the one night tour

Taylor and Ed are seriously the cutest best friends like??? Ed got RED TATTOOED on him??? They sang one of the cutest songs to exist every night on tour??? They’re just overall so adorable i love them


my daily to-do lists are shorter this summer because i’m working full time, so i’m experimenting with spreads a little. last week’s was “3 things i’m proud i accomplished each day.”

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: In 2008, Taylor Swift dated Joe Jonas, lead singer of the Jonas Brothers. Their relationship was Taylor's first highly publicized relationship and attracted some of Taylor's biggest media attention at the time. Taylor thought she and Joe were genuinely in love and possibly meant to be, but Joe abruptly dumped her over the phone in under 25 seconds. Taylor then went on to make the infamous Joe Jonas doll video, wrecked Joe on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and publicly admitted that the breakup song "Forever & Always" was about Joe. It was later revealed that Joe had left Taylor for another woman. In turn, Joe wrote the song "Much Better" about Taylor, saying his new girlfriend was much better than Taylor and calling Taylor's fans crazy. On Taylor's next album,Speak Now, Taylor wrote the song "Last Kiss" about Joe, revealed with it's secret message "Forever and Always." She also wrote "Better Than Revenge" about the woman Joe left her for. During one night of the Speak Now Tour, Joe Jonas came, and Taylor and he looked into each other's eyes as Taylor sang Last Kiss, a song of missing him and wishing he would come back to her. On her next album, RED, Taylor wrote the song "Holy Ground" about that specific incident, saying she appreciated their original relationship and glad she had him in her life and would always remember their good times. Taylor then released her 5th album, 1989, and posted public photos of her and Joe hanging out, Taylor now dating someone else and Joe dating one of Taylor's friends. Taylor also admitted that writing "Better Than Revenge" was an immature mistake, saying she knew Joe left her because he wanted to, not because he was "stolen" and they just weren't meant to be. Taylor and Joe were also spotted at Coachella talking and hugging and at one of Taylor's 4th of July parties. It is now the year 2017, and Taylor is dating someone else named Joe, and she and Joe Jonas are good friends, and Taylor's prophecy that she would only watch his life in pictures never came true. All was well.

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[#오늘의방탄] 하나 둘 셋! 우리가 하나되는 오늘 밤, THE WINGS TOUR IN SANTIAGO! 첫 공연 완료😘

[#Today’sBangtan] 1, 2, 3! Tonight is the night we became one, THE WINGS TOUR IN SANTIAGO! First stage complete😘

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HAYLEY KIYOKO GRABBED MY PHONE AND DID A VIDEO OF THE AUDIENCE IM SCREAMING!!!! I honestly cannot put into words how much this night has impacted me. To be surrounded by so many fellow LGBT-identifying women in such a safe and positive atmosphere has been one of the true highlights of my life. Thank you for giving us a voice Hayley. As you so brilliantly put it, girls like girls like boys do, nothing new. 🏳️‍🌈