of being rejected were rising higher and higher. A sick feeling began to grow in his stomach, and even though he reminded himself, that he was the Prince of Camelot, and she would have to marry him anyways, the feeling wouldn’t vanish. He loved her. But he didn’t want her if she didn’t feel the same for him. He would never dare to force her into an undesired marriage.
But to his surprise, a smile started to form on her face. „Arthur, are you honest?“
He nodded. „Yes. I was persuaded to attend the wedding due to my father’s orders and my duty as the Prince of Camelot.“ He took a deep breath, knowing that now, it would be all or nothing. „But now, I am persuaded to keep that engagement open, not to my duty, nor my orders, but to my heart.“

„Are you sure?“, she asked and Arthur nodded, carefully taking her hands in his. „I have never been more certain of anything else in my entire life.“

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Request: None

Pairing: King Arthur (The Legend of the Sword) x Reader

Summary: Arthur can’t find you and he get’s extremely anxious. (Happens while Arthur is still in Londinium)

 Warnings: I think I swore somewhere in there.

Word count: 2,650

A/N: I’m debating whether or nor I  should delete this account since I barely even post anything ever, but for now, have this King Arthur: Legend of the Sword imagine because i just rewatched it for like the fifth time today. I swear this was meant to be short and lightweight but you know me wh00ps (honestly don’t even like this one sm, I’m just posting it bc it’s the first thing I’ve written in aaaaaggeesss)

My Masterlist

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Arthur let out a deep breath as he felt himself being pulled out of his unconscious state and back into his bed, where the sunlight began to stream in. It flooded the room, illuminating it with a dim glow and slight warmth, something he appreciated deeply. He had yet to open his eyes, but a small smile already invaded his features.

This smile was due to one thing and one thing in particular: you. Arthur’s mind was swamped with memories of last night’s happenings, contently basking in every touch and laugh the two of you shared, not to mention everything else that came after that. His brain recreated your face so beautifully in front of lids, which were shut, that he couldn’t keep himself from thinking of you persistently.

After a while, Arthur’d had enough of imagining your face and felt an urge to see it for himself again. He wanted to be able to study every dip and curve on it, and engrave it into his memory more than it already was, if that was even possible.

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Under-giffed scenes of Merlin

another anual rewatch series

based on a post by @dollopheadsandclotpoles​ i’m going to do a series of under-giffed scenes of merlin for my anual rewatch this year starting end of october.

but we may need some help picking scenes to gif for every episode, so if you have a scene that doesn’t get the gif-attention it deserves, please send in your prompts :)

just send an ask, reply to this post or reblog it adding your prompt, including the number of the episode and which scene from it (if it’s a rather long scene, please let me know which moment/line you’d like the focus to be on!).
also: when i make the gifset of your prompt, i’d like to add ‘prompt by [yourtumblrname]’ to the post. if you do NOT want to be mentioned, please let me know.

despite the tags i’m tagging this post with, A L L scenes and characters are welcome with one exception: since i am an exclusive merthur shipper, i rather not gif merlin or arthur in a romantic/*shippery* context with anyone but each other, so no freya\merlin, gwen\arthur or those s1 morgana\arthur scenes.

you’re welcome to send as many prompts as you want for every episode. *

for the list of episodes and what prompts have been made yet:

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Every step of the way

Michael Gray x reader

Prompts: 35: “ About the baby… It’s yours. ”

“Morning,” you yawn, making your way into the Kitchen where your mother and Polly were sitting having a cup of tea. Polly was your mother’s best friend since they were children. Every second morning she was round here and every other night too.

“Morning? It’s twelve in the afternoon (Y/N) bloody hell,” Polly scoffs looking at you as you drop into a chair beside her.

“Were you sick again this morning?” Your mother asks concerned spinning her spoon around in her tea.

“Yeah, i was. Need to get to the doctors about that, it’s strange though I’m fine the rest of the day.” Polly’s head shot up and stared at you before catching your mother’s eye. They nodded at each other slowly over the table whilst you were obliviously rubbing your back.

“Your back bad?” Pol asks intrigued studying you carefully.

“Just started a couple weeks back think it’s time to invest in a new bed that one is getting old now. Mum could I get some tea please.” They both stayed quiet just staring at you before your mum finally got up to make tea.

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Affectionate - John Shelby

Request: You and John are together and John gets drunk and you bring him home to try and sober him up but he just keeps saying lovey dovey stuff to you and acts like a fool idk something fluffy 

Affectionate - John Shelby

“He’s drunk,” Arthur instructed as he led John further into your house. He had knocked on the door at two in the morning with John slumped against him.  

“He’s always drunk Arthur, but I appreciate your attempt at making it sound unusual.” You replied, shutting the door and following Arthur down the hall. “Will you walk him up the stairs?”  

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Piece by Piece

Warnings: mentions of death, angst

Author’s Note: I wanted to try something different. I decided that I like the banners, and I’m going to keep them. This ones a bit tacky though, oh well…


        You heard somewhere that when you lose someone, you lose them piece by piece.

     First they disappear from your hold, then their sweaters and closet, the bedsheets, every corner of the house, and eventually your mind.

     You understood it before it happened, you saw how it made sense. But then one of your best friends was taken from you. And you didn’t anymore.

      It seemed as though you lost Fred all at once. His spirit was no where to be found, and all that “he lives within you” crap was not enough to keep you going. You were filled with a heart wrenching pain, a pain to big to suppress, and you often wondered why you kept swimming in a deep, black sea, wondering why you didn’t let it just envelope you into it’s mass of coldness.

       Fred was your best friend. But he was George’s other half. It was much more than losing a limb that kept you up, it was like losing your heart, your brain, your lungs. George kept out the black mass by turning to firewhiskey. The idea of feeling the pain head on was too much to bear.


       You woke up, smelling the breakfast Molly was cooking. Both you and George had decided it was better to stay at the Burrow rather than somewhere else. He didn’t want to let go, for better or for worse.

     You opened your eyes, looking up at the ceiling. You sigh softly, turning onto your side. You knew where George was. He never woke up next to you anymore. You climbed out of bed and put on his sweater from last night, which was the closest thing to you. It went down to a few inches above your knees, and you thought it sufficient.

     You walked down the stairs, hearing the sizzling of the pans and clatter of plates. “Good morning, Molly.” you said quietly and rather hoarsely.

“Good morning, Y/N. Now, pancakes or waffles?” she replied, smiling softly at you. But her eyes were red and puffy. Her eyes were dark and sad. She, no doubt, had been crying.

“Waffles, please. I’ll be right back.” you said. She nodded and turned back to the counter. You stepped out of the door, walking outside into the rather thick summer air. You saw his head of fiery red hair poking up amongst the tall grass. He was looking out over the meadow, as he did every morning.

     You walked over, hugging yourself. “Georgie, it’s not yet eight.” you whispered upon seeing the two empty firewhiskey bottles and almost empty one in his hand. He ignored you, staring ahead. You sighed softly and sat next to him, carefully taking the bottle out of his hand. He didn’t protest. His eyes were blank as he stared ahead.

     George hadn’t cried since the funeral. You knew it wasn’t healthy that he was suppressing his feelings. Yet you had to admit, you were afraid for the moment the volcano did blow. You leaned your head against his arm. He didn’t move.

“Your mum wanted to know, pancakes or waffles, so I said waffles because I know it’s your favorite.” you say, looking up at him. He nods a little. You hear a bell ring and kiss his cheek, standing up and pulling him with you. You begin to walk away when he grabs your wrist. You turn and he stares at you for a few moments, opening and closing his mouth as he falters on what to say.

“I know, Georgie, I know.” you whisper. He pulls you into a tight hug, kissing the top of your head. These moments never happened as much anymore, so anything you could get you cherished. You hugged him back, burying your face in his maroon colored sweater. The bell clangs again and you two pull away, and he holds you hand as you two walk back.


     You sit down at the breakfast table, taking a deep breath. Ginny sits across from you, Harry on her right. He sits next to Ron, and George sits on your left. You smile blankly at Ginny and she does the same. Hermione joins the family at the table, sitting next to Ron and putting her hand on top of his. He glances at her, his eyes filled with appreciation.

    You look up at George, who stares blankly ahead as the rest of them start eating. “You should really eat something, George.” you said. He looked down at you and you sighed softly. Even if you feared the moment, you wish that he would just snap and cry and feel something. You knew it was selfish of you, but you wanted the old George back. Even if it meant his eventual breakdown.

   You put a waffle and a few eggs on his plate, pour him some water and turn to your own plate, sighing softly. Molly looks at you, her eyes saying a million things. You look back, not really knowing how you should respond.

   “There’s been quite a bit of a…situation at the ministry since the…” Arthur trailed off, the ghost of a haunting memory in his eyes. “Since the battle, yes. I-uh, I need to go into the office today.” he said softly.

The family nods, all but George. You squeeze his hand under the table.

“Alright, Arthur.” says Molly.


    You walk into the bathroom, looking up as you wash your hands for dinner. The house seemed eerily quiet. The mirror was covered by a knitted blanket. George had done it one evening, saying simply, “I can’t.” You understood.

 But now as you stared at the red, orange and green knitting pattern, you longed to see what you looked like. You hadn’t bothered looking in a few weeks. You’d been too preoccupied with George.

   You reach up and pull down the fabric. You gasp quietly. You didn’t look like you. Your rosy cheeks had turned gaunt and dark, your lips were chapped, and the worst was your eyes. You remembered what they looked like before. Striking Y/E/Cs, full of life and happiness, a unique sparkle none other had. Yet now they are dull, lifeless, and they no longer seem like yours. You look at the stranger in the mirror. And then you know things had to change.

    You hear a bottle clink from you and George’s bedroom and felt an anger rise within you. This has to change. You walk quickly towards the bedroom, throwing open the door to find George sitting amongst his poisons. You grab all the booze and he glares at you, a bit confused. He follows you as you walk out into the hallway, into the bathroom once more.

“Y/N-” he croaks, but you cut him off quickly.

“No.” you say firmly, your anger rising with each breath you took. “No, George. I can’t bear this any longer. And neither can you. Do you think we can afford to lose you, too? Every day I feel you slipping further out of my grasp and into darkness and it hurts my heart so much,” you say, your voice breaking, “and I can’t help but blame myself, blame everyone around me, a-and if I lose you, too, spirit or in body, I won’t be able to live with myself. Fred wouldn’t want you doing this to yourself.” You take a shaky breath, wiping the tears and unscrewing the caps on all the alcohols, pouring them into the toilet.

    George lets out a croak, running his fingers through his hair as the toilet water turns a dark orange from all the booze. You glare up at him then grab his hand, pulling him in front of the sink. “Look up.” you say quietly. “I know it hurts, look at yourself, and see what you’ve become.” He stares at you for a few moments then looks up.

  You watch it happen. His eyes widen and his lip quivers. Something inside him snaps. The next thing you know, your love is on the bathroom floor, hugging himself and shaking violently, gasping sobs coming from him. You put down the bottles and quickly go to him, wrapping your arms around him. He hesitates a few moments then wraps his arms around you tightly, sobbing. You feel his tears hit your sweater and you start crying, too.


     A few weeks later, you walk into the bedroom to find George packing up the last of your things into a box. Boxes surround the two of you, labeled “Y/N’s pictures” and “George’s sweaters”.

You smile softly and kiss his cheek. He smiles down at you.

“The flat is just outside of Diagon Alley. It’s small, but it’ll do.”

“I think it’ll be perfect.” you reply, smiling.

“You haven’t even seen it!” he says, chuckling. You giggle softly.

“I’m going with the flow.” you say.

    The boxes are moved down into the living room, where the Weasleys were taking turns using the Floo to move them to the flat. You look around, your smile faltering when you notice George isn’t there. You leave the room quietly and walk up the stairs.

  You walk into your bedroom and find him sitting on Fred’s bed, looking around the half empty room. He holds his Weasley sweater in his hands, feeling the fabric gingerly. You sit next to him and take his hand in yours.

“I miss him, Y/N.” he whispers softly.

“We all do.” you say. You kiss his temple gently and he wraps his arm around you.

You two look out the window.

George was recovering, piece by piece. 


When You’re Near

Thank you to @sqrzos for this prompt for a Merlin/Arthur fic! 

“You stubbed your toe, you’re not dying.”

Arthur Pendragon was the King of Camelot. He had a beautiful kingdom, with its endless bounds of bustling people; bright blue skies, and sunny mornings, such as this one. Even though he had his list of duties to attend to that morning, he was gazing out of his window at some children playing with their parents by the courtyard, and he smiled at them. Training was due to begin in an hour, and he was waiting on Merlin to bring his mail and armor to him; Which, if he had been paying attention, Arthur would have noticed that Merlin had arrived a few seconds ago.

“Here you go, sire,” Merlin said, cheerily as he sat the mail and armor on the table gently. Arthur turned around suddenly and ended up knocking his water pitcher over from the desk, spilling over the side of it. Luckily, none of the documents on the table had gotten wet. Merlin clucked his tongue. “I’ll get it, Arthur.” He muttered, and grabbed a rag from the bucket in the side of the room.

“Damn it,” Arthur cursed quietly and crossed the room to change.

“And you call me clumsy,” Merlin teased, wringing the sopping rag into the bucket.


“Shut up?”

“You guessed it,” Arthur told him, peeking from behind the screen.

“So, I’ll see you down there?” Merlin asked, retreating from the room.

“Make sure there are plenty of water skins,” Arthur reminded him.

“Oh, no…I figured you guys could just lick it off the bench,” Merlin joked, shutting the door. Arthur snorted at Merlin’s snarky retort, and finished dressing. Truth was, this was happening more and more the moment Merlin was around Arthur. If Merlin just appeared, Arthur would drop whatever he was holding, stutter over his words, or spill something. Even dropped his sword during training yesterday, much to the amusement of Gwaine. He would never hear the end of that one…



Arthur called the Knights to attention when he reached the training field, with a good morning and a nod to each of them. He purposefully did not look to see if Merlin was around, and began the exercises.

“Hello, Merlin,” Gwen greeted, as she made her way over to him. Merlin beamed at her, and took the extra water skins from her hands.

“Thanks. How’s everything?” Merlin asked, as he filled them up.

“Oh, good. Good. How many times can I say the word ‘good’?” Gwen smiled and blushed when Merlin saw her sneak a glance at Lancelot.

“As many times as it takes,” Merlin sat down on the bench and began to organize or polish the training swords, so he would have something to do. “Hey, Gwen? Have you noticed that Arthur has been…off lately?”

“Off? How do you mean?” Gwen asked curious as she sat next to Merlin.

“Well, he keeps dropping things and stuttering. Arthur does not stutter. He’s very eloquent, usually. Even though he’s a cabbage head,” Merlin explained.

“I have noticed, but really Merlin…of course he’s going to act like that.” Gwen laughed and lightly touched his arm.

“I’m not following…” Merlin said, confused.

“It’s how someone acts when they are…well…like how Arthur is,”

Merlin raised his brows in even deeper confusion.

“Merlin…it’s how Lancelot acted around me when he first started courting me. I didn’t fare much better. We were—are, completely besotted. That’s not a bad thing,” Gwen smiled, and sighed as she looked over in Lancelot’s direction again.

Merlin felt his heart skip a beat, then thump wildly in his chest. “Arthur is besotted with someone?” He asked, his throat feeling dry.

Gwen looked at him with wide eyes. “You—oh my god. Merlin…you don’t–? Oh dear,”

“What Gwen?” Merlin asked, when she rose to leave.

“I just—I have duties that need seeing to. Tell Lancelot I’ll see him for dinner,” Gwen rushed away, turning bright red as she walked. Merlin was confused at her sudden departure, but couldn’t think about that at the moment. It made sense, now Gwen had explained it. Merlin wondered who it was, and he hoped that Arthur was happy. He deserved it…Merlin shook away the feeling of uneasiness that came with the tightness in his chest at the thought of Arthur happy with someone else. Not that Merlin had entertained thoughts of being…like THAT…with his King in any way.

Except, he did. Often. He often dreamed, and daydreamed when he was supposed to be getting on with his chores. He dreamed that Arthur would come up behind him and kiss the back of his neck after a long training session, in the privacy of Arthur’s chambers, making Merlin shiver. He dreamed that Arthur would hold Merlin close at night, whispering sweet promises of the future of them together. He knew it was a fool’s dream, but he couldn’t help it. Even looking at Arthur sometimes made his heart clench in his chest. With his sun-kissed hair, shining like a halo on his head, bright blue eyes that Merlin sometimes got lost in, and such a generous and good heart…how could anyone with a pulse not fall irrevocably in love with Arthur Pendragon?

He felt tears burn his eyes, but he would be damned if he let them fall. He was so lost in his own thoughts that he didn’t hear Arthur call training to an end, and the Knights come over for their water skins.

“Hey Merlin!” Gwaine greeted happily, but out of breath. “You see the princess drop his sword again?” He took a generous gulp of his water, and chuckled.

Merlin smiled half-heartedly at him. “No, I didn’t see it,” he commented flatly, and this caught Gwaine’s attention. He felt Gwaine sit next to him on the bench.

“Alright, what is it? You never miss an opportunity to poke fun at His Majesty,”

“Nothing. It’s nothing,” Merlin muttered, looking up to see Arthur coming over to him. Merlin automatically held a skin out for him to take.

“Do not go spreading lies, Sir Gwaine,” Arthur scolded the knight. “Thank you, Merlin,”

“Not a lie, since we all saw it,” Gwaine rose an eyebrow at him.

“An honest mistake,” Arthur tried to cover up his own chuckle as he took a drink from his skin.

Merlin decided it was best to take his leave from Arthur to go see if Gaius needed any help before he had to tidy Arthur’s chambers. He needed to think, and to try and calm the rainstorm building in his heart. “I’m going to assist Gaius. Do you have any need of me, sire?”

Arthur rose his eyebrows at that. Normally, Arthur would retire to his chambers for lunch, while joking and laughing with Merlin a bit before he had to sit through boring council meetings all afternoon. He blinked at him, not really sure what to say.

“Sire?” Merlin asked.

“N-no. You’re dismissed. Just make sure my chambers are cleaned before I retire this evening,”

Merlin nodded once at him and hastily made his way back to Gauis’ and his own quarters. He slammed the door harder than he thought, making Gaius look up.

“Something wrong, Merlin?” He asked.

“No, nothing. Everything is fine,”

Gaius raised The Eyebrow at him, making Merlin think Gaius didn’t believe him, but he didn’t comment on it further. “Well, since you’re here, you can clean the leech tank,”

“Fine,” Merlin rolled up his sleeves and went over to the other side of the room to gather the supplies he would need.

“What is going on? You usually kick up a fuss if I ask you to do this,” Gaius asked, walking over to him.

“Just seeing if you needed any help,” Merlin commented, voice shakier than he would have liked it to be.

“Merlin…you have been ward for years now. I know you better than you think. So, what is going on? Something has upset you,” Merlin squeezed his eyes shut, and shook his head. “Very well. I won’t push. If you need to talk, I’m here for you, Merlin.” Gaius squeezed Merlin’s shoulder and Merlin smiled back gratefully.


Arthur went back to his own chambers, and began removing his armor and mail, a little awkward since Merlin wasn’t helping him, but he managed. He ran his hand through his hair, and went to wash up at the bowl over on the side of his bed. He couldn’t get his mind off of how Merlin was so stand offish earlier. He was never afraid to say what he was thinking, no matter what it was, and that was one of the things that Arthur loved about him. He froze, water dripping off of his face, and all over the floor.

“Oh…OH. Oh my god,” Arthur said to the empty room. He…Arthur Pendragon…loved Merlin. He loved him. He was in love with Merlin. It all made sense now! Arthur’s laugh bubbled up in his chest and he let out a loud whoop, not befitting a King at all, but he could be arsed to care in that particular moment. Now, only to tell Merlin…he faltered a bit, wondering if Merlin returned his feelings. He was sure he didn’t miss the lingering glances or the way Merlin gazed into his eyes that made Arthur feel like he was the most important person in the world. Or the way Merlin had risked his life several times over for him…maybe Merlin felt the same. Only one way to find out…

“Sire?” He heard a voice come through after a knock.

“Guinevere, hello,” Arthur greeted her, hurrying to find a tunic in his wardrobe. “Did you need something?”

“Well, I was out on training field this morning…”

“I have no doubt,” Arthur teased her. “Sir Lancelot did exceptional today, don’t you think?”

Gwen blushed. “Yes, of course he did. But, that’s not why I’m here,”

Arthur walked over to her, and began to put his boots back on. “Oh?”

“I spoke with Merlin, and he mentioned you had been acting strangely, sire,” Gwen sat on the chair across from him, lacing her fingers together on her lap.

Dammit, Arthur cursed himself. Of course Merlin would notice…”O-Oh? Well, I…er…”

“Like. You don’t stutter. Ever,” Gwen pointed out.


“I explained that your behavior wasn’t as different as Lancelot’s was when we first starting courting,”


“Yes. He dropped everything he was holding, ran into people…oh, he was a mess! A sweet mess, but all the same,” Gwen giggled. “But, I thought that Merlin…well, that you and Merlin were—,”

“We were…what, Gwen?” Arthur asked, raising an eyebrow.

“You know—“Gwen raised both of her eyebrows, hopeful Arthur would catch her meaning. Arthur just stared at her. She sighed. “Courting, Arthur.”


“Yes, oh. And…I don’t think Merlin—“

“Oh, this makes so much more sense now. The hurrying off, the sudden need to help Gaius. Oh, I’m such an ass,” He looked at the ground and shook his head. He rubbed the back of his neck and sighed.

“What do you mean, sire?” Gwen rested her hand on his knee in a comforting gesture.

“He most likely thinks I’m seeing someone else,”

“Oh…oh, no,” Gwen said, sadly. “You have to tell him you’re not,”

“Well, I—“

“Now, Arthur!” Gwen asserted, and pulled him up out of the chair. “You know how Merlin is,”

“How do I even know he will return my feelings?” Arthur asked her, as she pushed him out the door…of his own chambers, no less.

Gwen just raised an eyebrow at him, in a frighteningly good impression of Gauis. It seemed to say ‘You cannot be this ridiculous’.

“Alright…so, I’m just gonna…”

“Yes, that would be best. Sire,” Gwen waved him off and started down the other end of the hallway.

Arthur tried building up his courage on his way there, but he kept coming up with more and more down right awful ways to tell Merlin his true feelings. All of them sounded more ridiculous than the last. Finally, he arrived at the front of the door to the physician’s quarters. He breathed in a deep breath and knocked.

“Come in,” Arthur heard Gaius call out. He shook himself out of his stupor and walked in. Gaius looked up from what he was working on, and smiled.

“Hello, sire.” He greeted.

“Good afternoon, Gaius. Is…is Merlin available by any chance?” Arthur asked, and he felt his voice waiver ever so slightly.

Merlin heard Arthur ask after him, and thumped his head on top of the leech tank he was scrubbing. What the—why was Arthur asking for him now? He thought.

“Yes? Did you need something?” Merlin asked, setting down the rag. He was breathing a bit heavily from the exertion, and Arthur’s mouth went dry. Merlin was flushed all over his face, and down his long, pale neck that Arthur often thought about nuzzling into. “Arthur?”

“I was—I was just wondering…if you—if you eat,”

Merlin raised an eyebrow. “Eat?”

“Yes. Eat…lunch,”

“Of course I do,” Merlin answered, slowly. He was missing something here.

“I think what his Majesty is trying to say,” Gaius chimed in, because he couldn’t take the tension anymore, “Is would you like to have lunch with him, Merlin?”

“Yes, thank you, Gaius,” Arthur was sure his cheeks were burning red, as he felt it from his face to the tips of his ears.

“You’re welcome, sire,” Gaius replied and went back to the potion he was working on.

“Well…yeah, sure, I guess. Just let me clean up and I’ll be right back,” Merlin answered, retreating to his room. He shut the door behind him and leaned against the door. What the hell was going on? He was having lunch with Arthur…all of a sudden? It wasn’t like they didn’t share meals before, but never like this. Arthur had never asked him like this…his heart was beating a mile a minute as he washed up quickly and changed his clothes. He made sure to look at least halfway decent, and tied his red neckerchief securely around his neck. He breathed a deep calming breath and went back out to the main room.

Arthur looked up from the little blue bottle he was inspecting at the end of the table and saw Merlin standing there with a smile. He looked like he always did…but now, it took Arthur’s breath away. His heart swelled with all the feelings he had for the man in front of him and he couldn’t wait to tell him.

“Ready?” Arthur asked, returning the smile.

“Sure. Let’s go,” Merlin answered, and kept pace beside Arthur. Before he came to the physician’s quarters, he arranged for a picnic to be set up for the both of them and they were going to meet the stable boys over at the stables for their horses. He smiled as he saw the horses already packed and ready to go.

Gwaine and Leon were waiting at the stables for them when they arrived. “Everything is arranged, sire,” Leon said, with a small bow.

“You apologized to the council for me?” Arthur asked, petting his horse on the neck.

“Yes, and they were very gracious about it,” Leon responded.

Merlin was in surprise…no, shock was a better term. He looked at the pack of food attached to the horse, and the blanket. They were going on a picnic? What the hell? Merlin wondered, but he said nothing. He mounted his own horse, as Arthur mounted his, and Gwaine came over to bid him goodbye, with a grin. “What?”

“Nothing, my friend. Just that it’s about time and Percy owes me five,” Gwaine gave the horse a pet, and sauntered off. Merlin shook his head at his retreating back.

“Come on, Merlin! Food will get cold!” Arthur called and spurred his horse into a gallop. Merlin followed suit, his horse making his way to catch up to the king.


When they finally reached their destination, they were only minutes outside of the city, and Merlin sighed with the fresh air and quiet. All he could hear were birds singing and the small river trickling in the distance. He had picked herbs for Gaius here more times than he could count, and he often let his magic into the earth as an outlet without anyone being the wiser.

“Merlin, a bit of help would be nice,” Arthur called to him, already trying to unpack their lunch. Merlin rolled his eyes, and went to tie up his horse next to Arthur’s. He walked over to Arthur and grabbed the blanket and unrolled it onto the ground, while Arthur carried over the basket of food.

“Here, Merlin. Sit,” Arthur pointed to the spot across from him, and Merlin sat with his legs crossed. He was still very confused as to why they were here, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. It was rare these days that he got to spend time alone with Arthur, so he was determined to make the best of it.

They talked, laughed and ate their way through the lunch, and half of the wine skin that Gwaine insisted they bring with them, and wound up resting on the blanket beside one another, looking up at the clouds.

“This is nice,” Merlin commented, with a smile. He looked over at Arthur, only to find the king already looking at him.

Arthur smiled in return. “Yes it is,”

Merlin’s heart fluttered in his chest at the clearly adoring look Arthur was giving him, and then remembered what Gwen had said earlier. Before he could say anything, he heard Arthur sigh in contentment and then felt Arthur lace his fingers in Merlin’s own.

“Arthur?” Merlin squeaked out.


“You’re holding my hand,”


“Well…you don’t do that.”

“I do now, Merlin.”

“Huh?” Merlin asked, sitting up. Arthur sat up as well, and looked at Merlin directly in the eyes.

“I—I know I’m not good at these things. You said once that…what was it? I had the emotional range of a wart?” Arthur laughed out loud at this, and Merlin felt his stomach swoop at the sight.

“I remember,”

Arthur stroked Merlin’s hand with his thumb, rubbing circles onto it. “I have been off, lately. I’m sure you’ve noticed. I finally figured out why, just this morning,”

Oh…yeah…here it comes. Merlin pulled his hand away, heart breaking in the process. “Yes, I know. You have obviously been besotted,”

“Yes, as a matter of fact,”

“Well. Good, good. I’m happy for you,” Merlin was truly, but he couldn’t help that he was jealous of this person.

“I thought you would be,” Arthur smiled and Merlin couldn’t take it anymore.

“Why did you bring me out here? I know you are all ensconced in your new found love and happiness! You should have brought her out here instead!” Merlin yelled, standing up. He was breathing heavily with the effort not to let the tears he felt sting his eyes fall.

“Merlin…” Arthur began, slowly. He knew he had missed something if Merlin thought in this way. “What are you talking about?”

“You’re new lady, of course! I hope she’s pretty. I bet she is, knowing you,” Merlin quipped.

“Oh…Merlin,” Arthur sighed, walking closer to him.

“What?” Merlin asked, angrily.

“You really are an idiot,” Arthur said, fondly. He took Merlin’s face in his hands and pressed his lips chastely to Merlin’s. Merlin felt like his entire being was alive. His magic was singing in his veins and his body was covered in delicious goosebumps. He grabbed Arthur by the waist to pull him in closer. Arthur pulled back from kissing Merlin and rested his forehead against Merlin’s. “That enough for you?” Arthur asked, cheekily.

“More than,” Merlin answered, kissing Arthur again. They were so wrapped up in each other that they didn’t see the still heavy basket sitting on the edge of the blanket. Since they had both taken their boots off some time ago, this was bound to be inevitable. It was Arthur who screeched out, making Merlin start.

“What happened?” Merlin asked, worry etched on his face.

“My…my foot!” Arthur bit out, grimacing.

“What happened to your foot?” Merlin asked, confused.

“Hit it on that damn basket! Argh!” Arthur cried out, falling to the ground again, clutching his foot in pain.

“Arthur, you stubbed your toe. You’re not dying,” Merlin teased him. “I am not going to kiss it better,”

Arthur turned on his full pout, knowing it would work with Merlin. “Hmm, but come here. I’m feeling something else. Pain,”

Merlin smirked at him, and crawled closer. “Where?”

Arthur touched a finger to his lips. “Here,”

“Ah.” Merlin pretended to inspect his king’s lips. “I can tell I am going to have to be very thorough. Only to insure there isn’t any residual pain,”

“Absolutely,” Arthur breathed out, before reaching for Merlin again. Arthur pressed Merlin onto the blanket, Merlin giggling into the kisses Arthur was bestowing on him. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, he had a gorgeous man all to himself…yes. It was a beautiful day, Arthur thought happily.

hello you // arthur shelby & reader

Imagine you’re Arthur’s wife and involved in the Shelby business. One night you’re walking home and you get attacked. You manage to fight off the attacker but get stabbed in the process. You’re too stubborn to tell anyone you’re hurt so carry on like normal but you struggle to do things you’d normally do and Arthur notices. He confronts you and you deny anythings wrong but then you collapse into his arms. You wake up in the hospital; Arthur asleep with his head resting on the side of your bed

this is like super long but i really really like it ??? i hope u enjoy babes

The intensity of the crowd in The Garrison on this particular Saturday night was gradually growing with every passing second. Shouts and laughter seemed to encompass the room and increased as more and more people shuffled into the already congested bar with a shout to greet everybody. A glinting crystal glass was held between your finger a thumb, a manicured set of nails quietly tapping on the base as you gently swirled the golden liquid inside. You hadn’t drank much; though everyone around you obviously had, perhaps more than they could handle by the looks of John slipping off the edge of the bar with a thud as he hit the floor sticky with booze. A roar of laughter erupted from your husband behind the bar, who then lent over and pulled him back up by the collar of his shirt. A small smile spread across your lips as you admired him. He was very much in his element behind that bar, it was wonderful for you to see.

You quickly stood from your seat at the opposite end of The Garrison, briefly interrupting the heated discussion Polly and Esme were having over you. Pushing your way through crowds of drunken men clinging on to each other for support, you eventually made your way behind the bar to greet Arthur, who met you with a swift kiss on your cheek and a beaming smile. A smile to which you could not help but to smile back at.

“Arthur, I’m going to get going.”

“What? Why?!” He shouted over the noise as he accidentally overfilled a pint and slid it down to one of the men.

“My heads hurting a bit so I thought I’d just go home and get some work done before Tommy shouts at me for not having it done earlier–” you began to explain before Arthur cut you off with furrowed eyebrows.

“’Ere, one second, I’ll tell everyone to shut the fuck up–”

“No, Arthur, really: it’s fine! Everyone’s having a good time, and so are you. Stay.” You pressed a kiss to his lips before placing your hand along his jaw.

“I’ll see you later, okay? I love you.”

You gave out your farewell’s for the night: a quick kiss on the cheek to Polly and Esme, a drunken hug from John, and a chorus of goodbye’s from the rest of the lads sat at the bar. As you stood at the door of The Garrison, your hand laid across the handle, you waved back at Arthur, who shouted a loud ‘I love you’ across the bar. From that, he was met with barks of laughter from the men as well as a few slaps on the shoulder as he poured their drinks. With a soft chuckle, you swung open the door and slipped out.

The stark contrast between the warmth of The Garrison and the piercing cold of the Birmingham night numbed you immediately. You pulled on the pair of silk gloves that hung from your bag before wrapping the thick coat tighter around your frame. As you walked the deserted streets of Small Heath, the only sound that could be heard was the clicking of your heels against the cobbled path. Soon, the muffled music emitted from the Garrison became silence and the yellow light it produced in the midst of the night faded into darkness. And you were alone. Not that you were worried; you were a Peaky Blinder for Christ’s sake.

Though, a loud crash followed by footsteps caused your heart to drop for a mere second as you stopped in your path.

“Hello?” You asked into the alley, feeling almost silly that your heart race was increasing with every second of silence. “Anyone there?” As the silence continued, you dismissed your fears with a shrug and began walking again.

You could see your home in the distance, lit by a lone street light. As you opened the small bag between your fingers a strong arm wrapped around your neck. Your hands rose to the arm without a second though, attempting to scratch and pull at what was blocking your throat. Whoever it was dragged you backwards and into the alley you’d paused at only minutes ago. Your back was pushed against the brick wall, the back of your head hitting forcefully against the stone. Their grip on your arms was tight and, despite your unwavering struggle against it, you were trapped beneath them.

“Arthur Shelby’s wife?” The attacker spoke as he pulled a scintillating silver blade from his deep coat pocket, your struggle stopped for a second with the mention of your husbands name. You looked up at your attacker with wide eyes as he spoke, “this is a message for the Peaky Blinders.” He drove his knife towards you, but as the thin blade began to pierce your lower torso, your knee was sent with violent strength into his groin. The man doubled over with a groan as his arms wrapped around his waist.

Your thoughts were clouded with adrenalin, fear, and pain; yet, your mind still managed to take you back to when you first started seeing Arthur and he had taught you to fight. His arms flung around your body as he showed you the correct positioning’s and best ways to do damage.

Watching as the man began to regain himself, his features now spiked with anger projected at you. You recovered your consciousness as you left your memories. With your dress slightly hitched above your ankles, you marched towards the man and struck his neck with your elbow, causing him to stumble against the wall. You proceeded to punch him in the jaw and watched in disgust as he fell to the floor. After striding closer to the man groaning on the floor, you dug the attenuated heel of your shoe into the loose skin near his eye.

“Tell your fucking boss…” you began as he began to squirm beneath your heel, “that you don’t mess with a fucking Shelby.”

You finished with a kick to his stomach and listened to his moans of pain as you stormed off down the street, picking up your bag where you’d dropped it earlier on. A spasm of pain twinged from your hip as you lent down to collect your bag from the floor, prompting you to remember the very moment when his knife impaled your body. Shaking fingers travelled down to where the blade had punctured, creating flickers of discomfort as they brushed against the wound. You rose them to your eyes, only just able to make out the dark red fluid now stained on the tips of your once pearly gloves. While you considered returning to The Garrison to tell Arthur, you decided against it. The blade didn’t go deep and couldn’t have hit anything major; it was something you could easily handle yourself. And so, you made your way home. The wound was cleared and dressed by the time your husband returned home, and you made sure to discreetly cover the marks left on your body from the attack. It was nothing he had to worry about.

The pain had heightened by the next morning, which was not ideal to your standards. Not only did it ache to do the simplest things such as dressing yourself, but you also had to hide this from Arthur. You knew that if he found out he would go on a rampage throughout the streets of Birmingham just to find the person who dared to inflict harm upon his wife.

The day in the office felt like torture; to you anyways. It seemed like everyone was practically dancing around the workplace, while you were confined to your seat; unable to even move an inch in order to reach for another sheet of paper.

Arthur had noticed. Although you had tried your best to keep your spirits up; you were transparent to him. When he watched you as you worked, he noticed how you flinched with even the slightest brush of contact but endured with a strained smile, or the way you recoiled with every movement you made. Arthur couldn’t seem to take his eyes from you the entire day, just in case something happened and he wasn’t there to help. He knew you inside out, and he knew that something was wrong. 

That night the two of you walked home, hand-in-hand, after finishing up at the office. Though the two to of you had walked these exact streets almost a million times together, he felt something different about your demeanor on this particular night. You constantly looked over your shoulder, watching the path behind you, and twitched at every loud noise sounding from one of the houses or factories down the road. Even when he tried to drag you into his chest, you pushed away with a hiss of pain. His eyes drooped with confusion as he stopped in his path, though you continued to walk he pulled you back with his grip on your hand.


“What’s wrong, [y/n]?” His voice thick with worry made your heart melt, yet you could barely hear the words leaving his mouth. Through the hours you spent hunched over a desk, your wound had worsened and was beginning to affect you in different ways; your vision had blurred slightly and you were only just able to distinguish the worrisome look that had embraced your husbands features, you struggled to move as your body began to feel heavy and sluggish - even picking up your feet to walk had become a difficult task, and soon enough, your mind couldn’t focus on anything but the pain.

The last thing you heard before your eyes dropped was Arthur shouting your name.

Arthur watched on as your eyes began to close slightly, stepping forward with apprehension. Your legs collapsed beneath you when your eyes shut completely, sending you descending on to the cobbled streets beneath your feet before Arthur jolted forwards and encircled his arms around your body. He fell to the ground alongside you, cushioning your body from suffering a harder blow. Your name left his lips in breathy mutters as fear flooded his entire body. Fear of loosing you. He screamed through the seemingly abandoned streets.

“Someone call a fuckin’ ambulance!”

The next morning you woke in a bed that wasn’t your own. Sunlight was seeping into the vast room through the open windows; illuminating the simple room in a tuscany gleam. Your thoughts were swimming in a slow daze; but with a sudden realisation, you recognised where you were. The plain white walls, the wide rooms, the empty beds, which were neatly organised in rows opposite each other. With a roll of your eyes, you attempted to leave the bed and the hospital itself. But as you did, you noticed a figure stir beside you. Lent over the crisp white sheets was Arthur, hands flung over your body and hair dishevelled from the unusual sleeping position. You remained in the bed. Slender fingers fell to where his face laid, gently caressing his jaw in efforts to not wake him from his sleep as a small smile rested upon your pinkened lips. Arthur’s eyes fluttered to an open, and after a short, lingering moment, he swiftly looked up to see if you were awake yet. Once you greeted him with a beaming smile, he promptly grasped onto your face with his large hands; planting a kiss on your still partially open lips in a moment of relief.

“‘Ello you..”

My Lover Smells Like Fish (omake)

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5

Married life isn’t what Alfred expected it to be.

‘Take out the trash.’

Okay, yeah, maybe he expected that part.

Arthur’s holding up the sign, looking annoyed, and pointing very forcefully at the overflowing waste bin attached to the wall. When the trash isn’t taken out, sometimes it gets into the water, which upsets Arthur, which is kinda, sorta fair.

Alfred extracts the bag from the bin, some force needed as it’s keen on sticking, and wades out of the kitchen, exiting through the back and walking up the steps to solid ground. Throwing the bag in the dumpster a dozen yards out, he returns, walks down the steps, and wades back into his home.

When Alfred had agreed to a cohabitation experiment, he had had in mind Arthur in some sort of tank in a home, maybe something that could span several rooms, or possibly, an arrangement at the aquarium.

Instead, he was driven out to a house they had hastily constructed out of non-water-soluble materials and half flooded. Alfred had been assured it was safe, had been given some boots, gloves, and rubber fishing pants, and had been told he could move in immediately.

Did his family and friends judge him for moving into this questionable water home with the merman he’d unofficially eloped with?

Yes. Yes, they did.

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NWC #12

Posting this late but here y’all go!! <3 

Pairing: USUK 
Words: 4,163
Rating: T
AU: Human/soulmate AU
Genre: Romance/drama
Summary: Years ago, Arthur Kirkland ran from his soulmate just after their watches fell off. In the present day, he’s a successful businessman who has recently hired a new PA—his soulmate, Alfred Jones. 
(Alt. summary b/c I was trying to make that one kind of like a normal book summary but I wanted to add more details, so here’s a non-”professional” one: Arthur Kirkland runs away from his soulmate without letting him see his face, however he has seen his soulmate. Years later, Francis hires a new PA for him, which turns out to be his soulmate.)
A/N: This is a bit of a longer one! Was trying to do something different! Kinda sucks but oh well. 

Arthur glanced around the small park from his seat at the fountain, looking around impatiently. His foot, clad in a pair of freshly tailed oxfords, tapped impatiently against the pavement and he pulled the sleeve of his suit jacket back in order to get a look at his wrist. As always, the small electronic device embedded in his wrist read the same: August 1st, 2014, 3:23 PM. He sighed and looked to his other wrist, upon which was a watch displaying the actual time: 3:21 PM.

Arthur hoped for a moment that perhaps his soulmate would be late—or perhaps not even show up at all—and scoffed at himself for such ridiculous thoughts. Unfortunately for him, it was simply impossible for that to happen. A soulmate was never late, nor was it possible for them not to show up. To his disappointment, someone would most certainly arrive with the next two minutes, most likely expecting Arthur to eagerly jump into his waiting arms.

Arthur felt sorry for whoever the bloke was. He didn’t want to hurt anyone, really; it was only that he had much more important things on his mind than soulmates, and he couldn’t be bothered to try and keep up a relationship with someone at the present—not if he wanted to be the CEO of his own company before his thirtieth birthday. A soulmate was a distraction. A heartwarming, dreamy, romantic distraction, but a distraction nonetheless. And Arthur couldn’t afford to make room for any distractions in his life. There were far more important things than love.

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My Son - John Shelby

Request: Can I request a imagine where the reader and John are having their first child and hes so happy/proud that hes bringing another Shelby to the family.. Martha and Esme dont exist super fluffy and just plan adorable lol thank you.. I love your writing.. @happys-crazy-queen22

My Son - John Shelby

At this point, despite only being some five months along according to the doctor, John had told nearly everyone in Small Heath that you were pregnant. You and John had only been married some three months and you knew, with how much you were showing, that people would realize you were pregnant before the wedding. It wasn’t why you and he had gotten married but you knew that gossips in Small Heath would say it was why. A Shelby boy trying to fix a mistake by marrying the girl.  

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Teasing and Surprises

Summary: Teasing your fiancé, Mick, has always been fun. Only this time it was even better considering you had some great news to tell him. Who knew someone ‘tough’ as him could get so soft. 
Requested by two Anons

Words: 731

Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader

Warnings: Pregnancy Reveal, nothing else I believe.

A/N: I admit, this is kinda out of character. But it’s been one of the requests so I don’t care.

You and Mick were both watching Ketch fighting some Rugarus in the training area. He was using some new weapons as well as some new combat techniques he had learned from some of the American hunters.

The progress you had made in America was astonishing and even though you knew neither Mick nor Arthur would admit it, they thought so too.

The past month you had been feeling… a little bit off. But when you found out what the reason to it was, you were more than happy. Well, shocked at first since you never expected it to happen but you knew when Mick found out, he would feel just as happy.

But before you told him… you decided to tease him a little.

“I really admire Ketch, he’s so strong… and nice… and he can take on everyone. I’m sure if he was taken he would do everything to protect his girl. A true hero,” you smiled, trying your best not to laugh when you noticed the sad glance Mick gave you.

“I see…” he said before leaving without saying anything else.

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Wildest Dreams 5/?

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4

Summary: (USUK) Arthur is about to make his debut into English society, but his father fears he has become too rowdy to contain. Desperate to avoid a scandal before the debut of his only Omega son he arranges for him to travel to America. Arthur is to live at a newly wealthy house where removed from society he can’t possibly get into trouble.

Song Inspiration(Arthur POV): Wildest Dreams

Warnings: Fic is rated R ; traditional omegaverse with strict rules that are dub-con but never for USUK

A/N: WELL the slow turtle wins the race right?? I guess see you in another 6 months?…why am I like this

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Honey, I Love You

For @quietgalwrites who requested Omegaverse. 

Arthur is a single parent with an energetic son to raise. Valentine’s day is his least favorite day of the year, but the anonymous gifts on his doorstep may change his mind. Especially if they’re from his downstairs neighbor. Usuk. //

Arthur turned off his tv as yet another ad for Valentine’s day flowers played, the omega’s scent souring. He furrowing his brow with an annoyed huff, crossing his arms. His show had just ended, and of course that cursed holiday had to make itself known. It was only a week away, and Arthur had enough of flowers and candies, not like he had anyone to get them from anymore.

He walked out of his apartment to pick up his son from school, and almost stepped on a heart-shaped box. The omega picked it up, and looked it over, sighing as he looked at the tag.

Surely, he thought, some poor soul had the wrong address.  But when he looked at the tag, it had his full name, so it must have been meant for him. Arthur peered down the hall, looking both ways and finding there was no one there. He bit his lip, and turned back to his apartment, unlocking his door and placing the candy on the counter. He had no time for this, he was going to be late.

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Barmaid - Arthur Shelby

Request: I saw you needed more Arthur requests. Maybe one where the reader is the new barmaid at the Garrison and she’s usually quiet and shy but if her buttons are pushed she explodes so Arthur sees her when it happens and he teases her about it constantly. @weirdnewbie

Request: A quick arthur fic where he falls in love with you when you work with the shelby’s and he sees you punch a drunk guy at the garrison out cold? Just cute arthur being a sweety

Barmaid - Arthur Shelby

Harry hired you at the Garrison right before the pub was bought out by Thomas Shelby for his brother. Arthur seemed more interested in getting drunk than up keep of the pub, so you kept your job without incident. You had lived in Small Heath your whole life and Harry had given you the job at the Garrison as a favour to your father. You were not the outgoing type that was required of a barmaid in a place like Birmingham. Sometimes Harry joked that he went whole shifts not realising you were even there because you said nothing, just smiled and handed out drinks. You had a memory good enough to know who drank what and because of that you always kept a bottle of Arthur’s favourite whiskey in the cabinet beneath his desk in the back office. Harry thought it was funny that you did because, he told you often, Arthur probably didn’t even realise you existed.  

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